My Summer Of Dares 9: Taken In Trade

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2015 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 9: Taken In Trade

I knelt there recovering from my self inflicted play while watching that bobbing umbrella approach my position, I almost frozen in disbelief. If this were some man with nefarious intentions as from my randy day dreams, I realized I would present an easy capture despite my earlier thoughts to the contrary. Had he stalked me on my way to that desolate place and merely waited for me toget distracted entertaining myself, or was this some kind of highly unlikely chance encounter on private property?

In either event I would be his to do with as he pleased, any excuse I might try to use that implied that I was a good girl and didn't do such things an obvious lie. Ten seconds earlier before I had popped offI would have been happy to be his struggling fantasy victim, (in all reality ten seconds earlier I WAS his struggling fantasy victim), but post orgasm I was no more than a cold and wet girl, my internal fire having cooled dramatically with my orgasm. I was frightened as well, so frightened that I just watched that umbrella approach as if in a trance, hoping that I wasn't seeing what I was.

My trance was broken when I heard Tracy call my name, she under that umbrella and approaching, her tone indicating she was worried about me. I removed my improvised gag and called out, she and I soon making eye contact, but she looking down at me as I was still kneeling. Her hair was wet and she wore no makeup, indicating to me that she had taken a quick shower and went looking for me in haste. Tracy was wearing her short trench coat and carrying a blanket in her free hand presumably for me, and she might have even been concerned for my safety before she saw the guilty look in my eyes.

"And to think that I was worried about you" she chided. "You seem to be getting along here by yourself just fine without me." She could tell that I had been up to something, but I held out a false hope that she didn't know exactly what.

She eventually stood within inches, I still kneeling and feeling like a disobedient servant caught doing something I knew I shouldn't have as I cocked my neck and looked up at her. I was covered by her big umbrella this way, but at the same time with my back up against the big tree I felt physically trapped as well. I couldn't get up with her blocking my path, certainly not with my legs on either side of the tree trunk, and my position before my friend felt classically submissive to me.

It looked to me as if her stylish raincoat was the only thing she wore, it wonderfully expensive and no doubt bought inthe big city at some high end store. It had buttons on its lapel, but they weren't functional, the simple tie at her waist the only thing holding it closed. She was bare to her mid thigh, and if I had guessed correctly, bare under that coat as well. With our intimate distance I was permitted to see all this clearly, both the details of her coat, and the magnificent body hiding beneath that I at times envied. There was something as well that my senses were trying to tell me, but it was just out of my reach.

A small part of me could imagine breaking still another paradigm, Tracy's bare thighs mere inches from my face, but that lusty part of my brain that allows for such things had lost it's energy. Any attempt to do such a thing, even though we were alone, would have felt unnatural and forced had I done so there and then. I didn't even know if I would like such things, but I was certain now that I wanted to at least try them to know for sure. It was also an important distinction in my mind that I wanted to be the one giving and not necessarily receiving such pleasures, at least until those I served were sated first.

Back at home it might have taken days to recharge my lust, but at the summer house helpless in my friends naked possession everything felt enhanced, and I sensed I would be in that same frantic frame of mind that had me kneeling in the woods while gagged with a bargain shopper paper far too quickly. There was something about this adventure that clicked with me, but what had earlier been too good to imagine was now just not enough. I had written as much in my diary the night before just after I watched my two friends covertly, I wanted to be part of that, but an unwilling/willing part. I couldn't ordinarily bring myself to ask for such things, but to do so with the written word seemed so much easier. Once written it couldn't be unwritten either, and all the allegedly innocent denials in the world couldn't change what I had asked them for.

As I looked up atTracy I suspected I knew what she wanted, and had she wandered by just a little sooner with the means to properly restrain me I would gladly have done that and so much more. As it was though I was spent and cold, I realizing that Dana had been correct in her earlier assessment of me, and I felt obligated to find some way to share this with Tracy despite my lacking courage on the subject. I felt shamed and just a little selfish for taking care of myself first with all the girls had done for me on this little adventure, I once again disregarding what they wanted from all this in favor of my own selfish needs.

"Dana was right" I confessed, "I am useless right afterwards... I wish I weren't though."

"I heard you before I saw you, at first I had thought something bad was happening though" Tracy added for my benefit. "As to the second part, Dana bet me that you would hurry right back without stopping off on the way, and I'm glad you didn't as I obviously won that one. You're mine for an entire day by the way, and no more Ms. Nice Girl either as I intend to get full use from my prize."

"Yes ma'am, Tracy ma'am" I replied as my belly tingled, I both frightened and excited by her intentions. I had asked for, even begged for no choices in my diary, but did I really, really want that?

"Oh, we're way past that now" she said as she wrapped my shivering body in the coarse blanket. She then helped me up and we walked together toward the summer house under her umbrella, and a new understanding.


I handed over the shopper paper before I jumped into the shower at Tracy's insistence to warm up, I coming out to two very worried friends, although one was far more concerned than the other. Tracy knew what I had been up to, but I assumed that she might not have told Dana the whole story based on her concern, and I was reluctant to say anything less I contradict what Tracy had told Dana. They kept me wrapped up in a dry blanket after the shower even though my chill was gone, and Dana even got me a hot cup of tea herself her guilt was so great. By not saying anything I found myself perpetuating the lie, I assuming Dana had been told that I had tripped or tumbled somehow in my effort to satisfy her demands, easily explained by the gravel stuck to my backside and dirt on my knees.

Dana eventually held up the shopper magazine in muted triumph, she pouring over it's contents like a woman on a mission before making her way to the working wall phone in the kitchen, that in itself not a complete surprise to me knowing the devious streak the girls could have when provoked. It would make sense that those at home, to include my own, would expect a call when we had arrived to let them know everything was all right, that call likely made that first day while I was running around in pet dog persona.

Tracy apparently knew what she had found in the shopper magazine based on her expression, but I assumed for me it was to be a surprise, and that likely meant I might not like it, the need for "IT" only voiced after my night time excursion peeking in on the girls. The two things were linked in my mind in cause and effect fashion, but the question remained, what could they possibly have found at this address to keep me from wandering about and intruding on their fun?

A call was placed, and eavesdropping on one half of the conversation I learned that whatever "IT" was, the voice on the other end of the phone still had "IT".

"They still have it" an uncharastically subdued Dana told Tracy, "but we will have to hurry."

The girls then exchanged a look, and then both looked at me.

"Oh, we're not leaving her here alone" Tracy stated in clear terms, "she'll only get herself into trouble, besides we can turn up the heat in the car for her, can't we?"

"Nude or in a blanket?" Dana asked our friend, her tone clearly saying that neither was a good idea, but she silently allowing Tracy to take the lead without challenge.

"Good point Tracy conceded..."

Both girls laughed at the observation, and soon enough I found myself in the back of Dana's big car wearing Tracy's coat, and a pair of borrowed heels, and not a thing else except my collar that was locked on. It was such a naughty feeling to be taken somewhere unknown dressed as I was, (even though my appetite for such things had abated after my solo performance in the wet woods), and so much different than hiding under a sheet while going to the familiar summer house.

Then I had been bound and gagged, and frustrated to death being caught short of where I needed to be. Now, sitting on the back seat of the car I was at least pleasantly sated and compliant, but one hundred percent lacking in courage. I wondered who would be at this unknown place, but I would be in the company of my two friends and borrowing their courage for the event, just as I had done before. It also felt unnatural to be wearing clothes again, even just a coat and heels, but I was at least somewhat confident that wearing the coat would perpetuate the illusion that I were properly dressed underneath. I well knew that private torment at the summerhouse could take many forms with no higher authority to appeal to, but in public those rules were skewed and anything to outlandish would draw attention to my two pretty and well dressed friends as much as myself.

We drove toward town, I allowing myself to forget that there was a university close by, it's signs reminding it's new students to sign up early for parking passes. Past the ancient stone buildings with their gas lights and wide sidewalks we drove into town proper, (and then out of it on the other side), Dana eventually taking a turn from the county road to one of the back ones as Tracy read off the hand written directions. We then entered the driveway of a rather tidy smallhouse, Tracy turning in her seat to address me.

"Behave yourself, OR ELSE" she warned me.

I was surprised that such a stern warning came from her instead of the more strict Dana, but Dana seemed to be a little off her game with her apparent guilt over my ordeal in the rain. There was something to be learned here for me, but I had too much new going on at the moment to reflect on it.

"Yes ma'am Tracy ma'am" I answered.

Tracy smiled at me with that answer and all it implied, but what other options did I have? Did she really expect me to bark out my answer instead and meet whoever lived at this isolated house as Dana's naked and leashed human pet. Tracy had just demonstrated her knowledge of that one thing could motivate me above all others with her careful manipulation of the morning's events, and I had a feeling I may have underestimated her resolve with regard to my maid's service to her. Instead of being softer than the ordinarily confident Dana, she was apparently just softer spoken, at times.

Tracy turned toward the subdued Dana and spoke, answering my unasked question. "I would bring her leash in with us anyway Dana, just in case, you never know how these things can play out..."


We exited the car, I unintentionally flashing to anybody watching that I wore little but my borrowed coat, it's simple tie becoming undone of it's own accord and the coat opening fully as I slid out of the rear seat. Once fixed up and the tie tied again I made my way to the door in the wake of my friends, the girls in their sun dresses and heels and looking as good as always. The rain was still falling, but they shared the same umbrella I had shared with Tracy earlier, I ironically more properly dressed for the weather than they.

A college aged or possibly just beyond young man answered the door, his eyes going to Tracy first as many men's do, and then to Dana next as she handled the introductions.

"Hi, I'm Dana. We spoke on the phone, unless I made a wrong turn somewhere. This is my friend Tracy, and this is Jackie. I called on that thing you have for sale."

If I had not known my friends for as long as I had I might have been a little put off by that introduction, but I was willing to make allowances as Dana was not herself that morning. I then noticed that the young man's eyes went to me exclusively, a most unique experience for me in the company of my pretty friends, although I had trouble not averting my eyes from his...

The man's name I found out was Greg, and he shook hands with us girls in order of introduction, just long enough for me to ensure my borrowed coat's tie hadn't opened again, I almost suspicious of his attention as he was rather hansom. We were invited in out of the rain and Greg, ("Gregory" in my mind as he was far too nice for such acasual name as Greg), offered to take my coat for me. My face flushed with the thought, Tracy coming to my aid and telling him I had gone for a foolish run in the rain earlier and still likely had a chill.

He did take Tracy's umbrella from her and stand it in the foyer to dry, the three of us following him to his kitchen with the offer of refreshments, he clearly alone and in no hurry for us to leave. The girls made small talk with Gregory and we discovered that he was a recent graduate of the nearby university, and that we three were away on vacation before attending school ourselves, he likely assuming just down the road. He talked up his school, and asked us what our intended majors were, we eventually exhausting that conversation even though I received an equal third of his attention over that of my pretty friends.

"Well why don't I show you what it is you came to see, and if it will suit your needs?" Gregory asked as he got up and lead the way to a backroom.

I was last to enter the large bedroom, painted pink and completely vacated except for an overlarge large dog training crate in the center of it where one might expect the bed. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared, the girls secretive ways about this trip now clear. It reminded me most of a small prison cell, it looking big enough for two dogs, but no more than four feet high and wide. It's body was made of gleaming chrome bars, and there was a door at each end, telling me this was actually two crates pined together back to back for a really large animal. It also looked nearly new, or possibly only slightly used, the only evidence that it ever had been at all the still present pink bedding and two large water bottles of the kind for a hamster with a tube.

"It's much bigger than I thought it would be" Dana was the first to observe.

"Unfortunately" Gregory replied, "I ordered them special without the back parts, otherwise I could sell them off as two separate cages. Several people have came to look at them, but they all pretty much said the same thing you just did Dana."

"What kind of pet did you have in this thing, sir?" I asked rather foolishly, or so I thought after a moments reflection. Was it not obvious? "For that matter, what happened to her... her?"

"Yes, it was a her," Gregory confirmed, "and that is a rather long story, but judging by your preference in jewelry Jackie, one you might appreciate."

I felt myself blushing, he HAD seen my collar when we had met, and for a moment I thought it was something else. Likely my coat's adjustment on exiting the carhad it showing, but why then didn't Tracy point that out, or at least correct my subtle flashing of it when she could.

All kinds of crazy thoughts went through my mind at that moment. Did the girls have it in mind to leave me with that hansom man to keep me from disrupting their fun, at least temporarily? Was I to be Gregory's new pet, and was this to be my new room? Such would explain the leash comment Tracy had made while still in the car, or the warning to behave, or else. Such would also be in keeping with my "no choices" request in my diary, but I had never thought such things would involve others, except of course in my fantasies...

If such were the case however, why was my body responding as it was, and why was the coat I was wearing suddenly too hot and restrictive?

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