My Summer Of Dares 10: With Friends Like These...

by Jackie Rabbit

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Part 10: With Friends Like These...
(Inspired by Feline's much appreciated feedback)

..."Which one of my friends put you girls up to this little prank?" Gregory asked with a smile while staring at Dana. "The odds of a cute little pet and her two handlers winding up on my doorstep while answering my ad are remote to say the least. I see the humor in it obviously, but there are only so many of them that know of this little hobby of mine, unless you’re from the club."

"I don't know that we have any common friends as I only come up here a few times a year, and I definitely don't know about any clubs we might both belong to either" Dana told Gregory defensively.

"Perhaps it's just a coincidence then" Gregory speculated, but his tone told us what he thought the odds of that were. "I was watching when you girls pulled into my driveway though, and thought for a moment that some kind soul had arranged to deliver me a loaner, most especially when when I saw Jackie here get out of the back seat with her stylish coat lagging well behind. I saw her collar then too, and naturally thought you girls were delivering me a present, and I also thought it was far too nice a present to keep all wrapped up."

"You watched us get out of the car then sir?" I asked, a cold pit forming in my stomach. My exposure had been one hundred percent my own fault though, and might have even seemed like a taunting flash of flesh knowing what I now did about Gregory and his empty cage. Gregory's flattery lessened my dread though, (he apparently liking what he had accidentally seen), and I was faced with a choice. Should I pretend that I was so brazen and comfortable in my own flesh that I had intended to give him a show, or admit that I was so nervous and unsure of myself that I fumbled the tie on my borrowed coat accidentally? 

"Yes, and thank you for that. I also couldn't help but to notice how you all arrived, that together with a collar that's locked on and your limited wardrobe told me that you were likely owned. I further assumed that owner was among the front seat passengers with your obvious deference to them, you girls throwing me a curve ball though when Tracy declined my taking of your coat, I rather selfishly wanting to unwrap what I thought was my present quickly."

"As Dana said we're not from any club, but other than that I must say that you're quite perceptive" Tracy offered, she once again assuming leadership from Dana in what could be seen as a highly nuanced private battle. "As to our pets exposure, it seems obvious to me that she was demonstrating her preference for pet status in direct contradiction to her spoken request. Such should be dealt with appropriately in my opinion, most especially since she was warned to behave before exiting the car."

I blinked hard with that, was Tracy offering me up as a 'loaner' pet to fill Gregory's cage temporarily, or just confirming that I was indeed 'owned' and openly looking for suggestions on how to punish my alleged misbehavior? I saw Dana react much the same as I, but she didn't contradict our friend either, suggesting to me the possibly that she had just silently surrendered to Tracy's wishes. If so, was I now the spoils of war to be distributed as seen fit by the victor?

 I had specifically asked for no choices in my latest diary entry, and had a secret that I wanted to keep between Tracy and I at all costs guaranteeing my cooperation with her, but I wondered logically what other thing could possibly be holding Dana's tongue? Had she finally lost a wager with Tracy, one pertaining to my earlier mischief in the rain, and was this why she was so off her game this morning? If so, had she bet on me, and had I then let her down? Had she then lost something to Tracy other that a say in how I was to be used by them, something personal to be exploited by Tracy at an opportune time?

"All three of us are somewhat new to this" Tracy explained further as Gregory looked on silently. "Jackie is both pet and maid to Dana and I on our little vacation due to a rather complicated lost bet, she only dressed and upright at the moment by her own request as she can be somewhat shy around new friends. If we had known of your interests in such things it might have been more fun to remove that choice and let Dana leash her up and walk her in here as our pet, but it's rather dreadful outside for such things at the moment don't you think?"

"Yes it is" Gregory confirmed. "Perhaps another time then for your 'shy' pet?"

"Perhaps" Tracy offered with an ironic smile, but her tone implied that such still could happen THIS time under the right circumstances.

 "We obviously need your cage, or one just like it as our pet here has proven herself most mischievous when left alone, not to mention engaging in certain other activities that drain her motivation." Tracy laying bare almost every secret I had with surprisingly few words. I would do almost anything for, or with my two friends, but others knowing of our dares terrified me, all while discovery and exploitation by another remained my most powerful self entertainment fantasy.

 I realized it would be an interesting dichotomy if happening to another and viewed philosophically, but it wasn't. Instead fantasy and reality were on a collision course for me as Tracy had subtly reminded both Gregory and myself that she had the power to overrule any choices of mine that were inconvenient, all by my own written request.

...I found myself looking at the cage with my head bowed and my heart pounding in my chest so hard I thought the others might actually be able to hear it through the little I was wearing, I not able to bring myself to make eye contact again with Gregory after Tracy's revelation. My posture and silence were the epitome of submission, only a fool would miss such overt signs, and I wasn't in the company of any of those. Nothing that Tracy had said was the slightest bit untrue either, and I found myself wondering what my friends were actually capable of if only providing that which I had specifically asked for in my diary.

With friends like these, almost anything was the obvious answer, and I considered myself fortunate to have them.

 If I specifically asked for things in my diary that I had no intention of doing it made me a hypocrite before my friends, as well as challenging the trust I had placed in them. Both girls had humored me on this little adventure of ours, I wondering if this was the moment I was expected to begin paying that debt back in earnest. I had expected that payback might take another more pleasurable form one on one with Tracy as she explored her more dominate side at my expense, but meeting Gregory was starting to look like fate's intervention in that plan...

"When I saw you girls get out of that car I thought that it was just too good to be true, and the suspicious part of my mind still does. However, if you girls maintain that you’re really serious about this lifestyle I would be willing to share what I have learned and even mentor you if you like. I have several accessories that go along with the original occupant of that cage as well, all cleaned and boxed up for possible donation to the club, but I could be persuaded to donate them to you girls instead if you could get some use from them."

"How might 'we' persuade you to do such generous things Greg?" Tracy asked playfully, she then pausing as if to ponder her own question...

 "I think Dana and I might have to discuss the specific details of this with you privately" Tracy continued, "but first I think we should ensure that our pet can actually fit into the cage and doesn't get claustrophobic in there or anything like that."

I stared in disbelief, sweet Tracy demonstrating a rather sadistic new side to her character, but upon reflection the clues had been there for me to see earlier. If I were learning new things about myself on this little adventure of ours, was it such a stretch of imagination that the girls might be doing the same?

 It was after all an absurd suggestion, the cage big enough for a single bed and I not large at all, negotiating the relatively small door while wearing my borrowed coat with its hanging tie and many faux buttons the only possible snag. Dana didn't challenge Tracy on her suggestion though, telling me she either approved, or was secretly thankful that she herself didn't get volunteered to try it out in my place with Tracy's curious assumption of command. There was at the same time an implied sexual innuendo to Tracy's offered persuasions, but knowing of her preferences as I now did I suspected that persuasion might not include any skin in the game for herself.

 This to me was like the first proverbial swim of the season in the pool, Tracy and Dana standing behind me and ready to shove me into the deep end experimentally, they only waiting on me to give them some small sign that I was ready. The girls may not have wanted to come in behind me if the water looked too cold, but I also knew that if I got in trouble they would both jump in anyway to rescue me if needed. This time however my friends obviously weren't dressed for a swim, but in all reality my analogy was imperfect as neither was I. 

"The bedding looks comfortable enough sir" I observed to Gregory, my mouth betraying me with words not intended to be spoken aloud. I with the same words telling my friends I was ready for that proverbial first shove of the season into the deep end of this new pool. I was left wondering why I would blurt out such a stupid thing a moment later, other than to subconsciously offer that which all three obviously wanted at my expense.

"It is. I had all of it cleaned, and there is even a blanket in there if you get cold," Gregory perceptive enough to see the trap that I had set for myself.

The coat I was wearing was relatively short, I knowing that if I got down low on all fours to crawl through the little door I could be potentially flashing whoever stood behind me a good part of my womanly charms, Gregory likely anticipating this and stepping to the side in an unexpected show of class. He wanted to see me in that cage, knew it was about to happen, but he also seemed to want to savor the moment. 

 This was show time I realized, and as they say 'the show must go on'. My heart was pounding, my mouth dry, and I about to push through still another paradigm with my friend's urging as another looked on for the first time. The anticipation was maddening, and I realized likely not just for myself either. A part of me resented Gregory's presence, but no choices meant just that, and I knew I was at least safe playing at this game of ours while the girls were there.

"What are you waiting for?" Tracy asked, that first shove of hers surprisingly gentle all things considered, as if she could feel the turmoil in my mind. Standing at the edge of the cold pool was in many ways worse that hitting the cold water, and I was grateful for the mercy of that first shove of hers. She had to know how humbling this was for me, but I had subtly offered with my blurted out observation in a way not easy to take back, and whatever I did next was now all on her. With her implied command I had been released from all responsibility for my future actions, and I felt liberated because of that in a way many might not appreciate. 

I then got to my knees at the rear door and worked the latch to open it. It was a clever arrangement that required the fingers of both hands to open, preventing even a clever real pooch from opening it with her paws from the inside. I being a human with fingers would have little problem getting out of it from the inside if I so wished, making my confinement feel less restrictive.

 The cage therefore apparently represented symbolism over substance, unless one were to add a padlock to the clever latch, but none were in evidence. It was almost a let down, how could one be trapped and feel helpless if escape was so easy to arrange. I had expected something akin to the delicious restraint of the medical gag and cuffs, those in comparison were impossible to escape on one’s own, and once bound up in them magical in their effect on me. 

With the disappointment showing on my face I started to manipulate my upper body through the small opening, Tracy barking a command to stop before I had made any progress at all.

"Don't even think about it while wearing my coat, you'll ruin it on me" she warned.

This was a second more firm shove into the pool, but now Tracy was holding the strings to my bikini in such a way that I would be relieved of it when I fell, a cold pit briefly forming in my stomach. I turned to look into her face to see if she were joking, but she stared back with a big sarcastic grin, I reminded of the lost bet with Dana that she naturally thought I had conspired in.

Paybacks are a bitch I reminded myself, and Tracy was playing the part perfectly for all to see.

 I had already submitted in my mind, so this further submission was easier that one would think, (especially when already on ones knees), the demand for the return of her borrowed coat not at all unreasonable in any other setting.

 Tracy at the same time no doubt wished to demonstrate her level of command, and therefore commitment to this troublesome pooch of hers so that Gregory knew she were a serious player. Could I challenge her authority in such a public setting without her loosing face before this man she wished to negotiate with on my behalf? Not for several reasons, the greatest of which was that the strength she was projecting had a profound effect on me. 'Command me firmly' I thought in my mind, and I will try to be worthy of such commands.

 This was a major escalation of our dares, but predictable knowing Gregory's taste for such things along with the girls desire to get a bargain on the cage. When I first saw that cage I just knew I would find myself inside of it, but I HAD expected that would instead occur somewhat privately and intimately back at the summerhouse. 

I wouldn't have to speak, or make decisions though, I about to be the full responsibility of Tracy and Dana once again. My dogification wonderfully liberating from that point of view. They were responsible for me after all, I knowing that they took such things seriously as they were still my best friends, (despite some playful posturing), and this allowed me to not take things all that seriously at all.

 'Have fun with it' I thought. If one is to be a dog, be a very good dog, or better yet, be a very bad one instead. I was the girls possession, 'owned' as Gregory had put it, and they could do with me what they liked anyway, leaving my things behind in the locker had ensured that.

 Feed me leftovers on the floor scraped from your plates as I smash my face and hair all around in them, you'll only have to wash me later. Swat me with a rolled up newspaper and make me hold some obscene position, I already know I can do it. Lock me in this cage and leave me alone once you have it at the summerhouse, I'll grind myself off a dozen times and howl all night long at the top of my lungs like a... like a very naughty dog...

"Woof" I replied in my dog persona with a playful grin as all three humans in the room looked on. I was still terrified, but this was just a game I had told myself, and Tracy had the rulebook. When faced with the choice earlier I had been unsure, but with confidence borrowed from my friends and Gregory's cool demeanor the choice was now easier, but still not easy. Fumbling nervous teen well out of her element and only here because of the charity of her two pretty friends whom she lost a kinky bet to, or reluctant exhibitionist, confident enough in her own skin to make such a bet, and then to follow through even in the presence of a man. One made me a victim, the other made me a willing participant.

 I untied my borrowed coat and reverently handed it to Tracy from my knees and carefully crawled into the cage kicking off my heels on the way, Gregory trying to play it cool with my sudden exposure and mostly succeeding. In all reality he probably hadn't seen all that much other that my rather ordinary small breasts for a brief moment, my other intimate parts facing down or away and he looking at my tan body in profile as I crawled inside.

Once fully in the cage I rolled on my side and laid down facing away from Gregory and the doorway, then I covered myself with the blanket and pretended that I wanted to sleep. It was such an over the top action that I couldn't believe that I just did it, but seeing Gregory's appreciative look made me realize that I had just made his day. I didn't necessarily 'want' him, but there was a huge thrill in being made to perform while he looked on.

 My heart was still pounding as I felt three pairs of eyes staring at my covered backside, two of them likely thinking who knows what. I had borrowed courage from my friends before, but never like this, and never while another watched, upping the ante on this little game of ours. I knew it would be hard to top this one, I unintentionally setting myself up for more outrageous challenges. I also realized that if this had been a test of Tracy's own voice of command, I would have to conclude that it was an astounding success, both girls now with a power over me that they likely didn't fully appreciate. I would have to tell them as much at some point, but I already knew how to do that.


Instead of feeling cold and foreign, the proverbial pool I had just been stripped and shoved into felt warm and welcoming, and safe once one of the girls closed and latched the door behind me as I listened. I wasn't trapped in the strictest definition of the word as I could always work the latch on the door with patience from the inside, that part of my confinement a total letdown.

"She looks well enough adjusted to me" Gregory observed to the girls in a near whisper, "and this does prove a certain level of commitment on your parts. Why don't we leave her here to nap while we talk in the kitchen, I can tell you girls what I had in mind, and you can do the same."

All three left and I closed my eyes and tried to listen to their conversation, but one of them had closed the door and turned off the light, the closed shades darkening the room further with the rain falling outside. I willed my heart to calm down, and eventually it did, I not realizing how tired I was until fatigue washed over me once the initial excitement was over. I heard an odd word here and there, but the rain falling on the roof drowned out almost all of it as I settled into the bedding.

...The bed was warm and comfortable, and I allowed myself to drift off to sleep out of boredom knowing my friends were at least nearby. Then the dreams came, in the last one I was naked and abandoned by the girls at the hospital, something I had hinted at more than once but didn't have the courage to ask for directly even in my diary, although with enough courage I still one day might. I was bound and gagged in my dream with our medical restraints, arms in front this time, but nearly just as helpless as the last time.

 I was wearing ankle cuffs as well, they just like the wrist ones I was familiar with, but attached to each other with a chain. There was a fair amount of space between my ankle cuffs, but I wouldn't be running anywhere in them, most especially through the tall grass.

 I was to find my locker once back inside the building and retrieve my things if I wanted this dare to be over with, the combination to the pad lock written on my hand so I didn't forget it. The girls were waiting for me in the car, but only for so long they had threatened, I to hitch hike my way home once in my ratty clothes if they had left.

They told me the tiny keys to the locks holding the chains to the cuffs were the same ones holding my collar on, but I suspected in my dream that I was already out of time and would be on my own to get home. At least I wouldn't be hobbled I remember thinking, nor would I be wearing a collar. My cuffs would still be locked on, but separated allowing me to dress, at least allowing for the possibility of my reaching home with my virtue intact. All in all a challenging dare, but doable, especially since I expected my friends would be the ones picking me up.

 I eventually got back inside the hospital from the side door only to discover that I wasn't alone. There were male voices echoing in the distance, and evidence of booted men walking about and dragging things in the dust, but I was as committed as I was vulnerable.  

 What would the men do if they caught me? I suspected in my dream anything they might like, most especially if there were no higher authority present to stop them. I heard two distinct closer male voices, but I knew there were others. I imagined in my dream that there were at least half a dozen men in total I was hiding from, and if caught I would be passes around like a toy for their entertainment until there was nothing left of me. Would I be bound to one of those crazy bare bed frames with the murals nearby for their illicit purposes, or could I even be the inspiration for a new mural?

The men in my crazy dream had been using drills on the concrete beams and running yellow plastic cords everywhere, and I realized too late that I was leaving little barefoot tracks with chain drag marks between for them to follow in the dust. I kept going up inside that old building, they working on the lower floors first, and I somehow evading them time and again as I tried to get to my locker and my things. The hiding was torture, and a part of me wanted to get caught just to get it over with, but I needed those things for my freedom as the girls had told me that my dare wasn't over until I had them. There were too many obstacles in my way though to make that practical, escape now seeming just as impossible...

I was woken in my cage by some unknown thing, it taking a second or two for me to orient myself in my strange dark surroundings. The dream had me riled, the thrill of being hunted while naked and bound pushing a button with me, my knowing fingers exploring as if by reflex action before I even fully realized it. A tease, pinch, and rub, and my body then responding as I well know how to make it, my breathing coming in little gasps as I tried to keep dead silent as my body starved for oxygen. I was naked and locked in a pet cage in a stranger's house while my pretty friends negotiated with him, what exactly did they think I might do in here all alone?

'Oh, this is still so wrong' I told myself a second later, but I didn't stop what I was doing either.

 What did my dream mean I wondered? Who cares, I thought flippantly, I was fast approaching the I can't stop point, my brain in single focus toward a biological goal...

"Oh, you are a naughty one, aren't you?" I heard Gregory say in a whisper from behind me. "No wonder we need a cage for you, but that alone didn't stop you did it?"

I remained dead silent, frozen in shock by his intrusion in this most personal thing, my need to pop off temporarily averted, feinting sleep however didn't work with Gregory. I was horrified at being caught in the act, most especially by him, but still frustrated enough to want to scream as I was so close...

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