My Summer Of Dares 13: A New Kind Of Torment

by Jackie Rabbit

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Part 13: A New Kind Of Torment

It was a forgone conclusion that I would be riding in that cage on the back of a truck on the way back to the summer house, but something had happened inside of me, a further mindless following of orders that felt quite natural. There was a point where I could have objected obviously, but I had chosen not to for reasons that it would be hard to explain rationally. I was the center of attention though, and a part of me I think liked taking that away from my pretty friends, although I should have known that there would be an obvious price to pay at some point for upstaging them so.

I had flirted with this puppet on a string feeling before with the girls accidentally, I since learning it was called by some "subspace", in overly simple terms the place where one hides their humanity and allows their inner submissive sole come out to play for a time, or potentially even much longer if the situation were manipulated properly. I was curious to see what happened if I let this feeling continue to roll over me, my friends were still after all my friends, and it was therefore they, and not I, that were responsible for my well being in their presence while dominantly controlled by them either in, or out of this subspace.

It was just a surreal experience when I was led by my leash to the steps that I had been warned about by Gregory, he scooping me up with one arm under my rump and the other in front of my shoulders effortlessly like the pup I was emulating, his hairy forearm tickling my naked chest in the process. It was exactly as one would carry a real pup, which in my mind I was sinking deeper into emulating, the entire scene experienced in my mind's eye as if watching another go through it in my place though.

I theoretically had the power to stop Gregory from scooping me up should I have wanted to, but the thought never entered my submissive mind to utter a single human syllable of rejection, this control exerted over me strangely comforting and ever so intoxicating. My handling wasn't necessary even sexual to me, (although upon reflection it should have been) but it was skin on skin.

I was at the same time fully invested in Gregory keeping his balance while negotiating the stairs all the way down to the basement level of his house while carrying his burden, and as if my body realized this peril on it's own my muscles became passively compliant to his touch, as if I had been put into a trance. He did this easily, I no more than a toy to be carried where he willed, my slight stature apparently making me an easy and practical pup to handle.

Dennis' pickup truck had been backed into the garage under the house, as much for ease of loading the cage and it's newest occupant in the light rain as for disgression with the neighbors (I assumed later on). At the time though I had no deep thought on the subject, or for that matter any subject. It was a magnificent feeling, this passive watching things happen to me thing, one part of my brain watching the scene vicariously while compliantly following any orders I were given, the other apparently in some kind of stand by mode should it be needed.

Once inside my cage and the door was closed I was as trapped as I could be with no means of opening the simple lock with my "paws" contained as they now were, I going where my handlers willed without choice in pure passive fashion. It was exciting to say the least, but at the same time a natural feeling, if that makes any sense.

My travel cage was then covered with a fitted cover that strapped in place so that it would appear be just another large crate on the back of an open pickup truck going who knows where, this a better option to both keep me dry and for my modesty, and/or for any police intervention on our trip. It was by this method that I was further demoted to nothing more than anonymous cargo, and this was also strangely non sexual to a certain part of my kinky twisted brain, despite the over the top submission required from me to fail to object in the smallest of ways human or otherwise.

Anyone at all watching the actions I were pressed into performing that day could come to only one logical and rational conclusion, that I were a willing participant in these games despite their over the top kink...

My handlers had also ensured that self entertainment wasn't an easy option for myself, rather sadistically one could easily observe while looking at the situation from the outside, but at the same time logically self serving for my handlers as it all but guaranteed my continued participation in this adventure that they themselves had so heavily invested in. I had of course proven more than once to the girls that I wasn't to be trusted in these matters, and that once I was allowed to pop myself off my kink for these kinds of games deflated like a child's balloon with a hole in it, but it would at the same time be a lie to say that I had wanted to get myself off in that cage as one would logically expect I must.

Without being able to see the scenery moving about around me, my handlers could have been taking me almost anywhere, and out of both self preservation and natural curiosity I followed first the truck's tailgate and doors being slammed closed, and then the turns in my mind from memory for as long as I could as it drove. The covered cage and it's closed in feeling along with the rhythmic drone of the rain on it's cover apparently did something to me though...


"Are you with us?" Gregory was asking me in a most concerned voice while kneeling at my bed, both Dana and Tracy over his shoulder and looking like they weren't quite sure what was going on themselves. I was totally disoriented and laying on my back in my bunk bed at the cabin with a sheet covering me. I then started crying for no reason that I could fathom, Gregory oddly enough smiling when I did that and telling my friends over his shoulder that this was a good sign.

I then went to wipe my eyes, only to discover that my arms were bound at my sides, my legs as well were pinned wide to the bed's frame and allowing me little movement, the position reminding me of an obscenely naked and atomically correct gingerbread cookie.

"What am I doing here, and what happened?" I asked through my heavy sobs, the three at my bedside looking at each other as if trying to decide who was going to tell me what.

"You gave us a terrible fright Jackie" Gregory answered softly for the group. "As to what happened... it's a long story. I have to ask first though, what's the last thing you remember?" Gregory asked reasonably, his manner reminding me of a doctor's, powerful, knowing, and in command of the situation, no matter how dire it might be. Not too much could go wrong with Gregory there, my instincts were telling me, but hadn't we just met?

"I don't know" I told him, I still sobbing for no reason that I could explain, except that I was overcome with emotion for some reason. It was a terrible emotional low, possibly the lowest low I had ever felt, and I felt slightly irrational for it. I then tugged at my bonds in reflex, but all I accomplished was to shake the sturdy old bed frame I were pinned to, I apparently not going anywhere until my handlers decided I could.

"Ok then, do you remember what you had for dinner, or how you ate it?" Gregory asked while placing his hand on my bare shoulder, the move calming me instantly.

"... No." I answered truthfully after a moments thought, the rational part of my mind again taking charge and curious as to why I didn't know this.

"Ok" Gregory told me, although in the thinking part of my mind it was a big unanswered question that was anything but ok.

"What day is it?" Gregory then asked as if to redirect the conversation in the direction he had wanted, I immediately on guard as it was a very strange question that implied much, but I remembered him doing this redirection thing with me once before what seemed a very long time ago to me.

"Tuesday?" I asked warily, already knowing I were about to be corrected, my mind racing to understand what had happened over the course of... this apparent gap in my perceived chronological timeline? Had I fallen and bumped my head? Was there a traffic accident of some kind? Either would have had me waking up in a hospital someplace though, and not bound to my human bed at the summerhouse.

Human bed? What on earth made me think that? I wondered... But then it occurred to me as to where I had met Gregory, he seeming like an integral part of my life even though we had just met (when, as I remembered, I had been stripped naked and forced to try out a most unusual pet bed and cage he was to give away), it was just too crazy.

Didn't crazy people think they were sane though? And didn't it mean that I was likely sane if I could ask that very question of myself? These concepts I were able to freely ponder caused me some level of peace in my mind, but I needed someone to tell me what had happened to truly be at peace...

"This is Thursday morning" Gregory told me matter of factly, "and we therefore apparently ALL have a rather long story to tell you."

"Really?" I asked. "If it's a long story, I have to tell you that I really have to go, so somebody better let me out of these cuffs" I warned.

"Not until you promise not to run away again" Dana warned.

"I ran away? To where?"

"Into the woods... WAY into the woods... and I'm not comfortable with just letting you go until I'm positive you won't try that stunt again."

With Dana's mind apparently made up on the subject of my unfettered freedom she first clipped my leash onto my collar, she only then giving the special keys to Tracy to unlock our pilfered hospital restraints, which almost certainly were what was holding me firmly to the bed's frame by the feel of them. There was no good way to do this with the sheet still covering my body though, and with little thought about my modesty, (or possibly to torment me in one of several ways), Dana snapped the sheet completely from my body in Gregory's presence with her free hand.

I was predictably naked under that sheet, my body scratched and bruised up some, Gregory most certainly not doing his best to look away this time. What, however, should have caused me some extreme form of embarrassment at being fully displayed to him in this manner instead felt about as natural as breathing, the girls exchanging a look between themselves at my revealing lack of embarrassment before this man. Gregory had seen a great deal of me before, that I remembered, but this bound on my back legs spread full frontal display left nothing at all to the imagination, and small breasts and all I was again the center of attention over my very pretty friends.

Despite my bruises and general all over soreness I still felt quite well rested mentally, (which I realized was a contradiction in itself) and once unbound I bounced up and made my way to the bathroom to take care of business, Dana following behind but still holding my leash rather firmly. She didn't follow me into the bathroom however, she instead electing to wrap the loop at the human end of my leash around the outside doorknob and then closing and trapping the leash in the door itself. I wasn't truly trapped though as my hands and fingers were free to unclip the leash and escape through the top floor's tiny bathroom window should I want to, but I had no desire to do so for several reasons.

I saw the scratches on my battered body better in the bathroom's mirror, but I also saw on the end of my leash a rather comfortable in her own skin woman looking back at me despite the red eyes of my recent tears. There was also something else about that collared woman in the mirror, something new and profound, but at the same time something just beyond my ability to understand, other than this in my skin service to others who were fully dressed seemed natural and proper for me.

I washed up, brushed my hair and teeth, and then left the bathroom and made my way toward the kitchen intent on making all of us a meal as if it was my job, but with Dana comically in tow on the human end of my leash as the others watched. As if to remind me that she was back there and still in charge she jerked me to a stop with the leash at the top of the stairs leading down to the main part of the house, she then barking to Tracy to bring along those, I not seeing what "those" were as she had been behind me and her likely pointing finger well out of my sight.

Once down the stairs I learned "those" were the ankle restraints that had bound me to the bed, I made to sit on the second to last step as Tracy gently put the still warm cuffs back on my ankles, she then attaching one of the leather straps that had held me firmly to the bed moments before between them, effectively hobbling me.

While Tracy was binding me I looked over her shoulders at my new pet cage there in the corner of the living room, the door open and the human pet accessories apparently cleaned and laid out on it's top as if just waiting to be of use again. I had worn those I remembered, and traveled in that cage someplace, (logic telling me it had been here), but the rest was mostly a blur and refused to come back to me...

"Now you can cook for us!" Dana both ordered and suggested at the same time, her face aggressively in mine as she spoke, she having a firm hold on my leash and preventing me from backing away with it's firm hold on my collar. Her smile was dark and toothy and for me alone as she spoke, she only then unclipping my leash after her harsh permission to serve. Her body language suggested she was seriously pissed off at me, and I knew Dana could be a ruthless bitch when she thought she had been crossed, but up until now I had only ever seen the full measure of that with others, and I so desperately wanted to do anything I could to once again be in her good graces.

Tracy had left me about a foot and a half between my cuffs, I reduced to short shuffling steps until if, or when, Tracy used the special keys to again release them. I somehow felt better with Tracy being in control of those keys instead of Dana though, the two girls obviously having a different point of view on whatever had happened as Tracy's empathy while restraining me at least seemed genuine.

Since it was morning I assumed it would be a big breakfast for all, I asking what everybody wanted and resigning myself to eat whatever was left over despite my hunger. Eggs, bacon, coffee, and toast were ordered and simple enough to cook, and as the pans heated and after the necessary ingredients were pulled from the fridge I then set the table before the three seated humans, not even thinking to set a plate for myself, not quite sure where or when I would be allowed to eat despite my building hunger. My short shuffling steps made this task a little more difficult than it might ordinarily be, but not one of them did a thing to help, they just sitting and watching the proverbial show, but each with a different look in their eyes in regards to my naked service to them.

Dana's eyes watched me suspiciously like a stalking cat's, as if I were a meek and frightened mouse that had strayed where it shouldn't, my fate therefore a forgone conclusion, the only question being when she pounced, and not if she pounced. I was reminded of her paddle, and her affinity for using it to punish those who had earned it, but also that this was her family's summer house and that I was her guest here. I had not a stitch of clothing that was mine to wear, and no money to my name, nor even a way back home should she wish to abandon me as it was her car and gasoline that had brought me here in the first place. Without overstating the obvious, Dana held my short term fate in her hands, and I was therefore hers to do with what she pleased, but possibly loosing her friendship made those other things seen insignificant.

Tracy watched me with more sympathetic eyes, not so sympathetic that she wished to take my place though, (nor even help), more of a look that told me "I'm especially glad it's you and not me."

The look in Gregory's eyes was one of adoration, and when I set his plate and utensils (from the right as I had been taught repeatedly to do) I brushed my naked left boob lightly against his upper arm by accident, my bare skin where it brushed his shirt ever so lightly feeling electric to me. He worked so hard to play it cool around me and my watching pretty friends, as if this whole situation was just another normal day for him, his eyes and his aloof actions apparently at odds with each other from my point of view...

Cooking bacon in the nude is something to be done carefully at best, and I soon had the simple meal complete, but before serving it Dana told me to fix a plate for myself and bring it to the table so we could talk as we all ate. It seemed reasonable, and I was grateful for her charity as I was even more hungry after smelling the food cook. I then served the four plates as ordered, but I placed mine last and waited respectfully to start eating until after my friends had taken their first bites, and between his own bites Gregory started to tell me a most fantastic tale, except that I knew it to be true, somehow...

"Two days ago we loaded you and your new cage into the back of Dennis' pickup truck to take you back here to your summerhouse, you so into your pet role that you just did as we told you without a single objection of any kind, and I personally didn't want to spoil this first for you by asking humanly if you were ok with any of this. You were simply a magnificent pup by the way, but I digress... By the time we got you here you were for all intents and purposes fully a human pup... fully into that role that we all collectively forced upon you."

Gregory looked to both Dana and Tracy when he had stated this, but his eyes came back to Dana's.

"It's this state of nirvana that we in the human pet community all look for in a truly extraordinary pet, but few can actually achieve it, and fewer yet can hold it for more that a few hours under the best of circumstances. It ordinarily takes years of training, but more importantly years of trust in ones handlers for those few who can make this transition. This is why I didn't see the warning signs myself for what they were, and for that I apologize to you. In my defense though, I didn't realize the level of... for lack of a better word, grooming, your two friends had given you prior to our meeting."

"Grooming?" I asked. "My friends love me and I love them, we have a kind of understanding" I defended.

"Of course you do, it's what makes this possible. I'm just trying to explain to the best of my ability's and from my point of view what happened and why, and the part we all played in it."

"Ok then, what happened?" I asked, my tone I think coming out as if I were making an accusation even thought I hadn't intended such.

"I kind of remember getting into the cage in the back of the truck... the cover... and just some snippets of my missing time after that... It all seems like a very odd dream to me."

"I think I liked 'sir' better from you... Do you remember that from Tuesday?" Gregory asked.

"Yes, yes I do. What happened after that... sir?" I re-asking the question in the more respectful manner that Gregory obviously preferred. It felt like a gentle rebuke that was unneeded, was I not their naked and hobbled servant whom had just cooked for them? Why would Gregory feel the need to remind me of my place, unless he were doing this for the benefit of my watching friends?

"Ok then, since you asked nicely" Gregory told me with a smile to possibly soften his words, "I'll start from there... Dennis and I unloaded you and your new cage here, brought it inside and then uncovered it, only to find you once again asleep. It amazed me at the time that you could sleep so much in such a short period of time, but you were breathing normally and we just let you enjoy. The girls then asked us to hang out, and Dennis and I accepted the offer.

Tracy eventually ended up cooking dinner for all of us, basically while Dana and Tracy both flirted with Dennis, and Dennis basically acted like Dennis the horny hound dog with both of your friends and flirted back. This is when I thought you had woken up, but I now realize that you had been listening and probably watching through mostly closed eyes the whole time. You barked to be let out of your cage, which seemed reasonable, and I let you out at Dana's request as she was preoccupied with Dennis.

At first you walked around the bottom floor here and did typical dog stuff, we then played fetch with your bone after you dropped it on the floor near first Dennis, and then myself, you having some trouble picking it up off of the floor with your teeth as one would expect though and you had to use your paws to cheat.

I know I've said this before, but you're a natural pet, you just do this so well, but of course I now know that you weren't playing at being a pet, but for all intents and purposes you were one that night, and the next one as well. And just as good friends can be jealous of each other, good pets can be jealous at times as well" Gregory looking toward both of my friends after saying that.

"What exactly do you mean sir?" I asked, my rubber bone (that the nice man who sold me my collar and tag had given to me) was not in my cage now, I noticed.

"You really don't remember any of this, do you?" Dana asked.

I shook my head from side to side, which prompted Dana to get up and give me a big hug while I was still seated.

"Can you ever forgive me, or us, for what we've done?" she asked.

"I forgive you unconditionally, and would do so a million times over, but it would be helpful to know what for exactly" I told my friend sincerely...

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