My Summer Of Dares 12: Embracing my Canine Transformation

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2017 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 12: Embracing my Canine Transformation

"Don't try the stairs yet, they're likely to be a little tricky with your new legs" Gregory warned.

I made respectful eye contact by way of an answer, I not needing to be told that words were reserved for the humans in the room and not I. I had dreamed about this level of control, although in those I had been bound in more traditional ways, still being "forced" to walk around on my padded knuckles and knees was a submissive turn on. I was free to move about, but not humanly so with my legs trapped by my new toys, being both bound and free at the same time.

My head was pretty much at everybody's crotch level, (or butt level if they were facing away from me), and I forced to look up at all three of my human handlers for attention. If I were alone with the girls I could think of an obviously wonderful way to say thank you for this extraordinary gift should they allow me, my masked pet persona feeling able to do things that my human one struggled on and off with to find the courage to offer. Tracy had send a rather overt signal that she was willing when I was caught by her kneeling in the rain, but my lust for such things had been drained by my self entertainment moments earlier that particular day, our planets not in alignment once again as if fate itself were against me.

It also appeared there would be limited opportunity for such self relief in my immediate future, and running away on all fours hobbled as I was not practical either as even Dana could easily catch me if she wanted. If they kept me on my leash while outdoors my options would be even more limited, the thought both exciting and sadistically frustrating to me.

I walked around and explored the top floor of Gregory's house from my new perspective, to include his bedroom, I coming down the hall toward the living room and the three sitting humans watching me intently while engaging in hushed conversation obviously not intended for my ears. I alone was startled by a single knock on the front door, followed by a tall young man spinning through it's opening backwards while holding a delivery pizza box and a bottle of Coke. It was still raining lightly outside and it made sense that he would want to get out of it as soon as possible rather than to wait for the door to be answered formally, but a shock to me none the less dressed as I was.

I scrambled noisily to hide behind the arm of the sofa as the young man called out to Gregory, he apparently a frequent visitor in this house and welcome to enter on his own, most especially while bearing gifts of food for hungry humans. It was all I could do to maintain the timing of my arms and legs moving in unison at slow speed as my leg's bindings were still a distraction that I was getting used to, and my attempt to move quickly to hide just drew noisy floor thumping attention to my plight.

It was a foolish hope that the young man hadn't see me, but I wasn't taking the time to look in my wake to check either until I was safely hidden by Gregory's side of the couch arm. I then watched covertly as the young man ascended the stairs, the pizza's delicious aroma filling the living room and reminding my empty belly that I hadn't eaten much lately. Introductions were next, I assuming to be left out of such formalities in my pet persona, most especially if I stayed hidden.

"Dennis, this is Dana, and this is Tracy, do you have time to have a slice with us?" Gregory asked, the two obviously friends. Dennis smiled and waved casually to both girls once he put the soda down, my pretty friends smiling back and he likely thinking this was his lucky day times two.

"...Oh God" I thought, did Gregory just invite this stranger to stay?

"I would love to... Are you girls new students?" Dennis asked while switching his attention seamlessly to my friends as he opened the box and served Dana and Tracy each a piece on the paper plates he had brought with him, both his charm and smile turned up to ten as he played gracious host in Gregory's house. I was watching all this covertly, or at least I had thought so at the time, Gregory's hand coming down behind my neck and stroking affectionately (as he had likely done countless times with his former pet).

Gregory then caught himself in his familiarity and abruptly stopped, although I hadn't minded at all. The girls were wonderful to me and I did have an obligation to them, not to mention a natural desire to have some of what they shared together physically, but his masculine hand felt wonderfully comforting where it touched me.

"Greg didn't mention that he was entertaining such lovely ladies," Dennis continued, he in my mind a full blown charmer with but a single thought on his twenty something year old mind, but his broad smile at least seemed sincere. He did likely walk past Dana's car though, and the pizza box looked huge, so Gregory had to have told him to bring extra. That meant that this accidental exposure of my pet persona had to have been planned, possibly to gauge my reaction, and that the girls were likely in on it.

Taking one for himself he handed the box and plates off to Gregory as I watched, the soda untouched on an end table. "I made it myself ladies" Dennis further boasted when he had seen each of my hungry friends tuck into their slice, it obvious from their noises that the pie was good, or that they were starving like I was. I apparently would have to take their word for it though as I was still in hiding, my noisy stomach threatening to put an end to that though.

"Is your new pet shy Greg?" I heard Dennis ask casually between bites, as if this kind of thing happened all the time around here, he obviously seeing me earlier as I scrambled for cover just as I had feared.

"Yes, but she's not actually mine" Gregory answered.

"Oh... that's interesting. Am I to assume that you girls are the owners of record, and the owner of a nearly new super sized pet cage as well?" Dennis asked, he quite sharp in his deductions and not to be taken lightly.

"Yes" Dana answered for all of us. "Greg was kind enough to let us take the cage for a test run to see if our pet properly fit into it, and she was so comfortable that she took a long nap in it, not only extending our visit here, but testing our host's hospitality."

"Please stop me Dana if I'm being nosey, but she looked like such a pretty little thing the second or two I saw her, is she trained up well enough for the show?"

"...We... haven't... decided yet" Dana lied, I knowing her so well, both her words and the inflection in her voice.

"OH GOD... THEY WOULDN'T DARE" I thought for one futile second, but I knew in my heart that they would. They're going to put me into that cage and take me to a human pet show of some kind, display me wearing almost nothing to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Maybe they'll even walk me around on my leash on further display, then perhaps even force me to do tricks as I compete with other "pets" in front of some judges...

It was a horrifying thought, but at the same time about the kinkiest thing I had ever heard of, and definitely in keeping with my "no choices" request. Few knew me here though, and I was wearing a mask, the need for such now obvious, as was this little experiment to see how I responded to Dennis' "surprise" appearance.

"I have my pick up with me ladies, if you need me to deliver the cage for you. I've moved it before for Greg when going to and from a show, there obviously being certain rules about how show stock is officially transported, but I'm sure he's already told you all about that stuff" Denis informed the girls as I eavesdropped.

"Doesn't it just fold up?" Tracy asked, she being practical and wondering how they were going to move my new cage about without Dennis and his truck at their disposal despite Dana's huge trunk, which I knew intimately.

"Yes, it comes apart and folds up" Gregory answered just to get back into the conversation. "It's too wide to go through most common doors when fully put together though, but as Dennis alluded show pets must be transported in cages both to and from a sanctioned event, and the mattress is bulky all by itself."

"It would go through the French doors on the side of the summer house though" Dana observed, I already knowing how this would go, this conversation feeling just as spontaneous as the next sunrise.

"Easily" Dennis answered.

"We can't ask such a thing." Tracy speaking for both girls in a possible tug of war to see who was going to be the top girl between them. "At least without some reciprocation" she added without a hint as to what that might be, I knowing both girls true preferences as I did.

"I'm officially off of work and my gas tank is full" Dennis offered, his smile ear to ear as he likely pondered the possibilities with my two pretty friends...


I had an obvious decision to make, should I be a happy and well fed pet, or a hungry and miserable one? I choosing the former in my mind even before Dennis asked the girls collectively if it would be ok to feed me.

"Does your pet have a name?" Dennis asked reasonably.

"She answers to Jackie" Dana offered, the further implied offer to do what he willed with this information left hanging in the air...

"Come on out here Jackie" Dennis called sweetly after a moments thought, as if he were coaxing a real and shy pet from her hiding place with the promise of food. "I don't bite" he further promised, again with his soothing and least threatening tone, the smile on his face clearly heard.

As if to help me decide to play along, Gregory reached behind me and patted me on my bottom affectionately with his warm hand, I standing back up on all fours on reflex, and on my way toward the sitting Dennis and his pizza as if on auto pilot. I realized for not the first time that I could be anything I wanted in this mask and costume of mine as I walked toward the smiling Dennis, it was a reaffirmation of the liberating nature of this game of ours, and I vowed to myself not to have any further second thoughts.

I was made for this, I realized, or at the very least conditioned to accept such control by friends who likely had their own ulterior motives. If they had trained me up to be a useful tool for their exclusive use, (in one obvious case becoming their maid and servant so the sometimes lazy lovers could focus on each other as I toiled in their stead), what did Dennis and Gregory bring to this equation? That was the question, as was if their involvement was intentional, or mere happenstance.

Dennis kept eye contact with me, and I with him as I cautiously approached, he resisting the manly urge to check out my partially exposed girl parts as I fully assumed he would. His smile was genuine and not the least bit patronizing, and as I approached him he got out of his chair and went to his knees to be down on my level with an offered slice of pizza in hand, the single word "maximum" escaping his lips as if he didn't even realize he had said it.

At that moment it was as if nobody else was in the room with us, my pretty friends upstaged by their more common looking but creatively turned out friend. But would it last? I felt the girls watching me, but I dared not look their way for fear of breaking my stare with Dennis, nor ruining this moment as I pretended they weren't there.

"Simply magnificent" he commented, his praise making me blush and smile for it's apparent sincerity. He was just a few years my senior, but seeming so cool and in control of himself as compared to the boys I had dated back home.

"Sit down Jackie" he commanded with firm but soft tones, my body responding of it's own accord before my mind even processed his words. My assets were there to see with me sitting on my hind quarters before him, my buds painfully erect, my body excited by the sheer kink of all this and making such clearly known to this new man in my life.

I was a costumed display piece, and I wanted the display to be as perfect as it possibly could.

"May I?" Dennis asked, he gesturing toward my collar with his open empty hand, the other still holding the slice of pizza that had ostensibly baited me from my hiding place with. By way of an answer I closed my eyes and turned my head up and to the left where the girls were seated, both shutting them out subtly and giving greater access to Dennis at the same time. He would have a better view of my exposed and hanging assets, but I was OK with that.

I felt his hand brush above my breasts as he grasped my hanging name tag so as to read it, my body tingling where his flesh touched mine, after an unintended flinch that I hoped wasn't misinterpreted. He read it out loud, "Jackie" then turning it over, "Property of Dana and Tracy".

I was then forced to realize the gravity of the "Property of Dana and Tracy" part, I still theirs to do with as they pleased no matter my wishes, but I had asked for an open ended and without limits version of whatever they wanted. I would have to behave if I were to get what I wanted, or needed, the girls most certainly knowing this and still having the upper hand despite the exclusive attention I were getting at the moment.

Dennis then let my name tag gently drop, I turning my head and opening my eyes so as to receive my reward, food not the only thing on my mind though despite my hunger.

It was a sensual thing almost beyond words to have Dennis feed me a slice of his awesome pizza out of his big hands, made even better when Gregory asked my friends to help him break my new cage down to place it into the back of Dennis' pick up truck. We were alone on and off as the trio walked back and forth in their labors, I taking tiny bites so as to savor the experience and selfishly keep Dennis from helping, I knowing without being told that I would be riding inside that cage in the back of Dennis' truck on the way back to the summer house...

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