My Daughter & I Part 9: Gone to the Dogs

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2008 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; F/f; D/s; bond; leather; dogs; cons/reluct; XX

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Part 9: Gone to the Dogs

I’ve done some things in my time I can tell you. I’ve been a dirty bitch more than once (In fact a lot more times than once!). But this takes the biscuit. I can honestly say this is the most perverse and submissive things I have ever done. Bar none. And what makes it even more special is that I am sharing it with my boyfriend and nearly consenting daughter.

I invited my boyfriend to a certain address today, a house he has never been to before, and I have promised him a good time. A very novel time in fact. You see, I heard of a woman with a most remarkable reputation in the bondage and domination community. They say that if you really want to have a new experience, come to see Princess Kitty, and here I was. Or rather, here we all three are. Two locked down on our knees, and one in a rather more exposed position, but more of that later. But it’s worse than that. Much, much worse than that. We’ve all played on our knees before, but never quite like this. And now I really am getting ahead of myself.

I entered a big white room with several doors off it to be met by the lady herself. And she was quite a sight swathed in a floor length white silk robe. I could tell from her walk she was wearing high heels, but of her clothes I could see nothing.

She was tall, slender, and wore her long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had brown eyes my boyfriend would die to stare into and a hint of tan that spoke of faintly foreign ancestry, but her voice was plain English. And right now she was issuing instructions.

“Have your boyfriend meet you in the anteroom and remove his clothes. Fit him with this collar, bring him in, then let me do the rest. I assume he is well trained ?”

I smiled. That’s not quite how I would describe him. In fact a certain amount of training was probably in order, which was why we were here. Somewhere in the distance I heard the doorbell ring and I was dismissed with a wave of her hand to meet my boyfriend at the door.

Soon we were in the anteroom, and scenting some fun and games my boyfriend happily shed his clothes and dropped to his knees at my command. And I heard his breathing deepen as I began to buckle the collar about his neck. It was a beautiful object made of heavy leather decorated with big square studs. Studs that gleamed in the light. As I heard the sound of the tongue running through the hasp there was a long moment when I so wanted it to be me being collared. I’m so desperately submissive sometimes that I wonder how I ever keep myself as the dominant one in our relationship.
I opened the door to the room and led him in with a finger hooked through the collar. Without any bidding my boyfriend followed on all fours, and Princess Kitty had half won her fight to train him before it had even begun.

The whole tone of the room had changed since I left. The long robe had vanished to reveal Princess Kitty in all her leggy magnificence. There were high heeled patent black boots that geamed, tightly suspendered stockings, and a tight leather basque that pulled her already slim waist into an hourglass shape guaranteed to bring a lump to every male throat. There was a long whip in her hand, and either side of her sat an alert looking rottweiller.

She tossed her head back, flicking that thick ponytail and issued a curt command.“Fetch”

The two rotweillers stood up and trotted obediently towards us. Almost as a reflex I took a step back and watched as they circled round behind my boyfriend and took up their stations, one on either side of him. My boyfriend didn’t know what to do, looking desperately back and forth between me, the dogs, and Princess Kitty.

“Return” she snapped, and they did just that, only they took my stunned boyfriend with them. They pressed their massively muscled bodies up against him, one on each side, capturing him between their flanks, and when they walked back towards Princess Kitty he had absolutely no choice but to go with them. I thought for a moment he was going to rise, but as I watched his back start to straighten there was a low growl from the dogs, a clear indication that he should stay where he was, down on all fours with them. They herded him in front of her and held him there between their bodies while she silently regarded him from her lofty height.

“Beg” she said softly, and my boyfriend offered up his hands, rising on his knees like a good dog. She smiled down at him as she snapped a leash on his collar, and for the first time I realised that his collar matched those of the dogs.

“It’s always thinks it’s a mistake to keep only one dog” she said suddenly looking up at me “Two are always company for each other, don’t you think ?”

“Oh no” I said, backing away “That’s not in the deal, you said…”

I never got any further before the dogs were at my side this time, staring imploringly up at me with their big brown eyes that bore a clear message. I involuntarily backed against the wall, suddenly feeling a chill as I felt it’s hardness at my spine.

I had come lightly dressed, in baggy sweat pants and top ready to join in the fun and games at a moments notice, and that was to be my undoing. One moment there was a dogs head resting firmly against my thigh, then the other rose and I felt two massive paws against my shoulders. I fleetingly looked it in the eye, a tongue lolling across it’s lips before I lost my footing and crumpled to the floor. Somewhere in the distance I heard the command ‘strip’, and moments later I experienced the most submissive moments of my whole life.

I rolled onto my chest before those two dogs were on me. My world was suddenly full of muscular black legs and solid flanks. Two heavy paws came to rest on my shoulders, and I could hear panting from somewhere near my ear. I tried to twist under his paws, and as my head moved I caught sight of his face. He was looking down at me with something very close to concern in those big dark eyes, but he was still looking down in me in a most dominant manner, and there was no getting out from under his considerable weight.

I yelped as I felt something going on around my ankles, something I simply would not have believed if I had not seen and felt it for myself. The other rottweiller had a hold of the baggy hem of my trousers, and he gave a mighty heave. The loose trousers came off in a single movement, and as I howled in shock I felt the paws come off my shoulders. I sat straight up, and before I could react again the one that had held me down had taken a grip on my top and pulled it smoothly over my head in a single movement. Leaving me with just a few scraps of underwear to cover my modesty. I sat there for a moment in silent wonder at the training of the dogs, and clearly that was too long for them. A cold nose pressed sharply forwards between my shoulder blades, and a paw pulled at my ankles.

The message was clear. Not content with stripping me, these two beasts were now intent on completing my utter submission by putting me down on all fours. The shoving of the nose became more insistent, and I silently submitted to two of the most bizarre dominants I had ever submitted to.

The moment my hands hit the floor there was a wall of rottweiller muscle either side of me, pressing tight against me with their muscular flanks. I hung my head and blushed the colour of lobsters as I wondered at the sight I must present. I full grown woman submitting to a pair of dogs. Then they started to move forwards, their bodies holding me tightly between them as they herded me like some human cattle towards Princess Kitty. A tall figure I could see was already twirling one of those high studded collars about her index finger with a smile on her face.

“Beg” she said softly “Come on bitch, beg for it”

The two dogs moved slightly from my sides and I raised myself onto my knees, my hands in front of my chest, my big blue eyes staring imploringly up at her. She reached down and slowly closed that thick leather collar about my throat, pulling the fastening slowly tighter and tighter until it fitted snugly, and there was no doubt of my submissive status. The leash was added before I was permitted to drop back onto my knees and Princess Kitty swayed away across the room. My boyfriend made to follow her, but the moment he moved a dogs head came round and a soft sound in its throat stopped him in his tracks.

“Fetch” she said suddenly, and both dogs moved swiftly into action. Each snatched up a leash and started to lead us across the room. The sheer perversity of the act almost made me come on the spot. We were being led across the room by a pair of dogs. They moved just quicker than we did, keeping the leashes tight, their ever-present tug at our collars a constant reminder of our status in this strange scenario. It was hard to imagine anything more submissive.

Princess Kitty picked up a camera and crouch in front of us. The flash fired, and I felt my head drop still further as she recorded our mutual act of submission for posterity and perversity. Dear God, I thought, we might even make it onto her web page.

“Place” the sharp command caught us unawares, and we were almost pulled off our balance as those dogs pulled hard on our leashes and pulled us unwillingly towards two unnoticed structures on the floor. Two identical devices whose appearance was both immediately and worryingly obvious. They were constructed from what looked like white steel tubing. Tubing far too thick to be bent unaided by the human hand, but that was not the worst of it.

At the front end lay what could only be described as a more up to date version of the medieval pillory. There was one large central hoop with it’s top section hinged open, with two smaller items either side of it. Their rings also gaped open invitingly, and it was clear where we were intended to go.
Some four feet aft of this arrangement was a second set of hoops. Only 2 this time, and obviously intended to restrain the ankles of the occupant of the front pillory.

The two dogs pulled us forwards as they sensed a brief pause in our movements. Quite helpless to resist we were dragged over those terrible frames until our wrists and necks stood right by those open hoops, then the tugging of the leashes stopped. It was clear what was expected of us, and without another word I watched as my wrist laid itself in the first of the hoops, and I heard myself give a little groan as it snapped firmly closed with a terrifying snap of mechanism. It’s sister followed it quickly, removing any hope of my changing my mind.

I could feel tears of submission and shame running down my cheeks as I lent my neck forwards, and for a brief moment I paused. A huge paw came down against my neck and exerted a firm and unrelenting pressure that forced my neck downwards until that final metal collar snapped closed about my neck and I was quite helpless, head down and waiting. Somewhere to the rear I could feel the cold brush of a nose and rougher pushes of paws manoeuvring my ankles, and before I really knew what was happening my ankles were clamped in that rear set of fetters.

I took stock as I watched my boyfriend go through the same indignities, the two brilliantly trained animals forcing him swiftly into his rigid steel bondage from which there was no escape. It was a most effective but hideously uncomfortable system of restraint. Wrists and ankles were kept just close enough together to keep both our backsides sticking up in the air, there was no free movement in those steel tubes to allow us to stretch out. We were Princess Kitty’s helpless prisoners to do with as she wished. And soon we would find out what she had in mind for us.

The sudden yowl from my boyfriend told me that the fun and games had begun. I twisted my head desperately round in it’s collar and hoop, and saw my boyfriend thrashing desperately about in his steel prison. Hands and feet windmilling impotently as he suffered the indignities of his torment. One of the dogs was directly behind him, and at a tiny command from Princess Kitty it bent and ran the whole of it’s long, warm, rough tongue over his terribly exposed ball-sac. My boyfriend was whimpering as his body betrayed him and I watched his magnificent penis draw itself erect at the intimate caress.

The thought of where the other dog hit me a fraction of a second before one of those tongues ran the length of my exposed pussy and made me spasm and squeal like a schoolgirl receiving her intimate caress.

She laughed a deep, hearty laugh before issuing another command that sealed our fates. Two tongues went to work with a will. One softly but oh so firmly probed my helplessly upturned pussy while it’s fellow dragged it’s warm, firm tongue over every inch of my boyfriends erect manhood until he was whimpering with frustration.

That long tongue danced over his manhood like a thing possessed. Twisting, caressing, it’s rough yet terribly firm texture playing absolute hell with his composure. I could see his eyes squeezed closed as he tried to deny his body, a body crying out for him to surrender to that twirling touch. I heard his breath start to come in rhythmic pants, a sure sign the end was near, and as I twisted that little bit more I saw the tiny pearls start to drip from the very tip of his tormented manhood. And even as I watched the tongue darted forwards and ran it’s terrible texture across the tenderness that is the soft glands of every man. My boyfriend let out a wail, and then I realised that he was going to come first, something the lingering remains of the dominant in me would not allow.

Thrusting my arse up as far as I could in those tight stocks I gave my beast and his probing tongue the best access I could offer. Doing my level best to cut out all distractions I concentrated every part of my being on the sensations washing over my body. As the tongue danced across moist tissues I could feel the sensations quickly building, and soon I was fast catching up with my deviant boyfriend. Part of me was disgusted at the way I felt, yet another part, the filthy, dirty, perverted part of me was revelling in the sheer perversity of what was happening to me. And we came together, his wails combining lovingly with my screams to create a soundtrack to our body’s release from their frustration.

As the mist cleared from my vision (It had been that intense) I looked across to my flushed boyfriend and we both smiled small, private smiles. We had enjoyed that, and it was quite a while later that we registered Princess Kitty still standing there watching us with a smile on her face, but making no move to release us. Clearly there was more to come.

“Families are strange things” she said simply “Like mother, like daughter they say. How true”

A curtain was swished back to reveal a fresh figure before us. A figure in even more discomfort than us. As Princess Kitty told us a story of phone number checking, dialling 1471 and curiosity I took in the familiar figure spread before us. My darling daughter Emma had made her way here before us, and judging by her attire had hoped to be included in the dominant part of the play. But things had not gone to her plan. A tight-laced black basque and matching stockings spoke of those dominant ambitions, as did gleaming black shoes with frighteningly high heels, and as ever the black contrasted delightfully with her redhead pale skin. But the leather hood laced over her head spoke of plans gone badly awry.

She was strung up between two long spreader bars. One spread her wrists wide above her head and dangled from two heavy overhead chains that creaked as she moved, while the other spread her legs to an obscene degree. Panties had been removed to reveal a carefully trimmed patch of fiery red hair that matched the ponytail that hung from the rear of the hood. Two big blue eyes grew round through the eyeholes of the hood as she took in the sight of her mother and her boyfriend clamped down on the floor, a drooling Rottweiler sitting obediently behind each of us. She made inarticulate sounds from behind the hood which must have housed a might plug gag that reduced her to damn-near silence.

Princess Kitty uttered another command, and from nowhere two more of those perfectly trained rottweillers appeared at her sides. At the wave of her hand they moved towards Emma who started to thrash and moan within her stringent bonds, the very tips of her toes dancing on the floor as she threw herself against the solid steel lengths of the spreader bars.

One took up his position before her, the other to the rear, and for a moment I wished I was her as I could see what was coming. Both beasts leant forwards until their very breathing could be felt against her tenderest parts, and Emma freaked. She was doing her best to scream from behind the hood, her eyes wider than I considered possible when the inevitable command was uttered and she was lost.

Two long, probing tongues dived into her, and two muzzles pressed up against her, almost lifting her off her feet as they thrust forwards. I watched as her eyes half-closed with the involuntary demands of her passions, then yelped myself as I felt that tongue to my rear again. I twisted to see my boyfriend being set upon again in exactly the same manner. For a moment our whole beings were consumed by the sheer perversity of that sex act, and somewhere in the distance I could hear Princess Kitty laughing as the whole family submitted to her designs.


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