My Daughter & I Part 8: On the Beach

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2008 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; F/f; bond; leather; outdoors; staked; toys; cons/reluct; X

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Part 8: On the Beach

My boyfriend is just starting to whimper. I don’t think he quite realized how evil the torment we had devised for him would be. Sure, he had a fairly good idea, but the reality was somehow worse.

The sun is now high in the sky and the sand is rather warm. Hot even. Sensible people have retired to the shelter of the shade, but that’s not an option open to him. Not at all.

We all trundled down to the beach on the fine sunny morning, my boyfriend, my daughter wanton Emma and me. I am sure he knew we had mischief in mind, and we were determined not to disappoint him.

No sooner had we reached the beach then we had all slipped out of our dreary travelling clothes to reveal our chosen beachwear. My boyfriend a tight pair of trunks (A foolish choice as he would soon find out), myself a sensible swimming costume in a simple black that contrasted nicely with my lightly tanned flesh, while Emma slipped out of her loose dress to reveal a tiny red bikini that barely retained her decency. Mighty breasts strained the upper part to it’s very limits, while the tiny lower portion vanished between her muscular buttocks.

We laid out our picnic things on a blanket, and amongst the laughter I idly waved a blindfold at my boyfriend and asked if he was ready for some fun. Still smiling he inclined his head towards us, allowing Emma to tighten it about his eyes, plunging him into a darkness that would allow us to go about our evilly erotic business.

We led him out into the sunshine, one of us to each arm, leading him silently to his fate. You see, we had been there before, suitably equipped with mallet and wooden stakes. Stakes we had thoughtfully driven  into the ground in a nice square. A square with only one purpose.

As we laid him down on the sand a smile crossed his lips and he took a firm handful of Emma’s soft young flash and gave it a playful squeeze. Emma squealed, and while his attention was monetarily distracted  I tied his first wrist firmly to one of those stakes.

Thinking he could bring his other arm round for another grope, he found it already fastened, and as realisation leapt across his face, Emma made his other wrist fast and he was ours. While he tested his bonds, we swiftly tied off his ankles, and he was staked out quite helplessly in the sunshine. Sunshine that would soon get much, much hotter. And things would get much, much worse for him as the day wore on.

Climbing astride his chest as he writhed between those firmly driven stakes I removed his blindfold, carefully shielding his eyes from the raw sunlight. He was trapped and he knew it, and to be true, loving every minute of  it, but the fight was the thing as he struggled beneath me, his muscular body heaving under me, desperately trying tot throw me off.

“Now lover” I crooned softly, leaning forwards until I could look him in the eye, one elbow lent in the sand either side of his face, “I do hope you are good and comfortable, because that lovely relaxed feeling isn’t going to last long. You see, we haven’t tied you off here with just any old twine or rope. Oh no, we have tied you here with leather thongs. Wet leather thongs. And you know what happens to wet leather in the warm sunshine, don’t you ?”

Oh yes he did. I could see it in his eyes. As the leather dried out, it would shrink, and we had already tied him tightly.

“As the leather dries, it will stretch you lover. Tighter and tighter until you really can’t move a muscle and you will plead for release. Only we haven’t finished yet, have we Emma ?”

He gave a little wail and his body heaved, which meant Emma was doing her bit behind me. She had pulled down his tight trunks, trunks already tented by a massive erection,  and she had swiftly woven a webbing of leather straps about it. Wet leather, of course, a fact which I lovingly explained him. It’s very presence kept him agonisingly erect, and as the sun dried it, it would get tighter and tighter until he would be pleading for his release.

“Nearly done.” I said softly as Emma placed the final item of his torment in my hand. A bundle of dark, dripping straps that could have only one destination. He threw his head back and forth as I offered the soaking leather harness up to his face. It’s fitting was a forgone conclusion, but as ever he liked to play. My hands moved faster than his head could, and suddenly there was a thick bit between his lips. His lips twisted back from the leather  rod and he made inarticulate noises of helplessness as I made the web of straps tight about his head.  Straps that were only going to get tighter as the day went on.

“Of course,” I said softly, “ We can’t have you burning, can we ?” Holding up a large bottle of liquid sun cream. He watched hypnotised as we ran vast amounts of it slowly and erotically over our hands before we started to massage it into him.

Strong hands and kneeding thumbs worked over every inch of his tightly spread body, leaving a gleaming layer wherever we touched and reducing him to a blubbering wreck of sexual frustration. And soon we came to the final spot. His desperately straining manhood.

He pulled his head up off the sand to look down his body as we paused over his tightly bound manhood. It was twitching within it’s fast tightening leather prison  and he was desperate for our touch. With an evil smile on her generous mouth Emma slowly upended the bottle over that straining object and allowed a long, steady stream to run from the tender tip, along his shaft and down into his pubic hairs in a warm, flowing embrace.  He cried out with frustration, and Emma laughed out loud as he pulled at his bonds with renewed efforts until he finally subsided, his head falling back against the sand as he awaited his fate.

Which is where we are now. Or at least, he is. Emma is away over to the left in her own little world of torment. I tricked her, I readily admit it, and enjoyed every minute of it after she laughed at my poor helpless boyfriend. Tricked her into a slender leather harness that she had not even realised was wet until all the buckles were fast, and a couple of strategic padlocks were in place. And for the last couple of hours those straps have been getting tighter and tighter, squeezing her  lovely breasts and forcing a dildo tighter and tighter up against her clit so that ever step she takes is an exquisite agony.

I tricked her hands behind her back and made them fast with some nice cuffs somewhere in the small of her back, and when she opened her mouth to complain about what I had done I added the final touch to her torment. Before she could close her mouth I popped an apple between her lips and gave a tiny press to her chin. Her teeth bit into that succulent fruit, and without her hands there was no way she could get it.

Which is how things have been for her since. Wandering up and down the beach whimpering softly as the straps keep getting tighter, stimulating her youthful sex drive with every step until she thinks she can take no more. And the torment just keeps on coming.

I dragged myself up off the blanket to go and see how my boyfriend is making out. It’s been a while since I checked. I stood over him and smiled down at his obviously now considerable discomfort. The thongs have tightened to the point where there really is no further for them to go. He is pulled agonisingly tight, his still glistening body without an inch of movement left to it between those four implacable stakes. The leather bit pulled deep between his teeth as the straps have tightened inexorably. And his manhood, remarkably, still stands proud and shining in the sunlight, twitching even as he looks up at my body and I can see raw lust in his eyes.

Sighing in an exaggerated fashion, I lie down beside him and softly caress his broad chest,  and whisper sweet nothings in his ear before rolling away again and kneeling down between his legs. After all, I do love him really, and he has waited for this like a good boy, and he deserves it.

His head came up and he was watching as I reached out and tugged gently but firmly at the knot that held the leather laces about his manhood so tightly in place. Relieved of it’s agonising restriction his manhood sprang to a height and girth I had never seen before,  before, accompanied by an inhuman cry, he came long and hard. Splattering me with what felt like an ocean of cum before he subsided into a breathless stupor.

Somewhere behind me I could hear Emma inarticulately bleating to be released. Well my dear, not yet. When my boyfriend recovers I have some more plans for you, and you might just enjoy them way too much….



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