Loving, Consensual, Strict Part 7

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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© Copyright 2013 - Loves_Tied_Girls - Used by permission

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Part 7: Double Trouble 3

Chapter XIX

Josh shut off his computer, then called out to Lori. She responded within minutes.

“What’s up, lover?” she queried Josh.

“Babe, I just watched a short bondage film where the girl was in this terrific tie. It’s a bit tough, but I thought you might like to give it a try”, he answered with a grin.

“Absolutely!” she responded. Josh knew that Lori was always ready to be bondaged, and was especially intrigued by new ties, especially if they were difficult.

“OK,” Josh told her, “let me go down to the fun room and set things up. It will take me awhile, so why don’t you go upstairs and get ready?”

Laughing delightedly, Lori turned and ran up the stairs to their bedroom. Enemas, front and rear, a hot shower, and hair brushed to a high shine, with her stubbled pubic hair freshly shaved, she was ready 15 minutes later. Lori pulled on a soft white bathrobe and hurried down to their fun room.

Josh was threading a 3/8” hemp rope through the overhead pulley system when she made her appearance, almost gleeful in her anticipation. He left the rope hanging freely, and had Lori doff her robe and put on her only rubber corset. This task took her a full fifteen minutes -- it was very tight indeed, whittling her already-small waist down to less than 19” as she adjusted it. Below bust and over hips, as with all her corsets, it left her beautiful tits on full display. It fit her like a second skin, but still allowed for some bend-over movement. Long black sheer nylon/lycra stockings went up her legs and attached to the corset with short garters. They were short because of how high the stockings rode up Lori’s legs, but long enough to do the job, ensuring no wrinkles in the stockings.

Josh asked her to stand in front of him and turn around slowly when he directed her to do so. He took the free end of the long hemp rope hanging from the pulley and began to cinch in Lori’s already compressed waist, coiling it around four times as she kept revolving. He tied it off securely at the back, passed the free end between her legs, over her ass rosebud and squarely in the exact center of her snatch, her pussy lips spread wide around it. Lori could feel those erotic urges she loved so well begin to emanate from her cunt as Josh continued by jamming the rope beneath her waist “rope corset”. He now reversed direction, passing it again over her pussy lips, then her loins and back over her rear hole, finally tying it off in the back of her waist cinch ropes.

His next task was to tie her wrists together, palm to palm, behind her back with a separate rope, and cinch the tie tightly. Her elbows received the same treatment, pulled close together but not touching. Her end position would be strict enough without an elbow-crunching as well. Naturally enough, this position thrust out her breasts; Lori positively loved it!

Josh had Lori sit on a nearby padded bench as he retrieved her ballet boots with their crazy 8” stiletto heels. They were slightly too small, but not by a lot. Still, it took him a good fifteen minutes to fit both boots on and lace them up to her knees. With her feet forced into a stressful arch and her toes jammed together at the toe end, Josh knew Lori would feel increasing discomfort as she stood.

He helped her to her feet, steadying her as Lori tottered around, at last relaxing into an almost-normal stride as she again got used to the ballet boots. While she leaned her tied hands against a nearby low table for support, Josh buckled the thick leather collar around her neck and fastened the buckles at the base of her neck. Next came a leather covered ring gag, large enough to fully expand her lips and mouth to allow entry behind her teeth. He buckled its straps securely behind her neck and under her chin.

Josh took a few minutes to braid Lori’s lush ebony tresses into a ponytail with leather laces around and through it. A leather discipline helmet followed, covering all of her face and head except for her nose and mouth area. Her ponytail was fitted through a hole on the top of the helmet, and Josh began the task of lacing the helmet up.

Lori could feel her drool as it began, edging over her lower lip and down her chin. She was tingling inside, her cunt beginning to issue pre-cum already, and she received with anticipatory lust the erotic surges flowing throughout her bondaged body. Yummy!

At last the helmet was fully laced, hugging Lori’s head tightly. Josh took the long hemp rope hanging from another pulley and threaded it under his girl’s tied wrists, leaving plenty of excess. The extra rope was passed through a second pulley, then down under her tight crotch ropes in the back, pulled up hard as Lori jumped a bit from the additional strain on her snatch and ass. Josh knotted it at the back of her constricting waist ropes.

Now came the fun part --- Josh pulled on the free end of the rope hanging from the second pulley. Lori’s arms were pulled up into a strappado and she was forced to bend over with some difficulty; her tight corset and even tighter waist cinch ropes saw to that. The rope attached to her crotch ropes was also pulled on, of course, sinking the rough ropes even more deeply into her pussy. Lori was almost in her end position, bent over from the strappado, her waist cruelly cinched by her corset and waist ropes, pulled tighter yet by the rope through them.

‘Unh’ she gasped to herself, ‘this IS tough’. Her pussy was burning from the ropes slicing into it, and from mounting feelings of impending orgasm as well. She was tottering on the high ballet boots, her feet locked in a most unpleasant arch, her toes squashed into the narrow toes and bearing a good portion of her weight.

But Josh wasn’t done quite yet. He pulled on her braided hair to force her head backwards, and tied it off the end at her roped elbows. Lastly came the pincer nipple clamps; Lori felt their bite increase as Josh pushed the closing ring to near its maximum. It hurt good, she knew, and would soon be upping her erotic ante.

Lori was in great discomfort, but not really pain. Along with the discomfort was the extreme pleasure coursing through her body, and she knew it would only be a matter of time before she was overcome with what she expected would turn out to be multiple orgasmic climaxes.

Chapter XX

Lori slowly turned around, lifting her feet one at a time to try to ease the high discomfort she felt from the ballet boots, and kept up a keening cry, alternating with moans. Her strict position left her in a quandary; hurting in her feet and toes, her arched arms and stressed shoulders, her poor pussy and tightly clamped nipples, her head arched painfully backward by the hair tie. Still, she was nevertheless all too aware to the sexual urgency she was feeling, competing with her strict bondage for ascendancy.

Josh selected a whippy rod from his selection, intending to increase the stress of her tie with a few well-measured strokes to her ass cheeks, so beautifully jutting out. Just then his cell phone rang.

“Hi Tito” he said, recognizing the number on the screen. “What’s up?”

“We just finished shopping in the mall near your house, and thought to see if you were too busy to have your friends over for awhile”, Tito responded.

“Of course not, pal” said Josh. “Come on over ASAP; I’ve got Lori in a great new tie.” Tito laughed, said that he and his bondage slut Alexis would be there in ten minutes, and clicked off.

They arrived exactly on schedule. Josh put down his little flexible wand that had already striped Lori’s luscious ass cheeks a dozen times, and went to upstairs to greet his equally bondage-loving friends.

Alexis Munoz was Brazilian, and had the famous ass with which her genes had endowed her. At 5’ 6” and 138 pounds, she was a bit shorter than Lori, but even more curvy. Her large shapely boobs were a handsome 38 D; combined with a 27” waist and 38” hips; her passion for latex and sky-high stiletto heeled shoes created a very sexy creature indeed. Alexis was a very high-spirited girl, with flashing dark eyes and very full lips. Her exultant main of red-blond hair, with blond streaks running through it here and there, marked her as a real wildcat in bed.

After ushering them down to the fun room, Josh stood aside to let them have an ocular feast. Lori was still moaning, her shapely buns a very nice pink, her strict tie impressing Tito, and especially Alexis. She walked to where Lori hung in her bonds, and softly ran her hands over the girl’s stockinged legs, her striated rear end, and her clamped tits.

“Oh my!” Alexis exclaimed. “That looks torturous, and yet so sexy”. Tito also expressed his admiration for the very strictness of the tie; except for her moaning in pleasure/pain, Lori was otherwise suffering silently.

“Does she have a vibrator in there?” Alexis asked, trying to see Lori’s roped pussy.

“No, but that’s a great idea” Josh responded, and went to get one from their collection. Returning, he inserted a butterfly vibrator with some difficulty under Lori’s very tight crotch ropes, right over her wide-open pussy, and turned it on to its lowest setting. It would both stimulate and frustrate his girl, he knew, and believed that the sexual urges she was undoubtedly feeling would be heightened by the vibrator, but perhaps not enough for her to climax, he hoped.

“Perfecto!” crowed Alexis. Tito agreed by stepping up behind Lori and asking permission from Josh to add a few strokes to her jutting rear end. Josh readily agreed, and Tito wasted no time in applying another dozen strikes of the whippy rod to her pinked ass.

Lori bucked as the rod cleaved her rear cheeks, not very hard but, in addition to those administered by Josh, still increasing the warmth in her striped ass, as well as that from her gently-vibrated pussy. Lori was in bondage-slut heaven/hell. She hurt in so many places, yet was thrilled by an impending orgasm … which, unfortunately for her, never quite seemed to arrive, leaving her increasingly frustrated, just as Josh had hoped.

“You guys are so mean”, she screamed. “Please, PLEASE finish me off”. Too bad for the ring gag keeping her mouth wide open – her plaint was lost as unintelligible sounds were all her listeners heard.

“Let’s go upstairs for awhile,” Josh said to his friends. “Lori isn’t going anywhere, and I want to give her a chance to enjoy her frustration at a no-climax situation”. Alexis giggled, silently wishing that she was in Lori’s stressed position.

So upstairs they went to enjoy coffee and idle chatter for the next hour. Josh appreciated Alexis’ body anew, clad as she was in a tight red latex mini dress with an over-dress, under-bust red latex corset, tightly laced in back, emphasizing all of her curves. The high 6’ stiletto heeled sandals she favored didn’t hinder his appreciation of her fine legs, nor the way they made her rear end stick out in a most appealing manner.

After a relaxing hour, they at last returned to the fun room and Lori. The girl was of course still in her stressed position, but Josh saw that the low setting of the vibrator hadn’t frustrated her for too long – her crotch rope and stockinged legs were well marked with her still-dripping cum.

One final act to this drama … Josh dropped his jeans and loosed his rampant hard-on from its confinement. It was a 7 1/2” long, almost 1 1/2” thick weapon that he slowly inserted through the ring gag into Lori’s mouth, where her tongue knowingly took over. Licking and sucking him as he slowly stroked in and out, increasing his speed incrementally, she was soon swallowing his load of cum as he cried out in pleasure.

At last withdrawing, he turned to see that Alexis and Tito had gotten hot to trot from the bondaged girl and the oral sex. Tito had Alexis’ short skirt pushed up to her waist, and was licking her pussy right through her latex thong. From the sounds she was making, Alexis was having a grand time being so stimulated.

Chapter XXI

At last the trio let Lori down, and removed her bondage one rope and clamp at a time. Josh carried the limp girl up to their bedroom to rest, staying with her until her eyes fluttered open, then directing her to the shower to clean up. When she came out, she smiled at him and fell onto their bed for a well-earned recovery sleep.

Returning to the fun room, Josh found that Tito had stripped Alexis naked and had her suspended in a severe X shape, feet off the ground, arms and legs widely split and held firmly by ropes attached to her wrist and ankle cuffs, and anchored to handy nearby cleats.

Tito was enthusiastically whipping Alexis’ ass, breasts and pussy with a six-strand leather whip with little knots at the ends of the strands. Alexis’ lush body was being covered with marks caused by the knots, and she was screaming in her pleasure/pain at the top of her lungs. Red streaks criss-crossed her jutting tits, pubes and belly, and especially her curvy Latina ass and the soft insides of her thighs.

Josh sat down in a comfortable chair to watch the show. He didn’t have to wait long before Alexis loudly climaxed; he watched her body buck and jerk in her strict bonds, shuddering as repeated orgasms ripped through her. Tito laid the whip down, grinning widely at Josh, and the two men left the fun room to get a beer. Alexis remained as she was, stretched tautly, her body slowly coming back down from those lovely cums she had experienced.

After an hour or so Alexis was unbound and re-dressed, with Lori joining them in the kitchen, and the two bondage-loving couples made plans to go out for dinner that night at a nearby Italian restaurant. Alexis and Tito left to return to their rented house and prepare for what would prove to be a very sexy dinner. They were all going back to Josh and Lori’s house for some nighttime bondage fun afterwards.

Lori took much longer than Josh to get ready to go out; she was still hurting from her recent strict bondage. She was young, though, and recovered more quickly than she would have thought. Josh loved to watch Lori dress and, after he had his own outfit in good shape, sat down to watch.

As usual, long black shiny stockings were slowly pulled up her legs first, fussed with by Lori until there were no wrinkles in them. She very much liked the way her already-small waist appeared when in a waist cinch, so she added that before selecting a snow white satin low-rise garter belt. She carefully attached the short garters to the stocking tops, pulling them close up to her pussy, before adding a satin thong, also blindingly white.

As Lori fit the matching thong (a size too small, Josh noted happily) about her pussy, she could sense the way her labia were lovingly cradled by it, and smiled to herself. Lori took her quarter-moon shaped adhesive breast supports and carefully stuck them to the underside of her boobs. The supports would give her a little lift (which she didn’t really need), but left the rest of her breasts and nipples unencumbered.

Josh watched as his bondage-slut girl friend knelt to attach the straps of 5” spike-heeled, open-toed black sandals to her feet. He fully appreciated her legs hugged closely by the gleaming dark stockings, made more attractive yet by the high heels.

Before adding jewelry, Lori picked up her dress and slipped it over her head. This dress was made of an extremely lightweight material, very thin. Josh thought the whole dress couldn’t weigh more than six ounces. It too was white, matching her thong and garter belt, but surprisingly opaque considering the thinness of the material.

It was sleeveless, with a low-cut V neckline; the tops and insides of Lori’s breasts were nicely displayed. The dress was just tight enough on top that her erect nipples aggressively threatened to punch holes through the thin material. She buckled on a wide belt of white leather around her waist, gathering up any loose dress material in the process, and also disguising her waist cinch.

The portion of the dress around her hips and rear end was well-styled, not too tight but very suggestive in the way it clung lightly to her hips and ass. Lori was a natural show-off, but didn’t care to have the nubs of her garters be really obvious. They did show just a bit, though, softly outlined through the dress. The back of the dress was completely open down to her belted waist, her naked back fully visible. A modest hem rested just a few inches above her knees; when Lori sat down at her dressing table to put on her earnings and necklace, her hem hoisted very nicely, showing more of her legs, Josh noted happily.

Ready at last, the couple left their house to pick up their friends. Alexis and Tito were waiting when they arrived, Alexis laughing when she saw Lori’s dress color; she herself had on a white latex dress! It was long, down to ankles showing above her usual 6” stiletto heeled pumps, black also like Lori’s. And man, was that dress tight! Josh briefly wondered how she could even move in it, but move she did, and very sensuously at that.

It was obvious to everyone that Alexis wore not a stitch beneath the dress; it clung to her lush body like paint, so any bra, or even thong, would have been easily noted. Its tightness on her body was somewhat relieved by a thigh-high slit up one side, so her legs had relative freedom of movement.

Their friends piled into the car, and the quartet headed for the restaurant.

Chapter XXII

Arriving at the restaurant, Josh handed the key for his Audi 5 to the valet, and the foursome proceeded up the steps to the main door. The doorman (an ass man, like your author) couldn’t take his eyes from the beautiful swaying rears as the girls went in ahead of their men. He sighed, wondering how some guys had all the luck. The Maitre’d led the foursome through the restaurant towards a table in the back, which was fine with them. There were many tables crowded into the place, and the aisle to their table was so narrow that only one member of their party could pass through at a time. Josh and Tito were much amused when the other patrons’ conversation fell off as the girls neared, then passed each occupied table; the males goggling like adolescents while most (not all) of the women showed their envious displeasure at such a wanton display. But, some women were ogling them as well!

When they sat down, Alexis’ very tight dress rose up, and the thigh-high split in her latex dress became hip-high, exposing the tops of the sheer nude hold-up stockings high on her thigh. Tito and Josh both loved the view and smiled, but didn’t comment. After the waiter had brought glasses of a fine Madeira wine, taken their orders and left, the foursome of bondage enthusiasts began discussing their plans for the evening session back at Josh and Lori’s house.

“I’ve got a great idea!” gushed Alexis. “Lori, why don’t we let the men off the hook tonight while each of us girls bondages the other in turn?” That did seem like a fine idea, they all agreed. “And I get to do you first, Lori”, stated Alexis with obvious glee. To a chorus of “hear, hear” from their men, Lori could hardly disagree, but got busy planning what she would do to Alexis when her turn came.

The pasta came first, then the veal scaloppini, followed by a dessert of pureed venison in a thin pastry shell topped by truffle sauce. They ate contentedly, Josh eyeing Alexis’ impressive boobs and their erect nipples, and Tito almost craning his neck to see down the V-neckline of Lori’s dress. Both women were standouts, the men thought to themselves … and they were right.

The bill paid, their car was brought around while the doorman and other valets got a second view of the great asses showing so sensuously, outlined so very favorably by the dresses the girls wore.

They sat paired, Josh driving with Alexis riding shotgun, and Tito and Lori in the back. They had hardly been seated and the trip back home underway, when Lori felts Tito’s hand on her stockinged leg, under her thin dress. Tito looked straight ahead with an innocent look on his face, but his hand continued its exploration of her, up to the garters and bare skin above. Lori shifted slightly so that Tito could find and stroke her tightly thonged pussy, sighing softly in pleasure as he did so.

Up front, Alexis had manipulated Josh’s cock out of his fly and begun stroking it. His ram didn’t take long to reach a stiff erection, and Josh had a little trouble concentrating on the traffic once Alexis bent over and fastened her full Latina lips around the head of his dong. As Josh braked and accelerated somewhat jerkily in the traffic, Alexis bent to her task, slowly accepting the whole of Josh’s cock through her lips, into her mouth, and then down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down as she performed her very pleasurable task. Drivers of SUVs and trucks on either side of them could see through the undarkened windows, and it was obvious that Josh was getting an expert blow job.

While Alexis was working on Josh, Lori kept up her contented sighs as her pussy began to moisten from Tito’s gentle stroking of her nether lips, then inwards to find and tantalize her clit through her thong. She couldn’t restrain herself from searching out Tito’s manhood; he too began to groan softly as it quickly got rock hard, but was restrained by his trousers. Lori managed to unzip them with one hand and, extracting Tito’s fine-sized tool from his underwear, began to give him a slow, sensual hand job.

Alexis had asked Josh to stop at their rented house so she could “pick up some items”, which he did. The drive then continued while each of our participants reached their frustration limits. They could hardly wait to get inside, throw their clothes aside, and rush down to the dungeon/fun room. Josh went back up to the kitchen to get a bottle of fine cognac and two glasses, plus some “Maui Wowee” joints. He and Tito were definitely going to enjoy the coming events.

Chapter XXIII

Alexis began her preparation of a now-naked Lori by attaching a very tight, wide leather belt snugly around her small waist, a sewn-on strap hanging from its back in the shape of an upside-down ‘Y’. She then had the girl sit on her legs and double up her arms while the Brazilian fire cracker removed four gleaming black leather sheaths from the bag she had brought back in the car from her and Tito’s rented house. She fit the sheaths over Lori’s doubled up arms, then her doubled up legs. The sheaths were some trouble to get on, as tight as they were, but Alexis persevered until Lori’s limbs had been reduced to four leather-covered stumps, with straps securing each open end.

Josh and Tito had to carry Lori over to rest on her stomach on the padded leather whipping bench. Alexis pulled another toy from her bag, a very thick 8 1/2” black latex-covered monster dildo. She lubed it up thoroughly, then attended to Lori’s ass hole. Her slippery fingers slid into Lori’s anus, finger by finger, until three digits were inside, coating the girl’s internal canal with the lube, and not unconsciously starting Lori’s erotic motor to revving up.

Alexis at last began to insert the very imposing dildo into Lori’s fetching rear end. When the large head first stretched Lori’s sphincter, seeking entry, she couldn’t help tensing for just a moment before relaxing her anal canal muscles. Even though, or perhaps because, her invader felt so absolutely gigantic, Lori was starting to get a sexual buzz on. Alexis continued her slow penetration, pausing occasionally to pull the dildo partway out, then Lori would feel it being pressed home once again, each time more deeply … and widening her all the while.

After five minutes, the big dildo was completely ensconced in Lori’s ass, its small flange preventing further penetration. Alexis flipped Lori onto her back and grabbed the strap from the back of the waist belt. When she pulled it over the end of the dildo and up through the girl’s legs, poor Lori felt like she was about to be split in two … but in a very pleasurable way, mind you.

The ‘Y’ end of the strap began just below the bondaged girl’s pussy; Alexis carefully parted Lori’s now very damp pussy lips and passed one of the straps over each, spreading them wide as the two straps crushed each lip, holding them in place; the strap ends were then attached to two D-rings on either side of Lori’s restrictive waist belt.

No gag for this gig, but Alexis, with a truly evil grin, added cloverleaf clamps to Lori’s erect nipples. Lori was in bondage heaven: her limbs were tightly restrained, her ass jammed full with that big fake cock, her pussy lips kept wide open, and cruel clamps to boot. ‘My gosh,’ she thought, ‘what a great, great idea Alexis had!’

Josh and Tito had been sampling the fine cognac, and lit up two of those “Maui Wowee” joints, inhaling deeply with great appreciation; their mild highs began immediately, and the men relaxed to watch the rest of Alexis’ job on Lori … what could possible come next?

A thin long chain between the clamps, they saw, with a small weighted, odd-shaped thingus attached to the chain.
“It’s a tetrahedron,” Alexis explained in response to their questioning looks, “guaranteed to snag on almost anything.” With that she adjusted her thong a bit (the only scrap any of them had on) to fit more snugly around her cunt and ass crack, and sat down in another chair next to where Lori waited, now perched on her knees and elbows.

Showing the girl a bowl with six marbles resting therein, Alexis threw the marbles randomly about the large room, some near, some not. She explained that Lori had to bring each of the marbles back to the bowl, in her mouth, with a half hour maximum time limit, “… or you will be severely punished”.

Lori started hesitantly, then slowly mastered walking on her sheathed padded elbows and knees, her rear end sticking out and up, twitching from side to side with every ‘stride’. The tetrahedron connected to the middle of the chain on her clamped nipples snagged “on just about everything”, as Alexis had promised, yanking on her poor nips time and again. Give her credit, though … Lori persevered at her task, finding and retrieving the first, nearest, marble in just under ten minutes.

Alexis had joined the guys in enjoying the brandy, drinking from Tito’s glass, and taking special pleasure in the joints they had going as Lori went about her elbows-and-knees journey to retrieve another marble. Alexis arose at last, took a small whip from Josh’s nearby collection, and proceeded to “encourage” Lori in her marble quest with quick, sharp strikes to that swaying, tantalizing ass sticking up so nicely. Lori’s arms and legs started to go numb from the tight sheaths; the king-sized artificial dong plowing her ass making itself felt on a continuous basis, and her tender nipples constantly being yanked by that damned tetrahedron. Still, somehow in spite of (or because of?) her discomfort, she also felt marvelous, her sexual tension continuing to mount all the while.

Her marvelous ass cheeks on full display held the attention of her admirers, even when she yelped as her nips were pinched and yanked on again and again. The fun session had to end sometime, though, and did when the now-exhausted Lori dropped the final marble into the bowl. Alexis quickly stripped off the four straps holding the arm and leg sheaths in place, and then the sheaths themselves. Lori, now on her back, stretched her cramped limbs luxuriously, but had little time to rest.

Alexis, Josh and Tito crowded around her. The nipple clamps were removed, Lori squealing in pain as the blood rushed back in to those tortured nubs. Then Alexis attacked Lori’s left breast, kissing, tonguing and sucking on that poor nipple. Josh attended to Lori’s right breast in the same manner, while Tito kneeled down and began to lick the girls’ still-split pussy; one of his hands reached under her to push gently on the fat dildo still plumbing her anal depths. Needless to say, it didn’t take Lori long, already very sexually stimulated, to have three huge orgasms, one after the other while bucking wildly in the throes of her passion, and coating Tito’s face and her loins with her love juice.

They allowed her a few minutes to rest, then removed the tight waist belt that had constricted her all evening long. The dildo was removed next, slowly, Lori wincing in pain/pleasure as the large ram was at last extracted from her ass. Her bondaging at Alexis’ hands had finally ended … all four participants smiling widely, then partaking of the last of the brandy and still-smoldering joints. What an evening!

Chapter XXIV

Everyone was too sated, and tired, to go through Lori’s bondaging of Alexis, so they agreed to retire to their respective bedrooms for a good night’s rest. Not that Alexis got much; she had mischievously worked Tito up to a large erection with a masterful blow job, then fully enjoyed the long, deep fucking that followed. She and Tito rested for awhile afterwards, but then Alexis started on him again. Taking his soft dick into her mouth, she fellated him in a most excellent manner until, unsurprisingly, it was again rock hard. Alexis flipped over onto her face and again spread her legs. Tito, fully re-energized, proceeded to give her his full attention, inserting his large tool into her ass, and pounding away until Alexis felt that she might die from the intensity of yet another monstrous orgasm. THEN the two bondage lovers slept!

Fully recovered with a morning shower, the quartet freshly shaved, all gathered in the kitchen for OJ and English muffins.

Lori could hardly wait to get started on Alexis, after what she had been put through the night before. The thought of Alexis’ lush body in very strict bondage excited Lori, and her sexual urges began to arise even though they were still enjoying their light breakfast and chatting easily.

Soon enough they finished eating, and headed down to their fun room for even more ‘fun’. Lori had decided that Alexis’ tie would be simple, but the ensuing whipping would definitely not be. She was feeling especially vengeful.

She began by stripping Alexis of her robe, and with leather straps encircled the base of Alexis’ large boobs, tightening the straps until Alexis’ breasts formed near-globes, and began to turn red. Ankle cuffs were attached, then Alexis’ legs spread wide by a three foot spreader bar locked to her ankle cuffs. Her wrists were wrapped in suspension cuffs, linked to a chain hanging from a pulley in the beamed ceiling, and hoisted upwards until her toes cleared the floor and Alexis was fully suspended in an inverse ‘Y’ shape.

Her large breasts jutted forward, her full but shapely Brazilian ass doing the same, as Alexis tried to ease the stress on her arm and leg muscles without success. Lori placed a large upright mirror in front of the bound girl, just off to the side, and commanded Alexis to keep her eyes on the mirror come what may. Alexis could see her reflected already-aching limbs as she swayed slightly in her suspension. No gag, no tight corset, no nipple clamps, no artificial dongs in her holes … a very simple tie.

Josh and Tito relaxed in nearby chairs, close to Alexis’ suspended body and just off to the side of the big mirror. They both found their cocks forming thick fleshy spears as Lori selected a particularly menacing whip from their collection. It was about five feet long, with numerous strands of thin leather emerging from the handle. Each strand held a tiny piece of metal at its very end … this whip was not intended for a feel-good whipping. Alexis was completely naked, while Lori wore only a small red satin thong, separating her ass cheeks very nicely indeed. Their men were naked also, sitting in their chairs and slowly stroking their engorged cocks, waiting for the action to begin.

Lori stood in front of Alexis’ suspended body, and without preamble whirled the whip around to strike squarely on both Alexis’ nipples. Alexis cried out as the cruel whip dug its metal-imbedded ends into her soft flesh. Lori quickly struck again, on the left breast this time, then followed onto Alexis’ right boob. Each stroke caused Alexis to cry out in obvious pain, but Lori was just getting started. Alexis had to endure about twenty very painful whip strikes to her tender nipples and soft breasts, screaming all the while, before Lori walked behind her and started on Alexis’ ass.

The first lashing landed squarely across her butt cheeks, as did the fifth, and the tenth. Alexis was in agony, her body on fire from the whipping, twisting and bucking in her bonds in a futile attempt to escape the lash. Lori switched her attention to the crease between Alexis’ ass and upper thighs, hitting the screaming girl again and again in the same place.

Alexis’ tender inner thighs were Lori’s next target, and Alexis was wracked with pain as strike after strike of the lashes bit deeply into the vulnerable flesh, the small metal ends of the whip inflicting additional damage with every hard stroke. Alexis had finally stopped screaming, just grunting occasionally, hanging limply in her bondage as Lori continued her merciless whipping.

Lori’s thong was sopping wet, even dripping, from the climactic orgasms nearly overwhelming her again and again. Still she kept up her onslaught, finally switching to her final target, Alexis’ cunt. Whirling the whip in quick vertical circles, the lashes punished Alexis’ pussy over and over, slashing into her cunt and sometimes landing on the poor girl’s very sensitive clit. Alexis resumed screaming when the assault on her snatch began, and continued to do so, keening loudly as her body jerked and twitched in its bondage. Lori finally halted when her arm tired, and Alexis again hung limply in her bonds, moaning loudly.

Dropping the whip, Lori advanced and knelt just below Alexis’ strained body. Lifting her head, Lori began to gently tongue the poor girl’s punished cunt, licking gently and tonguing her between her labia. Lori finally teased Alexis’ beaten clit from its hiding place, and proceeded to suck on it, then to bite it ever so gently.

Alexis, in agony from the untold whip strikes, became aware of her own rising sexual tension as Lori continued to toy with her very heated loins. Lori sensed the Brazilian girl’s feelings when Alexis began to thrust her beaten pussy into Lori’s face, and Lori redoubled her efforts to salve the pain Alexis must feel. Wanting to bring off the suspended girl, Lori kept up her licking and tonguing; when Alexis sighed in pleasure, Lori went in back of her and proceeded to work on her ass in a similar manner. Tongue exploring Alexis’ ass crack, then gently biting her striated ass. Making her tongue assume a shovel shape, Lori inserted it as far into Alexis’ anal entry as she was able, then wiggled it around and around.

Alexis began moaning louder as Lori continued her tonguing; finally switching to her poor nipples, Alexis moaned louder yet, and more frequently. She was increasingly aware of the internal fire coursing through her body, concentrated in her cunt. After licking and sucking on Alexis’ tortured nips for awhile, Lori returned her attention to the girl’s pussy once more. Time seemed to slow as she licked, sucked, and tongued Alexis’ beaten cunt over and over again.

Lori was finally rewarded when she felt Alexis’ body tense and begin wildly bucking, signaling the girl’s impending orgasm getting closer and closer. At last, Alexis screamed in delight as a massive climax surged throughout her body, then again, and again … and still once more.

Tito and Josh stared wide-eyed at the scene before them. Lori had punished Alexis mercilessly, and had also brought the girl to the most intense orgasmic moments of her young life. It was an astounding scene, and they were somewhat surprised that they too had climaxed, their jizz coating their now limp cocks.

Alexis was at last released from her stressed position, and crumpled to the floor in soreness, overwhelming pleasure, and pure exhaustion. Lori cuddled next to her, gently stroking her friend tenderly, whispering her love for Alexis into receptive ears.

Much later, showered and, for Alexis, mostly recovered from the intense scene that had occurred, the bondage-crazy foursome gathered in Josh’s living room to relax and recover. No one said much, so deep were they into their own thoughts. Their relationship seemed to have assumed a new dimension.

The End

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