Loving, Consensual, Strict Part 6

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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Part 6: Double Trouble 2

Chapter XI

Josh and Tito had gone to a ballgame the following Saturday afternoon; Lori didn’t know where Alexis was. Lori hadn’t exercised her love of self-bondage in quite some time; Josh usually ‘helped her out’. With a full afternoon ahead of her, Lori decided that now would be a great time to tie herself up and tease herself.

She didn’t bother with her and Josh’s large dungeon/fun room in the basement; right here in the living room would be just fine, thank you. Lori gathered the items she wanted to use from her large toy chest in their bedroom, then returned to the living room and stripped off her clothes. She placed a towel under where she would be sitting, since she was certain that she would be leaking pussy juice before this was over … or hoped she would, anyway.

Lori began by putting on a 4-inch wide leather bondage belt, cinching it around her waist as tightly as she could. Lori loved the feeling that compression brought her. Next she lubed up their smallest dildo, an exact copy of Josh’s tool; 7 1/2 inches long, almost 1 1/2 inches in diameter at the base, it was perfect for her plan. She was sure to get a very nice feeling, without the huge filling sensation of some of their larger fake cocks. Lying on her side, she slowly inserted it into her ass rose bud, enjoying the orgasmic urges beginning to heat her up. Inch by inch, until the base of the dildo was flush with her hole. She reveled in the fullness of it … Lori loved anal sex, and this dildo reminded her of Josh’s tool.

The ass dildo was followed by an egg vibrator that she pushed through her pussy lips, setting the remote to its lowest setting. She knew full well that it would increase her sexual urges without allowing orgasm … the inherent frustrations that would follow would be delicious. She passed the crotch strap at the back of her waist belt over her anal dildo, through her loins, and up over her pussy. Lori was careful to split her cunt lips as widely as possible before burying the strap therein, and over the vibrator. She then cinched the strap end up tightly to the D-ring at the front of her belt.

Lori rested for a moment, enjoying the waves of pure pleasure coursing through her body from the squeezing of her waist by the tightly-cinched leather waist belt, the slow-vibrating egg in her cunt already having an effect on her, and the dildo buried in her rear end.

Snapping out of her sexual reverie, Lori strapped a wide leather strap about her left thigh and calf, doubling up her leg, then cinching it tightly and buckling it off. That process was repeated on her right leg; with each leg she made certain that her ankles were outside of her thighs as much as she could manage before buckling the straps. A fat leather penis panel gag was next; Lori loved the feeling of the cock in her mouth, and buckling it tightly at the nape of her neck ensured that her widely split lips and jammed cheeks would stay that way.

Lori next placed wide rubber bands around the base of her breasts. She ended up with five bands about each boob; the effect was to tightly squeeze the base of each tit, rendering them so that they looked far more rounded than normally. They would turn pink from the bands eventually, and her nipples would be even more sensitive than usual.

Ah, she luxuriated … she was already on the way to bondage heaven, she thought. Lori began caressing her generous breasts, and tweaking her nipples to stiff erectness. The hardest part was next … she took one of the wooden clothespins, opened its jaws, and settled it over her left nipple, then allowed the jaws to close slowly. The initial pain from those jaws clamping tightly about her nip was always a shock. OUCH! These damned clothespins were almost as bad as the alligator clamps! When the initial sharp bite she felt had slowly changed to the erotic feeling she always got from clamps, Lori attacked her right nipple with the other clothespin. OUCH again!!

The girl took a moment to place a string around her neck that had the small key to her handcuffs, arranging it so that the key hung between her breasts. After a minute or so of allowing herself to get used to the bite on her nips, Lori began the process of fitting a leather punishment helmet over her head, then lacing it up in back. She worked on tightening the laces so that the helmet very closely conformed to her head before tying them off. The punishment helmet had a triangular opening for her nose, but otherwise covered her entire head, including the panel gag with its thick cock stuffed in her mouth. She was now blindfolded, and had to complete her self bondage by feel.

Lori next took a thick leather collar and fit it about her neck. It covered the straps of her penis gag and the base of her helmet, which now would not be coming off until the collar was removed. Buckling it tightly in back, Lori could feel the links of a chain attached to a D-ring in the back of the collar. On a whim, Lori took a small padlock and locked the collar on, then tossed the small key across the room.

She was almost done; she had only to reach behind her and encircle her wrists on the handcuffs at the end of the chain from her collar. It took her awhile, as the chain was fairly short, but she was eventually able to click the chrome cuffs closed, her wrists resting halfway up her back.

Chapter XII

Lori slowly relaxed her body; the vibrator was humming away at its lowest setting, sending delightful promises of what was ahead for her. Her nipples were sending ‘yummy’ feelings to her erotic core, clamped as they were by the clothespins; her waist nicely compressed by the bondage belt; her ass pleasingly filled with the dildo; the fat leather cock gag ensconced in her mouth, puffing out her cheeks; and the collar and helmet, nestling firmly about her neck and head. Lori settled back to enjoy her self-tie.

An hour passed as blissful urges slowly increased within her. Her pussy was sopping wet, her pussy juice running down the insides of her spread thighs and dripping onto the towel there. She wanted to climax so badly she could hardly stand it, but the vibrator wouldn’t allow that. Lori began twisting in her bonds, trying to hurry the process along. She was unsuccessful …

Another hour passed. Lori was starting to go nuts from the increasing frustration of not being able to get herself off. The climactic urge was so high now, she didn’t know if she would be able to endure the high frustration factor much longer. Deciding, Lori began to twist her upper body sharply from side to side; the key to her handcuffs would flip around her neck and land in her questing fingers … except it didn’t. She had practiced this move many times, and was certain she would succeed. However, she had become so hot that her bosom was slick with her sweat, and the key was hindered from swinging around by that perspiration, and indeed remained almost immovable.

Not yet panicking, Lori began to move her doubled-up legs an inch at a time, in the general direction of where she had tossed the key for the padlock on her collar. With each slow advance, the dildo in her rear would shift a bit, adding very nice sensations. Half an hour later she was still making her slow advance, but the low-setting vibrator was taking its toll … she was so horny that she could hardly concentrate on the task before her.

Chapter XIII

Alexis had tried to call Lori twice, with no answer. She was concerned, and used the house key she and Tito had gotten from Josh (‘to use their dungeon/fun room whenever they wished’) to enter Josh and Lori’s house.

“Hello?” she called; receiving no answer, the Brazilian fire cracker closed the door behind her, and advanced into the living room. There she found Lori, of course, tightly constricted and meandering around on her strapped lower legs, apparently searching for something.

Alexis spotted the key quickly, and silently picked it up and pocketed it. Kneeling close to Lori’s helmeted head, Alexis laughingly said “Ah hah! What do we have here?”
The well-bound Lori stiffened at first from the unexpected noise; then, recognizing Alexis’ voice, began to shake her head as much as possible, given her secure leather collar.

Alexis laughed then and, with a wide grin, told Lori that the bound girl was now in real trouble. Alexis removed the straps keeping Lori’s legs pinned together so that the girl could stand upright, supporting her as Lori’s legs shook, unsteady from their recent prolonged positioning. Once she could move without falling over, Alexis turned off the vibrator (Lori definitely did not like that), then steered Lori down to the dungeon/fun room in the basement. The girl was still hampered by the very tight leather belt cutting into her waist; the leather cock gag that was filling her mouth; the heavy leather collar and hood, and the chain from the collar to her handcuffed wrists, held halfway up her back. Not to mention the dildo in her ass, that kept shifting to remind Lori of its presence with every step.

Alexis led the bound girl to a nearby mat and shoved down on her shoulders to force Lori into a sitting position --- and right on top of her ass-filled dildo, which of course pushed it just a little deeper into her rear end. Alexis grabbed a spreader bar from its counterparts on the closest wall, and wrapped the attached cuffs on either end to Lori’s ankles. Lori had to spread her legs widely apart in order to accommodate the spreader bar. Alexis couldn’t help grinning at the crotch strap digging into Lori’s glistening pussy atop the now-quiescent vibrator.

In spite of her bondage, Lori was still erotically heated from her bondage and prior exposure to the vibrator. She was SO close, dammit … this wasn’t fair! She could feel Alexis untie the strict crotch strap from the D-ring at the front of her bondage belt, then slowly pull it out from her cunt lips.

Lori then received a very pleasant surprise. Alexis had gotten to her knees to remove Lori’s crotch strap; she now bent her head down and kissed the girl’s glistening snatch!
Lori hummed loudly, but contentedly, as her sexual heat was ramped up tenfold by Alexis teasing her cunt that way.

Alexis then began to lick Lori’s cunt lips, and the soft pink inner portion of her inner sex … and finally her soon-exposed clitoris. Lori’s orgasm ripped through her like a volcanic eruption, and she moaned loudly into her cock gag as her climax went on and on. Alexis’ mouth and face were smeared with Lori’s cum, but she didn’t stop her oral attentions to the girl’s sex. Licking, sucking, kissing, tonguing … Lori’s body twitched and rocked as her enjoyment meter went over the top.

After they had both rested awhile from their ‘exercises’, Alexis wiped off her face, and Lori’s sloppy wet pussy, with a towel. Alexis was not at all surprised that her thong was filled with her own pussy juice; damn, that was fun! She at last began to un-bondage Lori; who was so limp that she could provide no help at all. It took awhile before Lori was able to sit up, smile at Alexis in a goofy manner, and then finally stands up to head for her bedroom and a hot shower.

When the guys got back from the ball game, Lori excitedly told them about her and Alexis’ lovely encounter. The foursome agreed unanimously that their love of bondage, lingerie and sexy clothes, and great sex had brought them together in a most serendipitous way. They looked forward to many numerous future bondage adventures.

Chapter XIV

The front door chimes dragged Josh away from his washing of the morning dishes. Lori had left for an appointment just a few minutes earlier to get her hair done, and wouldn’t be back until the afternoon. Drying his hands and picking up his coffee, Josh went to the front door to see who was calling at 8:30 in the morning. He was somewhat surprised to see Alexis standing in the doorway, her rain coat dripping wet from the constant all-morning drizzle.

“Hi, Josh,” she said with a wide smile. “Can I come in?”

“Of course, of course,” he replied, stepping aside from the doorway so that she could enter. “Where’s Tito?”

“Oh, he was called away for a weekend conference in St. Louis”, she answered, with an odd-sounding undertone.

Josh hesitated for a moment, and then reached out to help her off with her raincoat. She unbuttoned it slowly, looking him right in the eyes all the while. He went behind her to take it off; when he did, his mouth fell open.

Beneath the raincoat, the Brazilian girl was wearing a snug black silk thong, matching garter belt and long dark silk stockings … and her usual 6” stiletto-heeled shoes. Period.

“Uh,” Josh stuttered; “does Tito know you’re here?”

“Oh, of course,” Alexis smiled at him. “I would never keep a secret from him … he’s much too important to me. In fact,” she continued, “when I told him what I wanted to do, he just smiled and said ‘Go for it, babe’”.

“Ah, I see,” Josh said, although he didn’t really. Then came the question to which he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the answer. “And, what do you want to do?”

“Well,” his fellow bondage nut replied, “Lori told me all about what you did to her for the BDSM Bash, and I got so hot I couldn’t sit still. I swear, I nearly climaxed just hearing about that special dress! So, I want you to do it to me as well.”

Josh hesitated, noting the wide smile and come-on in her almond eyes. “That was a pretty elaborate get-up,” he told her, “and would take a long time to accomplish. Isn’t there some other …” he started to ask.

“Yes!” she interrupted, with a real glint in her laughing dark eyes. “I want you to tie me up, punish me, and give me some real pain. And, when I get loose, I want you to fuck me until my eyes pop out.”

Josh didn’t quite know how to respond. He was distracted by her full naked 38D breasts and fully erect nipples, her sultry voice, her generous hips and shapely legs, and especially by that terrific ass she had been blessed with.

“Er,” he finally stammered, “If that’s what you really want, I’ll be more than happy (hell, YES!) to help in any way I can. Let me get you some coffee while I think about it.”

Alexis smiled sinfully at him and, turning, brought one of his hands around to cup her left breast; the other hand she placed on that marvelous thonged rear end. “Si, senor” she laughed in a phony Spanish accent (although she was fluent), and allowed him to steer her into the kitchen, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor as they went.

‘Oh boy oh boy!’ Josh thought to himself, caressing her oh-so-nicely rounded boob and her butt cheeks moving under his hand as they proceeded. Alexis playfully backed her ass into his now-rising cock a few times en route.

Josh poured her some fresh coffee, added sugar and a healthy dollop of thick cream (her favorite way, she told him with a lascivious smile), and began planning what he wanted to do with this luscious pain slut. Alexis continued talking, seemingly unconcerned with his non-responsiveness. She knew his mind was busy conjuring up some ties for her; she just hoped they really put a strain on her, as well as some orgasm-inducing pain.

“You know,” she said, sipping her coffee, “Lori and I talk a lot. She’s told me how she really gets off on severe discomfort and pain, a quality I share. What I didn’t tell her in turn was that I really, really love to be hurt. It gets my juices flowing, and I have fantastic climaxes that only want me to get more and more.”

Josh’s mind was busy in his mental preparations for what would follow … he didn’t know if she meant more climaxes, or more pain, or both. She was obviously a grade-A pain slut, as well of one hell of a sexy package. That was a combination that Josh would never be able to resist.

Chapter XV

His mind made up, he took Alexis’ hand and let her down to his and Lori’s dungeon/fun room, a place that Alexis had happily visited many times before. Once there, Josh laid a thick mat on the floor between a number of iron floor rings, then directed Alexis to sit on it while he went to get some ropes and other supplies.

Returning, Josh tied ropes around each of her shoulders under her armpits, loosely, then another rope around her hands behind her back. He made sure her palm-to-palm wrist tie into which she was placed was secure with a few cinches, knotting them such that her searching fingers would not be able to reach the knots. Josh had Alexis lay prone with her hands under her, asked her to lift her generous hips up, and reached under her to pull down and remove her thong, then her shoes. Next were ankle cuffs, then ropes through their D-rings, which in turn were secured to two floor rings at each corner of the mat, spreading her legs wide. Alexis still had on her garter belt and stockings; Josh would attend to those later.

Another long piece of rope was doubled up and secured to yet another floor ring, midway between the two which held the ropes to her ankle cuffs. Josh took the rope’s free ends and had Alexis lift her butt off the ground again; that rope was passed under her butt to attach to her wrist tie.

Meanwhile, Alexis’ sexual heat was steadily mounting … she could hardly wait for whatever came next. What came next was that Josh passed the wrist-tie attached rope back under her butt to return to its original anchor point. He now started taking a strain on the loose end, which pulled Alexis’ arms straight underneath her. Josh kept up his strain on the rope, and the girl was forced to arch her back and bend her knees, to keep her shoulders securely in their sockets.

When her back formed a severe upward arch, her tied hands were well forward of her ass, strenuously pulled towards that the anchor point. Josh passed the rope through the iron ring, gave it one last hard tug, and tied off the rope securely. Returning to the other end of the mat, he took the loose ropes around her shoulders and pulled on them. Alexis’ body moved back just a little --- all she could manage --- in response to the strain on her shoulders. Josh tied off their ends to yet two more floor rings at the head-end of the mat.

Alexis had been pulled into a quite uncomfortable position, her legs bent and wide-spread, and her back stressed from its upwards arch, her Latina ass hanging freely in the air over the taut ropes pulling her bound wrists towards the feet-end of the mat. Yet she was licking her lips in anticipation.

“How’s that?” Josh asked the girl. Alexis smiled, and said “Pretty good start, mister. What’s next on the menu?”

Before answering, Josh took out his cell and called Lori; she was just about to start her beauty treatment. “Hi, babe,” he began. “Listen, Alexis has come over and … “
He was interrupted by Lori’s laugh. “I know all about it, Josh. Alexis called me earlier to tell me what she intended to do. I told her you would be able to ‘help her out’, so have at her, Josh!” Conscience relieved, Josh decided to go all out to ‘help’ his bondage friend Alexis as best he could.

Closing his cell, Josh took a nearby bottle of fragrant oil, poured some into his palm, and proceeded to gently oil up Alexis’ naked snatch. Her pussy lips responded to his touch and began to spread open, revealing her pink inner flesh. Josh rubbed the oil on that was well; Alexis closed her eyes and groaned in pleasure at his touch, as well as the increasing lust permeating her body.

Josh continued his pleasant task, stroking her now-evident clit, engorged and ready, while Alexis moaned more loudly and yelled “more, MORE.” Just when he thought she might have that orgasm, her torso bucking and her hips pushing her pussy forward to meet his fingers, Josh stopped his caressing of her cunt . Alexis’ moans changed to groans; she was getting SO close. Josh poured more oil into his hand, and began to oil up her abundant but firm breasts, tweaking her nipples in the process. He rubbed them, squeezed them, and again lightly pinched her nips.

“Oh my God,” gasped Alexis; she thought she might explode with pleasure at any moment … until Josh stopped again. “Aargh!” the girl cried in frustration. Josh stood up and went to a sink to wash the oil off his hands, Alexis twisting as much as she could in her bondage, and unconsciously thrusting her hips upwards again and again.

Josh selected a flexible rod from his collection, a one-quarter inch thick piece of leather about three feet long, very flexible, then reapproached the frustrated Latina. Her pussy and breasts gleamed from the oil, presenting perfect targets for him. He began with a mild stroke dead-center across her nipples. Alexis moaned “Ahhh …” at the strike, then again as Josh struck a second time on the undersides of her boobs. He alternated strokes to her nipples and lower breasts, each stroke just a little heavier than the preceding one.

Josh smiled to himself at Alexis’ reaction: the girl’s eyes were closed, her full lips agape; she was SO hot, and those strokes felt SO bad/good, warming up her boobs as thoroughly as they did. After five minutes of steady strikes, increasing in force each time, at last ending with two very hard ones, Alexis screamed and her pussy erupted with her first climax, her cum spurting, then dripping down her stockinged inner thighs to puddle on the mat.

Josh switched his attention to her cunt with another light stroke to begin with, then many more in increasing severity. He spent another five minutes smacking the rod into her cunt, the last strike being very hard, and dead center. Alexis was screaming loudly, in equally exhilarating pain and pleasure --- she had two more orgasms during her pussy strikes before finally slumping as much as she was able given her tie.

After a brief rest while Josh undid her bondage, Alexis turned to smile warmly at him. “Not bad for a hors d’oeuvre,” she said. “I can hardly wait for the next course.” Josh smiled down at her, noting the redness of her boobs and pussy from his ‘attentions’, and the welts as well.

Chapter XVI

He told her to remove her stockings and garter belt, which she did. She was now buck naked, and seemed more than ready for whatever came next, her full breasts and great ass seeming to taunt him (well, she WAS trying, after all). Josh led Alexis to a St. Andrew’s cross and faced her onto the cross, then secured her arms and legs to the waiting cuffs … she was fully open and displayed, tautly spread. And, since the attached cuffs had been sized to Lori, who was an inch taller than Alexis, she was stretched out just that much more. Josh went to get the monster spiked dildo that he had used on Lori, then presented it to Alexis.

“Do you think you can handle this, woman?” he asked in a stern manner. The dildo was 9 1/2 inches long, and close to 3” thick at its base; with metal studs all along its length. Alexis hesitated ever so slightly, then answered, “Well, I guess I’m going to find out,” she said with an absolutely lascivious smile and a glint in her eyes. Josh left her there to retrieve a bottle of hot sauce from the kitchen. Upon returning, he upended the contents of the bottle onto the huge dildo, using all of the hot sauce; he made very sure it completely covered the dildo. Josh intended to take Alexis up on her dare to hurt her.

Setting the big dildo aside for a moment, he continued by wrapping a wide leather waist belt, with numerous D-rings attached, around Alexis’ waist, and tightened it until she gasped before he buckled it. ‘Just right’ he thought; her waist had been compressed by at least five inches. Josh reached for a nearby tube of lubricant and spread a copious amount on his hand. He proceeded to get Alexis’ ass ready by coating her asshole thoroughly with the slippery goo, inserting first one, then two, then three of his fingers into her ass rosebud to prepare her for what was to come. Alexis purred with each insertion as he made sure to lube her up completely.

Josh then introduced the 1 1/2 inch thick head of the giant dildo into Alexis’ anus. The girl just smiled, and stuck her ass out even further as though saying, do your worst … I can handle it. As with Lori, each of the studs bumped against the girl’s sphincter as Josh began to slowly introduce it further into her. Alexis moaned softly with the initial insertion, then more often, and more loudly, as inch after inch of the monster invaded her ass canal.

The huge ram was finally jammed home with a push from Josh’s palm; Alexis made “Damn, but I’m really full now” noises when it was finally seated. It pushed against her cervix from behind, and every stud rubbed wickedly against her rectum, but Alexis just closed her eyes and moaned loudly in appreciation. The girl was penetrated as deeply, and as widely, as she had ever experienced, yet her pussy had begun to emit pre-climax cum. Then she felt the heat begin in her anal canal; the hot sauce had kicked in. The heat became hot, then HOT! Alexis screamed and moaned as if her rectum was on fire, which it was indeed.

Shaking his head at her reaction, Josh threaded the one-inch strap from her tight waist belt over her anal invader and up to deeply split her pussy lips, then to finally be cinched, as tightly as he could manage, on the D-ring at the front of her bondage belt.

Alexis’ moaning was increasing in volume, her discomfort/sexual pleasure in her tie obvious. Josh activated a part of the Saint Andrew’s cross that had not been used before tonight. He turned a small crank at the side of the cross, and a padded T-shaped object emerged from the middle of the cross to begin pushing against Alexis just above her snatch. Her already stringent tie was increased by the pressure on her hips, which were forced to respond by thrusting her ass up and backwards even more.

“Perfect,” thought Josh as he appraised the very shapely Brazilian ass cheeks jutting outwards from her stressed stance. Alexis, in turn, was trying to push her rear end out even further than the tie forced upon her. “Do it!” she moaned loudly, happily looking forward to whatever happened next. That just happened to be the cloverleaf clamping of her nipples; the clamps had been hanging from a hook on a cross-support board. The clamps had been set for Lori’s height; since Alexis was a bit shorter, the clamps pulled her nipples sharply upwards. She groaned at their bite, but the harsh biting sensation eventually muted to a sensuous pleasure, as she knew it would.

Josh selected a wicked looking 10-strand whip from his collection. Each leather strand ended in a tight leather knot that was almost guaranteed to leave serious marks on its target. Alexis was beyond caring; her cunt issuing a continual steam of pre-orgasmic cum to run down the insides of her thighs. She was so heated internally that she could hardly stand it. Turning her head slightly around, she told Josh to “get on with it already.”

Acceding to her wishes, Josh swung the whip in an arc that snapped harmlessly above Alexis’ back. She had barely begun to taunt his poor aim when his whip whistled around to catch her squarely across those lovely jutting ass cheeks. Alexis’ body jerked at the assault, then she sighed deeply as the whip struck again and again. As she fully expected, even more pre-climax cum began to seep from her pussy.

Her ass, already on fire inside and out, and painfully invaded by the giant dildo completely filling her rear, arched out yet further as Josh continued his whipping. He struck repeatedly with the wicked whip, slowly welting and striping Alexis’ ass. The Brazilian girl screamed loudly as each strike landed, but also with the sexual heat arising within her. God, she was SO hot. Time and again Josh’s hard strikes indented her ass cheeks and the crease between her butt and thighs. Alexis’ earlier moans of pleasure changed into screams as he continued his assault. She was screaming in both pain and pleasure, as a huge orgasm tore through her body, closely followed by two more intense ones.

Alexis’ body convulsed after Josh’s fiftieth strike on her now-red and much welted ass; she was overcome with the most incredible multiple climaxes she had ever experienced. She continued to express her carnal satisfaction long after Josh had stopped the brutal whipping, her body alternately tensing and jerking wildly as her intense orgasms threatened to render her helpless.

Josh stepped forward and pounded hard with his hand on the huge dildo still buried deeply within Alexis’ ass, the studs thereon punishing the Brazilian girl’s anal canal far beyond what she had yet experienced. Still she cried out, expressing both the pain and the incredible erotic pleasure it had afforded her. Somewhat unbelievably to Josh, Alexis’ orgasmic adventures continued for quite some time after he had ceased whipping her ass.

Josh crossed around in front of the strained girl to untie the harsh crotch strap and remove it from deep within her sodden pussy and off of her monster ass invader, finally tossing the strap aside to rest loosely along her hip. Moving to her side again, Josh took hold of the big dildo and began to pull it out, the studs again grabbing Alexis’ attention with each inch withdrawn.

Josh pulled out the dildo up to its head, then began to press it home once more. Up it went, as Alexis closed her eyes and her ass welcomed the intruder again. Slowly, Josh fucked Alexis’ ass with the dildo; in, out, in, out, as Alexis began to sense another impending orgasm. He was standing at her side as his rape of her anal canal continued; Alexis turned her head sideways to him and began to kiss him passionately, lipping and tonguing his own tongue. Josh kept fucking her ass with the big studded dildo, Alexis concentrating on kissing him as hard and lushly as possible. The girl climaxed at least twice more as Josh continued his anal assault, even as her nipples were being tortured from the clamps by her constant movement.

Afterward, it took more than a few minutes for Josh to release Alexis from her bondage. The hot-blooded Latina girl rubbed her well-striped ass cheeks and her poor nipples, smiled up at Josh with a ‘Dear man, thank you SO MUCH!’ smile, then fell back, her pussy advertising her erotic high by continuing to ooze her cum.

Chapter XVII

Josh and Alexis were both sweating profusely; after she recovered somewhat, he led her up to the large shower in Lori’s and his bathroom. Stripping off his own clothes, he and Alexis were soon relaxing under the spray of multiple shower heads. The girl reached for the liquid soap, poured a generous amount into her palms, and began to wash Josh’s dong and balls. It took almost no time for Josh to react with a strong erection; Alexis raised herself up on her toes, inserted his rampant cock into her pussy then, laughing, threw her legs up to wrap around his waist. They fucked wildly then, Josh driving upwards, as Alexis pushed onto him. The shower continued to spray them as, mindlessly, their loins slammed into each other time and time again. Alexis came first, then Josh, both staggering under their orgasms.

Josh finally released Alexis’ well-striped ass cheeks, and the girl in turn lowered her legs to the floor of the shower. She had climaxed again, and took special pleasure in Josh’s cock cramming into her snatch as his sperm spurted into her. She was nicely satisfied in her own right.

After drying off, Alexis took Josh’s hand and let him to his king-sized bed. She made him lay on his back, then bent over to take his now-soft prick with her lips. She kissed it, licked it, tongued it, and sucked on it. Sure enough, Josh’s cock began to stir, and Alexis redoubled her efforts.

Another few minutes of cock-sucking TLC, and his prick had arisen stiffly, the blood pounding through its veins and reddening the full 7 1/2 inches of his manhood. Alexis took it all in, even down her throat, then, very slowly, pulled her mouth back to let her full lips nestle about the head of his penis. She took it all in again, then back, then all the way in again, his swollen balls bumping against her chin.

Alexis kept up her motion, becoming very aware of the rising lust in her own body. Up and down, in and out, until Josh’s body stiffened and, groaning loudly, he shot his load of cum into Alexis’ mouth. She swallowed it furiously; as his cock began to slowly soften again, the girl strove to lick it perfectly clean. Thoroughly satisfied for the moment, Alexis thought that this had been a great start to the day.


Josh woke up with a start, and checked the nightstand clock. Only noon, he saw, so they had a few more hours until Lori got home. Time for one more good one, he thought. Turning to Alexis, he found her eyes open and gazing at him in a most intense way.

“What?” he asked. Alexis smiled then, answering “Oh, nothing really. I was just thinking about how well this has gone so far.”

“C’mon, let’s grab a bite to eat, then I’ll fix you up one last time.” Alexis batted her eyes at him, and said “Last?”

They made tuna and cheese sandwiches with iced tea in the kitchen, then sat on the stools to eat. All during the brief meal Alexis chattered about this, that and, really nothing of consequence at all. Finished with the light lunch, they dumped their dishes in the sink and headed back down to the fun/bondage room. Once there, Josh had Alexis doff the robe she had been wearing. He decided on some predicament bondage that should keep her happy but in peril until Lori got back from her hairdresser.

He guided the naked girl to a clear floor space in the large dungeon room and locked leather cuffs about her wrists. The cuffs in turn were attached to a hanging lacing bar; Josh turn on the powered pulleys in the ceiling beam above their heads, and the lacing bar was slowly pulled upwards, as were her arms. He stopped the hoist while she was still comfortable and went up to his and Lori’s bedroom to get one of her corsets.

Returning, he fit the below-breasts/above-hips black leather corset about Alexis’ middle and began to lace it up. When it was tight enough that her breathing became a bit labored, Josh stopped for a few minutes to let the girl get used to the compression of her waist. He then resumed lacing it tightly, pulling every last bit of slack out of the laces before tying them off. Since Lori, as noted, is slimmer than Alexis, the corset was correspondingly tighter on the Brazilian. Alexis could never remember having been so tightly squeezed; it was quite uncomfortable, and quite heavenly at the same time. She learned to breathe with shallow breaths, all that the corset would allow. Josh again used the hoist to raise her arms higher, until she could just manage to stand comfortably on flat feet.

Saying he would be back, Josh went to the small storage area in the large dungeon’s rear wall. He returned a few moments later, pushing two upright adjustable 2” steel poles, set in cement on wheels. Leaving them in front of Alexis, Josh went back to the storage area, coming back a minute later with “the dress”. Josh brought it to where Alexis was and, unzipping its front, wrapped it around the girl from the back, carefully fitting her impressive boobs into the slightly too-small cups in front before zipping it closed. Alexis yelped with pain as the dress was fitted to her; it had been custom designed for the slimmer Lori, and so was extremely tight on the Latina.

This was the special dress that Lori had worn to the BDSM Bash. It was custom made of glove-soft leather, and had ½ inch cutouts in its bodice for tender nipples to peek through. The term ‘dress’ is almost a misnomer, since the front hem ended just above Alexis’ bald pussy, while the back was just barely long enough to cover her rear end.

One interesting quality of the dress was the hundreds of tiny spikes, one-sixteenth inch long, that had been affixed to the outside of the dress. They glinted sharply from all about Alexis’ breasts, and fully over her rear end, ostensibly placed to keep curious hands from sampling the merchandise. The reason that Alexis had cried out in pain as Josh fit the dress about her was because the dress also had hundreds of those tiny needles on the inside, twinned with those on the outside.

Alexis was suffering from what felt to her like a gazillion tiny needle bites to her tits and ass, bites that would go on stinging until the dress was removed. She suffered just a bit more when Josh added chained together alligator clamps (“Oowww!”) to each of her tender nipples peeping through the built-in holes in the bodice.

Josh returned to the storage area once more, emerging with two round four-inch pads covered with thumb tacks, and two very large dildos. Putting the pads to one side, he fit the dildos to the waiting adjustable pipe ends; the huge 12”, very fat fake cock on one, the slightly shorter 11” almost-as-fat dildo on the other. Once they were firmly seated, Josh placed the pipe with the larger dong at Alexis’ pussy, and the other at her ass (he had to peel her torturous skirt up a bit to get it placed just so).

Josh had Alexis stand on tiptoe, and to hold that position, as he inserted the top two inches of each dildo into her pussy and asshole, adjusting the mounting pipes upwards in each case to just the right height. The girl had her eyes closed, close to swooning. The extremely tight corset, the almost-as-tight dress with its torturous spikes impaling her all over her boobs and rear end, and now the seemingly gigantic dildo heads penetrating her two lower entrances, the alligator clamps biting her nips … it was almost too much to process. But oh lord, the sexual heat that filled her was increasing, and she could almost feel the pre-cum start to ooze from her cunt lips. Alexis, still on tiptoes, saw Josh place the two thumbtack pads beneath the soles of her feet, just behind her straining toes.

“OK, babe,” he said to the straining girl, “you wanted it tough, so tough it’ll be. Here’s how it’s going to work: sooner or later your toes and leg muscles will begin to tire, and your feet will lower until they meet some spikes under their soles. At which point I fully expect you to quickly resume your en pointe position. However, every time the soles of your feet encounter the tacks, I will adjust your cunt and ass dildos upwards by one-half inch. Show time!”

Josh pulled an armchair close to the strictly-bondaged girl to await further developments.

Chapter XVIII

Alexis grimly tightened her grip on the ropes attached to her wrist cuffs, intent on delaying the inevitable as long as possible. Within minutes, though, her straining legs and toes just had to rest; she allowed her heels to lower slowly, soon to encounter the thumbtacks of the pads, and jerked back on tiptoe with a gasp. Jerking with the pain (and pleasure, too, she admitted to herself), she hardly noticed Josh as he adjusted her dildo pipes upward by ½ inch each, driving the attached dildos into her by the same amount, pushing deeper into her pussy and ass.

The minutes crawled slowly by for Alexis; her continuing encounters with the thumbtacks biting into the soft soles of her feet, and the inevitable raising back on tiptoes, and the increasing fullness of her cunt and ass as they were ever more deeply invaded by the big dildos. It was horrible and lovely at the same time; she had her first orgasm when the fake cocks were just half way jammed into her. She came again just as the two dildos were fully ensconced within her, the base of each relentlessly pushing against her clit and sphincter.

She could take no more; Josh quickly pulled the thumbtack pads out from under her feet, allowing the girl to stand flat footed, fully impaled by the dildos front and rear. Her tits and ass continued to be pricked by the hundred tiny spikes on the inside of her dress; her waist had been so severely restricted that she could breathe only with difficulty; her nipples were crushed between the unforgiving teeth of the alligator clamps; her pussy and ass were jammed to capacity with the big dildos; and dammit, the soles of her feet were on fire from their many encounters with the thumbtacks.

Yet Josh could see that the girl was still reverberating with ongoing orgasms, her body twitching and twisting as the multiple climaxes continued. Moaning, sometimes softly, sometimes much more loudly, Alexis definitely seemed to be in bondage-slut heaven and hell simultaneously. The adjustable pipe attached to the dildo in her cunt was liberally coated with pussy juice, evidence of the pleasures she was experiencing.

Josh carefully removed the clamps on her nipples, but Alexis cried out anyway as the blood rushed back into her poor tortured nips. Putting the clamps aside, Josh turned his attention to her dress; he pulled the front zipper down and peeled it off of the pain/pleasure filled girl, revealing hundreds of red spots on her boobs and ass cheeks where the tiny needles had impaled her. There were even blood droplets in a dozen or so locations.

“Are you guys downstairs?” Lori’s voice came from the living room. “Yeah, babe … come on down” Josh called up to her. A moment later he heard the clicking of her heels coming down the stairs, and his lover-pain slut appeared, legs first. She looked positively radiant, her shining ebony locks twisted into a complex pattern atop her head, looking like a princess headed for the ballroom.

Lori rushed over to Alexis, cupping the girl’s chin in her hands and bending forward to gently kiss her lips. “Oh my, dear Alexis, it looks as though you’ve really been put through the ringer,” Lori said, with pity in her eyes. Alexis smiled softly at Lori, saying “Oh yesss!”

Later, after Alexis had the twin rams pulled from her cunt and asshole, the corset had been loosened and removed, and the wrist cuffs taken off, she begged to get a hot shower and a nap.

She slept for three hours, during which time Lori had changed into more casual clothes; she and Josh were chatting in the living room when Alexis finally came downstairs. She had brushed her blond-red hair, and wore one of her trademark latex dresses, this one quite modest for Alexis (mid-thigh hem). Still, the tightness of the dress revealed to Lori and Josh that she wore no underwear of any kind beneath, and her 6” stiletto heeled shoes were pure Alexis. Her sore nipples insisted upon remaining erect and obvious as they pushed against the thin latex.

She was carrying a large plastic bag containing her raincoat and the lingerie she had worn when she rang Josh’s doorbell.

“I’m headed home,” she announced, “to R&R for a week or so”, but she said it with a broad smile. She kissed Lori and Josh, turned on her heel and left.

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