Love and War

by Ann Onominos

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Storycodes: MF; rom; roleplay; discovery; playroom; M/f; bond; cuffs; collar; shackles; slave; breast; tape; tease; cons; X

story continues from chapter three

Chapter 4: My Role Play Slave

Four weeks before my cast was scheduled to come off, Carly arrived for her scheduled visit. As always, I was looking forward to seeing her. I was concerned that her visits would come to an end very soon. I was delighted when she suggested we have a “Cast Off” party. She explained when a cruise ship was departing the port; the passengers often had a cast off party and we could have one as well.

“So I was thinking, I could pick up some munchies and beer or maybe some wine. I have friend who I have been chatting with about you and how I was helping you out. She is dying to meet you. I could invite her to join us for our little cast off party. What do ya think?”

“Sounds like fun. I’m always up for a party; I‘d love to meet your friend.”

“Great! Can you give me some money for food? I will be seeing Selena this week. She is very pretty and I think you would like her. I know her from the stable where I ride. I think she might pose for you, for the pictures you keep asking about. She has mentioned that she posed for pictures before and liked it. She said she got paid for modeling.”

“She modeled for pictures? By all means, ask her to come. Do you think she’ll wear something sexy? How about you? Will you wear something sexy? How about riding clothes? I bet you would look awesome wearing equestrian clothing.”

“I don’t have any real riding attire. I’m still learning to ride. Maybe someday I’ll buy some when I have some extra money. I’ll ask her to come but don’t count on the sexy clothes. But as long as we’re discussing sexy clothing, what do you consider sexy clothes?” Carly asked.

“Let’s see, leather is always good. Shiny knee high black leather boots are nice, and stockings or pantyhose of course. I like tight denim pants, preferably white or tan. I love long hair, especially when it’s in a pony tail or even pigtails like you wear your hair a lot. What do you like?”

“I never thought about it before. I never thought of the riding outfit as sexy. Is that common?”

“I think it is. I could show you web sites dedicated to riding clothes and bondage. Carly, I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a special gift for you, something to thank you for taking such good care of me these last few weeks. How about if I buy you those riding clothes you want? Please say yes, I really want to get you something special.”

“Really? They can be very expensive. Are you sure you want to spend that much money?”

“I insist. Do you have time now to order some things? You know your sizes and I don’t. ” I did a quick search on the web and we sat down together to pick some things out. I was in heaven. I was actually going to see Carly in the riding clothes I have been fantasizing about.

We found some jodhpurs, a nice blazer, a fancy riding helmet and some beautiful riding boots and of course a riding crop. I wondered if I could ever get Carly to “force” me to worship her new boots. What a wonderful thought, Carly tying me up and using a riding crop on me as I worshiped her boots.

“Carly, I will gladly buy you the riding clothes on one condition. You must model them for me. You know I want to photograph you. The pictures will be for my viewing only. I want something to remind me of our time together.”

“No problem. I hope you don’t plan on tying me up first,” she laughed. If she could just read my mind……..

“Okay, after you take me to the doctor to have my cast removed, you can drop me off back here. I want to take a bath so bad you wouldn’t believe it.” I laughed. “Then you could pick up some food and drinks, get some beer and wine too. I don’t know how long you plan on staying so you buy the food accordingly. You can stay as long as you want. I really enjoy spending time with you. So, tell me more about your friend from the stable.” I asked.

“Her name is Selena. She is Hispanic, about 25, very pretty like I said. She is a very good rider. She has been riding much longer than I have. She is very outgoing and friendly. I’m sure you would like her. Hey, I just had a thought. I could ask another friend of mine from school. Her name is Soon-Li. She is an Asian girl, Chinese I think, very beautiful, and she has a very nice figure. I can ask her if she wants to come. This is turning out to be quite the party. Can you afford all this?” Carly asked.

“Don’t worry about the money. I have money. The more the merrier.”

“The reason I happened to think about Soon-Li is that I remember playing a game at a girlie-girlie party. Soon-Li brought this board game she made. It was a blast. You moved your game token around the board depending on the roll of the dice. Sometimes you might land on a square that had a task. The task might be kiss the person on your left for 30 seconds or maybe tell about an embarrassing thing that happened to you. There are also punishment cards. Nothing serious, you might get your tush slapped by someone three times or another one was you had to be handcuffed for five minutes or stand in the corner for five minutes. Another task is you might get tickled by everybody else. The game became more fun the more we drank,” She laughed.

“Sounds like it could be fun, sure, ask her to come.”

“It was fun. We all made a few extra punishment cards to spice things up,” she added.

“What exactly is a girlie-girlie party?”

“Oh that,” she laughed. “If we were ten years old I would have called it a pajama party. Now that I am older and of drinking age, I call it a girlie-girlie party. The only rule is no guys, and just girls having fun. I have to leave soon, but before I do, I want to ask you something.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I’ve been surfing some of the sites you showed me. It’s been quite an eye opening experience to say the least. I saw several devices, wooden and metal both, with a woman restrained in them. Do you have anything like that? I think they are called stocks.” She asked.

“I think you saw stocks and pillories made of wood. I refer to all the metal contraptions as device bondage. Do you want to see what’s in my spare bedroom upstairs?”

“Hhhhmmmm okay. Should I be scared?”

My spare bedroom is really my photo room. I have stocks and pillories but many other restraints. In the basement there is a jail cell, sort of a dungeon. On the wall there are chains that can be used to secure a slave indefinitely. I used these props for pictures occasionally. These things were new to Carly; I always keep the basement door locked.

“Do you know where the spare bedroom is? I keep it locked. I don’t want to try the stairs yet. You can go look at my props. That’s what they are, props for pictures so don’t freak out on me, okay?”

Carly became very quiet. I hoped I had not scared her.

It was several minutes before Carly came downstairs.

“You sir, have been holding out on me. Maybe you should be punished for not telling me about this sooner.” She laughed. “I don’t know what half that stuff is.”

Carly sat down and seemed to get very serious.

“CJ, I was thinking, me coming up to see you several times a week, cooking for you, cleaning for you, sort of means I’m like your slave.”

“I suppose you could think of it that way.”

“Well, I do. So if I’m your slave, should I be treated like a slave? Maybe I should be collared, maybe cuffed or chained it some way. I want you to treat me as your slave. Now that I have seen your playroom, I know you have plenty of restraints to control me while I’m you slave.”

“Sounds like you want to do a little more role playing.”

“Exactly, role playing! I want to be your slave with all the slave attire.”

“Okay, this sounds like fun. If you want to do a role play as my slave, just say something like ‘Your slave is here Master’ or ‘Master, your slave girl has been naughty and should be punished.’ The next time you want to role play call me first and I will tell you what to wear. If I’m going to have a slave, I want a slave that dresses sexy. Do you have sexy boots? How about tight fitting jeans?”

“Yes, I have some boots and jeans if that’s what you like. Maybe we could do some other role play games. How about we both think about it and maybe make a list of some possibilities. It seems to me most of the videos I watch were really just role plays. You know, like kidnapped victims or baby sitters tricked into bondage. Maybe if I burnt your dinner I should be punished or if I put too much make-up on you might tie me up and scrub it off me.”

“You are just full of ideas today, Lady.”

“I’m learning a lot from you.”

“Good, I hope you are having fun. I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

I kissed her goodbye and started to think about role play games with Carly.

Two days later Carly came by as usual, except this time she walked in and handed me a key. “What’s this for?” I asked.

“These!” Carly said as she showed me a bag containing a pair of handcuffs covered in pink fur, a wide dog collar, and a leash. “Put these on your slave Master.” She was wearing tight jeans with a wide leather belt and black knee high boots, just like I requested.

I locked Carly’s new cuffs on her wrists in front so she could still cook and clean.

“I think you should be wearing leg irons too. Go get some from the playroom.”

I gave her the key and said, “While you’re there, take a look around and see in there’s anything else that piques your interest.”

“Okay, but before I forget, I made a list of role play games, just my thoughts.” She handed me her list. She had written:

Lazy house keeper
Nurse shows up drunk
Nurse demands a raise
Cook burns dinner
Cook breaks platter
Car breaks down
Ran out of gas and lost
Drunk driver
Drug od, date rape
Watch bdsm movie, got horny
Cat burglar caught
Girl kidnapped.
Two girls one guy.

When she came back down stairs, she was carrying a set of shackles with a chain long enough to hobble. I locked them on her ankles and her bondage was complete, for now. She was able to cook our meal and do the dishes as well as vacuum the living room.

After two hours she said, “I should get going. Would unlock your slave now, Master?”

I unlocked one cuff and quickly cuffed her again, this time with her hands behind her back. I grabbed her ponytail and gave it a tug,

“You are not going anywhere just yet, my slave. I want to continue this role play game a while longer. You are permitted to say green light or red light, nothing more. Anything else and you will be gagged. Do you understand?”

“Green light,” Carly said smiling.

“Good,” I said as I kissed her on the forehead. I hooked her arm with my arm and marched her to the couch and pushed her down on the cushion. I removed her shackles and taped her ankles together with several wraps of black tape. I then stood her on her feet and taped her legs together in four places from her ankles to her tush.

I looked her in the eyes, trying to detect if she was still willing to play our game. I didn’t detect any anger or fear so I unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her bra. I started to fondle her tits gently. I continued to rub her tits, pulling her blouse off her shoulders.

“Carly, you look amazingly sexy dressed like you are and tied up,” I said. “I think I better release you before I do things to we might regret.”

I unlocked her cuffs and took the tape off her.

“I guess I’m free to leave now. I’ll see you in a couple of days. I hope you realize I never said red light. Bye now.”

“Carly, wait, I have a huge favor to ask you.”

“What’s that?”

“I haven’t been out of this house in weeks. How about you taking me to town and we have drink at Joe’s bar? Please?”

“I guess I have time for that, but not too long. I have some studying to do.”

“Great, just a beer or maybe two, I promise.”

What I really wanted was to get know Carly better, in a different environment. She drove to town and dropped me off at the door of the bar, parked her car, and walked in about five minutes later. I had ordered her a glass of wine and I had a beer. We sat and chatted about school, her hobbies, her likes and dislikes, that sort of thing. I told her about my ex and how devastating it was for me. I also mentioned how I hadn’t been with another woman since and that was almost three years ago.

After we finished our drink she took me home and dropped me at my door.

“I will consider this our first date,” I laughed.

From that point on Carly often pretended to be my slave when she came to cook and clean for me. All she had to do is say, “Your slave is here for you” and we would do some sort of role play. She would be locked in some sort or restraint until it was time for her to go home. I tried to find reasons to punish her. I turned her over my knee and spanked her, not too hard, just doing the role play thing.

story continues in chapter five

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