Love and War

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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Storycodes: MF; rom; video; roleplay; bond; collar; rope; gag; balltie; arousal; mast; climax; handcuffs; tease; kiss; denial; cons; X

story continues from chapter two

Chapter 3: Our First Role Play

The next time Carly came to visit me she almost burst in the door, smiling from ear to ear.

“I was looking at some of those BDSM sites you showed me. In one there was a girl who got herself drunk and ended up being bound and gagged by some seedy character. She struggled on the floor for a while and eventually got tied with her legs crossed and her head tied to her ankles so she was tied in a ball tie. I think that’s what it’s called. I want that!! Can we do that? Is that called role play? You can be the seedy guy and I’ll be the drunk girl. Please can we try that? But no pictures, okay?”

I laughed out loud, “Sure, do you remember the site and file?”

“Better than that, I saved the file. We can watch it together”.


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We watched the video, pausing it several times to answer questions and discuss some details.

I tied Carly up. Just like in the video. First I put a wide collar on her neck. The collar had a “D” ring on it, perfect for tying a rope to it. I tied Carly’s hands behind her back and tied her ankles together. She was wearing boots, just like the girl in the video we watched. Satisfied with my rope work, I applied three pieces of wide packing tape over her mouth.

I let her squirm around on the floor for ten minutes or so. She looked like she was trying to escape without success. I helped her to her knees and ordered her to remain still while I tied her arms tightly together and then tied several ropes around her torso. I had her sit down and cross her legs. I tied her crossed ankles together and tied them to her collar with a short length of rope, pulling her into a tight ball tie.

I let her squirm around for half an hour, finally asking her if she had enough. She nodded yes so I untied her. Once free, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. We kissed for several seconds.

“I would like to be alone for a few minutes please.”

”Sure, but is there something the matter?” I asked.

“No, I’m fine. There is something I need to take of right now, in privacy please.”

She went into my bedroom and lay on the bed. From the sounds I heard I assumed she was masturbating. I was delighted that she felt open enough to do this with me there. I was also happy she had a good orgasm.

“Do you know what I was doing, in your bedroom”?

“I have a pretty good idea. Don’t worry about it. It is perfectly natural. Many times a model will get excited during a bondage session. Sometimes I get excited too. It’s very natural. To be honest with you, I’m very happy bondage excites you. It certainly excites me.”

“I was totally embarrassed but couldn’t help myself. I was so turned on I had to do something. It was take care of myself or attack you!”

“Oh my, that would have been okay too!” I laughed.

We both laughed about it for a few seconds and she asked, “I’d like to try the cuffs on again. Is that okay?” She asked.

“Sure, anything else? A gag perhaps?”

“I think I’ll just try the cuffs for now.”

She locked the cuffs on her wrists and we sat and chatted a while longer. She continually gently pulled at the cuff chain, testing its strength, again and again, stretching her arm over her head at times. I wondered if she was trying to tease me. If she was, it was working.

“Maybe they should be behind my back?” she asked.

“I can do that.”

I unlocked one cuff and locked her arms behind her back.

“Now I really feel helpless,” she laughed.

”Yes, I have you now. I think I’ll steal a kiss.”

I took her head in my hands and kissed her lips. They were extremely hot.

“I think I better release you now or you might be spending the night with me.”

“Oh dear, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” she snickered.

story continues in chapter four

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