The Leather Twins Part 7: Birthday Bonds

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; corset; boxed; bodybag; bdsm; toys; climax; reluct/nc; X

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Part Seven - Birthday Bonds

Chapter 11 – Birthday Bonds

We had settled our girls for the night after another exhausting, for them, day of bondage fun.  As always they were severely restrained but in such a manner that they should be able to get some rest.  Karen and I had decided to have a couple of drinks and discuss our plans for tomorrow. It was our birthday and since, as identical twins, we had usually received identical gifts it was now our habit to try and surprise each other with something different.

Karen really got me this time; I don’t remember anything after the second drink.  When I woke up my head was clear but my mouth was full of a leather gag and my arms and legs strapped to the edges of the table.  The end of the table was tilted up so I was able to see the whole of the room and immediately realized what was in store for me.

Susan and Amy were standing side by side looking at me with a grinning Karen behind them.  They were both in one piece kid leather body suits, laced high heeled boots and heavy waist belts.  Karen must have been working on them for some time because they were obviously severely gagged and had their heads laced into gleaming leather discipline helmets with straps buckled over their mouths.

Their gloved hands seemed free until I saw the metal cuff on each wrist.  Light chains ran from each cuff to metal rings on each side of the waist belts then down between their legs.  I watched as Karen attached the ends of the chains to a snap hook on the rope to the ceiling pulley.  Now I knew how she could control them.  One flick of the pulley switch in her hand would snap their wrists in against the belts making them completely helpless. Their ankles were hobbled with short chains. 

Laughing, Karen wished me a happy birthday and said she hoped I would enjoy my gift.  She tapped each captive girl on the cheek to get their attention, gestured around the room at the bondage equipment and closets packed with leather clothing, then pointed at me and waved them forward. They didn’t need a moment to think about the offer and their eyes gleamed above the tight gag straps.  The chains to the cuffs were long enough for them to have full use of their arms and the ankle hobbles did not restrain them much more than the incredibly high heels on the boots. Karen and I watched as they moved around the room picking out the bondage equipment they intended to use.  After spending so much time in the most severe bondage we could think of they proceeded to get their own back and I was about to be plugged, strapped, laced, belted and birthday bound in leather until they could think of nothing more to do to me.  So I thought!

At least Karen had remembered to remove the piercing equipment from the room and I was confident that she would watch very carefully what went on.  Before we had requisitioned our two captives we had only ourselves to practice our hobby on so we each knew exactly the limits of the other as well as what turned us each on and off. They had certainly learned their lessons well, they worked on one of my limbs at a time and made sure the other three were securely fastened to something.  In this manner they soon had my arms in elbow length kid gloves, fingers taped together and then my hands encased in a pair of pointed leather mitts with small metal rings at the fingertips. The leather jacket with the built in corset laced down the back and, as they then forced my arms up between my shoulder blades, my breasts were partially crushed as they tried to bulge through the holes in the bra cups like toothpaste out of a tube but the holes were too small.

The rings at the fingertips were hooked to a strap running around my neck and down to the waist belt and then with obvious glee, they both leaned all their weight on a strap that pulled my elbows together until they touched in the small of my back. The strain was quite uncomfortable because, since we had been working on Susan and Amy for the last few weeks, we had not been using the bondage equipment on each other and my muscles had tightened up.  I was helpless to resist as they turned me on my back, strapped me back down to the table and forced my feet into the metal stirrups.  They tied my legs to the stirrup arms at the ankle and just below my knees. The butt plug that Amy none to gently rammed into me could definitely have used a lot more lubricant and they knew it.  Susan selected a large leather dildo and, as she pushed it in, I was lucky that my body was responding with enough natural fluid to let it slide inside with little pain.

Working as a team they released my legs one at a time and soon had me in tight latex panties and a pair of the skintight leather toreador pants we had so often used on them.  Amy had a vicious look in her eyes as she tightened the crotch strap and fixed it to my belt.  The inserts would certainly not be moving while that was in place. The single leg boot caused them just as much trouble to get on me as it did for us but, once they had bound my legs and got my feet in the shoe of the boot, they really pulled on the laces to get the edges to meet neatly.  My insteps felt the familiar pain of being strained to the limit by the height of the heels.

Now they had me completely encased in leather except for the top of my breasts and my head; they didn’t waste time getting to that.  They removed the strap from around my head but left the gag in my mouth as they each forced in one of the earplugs and then Susan pulled a rubber cap over my head and tucked in the rest of my hair. Amy was ready with the roll of tape and wound it tightly around my head and over the gag in my mouth.  They didn’t even offer me a glass of water first and I hoped Karen was keeping a sharp eye on them.

They selected a beautiful armless leather dress from the closet and slid it up my body until it settled over my shoulders with my arms in the fitted pocket designed into the back.  They did the front closing up to just above my waist and then really tightened the wide belt. From the corner they dragged over a heavy straight-backed chair and, lifting together, they moved me on to the seat then tied my booted feet back against the front chair rung.  They used the buckles on either side of my belt to pull me tight against the chair back.  The back did not have any cross pieces so I was able to sit upright in spite of my bound arms.

Amy held my head still while Susan pushed in the rigid leather nostril inserts and then the two girls fitted a leather helmet over my head and moved behind me to lace it tightly down the back.  With the helmet done up and the collar laced to the top of the corset they did up the rest of the dress.  Amy held a gag strap over my mouth while Susan pulled it tight and buckled it at the back.  A strap around my upper chest held me tight against the uprights of the chair back and I hoped they were about done.

Then Amy made her move.  Standing in front of the chair with her back to Karen she made as if to smooth the leather encasing my face but in actual fact moved her gloved thumbs over the openings at my nostrils.  Unfortunately for Amy, Karen and I had always had a “Condition Red” signal to use if we were really in trouble and I used it now.  With the air left in my lungs I squealed deep in my throat.

At the first sound the two girls were yanked back and almost off their feet and I could breathe again.  

Chapter 14 - Birthday Bonds Part 2

Amy and Susan were held helpless with their wrists tight against their belts.  The chain between their legs and connected to the ceiling pulley forced them up on tip toe with nothing to do but await punishment. Karen came over and looked into my eyes.  Since I could neither hear nor speak she just raised her eyebrows in question and I, having recovered my breath, winked back at her.  To my surprise she then disappeared behind me and I felt her tightening every strap holding me.

There was not much give as the two girls had used all their strength on my bondage.  Karen came in sight again smiling and holding a small gift wrapped package.  Standing where I could see her she opened it and revealed a small electric vibrator pad. The skirt of the dress was very tight around my booted legs but she managed to work the vibrator under it until it was resting against the crotch strap.  Then she forced it down under the edge of the double boot so it was firmly in place.

Straightening the skirt she fed the wire down to an extension cord beside the chair and plugged it in.  It was not turned on.  The smile left her face as she turned to the two helpless girls. My sister obviously knew that it was Amy who had initiated the attack so she left her for later and started with Susan.  First she clamped the girl’s wrists together at the front of the belt then released just enough tension on the ceiling pulley to allow her to force Susan into a sitting position on the floor.

Each booted ankle was strapped to floor rings about 2’ apart then Karen sat on the back of Susan’s neck and forced her to bend forward until her head almost touched the floor.  Releasing one arm at a time Karen pulled them out, under Susan’s knees, at right angles to her body and tied the wrists to handy floor rings. She tightened the gag strap another notch and then untied the right ankle and pulled the leg up and over the girl’s back.  Karen followed suit with the left leg before taking a quick turn of cord around the crossed ankles to hold them in position.

In another few moments my sister had twisted Susan’s arms under each thigh and behind her back.  She lashed them together at the wrist.  Now Susan was doubled in half with her head between her legs but that position was soon to get worse. Karen fixed a heavy strap with a large metal ring around the crossed ankles and hooked the ring to the end of the ceiling pulley rope.  Starting the motor caused the girl to be hauled off the floor and by the time she was at waist height her own weight was trying to straighten her legs.  The back of her knees pushing against the back of each shoulder increased the pressure bending her body.  Karen took any slack out of the bonds.

Held immobile as I was, Karen had thoughtfully arranged things so Susan’s leather covered gagged head, locked with her chin almost touching her buttocks, was facing me as she hung suspended from the pulley.  Only her eyes were unrestrained and they didn’t look too happy. She was even more uncomfortable when Karen attached another strap to the one at her crotch, ran it down to a floor ring and then took the pulley up another few inches.

As the leather encased girl hung in her bonds I felt a sensation in my crotch and realized that Karen had turned on the vibrator pad.  Waves of feeling traveled through my body from the effect of the pad on the butt plug and dildo.  Absolutely unable to move I concentrated on Susan in front of me as thing began to build until the total effect of everything happening caused an explosion of relief.
What a birthday present but it wasn’t finished yet.

Now it was Amy’s turn and, from the look on Karen’s face, I didn’t think she was going to enjoy the next few hours.

The vibrator continued to run maintaining a beautiful level of sensations throughout my body as I watched my sister punish Amy. Unhooking the wrist chains she forced the girl face down on the floor and proceeded to strap her arms up between her shoulder blades. Taking a heavy upper body corset she fitted it from Amy’s shoulders to waist and used a metal levering tool to pull the edges together as she laced it closed from top to bottom.  So tight did she get the corset that the girl’s breasts were almost flattened and her upper body rigid.  While I couldn’t hear anything I could see her nostrils working as she fought for air

Karen strapped Amy’s legs together and then went to the bench for the packing tape ratchet.  Normally used by shippers the dispenser used ½” nylon tape.  Bending the legs at the knees Karen ran a loop of the tape around the girl’s ankles and upper thighs and started to squeeze the trigger on the machine.  As she worked the tape tightened and soon had the calves squashed tightly against the thighs. Karen flipped the switch that sealed the ends of the tape and cut it ready for two or three more loops around the legs just to make sure.  Now with Amy positioned on her knees Karen pulled out a long length of the tape, ran it under the bent legs and across the leather covered shoulders.  As the trigger did its work Amy’s chest was drawn down until it was tight against her thighs. She ran a couple more loops around the packaged girl and then let her roll on her side.  Two more long pieces across each shoulder and down her bent and booted legs and Amy was an immobile package of leather.

From against the wall Karen wheeled a small, leather covered box into the center of the room under one of the ceiling pulleys and hooked the chain from the pulley under the straps that crossed Amy’s body between the knees and the shoulders.  Starting the motor she raised the girl until she could slide the box under her.  The toes of the high heeled boots were level with Amy’s buttocks and as Karen lowered her into the box and pushed down on her shoulders she finally rested on those points inside the box.

It was barely big enough to hold the girl but, with further pushing and shoving, Karen got her all the way in until just her helmeted head was above the top edge.  The two piece top for the box had half circles cut in their inside edges with raised 3” arcs.  As Karen slid them in place they clamped together around Amy’s neck and the metal clasps snapped closed. Tightening the girl’s gag strap Karen ran another strap from one side of the neck clamp, over the helmeted head to fasten at the other side.  This strap had a roller buckle in the middle at the top of the head and as I watched Karen leaned her weight on the two ends to tighten it down. That should give her a headache!

She stuck a bright bow on top of the helplessly held head – another present!

Karen then left the room and when she returned she had changed into street clothes and was buttoning her full length leather coat.  Pulling the belt tight around her slim waist, she slipped on a pair of kid gloves before coming over to me and stroking my leather encased cheek.  Smiling down at me she went over to where Susan dangled from the ceiling and gave her bonds another tug.

Amy’s head got a last tap and then Karen was gone.

I estimated it was over two hours before she came back in the playroom and over to me.  The vibrator was shut off and she began to get me out of the bondage outfit that the girls had strapped, laced and bound on so tightly. I was very grateful that she started at my head and was finally able to pop the gag out of my mouth and give me a long drink of water.  That made things much more comfortable while she worked on the rest of my body.  I explained to her what had happened with Amy and, as the last items came off and she helped me towards the shower, she stopped in front of the leather encased, boxed and helpless girl.

Karen handed me two solid plugs that I slowly pushed in the nostrils of the helmeted head.  It couldn’t move but her eyes showed fear as her air was completely cut off.  After a timed one minute I removed the plugs allowing her to breathe again and then went for a long, hot shower to recover from my birthday surprise.

Karen was tidying up all the equipment when I came back in a pair of leather slacks, supple kid shirt and high heeled boots.  Susan’s buttocks, covered in taunt leather were irresistible.  I picked up a thin riding crop covered in braided leather from the wall rack and went over to where she hung by her booted ankles. The crop slashed across her ass cheeks a half dozen times and she moaned through her gag at the stinging sensation caused as it hit the tight leather.  Karen watched with a smile as I got my revenge and then we slowly started to release our captives from their bonds.

Working as a team it still took some time until we had them standing back-to-back, naked and spread eagled, their wrists and ankles attached to the sides and floor of the shower stall with plastic ties.  Light raincoats protected our leather outfits as we turned on the water and soaped them all over using soft wash mitts. After what they had been through there was no resistance and in half an hour we had them tied hand and foot in chairs at the kitchen table.  It was a very late meal and we were all tired so afterwards Karen and I worked each girl, still bound at the wrist and ankles, into a heavy leather body bag and laced them closed to the neck.

Gags and blindfolds followed and then we laid them side by side on the bed, tied their feet to the bottom rail and ran straps from the epaulet loops on each shoulder of the body bags to the head board. They were as comfortable as they were going to get for the rest of the night.  There was nothing wrong with my drink this time as Karen and I relaxed and discussed how we were going to break Amy’s spirit so we could really start enjoying ourselves.  The answer was something we agreed to try in the morning after a good night’s rest




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