The Leather Twins Part 6: A Sister Sandwich

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; latex; collars; corset; nipple; toys; climax; nc; XX

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Part Six - A Sister Sandwich

Chapter 11 – A Sister Sandwich

The girls might have been satiated after their ride but Karen and I were as horny as hell.  We decided to look after that problem and then enjoy a good night’s sleep.

One of our huge king size beds was just about big enough for what we had in mind.  We started by strapping their arms in a wrist to elbow position and pulling leather pouches over them.  More straps across the shoulders and between their breasts then back to the pouches locked them in place.  After what we had done to them their arms were almost comfortable.   We pulled their hair out of the way into tight ponytails.

We spread a sensuously soft latex sheet on the bed and positioned the girls down the center on their sides, back-to-back and head to toe.  Both were wearing knee high ballet boots and had threaded, hard rubber ring gags in their mouths.  For the moment rubber penis plugs were screwed in and filled each mouth.

Around their necks they wore 4” wide stiff leather posture collars; these had a metal socket protruding from the nape at the back.  We started with Susan.  Into the neck socket I screwed a T shaped piece of pipe.  The cross pieces of the unit were about 1’ long and had cuffs at each end and these we locked around Amy’s ankles.  Her legs were now held apart on either side of Susan’s head.  The arms with the ankle cuffs were hinged and collapsible.

Lubing up one of our largest double butt plugs Karen worked it into Amy’s rosebud and then held Susan’s feet while I guided the other end into her ass.  When both halves were fully buried Susan’s ankles were locked into the cuffs on the T unit at Amy’s neck.  Tight straps around their upper thighs and waists held them buttock-to-buttock and strong cord from each metal unit, in Susan’s case to the foot of the bed, and Amy’s to the top finished their restraints.

The only other things on their bodies were tight 1” straps around the base of each breast.  These would increase the sensitivity of the bulging orbs.

Leaving them to wonder and our own anticipation to grow, Karen and I went through to the living room and poured drinks.  When those were finished it was first shower time and then bedtime!  Completely naked except for satin robes we met again in the bedroom and helped each other to work one end of double strap-ons in our pussies; and tighten the holding belts.

We set out satin pillows near the girls faces and a couple more of the latex sheets within easy reach then; turning the light down to a soft glow we went to bed.

Susan was mine and I snuggled up to her as I gradually forced the strap-on in her waiting orifice.  Now I removed her mouth plug leaving the ring gag in place.  I could feel the movements as Karen did the same with Amy and asked if she was ready.  Getting an “Oh God yes!” back I reached between our captive’s buttocks and switched on the butt plugs.  Now down to my own groin and did the same with the vibrating strap-on dildos.  Karen groaned as she followed suit.

I pushed my tongue in Susan’s mouth and started a prolonged French kiss while my hands caressed her breasts and nipples.  After a while as things started to build I stopped just long enough to say to Karen “Now!”  We both reached an arm out to the T units holding their ankles apart and released the spring-loaded arms.  This snapped their legs together increasing the effects of the toys embedded so deeply inside them.  I pulled one of the sheets across the middle of the four of us then settled back and let nature take its course.

After my third orgasm I had just enough strength left to screw in Susan’s mouth plug and then let myself drift.  By the time the batteries died I was fast asleep.

What a great “Sister Sandwich!”  We would do it often. 

Chapter 12 – Getting to the Point!

Susan and Amy were facing about as much distress as the human body could stand without actual injury.  Karen and I were working on them at the same time rather than finish one girl’s outfit before starting on her sister.  That system was good if we wanted one to watch and anticipate what was going to happen to them next but we decided to let them find out together what was in store.

Temporary ball gags stifled their moans as we forced their arms up between their shoulder blades.  As usual, each arm had been tightly gloved in kid leather then the hands covered with disposable plastic gloves and the fingers taped together.  Pointed leather mitts laced over each hand to the wrist.

Their upper bodies were in leather jackets with built in corsets that laced down the back and had two-inch openings in each bra cup allowing their nipples and the top of their breasts to bulge through.  We hooked the rings on the ends of the mitts into small snap hooks on the straps at the back of their necks.  The straps crossed the shoulders and met in front before going down between their breasts and attaching to the waist belt of the corset.

Working together we pulled to tighten straps across their bent arms until the elbows met in the small of the back.   This forced their chests out and we knotted the laces threaded through eyelets at the base of each bra cup to further trap the four swollen mammary glands.

We had attached metal brackets to the sides at the middle of the table and they were joined across the width of the table by a 1” diameter rubber covered bar whose height was adjustable.  The sisters were positioned on their knees facing each other at opposite ends of the table, their knees wide apart and strapped to the sides.  Further restraints held their ankles.

One at a time we removed the temporary gags and forced each girl to bend at the waist and bite down on the bar.  With the bar clenched between their teeth straps from it went around their heads, now side by side, and held them in place.   We adjusted the height of the bar until they were looking straight ahead.  Their rear ends were readily accessible to us at the ends of the table and they could see what happened to each other.  They would also feel it happening to them at the same time.

Each working on one of the sisters we started with chrome plated anus spreader rings.  There were no sharp edges on the instruments; with a little lubrication and firm pressure, they went in.  Each had a hollow cone that tapered down to a 1 ½” diameter at its deepest penetration while the ring itself stretched the lips of their rosebuds to the maximum.  Unable to stop the intrusion Susan and Amy made it known despite the gag bar that they were not enjoying themselves.

With the spreaders in place we used thin leather thongs to lace the pierced lips of their assholes to the small openings around the circumference of the chrome inserts.

Our largest remote control butt plugs then slid through the top opening of the spreaders, down through the metal cones and deep into their hind ends.  Metal clasps on the rim of the chrome inserts snapped down over the ends of the plugs and locked in place.

Now we adjusted the girls on the table until they were kneeling facing each end and bent over backwards.  Forcing their heads under the bar we again made them clamp their jaws on it, this time face up, and used the straps around their heads to hold them in place.  Now their freshly shaved vaginas received our attention.

The vaginal inserts were also chrome but larger and oval in shape.  Working slowly and methodically at each end of the table Karen and I eased them into place until the orifices were spread wide open.  Like the back ones we laced them to the holes in the lips of our captives’ vaginas.

There was a small round extension at the top of each spreader and we carefully fitted each pierced clitoris through the opening and used small gold rings through the tips to keep them from retreating.

The largest dildos in our collection slid into the openings and filled the cavities to their full depth.  This invasion also did not go well with the two helpless girls.

Removing them from the gag bar and replacing the temporary gags allowed Susan and Amy to be pulled up into a kneeling position so we could attach narrow, curved chrome strips to the hinge pins at the top of each vaginal spreader.  As we fitted them between their legs the rings in their clits came through a narrow slot and the other ends of the strips attached to the top rim of the anus spreaders, locking into place with small pins.

Short leather straps back and front attached the chrome strip to the waist belt of their corsets and the girls had on the ultimate in chastity belts.  Just the tips of their clits, held in place by the gold rings, were accessible.

Lifting them off the table to the floor and laying them on their backs Karen continued with Susan’s outfit while I did Amy’s.  Skintight kid toreador pants followed the usual latex panties.    Flipping the girls on their stomachs we laced the pant legs very tightly from knee to ankle.  Stirrup straps under the insteps and toe loops kept the leather taught.

Even though their legs were not yet restrained the acute helplessness of their upper torsos kept them docile.  The chrome chastity belts and the huge plugs they held inside the girl’s cavities were a further reason that negated any struggles.

The leather crotch straps were almost just decorative considering what was already in place but we pulled them as tight as they would go before strapping Susan and Amy’s legs together at thigh, knee and ankle.  The single leg boots were en point and took a great deal of effort to force over their feet.

Each kneeling across one of the girls, facing their feet, Karen and I worked side by side to lace up the thigh high boots until they molded to our captive’s legs.  Their insteps were forced in incredible arcs accented by the gleaming black leather. 

The bonds on them were so tight that as we lifted each girl to her feet there was hardly any bend to their bodies.  We stood them back to back, balancing on the points of the boots, held upright by very short chains from their belts to the waist high metal poles they were positioned between.  To further stiffen the arrangement we used several roller buckle straps around both forms.  Ankles, knees, thighs, waists and just above their bulging breasts the straps locked them together.

Even though Karen and I were both wearing knee boots with substantial heels we needed to stand on low stools to work properly on the sisters from their necks up.  Other than the tops of their breasts bulging through the bra cup openings, their heads were the only part of them not encased in tight kid leather bondage.

The temporary gags still in place we pushed tiny balls of cotton wool, soaked in light oil, deeply into their ears.  Plugs then went in and filled the rest of the ear channel.  No sound would now penetrate - yet one more step towards complete helplessness.  Their glossy black hair was tucked into tight, heavy rubber swim caps and the straps pulled under their chins to fastened under the left ear.

I inserted a metal brace between Susan’s teeth behind the ball gag and turned the screw on it until her jaws were forced wide apart.  The ball popped out as I did this and Karen was ready with the padded tongs to get a hold of the girl’s tongue.  Working carefully I installed three small gold rings through the holes pierced at each side and the tip.  Using lightweight fishing line and a pair of tweezers I threaded it through the left side ring and then around one of her lower teeth and tied it off.  The other side and the tip got the same treatment.

Leaving her for the time being we got Amy along to the same stage and then Karen continued with her while I returned to Susan.

We packed their mouths with soft leather pears and then removed the braces holding their jaws apart.  Using the holes drilled in their front teeth several turns of the fishing line closed their mouths over the packing.  A thin strip of leather then went in their mouths between the cheeks and teeth and more fishing line, threaded through blunt needles, laced their lips together.

Two or three turns of tape around their heads and smoothed across the mouth finished that part of the gagging process and the tears flowed freely down their cheeks.  Hollow inserts screwed up into the four nostrils allowing the girls to breathe no matter how tight the rest of their head bondage became.

The soft black leather discipline helmets molded to their faces with just eyeholes and small opening under the noses. As we each laced one down the back of their heads we took care to make sure there were no creases.  When we had laced the necks of the helmets to the jacket collars we buckled on wide leather neckbands so that the large oblong clasps of the buckles were under their chins like a posture collar.

Kid gag straps pulled snugly around each head and then their heads were held tightly together with a padlock through D rings under Susan’s right ear and Amy’s left.  Large gold rings were fed through the nostril holes of the helmet and their pierced septums

 But we let them just hang resting against the top of the gagged mouths for now.  Using blunt needles and long pieces of leather thong we started to connect the eyelets around the opening in the bra cups.  The leather was pinched tightly into the flesh of their swollen glands but the blunt needles allowed us to gradually crisscross each breast, avoiding the nipples until we had a mesh of tight leather embedded in their flesh.

Gold rings went through their pierced nipples and were then pulled through small clamps that tightened on the jutting points.  We were almost done with our bondage sisters but now provided a final accent to their dilemma.  Using a small link gold chain we fed it through their nose rings and then down to the nipple rings.

Gold painted fishing sinkers were hung from each of the nipple rings.  The buckles under their chins and the padlock holding their heads side by side kept them from easing the strain on the chains.  Only their shining eyes could move along with the gentle rise and fall of the leather stretched across their chests.  We tested the inserts and watched as their eyes went wide but their bodies could not react.

We estimated it would be less than an hour before, their weight being completely focused on the ends of their boots, they would be getting to the painful  “point” of this setup.

After all the trouble we had taken, we left them as they were for two hours!




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