Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - The White Knight - Used by permission

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 11 –  First Date: Bondage Challenge – Part III
By the White Knight

We hugged and then he took my small hand in his and led me to the bathroom.  I visited the bedai first and then joined him in the shower.  The  big glass stall easily accommodated two people.  Thoughtfully, he had kept the water to a luke warm temperature.  Even this felt burning hot on my whipped rump.  He lathered me with soft liquid soap.  Caressing the soap onto my skin, rather than simply rubbing.  As the minutes passed he turned up the temperature until the water was pleasantly hot.  The hot water and his massaging hands were like magic upon my strained muscles.  I leaned back against his strong body as I melted to his touch.  Next he shampooed my hair.  Slowly, deliciously he ran his fingers through my long hair.  Gently separating the few tangles he found.  I was in seventh heaven. 

Afterwards he dried me with more of the huge fluffy towels.  When he was also dry he led me into the living room.  Greg smiled and pointed to white box sitting on the desk.  ‘I got you a present while I was out’, he said.  He looked at me and saw my hesitation, ‘Go ahead open it.   I promise that it won’t bite.’  I love presents, so just like a little girl, I ran to the box and forced it open.  I had to push the soft tissue paper out of the way to see what was inside.  ‘Oh, its lovely’, I crooned as I picked the bright pink teddy with the white ribbon trim from the box.  Noticing something below the teddy I looked back into the box.   A pair of white nylon stay-up stockings and matching pink isotner slippers!  I game him a big hug.  ‘They are all beautiful.  The slippers were especially thoughtful.’ 

‘Yes, I have been meaning to ask you about them’, Greg said softly as he picked up the  isotoners and looked them over.  ‘In the short time we’ve been together I’ve noticed that you love slippers like these.  Why is that?’  I took them from his hand and slipped them on. Crinkling my feet and watching the material ripple in concert with my milky skin.  ‘It’s like having a warm silky hug with each step.  Sort of like walking barefoot, but better, as your feet are supported by the padded insole.  Ohhh, and the way that they mold themselves to my feet and make me feel... surrounded... secure.  Yes, that’s it they give me a feeling like a kids security blanket!’  I sighed softly and gave a shrug, ‘But, mostly they just make me feel gooood!’ 

My expression changed and I again looked up at him.  ‘I am still a little confused, where could you possibly have gotten them from at this time of night?’, I asked perplexed.  It was after nine o’clock and I was sure that all of the shops in the area were closed.  ‘It’s amazing what doors will be opened for the son of the man that employees twenty percent of a towns population’, he replied rather smugly.  ‘They have a small lingerie store right here in the hotel.  I persuaded the manager to allow me access.., ‘just this one time’ as he said.  Then to make sure that I retained his goodwill I left him with a hundred dollar bill to pay for these items.’ 

I nodded my head.  ‘Very impressive.  Thank you very much I love them, but what do we need them for?  You can bind me up naked as a jay bird and have access to any part of me that you want... so just as you were wondering about my footwear fetish , I am  wondering about this?’ 

His gaze upon me bordered on angelic, ‘Ah, another of my passions... lingerie.  You see dearest one, regardless of how absolutely beautiful your unclad body is, when you are graced with sensuous lingerie, you become a goddess.  It is like wearing a string of pearls to highlight your lovely neck or diamond stud earrings to show off your sensuous lobes.  To me lingerie is the icing on a delicious pastry.’  He concluded his statement in an almost professorial tone. 

‘Will wonders never cease’, I replied.  ‘A man exists that just doesn’t want to rip off his woman’s clothes, but actually appreciates her clad form!’  I shook my head.  ‘I am definitely starting to believe in this pre-designation theory of yours’, I told him.  ‘I adore the thought of getting ready for my lover.  Putting on sexy lingerie has always been part of my fantasy preparation when I do so.  Sliding on those sexy items and thinking of you reacting to me in them, well it makes me feel... hot!’  I hissed out the word hot.  Then, frowning, I said, ‘Old what-his-name wouldn’t care if I came to bed in old rags as long as he got his before he fell off to sleep.’ 

‘Oh, you’ll never have to worry about that with me, baby’, Greg said with a smile.  ‘In fact I hope you don’t mind, but it’s very likely that I will be buying you many presents like this one.  I realize that it’s actually buying myself a present, but when I see something sexy and I imagine you in it... well, I just have to get it for you.’ He looked downright bashful as he admitted this to me. I hugged him again and said, ‘I’ll wear anything you want me to wear, master.  But don’t be so sure about you being the only one to enjoy the present!  Personally, I am betting that I will enjoy them most because just the thought of getting you excited sends shivers straight to my sex!.’ 

This led to more kissing and caressing, but with my hands free Greg had to break things up much earlier than last time.  ‘Aaa, Aaa, Aaaaaa’, he said to me shaking his finger.  I promised you three exciting bondages for the evening and if you keep me going like this we will never get to the third!  Pointing to my new presents he commanded me, ‘Now go get dressed and I will prepare for your final event.’  I picked up my gifts and began to comply.  As he left the room I called after him, ‘All right, master.  But, the way I’m counting your already up two to nothing, so I can’t wait to see what you have lined up for the finale!’  He chuckled and responded, ‘Two out of three ain’t bad, but I will only settle for three out of three, Princess.’ 

I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror as I dried my hair with the built in blow dryer.  Taking a few extra minutes I reapplied my make-up and added a few drops of perfume.  Reaching for my new treasures, I decided to begin with the stockings.  They were exquisite!  Made of silk with sexy seems running up the back.  Unrolling them up my leg was a warm sensuous task.  I luxuriated in the feel of the smooth mesh sliding up my limbs, but I was surprised by how far they went up my thigh.  The pretty elasticized lace at their tops ended only inches from my crotch, where it dug tightly into the fleshy part of my thighs.   I tested them by squatting, flexing my leg and flexing my feet, but they held their place admirably.  These babies weren’t going anywhere without help! 

Picking up the teddy, I marveled at the feel of the soft fabric.  I had been fooled into thinking that it was a standard nylon make, but now I could see that it was also made of silk.  Sliding it over my head, I shimmied into the skintight negligee.  It was only when it rolled over my walloped rump that I began to remember the ache in my buttocks.  The fire, thank god, was all but extinguished.  Going over my rear turned out OK, it was snapping the crotch shut that  proved to be extremely.... challenging!  There were five little hooks that held the two halves of the teddy’s panties together.  Attaching them meant pulling the soft material tight over my still inflamed vagina.  I literally had to grit my teeth, to handle the pain of closing the pink nighties crotch.  Once closed though, the ache settled down to a steady warm throbbing. 

I decided to slip on the isotoners while standing.  The thought of sitting down to do so, just wasn’t all that appealing.  Taking a final look in the mirror, I made a few adjustments to my make up and hair.  I smiled at myself. The shinny pink body suit fit  like a glove, it was as skin tight as any spandex that I had ever worn.  This of course made sense because Greg had brought a size ‘small’.  Now fortunately, I am not a large woman, but I probably would have selected a medium.  This was mainly due to my height that caused the tightness of the teddy’s crotch, but also because of the tight fit over my breasts.  The heart shaped opening and the smaller sized cups left little of my mammary mounds covered.  Even the tips of my nipples popped above the sheer pink silk to peer through the lace fringe.  Despite all of this, I had to admit, I made a truly sexy sight! 

‘Ready or not here I come, oh master of mine’, I called as I strode through the door and down the short hall.  He stood in the center of the living room, arms folded across his chest and a large smile framing his face.  I modeled his purchases for him.  Hands on hips, I thrusts my breasts forward and gave him a piercing gaze.  A half turn, to present my profile.  Flex my leg at the knee and my foot like a ballet dancer to show off the pink slipper clinging to my white silk-sheathed limb.  Keeping my face full to him I gave him a seductive look and blew him a kiss.  Another half turn presented him with a full view of my rear.  I rubbed my hands sensuously over my cheeks, reminding him of our last exciting encounter.  Then returning to face forward, I gave him a petite curtsey and asked, ‘Where would you like me now master?’ 

Still smiling he pointed over toward the couch.  Lying on its back before it was what looked like a piano seat.  It had been turned upside down and all four of the intricately carved wooden legs were pointing up into the air.  I walked over to it, but I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  Was I to sit in it or next to it? Lie in it?  Greg saw my questioning glance and explained, ‘You knell over it, my dear.’  OK, no problem, I thought to myself.  I knelt behind one of the set of legs and then bending my body at the middle let my hands come to rest on either side of the other set of legs.  Now I could see why the bench was upside down.   My thighs were pressed tightly against the two rear legs and the two front legs surrounded my back just behind my shoulders.  If the seat had been upright, I would never have been able to kneel over it.  Greg really was ingenious about these things. 

With no words passing between us, my master / lover set to work.  Using a couple of the terry strips on each arm he ‘laced’ it against the appropriate leg.  That is to say that he wound and tied the strips so expertly that it looked like spiral of criss crossing laces riding up my arms.  My legs were a little more difficult and he ended up having me spread my knees even wider apart.  Each knee was bound tightly to the leg as close as possible to the base, then he used other strips to entwine my legs upwards to the top of my thighs.  The smooth wood felt cool against my white stocking sheathed gams.  I pushed and pulled against my bonds, but only to get the feel of them.  Lastly he pulled my ankles together and bound them side-by-side.  Once again I was totally helpless and immobilized before my master. 

‘How does that feel’, asked Greg from behind me.  ‘Fine’, I answered simply.  ‘Any discomfort in kneeling?’, he questioned me further.  ‘No. No, I’m perfectly fine’, I replied sincerely.  This was true as the thick rug performed like a soothing cushion. 

I felt his fingers working at the fastenings at my crotch.  I bit my lip rather than cry out as he undid the snaps one by one.   Breathing a sigh of relief, I felt him push the silk from my rear up onto my back.  Looking over my shoulder I saw him pouring lotion onto his hands.  In seconds I could feel his warm delicious hands massaging my abused rump once again.  Oh, God it felt so wonderful!  Again and again he kneaded my flesh rubbing the soothing liquid into my still hot ass. 

I moaned contentedly as he poured more of the cool lotion onto my buttocks.  His hands spread my cheeks, to get at the liquid that had pooled in my crack.  I jumped a bit in my bonds.  ‘Ow’, I complained.  ‘Hmmmm.... master what are you....DOOOOINNNNG back there?’, I asked.  The question was basically already answered as he had shoved a finger deep into my little rear hole, while I spoke.  ‘I’m getting you ready to be fucked in your cute little ass’, he answered with a happy lilt in his voice.  He continued to ream my hole and rubbed more of the slippery lotion against my puckered anus.  ‘OOOOhhhhhhh’, I cried out as again one of his fingers invaded me. 

‘Hmmmm... master, I’ve never had sex that way before.  Do you think that it will be all right?’ I asked him carefully.  ‘You’ve worn a butt plug a number of times’, he replied distractedly as he continued to concentrate on lubing me up.  ‘I’m sure it will be fine.’  Sure. Sure. I thought to myself.  That plug was only four inches long and I had to push it in by leaning against a dresser!  ‘Master’, I tried again.  ‘I’m really... really tight back there and hhmmmm.....’  Before I could finish my thought to try and keep him out of my ass, he piped up with, ‘Yes. Yes.  Good point!’ 

He knee walked over to be in front of me.  Greg was naked and semi-erect as he knelt before me.  ‘Yes, you’ll have to get me good and hard so that I can make it past your tight rear doorway’, he said as he circled his member with one hand and held it up towards my lips. 

‘Let me get this clear’, I said pulling backwards against my bonds.  ‘You want me to blow you, so that you’ll be hard enough to screw my asshole... hmmm, my Lord?’  I asked him in a disbelievingly tone.  ‘That’s exactly right’, he replied non-chalantly. Relenting a little as he noticed my disbelieving look he continued more softly, ‘Look, honey, just try it.  You can’t know if you like it or not until you’ve tried it.’ 

I shook my head in an exasperated negative motion.   ‘Sharon, would you have ever asked to be bound helplessly underneath a sheet, while a waiter pours champagne not three feet away?  Or would you have asked to have you pussy spanked before I made love to you?’, he chided me gently.  Meeting his eyes, I shook my head no.  ‘And did both of those encounters turn out alright?’, he questioned me.  I gave him a more determined nod of my head to reply ‘yes’.  ‘So what do you say, babe?’, he asked softly.  His eyes beamed love at me and I knew then that I could deny him nothing.  ‘You're the master, my Lord’,  I replied as I shook my head. ‘But, please be gentle master, OK?’  His smile broadened and he answered with a jaunty ‘of course my dear’. 

For the second time that night his member found its way between my pursed lips.   This time, however, the job before me was much more difficult.  For one thing I didn’t have use of my hands and had to depend, almost entirely on my master as to where and how he wanted me to take him.  Secondly, he was far from hard.... flaccid even, so it was difficult to keep him in my mouth once I got him there.  Lastly, he had already climaxed twice this evening, which was the max old-what’s his name was ever able to cum in one night. 

Greg began to speak as I licked, nibbled and sucked on his manhood.  ‘I love looking at your ass while your blowing me.  Those lovely cheeks of yours are still a very light shade of pink, hmmmmm.... it makes them look warm and inviting.  Ohhh yeah, that was a particularly satisfying suck you just gave me.  You must be happy with my praise.  I can tell because you’re flexing your feet in your slippers.  I can see why you like them.  Its very sexy watching the pink nylon play against the white silk.’  His musings seemed to be having a stimulating effect on both of us.  His rod was hardening much faster than I would have believed possible and my pussy was actually getting damp!  I found it hard to understand, but somehow his sexual interest in me and my body was exciting me.  He stopped his long and slow plunges down my throat and pulled out to only let me at the top two inches.  I began to suck on him.  Nibble around the top of his circumcised head and lick against his sensitive fore skin.  Soon I began to notice the taste of salty pre-cum drops.  I looked away from his crotch and up towards his face.  He was intently looking over my head.  ‘There she blows’, he cried.  ‘When you just arched your butt your asshole showed itself.  God, it excites the hell out of me to think that when I pull out of your mouth, my next stop is going to be your tight little hole.’ 

‘Hmmmmm, good enough babe’, he said softly as he pulled from my encircling lips.  I was scared and excited all at the same time.  I know it shouldn’t be that bad.... I had used the butt plug, but..... I was still frightened.  He knee walked behind me and parted my cheeks with both hands.  He rubbed his cock against my slippery crack.  I could feel his head press up against my nether hole.  Closing my eyes, I lowered my head and gritted my teeth in preparation for the pain I was sure would follow. 

‘Hmmmmpphhh’, Greg grunted as he pushed against my rear entrance.  His liberal use of lotion as a lubricant worked against him this time, as his head slid away from its intended course.  After a few failed attempts I decided to try to find out what was going on back there.  Straining to look over my shoulder, I was just in time to see him use his hand to guide his manhood forward.  Yet still my tight anal muscles, refused to yield him admittance.  Not giving up he began to thrust back and forth.  Each drive seemed to weaken my puckered rear doors resolve to keep him out. 

My body went rigid and I sucked in a deep breath as his efforts finally paid off. ‘Ooohhhhh SHIT’, I groaned.  Only his head was in me but it felt like a burning poker had been shoved into my ass.  ‘Master....master.... that hurts so much’, I gasped breathlessly.  He had completely stopped moving when he had achieved access.  ‘Sssshhhhh’, he said softly.  ‘Relax.  You’ve got to calm down and relax you sphincter muscles.’   He massaged my back and hips and sooner than I would have thought, I got used to having him in there.  Slowly, ever so agonizingly slowly, my rear end did relax... just slightly.  Greg, perhaps sensing this or more likely feeling it began to once again drive forward.  I immediately tensed up, but this time he was not deterred.  ‘Uuuuggggghhh’, I grunted softly as he pressed his way into my tight rump.  His weight pushed my hips forward and I found I had to really use my arms to keep myself stable.  Gritting my teeth, I pushed backwards against him and with one last huge groan, he leaned forward and buried himself to the hilt. 

‘Oooowwwwww’, I moaned as his heavy ball sacks rubbed up against my abused lower lips.  He pulled backwards about an inch or two before sliding back in.  In and out he went.  My teeth were still gritted, but I was able to open squinting eyes.  As his strokes became longer he started to talk again.  ‘Oh, God.  It feels so weird and good in your ass, baby.  So tight and warm, soft and hot all at the same time.  Oh yeah, its good’, he intoned softly.  ‘Oh Sharon and you just look so hot from back here.  Ooooowwwweee, what a site you make.  Bound helplessly, your sexy back arching to my thrusts and your face baby.... oh lovely.  I know your grimacing in pain, but it’s so sexy to see you that way.  I feel kinda of ashamed to admit it, but when you bite your lip, close your eyes, suck in a deep gasping breath or wince to my thrusts.... they’re all exicting the heck out of me.’ 

His words were quickening and so were his painful plunges.  Each of his powerful lunges slammed against my bound body.   My arms strained to hold me in place as I was pressed helplessly forward against the heavy wood frame of the inverted ottoman.  The hard teak groaned in protest, trying desperately to support me.  He had, out of necessity, straddled my bound legs giving me but little purchase upon the thick shag carpet.  My slipper sheathed toes dug deeply into the heavy wool to gain support, but my position was precarious at best.  So, I thought, if he was being excited by my pain racking movements, he must be at fever pitch by now!  Despite my best efforts I couldn’t relax as he speared me with his hardened rod.  Each thrust felt like a knife diving into my innards.  The pain was so intense that I thought that I would pass out!  My rear muscles were cruelly stretched to accept him and I couldn’t find the means to turn the pain to pleasure this time.  ‘Oh, Lord it hurts so much’, I groaned through my clenched teeth. 

 ‘Come on baby.... relax’, he crooned.  His swift strokes paused and then stopped  all together.   Sliding his hands caressing up from my hips, he caressed his way upwards to my shoulders.  His soft touch enfolded me as he began to knead the tight muscles of my shoulders.  Warm hands firmly massaged  the kinks from my tortured blades.  The feel of the soft pink material gliding upon my skin only enhanced the sensation.  As my whole body bean to succumb to his ministrations, he once again began to force his was in an out of my nether regions.  Just like when he had started he moved forward and backward only one or two inches at a time.  His hands wandered lower, until each cupped an aching breast.  The tight silk was too small to confine my mammeries and I found him softly rubbing my displaced nipples against the ticklish lace.   ‘Oh, Lord, that’s delicious’, I moaned in pleasure.  With my body relaxing more and more, I thanked God that I had been led to so many times to the use of my now infamous butt-plug in these recent weeks.   His job done he slid his hands back to my hips for better purchase and once again resumed his long... deep impaling strokes. 

‘That’s it honey, work with me.... Ahhhhhh, God it’s so good... Your so wonderful’, he breathed heavily.   ‘I can’t believe how exciting it is to watch you whole body tense to me... your beautiful face grimacing in pain at my ravaging of your anus... your fists clenching tightly to fight off the pain...’  His words struck some deep cord within me and all of a sudden everything changed.  Somehow I could see myself through his eyes.   My beautiful female form displayed for his pleasure.  Bound for his excitement and skewered upon his penis. 

As if someone had turned a switch in me, my abused rear end muscles relaxed.  The pain faded and heat grew to a burning pitch deep within my loins!  Raising my head up towards the ceiling, my lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as I howled in closed eyed ecstasy.  Without conscious thought I bucked my hips back against Greg, causing him to groan in pleasure.  Moving his hands from my hips, his left glided up my back until it meet my curly locks.  Twisting his fingers into my soft tresses he pulled my head further back like a bare back riding horsemen holding the mane of a horse. His right hand descended upon my heated sex and began to rub gently against my already inflamed flesh.  In my minds eye I saw the picture of how we must look.  Him as the bronco riding cowboy and me as his wild mount.  ‘Arrrrgggggghhhh’, I groaned in desire as his fingers passed into my steamy interior.  Soon we had matched the timing of our thrusts so that as he rammed deeply into my asshole his fingers flicked hard and quickly against my G-spot.  The feeling of his cock thrusting in and out of my virgin rump, while his fingers played with my puss was incredible!  The overwhelming heat between my legs soon  removed any of my previous discomfort.  As he pulled at my hair forcing me to arch my back further, I cried out, ‘God, yesssss.  Screw me hard... ohhhh, so hard.... my Lord.’  Then it began.  Quickly, like an unexpected rainstorm.  His cock jerked mightily in my nether hole as my own orgasm pounded forward.  Soon he began to come in me like a hot spurting volcano.  ‘Aarrrrggghhhhhhhhhh’, I cried as my own  orgasm took shape. I bucked wildly against my bonds and mashed my body against his seed-spilling monster.  Again and again we rocked together like elementals joined in a fiery embrace. 

It seemed like forever and yet again to short a time, when finally his cock emptied itself and my waves of passion ebbed.  I slumped forward against the tops of the chairs legs.  To spent to worry further about any discomfort.  As his own desires receded his manhood softened quickly.  Greg’s cum formed a thick milky enema, which worked to slide his deflating member from my abused rose bud.  With a  last cry of utter fulfillment he sagged down upon my fettered form.  His warm body enfolding my own.  ‘Oh my God that was incredible’, he groaned in exhaustion.  Slowly as I regained my senses, I replied happily, ‘ Yes my Lord.... it definitely was.’ 

When he regained his vigor, he quickly removed my bonds.  We showered together once again, but this time our desire had passed and we only wished to cleanse ourselves of our deep needs.   Naked we slid beneath the covers of our warm bed and huddled together in happy fulfillment.  Soon we began to talk, in remembrance of what had passed between us.  I had to agree with him, hands down, that he had won our little bet.  Taking one of his fingers into my mouth, I assured him that I would happily uphold my end of the bargain.  With an excited shudder he thanked me ‘from the tip of his fingers to the base of his penis’.  Greg also thanked me for such a fantastic time and to show his appreciation, he granted me my ‘one time, I get to make the decision for us wish’.  We talked and laughed well into the night, finally falling asleep as we cuddled upon the bed.