Leather & Lace

by The White Knight

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Leather & Lace
Chapter 10 – First Date: Bondage Challenge – Part II
By the White Knight

With a few deft movements Greg removed the strips of cloth from my legs and upper body.  I sat up and rubbed gently at my wrists.  It was interesting that the soft cloth had hardly left any marks on my skin at all.  Certainly there was a certain amount of redness, but nothing like the angry looking indentations made by rope.  I was surprised to realize that I sort of missed that look. 

‘Come on, Sharon.  Act Two is about to begin and guess who’s the star attraction?’, my master said as he held out his hand.  Accepting his help, I stood up besides him awaiting further orders.  ‘Into the living room with you wench’, he cried.  I gave a short curtsey, the best I could in my sky-high heels, and then scurried out of the bedroom. 

Greg turned off all of the lights around the room.  Then opened the drapes, which covered the entire wall of floor to ceiling panes of glass.  This afforded us a wonderful view of the entire town.  The glimmering lights of the street lamps, apartments and houses were spread out below us and up the nearby hill. It wasn’t the Manhattan skyline, but it was still a beautiful picture. 

There was almost a full moon and this cast a bluish light into the room.  Taking a chair from the desk in the corner, Greg placed it close to the window.  I was a little miffed that he had it facing into the room, but I moved over to sit in the chair without complaint.  As I turned to sit I noticed Greg shaking his head ‘no’.  ‘Sorry darling, no sitting down on the job.  You’ll be standing behind the chair and tied over it’, he informed me.  With a sweep of his hand towards the solid glass wall he smiled and asked, ‘Get the picture?’  Bound over the chair my naked butt would be on display for the entire town.  Granted no one could see into the darkened room, but.... just the thought of being on display like that started my juices flowing once more.  ‘You are very devious, master Gregory’, I said in a soft sensual voice.  ‘I like that in a man!’.  Sliding into position as I spoke. 

Tapping my legs he had me spread them so my feet were outside of each of the chairs back legs.  I was able to look down and watch as he attached me to the chair.  It was like watching a craftsman at work.  Each leg was bound, a little higher than ankle level, to the crossbars and rear legs of the sturdy seat.  This was not the amazing part though; it was the loving way that he did it.  Both of the bonds looked like perfect duplications of the other.  Somehow, despite the rough medium he was using, he made the bonds look... attractive.  I couldn’t help thinking pride fully that Mr. Thatcher better watch his back, because my man was every bit as good as him.  Maybe even better! 

I tested my bonds as he rose from his crouched position.  They were not loose, yet at the same time neither weren’t they overly tight.  They seemed to encase my white nylon stocking covered calves and the wooden struts in a new and immovable coating of white terry material.  He asked me to hold out my wrists.  ‘Greg.... I mean master’, I said shyly.  ‘May I tell you something?’  He nodded his head, yes.  ‘I can’t understand it, but when you tie me up.... no not just because you are tying me up, but the skill with which you bind me.... well, master, it does something to me... it sort of... makes me hot.’, I ended my flustered statement softly. 

Smiling he continued his work of binding my wrists.  ‘This is definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship’ he intoned.  ‘Princess, please don’t feel shy about telling me these things.  Feel free to tell me your likes and dislikes, about anything and everything that we do.  I promise you they will never be held against you.’  Finishing tying my wrists together, side by side, he continued, ‘In fact because of your frankness, I am going to forgo your gag during this bondage scene.’  Pressing gently against my bare shoulder he added, ‘Now lean forward so that we can complete your positioning’.  Bending at the middle, I used my hands to help keep my balance as I followed his instructions.  I was able to get pretty comfortable, by spreading my elbows and using them as support for my upper body.  The weight caused them to dig into the seat of the chair, but it was well padded, so with a few adjustments I was entirely satisfied.  Greg did not seem to object as he busied himself with using another piece of the towel to bind my joined wrist to both front legs of the chair.  Lastly, he passed a strip around my waist and bound me to the frame backing. 

He stood back and I watched him through a cloud of my own hair.  Greg looked at me like an artist examining his work.  I almost laughed as I realized that his calm demeanor, was only a front... at least judging by the bulge in his pants!  ‘Legs straight, darling’, he softly admonished.  I quickly tightened my stance.  The only problem with my position was that with the addition of my five-inch heels, my mid-point was above the back of the chair.  Keeping my legs straight put a lot of strain on leg muscles, much more than I would have ever realized.  Grunting, I settled my buttocks up a little higher, making it more predominant. 

Starting at the hem of my skirt he carefully rolled it up until it was just a lump of material behind the rope binding my waist to the chair.  Greg looked out the window and said thoughtfully, ‘I wonder if there is some guy out there on the next hill with a telescope.  Out to look at the constellations and finding himself starring at your lovely moons.’  His hands caressed me as he spoke and I all but melted to his touch.  I moaned gloriously.  I still could not get over how being bound could make the simplest movements so sensual. 

His hands were not confined to my curved rear, but slid down my legs.  Digits tested my garters and rubbed them against my smooth thighs.  Lace stocking tops were given special attention all of there own.  Caresses flowed down white nylon sheathed legs, until I knew he must have been kneeling behind me.  His tongue darted out and touched one of my cheeks.  I gasped, expelling all of the air in my lungs, in my excitement.  My feet ground into the toes of my high heels as I squirmed to find release from my bindings.  Once again his tongue licked me, closer this time to my heated sex.  ‘Oh God, please master.  Please....’, I cried out.  All I received were a few more teasing strokes and strained muscles from trying to escape my bonds.  I desperately wanted to grab his head and push it between my legs. 

He stood and moved his attention to my chest.  Strong hands cupped my breasts through thin material of my halter-top.  I shivered as my nipples hardened to his touch and rubbed teasingly against the soft inner lining.  ‘Please master take me.  I need you in me... Please’, I pleaded breathlessly.  With a quick little pinch to each nipple he removed his hands and turned to leave the room.  Once again I moaned in frustration and desire. 

I watched as he went into the bedroom.  ‘Master, your slave wants you’, I continued to plead.  Receiving no answer I tried, ‘How long are you going to leave me like this master?’  It was difficult to hold my head in the position to see the bedroom door, so I didn’t notice his return right away.  ‘Oh, not long, Princess’, he answered.  Just long enough to get you to come once or twice.’  I smiled up at him through my cascading hair and cried out happily, ‘Oh thank you, master’.  He turned to put on the stereo.  Rock music began to fill the room.  It was louder than I thought necessary.  But as he turned towards me I began to understand his reasoning. 

Leaning further forward I used my bond hands to pull my hair from in front of my eyes.  I gulped. ‘What do you have there master?’, I asked.  He held out what look like an eighteen inch rod and responded, ‘A shoehorn, my dear.  All fine hotel’s are equipped with them’.  He turned it over in his hands.  ‘Wrapped leather handle, short bamboo shaft ending in a metal shoe horn’, he intoned informatively.  Changing his grip, he quickly swung the ordinary looking item that had now become a whipping tool.  I closed my eyes and tensed my buttocks unconsciously.  SMACK, the striking of the metal paddle sounded loud in the air.  I looked up mystified. 

The metal horn rested against his own leg.  ‘Very effective actually, for such a crude replacement for a proper paddle’, he said with a slight grimace.  Then he smiled at me and dropped the offending item onto a nearby love seat.  ‘But guess what Princess’, he said brightly.  ‘My purpose isn’t to cause you pain.... well at least not to that extent.  Oh no, my beautiful darling, my aim in your second bondage is to teach you that it is not only the bad girls who get spanked.  Sometimes it the very good girls that deserve such a reward.’  I looked at him blankly at first.  I really didn’t understand, but his enthusiasm made me feel confident that what was about to befall me would not be horrible.  ‘Now what would you rather have me do, Princess’, he asked softly.  ‘Whip you or spank you?’ 

Licking my lips I responded equally softly, ‘Spank me please, master’.  Then quickly realizing my gaff responding to his trick question, I quickly added, ‘But, if it pleases you to whip me master, then that is what I wish.’  Greg shook his head.  ‘I thought I had you there for a minute, Princess.’  Stepping behind me he once again began to caress my milky moons. 

‘What an absolutely gorgeous rear end you have, my dear’, he said gaily.  My rear tensed, even to the point of twitching as I waited for him to begin.  Seeing this he worked to calm me by using his fingers to lightly trace spirals on my ass.  His soft caressing touch slid across my cheeks.  He began rubbing my buttocks with both hands, warming my tender flesh.  Silently he sent a hand between my legs and quickly drove a few fingers between my lips.  ‘Ah, you vixen.  I really must marry you’, he chuckled.  ‘Smart, beautiful, fun to be with... and even when bound helplessly your hotter than a furnace!’  At first I blushed, but then I just let my hair hide my delighted smile.  I was feeling very very vulnerable in this position, but at the same time... I want to please him so badly. ‘Especially when I am bound and helpless before you, master’, I add softly.  Greg chuckles once more. 

I am suspended in a state of excited anticipation as I awaited my coming ordeal. Smack.  His strong bare hand met my quivering flesh.   ‘Mmmmm’, I moaned through clenched teeth.  Smack.  ‘Ohhh’, I sighed.  Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.  I moaned and groaned to each cut across my bottom.  He was switching his swats from one cheek to the next, alternating on every other stroke. 

After the first few strokes I began to realize that this spanking was different then any other that I had received in my life.  Mind you the only one that had ever spanked me before this had been my father and that had been a long time ago.  But what he was doing to me wasn’t like a true spanking; it was more like a sexual stinging.  His strokes were like glancing blows, slapping my rump hard enough to sting, but not like the painful strokes that I remembered from my childhood.  My father had raised his hand straight up and whacked downwards with all the weight of his hand and arm.  Gregory’s hand was more like a plane practicing take off’s and landings.  Down, smack and back up again. 

‘I really wish you could see you ass when it gets hit.  It’s really quite amazing.  Your cheeks are wonderfully firm, but they have just the right amount of extra padding that lets a slap ripple across them like a rock thrown into a pond.’  He rubs my heated skin, swirling the pain into a soothing caress.  Whack.  ‘Ooohhhh’, I moaned.  This blow had come upwards against the soft curve of my rear just above where it met my thigh. My left cheek was thrust upwards by this blow and I could feel my whole cheek wiggle.  ‘Hmmmmm’, I winced as he repeated the same cut, expect this time to my right globe. 

As his blows came closer to my aching pussy, the stinging sensation began to turn from pain to an almost indescribable pleasure.  ‘Ohhh, yeah’, I moaned as a grin spread across my face.  Greg, as always noticed everything.  ‘You liking this aren’t you Princess?’, he asked as his next measured blow landed.  ‘Ooohhh, yes master’, I moaned softly in reply.  ‘Are you almost ready to come, beautiful one’.  I moaned again and shifted my hips seductively.  ‘Yes, please master.  I just need a little more stimulation.... if you would please just touch my pussy....’, I pleaded gently. 

‘That’s what I’m here for, darling’ he answered with another chuckle.  He must have used a remote control, because just then the stereo changed songs.  The unmistakable beginning of Thuorgood’s ‘Bad to the Bone’ sounded ominously in the room.  ‘I broke a thousands hearts baby, before I met you...’ the song stated as Greg sang along with it.  He again rubbed my now aching ass with both hands.  I winced at first, but then relaxed as it began to feel good.  ‘A little more stimulation, you say...’, Greg stated happily.  ‘No problem’. 

‘Ow. Ow. Ooww. Ooww.  Ooww. Ooowww. Ooowwww’, I cried out in pain and surprise.  When Thorgood stuttered out ‘B-B-B-B-Bad, B-B-B-Bad, B-B-B-Bad, Bad to the Bone’ Greg quickly slapped my pulsating puss in time to the music!  The blows weren’t hard, only swift stinging taps, but had switched to the crop / shoe horn and that made me stand up and take notice.  My eyes popped wide open in surprise.  He had landed maybe fifteen of the quick strikes in half as many seconds.  The hard round metal meeting my tender mons, sounded like the cracks of machine gun fire.  My legs strained and my body jerked, trying to pull me upwards away from the swats landing between my legs.  Thank God, that as over almost before I had realized that it had begun. 

With the singer now going on with the lyrics, Greg’s tongue began to work against my heated puss.  Pushing my lips aside with one hand his tongue darted into my warm juicy interior.  His second hand followed the crack of my ass upwards.  His thumb found my rosebud and he began to stroke it.  This combined with his tongue arriving at my clit, almost made me lose it.  By bending my legs at the knees and then straightening them I am able to buck my hips in time to his pleasure giving oral delights.  I could feel another wonderful orgasm building within me.... 

B-B-B-B-Bad... ‘Ow. Ow. Ooww. Ooww.  Ooww’, I cry out once again.  The stinging slaps once again, hold off my orgasm.  ‘Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh’, I moan angrily in frustration.  Clenching and unclenching my fists I bit my lip so that I wouldn’t complain.  Once again his hands were rubbing my reddened rump and then pulling my ass cheeks apart. This same process went on numerous more times until the song ended.  Each time that I was ready to cum... SMACK. SMACK. SMACK.  The hard metal meets my soft flesh.  My poor cunny was on fire and all I could do was moan and buck my hips in frustration!  ‘Just a little more stimulation, eh Princess’, he asks again. 

 ‘OOOOoooohhhhhhhh’, I moan in surprise.... and despite the shock in absolute pleasure.  Obviously deciding that I was hot enough Greg had released his raging hard on and impaled me upon it!  No warnings, just a little pressure and then one deep diving plunge.  At first it felt like a hot poker had been shoved into my love canal.  My bruised lips screamed in pain as they spread to accept his manhood but in seconds the lovely feeling of him driving in and out of me took over.   ‘Oh, yes’, I screamed.  ‘God, yes. Do me Greg!’  Each of his inward strokes pushed his pelvis against my aching mound.  As his balls slapped against my mons it was like being spanked there once again.  This formed a weird pleasure / pain heat that flowed directly into my pussy like an electric shock.  Oh, God, the glorious pain and the wondrous satisfaction of finally having him dip his tool deep into me were incredible.  ‘Yessss,  Yessss, Yessss’, I screamed as my orgasm rumbled through my body. 

Greg’s motions had become increasing quicker as his own loud breathing matched pace.  ‘Oh, yeah’, he hissed.  Burying himself to the hilt, he exploded sending his warm milky seed deep into my womb.  Pulling out quickly afterwards, he shot cascades of the sticky cum against my heated ass cheeks.  Laying his cock into my crack he pumped himself until every last drop was drained from his still hard rod.  I could feel it flow slowly, like a small river, down my split and unto my pubic hair. 

Gasping for breath, I began to slowly relax and fade into that glorious after sex state.  I lay heavily against the chair top.  No longer did I have the strength to support my own weight.  But, I didn’t care in the least!  Greg had once again begun to rub my buttocks, massaging his own cum into my flesh like a healing balm.  Slowly, wondrously, his hands rubbed his seed into my heated cheeks.  I groaned in absolute ecstasy! 

With one last teasing slap to my rear he removed my bonds so that we could take a shower off our lust-coated bodies.   As I turned to face him, he stood with his arms open and a grin on his face.  ‘Come here, honey’, he whispered softly.  My dress fell back into place as I rushed into his embrace.  He held my head gently and we shared a lovely tongue-tangling kiss.  After a few loving minutes we separated.  ‘It may sound like a line from a movie, but I’ll say it anyway.  I never knew that I could be like this’, I admitted softly as I shook my head.  ‘Neither did I, princes.  Neither did I’, he breathed softly into my hair.  ‘Come on, Greg.  You must have known... you have all the moves, you know just what to do... you must have experienced this before’, I stated unbelievingly. 

‘It’s the truth, Sharon.  This isn’t some line to make you feel good or special,’ he said gently.  ‘YOU ARE SPECIAL.  Everything I do with you is different....  It’s better than I could ever imagine....’  I still found it difficult to understand.  ‘But you’ve done this, or at least things like this with other women?’, I persisted.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I always knew that the thought of this had bothered me.  Now I just had to know. 

‘I’ve certainly had experiences like this’, Greg emphasized the word like.  ‘Yes, I experienced bondage with other women.  Not to mention Cassy and the films I’ve made.  But, truth be told, I have never felt what you make me feel.  Sharon, the bottom line is that no one has ever touched me the way you do’, he shared softly.  ‘The way you walk, the way you talk... and especially the delicious way you think!’  A shiver ran through his body.  ‘Sharon, I can’t stop thinking about you.  Night and day, you’re constantly on my mind.  Everything from different lingerie that I would love to see you wear, to... having children with you.’  He sighed heavily.  ‘I truly believe that I have found my sole mate and I hope you do also.’ 

I gave him a big squeeze and pushed away from him.  He looked at me and couldn’t help seeing the tears streaming down my face.  ‘I love you too sole mate’, I said.  I laughed only to stop my crying.  ‘But, we really are going to have to work on your sharing your thoughts.  It seems to me like you have to fight with yourself to tell me these things.... Darling, your not giving up any control by telling me you love me.  That I promise you.  If anything it only makes our entire relationship stronger.’  The tears refused to stop.  ‘Besides a woman loves to hear that her man loves her, desires her.... wants her.’ 

Leather & Lace
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