The Family Plan 2

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2013 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

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Part 2

About 2:00 in the afternoon, Mark began to have second thoughts as to the wisdom of Darlene's prolonged confinement. Even Amber, who certainly had ill feeling for her father, feared for her mother's welfare. The result was that Mark made a call to Mistress, requesting that his wife be released.

Mistress considered the agreement to be a binding one, if not legally, then morally. The unwritten agreement was that Darlene “would remain for the rest of the day” and until Mistress permitted her release. Mark became quite assertive, demanding that Darlene be freed upon his request, and announcing he what be at the house within thirty minutes.

At this time both Barbara and Claire, in addition to Mistress, were present and eagerly awaiting the scheduled evening gathering of the group of lesbians, for whom Darlene would perform. Mistress wasn't about to loose face by canceling that session, and decided that Mark would be one of the performers, quite unwilling of course, and that his audience would consist of a group which would include gays.

When Mark arrived at Mistress's he was admitted into the upstairs living room, fully expecting Darlene to be dressed and ready to leave. Much to his surprise he was confronted by the trio of female dominants, and without warning was overpowered. Mistress, never one to fight fair, took a leather police style black jack and wacked Mark once in the back of the head.

The blow caused him to lapse into semi consciousness, enabling the dominatrix trio to drag him to one of the unoccupied upstairs bedrooms. Before he could fully recover, he had been spreadeagled to the bed using leather cuffs, one attached to each wrist and ankle.

Mistress then read him the riot act, pontificating that no lowly male questions her judgment, and that the punishment for his defiance was that he too would be spending a few hours in bondage. If that wasn't bad enough he was informed that a group of dominant gays would be permitted to use him sexually, as well as the lesbians doing the same with Darlene.

Barbara was assigned to monitor Mark for the time being. Since he was fully clothed, Barbara gladly assumed the task of undressing him. This was easily done with a heavy duty pair of scissors, Mark was casually attired in jeans and a sweatshirt, which could easily be replaced.

Mark tried persuading Barbara to set him free, but her response was just to laugh and accuse him of insulting her intelligence. “I think we've heard enough from you, these were worn last night by Mistress” she chortled, before stuffing a pair of soiled panties into his mouth, and wrapping duct tape around his head to seal them in place.

Barbara spent a couple minutes teasing Mark by masturbating his cock, bringing him to the verge of climax before stopping. As he struggled in his bondage, he experienced a perverse attraction for the buxom red head. Perhaps it was because of her British accent. Seemingly Barbara sensed this, commenting that he wasn't worthy of her pussy, and that he would have no need for his cock tonight, only his mouth to perform fellatio upon another male. With that she exited leaving Mark alone and securely restrained to the bed.

Darlene had been ignored since being locked in the basement cage, but was being monitored by the CCTV. She wasn't aware that Mark was confined upstairs, and that both of them would be used to further the sadistic and prurient tastes, of a dominatrix trio.

Harmony seldom prevails in any dominatrix consortium, and such was the present case. Claire resented Barbara's innate sex appeal, her professorial air and British accent. Barbara had a low opinion of Claire, primarily because of her slovenly appearance and generally unprofessional demeanor. On a number of occasions the two had clashed, leaving Mistress to referee the dispute. Barbara resented the fact that Mistress invariably sided with Claire.

Barbara was intent on dominating Mark, but Mistress had already decreed that Mark was to be used only for gay sex, while the submission of Darlene, would be overseen by Mistress, with the visiting lesbians playing the most active role. Barbara and Claire would be essentially relegated to the role of support technicians.

This was simply unacceptable to Barbara, who against her better judgment, voiced her opinion. Mark was an arrogant jerk, who needed to have heavy pain inflicted upon him by a stellar dominatrix, such as Barbara. Mistress wasn't buying it, as she knew Barbara wanted to force Mark to cunt fuck her. It was one of several activities Mistress did not permit at her dungeon. Males could be tortured, sodomized or strap on fucked by females, but no male cock would penetrate female cunt.

Barbara took exception to Mistress calling her on this, insisting she only wanted to whip him and fuck him anally. The reaction of Mistress was swift, “You want him you can have him” she snapped, and with assistance from Claire, Barbara was forcibly stripped and taken to the bedroom.

As Mark watched in astonishment, Barbara's wrists were bound behind her, and she was ordered to kneel on the bed and facing the unwilling sub. Her ankles were bound, one to each of Mark's spreadeagled legs. The result was that Mark's fully erect cock was in contact with her pussy. That arrangement was only momentary. Mistress had no intention of allowing the two to pleasure each other, and a hastily applied cock cage assured that Barbara would be forced to kneel uncomfortably for an extended period. With her cunt rubbing against the silicon of the cage, it would be a most erotically agonizing position. A ball gag silenced her.

Barbara's ankles were bound in such a way that she was unable to lean, either forward or backwards, and could only remain in a stationary position. Mark, whose ankles and wrists were spreadeagled to the four corners of the bed, could only stare at the perversely attractive red head with the charming British accent. Mistress and Claire high fived each other before leaving the couple alone and bound to the bed. For Claire it was a relief to not be the target of Mistress's wrath, as had happened occasionally in the past, one incident stood out as the most humiliating.

Mistress has a strict policy against her dominatrix urinating on subs, in any way, shape or form. Some time ago Claire was monitoring a sub while Mistress was absent, the sub was confined to a basement cage. Claire, unaware of the CCTV, sat atop the cage and showered the female sub inside. Two days later Mistress was having a meeting of her dominatrix consortium, outside her house in a picnic forum. Without warning Claire was overpowered and bound to four stakes, which had been driven into the ground.

For the next two hours the dominatrix in attendance were ordered to use Claire as a human toilet. It was the most humiliating experience of Claire's life, and she avoided Mistress for nearly a year. Eventually they reestablished good relations, but Claire is ever mindful of her behavior, never knowing when Mistress might be monitoring the CCTV. With all three of the unwilling submissives securely restrained, Mistress and Claire decided to relax and watch some television. In less than two hours, at least five lesbians and one gay, would be arriving. A gala show was planned and Mistress planned to tape the whole event.

* * *

The first three of the lesbian guests arrived about 6:00PM, consisting of a dominant/slave couple, and one whose presence was mostly out of curiosity. Lydia, the fifty year old full figured dominant, led her slave, Jen, on a leash attached to a collar. Jen was no more than thirty years old and quite petite, with the couple having resided together for nearly two years.

The third lesbian, Diane, was married to a male, but she slept around with other females. Her husband was aware of and consented to this arrangement, as Diane made no objections to his heterosexual activity with other women.

Next to arrive was Bill, a forty year old dominant gay, with the build of a weight lifter, except for an incongruous paunch. He enjoyed torturing other gay adults, especially those he thought were homophobes. Mistress wasn't about to allow him to inflict severe torture upon Mark, but a bit of forced oral and anal sex was certainly in order.

The other two lesbian visitors canceled out at the last minute, but Mistress was satisfied that four guests was sufficient for an orgy. They were seated in the living room, as Mistress and Claire prepared to put the three submissives on display.

Barbara was the first to be brought in. Her legs were untied from Mark and her wrists left bound behind her. She was wearing a leather collar, and walked on a leash by Claire. At Mistress' command she knelt on the floor in front of the couch, facing the three seated lesbians.

“She became overly attracted to the male sub you will meet in a few minutes and had the audacity to question my judgment. You be the jury, how should she be punished?”, Mistress inquired mockingly..

Lydia was the first to provide input. “I'll give you five hundred dollars to be permitted to take her to my dungeon for one night, I really can't think of any instant punishment for her, but overnight she will suffer severely”, she announced.

As Mistress smiled, Barbara cringed, she had been involved in a dispute with Lydia months ago and had humiliated her in public. It was obvious that Lydia was thirsting for revenge.

“Sold” she declared, adding that she expected Lydia and Jen to stay for the rest of the show. But Lydia needed some immediate gratification and Barbara was fair game.

Without asking she grabbed Barbara's leash, removed the gag, and ordered her to kneel underneath her skirt, with wrists still bound to the rear. Barbara hardly needed any explanation as to what was expected next. Lydia was wearing a belt around her dress, by looping the leash underneath her crotch and to the belt, Barbara's face was securely attached to Lydia's cunt.

Mistress generously allowed Lydia to use her cattle prod device for motivational purposes, but Barbara wisely performed the disgusting task adequately, using her tongue to please the cunt of a BBW dominatrix. The leash was looped so tight that Barbara feared she would be strangled. While she had performed oral sex upon other women in the past, Lydia lacked the most in hygienic standards. The smell of her vaginal odor was distinctly repugnant.

Darlene was the next to brought in. Like Barbara, she was nude, ball gagged, her wrists bound behind, and led on a leash attached to a collar. “This is the uppity wife of my other guest, with the audacity to violate the sanctity of marriage. It was her idea to bring her promiscuous daughter to me for training” announced Mistress, striving to avoid laughing.

“I think she should be put in a pillory and required to seek divine redemption”, roared Diane.

“I think a more appropriate punishment would be for her to be tied down and strap on fucked in the ass in front of her husband, and you will do just that Diane”, decreed Mistress, adding that the only reason for sparing Darlene the cane, was that she had been caned earlier in the day.

Diane now wished she hadn't volunteered the idea. While her lesbian relationship periodically involved anal play, and she had enjoyed watching videos depicting sadism, she wasn't inclined to inflict it herself, particularly in the presence of Darlene's husband. Mistress, sensing her hesitation, added “ maybe I'll tie you down and inflict twenty strokes on your ass instead”.

Darlene was strapped to a large wooden table set up in front of the couch, while Diane was excused so she could don the strap on. When she returned from the bathroom minutes later, she was topless, with thigh highs, the strap on device reluctantly fastened around her waist. Pillows placed underneath Darlene assured the right position for anal intrusion.

At this time Mark was led into the living room, likewise bound, gagged, and collared. Mistress took the liberty of introducing him to Bill and informing him of the sex acts that he would required to perform. “He looks like a shrivel dick to me” chuckled Bill, as he taunted Mark by pinching his testicles, through an opening in the cock cage.

Mark was allowed to sit on the couch next to Bill to witness the assault upon his wife. Bill continued to fondle his testicles, lamenting that Mark had not been required to wear feminine attire. Dressing his male subs with wigs and stockings was a favorite fetish of his, but Mistress was seldom receptive to such requests, and Bill prudently refrained from making it.

The strap on intrusion commenced, with Mistress threatening to use the cane on Diane if she failed to perform with sufficient vigor. Mistress had generously applied a quantity of a menthol like gel into Darlene's rectum, assuring that it would enhance the pain. Mark sat in disgust. He was not so perturbed that his wife was being violated by another female, but that he would soon be violated himself by another male. He was aware that Mistress was taping the action, and envisioned the potential for blackmail or embarrassment, should the tapes be made public.

His perverse attraction to Barbara made him solicitous of her welfare, she was currently hidden underneath the ankle length skirt of a fat dyke, and performing forced oral sex. In addition Barbara would be forcibly transported to the dyke's house, where other depravities would be inflicted.

Darlene was so sore from the earlier caning, that it numbed her to the pain of the anal intrusions. Diane, not wishing to incur the displeasure of Mistress, made a deliberate effort to make the thrusts more painful than otherwise might be the case. More painful to Darlene was the stinging of the gel, but finally after about ten minutes the anal assault ended.

Motioning to Mark, Mistress stated, “Now it is time for you to serve your master, and by the way Mark despises homosexuals”.

“He does, well he will hate them even more when I'm finished with him”, replied Bill with feigned indignation.

“I think a few lashes to warm him up would be good”, said Bill, who picked up a rattan and ordered Mark to bend over the couch, so as to make his buttocks accessible.

“He is not to be caned, only to give a blow job, if you can't live with that get out”, Mistress commanded.

Fortunately for Mark, Bill was not inclined to challenge Mistress, and stormed out of the house in disgust and mouthing obscenities.

“Don't bother calling again”, yelled Mistress as he exited. Turning to Mark, Mistress told him she would arrange for another gay maledom, but actually had no intention of doing so. She would keep Mark in suspense for a few minutes, before informing him of the good news.

Mistress was clearly disappointed at the turn of events and decided to call it a day. Diane was the first to depart, appearing distraught at having been forced to anal fuck Darlene. Lydia, Barbara and Jen were the next to go. Barbara had no choice as she was still tightly restrained, once again gagged, and was to spend the night at Lydia's. Barb whimpered through her gag, hoping Mistress would see fit to spare her from the sadistic dyke, but was merely ridiculed.

After Barbara's ankles were bound, Mistress assisted Lydia in carrying her to an SUV parked in the driveway, where she was literally thrown inside through the rear passenger door. Jen was ordered to keep Barbara on the floor for the fifteen minute drive.

The remaining occupants in the house were Mistress, Claire, Darlene and Mark, the later two were still restrained. Mistress spent about ten minutes trying to soothe any hard feelings over the affair, to her it was a way of life. To add insult to injury Mistress castigated Darlene for her affair, yet incredulously told the couple their next meal at her tavern would be on the house.

Nothing Mistress could say or do would soothe Darlene, after all her extra marital relationship had been destroyed. Darlene did her best to feign respect for Mistress, but was determined never to speak to her again. On the other had Mark had mixed feelings. He had escaped forced gay sex, yet somehow the thought of being the submissive of Barbara, the alluring redhead with the British accent, lingered positively in his psyche. In addition he had the pleasure of seeing his wife punished for her adultery, something he could never bring himself to do.

The two were allowed to dress and leave. Out of earshot of Darlene, Mistress confided to Mark, “Don't worry I can arrange for you to have Barbara as either a sub or a dominant, and for no charge”.

“Thank you Mistress” Mark replied humbly.

Darlene and Mark left together and made the drive home in silence. She was in severe pain from the caning and the anal fucking, but did her best to conceal it. Later they agreed to work to improve their relationship, with a precondition by Darlene that Mark never speak to Mistress again. Mark was determined to play both sides of the fence.

Amber's behavior has much improved as a result of her experience with Mistress. The mere mention of a return visit is sufficient to persuade Amber to obey her parents' orders without question. Her mother became upset after discovering some bondage material on Amber's computer, but decided to let well enough alone.

For Barbara the night was one of abject terror, with Lydia proving she could emulate Mistress Mary's sadistic talents. The transport restraints used upon Barbara were mild, but that would soon change. After the van pulled into a garage, the ankle restraints were removed, and she was escorted to the basement dungeon by Lydia and Jen. It was nowhere as spacious or well equipped as Mary's, but Barbara knew that the cage sitting in the middle of the floor, was intended to confine someone for a lengthy period.

Lydia then set upon replacing the initial bondage with tight rope bondage of her own. It was the most restrictive Barbara had ever endured, and she was left in a hogtied position, barely able to move. The cage would have been considerably more comfortable. Barbara would spend the night hogtied and gagged. The only interruption was a five minute period when she was once again ordered to use her tongue, this time to lick Lydia's asshole. The vaginal odor was no less repugnant than previously.

For the forced sex, Lydia didn't even have the consideration to temporarily release her from the hogtie. Forcing Barbara to roll over so that her face looked upward, she then knelt on the floor so that the mouth work could proceed. For five minutes Barbara performed feverishly with her tongue, fearing that some painful torture would be inflicted otherwise.

At the conclusion Barbara made a remark, one she knew was ill advised. “You could at least have the decency to seek treatment for the micro-organisms that produce your repugnant body odor”, she stated in her scholarly marm. Lydia's response was to take a pair of her soiled panties, pull them over Barbara's head, and tape them in place. Barbara would wear them for the rest of the night, warned that should she somehow remove the panties, they would be glued in place. To make certain that Barbara received the full effect of the panty smell, the ball gag was lifted temporarily and a portion of the panties stuffed into her mouth.

* * * *

Mark was unaware of the bondage materials on Amber's computer, as Darlene had decided informing him would serve no useful purpose. In the days following the session with Mistress, none of the three discussed the matter. Darlene did promise she would no longer engage in any extramarital affairs. Unknown to Darlene was that Mark had engaged in such an affair within the past year, but that the female had moved out of town about two months ago.

Mark harbored a much greater dilemma, in that he was fixated on Barbara, and was willing to submit to her if necessary, but ideally she would be the submissive. However he simply didn't trust the sadistic and mercurial Mistress Mary, fearing that somehow she would set him up for forced gay sex.

Within five days he succumbed to temptation and contacted Mistress by phone. “I knew you would call and I've made arrangements for Barbara to be your sub, you can even play with her at her own home” she announced. Mistress then provided Mark with Barbara's cell and urged him to call her, hinting that Barbara's interest was mutual.

Mark wasted no time contacting Barbara, who suggested that they meet at her house on Friday evening at 6:00. This was most agreeable to Mark as it coincided with Darlene's weekly “ladies night out”. Darlene and three of her female acquaintances would go bar hopping, and when she returned after midnight would be quite inebriated and quickly fall asleep. Barbara assured Mark that she would play the role of submissive and provide the necessary toys.

As Mark knocked on the door of Barbara's suburban split level home, he was filled with apprehension. Despite his initial confidence, he wondered if some trap had been set for him. Still there was only one car in the driveway, so perhaps he was just a bit paranoid.

Barbara answered the door, attired in a red strapless dress. “Good evening sir”, she stated in a respectful tone before inviting him inside. Then it happened. Bill, the same goon who had attempted to assault him at Mistress Mary's, was now standing in the living room blocking any escape attempt, and brandishing a semi-automatic pistol in his hand.

“Strip fagot” were the first words out of his mouth. When Mark hesitated he was pistol whipped across the face. “I'm not going to ask again”, he snarled, with Barbara standing beside him, a smile on her face.

Mark reluctantly complied with the request, knowing that the next step would be to dress him as a female. When he finished undressing Bill ordered Barbara to cuff his wrists behind him, which she was only too happy to do. Mark was now helpless, with handcuffs and no clothes he wasn't about to run outside, even if it were physically possible to do so.

Bill strapped a ball gag into Mark's mouth, but that was only to prevent him from trying to plead with his captors. Barbara returned from the bedroom carrying the female attire, and was ordered to dress Mark. Before doing so Mark was ordered to stand, naked and handcuffed, for nearly five minutes while Bill made a call. It sounded like he was receiving instructions for his next collection. With the call complete, the handcuffs were removed and Barbara began dressing him.

“I'm sorry cutie I was going to let you play with me but I owe Master money and he is forcing me to do this, maybe we can get together another time”, Barbara volunteered. Mark tried to ignore the blatant lie, knowing he would probably be pistol whipped or worse, if he replied.

Mark was dressed in a pair of black panties, garter belt and fishnet stockings, followed by a fake bra and a black vinyl mini. Then came the blond wig, along with the admonition that if Mark were to resist in any way, the wig would be glued into place. The finishing touches came when Barbara applied lipstick, after which she gleefully allowed Mark to look at himself in a mirror.

“She looks beautiful, I think I'll take her to Jamie's”, said Bill, referring to a local gay bar. Mark took the remark seriously as Barbara had brought out a long sweater coat and a set of ankle boots, which would be ideal for transport.

“Should I dress him to go”, asked Barbara.

“Yeah go ahead no fun keeping him here, I think I'll take him to Corky's first”, replied Bill.

Barbara then proceeded to loop a coil of rope around Mark's neck. “Don't worry cutie I won't strangle you unless you resist when the handcuffs come off”. While Barbara held him in place, Bill removed the cuffs. Mark put on the sweater unassisted, after which he was once again handcuffed.

“I think he would look better in heels than booties, go out in my van and bring in a pair from the bag”, commanded Bill. Barb reflexively obeyed and within minutes was attaching a pair of stilettos with five inch heels.

Both gloated about how difficult it would be for an untrained male to walk in heels. It was made even more difficult as a tether rope was tied to his ankles, leaving less than eighteen inches of play. Mark was immediately ordered to practice navigating about the house, and predictably fell to the floor on the first try.

Barb found it hilarious but her sentiments were not shared by Bill, who looped a dog chain around Mark's neck, and yanked him into a standing position, adding that, “You fucking fagot you fall one more time and your girl friend is going to feel some pain”.

For Barbara the remark was ominous. She had seen her share of sadistic dominants, but assumed that Bill had no interest in terrorizing anyone but males. Her fears were quickly exacerbated when Bill ordered her to accompany him on the trip, wherever that destination might be.

Barbara tried pleading she had another commitment, but Bill wouldn't take no for an answer. “You ride with him in the back of the van where he will be blindfolded, I want you to play with him a bit while I drive, if you give me any shit I've got a second pair of handcuffs and I have a place in mind for you that you won't like”, he ordered.

The last comment was the most chilling of any. Barb had heard a rumor that Bill had once been a hit man for some criminal group, and while she had never given it much thought, he did have a gun. She would comply with his wishes.

Bill then made a cryptic call to someone ordering that person to make the pick up immediately. Four minutes later a white, windowless cargo van pulled into the driveway. Mark was blindfolded before leaving the house and was hustled into the back of the van, where he was made to sit on the floor. Barbara sat beside him, as Bill sat in the front, next to the unknown driver who promptly backed out of the driveway and headed for an unknown destination.

As the van drove on, Barb performed the masturbation upon Mark as ordered, bringing him to the verge of climax before abruptly stopping. She had no personal like for Mark, he was just a fool who had been duped, first by Mistress Mary, now herself. Barbara rued her own weakness, which was spending beyond her means, then being forced to borrow from such unscrupulous characters as Bill. At first she envisioned him as a benign loan shark, but soon learned otherwise.

One day while at Mistress' s house Bill had stopped by and shown a video. It showed a naked male, strung up to the ceiling, forcing him to stand uncomfortably. Barbara assumed it was just one of Bill's submissive's, until he stated the person owed him five hundred dollars, and that he had been strung up for three hours, with two to go. Barbara owed three hundred dollars, and considered herself fortunate to buy additional time by assisting with the forced bondage of another, rather than herself being the target.

The van drove for about thirty minutes before pulling into the driveway of a house in a rural area. During this period Barbara was ordered to attach a cock cage to Mark, which was done without difficulty. Barbara had no idea where they were at. The rear door of the van was opened by Bill, and standing next to him was an effeminate middle aged male known as Limey.

Leaving Mark's blindfold and handcuffs intact, Bill clipped a chain leash to one of the rings on the cock cage. It was then used to lead Mark out from the van and into the house, it was both painful and humiliating.

“Limey he is all yours until I get back, then we're take him to the bar, in the meantime the redhead bitch will be kept tied up, we'll get rid of her later, but right now I have some business that will take an hour or so”, decreed Bill.

Once inside Limey took Mark to an upstairs bedroom, where he was chained to a bed. Barbara promptly protested her confinement and demanded to know her fate. Bill's response was to back hand her across the face.

Barbara did not submit peacefully, and it took the efforts of both Bill and Limey to drag her to the basement, where her wrists, elbows and ankles were secured with plastic cuffs to a high back wooden chair. To make her bondage even more restrictive , a plastic cuff was wrapped around her neck and attached to the upper back of the chair.

Cotton wadding was stuffed into her mouth and a full sized leather bondage hood put over her head and tied. Bill informed her that the basement was soundproof and no one upstairs could hear her, even if she wasn't gagged. No explanation of Barbara's fate was given to her, and she would be left alone for hours.

* * * * *

Bill promptly departed to attend to a business matter, leaving Barbara and Mark in the hands of Limey. As Limey had no sexual interest in Barbara, she was left in the basement to ponder her fate.

It took every ounce of effort to maintain her composure. She could only imagine the worse case, that Bill would dispose of her permanently. But why, she was no threat to him. Did he believe that she had knowledge of some serious crime he had committed, and that she might be tempted to go to the police. Barbara desperately wanted Bill to know this was not the case.

With Barbara secure in the basement Limey turned his attention to Mark, whose first question was as to Barbara's fate. Limey was not interested in conversation with Mark, adding only “British red heads are in great demand”, before inserting a penis gag and strapping it in place. “You may as well practice on it because you will soon be sucking real cock”, chuckled Limey.

Mark tried desperately to expel the three inch rubber phallus, with Limey laughing at his futile efforts. To taunt him further, Limey stroked Mark's cock, commenting on the quality of the erection. “Too bad your cock will stay caged I know how you'd like to use it to bone the red head”, he chortled.

The manner in which Mark was chained to the bed left no doubt as to what was in store for him. Lying on his back, his legs were elevated at a ninety degree angle and attached to a bar, attached to a chain, which dangled from the ceiling. Other chains secured his wrists and ankles to the foot of the bed in a spread eagle position. It was clear that his captors were quite experienced at this form of restraint, and he realized escape was impossible.

“I think we'll prep you as your asshole might be quite tight”, announced Limey, who proceeded to insert a six inch butt plug into place. The fact that it was coated with petroleum jelly did little to ease the pain of insertion, but once inserted it would remain in place until his captors chose to remove it.

Limey made a call to one of his acquaintances vividly describing Mark's current restraint, with his effeminate voice particularly galling. “Sure bring your two friends our cutie pie guest will suck off as many cocks as we wish, we might have a raffle to see who gets to ass fuck him”, added Limey before hanging up.

“Smile cutie” quipped Limey, who then proceeded to take several photos of Mark in his female attire. “I think I'll put these on a web site, no will recognize you”, he added.

Bill returned within ninety minutes and was pleased to learn that Limey had not forced any sex upon Mark, aside from the butt plug. Mark would now be subjected to a double whammy, sucking Bill's cock first, with Limey ass fucking him after that. The butt plug and penis gag were removed, but Mark was blindfolded. This was done so as to increase his anxiety from uncertainty as to precisely when he would be forced.

Mark was resigned to the impending rape and made no attempt to plead with his captors. Bill mounted him first, stopping to answer a call before ordering Mark to begin. This continued for about five minutes. Mark was even more distressed by the casual cell chat, which sounded like someone who owed money.

With the call complete Mark was issued his orders, his teeth were not to come into contact with Bill's cock. Mark took a human cock by mouth for the first time and was repulsed by the odor. “Deeper, deeper” commanded Bill, causing Mark to gag and choke, as he attempted to comply.

Mark remained blindfolded throughout this ordeal, at least it spared him from seeing the look of pleasure on Bill's face, or perhaps Bill's cock was lacking I endowment. Mark prudently kept his thoughts to himself.

After about three minutes Bill became visibly agitated. “I don't have time to give you fucking lessons so I'm just going to mouth fuck you and you will swallow the load”, he commanded. Before Mark could react a Whitehead style gag was inserted into his mouth and ratcheted wide open.

Standing five foot eight and weighing nearly three hundred pounds, Bill could have easily suffocated Mark by face sitting him. Instead Mark was forced to lie helplessly for several minutes as Bill thrust his cock back and forth, gradually increasing the tempo. Finally Bill ejaculated leaving Mark no choice other than to swallow the ejaculate. By the time his blindfold and dental gag were removed, Bill already had his pants up and Mark never saw the cock that he had been forced to take.

For the anal Mark's position was changed, he was currently lying on his back on the bed, with his legs elevated and spread about three feet. His captors by deftly adjusting the chains, had Mark on his stomach, with wrists and ankles spreadeagled by chains. Three pillows placed underneath his stomach elevated his anal port so as to make it accessible for penetration.

It was now Limey's turn and Mark would not be blindfolded or gagged for the anal intrusion. Limey's cock was massive, and Mark couldn't help but think that had he been forced to take it by mouth, that he would have gagged. More directly on Mark's mind was whether the massive cock would be painful when inserted into his ass.

The question was quickly answered as Mark reflexively screamed from the pain of the first insertion. Bill found this quite amusing and ordered Mark to repeat “Thank you Master for fucking my ass” continually throughout the assault. To induce compliance Bill noosed a length of rope around Mark's neck, then looped the free end through the ceiling hook.

Standing behind the bed, Bill held the rope and demonstrated his ability to choke Mark, simply by pulling it upwards. After a ten second struggle with breathlessness, Mark got the idea and began reciting. For nearly ten minutes Limey continued his powerful thrusts, causing Mark to cry even louder in pain. Finally Limey ejaculated and Mark felt the tingling sensation of the semen, but at least it was over, or so he thought.

Mark was left lying in agony for several minutes as Bill and Limey retired to another room to enjoy a reefer. A cell rang and was answered by Bill, the conversation lasted less than ten seconds. “They'll be here in ten minutes to pick up the redhead bitch” he announced.

* * * * * *

Mistress belatedly learned of Barbara's complicity in Mark's abduction, and was seething with rage. First was the obvious question, why had she ever invited Bill to her party to begin with. He was a vicious two bit criminal, who fabricated a resume with organized crime, but in reality was a low level loan shark collector. The fact that he had once collected debt for Mistress, was about their only common bond.

With three members of Mark's family already involved in forced bondage, the prospect of someone going to the police was greatly increased, a scenario Mistress dreaded. In addition she learned that Barbara was to be sold to a Canadian couple for slavery. Despite the fact that she considered Barbara's dominatrix competence as marginal, she wasn't about to allow her to be abducted.

Mistress was not deterred by the knowledge that Bill carried a firearm. She summoned Claire, and the two of them sped towards Limey's house, in an SUV. Mistress had an array of weapons at her disposal including pepper spray and shock wands. A confrontation was imminent.

Before Mistress could arrive at Limey's, another pick up truck pulled into the driveway. A middle aged couple exited and rang the front door bell. The male was a blond, of medium build, attired in blue jeans, a red sleeveless muscle shirt, and aviators glasses. The female was attired in denim shorts and a burgundy colored sweatshirt.

Bill answered the door, expecting that the visitors were Barbara's new owners, whom he had never seen nor spoken with before. Both visitors were taciturn, other than the male introducing himself as “Joe”, and tersely asking “Is the bitch ready”. The name of his accomplice was not mentioned.

Negotiations had been made by a third party and were finalized. The mysterious couple were merely transporters. Bill didn't go out of his way to be friendly, such as to invite them for a drink, but replied that their slave was ready and showed them to the basement.

Barbara heard several sets of footsteps descending the stairs, her instinctive fear was that she would be taken to an unknown location and disposed of. The thought that she might be sold into slavery never seriously entered her mind. She was quite surprised when her hood was removed, and she caught her first look at the mysterious couple.

The transfer was consummated quickly and efficiently. Barbara was gagged using a ball stuffed inside a stocking, with no explanation offered as to her fate. Bill cut off her cable tie bindings only to have the unknown laconic male cuff her wrists behind her using steel handcuffs. A leather collar was fastened around her neck, then the handcuffs were pulled up to the small of the back and connected to a loop on the collar.

“Lets go, we are your new owners”, replied the female, who grabbed Barbara by the arm and led her up the stairs and to the truck parked outside. Bill and Limey followed the trio outside, although from the look on the male's face, their presence wasn't appreciated.

Bill was not one to miss witnessing Barbara's departure, with his smile in contrast to the look of terror on her face. Barbara was placed on the rear seat and blindfolded. A set of leg irons was attached to a ring on the floor and used to shackle her ankles. Barbara found her new bondage even more restrictive than the basement bondage. Any significant movement of her arms caused the collar to tighten, threatening to choke her. She was forced to sit perfectly still, unable to see or talk.

“Don't worry, you won't you'll only be like this for less than an hour then we have a special sound proof cell” remarked the female, who quickly closed and locked the door to the compartment. Without saying another word the couple got inside the truck and it was driven off by the male.

“Not very friendly, lets go get the cutie ready for the club”, said Bill. Limey smiled in agreement.

* * * * * *

Mark was still chained and spreadeagled on the bed when his captors returned. “Listen up cutie we'll going to take you to a bar and let some of the guys there use you, if you don't give us a hard time we'll let you keep your disguise on and no one will recognize you otherwise I'll whip you in front of everybody if you act up”, announced Bill.

The agony continued for Mark, would he be forced to perform oral sex upon multiple strangers at a gay night club, and would Bill flog him regardless of how he acted. He just wanted the ordeal to end and to be set free. Concern over Barbara was no longer a major concern. For luring Mark into Bill's trap, the slut deserved to be sold into slavery.

For transporting Mark a change in his attire was made. The sweater coat was removed, and once again his wrists and elbows were bound tightly behind him with plastic cuffs. An oversized tan overcoat was draped over his shoulders, with the sleeves hanging loose. Bill stuffed the sleeves into the pockets of the coats, anyone seeing Mark would never suspect it was a male in restraints. He was also made to wear an opaque pair of eyeglasses, almost completely obscuring his vision. Bill wrapped a rope leash around his neck, and prepared to lead him to the van.

It then occurred to Bill that his captive was not well made up for a public showing. He ordered Limey to spend about ten minutes applying makeup and lipstick, as Barbara had only done so in a cursory manner. Had the trio departed immediately they would have avoided the impending confrontation.

Suddenly the sound of a vehicle pulling into the driveway could be heard. “Who the fuck could that be”, snorted Bill, but before he could find out the cell rang.

“This is Mistress Mary I'm in your driveway and I'm coming inside”. Before Bill could answer, the call ended and moments later a loud knock could be heard on the front door.

“Fucking bitch we'll put her in the basement too” cursed Bill. Tucking his handgun inside his waistband, and leaving Limey to secure Mark, Bill answered the door. He was confronted by Mistress and Claire.

“I want Mark and Barbara” snapped Mistress. Bill reached for his gun, which he routinely carried in a waist holster. Mistress anticipated this and kneed Bill in the groin. She then took a police style blackjack before delivering a hard blow to Bill's scalp. This sent him reeling to the floor, leaving him semiconscious

Before he could recover, Mistress and Claire had Bill in a pair of steel handcuffs, and a short length of rope looped around his neck. Mistress removed the firearm his waistband, unloaded it, and handed it to Claire for safekeeping. Limey stood transfixed and offered no resistance. Mistress quickly located Mark in the adjacent room and cut off his plastic cuffs. Suspecting that Barbara was being held in the basement, she conducted a quick search which revealed the bindings used to restrain her.

“All right lets see how much torture Bill can take unless of course he tells us where Barbara is”, Mistress announced. She then brandished a soldering iron which she had found in the basement and plugged it into an outlet. Bending down beside Bill, Mistress positioned the tip of the iron a few inches from his genitals.

Limey suddenly bolted for the front door, only to be grabbed by Claire and wrestled to the floor. “Hog tie the little twerp” commanded Mistress, and this was done quickly using cable ties.

Bill had no doubt that Mistress would carry out the branding, and being the essential coward that he is, readily admitted what had been done with Barbara. He claimed to have no way to contact her new owners, but Mistress wasn't buying it. In desperation Bill offered the cell number of the mysterious couple.

The pick up truck carrying Barbara and her two transporters was nearing its destination, which befitting a television movie, was an abandoned warehouse in a secluded area. It had been an uncomfortable ride for Barbara in the back seat, unable to see, talk, or move about due to her handcuffs attached to her neck collar. Her abductors had played music on the radio at full volume, making it impossible to hear anything they said.

As the truck approached the warehouse door, the cell rang. The female transporter looked at Caller ID and noted that the call was from Bill. “What the fuck does the asshole want, go ahead and answer it”, snapped the male transporter.

The female answered and it was obvious Bill was terrified as he insisted that Barbara had to be returned to him. A moment later a loud scream could be heard, as Mistress had touched the hot iron to his buttock.

The female passed the phone to the male and found he was talking to Mistress. “Barbara is owned by me and Bill had no right to sell her. Right now Bill is hogtied and will be tortured with a heated iron unless Barbara is returned immediately. In addition I will expose your operation to the authorities”.

The male was in a state of disbelief, as he insisted the deal could not be undone. Immediately a loud scream could be heard as Mistress had once again touched the iron to his buttocks. “Next I'm going for cock” she announced.

The two transporters were low level participants in the slavery scheme, but both were aware that Bill had enough information to send them to jail. Mistress was implored to suspend her torture until a call could be made to a higher up. “You have exactly ten minutes” she replied.

Eight minutes later the male transporter called back and announced that Barbara would be returned within the hour. Mistress was apprehensive, fearing that professional hit men might show up and eliminate the witnesses. She immediately placed a call to an old acquaintance Sol, a reputed organized crime figure.

After Mistress explained the situation, Sol agreed to send two of his armed enforcers to Bill's house, to assure the safety of everyone there. Mistress had provided female submissives for Sol's use in the past, and Sol was now returning the favor.

The two enforcers arrived only five minutes before the van carrying Barbara returned. When the van pulled into the driveway, Mistress took charge. With the two thuggish looking enforcers standing behind her, the male driver exited the van. “I will release the slave” was his terse remark.

“Very good” was Mistress's terse reply.

Barbara, still in her restraints, was removed from the van, and her restraints removed. Without further ado the two transporters quickly departed. Barbara was ordered into Mistress's van, and not to say a word. Mark was placed in the rear of the van, alongside Barbara, after likewise being instructed not to speak. The two avoided eye contact, each had good cause for animosity towards the other.

Before leaving Mistress freed Limey from his hogtie, confiscated the cell phones of both Bill and Limey, and disabled the land line. Bill was left hogtied, with Mistress knowing that he could easily be freed by Limey. The enforcers departed in their own vehicle, moments later the van carrying Mistress, Claire, Barbara and Mark, did so as well.


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