The Family Plan

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2013 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

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Part 1

The prospect of an overnight stay in New York City was quite appealing to Mark and Darlene, a yuppie husband and wife, but one problem needed to be resolved, this being their 19 year old daughter Amber.

An attractive high school graduate, she had refused to seek employment, preferring to rely upon her parents for support. Amber had been a persistent disciplinary problem, whose transgressions included running away from home in past years, and more recently alcohol, marijuana, and sexual promiscuity with undesirable males. Amber simply could not be left at home alone for more than twenty four hours.

Mark was acquainted with a local dominatrix, a 62 year old bar owner, who provided sexual services at her home for a fee. Some time ago Mark had met Mistress Mary at a bondage support group meeting, and the two hit it off. Mark and Darlene were into light bondage, and while never availing themselves of a dominatrix, they had become regular customers at Mistress's downtown bar, which offered superb cuisine as well as drink.

With Darlene's acquiescence, Mark had contacted Mistress and inquired if she would be willing to, so to say, babysit their errant daughter for the weekend. He emphasized that Amber was not to be tortured, but a bit of restraint and mild corporal punishment, might be in her best interests.

Mistress was quite willing, and the fee she quoted was acceptable to the parents. Amber would be delivered to Mistress's home at 2:00 on Friday afternoon, after which Mark and Darlene would leave for the three hour drive. Fearing that Amber might bolt if she were aware of the dominatrix session, Mark had concocted a ruse.

Amber was told that Mistress was a professional counselor, and that she would only be required to attend a two hour counseling session, after which she would be free to do as she pleased. While hardly enthusiastic about speaking with a counselor, Amber felt it was worth the sacrifice, after all she would have all of Friday night to party at home, with no parents to worry about.

As part of the ruse, Mistress displayed a temporary sign in front of her home, reading “Mary Jones PhD, professional counseling”. It was 2:00PM on an unseasonably cool Friday in May, as the SUV carrying Mark, Darlene and Amber, pulled into the driveway of Mistress's home. Amber had not spoken since leaving her house, she was dressed casually in a denim skirt and a sleeveless white pullover blouse.

It had been agreed that Mark and Darlene would escort their daughter into the garage, at which point Mistress would take over. Mistress stood six foot tall, weighed nearly two hundred pounds, and was attired in a black dominatrix dress, complemented by five inch heels. Wearing her blonde beehive style wig, it would require little imagination to conclude that she was a dominatrix.

Mistress emerged from inside the house to greet the visitors. “So this is the little slut that likes to run away”, were the first words out of her mouth. Amber briefly considered doing just that, but Mistress had anticipated this, and cuffed her wrists behind her back with a set of steel handcuffs. It was the trademark of Mistress to handcuff her submissives upon arrival, and it was especially important in a case where the sub might be tempted to flee.

Mark sprung the surprise, informing Amber she would be spending the night with Mistress. Always one to employ bribery with his daughter, Mark promised she would receive a monetary reward if her behavior, in the custody of and adjudged by Mistress, was acceptable.

Amber was not buying this and the first words out of her mouth were “You have no right to keep me here”. At this point Mark and Darlene abruptly departed, and the handcuffed slut was led by the arm into the house, unleashing a torrent of verbal protest all the while.

From long experience Mistress knew how to handle such an immature and unwilling guest. Amber was forced to sit on the couch, to the frame of which Mistress had connected a pair of leg irons. They were quickly used to cuff each of Amber's ankles, escape was now impossible.

Ordinarily a submissive exhibiting such contumacious behavior would be stripped and subjected to a good caning, however Mistress had agreed not to use any technique that would leave marks on the flesh. Amber was silenced by a ball gag and a steel collar locked around her neck, the combined effect was to silence her and to cease her struggles.

Mistress has a strong preference for nudity by her submissives, and the bra less Amber would be no exception. Her skirt and panties were easily removed, and her blouse was shredded with a pair of scissors.

It was now time to read Amber the riot act, Mistress does not like interruptions while so doing and the ball gag served that purpose. First she stated the obvious, that she was a dominatrix, and that Amber had been sent for punishment, in the hope she would see the error of her ways. If not she could expect a return visit, with Mistress noting she had her own van, and would not hesitate to drive to Amber's home, and transport her involuntarily.

While Amber would be spared the cane or whip, Mistress demonstrated the penalty for disobedience during the session. Using a cattle prod device, one shock was delivered to Amber's left nipple. Mistress stated it was of low intensity, which would be increased for future shocks.

Mistress enjoys forcing her subs to wear hoods for extended periods, however considering Amber's inexperience, she feared this might cause an acute anxiety reaction. Instead a less restrictive leather blindfold was used, and Amber was informed she was to sit quietly until further notice, at which time her training would continue.

A favorite technique of Mistress is to inflict psychological terror by making threats, even though she has no intent of carrying them out. In this case the threat was to transport Amber to a lesbian night club, where she would be forced to perform on stage.

Amber pondered her fate as she was left unattended for a period in the living room. Every few minutes, Mistress would come and go, and Amber was extremely fearful as to what she might do next. The ball gag caused her jaw to ache, as well as to drool. She tried desperately to slip the gag, but Mistress had applied it quite securely, and her efforts were to no avail.

Mistress was due to leave within the hour for her bar, as Friday was the busiest day. That meant Amber would be monitored by associate dominatrix Claire, a 55 year old bulldog type. The basement dungeon was partitioned into two separate halves, for purposes of business efficiency two subs could be sessioned simultaneously, with neither able to see or hear each other. At the very moment, Claire was occupied sessioning a female submissive, who had been sent by her husband for discipline.

Before introducing Amber to Claire, Mistress subjected her to a bit of humiliation upstairs. This consisted of attaching a leash to Amber's collar, and leading her about the house, still gagged and handcuffed. Periodically she would be required to kneel on the floor, and make barking sounds. Amber initially refused to comply, but after being shocked, and being yanked to the floor with the leash, she reluctantly performed the degrading tasks without question.

Upon completion of the leash training, Amber was led to the basement, where she was introduced to Claire. The impression was not favorable, as Claire quickly made known her intentions, which were that Amber and the other sub, were to become better acquainted. The other sub was nude and bound tightly to a chair. Her face was covered with a hood, making it impossible to identify her, although Amber estimated she was at least thirty years old. A ball was visible underneath the black spandex hood, indicating she was gagged as well.

“I think you would look better with some panties on”, chortled Claire.

The panties she had in mind were of a type Amber had never seen before, but whose purpose she quickly realized. Amber was fitted with the black leather panties, which incorporated an eight inch vaginal dildo. It also had provision for an anal dildo, but none was attached. The dildo was lubricated, and inserted into her cunt with no difficulty, Mistress held her tightly in place, while Claire did the insertion. Amber made a brief attempt to resist, but Mistress held the cattle prod against her bare skin, causing her to immediately cease struggling.

Amber was ordered to sit on the lap of and facing the seated sub, with ankles tied to the rear legs of the chair. To prevent Amber from falling off the chair, a large leather belt was used to encircle both subs, leaving their boobs only inches apart. It was agonizing for Amber to be in this position. She had never before engaged in lesbian sex, and had the distinct feeling that the hooded sub was quite eager to do just that. However with both gagged, and one wearing a hood, options for sexual play were limited.

Amber was informed she would spend about a half hour in this position. As a whining sound emanated from Amber, she began to experience a unexpectedly erotic sensation. The dildo on the panties was of the vibrating type, and Claire had used the remote switch to make it run at low intensity.

Another favorite ploy of Mistress, is to bring the sub to the verge of orgasm, then inflict painful punishment should climax occur. Despite the adversity of her situation, Amber could not resist the biological urge to do so.

Mistress issued her edict, but Amber climaxed less than sixty seconds later. The punishment was swift, consisting of one stroke to her buttocks with a rattan. One stroke wouldn't leave a lasting mark on Amber, and Mistress was confident that no additional strokes would be necessary.

Amber was made to suffer orgasm denial for nearly five minutes, at which time she was allowed to climax, and the vibrator switched off. She remained seated on the lap of the chair bound sub for nearly thirty minutes. Unlike Amber, who was thoroughly terrified, the other sub appeared to enjoy the position, while continually making erotic sounds through her gag, and leaning forward as far as possible to bring their boobs even closer.

After being released from the chair bound position, Amber was informed she would spending the next few hours in a dog style steel cage, of insufficient height to stand up in. To her relief, the handcuffs and gag were removed, but she was warned not to speak, with her padlocked collar remaining in place. In addition she was ordered to wear the panties with attached dildo.

Mistress assured her that if the panties were removed, a steel chastity belt would be locked in place. “I might even make you wear it when you go home and give your father the key”, she chuckled.

As Mistress would be at her bar most of the evening, Amber would be monitored by Claire, but was not to be released from the cage under any circumstances. This was frustrating for Claire, as she enjoyed being able to have her way with subs. However she knew that Mistress had a CCTV unit installed in the dungeon, and was able to monitor it from a remote location. Claire was not about to risk incurring the wrath of Mistress.

Mistress has always felt that submissives should enjoy music and videos, enabling them to ease the mental agony of prolonged confinement. For this purpose she has provided a big screen monitor, along with music from satellite radio. The video provided for Amber was a torture flick, one hour in length, featuring a female sub being subjected to a variety of tortures by a dominatrix, and replete with chilling screams. Upon completion of the video, she would be forced to listen to religious music from one of the satellite channels.

About two hours after departing, Mistress phoned Claire to check on Amber's welfare. Much to her chagrin, Amber had proved defiant by removing her dildo panties, and continually demanding to be released. Claire was instructed to use the handcuffs to cuff Amber's wrists to the top bars of the cage, in addition she was authorized to administer one electric shock to one of her boobs.

While Claire thought more drastic measures were warranted, she complied with Mistress's request. The shock disoriented Amber sufficiently, that Claire was able to apply the handcuffs without difficulty.

As business was light on this particular Friday, Mistress departed at 10:00pm, much earlier than usual. Upon returning home Mistress found that Amber had quieted down, and was in great discomfort following her restrictive bondage. She needed to be dealt with harshly, otherwise the credibility of a dominatrix is jeopardized. Despite her assurance that Amber would not have visible marks, Mistress had plenty of other punishment options at her disposal.

Spending the night standing in heavy duty shackles was the option chosen. With assistance from Claire, Amber was removed from the cage and the shackles attached. These were of the type commonly used to transport prisoners, consisting of a waist belt, handcuffs attached to the belt, and leg irons attached by a chain to the belt.

The dildo panties were not replaced, but another cunt dildo, of the non vibrating type was inserted. To this was added a crotch chain which was encircled around her waist, then looped underneath and between her legs. Mistress tightly locked it in place, assuring maximal discomfort. “You are much too comfortable like that', chortled Mistress. Amber was led on a leash to the upstairs bedroom of Mistress, where yet another chain was used to connect the waist chain to a ceiling hook.

Mistress had always found endurance bondage to be an effective punishment, and Amber would stand tethered to the ceiling, for much of the night. She begged to be spared this punishment, but the response was to once again strap the ball gag into place.

Amber was in a state of emotional havoc. Spending hours in the cramped cage had been bad enough, but the prospect of forced standing for hours, with a dildo tightly chained inside her cunt, was even more unbearable. Perhaps the Mistress would relent, especially if Amber begged, even though gagged she could still make intelligible sounds, and plead with her eyes.

Claire eyed the situation approvingly, adding “Why don't we take her to the nightclub and put her on stage, the dykes would go crazy”.

“I had considered it but it was not in the agreement I made with her father, however I have some other ideas in mind”, replied Mistress, with this remark only serving to heighten Amber's anxiety.

Mistress was not feigning anger at Amber's intransigence. While she might use bluffs, such as the night club threat, Mistress demanded unquestioning obedience to her commands. These included not speaking without permission, addressing her as “Mistress”, and complete sexual submission.

In this case it would be Claire who provided the submission. Claire was permitted to use the dungeon for sessions with her own submissives, and to keep any money earned. In return she was expected to periodically serve as dungeon monitor, while Mistress was absent, and was expected to submit to her sexual demands as well. As the agreement provided that Amber would not be used sexually, Claire would perform oral sex upon Mistress.

Amber was left unattended in the bedroom, while Mistress and Claire went to the living room. As Mistress shed her dress and sat upon the couch, Claire was ordered to kneel in front of her upon a floor pillow, and to commence licking her cunt. She was not handcuffed, but a collar and leash were put on her, and Mistress used the leash to keep her face tightly sealed against her cunt.

As Claire burrowed away furiously with her tongue, Mistress made a call and had a casual conversation with Patti, her bar manager. Patti was well aware of her employer's bondage propensities, and from the erotic sounds being made, knew what was transpiring. The cell lasted about five minutes, with Claire made to continue her mouth work for another five minutes thereafter. Satisfied with her performance, Mistress permitted Claire to depart.

Mistress then went to the bedroom, where after undressing she positioned herself comfortably on the bed. She then popped a tranquilizer and sipped a mixed drink, as insomnia was a continuing problem for her. One of her side activities was phone sex, it was certainly not a money maker, but rather an outlet for her energies. She would engage in this for another twenty minutes.

Amber, helplessly shackled, gagged and tethered to the ceiling, had no choice than to watch and listen as Mistress titillated her male caller, with explicit descriptions of how she treated submissives. This included a description of Amber's bondage. For Amber it only added insult to injury, knowing that some male was masturbating over her plight. Within thirty minutes Mistress had fallen asleep, after sarcastically wishing Amber a comfortable night, leaving her tethered in a forced standing position.

As Amber fought to alleviate the anxiety of her bondage, she began to experience a paradoxical feeling, of an attraction for lesbian sex. She certainly didn't want to be forced to be put on public display at a night club, but the experience of being bound on the lap of the other female sub, had somehow triggered an urge for some form of intimate contact.

Amber would not remain quiet, despite her gag she continued to cry for relief, which failed to immediately awaken her sleeping captor. Mistress, being the insomniac she is, woke up about an hour later, at which time the cries caught her attention. Perhaps Amber was in acute distress, so Mistress unloosened her gag, determined to inflict some form of punishment.

“Mistress I want to have sex with another woman”, implored Amber. Mistress was surprised, but not shocked, as in her experience other non lesbian submissives were not devastated when it was forced upon them, although none had ever begged for it.

“I'll arrange for it in the morning”, replied Mistress in a conciliatory tone. Much to Amber's relief, she was taken down from the tether and moved to an adjoining bedroom,where she was permitted to sleep in a bed. Her shackles remained in place with a seven foot chain used to secure her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. She was left unattended for the remainder of the night. Despite the collar and shackles, without the gag it was considerably less uncomfortable. The crotch chain and dildo remained in place.

Before leaving Mistress made her ingest a sleeping pill, assuring her that it was low dosage. It proved effective and after about thirty minutes she fell asleep. Mistress, after herself downing a sleeping pill, went back to sleep, confident that the wayward slut would be safe for the night.

* * *

At 7:30AM a woman entered Amber's room, one that she had not seen previously. The woman, about forty years old, was a buxom redhead, attired in a blue ribbed turtleneck sweater and black mini-skirt. She was considerably more attractive, and less intimidating, than either Mistress or Claire.

“My name is Barbara but you will simply address me as ma’am, I enjoy having sex with attractive young ladies especially when they are tied helplessly. Since you're already shackled I will replace them with rope”, were her first words, spoken with a noticeable British accent.

The shackles had been relatively comfortable, particularly with her wrists cuffed to the front, but that would change. Barbara, who was quite proficient with rope, removed the shackles and ordered her onto her stomach.

Methodically she used the rope to tie Amber's wrists behind her back, this continued with the elbows being tied in a harness type arrangement. Next her ankles were bound, with the ankles connected to the wrists, forming a most restrictive hogtie. The only consolation for Amber was that the crotch chain and the dildo were removed.

The first phase was oral sex, with Amber as the passive. “I think you'll enjoy this but if you don't work hard with your tongue you can expect severe pain to be inflicted”, Barbara intoned before removing her skirt, and pulling Amber forward so that her mouth was pressed against her crotch.

“I'll do as you say ma'am”, Amber meekly replied and without further ado she began furiously burrowing away with her tongue, determined to please her present dominatrix. Amber did not enjoy it one bit, and it was especially difficult with her wrists bound behind her. It was obvious from her primal erotic sounds that Barbara was in orgasmic ecstasy.

After nearly ten minutes of cunnilingus, Amber was permitted to stop, while Barbara simultaneously began using two fingers to gently stroke the exterior of her cunt. “That isn't so bad is it”, she cooed, but before Amber could reply Barbara inserted two of her fingers into her vaginal tract and painfully pinched them. “Maybe you'd like a little more of this” she added, evoking a horrified scream from the hogtied submissive.

Barbara simply laughed at Amber's agony. Amber was once again terrified, this woman had seemed so gentle, what would be her next move. That quickly became apparent as Barbara removed her skirt and slipped a six inch dildo, attached to a harness, around her waist. “I'll fuck your cunt first, then your asshole, I could be a real bitch and do it the other way around”, she announced.

Amber had no experience with anal sex and was terrified of the idea. She had heard that lesbian sex involved being cunt fucked with a dildo, but was naive as to the anal part. Forced to lie face down, two pillows were placed underneath her stomach to prop her up.

While still feeling the pain from the rough finger insertion, Barbara began thrusting at a gentle tempo. This tempo quickly increased, only to slow down again, as Barbara toyed with her submissive, bringing her to the verge of climax, then stopping. Amber was unable to avoid making her own erotic moans, although not of the primal intensity that had been made by Barbara.

Unlike the earlier episode with Mistress, Amber was allowed to climax and indeed did so. “Now it is time to ass fuck you but first I'm going to blindfold you as it will feel much more enjoyable”, announced Barbara, who then used a leather blindfold for that purpose.

It only made the experience more terrifying. Barbara first used a quantity of baby oil to lubricate the anal track, which caused Amber to experience a most unpleasant stinging sensation. To keep her submissive in suspense, Barbara delayed the strap on insertion for several minutes, while moving around the room and not saying a word. Needless to say this kept Amber in high anxiety.

At this time Mistress entered the room and mockingly inquired as to Amber's behavior. “She has been most disrespectful and is deserving of harsh punishment”, replied Barbara.

“I will call her parents and inform them their slut daughter will be staying here another night”, replied Mistress, then adding that since she would be away for the whole day, Amber's discipline would be entrusted to Barbara.

Amber, still blindfolded, immediately lashed out in verbal protest, denying any disrespect on her part. “It appears she hasn't learned basic respect as she is speaking without permission”, opined Mistress. Barbara took the cue and Amber was once again silenced with a ball gag. The current one was even more uncomfortable than the previous one, and had a distinctly unpleasant taste to it.

“I think she needs a little solitude”, remarked Mistress, and with that she and Barbara left the room. Amber pondered her fate, as the stinging sensation in her anal region continued to hurt, especially frustrating was the blindfold. Mistress had once again piped religious music over the satellite radio, and Amber had no way of knowing where her tormentors were, or what other torture they had planned for her.

Barbara returned about fifteen minutes later and was alone. After turning off the music, Amber's gag and blindfold were removed. “I'll save the ass fucking for later but right now I have something else for you”, she announced.

That something was an iron contraption, known historically as a Scold's Bridle. During the 17th century it was commonly used as a punishment for women, whose speech was either abusive, or because the husband was tired of her incessant nagging. Barbara, a college art instructor, was eager to take pictures of someone so gagged, for display to her students.

The device was essentially a face muzzle, but made of metal rather than leather, once locked in place it could not be removed without using a key. A metal tongue plate served as a gag, once inserted the female could neither speak or eat. It effectively silenced her, permitting unintelligible sounds, although not nearly as erotic as the moans of a ball gag.

Amber found the device to be unbearable, and Barbara was particularly amused at her futile attempts to speak. Her hogtie connector was removed and she was ordered to pose kneeling on the bed, still nude, collared and with ankles and wrist bound. Barbara had no qualms about taking nearly a dozen photos of her bridled submissive, which due to the metal face frames of the device, prevented identification of Amber. In addition to displaying them to her students, she considered posting them on the web. Once again Amber resented the thought of someone else masturbating over her nude photos.

Upon finishing the photos, Barbara quipped that it might be a good idea for Amber to wear the bridle for a few hours. She begged as best she could, to be spared this anguish, but the bridle stayed on. Barbara kept her in uncertainty over the ass fucking, but at least had removed the strap on from the waist harness

Amber had difficulty deciding which of the three dominatrix was the most sadistic. Barbara seemed the most mercurial, with her temper likely to change abruptly. One moment she was speaking in a cooing manner, then would inflict pain without provocation. The iron mask was the most uncomfortable device to which she had been subjected, so far at least. Amber could not help but think that some other form of torture was imminent, in addition to the promised anal fucking.

At this point Amber was led to the living room and ordered to kneel on the floor in front of the couch, as Barbara casually watched a show on television. Her wrists remained tied to the rear, and the dreaded iron bridle remained in place. After nearly ten minutes the cell rang and Barbara spoke with Mistress. The conversation lasted less than two minutes, at which point Amber's bridle was removed, and her wrists untied as well. She was then taken back to the bedroom, where she was locked inside and left alone.

Amber was perplexed as to the reason for this unexpected development. About twenty minutes later Mistress, accompanied by Barbara entered the room. Mistress was visibly upset as she informed Amber that she would be released within the next hour, at the insistence of her father, and against the wishes of Mistress. She was given a sundry red dress, to compensate for the clothes shredded earlier, and allowed to dress.

Forty five minutes later Mark and Darlene arrived and were shown to the living room where Mistress spoke with them, with Amber remaining in the bedroom. Mistress related the details of Amber's discipline, and urged the parents to allow her to stay for another night. It was clear that Mark was not opposed to the idea, but that his wife did not share these sentiments. When Mistress mentioned Amber's interest in lesbian sex, Darlene became quite vocal. She even had the temerity to refer to Mistress as “an old hag dressed for Halloween”.

Suffice to say Mistress did not take well to this vituperative speech. “I think we'll put you into bondage and let Amber leave with your husband”, she announced. At that point Mistress, assisted by Barbara, grabbed Darlene and dragged her into another bedroom. Mark watched speechless, but did not intervene, even as his wife screamed for his assistance

Darlene, a petite forty two year old natural blond, struggled forcefully but was quickly stripped before being spreadeagled to a bed, face up. Leather cuffs were placed on each of her wrists and ankles, which were then secured with cable ties to the bed frame. A ball gag complimented her bondage, and she was left unattended for the time being.

Returning to the living room Mistress addressed Mark, who was still seated and in a state of shock. “I think your wife should spend a few hours here, there will be no charge, and you can leave with Amber”.

Mark was clearly in a predicament, while Mistress wasn't likely to harm his wife, it seemed likely the event would at the least, precipitate a divorce. On the other hand Mark suspected his wife of at least one extramarital affair, and Mistress immediately offered to extract the details from her. The prospect of Darlene being forced to submit to a dominatrix suddenly was more palatable.

Amber, locked in the bedroom, was not aware of what was transpiring, with the vexing religious music preventing her from hearing the commotion. Mistress then brought Amber to the living room, where she was made to apologize to her father. While hardly sincere, Amber said what was necessary to satisfy Mistress. She then left with her father, unaware that her mother was now a prisoner of two sadistic dominatrix'.

It was now time to subject Darlene to some bondage discipline, an activity which she had partaken of in the past, but never with a female. Barbara was eager to force a second submissive to wear the iron bridle contraption. After the ball gag was removed, the bridle was attached quickly and efficiently, giving Darlene no opportunity to voice her protests.

“I think a little leash training is in order for the bitch”, announced Mistress. Darlene's wrist and ankle cuffs were detached from the bed frame, and her wrists cuffed to the rear. A seven foot chain leash was attached to a hook on the front of the mask and Darlene was ordered to stand, then led about the house, periodically being ordered to kneel on the floor.

Much to the dissatisfaction of Mistress, the bridle gag prevented the sub from making humiliating sounds, but there would be time for that later. Barbara enthusiastically took about ten pictures of the bridled sub. Mistress had planned to be away for the day, but considering the course of events, decided to remain at home. Barbara would stay for another hour or so, and Claire would be summoned later in the afternoon, so as Mistress could leave for her bar. The tentative plans were to keep Darlene overnight.

As with her other associate dominatrix', Mistress expected sexual tribute of them, and Barbara was no exception. Darlene was chained to the floor of the living room, with the bridle permitting her to see, but not to speak.

Mistress sat comfortably on the couch, once again making a call to Patti, and inquiring as to business at the bar on Friday. Barbara was made to kneel on the floor in front of her and to begin pleasuring Mistress' cunt with her tongue. She performed this task most enthusiastically as Mistress was quite generous about allowing her to partake of bondage at the dungeon. As Barbara burrowed away furiously, the call with Patti continued. When Mistress learned that Patti had a prospective new boy friend, she suggested that he be lured to the dungeon, where Mistress would force some bondage upon him. Patti just chuckled but knew Mistress was not joking.

Meanwhile Darlene was forced to watch and listen to everything that was transpiring. She was both disgusted and terrified, fully expecting to be subjected to forced sex herself. While Barbara was allowed to cease her mouth work after the call was finished, Mistress turned on a VCR copy of the Jerry Springer show, and along with Barbara watched the entire episode.

Mistress' leisurely pace only intensified Darlene's agony, why not just get the forced sex over with. To her dread she listened as Mistress spoke with Claire on the cell, Darlene now realized she would be spending the night in captivity. As the two enjoyed the Springer show, Barbara placed Darlene on the couch, between herself and Mistress. Still bound and wearing the steel bridle, Barbara began caressing her crotch and kissing her tits. “I like them much younger but I think she'll be just fine”, she added.

Ever one to play the game of psychological warfare, Mistress mentioned a few possibilities for Darlene's bondage. One was to use the strap-on to fuck her ass, another was to transport her to a redneck stag party later in the evening, where the males in attendance could pay for a blow job. “Of course I expect me her to tell me about her relationship with Jack Brown”, she added.

The prospect of discussing an extra marital affair struck a raw nerve with Darlene, who had no idea that Mark was aware of it. Unable to speak, her anguish continued until the end of the Springer rerun. Barbara had kept up her amorous fondling and Darlene had been unable to resist climax.

After the tape ended, the odious bridle gag was removed. Much to Darlene's dismay, Mistress had found her cell phone and was browsing through the call section. Darlene had guarded her cell zealously, never allowing husband to view the contents, Mistress was now aware that dozens of calls had been made to Jack's number, since Mark had made it known to her.

“It looks like you've done a lot of hanky panky, now I want to know everything about you and Jack, and if you're not candid I'll use appropriate torture”, intoned Mistress.

“Please don't make me do this Mistress”, begged Darlene.

“You have no choice” snapped Mistress, who used a vicious flogger stroke to her boobs, to emphasis the consequences of defiance.

“I think maybe I'll call Jack and ask him myself” mused Mistress. That threat was sufficient to induce Darlene to be forthcoming and she spent the next ten minutes relating the intimacies of the affair.

Darlene hoped that by relating her complaints against her husband, that Mistress would be sympathetic. However Mistress has firm beliefs on the issue of adultery, which tend to be chauvinistic, believing that a female is property, over whom the male has absolute control. However shes not require such fealty by the male.

As Mistress dialed Jack's number on the cell, Darlene once again pleaded with her not to do so, but her efforts were in vain. Jack answered the phone and Mistress introduced herself as a private investigator, hired by Mark to prepare a divorce case. Darlene wrenched in horror as she listened, her instinct was to yell so that Jack would know something was wrong, but the prospect of being whipped or otherwise tortured by Mistress, prevented her from doing so.

The conversation was brief and hardly productive, yet it was sufficient to destroy the adulterous relationship between Darlene and Jack. It left Jack in a state of consternation, an unknown female using Darlene's cell, calling and claiming to be an investigator. If so Mark must be aware of the relationship, something hardly desirous.

Darlene could not contain her anger. “Are you happy you've ruined my relationship”, she sarcastically remarked. This did not sit well with Mistress, who requires her submissives to ask for permission to speak, let alone speak in a such a disrespectful way.

Mistress decreed that Darlene would be tied to a wood coffee style bench in the living room and receive a painful caning. “Help me tie the bitch down” snapped Mistress, and with Barbara's assistance her wrists and ankles were bound to the legs of the table, with a pillow placed underneath her stomach to elevate her buttocks.

Her punishment was to be fifteen rattan strokes with a recital of “One mistress, thank you mistress”. Barbara watched eagerly, wishing she could deliver some of the strokes, but Mistress would not share that pleasure.

Darlene was resigned to the pain, knowing the only way to survive was to perform the recital and endure the pain. Mistress did not deliver the strokes with predictable timing, this was done intentionally to increase the mental anguish of the sub.

It took nearly ten minutes to deliver the fifteen strokes, and by that time Darlene was in extreme pain. Between strokes Darlene recalled the times she had been a customer at Mistress' bar and never having cared much for her. Mark had always spoken glowingly of her, and Darlene wondered if he had ever submitted to her in bondage. The vicious caning finally came to an end. Darlene was in severe pain, and would learn the pain and the welts would persist for days.

With Darlene in a state of immediate acute pain, it was the ideal time to extract additional intimate information. She confessed to liking Jack largely due to his stellar erectile capability. While Mark was not lacking in this area, women invariably crave more. The extra marital affair had been going on for about ten months with an average of two meetings per week. Sessions were held at Jack's estate, which was in a remote area, and had garage space for visitor parking. It also had a secret driveway entrance, not visible to anyone who might be staking out the main gate.

Mistress would invariably have to decide what information to release to Mark. Not intent on destroying their marriage, and being renowned for her compassion, Mistress would probably withhold the part about erectile capabilities.

In the meantime Mistress would be unrelenting with psychological torture, as once again she dialed Jack on the cell, hoping to destroy his peace of mind. Jack hung up in exasperation, baffled by the strange unknown female caller, who was using Darlene's cell. Jack could only wait, as contacting Mark was out of the question.

To further ravage Darlene's peace of mind, Mistress informed her that she would be staying overnight. Rather than transporting her to a lesbian night club, Mistress would arrange for a group of women to visit the house later in the evening. Darlene was told she would “perform on stage” but Mistress would not divulge any details.

Darlene was then taken to the basement, where she was locked in the same cage, previously used to confine her daughter. She was not restrained or gagged, but the size of the cage forced her to remain sitting in a cramped position.

It would be a long day for Darlene.

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