The Island of Kink

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sissy; outdoors; hunt; capture; bodymod; nc; XX

story continued from

I and the 2 other tied sissies are running away from the hunters. The garden is very large and looks like a forest in some areas. Some of the trail is paved while other parts are just dirt trails. When I run in my locked heels on the paved trail my heels are clicking loud and my tit bells are ringing as well. I look so ridiculous with the tit bells and the giant red satin bow tied around my erect cock. During our display there was a hunter that enjoyed seeing my red satin bow and made a comment that he will enjoy unwrapping his gift later.

We all take different paths to escape the perverted hunters and one of the sissy gets stuck. The sissy french maid is stuck in the mud, her locked heels are deep in the mud and there is no way to free herself with her hands tied behind her back. She looks so sexy in her fishnets, short french maid outfit and her locked chastity device! I leave her to her own peril since I hear some hunters approaching. I don't know which hunter captured the crying tied french maid as I try to get far away from that location.

I decide to get off the paved trail and take a dirt path, since my heels would be quieter there. The sissy bride continues on the paved trail as I see a net fall over her and she too is captured. It's the Beast that caught her, he quickly tied her feet together, putting the struggling sissy bride over his shoulder. The Beast says to the sissy bride, "You are a pretty bride! I'm going to enjoy fucking you tonight with my 10 inch cock!"

There are still a few hunters out there and I begin to run again in my 5 inch locked heels! Then it happens, I am caught by the Countess with a lasso. She pushes me to the ground, ties my feet together and then grabs hold of my hard cock. I'm surprised when she begins to give me a blowjob until I cum into her mouth! When my cock shrinks she then puts a chastity device on my cock and locks it. The Countess says, "Remember my Horse Man? He is going to love meeting a pretty pony girl like yourself! Tonight you will become his mate."

We are each taken back to the main center where we are on display again. The sissy bride is on a leash and the Beast is holding her leash tightly. The sissy french maid is leashed by a sharp dressed, young, asian man. It turns out he makes tranny bondage films in Asia and will use the new, scared, sissy french maid in his films.

A leash has been attached to the gold ring on my cockhead. The Countess now leads me away as I see my girlfriend Kelly in the crowd. She approaches me and grabs my sissy balls hard. 

"Get used to this kind of treatment!" Kelly looks at the Countess, "What a catch you got there, she looks so adorable with the red satin bow and those sexy tit bells." 

I try to talk but my vocal cords have been removed, trying to tell my girlfriend that it's me and please help me. The Countess pulls hard on my cock leash "Come along my sweet pony girl. The horny HorseMan waits for you!"


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