The Island of Kink

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; outdoors; sissy; fem; piercing; bodymod; reluct; XX

My girlfriend Kelly and myself have been active in the bondage lifestyle and are always looking for a new kinky adventure. We found the ad that mentions a 3 week stay at a private island where everyone's fantasies become reality. Kelly is 38, a fit blonde standing at 5 foot 5 inches, I myself am 30 years old, and also fit with a modest 6.5 inch cock.

We will both engage in separate bondage fantasies, so we won't see each other until the final days where there will be a special party with a surprise event. We both have specific fantasies but we have many limits. Mine is to become submissive to a woman and forced to pleasure her.

Once we arrive at the private island, I'm taken away and Kelly has no reason to worry about me. But when I'm taken away my transformation, modification, feminization has begun against my will. Several weeks have passed and I see my new transformed body....a slim, hairless, feminine, breast implants, implanted long red hair....I can not recognize myself!

As I come to my senses, I try to talk and this sexy Japanese woman says " Don't bother trying to talk, your vocal cords were removed. Also your cockhead has been pierced with a gold ring, get used to being pulled by a leash from your cock. My name is Jade and I'm the host of this kinky island. There are alot of men and women that would pay large amounts of money to live out their darkest fantasies… real slave auctions, real dungeons and sissy hunts....which is where you come in. Tomorrow you will be hunted by men and one woman and once captured you will belong to them and they will do whatever they like with you....Enjoy!"

The next day I was prepped for the hunt… black silk stockings, black garter belt, locked 5 inch heels and tit rings with bells. My hands are tied behind my back and a big red satin bow tied around my cock and balls. I was also given Viagra, making my cock erect. I'm led to the main center by a leash that's attached to my cock and I feel so humiliated. The crowd sees me and my erection and thinks that this is turning me on. The other 2 sissies are also led out to the main center, a sexy french maid and a beautiful bride.

The bride is wearing a long satin lacy dress with a long satin train, veil, white satin gloves, locked white 5 inch heels. The French maid is wearing a very short satin maids outfit, petticoat, fishnets, white apron and locked 5 inch heels. Both sissies have also had their vocal removed and their hands have been tied behind their back. They have also been placed in chastity and they are crying as they know what will happen to them!

Myself, the french maid and the bride we are each chained to a center post and can't move far. The guests are allowed to look at us and touch us. Then my girlfriend Kelly appears and approaches me and I try to talk to her but no words come out and she does recognize me. She points to my cock and laughs at the satin bow. She notices my massive erection "My, my, you are very excited, and looks like being a sissy slave and taking part in this kinky hunt turns you on! Wow look at that pierced cockhead and I love the sexy tit bells....very sissy!" She reaches out and touches my hard cock and I recall how we used to be intimate.

Then the sexy Jade dressed in a red silk cheongsam and red high heels appears, she puts her arm around my girlfriend and leads her away from me. "I hear that you are looking for your boyfriend, I checked it out and he should be arriving within a few hours". Kelly has no idea that I'm a forced sissy and about to participate in a sissy hunt.

Then the hunters show up and inspect their prey, the sexy french maid gets a lot of unwanted attention. Then the Beast stands before me, a large man 6 foot 2 inches tall, over 300 pounds and he reveals his massive 10 inch thick cock to me. I stare at it and show fear in my eyes. "When I capture you, I will enjoy ramming my huge cock into your tight virgin sissy hole."

A small glimmer of hope as the elegant Countess shows up. I look at her and I won't mind being owned by her But I will soon find out what she has planned for me if she captures me. She holds my hard cock, stroking it slightly as she looks into my eyes. Wearing a long dark satin skirt, a ruffle silk blouse, sexy 3 inch heels. She is an elegant 60 year old woman But very perverted. As she plays with my cock, she says, "You will make a perfect pony girl. I'm looking for a mate for my favorite pony boy, the Horse Man." Fear starts to set in as she continues "He has a large cock with a unique piercing on his cock… and it will be very painful for you when he mates with you. Don't worry the two of you will be chained together. You will never get away from him and he is always frisky". Before she leaves precum is coming out of my hard cock.

Jade returns, she slaps our sissy bottoms and announces "The sissy hunt has begun… run sissies!" Running will be difficult for all of us in these 5 inch locked heels. The bride is struggling with the tight bridal gown and I have those annoying tit bells… I can be easily heard!

Our fates and outcomes do not look good...

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