The Gifts

by Apryllrain

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© Copyright 2002 - Apryllrain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMM/f; bondage; cons; XX

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The Gifts - Part 3
by Apryllrain

The Gift part 3

It's my birthday, never mind which one! I may be a horny, needy, painslut, but I'm still a lady and I wouldn't tell you if you asked. Since I'm an unattached sub, Three Doms that I play with have each offered a gift, and I have a feeling, it will be a birthday I will never forget.

First, Master Thomas gave me the gift of tight bondage.  He tied me in ways I would not have believed possible.

Next came Master Jacob, He gave me the gift of pain. I was tied and beaten until I passed out.

When I woke up...I was laid out on a soft bed, all the ties, and ropes, and cuffs had been removed form my body and I was covered with a soft blanket.  I think there was a one inch square patch of skin behind my left ear that did not hurt....everything else did.

All three men were sitting on the bed with me, and when they saw I was awake, each leaned down and gave me a long, lingering kiss.

Since this was Master Jeremy's turn, he did the talking.  "You have one chance to decide if you want to go on with this or not...We know you've been thru a lot this evening"

I thought about ending it here, I really did, this was the part that I had most anticipated, and most dreaded, I was sore and in so much pain over my whole body, but....if I ended it, I'd always feel that I had been cheated...that I had cheated myself.  No, I had to see this thru till the end....

I looked straight into Jeremy's eyes, and, placing my wrists together, offered myself to him...Jeremy was to give me the gift 

Jeremy smiled at me, and, with great care, he twined a soft blue rope around my wrists.  I pulled and tugged at it, just to make certain I couldn't get loose, but it was as tight and inescapable as all the other bonds that had been on me tonight.  Jeremy has me lie on my back, then he ties the ropes to the headboard, he strips the blanket off me, and for the first time I can see the mass of bruises and welts all over my pretty..... 

Jeremy wants to make sure I know I'm secured, so he runs five ropes under the bed, the first one is tied on to my upper arms, now they are completely immobile. He places a large bolster under my lower back, tilting my pelvis up and more available for his use. 

Another rope is tied to my thighs, up at the top, where my legs meet my hips, now I can't squirm too far at all.

My knees are pulled apart as wide as they will go and tied off, then my ankles receive the same treatment.  Now, I am totally at his mercy, I can't move anything that might interfere with whatever he has planned.

In his oh-so-seductive voice, Jeremy whispers, "I'm not going to blindfold you this time....I want to watch your face when you climax...see your eyes go wide, then wild.  Watch your agony.... "

All three men join me on the bed, they run their hands over my body, lightly dragging their nails over the abused flesh....a tongue gently licks at my swollen nipples...another slides into my belly button...someone slips a finger inside my drenched pussy... I don't know who's hands are touching where, I can't watch that, my eyes are locked tightly to Jeremy's, neither of us seems capable of looking away...

I hear a loud humming noise.  Jeremy briefly lifts the device into my line of vision. It is a massager type vibrator, the kind that plugs into the wall so you never have to worry about the batteries wearing down. I hear the change in pitch as he flips it deliberately from low, to medium to high.  Jeremy reaches down and spreads my cunt lips, he lightly caresses my clit then plucks it with his fingers.  As I start moaning from the stimulations He presses the vibrator directly against my clit.

I am sooooo ready, it takes only about a second before I cum explosively....I feel myself squirting and I would be embarrassed, but I don't have time to think of only thought goes right back to the sensations in my clit...the way I feel. After a few minutes, Jeremy takes away the vibrator and I take a shaky breath...if I were alone, if I had a choice, I would be done now... the feeling is much to intense, too strong, but I'm not alone and I've given away all my choices. Jeremy presses the vibrator against my clit again...and again I immediately am swallowed by my orgasm....he doesn't let up....and I'm becoming frantic...I want it...I love it...but it's too much....I look deep into Jeremy's eyes once again and I am reassured by the look of approval in them.  He sets the vibrator aside for only a moment to give me a drink of water, then he slips a condom on and just before he thrusts his hard cock inside my wet cunt, he replaces the vibrator to my clit.

Jeremy whispers "Resist....don't cum yet"  resist?? How does he expect me to do that when he feels so good fucking me.  I hear him flip the switch to the lowest setting and dutifully I do my best to hold back...I clench my inner muscles around his cock and try to hold back, but I can feel the orgasm building....building....harder now....

Thomas and Jacob  are still touching me, and they aren't so gentle any abused nipples are being pulled and pinched and twisted, my tits are being slapped....Do they think the pain will override the pleasure?? No, it doesn't override it and the pain gives meaning to the pleasure.

While Jacob works on my tits, Thomas moves up, and grabbing my hair, pulls my mouth onto his cock.  He and Jeremy work in rhythm, pumping me full of hard cock. I'm not so sure I can hold back my orgasm any longer and with an ominous click, Jeremy flips the tool to the high setting again and whispers to me, "Cum now... cum hard!"

I do!!!

I don't know how many times we repeat this cycle, trying to resist, then cumming so hard I feel as if the top of my head is being blown away ... while the three men take it in turns to fuck me in every conceivable way on combinations available.

I'm losing myself...I don't know where I begin and end as one climax blends seamlessly into another...

Even the beating didn't ... touch me, this much. Then, that was outside me, I could compartmentalize it... I could think, "Oh, that's my just back..or my tits..or my feet... I'm safe my own mind. They can't touch the real me...." But this....this is so much more, this consumes me, this feeling takes over my body, my mind, and my soul....the sensations start at my clit, but they seek out every cell of my body and turns it inside out...this wipes my thoughts and abilities away until I am nothing but one big orgasmatic blob.

I fade away...completely lost to everything....

When I come to my self again, I'm free of restraints...well, external ones anyway....Jeremy, Thomas, and Jacob are once again sitting with me, stroking my skin softly, murmuring comforting and reassuring words, telling me how beautiful this has been, how hot, how thrilled they were to be part of it.

Only 364 days until my next birthday....I can't wait!!!