The Gifts

by Apryllrain

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© Copyright 2002 - Apryllrain - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMM/f; bondage; cons; extreme bdsm; torture; XXX

The Gifts
by Apryllrain

The Gift pt 1

It's my birthday, never mind which one! I may be a horny, needy, painslut, but I'm still a lady and I wouldn't tell you if you asked. Since I'm an unattached sub, Three Doms that I play with have each offered a gift, and I have a feeling, it will be a birthday I will never forget.

First there's Master Thomas, and believe me, this is a man knows his way around a rope like no one else I know! His gift is to me tonight is to tie me in strict, tight, excruciating bondage. He starts by placing my wrists together, back to back behind me, wrapping them with bondage tape. My arms are placed in a single leather sleeve behind my back and the sleeve is pulled up, forcing my chest to thrust out. A rope is threaded thru an O ring at the end of the sleeve. Now the ends of the rope are draped over my shoulders and wrapped tightly around my tits, each one is wrapped three times, and then the ropes are crossed in a figure eight several times and drawn tight, then it's threaded around the crossings in the middle, making the whole thing even tighter, and last but not least, its wound around my body, and the ends are tied around the tops of my arms. If I try to ease the pain in my shoulders by moving my arms down, it pulls even tighter on my tits. My arms are well and truly immobilized.

He tells me how beautiful I look in his bonds, and that I'm going to look even more spectacular when he is thru.

Next, Master Thomas loops thinner rope around the back of my neck, pulls it down and winds it around my tits a few times, cinching it tightly after each revolution, but that's just to hold it in place. Master Thomas brings the ends down and ties a knot at my belly button, He positions the tails between my legs, and, spreading my cunt lips, catches my clit between the two ropes Master Thomas slips a long, fat, dildo into my pussy, it curves up just right so it is touching my g-spot, he slides a skinnier one deep into my ass and positions the rope to make sure they don't slip out. The ropes come up again in back, and tie to the end of the sleeve. Now, every slight shifting of my body rubs my clit and gets me hotter. 

Master Thomas reaches between my legs and rubs my clit for a few minutes, and I'm so close to cumming, but he stops just before I get there.

More rope is used to tie my legs together, starting about 5 inches from my cunt, the rope encircles my thighs and is firmly knotted, then he moves down another 3 inches and continues to cinch tightly about every 3 inches all the way down to about the middle of my calves. There's still quite a bit of rope left, but there are other things to do before he finishes there. Master 
Thomas picks up a little toy he had made previously and shows it to me. There are 6 clothespins, each on it's own individual string, all the strings are knotted together at the end. He has two sets of these. And I'm a little worried about what he plans to do with them. He starts by taking five of the clothespins, and places them in a circle on my tit, about two inches from the nipple. One clothespin is still dangling, and its string is several inches shorter. He does the other tit the same way. 

Master Thomas caresses my breasts with one finger of each hand, slowly stroking the nipples with his fingernail. A shiver runs down my spine.

Now, he takes the shorter pin, and closes it directly on each nipple, catching the tip right at the end, where the pressure is greatest. He gathers the strings together and starts pulling me across the room, now, remember, my legs are tied together pretty tight, I can only move my feet about an inch or two each step and Master Thomas seems to be in a hurry. He pulls hard, 
keeping the tension on my tits, bringing fresh waves of pain with every tug. After walking for what seems like miles and miles, but in fact, is about 10 feet, He leads me to the front of a wooden post in the middle of the room, then takes the ends of the strings and threads them thru an O ring mounted above my head on the post. He pulls the strings high & ¦higher, pulling up on my tits until I'm forced to go up on my tippytoes and ties them there.

Master Thomas finished tying my legs together at the ankles, and around the bottoms of my feet. He adds a pair of thumb cuffs on my big toes. Last, but not least, a thick leather blindfold covers my eyes and a ball gag is forced into my mouth and tied behind my head. 

I'm balanced right on the edge now, but I think I'll be ok as long as I keep still, not that I have a lot of choice in that. All of a sudden, the dildos in my pussy and ass start vibrating, and I jerk with surprise!

The Gift pt 2

It's my birthday, never mind which one! I may be a horny, needy, painslut, but I'm still a lady and I wouldn't tell you if you asked. Since I'm an unattached sub, Three Doms that I play with have each offered a gift, and I have a feeling, it will be a birthday I will never forget.

First, there was Master Thomas, he gifted me with strict bondage, I'd been tied for two hours, in some of the most agonizing positions I've ever been in. But now it was Master Jacob's turn, and his gift to me is pain.

With help from Master Thomas, the two men untied me from the post I had been bound in, first untying the lower rope from my arms, and pulling it from between my legs, roughly pulling the still humming vibrators from my ass and pussy. And, of course, pulling on my clit, which was pinched between the two ropes. Master Thomas, unwound this rope from around my tits and lifted the end over my head. Then the rope around my legs. Next, Master Jacob removed the rope from my the end of the single sleeve behind my back, allowing me to lower my arms for the first time in hours, and also unwound this rope from my tits, now all that was left were the clothespins tethering my aching tits to the pillar. Now, I knew that they could be removed fast, and cause a quick intense pain, or slow, barely loosening them before painfully, twisting them off - they did both!

I was given only a few minutes to recover, then it was off to the races again.

Master Jacob led me over to a spanking bench and made me place my knees into twin boxes at the end, placing a strap over each knee so I couldn't get out. I was surprised how comfortable it was, the boxes were padded to let me keep weight on them, and only about hip wide apart. He turned my hands palm out, and using leather cuffs, strapped them to my thighs. He put another set of cuffs on my upper arms and ran two pieces of leather across my chest to the other cuff, of course, on the way he had to wind it around my breasts a time or two! He also ran a strap across my back so I couldn't hunch away. Now, he puts cuffs on my ankles, and brought them to the side, attaching them to the thigh cuffs. Master Jacob whispers to me, now for the surprise! He turns a crank, and the knee boxes pivot out an inch or so “uh oh! this could be trouble” he shows me his toy, it's a wooden cone, about 10 inches tall, and 2 inches in diameter at the top, sloping out to 11 inches at the base. He coats it with a thick jell, and screws it into a stand which is bolted to the end of the bench, then places it right under my cunt. He turns the crank again, and the knee boxes pivot out further, bring my body down and forcing the tip of the cone about an inch into my cunt ‘I was right, this IS trouble’. For the piece d'resistance, Master Jacob fits earphones and a blindfold over my head, he pulls my hair into a ponytail and braids a strip of rawhide into it which he then threads the end of it into a bolt in the ceiling. He turns on the earphones and I can hear his recorded voice telling me that I am his SLUT, his CUNT, his WHORE. He's telling me that he's going to hurt me, and I'll be helpless to stop him. Now I can't see, and I can hear only him, I can't move an inch, I can only feel.

(you belong to me, my little FUCK TOY, I'm going to do everything to you)

He is so clever, Master Jacob is, he has left me totally immobile, yet still totally exposed to whatever he wants.

(you fucking SLUT! I am going to hurt you till you cry.)

It seems I wait a long time, flinching at every breath of air that brushes my body, knowing what is coming, but not when, or where, or how.

(my little CUNT!)

Finally ‘too soon’ I feel it, he starts by using a thin, stringy, riding crop across my ass. I realize why he left me ungagged he wants to hear me scream.

(scream for me, BITCH, scream loud)

And I do scream...loudly, and that seems to send him into a frenzy, no gentle warm up this time, I feel the slice of the crop again and again on my ass, so fast, I can't even take a deep breath between them. He covers my entire bottom with the crop, meticulously hitting and criss-crossing every inch and then some. Occasionally, he pauses and runs his nails over the welts that came up immediately.. checking to see if he's missed a spot, or just admiring his work. Pinching the welts, slapping hard for some variety.

(tell me what you are, tell me you are a fucking little pain SLUT)

Now he's going for accuracy, hitting the exact same line 10, 20 times in a row, getting harder with every slice, and then moving down just an inch before starting again. I could tell, I wouldn't be sitting down anytime soon after this.

I scream out, "Master! I'm a fucking pain SLUT. Please hurt me."

Master Jacob stops for a moment, and gives the crank a few turns, the dildo is forced up into my body further, it must be 4 inches deep and 3 around by this time.

(you SLUT, you WHORE, FUCK your CUNT with that hunk of wood)

Now he starts to branch out, the crop landing on my thighs, and lower, he'll work on one leg for a few moments, then just as I begin to get desensitized, he switches to fresh skin on the other leg, he works the crop up and down my legs, the thwack of the crop providing counterpoint to my frantic cries. 

(take it deep, you dirty little FUCK toy)

He turns the crank again, now the knee boxes are barely supporting me, most of my weight is being held by the huge intruder in my cunt, I'm forced down again when I suddenly realize that the white goop he had liberally covered this thing with is a camphor concoction, smooth and cold at first, but hot and burning the longer it stays on...

(that's all you get you WHORE, you deserve pain)

I try to shake my head, to beg him to stop, but the rope braided in my hair does not even allow that. But I knew it was no use, The three Masters and I had agreed before we ever started that there would be no safe-wording out of this scene, no giving up, no backing out...once I agreed to do this, I was committed to doing it all the I can scream and cry and beg and yell and plead all I want, it won't change a thing. Truth to tell, I wouldn't want it to.

(I want you to hurt so bad, SLUT, beg me to stop so I can beat you even more)

Finally, he stops for a moment, and then I feel the cool, rubber strands of his long flogger trailing over my back. Gently, he just strokes me with them, lifting the lashes now and again, Every time he does, I flinch, not knowing if this is the time it will come down hard....or gently stroke again....this continues for a long time, until I stop cringing, and then.....


All those thick rubber straps hitting me across my back at once is a shock to my system...I beg, no please....please, I can't take it.... He hits even faster now, and even thru earphones, I could hear the blades whistling thru the air, the loud crack as they struck my back, just milliseconds before the pain would radiate thru my body. 

(you can't stop me BITCH, you're helpless)

Master Jacob is careful not to hit the lower back, where my kidneys could be damaged, but everywhere else is fair game, shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, ass, all came under the whip. Every time I squirmed to get away, I pushed myself down lower on the huge object in my legs had been spread so far now, they were practically straight out. The dildo thingy is stretching me and filling me, the jell heating my core, and driving me to distraction. 

(Scream it again SLUT, tell me what you are and what you want)

Now, Master Thomas must have joined in, because I could feel another flogger striking across my front side, across my tortured tits, my bare tummy, the front of my straining thighs.

PLEASE hurt me, whip me. I'm a PAIN SLUT. I want to cum from your whip!!

On and on I was whipped, I had no escape, I couldn't move a muscle to stop it and my screams just incited them to further excesses. 

(BITCH needs pain, SLUT!!! CUNT!!! WHORE!!!!!)

Master stops for a moment and picks up a new instrument, he presses it into my hand so I can anticipate what's to come. It's is a thick, nobby bamboo cane...I try to hold on to it, to delay the moment when he begins to use it on me, but I am at a little disadvantage, and he is able to easily pull it from my grasp. The seconds tick by....I don't know where he intends to use this, my ass, my thighs, my body is already scored and abused.....what can he be plan----------ahhhhhhhhh, not my feet!!!!! That hurts so much!!!!!!!

(take that CUNT, you deserve the pain, you need it)

He's using the cane to strike lengthwise down the souls of my feet. Since they are bound to the sides of my thighs, he has a very clear , but tiny area to hit, back and forth he goes, first the left foot, then the right....I can feel the pain radiate all through my body, I can't take it any more, I've never done a scene this intense, this wicked....I would do anything to make it stop...I hope it never stops...I want...I want.....I feel the room beginning to dim around me, and then everything fades to black.


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