Kidnapped Mistaken Identity 2

by Mr Smooth

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© Copyright 2016 - Mr Smooth - Used by permission

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Part Two

A clip- clop of heels was heard and the door opened. My stomach churned and the Matron entered; this time she was dressed from head to toe in a loose fitting, pale blue rubber medical theatre shirt and loose trousers topped with a head matching hair covering medical mop-cap. She pushed in her medical trolley containing an array of fearsome looking instruments made of glass, stainless steel and rubber; it clinked as she approached her rubber clothing rustling erotically as she moved.

She left the trolley and leaned over me “I want you to be very brave for me” she said. “The procedures I have in mind to carry out on you will be very scary for you and I will also make it as painful as possible for you but I don’t want you passing out on me, do you understand?”

I looked in terror at her statement “Oh god no” I exclaimed through my mask. She just smiled and replied after allowing her statement to sink in “good, Im so glad you are so terrified, you should be, because that’s the intention”

My mask was removed and fresh air flooded in to my lungs for the first time in more than an hour and she now picked up a rubber ball gag and offered it to my mouth. I naturally refused so she shook her head and took my right nipple between her powerful fingers and squeezes hard until I shouted with pain. My mouth now open she expertly stuffed the ball into it and quickly strapped it on tightly.

“Something to bite on shortly, you will need it” she said and now removed the clammy rubber sheet from my body exposing my now flaccid cock. She inspected it and said “that’s no good for me to work on like that” and she began to toy with it.

She soon made it rock hard and throbbing and she now turned to her trolley retrieving a shiny steel rod about 8 mm in diameter which she showed me. She now explained it as she positioned between my legs with her trolley at hand “This is a urethral sound if you don’t know, and if you do then you know it is for stretching cock holes and now yours is to be stretched; it is not really so painful, it may make you cringe but I really couldn’t give a shit about that.

She filled a blunt syringe with some gel and now injected this into my cock hole to lubricate it to for the procedure. I did cringe and protest through my gag but she ignored me. “I haven’t even started on you yet you pathetic fucking whiner” she sneered. Now she trailed some of the left over gel along the thirteen inch length of the sound ensuring it was well greased. “Here goes” she said and began to slowly slide it down my urethra while holding on to my stiff cock. It was the weirdest sensation but strangely erotic all the same and she just let it take its own weight allowing it to slide in to its full length.

She let my hard cock take the full weight of the steel and showed me a small box. He now said “You’re prepared now for the next phase” I do have an excess amount of these razor sharp needles and I need to use up this boxful; there is one hundred in here and guess where I shall be inserting them” She tapped my balls and cock as if to reinforce her words. She continued “and when I’ve run out of space I will find elsewhere to use the rest of them up” Where she now brushed my nipples to let me know. I am a coward when it comes to injections and I have a fear of needles like most men; I felt sick with her sadistic promise.

She sprayed antiseptic around my cock and balls and now broke open a plastic case and brandishing the first needle she said “I will start with the smallest ones and as you get used to the pain I will increase the sizes to compensate for this. You must count each one when it’s inserted or it will not count and you will have another in its place until you do count as I have many more boxes of them. If you do pass out I will revive you and continue. This procedure will take around an hour and half to insert the whole boxful and at all times you will have no choice but to watch me do it so here goes” I looked at the clock it was nearly two thirty. She raised the chair to a better angle for access to me and I could see everything in the mirror above me.

She started with my scrotum and inserted the first of many in there. I gritted my teeth and felt the needle enter as she threaded it through my bag. She looked up and I counted “one” through gritted teeth. As she had said it was around a minute before the second one was added so this painful procedure was going to take some time.

Later I had counted twenty now which were all in my scrotum and the pain by now was more bearable so she upped her game and started at the base of my cock with a larger needle. Each time I lost my erection she would caress my knob, slide the sound back in and bring it back to life. These new needles were more painful and she managed fifteen until she reached my tip. I screamed as she now passed four through it and I came close to fainting, but she only chuckled at my plight.

She turned to her trolley now and fitted a small clear suction cup to a hand pump. “One each for your nipples” she explained “I must have them puckered up and tender for when I get to them” With that she fitted the cup over my right nipple and applied a vacuum sucking up my skin. As she leaned forward to do this I felt her warm rubbered body brushing my inner thighs and although my cock and balls were still heavily pierced it made me get hard again.
She stood back to retrieve the second cup and noticing my throbbing cock she said firmly “don’t take too much pleasure, you know of the consequences” She leaned into me again on purpose pressing her warm latex onto me and fitted the second cup.

My nipples were now stretched deep into the cup which is where she wanted them to be until she was ready to torture them and she said “I am reserving my largest needles for your nipples which will be very tender when I eventually reach them”

I groaned at her threats and knew for sure I was now in for some real torture. She now pressed a buzzer on the wall and invited the other two mistresses to join us. Sure enough a few minutes later they entered as Matron was continuing insert her needles now in a line from my right groin towards my chest.

They surrounded me as Matron continued and Lady Stern spoke first “how is The Cretin handling your experiments Matron?” “Oh he’s a big wimp” she laughed “I don’t know how he will hold up for three days of our torments, he cannot tolerate my needles, but you have no choice do you?” directing her final comment to me. I shook my head and winced as she threaded another needle into me getting ever nearer to my chest area.

Lady Stern then said “well if he doesn’t like needles I will have to put my tattoo kit into operation before he leaves” She continued leaning into me “I may tattoo CUNT onto your cock so that when you get it up your partner will wonder what you’ve been up to and if you do have sex then you will be putting your little Cunt into a real Cunt wont you” I groaned and shook my head as they all laughed sadistically.

“What a brilliant thought” said a delighted Mistress Roxanne who had been quiet up to this point. “You are very devious and inventive Lady Stern I must say but if it was me I would also tattoo his forehead with Cunt on it so that everyone will know he is a real Cunt”

Lady Stern now laughed and replied, “Oh yes Roxanne I may do that as well, then he has it for life where everyone can see what he is, leave it with me”

Matron had now run two lines of needles from my groin only finishing just below my nipple area. I had counted to ninety and she now showed me a needle from her last box of ten; it was huge. She removed the cup from my right nipple but before she continued Mistress R said “what a lovely nipple” and she bent over and took it in her mouth giving it a gentle suck. The feeling was electric and as she pulled back off me she continued “I love men’s nipples, I shall look forward to playing with yours tomorrow.

Matron now approached after spraying them with alcohol and slowly offered the needle to my skin. As she slowly forced the razor sharp needle into my nipple I screamed with pain and counted ninety one; this pain was now on another level. Lady Stern put her hands over my mouth as the next needle was inserted and I kicked and bucked as much as I could. She released her hands and I just managed ninety two before the next one was slowly inserted and again Lady Stern held my mouth to quieten me down. Lady S loosed me and as Matron now offered the forth one I must have passed out.

I awoke with an anaesthetic mask being held over my face by Matron; we were alone. “You fainted on me and there’s only six to finish off” she said lifting the mask off My gag had been removed and I answered “I told you, you have the wrong person here, I am not the guy you should have locked up, there has been a big mistake” Matron shook her head and said “very well, if that’s your position then Lady Stern will be informed again and so your tortures and torments will no doubt be increased, now let me finish my needle insertions shortly so first I will give you this”

She now poured small mount of liquid into some cotton wool and popped it inside the mask before forcing over my mouth and nose. A strange sweet smell invaded my lungs and a minute later my head began to spin. I was aware of what she was doing to me as a red mist descended. Then as she inserted the last of my needles I screamed in pain but I was in another place as the amyl nitrate on the cotton wool had taken control of my senses.

I was “out of it” for few minutes until the drug effects wore off and I slowly came back to reality.

Matron leaned over me “all done now” she said condescendingly “you’ve had your special medical for today. I had to drug you to make you tolerate and accept the last few needles as I always see through my procedures”

I almost wept with relief at her words as now she began to remove the one hundred needles piercing my flesh. When finished she wiped the area over with an alcohol cleaner to prevent any infection.

Lady Stern returned and she helped to oversee my release from the chair. My muscles were stiff all over having being bound for so long and now I was allowed to take a wonderful shower and a little exercise before being fitted with my collar and a humiliating steel cage chastity device, to prevent me taking pleasure before I was returned to my cell. I fell asleep on my bed totally exhausted by my ordeal.

Later a good meal was provided by their male sub who had brought it to me on a trolley. He was slightly built and was dressed totally as a rubber maid complete with an all over rubber female face hood and wig to hide his identity. I spoke to him but he opened his mouth to show me it was filled with a red rubber gag fitted behind his teeth and held in place by the tightly fitted mask. He shook his head and showed me his hands where he had been strapped and caned the previous night. They were badly marked with welts and looked to be very sore indeed. He made it clear that he didn’t wish to speak out of fear and left me to my meal which I had to eat with a plastic knife and fork.

An hour went by and I lay there as there was nothing to do in here when the outer door opened; Matron and mistress R entered both of them wearing tight leather catsuits. My door was opened and Matron handcuffed me. “Lady Stern is waiting to hand out your extra punishment” said Matron “so come with us now” I had forgotten about what she said earlier and now feared the worst.

I was taken to a furnished area where there was a leather kneeling bench in the centre of it. Lady Stern was also there waiting and dressed in from head to toe in leather too; she was brandishing and flexing a long cane. She spoke “so now you’ve been fed and watered its time to deal out the punishment you owe me for your earlier outbursts, strip him and strap him down” I was dragged onto her whipping bench naked save for my chastity tube and expertly strapped down over it until I could scarcely move.

Lady S now said to me “so you again requested to be freed to Matron this time. For this your punishment will be doubled to twelve strokes of my cane. You will count each one and say thank you mistress after it is delivered. If you do not count before the next stroke has landed then it will be added to until you do. I hope I have made myself clear. Your buttocks will be covered in a thin leather hide to minimise your wounds as you have only arrived here today. This will minimise the marks but this will not hide or take away the pain I am about to inflict on you” A leather hide was strategically draped over me as she said and loosely strapped in place by mistress R. Lady S now positioned herself behind me as the other two stood in front. I heard the cane whistle a couple of times but she was testing it out.

“Ready for your punishment?” she now said. The cane whistled again and a fearsome pain exploded on my backside. I blew out air in agony and it was several seconds before I managed to count and thank her. The second one landed and I strained at my bonds as the pain took hold of me. I counted again and thanked her just before the third. I had tears now and blubbed my thanks again. And so it went on until the final stroke which she layed on even harder; I screamed out loud and almost passed out before sobbing the thanks required.

Later on after removing the leather hide Matron rubbed in some cream explaining it was an anaesthetic and soon the pain began to diminish somewhat. I was released and gingerly stood now where I was given my dressing gown. Lady Stern touched my face and said “you know now that I will punish you even more if you misbehave again. Now you will have good nights sleep in preparation for Mistress Roxanne tomorrow where she will get into your head and drive you insane with lust and denial”

I was taken to a walking machine and made to exercise for an hour; I had not been allowed to move much since my capture and the mistresses deemed that it would be good for my body and to use up excess energy. I showered again and noted the cane marks were just red welts, the hide had taken the excess marks out of the blows. I was then taken back to my cell where I was strapped down in my bed naked save for my chastity tube. Soon the lights were switched off and I was alone again in pitch darkness to contemplate on tomorrow’s fate.


Next morning I was awakened by their male sub who always seemed to dressed as a French maid in a rubber uniform to do the mistresses bidding. He released me and did not speak but only beckoned the instructions to follow him to take a shower after releasing my chastity tube. This I had to refit afterwards, wear a dressing gown and an ankle to ankle hobble chain and then eat my breakfast back in my cell in total silence.

Soon after eating I heard the dreaded sounds of heels on the stone floor; Lady Stern had come to collect me. “Come to the bars and stand with your back to me with your hands behind you” she commanded me. This I did; she handcuffed and fitted my control collar on me. She now opened my cage and commanded me to follow her.

I shuffled behind her and we entered what can only be described as a bedroom or boudoir with a very large and high set four poster bed as the centre-piece. This was no ordinary bed though; the hefty posts and framework had steel rings attached to them and the sheets and covers were made of shiny black latex with purple latex covered pillows. Hanging down along the sides of the bed from the draped black latex ruched canopy were semi-transparent latex drapes that could be pulled around to seal the occupants inside from the outside world. All in all this was an extremely erotic piece of furniture.

Looking around there were other pieces in here too among them including a rubber covered massage / bondage table with heavy straps and a large tall backed leather covered bondage chair with an open seat; this also had heavy straps fitted to it.

She had me stand at the foot of the bed facing it and released my hobble chain where I was instructed to remove my chastity tube and then stand with my legs apart. She fitted straps to my ankles and secured these to rings on the bed legs. I was now unable to move without falling over and she released my wrists and removed my dressing gown and after fitting straps my arms were raised and clipping to rings on the bed posts above and either side of me so that I was now standing naked in an X shape and safely secured.

A loose fitting black rubber bag was slipped over my head cutting off my light and now Mistress said before she left me “Mistress Roxanne will be with you soon, just remember what will happen if you do lose control without permission and also I will add another twelve strokes tonight on top”

I was alone waiting and wondering again what was to happen to me and I didn’t have to wait long as I heard the door open and the familiar sound of heels on the floor coming towards me. I felt soft smooth hands on my back and then moving around my body. Now a warm female body pressed against my back as her hands searched my chest and belly. My cock soon sprang into life and she now whispered in my ear “I do like to tease my victims a little before I drive them insane with lust; it’s your turn now and you can feast your eyes on me”

She removed the bag from my head and moved to my side where I could see her. Dressed only in glossy black latex stockings and matching long gloves. She had a tight waisted rubber corset pulling in her tiny waist and apart from her high heels that was all she was wearing. Her red hair cascaded onto magnificent breasts and she was completely shaven of pubic hair and I also spotted a couple of piercing to her labia “Do you approve?” she asked smiling unashamedly in her nakedness.

You are gorgeous” I had to say and admit as I choked with adrenaline at the sight of this beautiful creature who was to be my tormentor. The rubber clothing she wore only accentuated her sexual appearance and made her seem to be more than naked. She turned around and showed of her truly magnificent rear now as my cock pulsed with lust for her. Physically she was just perfect in every way to me.

“Good, Im so glad you approve” she replied and added “I do hope you will not disappoint me in our session now as this is my favourite procedure using my sexuality to drive men to the point of insanity with lust and desire. God gave me this beauty for this very reason and now I will have you drooling for me and my delicious pussy for the next few hours.

She opened a case on a stand nearby and retrieved a thick wide leather belt which she fitted around my waist tightly. Now two straps were added to D rings on either side of me and fixed and adjusted sideways to the bed posts so that it greatly restricted my forwards movements. She slipped a rubber ball gag into my mouth too and strapped it into place “We can’t have you moving about and complaining too much when I am tormenting you” she said smiling.

She now moved her case onto the bed by me, kicked of her shoes and now kneeled directly in front of my open legs facing me, my throbbing cock only inches from her body. In her case were all sorts of weird contraptions and she chose a stainless steel tube made up of several rings welded along the top and together, a centimetre apart to form a long tube. She greased it well inside and now slid down along my shaft as far as my balls. It fitted me tightly and took my breath as she now closed an attached hinged cage around my balls now trapping the device onto my cock. My cock was now held prisoner in a straight position and the weight of the steel caused it to droop a little.

“I hope you like my device” she said feeling pleased with herself “I can now control you without you cumming and also add all sorts of torment fittings to this cock cage as I wish but first I cannot have it drooping like that for me” She slipped and looped a thin chain around my cock just behind my knob between the rings. Now she lifted my cock up to forty five degrees and clipped the other end of the chain to my waist belt so that it was held in place. This pressure now only served to increase my blood flow and made me even harder and my mouth drool began to drip onto it.

She now took a long thin ribbed steel hollow rod from her case and showed it too me “This is a sound and its going right down inside your cock hole now and simply screws into place into your cock cage tip to hold it in place. I shook my head to say no as she held it there to torment me. “Oh yes” she said “but I am afraid it is to be inserted when I’ve added some lubrication”

This she did and now offered it up to my urethra. Looking up first into my eyes now to torment me even more she now attended to slowly inserting the sound making me cringe. It was a tight fit due to the rings compressing my cock but eventually she had it full length inside of me and now screwed into its thread located at the tip. This was weirdly erotic and I was drooling badly from around my gag as she now commented “that’s so much better so now I can get on with your torments” As she said this she rubbed the length of my cock cage as if she were masturbating me; but of course there was no sensation and only frustration.

She lay back and began to rub her latex covered feet on my thighs and belly. I could easily see her pierced sex too which compounded the torment and so I closed my eyes to lessen my frustration.

“Get you eyes back on me while I am here” she said sharply “or I will summon Mistress Stern to give you a caning right now” I did as she said and she continued to caress me with her smooth feet, all the while smiling sexily at me.

Now after tiring of this she said “hmmm lets see what toys I have” and she rummaged in her case picking out a massager. Now kneeling before me she switched it on and held it against my cock cage. This only served to excite me more as the vibrations pulsed through my cock and soon I was gasping and close to orgasm. She pulled back off teasing and said as she stroked my face “no cumming, you know it’s forbidden”

I had only been in her company less than an hour and I was already half way to insanity with lust and frustration and I had god only know how many more hours of this. She spread her legs and toyed with her wet pussy all the while looking at me as she enjoyed the exploration of the centre of her body. This went on for some time; the sweet moans of pleasure alone emanating from her increased my erection until I thought it would burst.

Now she lay back and pressed the massager against her pussy area while tweaking her nipples with the other hand. Delicious squeals and more moans of delight came from her as she writhed and pleasured herself while achieving several orgasms. She finally had enough and just lay there breathing heavy, sweating and looking at me glassy eyed for a few minutes before pressing a buzzer.

A couple of minutes went by and the male maid appeared. “You have met Fifi, our live in maid” she said to me and continued “he has turned himself over to us to be our permanent rubber slave and to do whatever we wish of him to do. He is kept permanently dressed all of the day like this to do our bidding and also for our pleasure. He is only allowed to remove his rubber clothing to shower and to sleep, and he is not allowed to take pleasure or speak without our permission and so kept in a constant state of excitement and frustration. Today however as a special treat he will be released of his pent up slime, by me in front of you and you will have to watch his pleasure”

Fifi began to tremble at these words and Mistress R now unlocked his boots so that he could remove them and then invited him to lie down beside her on his back. She kneeled over his waist and removed his gag; his legs were moving and twitching with excitement and she said to him “now you understand that your sperm will have to be recycled as usual so be grateful and take it down without any complaints”

I saw him nod and tremble. She now strapped a bizarre rubber mask over his mouth and nose which resembled a large vagina and she said “your sperm will be fed back to through your cunt mask” She turned to me and said “take note, if you are fitted with a face cunt mask then you will know what to expect”

She climbed off him, kneeled between his legs, lifted his short skirt and pulled down his heavy rubber bloomers to his knees. He also had on a chastity steel tube and she unlocked this but had
to add some slippy gel and twist it off his engorged member. It was enormous and the veins stood out on it as it throbbed wildly. She turned around to me “that’s what I call a cock” she said smiling and added “it’s a pity that he has little control so we have to dose him up with delay spray and several thick condoms when we have him strapped down for our fuck pleasures”

Now with her gorgeous naked bottom towards me and after applying some gel on her hands she held the powerful massager against his cock her gloved hands. He squealed immediately with pleasure and I knew his time would be short. “Control yourself “she said as she continued with her mechanical masturbation. But Fifi was in no state to do this, he shook and trembled all over as she gently played with his balls now with her other hand.

I saw his whole body stiffen and a low groan began. This turned into a scream of lust and relief as she upped the pressure and speed of the vibrations underneath his knob area and his engorged member began to spurt its sticky load. His hot sperm shot high into the air and she aimed it to land on his rubber dress; he continued to squeal as she now gripped his member and pumped and squeezed every last drop from him.

Now as he now lay there moaning in relief and breathing heavy gathering his senses she carefully collected his sticky mess on her rubbery fingers and began to feed it through his vagina face opening. I saw him retch; he had no choice but to swallow it and Mistress R said to him “there, take it down Fifi and maybe you can have another release soon providing you behave yourself. Now go to Lady Stern and she will refit your gag and chastity tube after you clean up and also remind Matron to attend me so that we can continue with this slave’s punishment.”

He stood, collected his things and left and she tidied up the small mess on the rubber bed sheets before checking me out. My drool was everywhere and pre-cum dripped from my cock tube so she wiped some of this up tutting “what a mess you’re making” and tormented me more now by stroking my steel cock cage.

Matron arrived at this point and I felt her warm body press against me from behind; she reached around and her hands caressed my chest and lower belly taking my breath, she spoke “how is our slave holding up Mistress Roxanne” She replied as she continued with her teasing on my cock cage “oh he’s has some way to go and he has to join us now on the bed”

My control collar was refitted now and I was released from the posts where I was immediately made to lie down in the centre of the bed. The cold rubber sheets took my breath at first as I was forced to lie naked on my back: my cock cage chain was removed.

Matron too was wearing identical clothing to Mistress R but hers was in transparent latex as she seemed to prefer this. Her ebony skin showed clearly and erotically through the rubber as they both secured me to the bed posts with straps, legs apart, arms apart above my head in an X position, my cock cage lying upwards on my belly.

Mistress R now joined me on my right side, Matron on my left and both of them laid right up to me each one draping a warm rubber leg over mine. God this was heaven and hell both at the same time as they also used their hands to gently caress my face and body. I was their meat in a very erotic rubber sandwich and Matron now asked “who is your favourite mistress here?” and continued “who is turning you on the most and who is making your cock so hard it may burst?”

I shook my head and salivated with frustration as they both laughed at her remark and Mistress R now said “its time for you to do some work on us now, after all you are here for our pleasure and not yours” She now straddled my belly facing me, reached down and buried herself onto my cock cage with a gasp taking the full length of the steel ribbed cage. Matron straddled my face at the same time facing Mistress R and said as she lowered herself on my mouth “make me happy and lick my cunt”

I could hear them both squeal with delight as I worked my tongue inside Matrons pussy finding her clitoris. My nose buried in her bum cleft I could scarcely breathe as I did my best to pleasure her as they groped each other; I was just a plaything in their lust.

I don’t know how long they enjoyed themselves at my expense but finally they had enough and sweating profusely they both lay half across me resting on either side of me. My mouth aching and glad to get some fresh air my cock was in a state of pain now with its desire to be freed of its load.

Mistress Roxanne’s right hand now traced down my belly to my groin and toyed with my thigh area and she spoke almost in a whisper in my ear “would you now like to be released of all that creamy spunk you have in your balls?” Of course I groaned “oh god yes” “Well” she returned “it will have to be payed for you know. Any slave here who wishes to take pleasure and be released of his slime will have to undergo a procedure of his mistresses liking which will be decided on once you have agreed to go ahead, so what is it to be, do you wish to take your pleasure or not?”

I was so desperate for release I nodded and agreed whatever the cost was to be. “Very well” she said and turned her attention to my cock where she slowly unscrewed the insert and withdrew it. It was a little painful as it came out and she tutted “well I think this is going to be difficult to remove” as she surveyed the cage itself and she added “your cock is purple in here”

She squirted some lube all over the cage now and massaged it in as best she could before twisting the cage gently allowing the lube to penetrate onto my swollen skin. By tugging and twisting gently it finally came off; I gasped with relief as it revealed my now swollen and purple wildly throbbing cock.

Matron first fitted a cunt mask onto my face much to my horror and then released my ankles and also my wrists so that I was free and Mistress R explained “your pleasure will begin in a moment but there will also be pain at the same time as you cannot have one without the other here, now get into a kneeling position” I did as she said and my wrists were again secured in front of me and my ankles very loosely too.

She now squirted a generous amount of lube onto the rubber sheet near my knees. “Lower yourself down onto the bed and you may begin” she said “you can rub yourself off on the bed and you have two minutes to cum or we will stop you” I lowered myself onto the well lubed cool rubber bed sheet; it took my breath as my engorged cock touched the latex. “Come on” said Mistress R “fuck the rubber sheet, go on, fuck the rubber”

I began to rub myself against the smooth sheet almost involuntary and to my humiliation they both lay either side of me and tormented me verbally. “Come on get that fucking spunk flowing” said Matron inches from my face and she gave me a hard slap across my backside. I flinched and continued and they both began to slap me hard. Mistress R laughed “fuck the rubber, fuck the rubber you pathetic wanker you have one minute left” as I started to close in my orgasm and they both laughed now as I gasped with the pleasure; the slapping continued.

I concentrated on my pleasure as best as I could as they continued to castigate me and although in a little pain from the regular slapping blows my whole body convulsed as my load erupted and I screamed with relief. Mistress R jumped on my back and rode me like a horse screaming “fuck the rubber. fuck the rubber you cunt” as I emptied my boiling semen onto the greasy rubber sheet. Pumping, pumping, it kept coming, I thought it would never stop and tears of relief welled up in my eyes.

I finally finished, exhausted, my heart beating fast as I lay there with the erotic creature on top of me. She whispered you in my ear “you will shortly find out what we have in store for you so now you’ve had your pleasure, turn over on your back so that you can be fed back your slime” They forced me onto my side and Matron sat astride me holding me from moving my arms and legs now taught in my new position.

Mistress R collected my sperm on her rubbery fingers and attempted to force it into my mouth but I resisted now matter how much she tried. “Fucking swallow it” she hissed in vain as I held my mouth shut. Matron ripped off my mask and now they both pulled my lips apart and forced the slimy sperm and lube into my cheeks. I retched and kept my teeth together but they continued for several minutes until they were satisfied they could do no more. Mistress R said “You will suffer even more for your resistance now” and she pressed her buzzer. Moments later Fifi appeared and he was left to clean up the mess on the bed after I was released, handcuffed and hobble chained. My cock was still swollen so a very heavy rubber pouch containing my cock and balls was locked onto me.

Meanwhile Lady Stern now appeared and Mistress R related to her that I had an orgasm and resisted the feeding back of my sperm. Lady S approached me as I was standing and said with a serious voice “you will regret defying your mistress and so when you have been allowed to clean up and have some light refreshment you will spend the rest of the afternoon fully rubbered up in the isolation chamber, after that you will only be too glad to cooperative in taking anything we give you” she paused and continued “and then tomorrow your ass is mine”

I was then taken for a shower and onto my cell where my hands were released after securing my hobble chain to the bed frame. Some little time later Fifi came in with some soup and a bottle of water. He then left me to get on with it. During the next half hour or so I contemplated my fate and realised that I was only barely half way through this hell with these three bitches and I was already exhausted by their unrelenting sadism.

I dropped off for a few minutes and was awoken by Mistress R and Lady Stern both in skin tight black rubber catsuits. With my control collar fitted I was forced to hobble to the far end of the corridor and we entered a ten feet square cell with padded walls. The sound in here was dead due to the padding everywhere. There were steel rings and chains and also a hoist fitted to the roof; in the centre was a heavy timber chair with fitted straps. I was shaking as usual with fear and Matron now entered carrying something very large and heavy in shiny black rubber; she dumped this on the floor in front of me.

My chains were removed now and so was my rubber cock cover. I stood completely naked and of course my hard on returned in front of my latex clad tormentors. Matron and Mistress R stood either side and in front of me raised the rubber object from the floor to my waist level; it turned out to be a very thick loose fitting one piece coverall with built in feet and gloves.

The rear zip was opened and Lady Stern said to me “step into it” I hesitated so she pushed a prod against my belly “I repeat myself again” she said “step into the rubber suit” Reluctantly I did as she said and the cold thick rubber took my breath. “It will soon be warmer than you wish in there” said Lady S and the other two now raised it up so that my arms were inside it. The rear zip was closed and now my whole body was enclosed. Lady S closed a strap at my neck and I stood there shivering with only my head free of rubber. Lady S said this is a three millimetre thick suit and soon you will be sweating more than you ever thought you could”

I was already beginning to warm up as she had promised and now I was forced to climb up and sit on the bondage chair my feet clear of the floor and legs apart where my legs, arms and chest were heavily strapped into it until I could scarcely move. I was dreading the next move from them and my fears were well founded as Lady S left and returned shortly carrying a rubber hood which she showed me with glee.

This too was made of the same heavy rubber and it had a real grotesque look about it with dark lenses for eyes and only breathing holes at the nose and mouth. She taunted me, showing and explaining that it was to be tightly fitted over my head and would not be removed until she decided when. To keep me quiet a TENS device was to be connected to me which would be activated if I made any unnecessary noise.

Before fitting the hood she proceeded to open a flap on my suit next exposing my cock which she stroked into life leaving me on the edge. Matron passed her a conductive rubber tube which she fixed around the base of my cock and balls. She now greased an anal plug with a cable attached, reached under and inserted this into me. It was a tight fit and expanded once inside to prevent me dislodging it. These two were connected now to the TENS and then a microphone was plugged in and this was fastened to my neck.

She explained that anything louder than breathing would set it off to give me a jolt of pain and then reset itself after thirty seconds. She switched it and spoke quietly into the microphone to set the level using LED lights and then gave me a quick jolt to check out the intensity. It felt as if my insides were being torn out with a thousand needles and I grunted and stiffened with the pain. “I have now turned it up one more notch” she said and I will switch it back on when you’re lovely smelly all enclosing rubber hood is in place, so I suggest you sit there quietly and contemplate your time with me tomorrow in my dungeon until I decide to release you”

With that she offered the claustrophobic rubber hood to my head; out of fear I pleaded with her not to do it. “Please don’t Mistress” I begged but she shook her head “you have to be punished” she said smiling sadistically. “I will take anything, but please don’t” I was distraught and screamed as the hood approached my face. “Anything, anything of my choosing?” she asked

I nodded with fear and agreed as she held the hood so close I could smell its strong pungent sweet aroma. She turned and smiled to her colleagues “I have a wonderful idea now” she said “I will explain later but in the meantime Cretin will stay in here for a few hours anyway minus the hood but in complete darkness” She now stroked my tears of fear and said “see how reasonable I am, I have something very special for you later now in the region of total humiliation”

She removed the TENS and its components from me and closed the flap on my cock. A strap was fixed around my forehead holding it firmly to the chair back and now they all left. I heard the door lock and suddenly I was in complete darkness.

You lose track of time when there’s no reference and so I tried counting but I did not know how long I was to be kept in here. I was sweating now and could feel my salty liquid trickle down my body in the enclosing rubber torture suit and begin to collect in my feet area. It was useless struggling as this just caused me to sweat even more in this fierce heat that had built up in my suit and so I tried to get some sleep to kill time.

I was drenched with sweat and even my hair and face were running with it in this airless room. I was glad not to have had the hood fitted as I don’t know how I could have survived.

Suddenly after what seemed to be twenty four hours the light came on and the door opened. Fresh air flooded in as Matron and Mistress R came to collect me.

I was dehydrated so they released my wrists and given a bottle of water as they set about releasing me. Taken for a shower my feet sloshing in my own sweat I had to also remove the suit in warm
cascading water and wash it out. My skin had begun to get wrinkly as I found out while washing myself which was heaven but I soon felt a lot better and I was then taken back to my cell where I was given my dressing gown and chastity tube to wear, fed and allowed to rest for an hour or so.

Apparently it was early evening as the same two came for me. I was quickly handcuffed and hobble chained where I was led to the medical room. This in itself made me cringe with fear; Lady Stern was waiting for me in there. After being freed of my bonds Lady S now offered me a pair of black latex stockings to put on which I did. And then afterwards a rubber corset was zipped and laced tightly onto my body. This of course had begun to give my cock a reason to rise as they fussed about fitting me now with long rubber gloves and an all over hood with eye, nose and mouth apertures; it also had a French maids frilly headband fitted to it.

“Don’t you look nice?” said Mistress R as Lady S now approached with the TENS butt plug and conductive tubing. She soon fitted these back my balls and anus with their attached leads. “Lie on there” she pointed me to a low adjustable table that had securing straps. I hesitated “Get on the fucking table now” she hissed and held her prod on my belly.

I quickly did this and soon I was well and truly trussed and helpless with my legs apart and arms to the side of my head. The TENS unit was now connected with the microphone again strapped to my neck. Lady S set it and now explained what was to happen to me now.

“You agreed to take whatever I wished to do to you and so you are to be a rubber maid slut now” she said “you will now be Fifi,s plaything for his and most importantly our pleasure. I gasped with horror as she pressed a buzzer and moments later Fifi came in looking very excited.

He was wearing his usual rubber French maid’s outfit with a female face imprinted on the hood fitted over his head giving him a bizarre blank expression. Mistress Stern removed his gag and then lifted his skirt after he removed his knickers. She released and freed his cock from its chastity which immediately sprang into life causing it to lift the front of his short skirt as he stood there shaking with excitement.

Lady S now turned to me and explained “Fifi has carte blanche to do with you as he wishes along the guide lines I have given him and now I will switch on the TENS so any noise at all from you will also result in severe pain alongside the severe humiliation you are about to experience” She turned to Fifi now seriously “I do not wish to see you or Cretin here squirting your load unless I allow it or you will regret it---- now begin” She activated the TENS and the three mistress stood close to watch the fun.

I lay there horrified as Fifi approached, his member throbbing and holding up the front of his short rubber skirt. I couldn’t make a sound in protest as he climbed over and straddled my thighs. He began to torment me for a few minutes by rubbing his member gently against mine and I closed my eyes in rejection of it.

“Open your fucking eyes Cretin” hissed Mistress S and flicked the microphone. It activated and a million red hot needles shot through my anus and cock. I clenched my teeth, screamed and stiffened my body for five seconds as the voltage hit me. They all thought it was hilarious as I got my senses back and now Lady S now offered a steel dental gag to my mouth. “Open wide” she laughed “or Fifi wont get his massive cock in there”

I had no choice as she threatened to activate the TENS again and so she stuffed the gag behind my teeth and forced it open as far as my mouth would go. “You will have no choice shortly but to make a noise so I will be kind to you and turn off the TENS for the moment” she said and deactivated it.

He climbed off me at this point and moved towards my head where the table was now angled downwards. I was horrified as he straddled me now leaned, forward and guided his dripping monster member to my mouth. He began to slide it in and out. I gagged of course but he continued for a minute edged on by the three tormentors until he came close to orgasm. He gasped and pulled away, breathing heavy away shaking with his desire to cum. “You are pathetic” scolded Lady S to him. “Will you never learn to control yourself; just remember you are here for our pleasure and not yours” She ordered him to return the table to the horizontal which he did.

“Now” she said “in a moment you will masturbate Cretin here very slowly and when he starts to cum you will take it in your mouth and swallow it” She turned to me now “the TENS is to be reactivated, we can’t have you taking all this pleasure without paying for it somehow can we”

She switched it back on as Fifi poured some lube onto my cock and balls and began to toy with me. Cupping my balls and slowly stroking me now I tensed involuntary at both the pleasure and total humiliation I was experiencing and I knew it would be very difficult not to make any sort of noise when I eventually reached my climax which was inevitable.

I held off for some time, only because it was a male trying to make me cum and so Mistress R came in close and started to caress my nipples and speak erotic things in my ear. I was drenched with sweat by now and suddenly “what is that?” screamed Lady S to him and pointed to his cock. Such was his excitement that his member had begun to spurt his sticky load as his rubber dress and the rubber covered table had rubbed and caused enough friction for him to cum and so now he took it upon himself to finish himself off quickly in frustration with his hand; he squealed as the last of his lust squirted from him.

Lady S let him finish his forbidden pleasure as he now awaited her wrath, his head bent in shame and fear. She pointed and spoke quietly but with menace “clean that filthy slime up now and then I will deal with you afterwards” He did as she said and in the meantime I was released from the TENS and my bonds.

Standing there now in my rubber outfit with my cock still throbbing Mistress S said to me “you will now have the pleasure of giving Fifi his punishment beating for his defiance of the rules. She turned to Fifi who had finished clearing up his mess and was now shaking with fear and said “you will lie face down on the bondage table and receive your punishment now from Cretin here, and then after that I will finish it off”

He shook his head and so Mistress S gave him a choice, “you can leave here now and never return or take your punishment immediately; once you have decided then it will be carried out without a second chance to change your mind, so what is it to be leave or punish, I need your answer now!”

Fifi very reluctantly climbed onto the table to lie face down and soon he was strapped tightly with his wrists ankles and a heavy strap across his waist to prevent his body moving. His skirt had been lifted allowing access to his naked rear and now he was trembling and shaking, awaiting his punishment.

Matron slipped a rubber bit gag into his mouth to bite onto and now Mistress S selected a thin whippy cane from a quantity of them standing nearby in a vertical tube. She tested it through the air and it made a frightening sound before offering it to me. “You will now lay this across his backside” she said “and continue steadily until I say stop and if you do not please me with the way its carried out then you will share in his punishment, now begin” They stood back to give me swinging room.

I had never done such a thing before and so I tested it out through the air to get a feel of how to handle it. He flinched at the sound and Mistress S said laughing “you may scream as loud as you wish Fifi, you have my permission, now you get on with it Cretin”

I bought it down in the middle of his buttocks with a thwack. He stiffened and let out a loud moan sucking his breath. Mistress S stepped in “start at the top and work your way down” she said to me “and give half a minute rest between each stroke to allow maximum benefit of pain, now continue”

I did as she said and continued reluctantly for the next five minutes and soon found out that as myself Fifi had a low pain tolerance as he began to howl in his agony; much to the delight of the three sadistic bitches who urged me to lay it on harder. Hesitating now at his pain Mistress R closed in behind me and pressing her warm body onto me she whispered with menace “you should continue if you know what’s good for you”

I nodded not having to wish to share in this extra pain so I continued with the caning. He was shrieking after fifteen minutes of caning and I had now worked my way down to the top of his thighs. “Stop” commanded Lady S as she took the cane from me. Fifi was sobbing out loud uncontrollably now but still hadn’t spoken in all this time and Lady S now spoke to him. “See how much pain you have brought on yourself when you disobey the orders here and you have also disgraced yourself too. You forget that you are here to serve us and any pleasure for you now in the future weeks or months will have to be earned. I will now give you the final ten strokes with my tawse to finish off your punishment. You will count them out and thank me”

He sobbed even more when he realised that his punishment wasn’t over and Lady S now weilded a heavy two pronged strap. She bought it down across his thighs and it made me wince. He shrieked out “one” and Matron commented to Mistress R “I just love the sound of Fifi,s agony” The second one landed further down his legs and it took his breath; he howled like an animal and it was a full thirty seconds before he said “two”

After six he passed out so Lady S ceased her punishment so Matron attended to him. I could see that they were all clearly sexually aroused and excited by all the attention to sadism and now I was dragged off back to the rubber bedroom by the other two.

Here I was quickly strapped to the uprights, standing facing the bed in an X position my dripping cock facing heaven. Lady S and Mistress R now retired onto the rubber sheets; they both unzipped their catsuits at the crotch and began to touch and toy with each other in full view of me. Mistress R soon went down on her friend between her legs which made Lady S squeal with lust. They took it in turns now to pleasure each other and of course this soon had the desired effect on me being forced to watch this most erotic scene.

Lady S now strapped on a glistening black dildo and with Mistress R facing me on her knees only inches away from my cock she began to Fuck Mistress R in slow rhythmic movements. Soon she was squealing with pleasure as the rubber dildo slid in and out of her love tunnel at a steady pace. My cock by now was as hard as ever, still throbbing and looking skywards and causing me some distress as it was beginning to hurt me.

I felt a warm body press herself to my back. Matron had arrived to join the fun and she started to torment me by caressing my body, her arms surrounding me and her hands searching my body as she whispered erotically “no cumming” into my ear at the same time. “Oh my god” was all that I could just about say at the frustrating and erotic situation that was ever unfolding.

Matron now left me and joined the others by kneeling on the bed behind Lady S where she joined in the fun as she began to grope and caress her Mistress S who was still fucking Mistress R. The three of them now continued for half an hour groping, caressing, sucking and fucking in front of me to vent their lust at their earlier torments dished out on myself and Fifi.

By the time they were finished and satisfied I was literally foaming at the mouth with frustration and lust; my cock was fit to burst, throbbing like an engine ready to explode at the erotic sight that had taken place only feet from me.

Mistress R made a comment to her friends as she now kneeled in front of me “shall we feed him a couple of Viagra tablets to enhance his erection, what do you think?” “That’s a brilliant idea but I think it would kill him and I am so looking forward to his torture tomorrow” replied Lady Stern and continued as she also moved towards me. She continued as she tormented me by offering her fingers to my nose “smell the aromas of your mistresses” and then added to the others “we can’t leave him in this state, Fifi can fuck him and then milk him dry”

I groaned at the thought but nevertheless Fifi was summoned and was given his orders quietly so that I could not hear. After lubing up his rubber gloved hands he stood up behind me. I could feel his now hard cock against my naked rear and I clenched as he pressed himself onto me.

The three of them settled back now to watch the fun and Mistress R erotically toyed with her wet pussy unashamedly as Fifi went to town on me. He reached around and took hold of my rock hard member and slowly began to stroke it as they all looked on.

I closed my eyes mistakenly as I attempted to control myself and Matron hissed “open your fucking eyes and look at us or you will regret it” I did as she said and she now kneeled directly in front of me toying with my nipples. Her very closeness upped my loss of control as the other two also moved to either side of her.

My orgasm welled up and my whole body started to shake uncontrollably. I screamed with lust and pleasure as my boiling hot semen began to spurt straight into Matrons rubbered hands where she was waiting to collect it. Lady S and Mistress R simultaneously cheered and clapped at my release to further humiliate me and Matron ordered Fifi to continue to squeeze every last drop of my spunk from my swollen cock into her shiny waiting hands until there was no more left.

I was bathed in my own sweat now with the intensity of the whole episode, my heart beating like an express train. Matron now held out her dripping hands and the two tormentors either side dipped their fingers into my slimy mess and offered it to my mouth which I kept closed.

“Open your fucking mouth” was the order as they tried to force it in to me but I just kept it closed and resisted them. Lady S now said with menace, her dripping fingers poised “no one gave you permission to cum and you know the rules so open your mouth and take it back”

I still didn’t comply “grab his balls Fifi” said one of them to which I felt a hand doing just that. I gasped with pain and as my mouth opened a rubber wedge was slipped between my teeth and held in place. “Now you will learn to do as you are ordered” hissed Lady S and added “you first Mistress Roxanne”

They took it in turns now to feed my slimy sperm back into my mouth no matter how much I retched and heaved, and they heavily tormented me verbally at the same time. When they were done the wedge was removed and rubber hands were clamped tight over my mouth to ensure that I did not spit out my own slime. Finally they were done with me; I hung there shattered and broken mentally and physically by them.

Later after releasing me I was allowed a refreshing shower before being given a much needed meal and drink back in my cell. I felt very tired from my ordeal and I was allowed to climb into bed to sleep normally this time without being secured.

Lady Stern explained this by saying “I need you fit and healthy tomorrow and as it’s your final day here and your ass is mine you will be fully tested by myself and the others I might add. You can look forward to it and you will be shown no mercy and later you will be glad to hand over your PIN for our bonus. Until then you will get a good nights sleep now as there was something to make you sleep mixed into your food”

Although she had again given me very scary thoughts my eyes were very heavy by now and I very soon fell into a very deep and very much needed sleep.

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