Kidnapped Mistaken Identity

by Mr Smooth

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© Copyright 2016 - Mr Smooth - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; captive; dungeon; bond; breathplay; gag; rubber; hood; nurse; enema; torment; urine; force; bdsm; punish; hum; denial; femdom; nc/reluct; X

Part One

I had booked a few days off work that were overdue and owed to me; I needed the rest. I had recently broken up with Sarah after two years together and thought I would just chill out on my own at my holiday retreat in Wales and catch up on some reading maybe do some walking and try to get my head straight.

It was Friday evening around 11.00 pm and I was due to travel Saturday morning. I had been out to a hotel, had a couple of pints and I reflected on a great evening I just had, having met some old school friends at a hotel nearby. We’d had a good chat about old times, a few drinks, renewed acquaintances, and I was now on my way home via a short cut down a side street to catch a late local train back home as I didn’t wish to drink and drive.

It was early November and the temperature had dropped somewhat just lately, there was a distinct winter chill in the air. I walked quickly to keep out the cold air having been in the warm hotel all evening. It was fairly dark and quiet in this street with no one around and just a couple of parked cars. A dark coloured people carrier with blacked out side windows slowly passed and pulled up a few yards in front of me.

As I drew level with it the nearside passenger window opened partially. A lady in dark glasses peered out at me. The female spoke in a well educated accent and asked for directions to the railway station. I explained and added that I was going there myself. She waited for a second then said “well you may as well have a lift if you’re going there, so jump in behind and direct me there”

I thanked her and climbed into the passenger seat just behind her. There was no courtesy light as I entered and a dividing smoky glass partition between us so I supposed it was chauffer driven vehicle; a second lady, the driver in a peaked cap sat next to her. The vehicle accelerated quickly and threw me back somewhat and at the same time a leather strap appeared from behind, was put over my head, pulled tightly and buckled around the headrest half choking me. I immediately started to struggle and attempted to release it but a female voice behind me hissed “take your hands away and I will slacken it off a little from choking you”

After a few more seconds of choking and another warning I gladly did as she said and the belt was slackened off slightly. The car pulled up, stopped and the front passenger now got in behind me too with my captor. We accelerated away again and now a new order was issued by her “put your right arm across to the door post” “What’s going, on release me” I demanded but the belt was again tightened “You’re kidnapped so do as you’re fucking told or I will choke the life out of you” she cursed in a cultured but very forceful voice.

I held out my arm and a handcuff was slipped onto my wrist which was fastened to the door post seat belt point. My neck was released a little and now I was told to hold my left arm out and this was handcuffed to the left door post. The neck strap was released and I was now ordered to the centre of the seat and the belt was returned loosely around my neck now to the centre headrest.

I was now heavily secured and the female now reached over into my coat pocket and took out my wallet and I.D. I protested but was ignored and then a few seconds later a loose fitting and clammy rubber bag was pulled over my head, down as far as my shoulders so that I could not see; it was quite claustrophobic too. She spoke again with determination in her voice “just sit quietly, do not speak or you will be choked again, we have some distance to travel”

No one spoke as we sped along for an hour or more; I never did get to find out as my watch was removed and we also spent sometime on the motorway judging by the speed, noise and straight direction of travel; it was quite sweaty in my rubber head bag and I would normally have panicked but controlled myself out of a greater fear .

Eventually the noisy traffic ceased as we left the busy roads and now we must have been in the countryside as it was fairly quiet as we twisted and turned down winding roads for some time. The car slowed right down now, turned sharply and a gravel drive was heard. We stopped for a second as someone got out and then I heard the sound of doors creaking open.

The car moved forward a few feet now and the doors were closed, the engine switched off. The female behind me now spoke “listen very carefully, in a moment you will be released from this vehicle but be warned that there is an Alsatian dog here to control you, so if you try to do anything stupid then suffer the consequences. I will not repeat what I have said so beware. A dog barked to reinforce her words.

My hands were released and so was the neck belt for a second and now I was ordered to bend forward where my hands were handcuffed behind me. “Get out now” came an order, and I was guided out of the vehicle to stand up. I spoke in fear “what’s happening where am I?” “Shut the fuck up and come with us” was the sharp reply and I was guided forward through a doorway I heard it locked behind us and then several footsteps followed and I was led down a short corridor of sorts to some stone steps which echoed a little as we descended.

At the bottom I was ushered into a side room and pushed with my back to a wall where my handcuffs were now fastened to a ring on the wall. Still head-bagged a female spoke in her posh but commanding voice. “You know why you are here David Johnson” This was indeed my name but I had no idea what she was talking about. I attempted to protest but this was met with a stinging slap across my face through the head bag which made my ears ring and the shock shook me.

“Silence when I’m speaking you cretin” came the reply from her. “She continued “this is what we will call you now you’re with us, Cretin will be your name to us and you will now allow me to continue if you know what’s good for you as it will not be just a slap next time you interrupt me Cretin, if that is that clear? Just answer yes Mistress and do it right now”

I was flabbergasted by her statement and demands and hesitated. I felt someone close to me open my coat and next grab my nipples through my shirt. I squealed and tried to pull away as they were now twisted viciously. “I am waiting for your reply Cretin” she hissed in my face as the pain brought tears to my eyes. I quickly answered so as not to take any more of her punishment “yes Mistress I understand” and I was released from the pain only after a few more seconds of twisting and protests from me.

“That’s better, now you know I really mean business” she stepped away and stated “listen to me, you know why you are here Cretin, you have deposited a substantial sum of money here with me through a secret BDSM organisation in order for you to be kidnapped as realistically as possible and brought here to my dungeon for you to be incarcerated so that you will then be sexually abused, tortured and generally treated very harshly and badly by myself along with my two sisters of no mercy; to be punished as we see fit in this underground facility for the next seventy two hours.

I remind you as an admitted masochist that you have given us carte blanch in your loosely worded instructions to carry out our speciality domination games on your mind and body, and to take you to your limits of endurance and beyond that. The three of us here will do all of this to you and more and we do have a list of your perverted preferences. I have your instructions to include humiliation, degradation, strict bondage, heavy rubber play, heavy medical play, corporal punishment, sexual denial and much more.

All of these will be carried out to the extreme to your requirements. Your list is open ended and believe me these torments mentioned here will be administered with our delight to the full extent. There will be no safe words, or get outs as arranged and agreed to by you; and we know of your greatest fears which will be especially taken care of.

We have all of the bizarre equipment, tools, machines and expertise here to carry out our tortures and experiments on your mind and body and we will drive you to the point of insanity with lust, fear and pain as this is what you have wished for. You insisted on dark and sinister too and this is exactly what you will receive here. There is no backing out now, no one will hear your screams apart from us and we thrive on that.

We will see to it that all of your darkest desires and wishes will come true and even more you have not considered. You are our total slave and prisoner now 24/7 until you are released when your ordeal is over on Monday evening. Until then you will sleep only when we decide, eat what and when we decide and all of your bodily functions will be under our total control here; we are experts at domination for this is what we specialise in here.

All I can add now to you is that you will do exactly as we say and I do hope that you can take and handle what we have in mind as to what you have wished for because believe me it will now be carried out to the full; there is no backing out and according to your instructions no mercy will be shown and indeed even stepped up if you ask early release or mercy. Each one of us is looking forward to the time that will be spent torturing and tormenting you here in our dungeon and its speciality torture chambers.

I also remind you that all of us mistresses immensely enjoy what we do here and your brilliant idea to spice things up as you have suggested that on the final day you will divulge through whatever methods we use to extract your PIN where we can then collect our bonus that you have specified, and believe me you will talk as we intend to collect it.

Now as to security; this place you are housed in is remote, and you are locked in a large basement which can only be accessed through the one entrance area. This is where we will keep a fierce German shepherd loose; a large dog then growled at me. I now warn you too that we also carry electric animal prods for that is what you are to us and where necessary we will deliver enough voltage to put you down in agony. There is no escape; it is as secure as Fort Knox down here so just accept that and accept the challenge as to what we will do to you, you have absolutely no choice but to see it through now until your release.

This is what you have desired and paid us for and this is what you will get so now rule one here is, you will not speak until allowed and as I stated before will do exactly as you are ordered and you will take little pleasures, and this only this if ordered and allowed to by us.

Finally you will address us all as Mistress, and nothing else; any less will result in the reduction of the few privileges you have which you will have to earn, such as food, water and even your life giving breath; and it will also result in even more extreme torture for you. I do hope I have made all of this crystal clear so welcome to your three days of living hell that you have wished upon yourself”

She let this sink in for a few seconds as my head was spinning with the whole episode and what she had just said to me. There was a big mistake being made here and I was caught up in this horror for that’s what was. She spoke again “now your blindfold will be removed and you will be privileged to feast your eyes on your beautiful and sadistic mistresses for the first time”

My head bag was now removed to reveal my captors. It took me a few seconds to focus in this place. I was in a windowless brick built room with a high vaulted roof at around twelve feet square with just a table and a plastic storage box for furniture. There standing before me were my three tormentors and a large fierce looking dog. Each of them was holding an electric prod and the one who had been speaking now introduced herself.

She was the one dressed as the chauffer and was indeed a stunning looking tall blonde lady who now gave me a fierce look. “I am Lady Stern, I run this facility as you now know with no nonsense from any client” Her pale blue eyes pierced mine for a second as if waiting for a reaction.

She continued “this is Matron” directing me on her left to a tall athletic, attractive very fit and curvy black lady dressed also in a long black leather coat “and you can guess what The Matrons speciality is” Matron walked over to me, gave me a frightening stare with her large brown eyes and then spoke “oh I have plans for you in my special rubber clinic tomorrow, I just love to treat my very special patients to a hard time, especially pathetic guys like you who give me an open book to do as I wish. I look forward very much to giving you very invasive medical treatment to make sure you are up to all of this torment that you are then to be subjected to.

She smiled cruelly and returned as I sighed with fear at her words. Lady Stern continued and finally introduced me to the final one “and this is Mistress Roxanne”

She was stunningly beautiful; a tall red head with very pale porcelain skin and the greenest eyes that bored a hole right through to my soul. She walked over and touched my face gently but very firmly: as she did this she spoke softly and condescendingly with a voice of pure velvet and in a European accent “I do hope you will not disappoint me during your torments, I do so hate to be disappointed by any slave and I will ensure that you will suffer even more if you do”

She returned and Lady Stern who was the natural leader of these three who now spoke again “if you have anything to say to me, say it now, you now have my permission to speak. I spoke with a tremble “there has been a mistake, you obviously have the wrong person, I know nothing about all this. She interrupted me as she took off my handcuffs “very well if that’s the way you wish to play then as explained in your instructions to keep it as realistic as possible, I am to take no excuses what so ever, so you will now just have to accept what we will do to you here, so to begin with you will strip naked for us immediately”

I hesitated so she placed her prod on my belly. I flinched “get your fucking clothes off, its late now so strip for us to inspect your pathetic body or you will taste my electrics and then we will cut and rip your good clothes off anyway whilst you are writhing in agony on the floor” she returned in her cultured and matter of fact voice.

I took them off down to my underpants and put them on the table and she reached for my wallet and took out my I.D. “I said everything off, you will be completely naked and vulnerable for our inspection” she hissed. I slipped them off too and now stood feeling very vulnerable and so covering myself up in front of these three beautiful scary strangers.

They stood around me in the centre of the room and Mistress Stern approached “put your hands on your head” she ordered me, like a naughty schoolboy and now showed me my I.D. which matched the name she had said and said “What do you think we are, complete idiots, your three days of hell start now”

I started to answer her and she gave me a face slap to make my ears ring and hissed “that was a statement not a question now silence” I now stood hands on head and totally exposed as she circled me closely like an animal waiting to pounce on its victim. Although terrified by now I was excited and began to get an erection and this was pointed out by Mistress Roxanne “oh do look he’s getting a stiffy” she laughed “does he have permission for that Lady Stern?” Lady Stern grabbed my cock in a vice grip making me flinch and I took my hands from my head. “Get your fucking hands back up there” she cried holding me tightly.

A hook on a chain hoist was lowered from above by one of the others and the handcuffs were slipped onto my wrists again and in turn these were clipped to the hook now chain above my head. The chain was hoisted taking my arms with it until it took my weight so that I was now forced to stand on my toes. Lady Stern now released her grip on my cock

“I can see you are in need of proper training here Cretin” she said and gave my hard cock a SLAP with her hand making me yell out in surprise more than pain. “You did not have our permission to get hard so which one of us caused you to get that up?” she asked smiling again I didn’t reply so she repeated “I said” SLAP again on my cock “which one of us” SLAP “got you” SLAP “into that state” SLAP. She struck me again four times and the others laughed as I struggled to avoid her painful strikes. “I don’t think he has anything to say” remarked Matron “he should be gagged then replied Lady S” and she took a rubber ball gag from the box on the table and held it to my mouth.

“Open wide she demanded” I shook my head and immediately Lady Stern grabbed my balls this time and twisted. I let out a surprised shout and the ball gag was stuffed into my mouth and expertly strapped into place tightly.

My balls were now released and Lady Stern now said “maybe this will excite you more and make you even harder” She unbuttoned her coat, opened it and allowed me to see that her fabulous feminine body was clad in a tightly laced black leather corset with her ample breasts spilling out of their cups. Sheer black stockings on her long gorgeous legs held up by eight suspenders and a tiny black rubber thong covering her nether regions.

She took my breath away dressed in this erotic attire, she allowed me to take her in and just for a moment I was glad to be here. She moved in close to me now, very close, her face in mine, her amazing warm sexy fetish clad body almost touching me, her heady perfume and the erotic warm smell of creaking tight leather made my cock swell even more as she tormented me like this. She spoke quietly her face in mine and dropped her hand to toy with my cock and balls. I flinched for a moment but she smiled and gently caressed me. I was already drooling but this made things worse, or should I say better.

“Hmmmm” she said “I do believe you are dribbling already down there, you’re not going to cum yet are you, there is absolutely no pleasure from squirting your filthy slime here unless we allow it, frustration is the key word for you here”

She stopped her torment and added “I do have plans for these cock and balls which belong to us and are ours now to torment and abuse and it is so good that you can get it up and hard like this; it makes it so much more interesting for us” I was throbbing and frustrated now as she went back over to the plastic box now and pulled out a pair of knee length transparent bloomers made of smooth glossy latex rubber which glistened in the light.

She had me released but still gagged and held them up for all to see “put these on now” she said. I looked at her in total disbelief. She waited a few seconds and then tossed them to me. I caught the cool latex and she smiled wickedly “now get them on we wish to see you in them and you will also have to sleep in these tonight later after we’ve finished with you here”

I had no choice as one of them pointed a prod in threat towards me, so I stepped into them. The soft smooth rubber felt extremely erotic on my skin and my cock stood out straining at the soft material in a bizarre manner.

“Hands on your head and turn around for us” laughed Mistress Roxanne and they pointed at me and started making derogatory remarks and humiliating me to the core for this was their little game. I wanted the ground to swallow me up such was my embarrassment. A few minutes of this and now Lady Stern clipped a dog lead to my gag strap. “Follow me” she ordered and we all tripped out into the corridor and I was led down to a steel caged off area containing just an old fashioned metal sided hospital style bed, a sink and chemical toilet.

“This is your prison cell in between your torments, now get ready for bed” she said removing my gag as one of the others pulled back the cover on the bed to reveal that it had heavy white canvas restraints fitted across it; of the type used in mental hospitals. I was given a toothbrush, soap and allowed to get ready and then I was ordered to lie down on my back.

I attempted to remove the bloomers beforehand but was chastised immediately and made to keep them on. Soon heavy straps secured my wrists, ankles, thighs and waist; finally one more across my chest to complete my tying down. I was now on my back and although comfortable I was firmly held in place, my cock still pointing skywards and straining against the rubber bizarrely.

The other two left Lady Stern to tuck me in and she gave my cock a few gentle strokes and squeezes through the thin rubber making me even harder commenting “now get a good nights sleep, its late now and I want you fit and fresh for your first day and for your time in the rubber medical clinic tomorrow where you will be tortured and tested by Matron and no rubbing yourself off in your bloomers as you will be inspected in the morning and severely punished if there is any cum in there; and one more thing, you will also be monitored for your well-being with an infrared camera” pointing to one set in the roof “so if you cause us any trouble tonight then you will be fitted with a very unpleasant hood and gag to sleep in to keep you quiet”

With that she pulled a cover over me and bade me good night. The light went out a minute later and I was left in the pitch darkness with just my throbbing cock and my thoughts to contemplate on my fate with these bitches for the next few days. My hard cock was still pressed against the now warm rubber and I thought it may be possible to rub against the latex slightly and possibly make myself cum but I guessed this was a set up as she had suggested the idea and I would be punished severely if I did, so I gave up on this although frustrated.

It was completely silent in here with no outside sounds penetrating, then after a few minutes I heard a female voice in the distance shouting somewhere down the corridor and then a male voice screamed as a sound of beating or strapping occurred.

This shouting and screaming went on for some time and made my blood turn cold. It ceased after a while and then I heard a door slam and footsteps approached. A light shone on me from a torch through the bars so I feigned sleep and so the person walked away with the sound of heels; following that the outer door was closed and locked and then total silence in the eerie darkness.


After a fitful sleep, my mind in a turmoil of disbelief plus the uncomfortable clammy rubber knickers which made me sweat, I was disturbed the next morning by the light being switched on and then Lady Stern and Mistress Roxanne entered wearing Military style outfits with caps, jackets, and skin tight legging; all of this in glossy black latex. On their feet knee length patent boots and both of them were carrying electric prods this time.

I was allowed to view them for a few seconds and then as Lady Stern released me she spoke “take a shower and do not masturbate in there, we shall be watching you” I took my opportunity to protest again and to try to explain about the mistake. She just laughed, grabbed my hair and then forcibly dragged me to the shower nearby stating “get fucking cleaned up Cretin, we can’t wait for your tortures to begin”

I showered and was watched intently and as I did my stomach churned with fear of the unknown. Their dog was nearby and having completed my ablutions I was given a dressing gown to wear, then fitted with a short hobble chain between my ankles and then I was sat down for breakfast which consisted of an energy drink and some mushy food which smelled and tasted disgusting, so although very hungry I pushed it to one side.

Lady Stern pointed to it “you had better eat that to keep up your strength for us” she said. I shook my head and replied “it is awful, what is it, I can’t eat it, I will be sick if I do” She smiled cruelly “very well, your refusal will result in it being reported to Matron where no doubt you will be forcibly fed by her. You have to be kept healthy here for us and she will undoubtedly delight in doing that to you, she is an expert in all such vile practices” After this threat from her I tried again to eat the mush but retched at the smell and taste and had to give up. Mistress R. now fitted a wide leather collar around my neck and clipped a dog lead to it.

“Get up and come with me” she ordered “we mustn’t keep Matron waiting, she will only take it out on you” My clothing was removed and now naked my hands were handcuffed behind me; I was shaking with fear of the unknown by now and again tried to make them see sense but Lady Stern quickly slipped a rubber bag over my head cutting off the light and hissed at me “you are determined for us to treat you very badly aren’t you so one more word out of you on that subject and you will also receive six strokes of my cane when Matron is finished with you later on today now come with us”

I was marched or should I say made to hobble down the corridor for some distance and a door was opened where I was led inside a room with an echo. Lady Stern announced our arrival “one sick pathetic patient for your special procedures Matron”

She replied “he appears to be shaking; I do hope it is with fear, I do love it when a slave trembles with fear of me and my capabilities, now remove his head bag” It was very bright in here with white tiles everywhere reflecting the light. They both held onto my arms as I was greeted by Matron in a bizarre rubber medical uniform. She was in an ankle length loose medical nurse dress made in transparent latex that shone in the light and rustled when she moved and her dark skin showed prominently through the thin rubber, her solid breasts pressed against the material, her large brown nipples clearly stood out against the stretched and tortured rubber.

Over the dress was a transparent latex highly frilled apron with a large red cross situated at breast level and her head was totally covered with a matching hood. Her eyes visible through cut-outs in the rubber but her mouth and nose were obscured by a matching latex mask also with a red cross at its centre. In her right hand she brandished a very large old fashioned glass hyperdemic syringe. A very bizarre sinister sight that was intended to intimidate sent a chill through me as she now approached.

Showing me the syringe she spoke “I hope you can handle my medical devices, particularly this as I may be using it on you later” With that she cupped my balls with her free hand and added “down here” and then poked me with it much to my fear “Oh god no” I sighed at her threats and pulled back. “Hold still you pathetic fucker” she hissed and then laughed sadistically, her face in mine as she now stroked my cock gently which was already filling with blood until it stood out throbbing. Satisfied she now continued with her threats “today in here you will be all mine for my bizarre procedures and experiments on your mind and body.

Here you will be humiliated and degraded, I will also deliver and apply as much fear and pain as I see fit for your mind and body to take and you may call me all the names you can think of but don’t let me hear you” She continued “I am actually a fully trained and qualified nurse but shall we say my sadistic bedside manner to my former NHS patients eventually cost me my job and so now I make a wonderful living doing something I immensely enjoy, that is torturing useless fuckers such as you who foolishly volunteer to be here, and so now it is your turn today.

With my medical training I know how to apply certain procedures to maximise the suffering on a patient and I have been looking forward to this. You will take what I have in mind for you and much much more. You will probably pass out such will be the level of intensity here but don’t think that gets you off the hook as I have certain drugs and gasses that I can administer to revive you and then I will continue with my special tortures which I have all planned for you today.

In short I am the sadistic cruel nurse from hell. A further reminder, if you get too excited, lose your control and you should squirt your slimy cum without my permission then I will feed every drop of it back to you and make you swallow it. Now as I do not want you shitting yourself with fear during your time with me and making a mess in my lovely clean clinic so the first procedure on your pathetic body will a complete internal washout to rid you of your filth”

She now gave orders for the others to take me to a room set aside for my enema where I was forced to kneel in a large stainless steel shallow tray placed next to a toilet facing the clinic. Still handcuffed and shackled a narrow vinyl padded stool was placed under my chest area to take my weight. A tall chrome stand with a distended melon shaped rubber bladder was wheeled to my side and this had a long red rubber tube hanging from its underneath with a nylon in-line valve to control its liquid contents.

Now a short red tube with two small yellow bladders close together along its centre length and containing its own valve was greased by Matron. Everything these bitches were to do would be presented for maximum theatre by them as this would add more fear to the proceedings and Matron particularly did everything in front of me to add some spice to the proceedings. She put on thin latex gloves and now forced some of the medical grease into my anus with a small syringe before inserting the short tube into me leaving one balloon inside and one outside of me which she now painfully inflated to hold my forthcoming enema in place.

I grunted at this and the other two looked on with glee as Matron now connected the long melon tube to my inserted one. She now spoke to me “there are four pints of special soapy liquid in this bladder and you will take it all and then hold it for a further twenty minutes so that it can do its work properly and by the way I have added a little recipe of my own into it just to make it a little more interesting and uncomfortable for you” with that she opened both the in-line valves and the liquid began to trickle into my colon.

I could clearly see the contents if the transparent melon bladder slowly disappearing as it cascaded into me and also study at will the fairly large clinic with its intimidating equipment. A few minutes went by; around half the contents were now inside of me and cramps started. I began to moan but they just stood and laughed at my distress. I heard Lady Stern say that she had punished their house slave last night for spilling some wine on her new boots by beating his offending hands with a leather strap and adding “he will not be able to hold anything for a day or two”

I began to sweat as now as the final dregs entered me. Matron now closed off the short tube valve and removed the empty melon bag and stand just leaving me with just the short tube sticking out of me. “Twenty minutes to go now” she said. I felt sick with pain and the tears were already running down my face as I grimaced. Mistress R who had remained the most silent approached me and wiped some sweat from my brow adding condescendingly “never mind it will soon be over and then Matron can start her real work on you”

She disappeared behind me and I felt her hands on my cock which had receded somewhat. She bought it back to life quickly “is that nice?” she asked. I grunted in approval as her hands now stroked my balls. She ceased her erotic torments and returned to the others whispering something. They all nodded in agreement and then both Lady Stern and Mistress R left adding “see you in a few hours time”

The door was closed and we were alone. A clock on the far wall ticked my twenty minutes away very slowly and I was moaning in agony now and in fear of passing out and begged her for release but she now sadistically compounded the problem by tossing a very large semi-transparent rubber sheet over me that draped as far as the floor all around me creating a semi-airtight seal.

Soon I was sweating even more as the air became thin, humid and claustrophobic in there and the only way to create more breathable oxygen was to lift myself up and down to suck in more air. By the time she lifted the sheet off, I was sobbing in purgatory with pain. She now released me and I crawled thankfully onto the toilet where she released my anal seal and then closed the door leaving me to my blessed sweet relief; I heard a whirr as an extractor fan started.

Quite some time was needed and allowed for me to vacate my bowels and she then returned supplying me with a towel to take another shower. “Clean yourself up for me” she ordered “and when you are finished, step into the clinic, do not be all day I will be all ready to work on you” I did this and now felt refreshed at least and also managed a drink water; I needed to re-hydrate from the severe enema I’d just been given. I opened the door and stepped inside trembling where she was waiting impatiently for me, the dog was in their too and I noticed that the clock had moved on somewhat; more than an hour had passed since I had arrived in her “clinic”

“About time too I’m sweating in this waiting for you” referring to her face mask as she removed it she snarled “now get over here” Standing next to a large gynae chair with many white leather and canvas straps fixed to it, she beckoned me with a shiny rubber finger. I did this and she slowly walked all around me inspecting my body now. She was close to me and the aroma of her warm rubber clothing was both very erotic and scary at the same time.

She tapped the chair “get on there” she said. I had no choice and was still shaking again with anticipation as I climbed onto the stark white padded leather. “Legs up in the stirrups, get comfortable, you will be here for some time” was her next order and she soon set about securing my wrists down to either side of the frame. My ankles next and soon more straps around my thighs, waist and shoulders and now safely bound and unable to escape she removed the dog from the room altogether.

On return she explained “the dog gets very upset when he hears screaming” She continued “So I have been informed that you refused to eat your breakfast” She paused for a few seconds for my non reply and then continued “so you will have to eat and now you will be force fed as we cannot carry out my procedures on an empty stomach can we; I shall feed you now with this” she said as she picked up a long red rubber shiny stomach tube and showed it to me.

I panicked “Please Mistress I will try to eat it, give me another chance” I begged now in great fear of the tubing “Silence” she returned “its too late, you have no choice now and you’re not robbing me of my pleasure in giving you a fully tubed forced feeding” She put her cruel face in mine “forced feeding is one of my favourite procedures, it is extremely unpleasant for the recipient and just a prelude to what you can expect during the rest of the day in here, all alone with me and my sadistic and perverted mind, and you know what, my pussy is getting wet just talking about it” She touched herself there momentarily as if to reinforce her own words and closed her eyes with lust for a few seconds before she now opened a couple of glass jars of mushy food.

“Some baby food for a big baby” she said as she spooned it into a stainless canister with a sight glass on its side. She screwed the lid down on the now filled canister and this had a small hand pump on the top and an outlet tube fitted with a valve. She showed it to me “this I will pressurise and when I open the valve it will force its contents into your stomach tube as I watch you squirm” She gave the pump a few thrusts and placed it down on a trolley where I could see it.

My heart rate had gone up with her soon to be ministrations on me and I begged her again not to do it but she ignored me and continued with the preparation by placing a wide strap fastened to the chair at head height across my forehead and now my head was unable to move. She stood back now holding a clear solid curved plastic tube “open wide” she said and offered it to my mouth. I clamped it shut. She hissed “open your mouth and with her free hand she held my balls and twisted them. She repeated “now open your fucking mouth”

I squealed with surprise and pain and she expertly slipped the tube into my now open mouth. I tried to force it back out with my tongue but she now threatened me with more pain if I didn’t cooperate. “Now move your tongue and take it, take it down” she said as slid it into me so that the wide mouth piece was now in place and the other end in my throat.

I retched and it bought tears to my eyes but she ignored this and now slipped the fitted straps behind my head to secure it there. She approached with the long tube and began to feed it through the open plastic tube and down into my stomach. I retched but she just continued with her sadistic forcing and said “swallow it you pathetic fuck” Now the tubing was inserted to its full position she fitted the other free end of the long rubber tube onto the canister outlet and opened its valve. The tube jerked a little under pressure and the contents automatically began to slowly feed into me.

What she was doing to me was vile but I had no choice and as she said she is the sadistic nurse from hell and she enjoyed every moment of the tortures she applied to me and I was only into the second hour of the first day of three here. She stood between my open legs now stroking me until I was hard as she watched my fear and discomfort intently. It took a couple of minutes for the canister to complete its job and a faint hiss was heard as it ran out of food.

She checked the sight glass, disconnected the tube and said “all done now” She now withdrew the tube from me and then removed my mouth tube with great relief from me. My mouth was dry from this torment and she commented “I bet you would like a drink” “Yes” I croaked mistakenly, as she now lifted up her long rubber dress revealing the she was wearing a clear rubber urine collection bag on the inside of her thigh. This was attached to a drainage catheter that disappeared inside of her pussy.

She closed off the feed valve and removed the half full bladder from her leg, showing it to me she said “this will be nice, warm and fresh, I do hope you appreciate that I have made this especially for you while you were in there having your cleansing washout” She laughed as I groaned with disgust, realising that I would now be forced to drink its contents. She approached and held the valve near my mouth “now how will you take it, voluntary or forced?” I squirmed and clamped my mouth shut.

“Good” she said, her cruel dark eyes lit up and widened with pleasure “I do so like forcing a patient to do these things. Forcing is such a lovely word to me and it makes me so horny when I have to do it, and I love being wet and horny when I’m torturing my special patients, and you are my very lucky special patient today here in my clinic” She wheeled the tall chrome stand she had used earlier to my side and methodically began her preparation by hanging the urine collection bladder above me from it where I could clearly see it.

Now a glass jar with a thin long rubber tube fixed halfway up one side was hung just below it. She now picked up a clear anaesthetic face mask with rubber seals and fixing straps; this she placed over my mouth and nose and soon had the straps holding it in place where I could breathe only through its one large intake at the front. She now selected a long large diameter rubber tube and fixed this to the intake now and slid the smaller diameter tube down inside this so although now supported and standing vertical towards the urine bag I could still breathe through the larger tube as their was enough air gap between the two tubes to allow this.

This was now positioned so that any liquid contents from the bag would fill the mask. Satisfied she moved between my legs and pressed her warm rubber body to me. I gasped with the erotic sensation of it as she now toyed with my knob between her rubbery fingers for a few seconds. I was soon up and running, moaning with pleasure and she now said cruelly as she backed off me slightly “time for your refreshment”

She gently opened the valve underneath the urine bag and I saw her waste liquid begin to slowly trickle into the glass jar. I guess it took around thirty seconds to half fill this and it now began to overflow into the small tube and down towards my mask. I looked back at her and there was pure sadistic pleasure in her eyes as her vile liquid slowly entered my mask. I closed my mouth but knew I was stalling for time and I could now smell her acrid waste as it began to fill up. Soon I had no choice and had to choke it down or I would simply drown. As I did this she leaned into me stroking my forehead gently and watching me struggle intently as I drank her fresh piss and shuddered with disgust over the next few minutes until finally and thankfully I was finished as she now complimented me “there that wasn’t so bad was it”

She removed the drinking equipment, placed a large cold rubber sheet over my naked body and said “now you have been fed and watered, I need to take a break and of course to replenish my special champagne for you as you will be dry again later when I continue with your torments. So I will leave you to rest for one hour so in the meantime you can get your mind thinking about your next ordeal with me later where you will be subjected to fear from me”

I had an idea and spoke to her lying and pleading “please mistress I do not wish to continue with this, if you let me go now you can keep the money I paid and we will say no more about it” She stopped and listened to me as I continued “I realise that I am completely out of my depth here and I am genuinely terrified, I cannot take any more of your tortures and will willingly go quietly and say nothing”

She smiled and replied “I will have a word with Lady Stern, she is in charge here and I will pass your comments on to her” This sounded promising and she now left me with alone with at least hope of getting free of these sadistic bitches.

The time dragged by as I could see the clock ticking away. Exactly one hour later the door opened and Matron entered along with Lady Stern and they were pushing a trolley with a medical red rubber sheet covering over its contents. Both were dressed in rubber outfits from head to toe; Matron had changed into a skin tight, very short medical green latex nurse dress. Her face now uncovered while Mistress Stern still had on her short white rubber medical coat and long transparent rubber stockings.

They surrounded me and Lady Stern spoke “so you wish to be released from your tortures” She waited for my reply and I did this in a very respectful manner “yes Mistress, I cannot handle this, it was a big mistake and I wish to be set free” She shook her head “you know that cannot happen, we have an agreement, you volunteered to be brought here and you also made it quite clear in your instructions that whatever you said, there should be no get-out for you in order to enhance your fear and indeed I should step up the torments if you should complain, and so I always stick to my side of the bargain”

I tried to interrupt, she put her hand over my mouth and hissed “silence Cretin when a superior being is talking” She continued “you will love what I have in mind and you have no choice, you will have to see this through even if it kills you: your ass is mine literally: you will have your moneys worth and you will not deny us our pleasures here in torturing you, is that understood?”

“Please” I begged through her hand “I am not the person you think I am, there has been a mistake” With that she took hold of my nipples and squeezed them viciously “very well” she said as she twisted making me shout out “that is the way you want it so be it, you will have to endure even more now and I warned you earlier too that if you bought up this subject then you would receive six vicious strokes of my cane, so you can look forward to that this evening if you’re in a fit state that is when Matron here is finished with you”

She had bought tears to my eyes and finally released me before then turning to Matron where she said “now put the fear of god into him, and I will help you to do it” Matron now willingly uncovered the trolley contents revealing several bizarre rubber hoods, gas masks, rubber tubing and sheeting. As I surveyed this frightening bizarre array of rubber she bought over a gas bottle and mask and also a syringe with a small container of drugs. “This is for when you pass out with fright and now you will find out why I gave you a clearout enema” she said.

“Oh god” I mumbled to myself already shaking with fear. Lady Stern now added “I will concentrate on his cock and balls while you are scaring him half to death and controlling his very life” I was still covered with the heavy rubber sheet which had made me somewhat clammy and Lady Stern now moved between my open legs and folded it back exposing me fully. As Matron prepared her first torment Lady Stern ran her smooth hands along my thighs and caressed me gently soon bringing my cock to attention adding “don’t you dare cum without our permission, you know the consequences, your slime will be fed back to you just for starters”

They had complete control over my body and mind, they knew this and they could easily bring me off whenever they wished and so how could I control myself. Lady Stern knew when to stop and she now just pressed her warm rubber body against the inside of my thighs just to keep me excited as Matron hovered over me holding a square of semi-transparent latex. My head was still secured and she now quickly pressed the rubber over my face enveloping it completely. In just a few seconds I began to panic and struggled in vain to breathe but she just held it there and spoke softly as she held it there

“I know you like this so I will just hold it a little while longer” I screamed now “get it off, get it off” She just held on to me for a few more seconds and finally released. I gasped for breath and they just laughed at my fear. “Ready for more” she said and did the same again and then again and again and so my cock soon deflated with the terror. After a few minutes of this I was distraught and begging for mercy but the sadistic bitches just “got off” on it and by now they were both horny and loving their tortures on me so Matron altered the angle of the chair lowering it so that my head was just a couple of feet from the floor.

Facing my legs she straddled my face with her strong thighs, lowered herself onto my face and said “now get your fucking tongue in there and for your own sake make me happy” I found her clitoris straight away in her very wet pussy and jabbed at it with my tongue. She squealed with lust “fuck oh fuck, that’s it more, more” and she forced herself down hard onto me until I could scarcely breathe. I gave her as good as I could in the hope that they would go easy on me but as soon as she had enough then Lady Stern took it in turn and now sat on my face; I had to pleasure her too.

All this soon had me up and running with a throbbing erection and as I continued tonguing her I felt Matron tying something tightly around my cock and balls. My mouth ached badly as Lady Stern had her pleasure and thankfully eventually got off me. I was now raised back up and Matron gave me praise “not bad for a Cretin” were her words. I could see now that my cock and balls had been tied up tightly with soft rope which was strangely erotic and Lady Stern commented “that should keep you interested and hard for a while”

My mouth was dry with the torments but I dared not ask for a drink, however Matron decided that I needed one anyway and now Lady Stern emptied her bladder into a glass beaker in front of me. She offered the fresh piss to my lips but again I shuddered and refused. Matron took no nonsense from me and now a bizarre rubber hood was soon tightly fastened over my head completely enveloping it. It had open eye cut-outs and the mouth area was also open with a stiff shaped rubber cup that stood out away from the mouth and nose area.

The hood was now buckled to the backrest my head being kept upright so that I could scarcely move it. Lady Stern now approached with her beaker of piss and poured some into the lip of the hood. I kept my mouth closed so Matron held my nose tightly, thus cutting off my air intake. I had no choice now and choked as I had to swallow her freshly made liquid. “Isn’t that nice?” tormented Lady Stern and she poured in more. She continued this until I had been forced to take every last disgusting drop.

Matron now removed my hood and said “now for some real breath-play” and selected another hood from the trolley. This had open eyes nose and mouth holes and she expertly zipped it on. However she now showed me a heavy rubber moulded face with buckles and said “now this fastens to the front of your hood cutting off your light completely and the only breathing hole is at the mouth which I will use to control your air intake” She continued “this is very sinister and you will probably panic but you will have to control your fear as it is staying on your face until I decide when to remove it, depending on your attitude”

I was already breathing heavy and felt sick with fear as she showed and allowed me to inspect it properly before it was fitted. The breathing hole in it was shaped into a tube to fit inside the mouth thus cutting off all light. Lady Stern now suggested that I deserved a good fucking while it was fitted to me and left to get her strap-on while Matron continued to torment me with the “rubber face”

“Please don’t do this” I begged her “I am claustrophobic” She smiled “I know you are, it is in your list don’t you remember, but you also said that you get off on it so don’t lose control of your orgasm as I will feed it straight down your mouth hole and wash it down with more fresh piss”

Lady Stern now returned and fitted a leather harness around her waist and under her crutch area. She showed me a rubber dildo which she now slipped into the harness and greased it liberally before moving between my legs and greasing inside my anus with a large syringe. “Ready when you are Matron” she said and started to ease it inside me. This hurt me but it was also erotic at the same time and my cock sprung into life again as she buried her dildo in me. “He loves that” said Matron “now let me see how he likes this” and she now forced the rubber face over mine and fastened it tightly to me.

I was now in complete darkness; the erotic strong smell of rubber was overwhelming with my heart beating fast; I struggled to control panic and only the fact that Lady Stern was fucking me which kept me excited and left me sane. After a few minutes I felt something being pushed into my mouth orifice. Matron explained sadistically that it was a tube for her to control my breathing and administer any liquids she decided to give me and so I now began to panic at the thought.

They both laughed as I struggled to stay this side of insanity and Matron now leaning in close to me said quietly “I have decided that you will stay in here for another thirty minutes so enjoy”

With that she closed off the tube. Soon I was screaming but they just ignored me and continued with their fucking and breath control on me until I was almost out of my mind with fright. I must have passed out then as she said I would and I came around with her administering oxygen to me via an anaesthetic mask. She had given me an injection too and as I focused she checked my pulse and heart rate.

My hood had been removed for her to work on me. She checked my eyes too, shook her head and tutted “you really do have a low fright threshold, I am disappointed so far with you, I was planning on water-boarding you later but never mind I will build up to that and there is always another day and at the moment I do not want a corpse on my hands, so for now you will be released now to stretch your limbs and have a meal.

Later I will be back for your final most testing ordeal with me today when I will treat you to some more of my medical procedures” I couldn’t believe she hadn’t finished with me yet and just groaned in fear at her statement. They released me and shaking I stood and stretched my muscles. I was made to slip on a long green heavy latex medical gown of which its smooth coolness took my breath; but it also felt very erotic on my naked skin.

A hobble chain fixed to my ankles and handcuffed I was marched into an adjoining room and sat at a small table. Here I was given a light meal and a very welcome genuine energy drink where my hands were released to do so. Lady Stern stayed with me during this time watching me intently for a few minutes and she finally spoke in a cruel manner leaning in close “well you are a pathetic prisoner, I was just building up to fuck you properly and you expired. So the next time however I will fuck you up your arse like a dog does to a bitch on heat, face down and degrade you while you squeal with pain and humiliation, you will be made to watch me do it to you through a mirror and you can look forward to that before you leave here, you can bet on it”

The language Lady Stern used was shocking as it was meant to be; it was also very erotic coming from such a well spoken cultured voice that she had, and I knew by now that she meant every word of it. Half an hour later I was desperate to pee and asked if I could. “Absolutely not” came back her reply, “Matron will see to your bodily functions so you will have to control it until she decides when you will be allowed to piss and if you allow yourself to piss now then the consequences will be on your own head literally now shut the fuck up”

I was desperate but I dared not lose control so I had to wait. Matron returned and her eyes lit up with glee when she was told of my plight. “Oh yes you can release all you have inside your bladder” she stated “via a nice long rubber catheter, now get back in my clinic” I was taken back into her clinic and after stripping naked and shaking all over with fear I soon found myself again heavily strapped into her medical chair my heart beating fast.

Matron now opened a long plastic bag and retrieved a thin rubber tube from this and showed it to me. “I shall insert this tube down your cock hole and inflate it in place so that it is inside your bladder to drain off your waste while we are away and who knows I just may feed it back to you later as a special present”

She applied a slippery gel to the tubing and with a weird sensation she slowly pushed it down my urethra showing little or no mercy until it entered my bladder. She inflated a small bladder inside me to keep it in place and connected the outflow to a collection bag below me. She now picked up a gas mask and slipped it over my head. I could easily breathe through the large opening at the front and could see that now she busied herself with a long rubber tube and a plastic bottle.

“While we are away taking some rest and preparing ourselves for your next ordeal you can stay here and breathe in the aroma of my piss” She now urinated into the bottle and then attached a large long rubber tube to it before then screwing the other end onto my face mask so that as I breathed a bizarre bubbling sound was made as my life giving air was filtered through her golden waste. A large cold heavy rubber sheet was draped over me to “keep me warm” and they now left me to this new torment and my thoughts.

An hour and more passed under the now clammy rubber sheet and mask, still no-one came which made the waiting even more anxious for me but this was also to add to my torment. I had been strapped onto this gyno chair for several hours now in total and there were seemingly more hours of torment to come, how much more can I take in this place and this is only the first day?

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