Just the Right Spot 2

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2018 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF; F/f; M/f; D/s; camping; woods; strip; naked; bond; rope; collar; toys; tease; torment; blindfold; captive; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 2

The cool night air rushed into their tent as Tracy pushed aside the flaps. She had retied her cousin, now sitting behind her with rope around her ankles and knees as well as binding her wrists and elbows behind her back. The young blonde’s mouth was still covered with duct tape and a rope leash dangled down between her bared breasts.

Tracy gave a tug on the leash, “Come on.”

Christina shook her head, mewling into her gag.

“I am not going to tell you again. Your Master boyfriend would be very disappointed in you right now. Now come.”

Christina scooted her way forward as her cousin Tracy climbed out from the tent’s opening. The cold mountain air made her conscious of just how hot she really was; her skin bathed in the sweat of her orgasm. Tracy helped her to stand. The only thing that Christina had on her was her hiking boots that Tracy had laced her into.

Chris felt another tug at her rope collar and hopped along as her brunette cousin pulled her along.

Tracy had the beauty that Christina wished she had. She was tall and slender with thick, black hair cascading down her back in curled waves. Her dark eyes seemed to mimic her boyfriends in looking both loving and hurtful at the same time. She was dressed in her long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans as she dragged Christina to god-knows-where.

The blonde, on the other hand, was only dressed in boots, duct tape and rope. The cool of the night seared every droplet of sweat and trickle of cunt juice onto her skin as she hopped. Her large breasts jiggled and her nipples seemed to get painfully hard with every little movement.

The chirping crickets of the evening blended with the rustling of leafs under the crescent glow of the moon. Christina thought she heard some noises in her mother’s tent, but she couldn’t tell. Everything seemed noisier now that she was bared to the world.

Tracy was leading her cousin closer towards her aunt’s tent, her rope lead in one hand and padded sleeping bag mat in the other.

Christina whined into her gag as they got closer.

“Sshhhh,” the young brunette whispered, “You’ll wake your mom. I think she’s having a dream or something from the sounds of her.”

The blonde hopped silently closer to her mother’s tent until they were just feet away from the back of it and stopped. Tracy unrolled the mat and led her captive to the center of it. Chris then felt a slight tap on the back of her knees, meaning she was supposed to kneel. She looked at her cousin in fright, but Tracy only frowned before slapping her behind her knees again.

“Don’t make a scene,” Tracy whispered into her cousin’s ear, “You want your mother to see you like this?”

Chris shook her head. She didn’t want to kneel and she didn’t want her mother to catch them. However, it was plain to her that Tracy was not going to let her get out of this so, with her cousin’s help, she knelt down on the pad.

“Good slave,” Tracy giggled quietly into her cousin Chris’ ear.

Tracy sat down in front of her nude captive. The moonlight painted the blondes skin a pale blue. She looked as beautiful as Tracy’s aunt Autumn. They could almost be mistaken as sisters, Tracy thought, as she took her cousin’s leash and looped it around one of her aunt’s tent pegs.

“Stay,” Tracy whispered before leaving Crystal there.

Christina mewled quietly into her gag and she squirmed in her bindings. Tracy had gotten good at tying her up. Master had taught her well; too well. There was no way for her to escape as she knelt there behind her mother’s tent. She could hear some rustling and moaning inside. It sounded almost sexual and the thought of her mother getting herself off almost made her wince with disgust. But, right now, she was no better than her mother. She was being toyed with from afar from her boyfriend master and enjoying most of it.

Tracy returned with the vibrator in hand. Chris shook her head as she felt her cousin nudge it at her shaven sex. The young brunette turned the thing on and pressed it against her already swollen clit. A burning pleasure shot through her as she fought to keep kneeling.

“You’re making a racket,” Tracy breathed into Christina ear.

The bound girl knew she was noisy in bed and gags seemed to make her all that much more so. She fought to be silent as her cousin continued to press the vibe into her moistened folds.

The embers from her first orgasm hadn’t died and now were burning hotter than ever. Between the cold of the night air and the heat of her desire, the lust-burned bliss flared to near searing. She felt the heat of Tracy’s tongue licking at her nipples as she tried to keep herself silent. Little whimpers came out as she felt herself losing control to her passion.

“Quiet,” her cousin ordered.

Christina fought to keep her noises down as she writhed on the mat. She had somehow fallen down in her hungered thrashings and her cousin straddled her legs, pinning her to the mat. The vibrator kept poking and prodding at her slit until she arched her back, consumed by a fiery cum.

A frozen breeze brought Christina back from her foggy revels. Tracy was standing above her grinning and holding onto her leash.

“Time to get you back to bed,” she whispered.

Tracy helped her cousin up and led her back to their tent, her aunt none the wiser. She would zip Christina up into her sleeping bag just as she was before going to sleep herself waiting for the Master’s wake up call.


Tracy awoke to the chirping of her cell phone. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she grabbed the phone and read its message.

‘Good morning. A surprise waits outside.’

Tracy zipped herself out of her sleeping bag and glanced over at her cousin. She was still sleeping away, her tangled blonde hair partially covering up her duct tape gag.

The phone chirped again.

‘Don’t wake up Chris. Let me know when you are outside.’

The young brunette pulled on her socks and hiking boots and headed out of her tent still wearing the t-shirt and jeans she had worn last night.

The sun was already up and the air felt warm outside the tent. Looking around, she didn’t see aunt Autumn but that didn’t surprise her. Both her aunt and her cousin both were heavy sleepers. It would take nothing short of a tornado to wake them which was fine by her. She wanted to enjoy the ‘surprise’ by herself.

‘Go to the creek and take a right. Follow it until you see the surprise.’ The cell phone chirped.

Now Tracy was really curious. She knew that Christina’s boyfriend/Master had camped here before. Apparently, several times before from the way the site was set up. There was a fire pit already dug as well as a log placed near it. A latrine was set up a little ways away in the woods that offered some privacy and a little comfort. A plastic bag with two rolls of toilet paper inside hung on a tree beside it. Tracy always had a romantic view of camping out but this was her first time actually doing it and it wasn’t as bad as she feared it would be.

She began to make her way down the creek. A faint path led her to its stony bank. The water gurgled it was around several stones and a fallen tree. She looked to the right and saw a faint trail on the edge of the bank and she followed it around the bend.

It didn’t take but a few moments before she saw the surprise. In a little clearing was a make-shift shower with a black bladder hanging over the little circle of green shower curtain. The water bladder seemed filled as Tracy pranced over to inspect it. This was more than she had hoped for on this trip into the wilderness. A shower. She quickly undressed, placing her clothes on a stump beside the shower before climbing in.

The young brunette pulled the shower curtain closed around her and turned on the little valve above the shower head. A gentle spray of warm water cascaded down over her. She found a little plastic bag with a hotel soap bar inside and began to quickly soap herself. She didn’t know how long the warm water would last so she washed as quickly as possible and let the warm spray rinse her off.

Refreshed, Tracy turned off the valve and opened the curtain. She froze when she saw her clothes were missing. The only thing on the stump was her phone.

The phone chirped.

‘Turn around.’

Tracy looked up and turned. Stand there a few feet from her was Christina’s boyfriend, smiling as she tried to cover herself.

“You took my clothes!” she accused.

“Yes, I did. You won’t be needing them right now. I brought you something else to wear,” he said as he tossed her a small bag.

A mixture of desire and concern swept through Tracy as she leaned down and picked up the bag. Master just stood there, dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with the word ‘MASTER’ emblazoned on it. He chuckled as she opened the bag up.

Inside were two pairs of white leather cuffs, a matching leather collar, a red ball gag and several lengths of rope.

“Let me help you with that,” he smiled as he stepped toward Tracy.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t worn these things before; it was just in the privacy of his house. She blushed as he took the sack from her hands and gently turned her around.

“Hands behind your back,” he said.

“Yes sir,” she said and did as she was told to.

She looked over her shoulder as he was fastening the cuffs around her wrists, “What about aunt Autumn? She might. . .”

“I don’t think so,” he said, locking the cuffs together, “You know she sleeps like the dead, just like your cousin.”

Tracy nodded.

“I thought we could have a little morning fun before we wake Chris up. Now open wide.”

Tracy opened her mouth as he pushed the ball gag into place. He buckled it firmly behind her head; beneath her long black hair. He fastened her collar around her slender throat next before kneeling down and fastening her ankle cuffs on. Once he was sure they were locked together, he got up and turned his captive around and brushed her wet hair out of her eyes.

“Did you have fun with your toy last night?” he asked.

Tracy nodded.

“Is she still sleeping tight?”

Again, Tracy nodded.

Christina’s boyfriend turned her back around. She felt him loop some rope around her elbows and tighten it until they almost met. Unlike her cousin, Tracy couldn’t touch her elbows without her shoulders hurting too much and he had tightened them as close as he could without hurting her.

His hands reached around her and began lightly pinching her small, erect nipples, sending splashes of ecstasy coursing through her before letting them go. His warm hands roamed down her sides, over her hips and over the flat of her stomach. He cupped her breasts and kneaded them, flicking his thumbs over her nipples.

Tracy leaned back into him, her fingers finding the bulge behind his zipper. She found the tab to the zipper and pulled it down then reached inside and grasped his member through his boxers. As his hands stroked her body her hand began to stroke his stiff cock.

The brunette held her breath as his fingers traced through the soft curls of her nest and into her moistening folds of her sex. He stroked her slit as she did his member, each touch created ripples of pleasure. Tracy moaned with thirst.

His fingers left her.

“Not here,” he said, extracting himself from her fingers.

He took another length of rope and tied it to the front D-ring to her collar. He gathered up her phone, shoes and socks, put them in the bag and gave a tug on her leash.

“Come,” he ordered.

Tracy whined her protest but followed her cousins Master slowly, taking little steps in her ankle cuffs. She felt the cool of the pines envelope her as she minced along behind him. Everything seemed ‘more’ to her: every bird’s song, every slurp of the creek, every crunch of grass underfoot. The sunlight filtered through the pines made sharp shadows over her pale skin. Then they emerged into the clearing of the camp and he brought her to the fallen log.

There was a blanket spread there.

A twinge of panic rippled through her. Every time Chris, Master and Tracy played their ‘adventures’, one of the two girls was always free. This time it was different. Christina was still sleeping and bound in their tent and she really didn’t know where her aunt Autumn was.

“Kneel,” he ordered.

Again, Tracy did as she was told. Christina’s master was trustworthy. Tracy had trusted herself to his ropes and shackles many a time before. Besides, what else could she do out here in the middle of nowhere. She had played into his hands.

She felt a tap on her inner thigh and she spread her knees apart. He pulled out some more rope then brushed away some dirt in front of each knee. There, now peeking out, was a ‘U’ shaped piece of rebar which he tied her one knee to. An identical one was in front of her other knee. Once he had tied both of her knees open, he stood up and smiled at his squirming prisoner.

Tracy looked gorgeous kneeling there in front of him. She was taller than both her cousin and aunt; lithe as a gazelle. Her body still glistened from the shower and her efforts; little trickles ran down over her light skin. Her nipples were small and dark pink and pointed. Her dark eyes looked up at him as she moaned into her gag.

There was a trace of fear in them.

Master petted her hair.

“No need to be worried, my slave, everything is going the way it is supposed to. Now let me get you a little more secure before I bring your wonderful cousin out to join you.”

Her cousin’s boyfriend stepped around in back of her and pulled a backpack out from behind the log. Opening it, he pulled out another coil of rope and looped one end around her wrists. He pulled it tight and then lashed it to the log in back of her, pulling her bound arms backward and anchoring her even further.

“Now let’s get you some company.”


Christina felt someone crawl in next to her and give her a kiss on the forehead. She wasn’t quite ready to wake up yet, enjoying her dreams of being a pirate’s captive and the crew were doing lots of yummy things to her.

“Time to wake up, slave,” a warm familiar voice said.

The blonde opened her eyes and saw lying beside her was her boyfriend smiling a devilish smile.


The young blonde nodded and moaned into her gag. She lips were still taped shut with the duct tape that Tracy had applied. She squirmed in her sleeping bag as he brushed her hair away from her face.

“Let’s get you up. I have a surprise waiting for you outside but we have to hurry before your mother wakes up.”

A look of concern crossed over the blonde girls face.

“If we hurry, there is a little spot we can play while Tracy covers for you. I went to a lot of effort to be here, you know, and I don’t want to miss a minute with you.”

The bound girl watched as he unzipped her sleeping bag. She struggled to sit up since she was still bound in the ropes that Tracy had tied around her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows. Her shoulders were a bit stiff but she had gotten used to the sleep overs at her Master’s house so being bound when she finally woke up wasn’t a shock.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” he asked as he helped her out of the bag.

The bound girl nodded.

“I think you’ll enjoy this even more.”

He pulled from his back pocket a black silk scarf and pulled it over Christina’s eyes. She loved blindfolds more than she did gags. Every touch seemed to be magnified so when he caressed her it seemed as if his fingers were made of a brand the ignited her passions.

She felt him fasten a collar around her throat. It had a familiar feel to it and she knew it was her favorite red one, the one that forced her hold her head up. The more stringent he was in her binding, the more she got off.

The young blonde heard the click of a leash being fastened to her collar and a familiar tug.

Chris wriggled to the front of the tent. She could feel the heat of the morning sun on her skin as he helped her up. She imagined that Tracy was nearby, watching and smiling as her bound cousin was in the caring hands of her master.

“Your mother isn’t up yet. You know how she likes to sleep in.”

A little fear trickled down inside her. It was like a trickle of gasoline ready to be set on fire. She was sure that her mother didn’t know that her daughter had stolen her Rod from her. Master Rod was too young to be hanging out with her. Chris had always been attracted to older men. They seemed to have a way of touching her that guys her age hadn’t gotten a hang of yet. After meeting him with her mother a couple of times, she whispered an invite into his ear and the following night they had dinner and raw, bestial sex.

What was really great, he came back for more.

It didn’t take long for him to get her into chains and leather. It made the sex even that much better. Adding her cousin into the mix had been his idea. The deal was he wouldn’t have sex with her. At first Christina didn't think that it would add anything to their relationship, but it did. The one-upmanship between her and her cousin Tracy ignited Chris even more. Just the thoughts of their adventures made Crystal even that much hornier.

She hopped beside her Master, lost in her own thoughts when he stopped. She felt him tap her behind her knees and with his help she knelt down on some sort of a mat. As he untied her knees, she heard someone moaning urgently beside her.


They were never tied up at the same time. One of them was always free. It was part of the agreement. Christina started to get nervous as he spread her knees and tied one to some sort of anchor. He looped some rope around the other and pulled it to until she touched someone else’s warm flesh.


Christina struggled but it was already too late. Another rope went from her wrists to another anchor point, pulling her arms back.

Rodger then pulled her blindfold off.

Chris saw Tracy looking at her, her eyes wide as she struggled in her bindings. They were side-by-side, bound almost identically. The blonde thrashed in her bindings but it was no use. Both her and her cousin were his captives.

“While you two wait her, I’m going to see if Autumn is up. Don’t you two go anywhere.”

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