Just the Right Spot

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2017 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF; camping; woods; M/f; MF/f; D/s; phone; instructions; strip; mast; denial; bond; tease; torment; toys; insert; sex; climax; cons; X

Chapter 1

“This is just the right spot,” Autumn thought to herself as she settled in her tent and reflected. The campsite was beautiful, just as Rodger had said it would be. The site was a small meadow-like clearing nestled amongst pine trees and aspens. A nearby creek gurgled its way past, giving them cold snowmelt water. A fire pit had already been dug and an old fallen pine provided some wonderful seating. The only thing that would have made it more perfect was if Rodger had come along.

The girls, her 18 year-old daughter Crystal and Tracy, her 19 year-old niece, both seemed to be having a great time of it. They were like sisters and Autumn was glad that Tracy had somebody else close to talk to and share secrets with. Crystal had chosen to live with her father after the divorce. Autumn expected that her daughter picked him because he let her run pretty much wild. The fact that she had decided to go on this five day camping trip was a surprise. She even seemed eager to go and insisted that Tracy come along.

Autumn couldn’t say no.

Both of the girls were settled in their tent, giggling and talking in whispers, probably about Crystal’s new boyfriend.

Autumn grinned to herself and got out her smart phone. She forbade the girls having one on the trip, but she brought hers. She flipped it on and, sure enough, there was a text from her man Rodger telling her he wished he could be there right now, tying one on with her.

A warm breath of wanton pleasure swept through her.

At fortyish, Autumn was still attractive enough, with sandy brown hair and dark blue eyes. She kept her figure trim, more so now that Rodger was in her life... rather Master Rod. He was ten years her junior and rippled with teenager-like muscles. His dark blonde hair was cut very short and his dark brown eyes could make you shiver with desire. She was fucking lucky to have him in her life. Master Rod understood her need for ropes and leather and fed them to her in regular doses... except recently.

For the past several months, Rodger had a project he had to work on. He would meet with her here and there, but not with any regularity. She saw her “Master” enough to know he still cared and wanted to be with her. His words and his actions said so. But not having him as a more permanent part of her life was making her feel doubts about his desires for her.

Her smart phone chirped. It was Master Rod.

“What are you doing?” he asked. The sound of his low voice sent another wisp of desire through her.

“Relaxing; wishing you were here,” she replied.

“How much, my lovely slave?”

“I want you, Master,” Autumn breathed as she began to think of what it would be like to be within his ropes again.

“How much?”

“I would do anything right now, Master.”

There was a pause.

“Strip,” Rod ordered.

“Master... ” she hesitantly asked.

“Don’t make me order you again, slave.” His tone was stiff.

“Yes Master,” she replied.

She listened again for sounds of her daughter and niece. Autumn could hear an occasional laugh as she peeked out her screened window before zipping it shut. She quickly peeled herself out of her flannel shirt, tank top and jeans. She threw her socks and panties onto the pile before nestling nude into her sleeping bag, her cellphone in hand.

“Ready, Master.”

Autumn’s fingers were already between her legs and caressing the soft folds of her lips; her eyes closed imagining Rod above her.

“Did you bring the scarf I told you to?”

“Yes Master.”

“Blindfold yourself.”

Autumn reached into her pack and dug out the red and black patterned silk scarf. The pattern looked like a spider’s web. She folded it length wise several times before placing it over her eyes and tying it tight.

“Done, Master,” Autumn said.

Another pause.

“Finger yourself, slave.”

Autumn didn’t have to be told that. Little blossoms of pleasure bloomed inside her as her fingers dipped into her moistening slit. She caressed herself slowly, luxuriating in the lustful feelings that it brought.

Minutes passed without a word from her Master before his voice broke the silence of her fantasies.

“Do not cum.”

Autumn bit her lip. She wanted to protest but she knew it would do little good. He would know if she disobeyed even if he wasn’t here with her.

“Faster,” he ordered.

She rubbed herself faster as the fiery blooms of her pleasure began to swell. She wished he was here. She wished his ropes were around her and that his wonderful cock was deep inside her.


Autumn whined her displeasure. She could feel her orgasm about to flower.

“Do not panic, slave, if you hear something.”

“What... ” Autumn listened.

“I am outside your camp.”

Autumn gasped, her longing swelling at the thought of her Rodger here. She strained to listen. She could hear hushed footsteps crunching through the grass and dirt.

The zipper to her tent zipped down.

“I am here,” she heard him say as he crawled into her tent.

Desire collapsed into fear as she thought of the girls in the next tent.

“Master, my daughter... ” she began to speak.

“Shushhhhh,” he whispered, “If you are quiet, they won’t know. I am sure they are tied up in their own little world right now, doing what teenage girls do.”

She heard the clinks of a pack being unbuckled and a sleeping bag being unrolled beside her. A zipper was unzipped. Autumn sat still. She had a thousand questions romping through her mind but she was afraid to ask. She just wanted her Master Rod to be with her this moment.

There was more rustling of cloth and clinking of metal. The budding flames of her wants were growing with each sound, her mind imagining the things he may have brought with him.

She felt a line tracing down her spine.

“Present yourself.”

Autumn didn’t need to be told. She knew what his touch meant. They had learned these commands from a manuscript he found online entitled “The Care and Treatment of Particularly Fair Women.” The author rambled but the crop and leash commands were what Master Rod demanded. She had memorized them all under his leather and chains.

She struggled up and knelt down on her bag, her hands clasped behind her back and her knees spread apart to display her sex. She bowed her head and trembled in anticipation of his touch.

Rod grasped her hands and she felt him tightly buckle a pair of leather cuffs around her wrists. She heard the click of the lock and knew her hands were now fastened behind her back. Similarly, she felt the cuffs being fastened around her ankles. More and more she was becoming his. Finally, she felt the rubber kiss of a gag being pressed against her lips. She opened her mouth and let him push it behind her teeth. He buckled the panel gag tightly behind her head and over the top of her head.

Autumn squirmed with need.

“Stay there. I just want to look at you.”


Tracy waited with her cousin Crystal as Tracy’s cell phone glowed. She had hidden the phone in her sleeping bag as per Crystal’s boyfriend’s instructions and now they were both waiting for his next text.

“Are you sure he’s gonna text?” Crystal asked.

“He promised,” Tracy replied, looking up at her younger cousin. Chris looked like a slimmer, younger version of her aunt: same valentine-shaped face, same dark blue eyes, same large boobs. They both wore their hair in long ponytails and both had a bit of a wild side to them. Tracy favored her father’s Italian heritage: darker skin, curly black hair and dark brown eyes. She was as slender as Crystal but with less chest. It was her shyness that kept her from having a boyfriend, at least, not until she met Crystal’s.

Crystal had introduced Tracy to her new boyfriend over two months ago, inviting Tracy to join them in their private adventures. Tracy was hesitant at first, but then reluctantly agreed to join in and a whole new world opened up to her. Now the once shy girl couldn’t think about not being a part of their “scenes”.

Unbeknownst to Crystal, the new boyfriend had asked Tracy to pack a few “extra” items along on their camping trip and Tracy had agreed. The boyfriend had dropped them off at her dorm in a small bag with instructions not to open it until she was told to do so. The package intrigued Tracy but she did as she was asked. However, like a gift beneath the Christmas tree, she had fondled it and traced its curves and bulges and pretty much guessed at some of the contents of the bag.

The phone chirped.

The text read “Ready?”

Crystal’s boyfriend texted and “sexted” weird. He didn’t abbreviate and insisted that the girls didn’t either.

Tracy typed in “Yes”.

“Open the package”

Crystal looked up at her cousin, “What package?”

Tracy grinned and reached into the bottom of her pack and brought out a brown cloth-wrapped bundle tied-up with some twine. She quickly undid the string and rolled the contents out onto their sleeping bags.

“Oh! My! God!” Crystal squealed quietly.

Tracy just stared.

Lying on the rumpled bags was a variety of their toys: coils of rope, a roll of silver duct tape, several plastic straws, batteries, a tube of lubricant and a large, very realistic-looking gelatin vibrator in the shape of a huge cock.

The phone chirped again.

“Chris strip and present yourself.”

Crystal looked at Tracy, “You knew about this.”

Tracy nodded her head, “Yes. You better do what your boyfriend wants.”

Crystal tossed her amber hair back and pulled off the loose t-shirt she was wearing, followed by her red sweatpants and white g-string. She then knelt on their sleeping bags with her knees open and her hands behind her back. She had done this many times for her boyfriend but never with just Tracy.

Just as Chris was making herself ready, her boyfriend texted a message to Tracy again. Tracy displayed the message to her cousin.

“Tracy tie up my slave Chris for the night. Keep her quiet and play with her. Make sure she can’t escape. Tomorrow it’s your turn.”

The cell chirped.

“Slave Chris, OBEY”

“You heard Master,” Tracy giggled.

Tracy knew she wasn’t a lez, but the thought of teasing her cousin Chris excited her. Crystals’ Master had asked Tracy to bind Chris before but always under his watchful eye. Now Tracy could do as she pleased.

The young dark-haired girl picked up the roll of duct tape and tore off a strip. Finding her pocket knife, she cut a small hole in the center of it as she had seen Master do. She inserted the straw and moved towards the now pouting Chris. The blonde girl opened her lips for the straw as Tracy pasted it over them. More tape followed until Tracy was sure Chris’ protests and moans would be quiet. The straw was just a safety measure for the night.

Tracy brought one of the coils of rope around to the other girl’s wrists. Crystal had crossed them and Tracy wanted to keep them that way. She looped the rope around both wrists and wound the ends in a figure-eight pattern before cinching them tightly and tying them off. Tracy was sure her cousin would try to escape and Tracy wanted to be sure that didn’t happen.

Crystal’s ankles were next. Tracy crossed them like Chris’ wrists and tied them the same way and just as tightly, making sure the knots were out of the way of questing fingers. The crossed ankles opened Crystal’s thighs nicely. Tracy then bound her wrists and ankles together in a nice hogtie.

Crystal found herself getting excited as she became more helpless. Her older cousin was now cinching her elbows together. She wondered what Tracy would do. When she had introduced Tracy to her boyfriend Master, she badgered her quite a bit, teasing her at Master’s will. Chris really got into it, perhaps too much.

Tracy held up the vibrator before the blonde’s eyes before pushing her captive onto her back.

The young dark-haired girl opened the KY tube and began coating the whole vibe. It glistened in the glow of the small flashlight. Tracy flashed Chris a wicked smile and with a coil of rope, tapped Chris’ inner thigh.

Crystal parted her knees further, exposing herself to her cousin Tracy.

Tracy could see what Master saw in Crystal as she lay hogtied and on her back. Crystal’s breasts were “heavy” and were crowned with large areolas. Her mons was shaven and the tattoo of a closed pair of handcuffs embracing the initials “Mstr” was inked The vibrator now hummed in Tracy’s hand.

The blonde watched as her cousin held open the folds of her pussy and nudged the vibrator inside. Crystal closed her eyes and imagined it was her boyfriend’s cock violating her. The tip of the phallus caressed up and down her slit, tickling at the swollen clit. Sparks of bliss erupted inside her as she began to rock her hips.

Then Tracy took it away.

Crystal whined her displeasure, writhing in her ropes.

“How do you beg, slave?” Tracy smirked.

The blonde looked up at her, questions written in her eyes.

“Have you forgotten how to beg, slave?”

Chris moaned loudly, twisting helplessly on the tent floor.

“I remember,” Tracy grinned. “I remember you making me crawl all about your boyfriend’s bedroom, whining like a little puppy dog and wagging my ass high up into the air and begging for his attention.”

Crystal’s blue eyes widened as she remembered. She had laughed as Master made Tracy plead for his touch until he finally fingered her into orgasm.

“You laughed.”

The young blonde shook her head as Tracy looped another piece of rope, fashioning a loose collar which she pulled over Crystal’s head and tied it off so it wouldn’t strangle her.

“Now, Chris, it’s my turn. Show me how much you want to cum.”

Tracy held the vibrator in one hand as it still hummed and held onto Chris’ leash with the other, giving it a tug.

Crystal writhed, thrusting her hips up and moaning into her gag.

“Now, now,” Tracy grinned, “You need to be more quiet.”

Tracy held the tip of the vibrator just above Chris’ slit. The smell of her cousin’s arousal filled the tent as Chris wriggled her way closer to the buzzing phallus until its head just touched her puffed lips. A rush of pleasure fanned Chris into shivers before Tracy moved the vibrator a little ways away again.

“Come on, you can do it. It is soooo very close.”

The blonde grunted her frustration and squirmed a little closer. It couldn’t be more than an inch away, yet it seemed like a mile. She could feel her orgasm building like a head of steam. She thrust her hips up and the vibe was fully pressed onto her clit... for a moment.

Her cousin pulled it away.

“Doesn’t little slave slut want the vibrator?” Tracy smile.

“Yemmmmphhh!” Crystal screamed into her gag.

Chris felt the vibe pressing down into her puss as she thrust up to help get it inside of her. Its humming sent more white-hot sparks burning through her soul. She thrust herself up again and again, Tracy pulling it further away with each thrust until it slipped out of her.

“Awwww, did it slip away from you?” Tracy laughed quietly, “You must not want it too much.”

The blonde wailed into her gag, sounding to Tracy like she was crying.

Tracy stabbed the phallus back into her, pumping it fast and hard. Crystal’s world disappeared in a fiery red haze of pure ecstasy as wave after burning wave devoured her in pleasure.

Then, she felt Tracy pull the faux penis out of her. The blonde collapsed in her own lust-born embers, basking in the warmth of her orgasm.

“Now, you seem a little hot. Let’s take you out on a walk to cool off.”


It felt like eons as Autumn knelt silently before her Master. Her desire for him roiled up, inch by inch, threatening to boil over if he didn’t touch her soon. She could hear the rustle of his clothes as he undressed.

He gently caressed a strand of hair away from her face before cupping her chin in his hand and lifting her head to face him. She felt him untie her blindfold from beneath her gag and pull it free. He was sitting before her, his dark brown eyes looking into hers. His face was rugged and beautiful with a square-like jaw and impish smile. Master kept his dark blonde hair closely cropped. He had the body of a person 10 years younger, rippled with muscles and no body hair.

His large cock was fully erect.

Rod leaned forward and kissed her on her cheek. His light kisses trailed down her neck and upper chest until he began to trace his tongue around each of her stiffened nipples. Each flick and nibble sent more pleasure rushing through her. His fingers found her lust-slick slit and began to stroke her, barely brushing over her clit before easing into her.

He lightly pushed Autumn back and lifted her tied ankles over his shoulder. She moaned as he eased himself inside her, slowly pumping back and forth until he was fully inside her. His pace was slow as he thrust into her and she tried to match his rhythm. She gasped and mewled, the passion swelling inside of her.

“Do not cum, slave,” he whispered in her ear.

Autumn whined as she felt her climax threatening to burst. She struggled the best she could as he quickened his thrusts until he finally held himself into her and let loose his seed.

“Cum, slave,” Master Rod ordered.

The bound woman let herself become engulfed in an explosion of molten bliss. She bucked and writhed as her orgasm consumed her then let its hunger slowly ebb away.

Rodger held onto her as she curled up in his arms. He unbuckled her gag and pulled it out before reaching for a canteen.

“Thirsty?” he asked.

Autumn nodded, “Yes, Master.”

He lifted the canteen of water to her lips and she gulped several swallows down before he pulled it away from her.

“Time to get you ready for bed,” He smiled and held up the gag again.

Autumn opened her mouth again as he began to tie her up for the night.

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