Jungle Fever: First Infection

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-F; fantasy; lottery; win; plan; forest; F/m; knockout; bond; rope; gag; capture; sex; femdom; cons; X

One year before ‘Jungle Fever’ a lottery winner becomes a jungle girl

Eliza Koch was not happy.  That much was clear. What she could not figure out however was why. She came from a good family who had long since passed away. They had loved her and made sure her childhood was the best it could be. She had a good job at Hawaii’s top law firm. Looking in the mirror each morning she saw a vibrant curvaceous brunette in her early thirties. Long black hair around a full striking face. Conservative suits hinted at the bouncy D cup breasts  she hated to  hide. Her life was good which only added more mystery to the one thing she was certain of in life. Eliza Koch was not happy.

Okay that was not totally true. There was one time when she was happy. Movie night. Every Saturday night she would sit out in her backyard with her projector and screen. She would then enjoy a low grade jungle flick. It didn’t matter what it was as long as it had a jungle girl in it. Her whole life she had felt intoxicated by the imagery she saw on her screen. Physically powerful women unafraid to wear what they wanted and do what they wanted in a world free from the mundane struggles of the modern world. God she wanted that.

On her way to work one day she stopped off at a local gas station for a quick fill up. While paying she noticed a little notice on the counter. 

Pick 3 Lottery Jackpot
$170 Million!
Play now, who knows, you could win!

One hundred and seventy million dollars? God, the things she could do with that. You know what? Why not?

“I think I’ll play the pick 3 game.”

“Good choice,” the clerk said, “your numbers?”

“36, 25, 35.”

“Alright. Here you go.”

He handed her a ticket.

“Come again.”

Arriving at work she made her way through the bullpen where the firm’s various associate attorneys worked. 

“Good morning, Eliza,” one of them said.

“Good morning, Rick,” she replied smiling back at him.

Rick Columbus had to be the only person at the firm she actually liked. A few years younger than herself he was cute little guy, skinny, messy brown hair, seemed to be afraid of his own shadow. She liked that about him. Just saying hello to her in the morning took all the courage he could muster. She knew one day he was going to ask her out. That was one date she was looking forward to. 

“Ms. Koch, your 9 o’clock is here.”

Back to the old grind.

“Welcome to tonight’s Pick 3 lottery drawing!” the man on the screen shouted.

“Get it over with already,” Eliza muttered.

After some banal small talk the lottery balls began to  fly.

“Alright, our first number is: 36. I repeat our first number is 36.”


“Our second number is: 25. I repeat 25. So that’s 36, 25 and only one number left.”

There was no way.

“And that last number is: 35. I repeat 35. I don’t know who you are 36, 25,35 but you just one hundred and seventy million dollars!”


She told no one. She didn’t need any new ‘friends’ in her life. The question became, however, what was she going to do with all this money? That question was bouncing around her head that week on movie night. Then as she watched the wild woman on screen swing through the trees it hit her. That’s what she would do! She would be a jungle girl!

First things first she needed to be in a lot better shape than she was now to survive in the jungle. So she bought a state of the art home gym and hired a personal trainer. Slowly but surely she became a real life Amazon. She made sure to dress in clothing at work that hid her physique, lest anyone get suspicious of what she was doing or where the money came from. 

There was an unexpected side effect of all this work however. Her sex drive was now raging out of control. Something about her new found strength made her constantly horny. It came to a head at a company party one night. Finding herself alone with Rick on the back porch of a partner’s home when one of her spells hit. Unable to resist any longer she grabbed him in a chokehold cutting off his air stopping just before he passed out. She picked him up and ran with him to her car.

She spent the next hour ravishing him in the backseat. Later he woke up on the back porch again. He chocked it up to too much beer and a really hot dream. For Eliza it awoken something deep within her. The jungle girl needed a jungle boy.

Before that could happen however she still needed a few things. So over the next few months she secretly got to work. She purchased a small plot of land in the heart of the Hawaiian rainforest. Clearing it out she soon had a large artificial tree built as the base for her new dream home. Around it she plowed up the land and brought in fertilizer and other materials needed to make the ground fertile for farming. Everyone she hired signed a confidentiality agreement so they could tell no one about her. Once she had all this she found the perfect set of jungle woman outfits to make her fantasy complete. Well almost complete.

If there was one thing her firm loved it was a good party. So her going away party had to be a big bash. She had rented out the ballroom at the nearby Harlequin Hotel. All the men and women wore nice suits and fancy black dresses. All that is except their host. It didn’t escape most people’s attention that Eliza wore no shoes and a leather jacket stretching down to her knees. It was odd to say the least. Beyond that however it was a fairly nice evening. For Eliza however something was still missing.

“Why weren’t you at the party?” Eliza asked.

Rick blinked back at her mouth agape. He had been at home watching TV when he heard the knock on his door. He was shocked to find the woman of his dreams on his porch wearing a long leather coat.

“Eliza, what are you doing here?”

“Why weren’t you at my going away party?”

“These company parties really aren’t my thing,” he explained, “besides I hate saying goodbye.”

She chuckled.


“It’s just the irony of that.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You would have been the only person at that party who wouldn’t have been saying goodbye to me.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because I’m taking you with me.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

She dropped the jacket. Under she wore nothing but a tight fur bikini showing off her curves and new physique. Rick just stood there trying to process what he was seeing. He never got the chance however. Eliza jumped on him knocking him down face first onto his carpet. He felt his arms pulled back and rope entwine them, pulling them tight. Then she did the same to his legs. 

“Eliza, what are you …?”

She shoved a ballgag in his mouth and strapped it down tight. She then scooped him up into her arms turning him to face her. She smiled at him like a cat holding a canary. 

“Come on my little jungle boy,” she told him, “let’s go home.”

* * *

So for the next year the two lived together in a happy little bubble as they played jungle girl and slave in her tree house home. Neither had ever been happier. Then one day Rick was stung by a mosquito. He got sick, deathly sick. Eliza took him to the hospital in the nearest town and left him there. She had been selfish and it had nearly killed her little love. She would not let that happen again.

Then imagine her surprise when he returned with another man looking for her. She knew what she had to do. She had to scare him away. So she captured them and for three months she did everything she could to make them want to escape and never come back. She was only half successful. 

She could tell the other man, Gordon, wanted to leave. Rick, however, wanted to stay with her. One day she took him aside and plead her case with him. She demanded he leave. He refused. 

“I love you,” he countered, “and I know you love me.”

“I don’t want you to die.”

“So what’s the better option? Living a life I hate? What’s the point of a life like that? It’s like I already died then. Sure something can happen to me here but it could just as easily happen in the city. Quit worrying about how it could end and just enjoy what time we’ve got together. I’m never leaving you again.”

And he never did. Gordon on the other hand fled first chance he got.

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