Jungle Fever

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: MM; forest; hunt; video; F/mm; capture; bond; enslave; strip; collar; shock; femdom; punish; sex; cons/nc; X

Two young men go in search of a legend but she finds them

Before this adventure begins keep this simple fact in mind. Sometimes when you go in search of legends they find you.

No one knew how the story began. All anyone could agree on was it had appeared somewhere on the internet and caught fire. Soon everyone was talking about her. Eventually the story became accepted as an urban legend. The Jungle Woman of Kauai. That’s what they called her. Not that anyone had ever actually even seen her. 

Most thought she was nothing more than the creation of some juvenile sex obsessed male mind. After all the story told of a scantily clad buxom brunette straight out of central casting living in the Hawaiian rainforest does seem pretty far fetched. Of course with all legends there are the true believers. 

That was the case with Rick Columbus. Of course his fanatical obsession for the story came less from hard belief and more from a deep seated need to have his youthful fetish have a chance of coming true. Ever since seeing Jennifer O’Dell in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World on TV he harbored a deep and abiding attraction to the wild woman trope. Now here was this story from his home state of a real wild woman just waiting to be found. So that was what he was going to do.

The same could not be said for Gordon Yates. Did he really believe in a jungle girl in Hawaii? No, it was ridiculous to say the least. Though watching his friend Rick blunder through the jungle trying to find her would make a pretty good viral video. On the off chance his friend was right, well then he’d have video of her to entertain himself with for years to come. So all in all it was a win-win proposition.

“I found another print!” Rick called racing to a muddy patch of ground  ahead of them.

“For the last time that’s your footprint,” Gordon snapped at him from behind the camera, “we’ve been walking in circles for hours.”

Ok, ok, this had not been as much fun as Gordon had anticipated. He had nothing to eat for the last three hours. His skin was covered in bug bites. There was a drizzling rain. His legs were killing him. He was one bite away from calling it quits. Zzpt. Oh, and there it was.

“That’s it I’m going home,” Gordon snapped.

“No, please, we can still find her.”

“No, no we  can’t. And do you know why?”

“Because we’re not trying hard enough?”

“No you idiot, because she’s not real.”


“What was that?”

They crept a few feet hiding behind a tree. Carefully they peeked around the corner. Holy shit, there she was. And she was a sight to behold. 

The stories on the internet didn’t do her justice. She was at least a head taller than the two of them with the longest, smoothest, most perfectly tanned legs either of them had ever seen. These were attached to thick, womanly, powerful hips covered in a short leopard printed skirt frayed at the bottom. A flat stomach was augmented by defined abs and other muscles from years of physical labor. Her chest was covered by a low cut leopard print top frayed around the edges as well. Powerful arms were being used to help her scale one of the trees. Long wavy black hair framed a beautiful full face full of fierce determination. On top of her head was a crown of beautiful tropical flowers. 

“Who’s the idiot now?” Rick asked.

“Still you.” 

Gordon manned the camera as they watched her. She crept along like some kind of animal trying to avoid a predator. As she crept by he got a good look at her round full bouncy ass free from any form of underwear. Both young men were aware of a tightening in their pants at that. She bent down at a small stream and began filling a canteen. They watched amazed.

Then she stood erect, hearing something. She slowly crept behind another tree and disappeared.

“Where’d she go?” Rick asked, sounding heartbroken.

“How should I know?”

She was real? How could she be real? Suddenly she burst out of the bushes to their side. How the hell did she get there so fast? They didn’t have time to ponder this however. She collided with them like a linebacker in a championship football game sending the less then fit guys flying. They landed with a thud onto a muddy footpath dropping the camera. She picked it up and smashed it into a tree destroying it. 

“No!” Gordon shouted, “That was a gift.”

They struggled to their feet. Just as they did so however she landed a firm punch to their stomachs knocking the wind clear out of them. They doubled over gasping for breath. He watched as she grabbed Rick forcing him onto the ground. Then she bound his hands and feet with a length of rope before rounding on him.

Terrified he tried to turn and run. He was still having trouble breathing from her earlier punch however and didn’t make it very far. She kicked him in his ass sending him face first into a mud puddle. He felt his arms being yanked back and bound followed by his legs. Suddenly he was hefted up off the ground and over her right shoulder. He was amazed as she bent down and loaded Rick onto her left. She then walked off without ever saying a word. 

As she walked her large breasts would bounce up with each step hitting them in the face. It was a painful experience but one he found he quite enjoyed. Their captor remained silent as she carried her prisoners deeper into the jungle.

“Where are you taking us?” Gordon demanded.

Then finally she answered. It was a single word spoken with such determination and finality that he dared not argue.


It turned out that ‘home’ was just that. In a small clearing a wooden single story home stood at the base of a sturdy old tree in the center of the clearing. A spiraling wooden staircase wound its way up the tree stopping halfway up and up near the top where two smaller wooden homes were placed anchored to the tree which the guys could now see was artificial. Around the tree was a small working farm. 

Their captor continued walking, never saying a word. She took to the stairs and started making her way up. It impressed them how far she could carry them without even breaking a sweat. She did not stop until she reached the very top. Dropping them onto the floor she turned and walked back out of the room. 

“I’ll be back at dinner time.”

After she closed the door they could hear her locking it from the outside. They heard her marching her way down the stairs. 

“Oh my God, oh my god, we’re going to die,” Gordon shouted.

“We don’t know that,” Rick reassured his panicked friend.

“A crazy bitch in a fur bikini just kidnapped us! I think death is definitely on the table!”

“You don’t have to shout.”

Gordon roared in frustration and beat his head on the wall.

Gordon awoke with a start. He couldn’t even remember falling asleep. The woman was back. She handed him a plate of some kind of meat dish with vegetables. It was then he realized she had untied his hands at some point. Looking over he could see Rick eating away. 

“Why are we here?” he asked her.

“I need workers.”


“Do I have to spell it out for you? You two are my slaves now. Whatever I need done on my farm you’re going to do for me.”

“Like hell we are.”

“Then I keep you locked up here. Just so you know though this is the last free meal you get. You don’t work you don’t eat, simple as that.”

The next morning their work began. Returning to their room the next morning she slipped collars around their necks, padlocking them into place. 

“These,” she explained, “are shock collars. Do as you’re told and stay on my property and this will be the only time you feel this.”

“Feel what?” Rick asked.

She pressed a button on a remote. The sensation was nothing like anything Gordon had ever felt before or wanted to feel again. It was enough to let him know he would not be running until he got that damned collar off. 

* * *

Three months. That’s how long Gordon figured they’d been her prisoners by that point. Three months of back breaking labor, imprisonment, and isolation. Gordon had had it. He had to get out of there. 

Rick on the other hand seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. Even though she had begun singling him out for unusual treatment. When he fell asleep one day without finishing his supper she punished him by making him work in nothing but his underwear for a full week. One day he tripped dropping the eggs from the chicken coop breaking them. She tied him up and hung him from the tree next to the chair she watched them work from during her own lunch break. 

Then every night this last week she would send Gordon up to their room at the end of the day but had Rick stay behind with her. He would come back several hours later sore, exhausted and so damn happy it unnerved Gordon to no end. Luckily it would be all over soon.  

He had come back from a restroom break. Rick had performed another offense it seemed. She had him over her lap spanking him. She seemed to be enjoying it, so much so she had knocked the key to the collar locks off the table onto the ground. He picked it up and pocketed it. She never noticed. The sun was setting.


That was all she said and all Gordon needed to know. He went up stairs and immediately unlocked the collar. He waited a few hours for Rick. Finally impatience got the better of him. He crept out the door, which sense she had stopped locking weeks ago thinking the collars were enough, and down the staircase. He was passing by the second floor building when he heard it. It was unmistakable. A woman’s moans of pleasure. 

Carefully he peeked into the window. What he saw sent his gut dropping out of his body. Rick was having sex with their kidnapper. She wasn’t raping him. No by the look of pure bliss on his face as she roughly rode him slapping his face with her bare breasts they were making love. He felt a very deep sense of betrayal. He wanted to be with her so badly? Well then fine, he can stay there. With that Gordon slipped off quietly into the night, a free man, never mentioning his former friend Rick again.

What Gordon never knew was Rick had been this voluptuous vixen’s prisoner long before they went looking for her.

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