Janice's Discovery 2

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2007 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; toys; FF; chast; cons; XX

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Chapter 4

It was easy to sleep away the rest of the afternoon.  Janice felt wonderful, the bed was comfortable, and she enjoyed the soft breeze playing across her naked body.

She was awakened by hands fumbling with the buckle of her gag.  “Hmmmh?” she mumbled.  The gag was pulled free, and the blindfold was removed.

To her surprise, it was not Jason who was releasing her, it was Shannon.  “Umm,” she worked her jaw and licked her lips.

“Hi sleepyhead,” laughed Shannon.  “Surprised?”

“Yeah,” she answered.  “What time is it?  Where’s Jason?  When did you get loose?”

“It is almost dinnertime, he is downstairs fixing dinner, and he released me a couple of hours ago, while letting you stew in your own juices, OK?”

“Stew is right!” answered Janice.  “You weren’t kidding…it is so exciting to be left helpless and not know when, or if you will be released.”

“Glad you liked it,” responded Shannon.  “I am happy that Jason let me free you, because I wanted to talk to you alone…just girls.”

“Ok, just girls.”

“Big Brother is going to put the major “smooth guy” seduction on you tonight, leading to a night of passionate sex.”

“I sure hope so!” laughed Jessica.

“Well,” said Shannon, dropping her eyes shyly.  “I was hoping that you might like to be tied up with me, instead.”

“Huh?” she said incredulously, “You want me to give up a night of sex with the man I hope to marry, so that I can spend the night in bondage with you?”

“Yes, and here’s why.” she answered.  “First of all, don’t worry, he already loves you, so getting married is a certain result.  His only concern is if you can deal with the bondage, and get along with the rest of the women in the family.”

“Well, I liked being tied up today.”

“That was kid’s stuff,” Shannon retorted.  “You need to learn to love real bondage, and only another woman can teach you.

“Say for the moment that I understand that,” argued Janice, “Why is it so important that I do it tonight?”

“I am leaving tomorrow to spend a week with my sister and her husband,” she explained, “and it is important that I am with you for your first heavy experience.”

“Why so?”

“Men think they understand about women and bondage, and we let them think so, but in reality they don’t have a clue.” explained Shannon.  What if you have sex tonight and everything is “lovey dovey”, and then tomorrow he puts you in really stringent bondage, and alone, in the middle of the night, you decide that you hate it?”

“I may hate it tonight anyway, so what is the difference?” she shrugged.

“The difference is having me there with you,” answered Shannon.  “Trust me, it makes all the difference having another woman present, even if I can’t actually touch you, or talk to you.”  She smiled at Janice.  “Janice, I really like you, and I want to do everything I can to make sure that you become part of our family.  Trust me on this.”

“Ok,” Janice sighed. “Only…..I was so looking forward to tonight.”

“You should still look forward to it,” said Shannon with a mischievous grin.

While Janice freshened up, Shannon got her a pair of shorts and a halter top to wear, instead of the jogging suit.  The girls went downstairs, and found Jason at the grill.

“Petit filets for the ladies, medium rare?” he asked.  “Perfect!” said the girls in unison.

After dinner the 3 of them lingered over coffee.  It was just getting dark….about 9 “o’clock in the summertime.

“About time to put you to bed, isn’t it Shannon?” he smiled at his sister.

Shannon looked at Janice, and nodded her encouragement.

“Jason?” she said timidly.

“Yes?” he responded, turning toward her.

I…..”she hesitated…..”I would like to be put in bondage with Shannon tonight.”

“Hmmm?” he was clearly surprised by the request.  “Why?”

“It would be…..” she looked at Shannon for support.  “….better.  It would be better if I were tied up tonight.”

“Ah,” he said, comprehending.  “Shannon, this is your doing, isn’t it?”

Shannon nodded, meekly.

“Sis,” he said with a frown of disapproval, “you don’t give me enough credit.  I already care for Janice more that you know, and was planning to guide her down this path very slowly.” 

 He looked at Janice and smiled.  “Actually I had hoped to make love to you tonight, and was going to wait until Shannon got back next week before pushing you into anything too hard.” 

He turned his attention towards Shannon.  His face was stern, and a little sad.  “So….you have meddled….and now I must grant you lady’s your wish for tonight…..and hope Janice is still interested in me tomorrow.”

“Jason, we can still…..”

“No,” he interrupted.  “We can’t…not tonight…not now…..as much as I wanted to.”

Janice began to cry, touched at Jason’s concern for both her, and their budding relationship.  “Jason,” she said, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.  “I love you.”

She smiled bravely.  “It will take more than ropes and gags for me to stop loving you.”

“I hope so,” he responded, “I surely do.”

“Be downstairs in 30 minutes,” he said, standing to leave.

“May we come in?” Shannon asked timidly.

The girls were already naked, four nipples stiff with anticipation. 

“Certainly”, he said.  “Shannon, I have not used this gear since I tied up your sister and your cousin Betsy about 7 years ago.”  The girls looked at two poles mounted close together on a large, heavy steel plate.  There were steel restraints for the ankles towards the bottom of the poles, and long, thick dildos mounted pointing skyward at nearly waist height.  There was a slide mechanism so the dildos could be moved up and down.  Right now they were all the way down.

Jason picked up a coil of rough brown sisal cord.  “Shannon, you’re first.”

Shannon knew from experience that sisal usually meant Japanese Shibari, or one of its derivations.  Without being asked she crossed her arms behind her, and turned her back towards him.

Janice was surprised at the expertise Jason demonstrated as he wove a tight, intricate harness above and below his sister’s breasts, and over her shoulders, and then drew her arms high up on her back.  Her wrists were tightly tied to the rope harness between her shoulder blades, with her fingers fluttering helplessly almost at neck level.  Additional cords circled her torso, trapping her upper arms and elbows in close to her sides, and forcing her hands even high up her back.  Shannon’s shoulders arched backwards, creating a depression in the small of her back where her crossed, tightly bound arms lay.

“Come here, Janice,” he said softly.  Janice complied, and crossed her arms high on her back. 

“Wait,” he said, moving her arms to a less stressful position lower on her back.  “First time, let’s take it easy.”

“No!” she said, turning quickly towards him, her eyes pleading.  “I want you to do to me everything that you do to Shannon,” she begged.  “Same bondage, same tightness, same gag….all of it.”

“Janice,” he said with a sigh, “there is plenty of time for that later…..”

“No,” she interrupted.  “I need to know right now…tonight.”

Reluctantly he nodded, and spun her around.  Janice gasped as the rough cords bit into her flesh.  The harness around her torso was so tight it restricted her breathing.  He began to bind her arms, and almost immediately her shoulders began to ache from the strained position.

After completing Janice’s bondage, he moved Shannon into position on the device.  She spread her feet, until her ankles were locked into the two steel shackles fixed to the central pole.

Janice was next.  She was surprised to see how much movement of her legs the shackles allowed.  Secure, but not uncomfortable….at least not yet.  The two women stood facing one another, less than a foot apart.  They were almost the same height, and if they leaned forward, their breasts would touch, nipple to nipple.  The dildos on the poles were between each girl’s legs, just beneath their pink slits.

“Now for the gag,” said Jason.  “Shannon, we have never used this one before,” he said, moving the black leather mass towards her lips, “let’s see how it fits.  The girl’s gasped in unison.  It was a double gag, two huge leather plugs joined at the center, with two sets of straps.  The girls would be gagged face to face. 


Shannon opened her mouth, and Jason pushed the large leather plug into her mouth until the girl’s teeth seated in a groove at the front of the gag.  “Not big enough,” he muttered to himself.

“Wait here.”  The girls stood, looking into each other’s eyes, feeling each other’s breath....waiting.

Jason was back in a few minutes.  “Look what I found!” Janice’s pink panties were dirty from the prior day, and had been wadded at the bottom of her purse.  He had found a pair of Shannon’s dirty panties in her laundry hamper.

“Open,” he commanded his sister.  Shannon spread her lips, and he carefully pushed the panties deep into her mouth.  Using his fingers he maneuvered the wadding up to the roof of her mouth, down to her tongue, and towards her cheeks, leaving room for the gag in the center.  Quickly he pushed the leather plug into her mouth.  It wedged inside, pushing the panty until it fully packed the girl’s mouth.  Shannon’s teeth seated in the groove, and Jason strapping the gag tight.

Half the gag was now in Shannon’s mouth, the other half protruded from Shannon’s face.

“Your turn,” he smiled at Janice, holding the black panties in front of her face.  Janice recognized them as the pair Shannon had worn the day before…..during 17 hours of constant sexual arousal!  The gusset was caked white with the dried oozing of Shannon’s over stimulated pussy.  “Open!”

Janice wrinkled her nose at the strong smell, but opened her mouth.  Jason pushed the black cloth into her oral cavity, smiling as he pressed the congealed cum directly on Janice’s tongue.  Once the panties were in place, he guided Janice’s head toward the free end of the gag.  The gag slipped between Janice’s lips, and she found herself nose to nose with Shannon as the gag seated itself at the back of her throat.  The girl’s faces were so close together that they had to cant their heads and offset their noses like lovers kissing.  Janice felt Shannon’s breath on her cheek.

Jason buckled the gag, and stood back to admire the vision of two helpless women  together in bondage, their lips so close to a prolonged kiss, but not quite touching.  He walked beside the helpless girls, and began to play with two nipples…Janice’s left and Shannon’s right.  The two pink buds stiffened, and he quickly affixed a double ended clamp, linking the two girl’s breasts.  Quickly he went around the other side, teased the other two nipples into erection, and a clamped them together. 

“OK girls,” he commanded, “let get up on those toes.”  He slapped Shannon sharply on the ass.  With a groan the girl rose up on her toes.  Janice felt a tugging on her nipples, and followed.  Jason knelt, and fed Shannon’s dildo up to the lips of her pussy.  He gently spread the slippery flesh, and allowed the blunt prod to side inside.  He pushed until the dildo bottomed out at Shannon’s cervix, a full nine inches of the thick shaft inside his sister.  Shannon screamed through her gag, and rose higher on her toes.  “Good girl!’ he said, locking the adjustable shaft in place.

Being attached via the gag and nipple clamps caused Janice to rise on her toes also, and Jason quickly inserted her prod equally deep inside her.

The girls were in a pickle.  If they didn’t stay on their toes the dildos would press painfully on the bottom of their vaginas….but there was no way their feet and calves could stand the strain.  They would have to come off their toes to rest, hurt pussy or not.

“One more thing,” informed Jason. “There have been real advances in electronics in the seven years since I last used these devices, and I decided to upgrade my technology a little bit.”

He knelt beside the girls, and pressed a button.

“Oh my God,” thought Shannon with a shudder.  “The damn thing vibrates…..”

“This is really clever,” said Jason.  “They fire up for random lengths of time, at various levels of intensity, and not always both of them at the same time.”

He stood to admire the two girl’s plight, and stood so Janice could see him.  “Remember the saying, 'Be careful what you wish for….'” he said softly.

“Sleep tight” he said, closing the door.

The first thing the girls discovered is that it is not humanly possible to stand on tip-toe endlessly.  As their legs tired, they were forced to let themselves down, as gently as possible, onto the dildos wedged deeply inside their vaginas.  Standing flatfooted hurt too much, the blunt end of the plug jammed against the cervix by their full body weight.  It was not necessary to stand way up on the toes; just about an inch would relieve the pain.  Back and forth from one foot to another would help a little bit……

Of course, being linked at gagged lips and clamped nipples they had to act in consort with one another.  If Janice became tired, and had to lower herself to let her calves rest, then Shannon had to do so as well….she certainly couldn’t support both of them.

Shannon was used to stringent bonds, but Janice wasn’t, and she suffered from the rough, biting cords and the strained, hammerlock position of her arms.  She fluttered her fingers, fighting a losing battle with numbness.

Janice sighed softly, and glanced at Shannon through the corner of her left eye.  She was standing, quiet, stoic against the discomfort.  The room was silent.  The girl's bodies were adapting to their bonds   “Ok,” she thought, “I can handle this…..”

Then the vibrators kicked into life.

At first it was both girls, with a subtle, low intensity buzz and slow arousal.  It felt good, but was distracting.  Here they stood, trying to balance on tiptoe, trying to breathe, trying to avoid tugging painfully at each other’s nipples, and now their insides were turning into quivering jelly.

After about 30 minutes Janice’s vibrations stopped, but Shannon’s continued.  Janice watched her new friend out of the corner of her eye, and listened to her breathing.  The sound of the girl’s vibrator changed to a deep, low frequency drone.  Shannon moaned softly, and began to gasp, air rushing noisily into and out of her nostrils.  Janice could feel the girl’s exhale of air on her cheek. 

There was noting Shannon could do to avoid the impending orgasm.  She gave herself over, mindless, consumed by the pleasure between her legs.  She started to rapidly raise and lower herself on the dildo, adding to the stimulation.  Janice, of course, tethered at gag and nipple, had to follow her lead.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.

Shannon emitted a muffled scream as she climaxed.  She thrashed, and Janice winced as her nipples were tugged painfully by the other girl’s throes of ecstasy. 

Shannon opened her eyes, snorted to clear snot from her nose. She groaned softly as she came off her toes for a rest, dragging Janice down with her.  The dildos pushed against both girls’ cervixes painfully, and they could only rest a minute before they had to rise, at least partially onto their toes again.

“My turn now,” thought Janice to herself, waiting for the vibrator to erupt inside her.  She was wrong.  To Janice’s surprise, it was Shannon’s dildo which spring back to life.  Shannon groaned, and bit down on her gag.  It was too soon.  She was tired.  The orgasm had been too strong, she was too sensitive, and not ready to cum again.

The vibrator didn’t care.

The buzzing was even stronger….almost painful….as her over stimulated sex was forced to respond again.  It took some time.  A long, slow, bittersweet buildup.  Again, Janice was forced to mirror Shannon’s motions, but not share her reward.  Inexorably Shannon built to climax, screamed, and thrashed in her bonds when it crested, then sagged tired and spent as it passed.

Then it was Janice’s turn.

Her vibrator switched itself on, but teased the girl for an hour by varying speed, and switching on and off randomly.  Janice grew frustrated.  She was hurting, and tired, and bored, and envied Shannon her orgasms.  “Get on with it!” she thought to herself.

Instead, like it had a mind of its own, the vibrator switched itself off altogether.  Both girls slumped tiredly.  A woman’s body is an amazing thing, and their vaginas adapted to the deep pressure from the dildos.  What had been excruciatingly painful several hours earlier, was now tolerable. The girls allowed the dildos access to the deepest reaches of their pussies as they settled down flatfooted, and dozed off to sleep.

Later, they were wakened by a surprise.  The shaft holding the two dildos made a ratcheting noise, and rose two inches higher off the floor.  The girls winced, and screamed as their pussies were unable to adapt to this new, deeper assault on their insides.  Groaning, they were forced back up on their toes.

Janice’s dildo buzzed back to life.  This time it was different….a deep, harsh throbbing that shook her entire body. 

She hated it.

Despite herself, Janice’s body responded to the stimulation.  She moaned happily when the pitch changed from the deep throb to a more pleasing buzz, and she was helpless to stop the inevitable.  She gasped, flushed red, and tensed her entire body as the orgasm overtook her.  It was wonderful!

She sighed deeply, and opened her eyes.  For the moment, contented…..but suddenly her body sent her an emergency signal.  Please make the buzzing stop!

The stimulation continued, what was once pleasurable became torture to her hot, sensitive flesh.  “Oh god….” she thought to herself.  She was not ready for another orgasm, did not want one, but got one anyway.  The vibrator continued to buzz mindlessly, and she was helpless to avoid the stimulation.  Over the next hour she had three orgasms, with no respite.  Shannon was spent….she had nothing left to give…….or so she thought.

So it continued throughout the rest of the night.  Maybe one, maybe the other, or maybe both girls at the same time suffering the endless stimulation, and having to endure orgasms that were by now, unwanted.  There would be no rest…….

Sometime later, they heard the door open.  “Morning ladies,” said Jason.  “Sleep well?

Chapter 5

Jason’s teasing inquiry as to their night’s sleep was met by tired, forlorn groans from both girls.

He reached down and turned off the controller for the vibrators, but left the girls impaled and standing on tiptoe while he untied their arms.  Janice was first to be untied, and her arms hung limp at her sides while Jason untied his sister.  He unclipped their nipples, and then eased the gags from their aching jaws.  Shannon licked her dry lips and murmured quiet thanks, but Janice was not as used to being gagged for long periods of time.  Her jaw muscles cramped up, and she was unable to close her mouth.  She stood helpless, shaking her head as drool dribbled over her lower lip, and onto the floor.  Jason and Shannon stood watching as Janice struggled with the rigors on prolonged bondage for the first time. 

Finally her numb fingers fluttered, and she slowly raised her hands to her face, and began to massage her cheeks and jaw.  She whimpered softly as her jaw muscles slowly began to loosen up, and she was able to bring her lips together.  She licked her lips, and wiped the saliva off her chin with the back of her hand, then gave Jason a small, tentative smile. 

“Can I at least have a kiss “Good Morning?”” she asked in a small voice.

Jason returned the smile, and kissed her gently, first on the cheek, then nibbling at her lower lip, then firmly on the mouth.  “Good morning,”

He walked to the door and opened it.  “Follow me,” he ordered.

The girls tried, but their legs were too tired to lift themselves off of the dildos.  They remained standing on tiptoe, whimpering, impaled and helpless despite being otherwise free from bondage.  Jason laughed at their plight, but pushed the release for the ratchet, allowing the bar to drop down, and the dildos to slide wetly from their pussies.

“Oh…..,” they groaned in unison before scampering on aching legs to follow Jason.

The two girls used the bathroom, and then were given a glass of juice and a doughnut before Jason sent them back to bed.

He handed each girl a ballgag, and two pairs of handcuffs.  “See you this afternoon,” he said, and quickly left the room.

“How are you feeling?” asked Shannon, giving Janice a comforting hug.

“Tired, but not too bad, considering,” answered Janice.  “It was an amazing experience…..and it helped so much to have you there with me,” she said, returning the hug.  “Thanks ever so much!”  She gave Shannon a sisterly kiss on the cheek.

“So,” inquired Shannon, “You are OK with the bondage thing?”

“Ummmm……,” answered Janice pensively.  “Yes…..I am,” she continued.  “Being totally helpless, and having all those orgasms……” she smiled in wonderment.

“You know what really turned me on?” she asked.

“No, what?” asked Shannon.

“Sometime in the middle of the night, tired, my arms hurting, gagged, and being fucked by a vibrating dildo, it dawned on me that Jason was sleeping snuggly in his bed.” She shrugged her shoulders, “Doesn’t that sound weird?”

“No,” answered Shannon.  “It sounds like you are a submissive female who is in love.”

The girls giggled, and hugged again.  “Want to sleep together?” asked Shannon. 

“After last night, we might as well!” answered Janice.

Shannon inserted her ballgag deep in her own mouth, and buckled it tightly, then sat on the edge of the bed and cuffed her ankles.  She slid into bed, pulled the covers up to her neck, and quickly cuffed her hands behind her back.  “Ummmp  Oommnn.” She said to Janice impatiently.

Janice smiled, and for the first time she wedged a gag inside her own mouth.  She noted that Shannon had tightened hers to the 4th hole in the gag strap.  Her lips smiled around the ball in her mouth as she tightened her gag to the 5th hole.  Quickly she cuffed her ankles, climbed into bed, and cuffed her wrists.  The girls were lying on their sides, facing each other, and Shannon murmured a muffled, ‘Goookk niihhffft.”  Janice eyes smiled as she mumbled a gagged reply.  They fell asleep in a matter of moments.

Shannon opened her eyes slowly.  There were deep shadows in the room, indicating it was late in the afternoon.  She has slept almost all day.  Janice was still asleep.  Shannon looked at her face, admiring the way her full lips stretched around the ballgag.  “Some mouths are just meant to be gagged,” she thought to herself.  She lay still for a while, but was no longer sleepily, and didn’t feel like lying around until Jason came with the keys to their cuffs.

Mischievously she rolled onto her other side, so that her back was to Janice’s front.  Gently she reached her cuffed hands towards the sleeping girl’s pussy, and began to gently rub her pink slit.  After a few moments it began to open like a flower, glistening with moisture.  Shannon continued to massage the slippery flesh.  Her fingers probed between the lips, and she tweaked the pink clit as it came out of hiding between the folds.

“Mmmmhp?”  Janice awoke with a start.  Was she still dreaming?  No, she was awake, and someone was definitely playing with her pussy!

Janice opened her eyes to find Shannon with her back towards her, and the girl’s hand definitely massaging her clit.

“Mmmmrrrrrppp!” she exclaimed.

Shannon rolled over to face Janice, the corners of her eyes crinkling and her lips smiling around the ballgag.  “Mmmmm?” 

Janice thought for a moment, processing this new data.  She was not a lesbian, but it did feel awfully good, and she really liked Shannon a lot….

“Ummm  Hummmm,” she nodded, laying back, and spreading her legs as wide as the cuffs would allow.

Shannon purred through her gag, and rolled back over so that her cuffed hands could get between Janice’s legs.  Shannon stroked and massaged Janice’s crotch for many minutes, gently, soothingly.  Janice closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensuous movements of the other girl’s hands. 

Suddenly Shannon sat up, “Mmmmffed” emphatically to get Janice’s attention, and then turned her head until she faced away.

“Ummmm??” answered Janice, not knowing what the girl was trying to convey.

Shannon snorted, and dove beneath the covers until the back of her head touched Janice’s cuffed wrists.  She rubbed the strap to her ballgag against Janice’s hands.

Suddenly Janice understood.  Shannon wanted her to unbuckle her gag.  Quickly she tugged at the strap and pulled the buckle free.  Shannon came out from under the sheets, and pushed the ball out between her lips with her tongue.  It plopped wetly on the bed.

“Thanks,” she said with a smile.  She used her cuffed wrists to throw back the covers, leaving Janice naked.  She smiled again at Janice, and then she bent over to gently stick her tongue into her captive friend’s belly button.  Janice giggled through her gag, then lay still as Shannon licked her way up Janice’s stomach to her breasts, then began to nuzzle her nipples.

“Mmmm…..” she crooned happily as Shannon moved from one stiff, pink nipple to the other.

Suddenly the door opened.

Jason stood with a surprised look on face, Shannon sat up, looking guilty, and Janice lie still, her nipples glistening wet with Shannon’s saliva.

“Shannon!” he exclaimed.  “That is MY girlfriend!”  He tried to look angry, but the humor in the situation flashed across his face.  “I guess I will have to keep you gagged all the time,” he said, picking up the ballgag, and jamming it back between his sister’s lips.  “….and with a lock on it, is seems!”  He drew the strap tight, and fed the buckle through the last hole on the strap.  The tight leather bit into the corners of Shannon’s mouth.  He quickly uncuffed his sister’s ankles, but left her wrist locked together.

“Come with me,” he ordered Shannon, taking her firmly by the arm.  “You stay right here!” he said, pointing at Janice.  The gagged girl nodded meekly.

Janice staying in bed, wondering what was happening to Shannon.  It was almost evening. She assumed the girl was being “put to bed” and would remain in stringent bondage until tomorrow morning.  The exact nature of that bondage, its harshness, and duration was dependent on Jason’s whim.  Janice shivered at the thought.  “What is in store for me?” she wondered.

He returned in half an hour, and released her from her cuffs and gag without further ado. “Shower, do your hair and makeup, and come to my office, naked,” he ordered.

An hour later he heard a timid tapping on the doorsill to his office.  “Jason?” she asked timidly.  “May I come in?”

“Sure,” he said, turning his desk chair in her direction and standing.  Janice blushed and her nipples stiffened as she stood naked before him.  He looked at her for what seems like a long time. “You are really beautiful,” he said softly. 

He went to the closet, and took out a garment bag covered hanger, and several smaller bags.  “Your clothes and underwear are kind of dirty,” he said, “so I took the liberty of buying you these while you were sleeping.”

He slipped the bag off the hanger, and Janice gasps when she saw the dress.  It was beautiful!  It was a medium blue in color, with thin straps, a fitted bodice over an empire waist, and a full, swingy skirt.  She noticed the very expensive designer label.  “I also have underwear, stockings, shoes…..and some jewelry for you to wear,” he explained.  “Go ahead and get dressed, and join me in the den for a drink.”

The shoes were strappy sandals with three inch heels in a color that matched the dress.  The bra, garter belt and hose came from Victoria’s secret.  “No panties?” she wondered. The necklace and bracelet were expensive, and complemented the dress nicely. 

Janice gasped when she opened the last bag.  She recognized the stainless steel and rubber garment as she pulled it from the bag….a chastity belt!

Wondering to herself what sort of games he might be planning for later on, Janice drew the two inch wide steel band around her waist.  It was cold!  It was also tight, and she had to suck in her tummy to get the sturdy pin to match the hole in the other end.  She reached between her legs, and drew the crotch up to the waistband.  It also had a hole, and fitted over the same pin.  The steel and rubber crotch was wide across her mound, and then tapered where two thin chains joined it to the back of the waistband.  It was tight enough that she could not stick a finger under it, and wide enough that her entire pudenda was shielded.  There was a small flat lock which fitted a hole in the end of the pin.    She hesitated a moment, then “click”.  She was locked up until Jason decided to unlock her.  She shivered at the thrill this thought caused!

Quickly she donned the lingerie, stepped into the dress, and buckled the sandals.  She looked at herself in the mirror, now understanding the reason for a loose fitted waist on the dress!

He stood to greet her when she entered his study.  “You look wonderful,” she said.  “Thank you, sir,” she said with a wry smile.

Dinner was wonderful! 

They lingered at the table with a final drink.  Janice thought back over all that had happened since their first dinner together.  Only two days!  In two days she had experienced stringent bondage, a vibrator up her pussy all night long, a woman sucking on her nipples, and a year’s worth of orgasms.  Now she sat with the man she had fallen in love with, in a wonderful, romantic restaurant, wearing the most expensive dress she had ever worn, without panties, wearing a chastity belt.

And Jason had not fucked her yet!

Janice’s excitement grew in anticipation of the night ahead of them.  Would he tie her down?  Is he well endowed? Would he be forceful or gentle?  She felt the cool breeze waft across her steel encased sex.  She could feel her vaginal lips begin to open, and dampness under the unyielding steel.  Her nipples pressed against the wispy lace bra cups. She hoped that nobody in the restaurant could smell her arousal.

“Let’s go.”

Eagerly she got to her feet, and he took her by the hand.  Once outside the restaurant the valet had brought up his car, which was waiting behind a taxi.  To her surprise, Jason walked to the taxi and opened the door.  He pulled Janice tight against his chest, and gave her a deep, sexy kiss. 

“I’ll come for you at 7:00 next Saturday night,” he said, kissing her again.

He helped the stunned girl into the cab.  “Have a good week,” he said, closing her door.






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