Janice's Discovery

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2007 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X


Chapter 1

Janice could not remember when she had a better time!

Experience had proven that dating at age 30 could be a fruitless proposition judging from the stream of losers, Momma’s boys and “God’s gift to Women” that she had gone out with over the last couple of years.

Jason was different.  He was handsome, well dressed, drove a nice car, and most importantly, treated her with attention, courtesy and respect.  They had drinks at a classy piano bar overlooking the harbor, then dinner at an expensive French restaurant.  During dinner he was charming, humorous, and interested in her and her life.  His warm brown eyes regarded her appreciatively without leering, and she felt pretty under his admiring gaze, and flattered by his interest.

When he invited her over for a nightcap, she unhesitatingly agreed.

Jason steered his Jaguar into the gated community, and was waived through by the guard.  Janice’s eyed widened with awe at the neighborhood’s large, beautifully landscaped homes.  It was a warm night, and he parked in the circular driveway.  After opening her door, he took lead her by the hand to the front door, opened it, and stepped back allowing her to enter first.

Janice asked to power her nose, and he directed her to the bathroom and fixed the two of them drinks.  Janice used the facilities, fixed her makeup, wiped her sweaty palms, took a deep breath, and returned to the living room.

Only then did he happen to glance at the statue standing in a nook between the foyer and the living room.  Surprised at the bazaar apparition, she stopped to look more closely.  Janice almost jumped out of her skin when it moved, shifting its weight slightly and emitted a soft muffled whimper.  It was not a statue, it was a live woman!

“Jason!” Janice exclaimed, turning away from the strange vision and running back into the living room.

“Yes?” he asked, handing her a drink.

Uncharacteristically Janice took the drink with shaking hands, and tossed it down in three big gulps.  “Who?” she asked urgently.  “Who is that?  What is going on?”

“Oh,” he laughed.  “You must have seen Shannon.  She is my little sister.

“Well,” Janice sputtered, “what is going on?  What did you do to her?”  She looked around, spooked as if someone was going to sneak up on her.

“Please…relax,” he said, reaching for her glass.  “Let me fix you another drink.”

Janice looked into those soulful brown eyes, and he smiled slightly.  “Trust me.”

The woman closed her eyes, and for a moment her knees became weak.  She opened them, and nodded, “Ok.”

“Excellent,” she smiled.  “I am glad you decided to stay.”

Janice accepted the drink, and he led her to an overstuffed leather chair near a big picture window.  He said across from her on a sofa.

“Janice,” he began, it seems that my family bloodline carries a genetic, or congenital predisposition for all its women to crave being under constant physical control and the most stringent of bondage.”

She frowned skeptically, and put down her drink.  “Jason, I think I better go.”

“No, please,” he asked softly. “Please stay…at least until I can explain.”

She took a deep breath, and exhaled softly.  “Ok.”

“As far as we know, it started with my great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family during Victorian times.  She insisted on the tightest of corsets, extreme heels, and bondage.  She was sent to the most severe boarding school for young ladies in Europe, and thrived under the discipline.  After marrying a German count he had two daughters, who were bondage compulsives, including of course, my grandmother.  I can remember family dinners as a boy….Granny would serve while chained and gagged, then be tied to a chair in her bedroom while everyone else socialized.  At puberty it hit my mother.  Fortunately she had 4 brothers, so it was never a problem finding someone to tie her up.  She was lucky to find an understanding man to marry, and ultimately gave birth to my older sister, myself, and my little sister Shannon.  My older sister Grace married a policeman, and she spends her days cuffed and chained in a cell he built in their basement.  My little sister is 25, and until she marries I must tend to her whims.”

“So….you tied her up out in the open so that I would see her?” Janice asked.  “Why?”

“No,” he answered.  “I had no plans to bring you here tonight, but after we had such a nice time together, I thought, well…why not?

“How about you?” Janice asked.  “Are all the men correspondingly dominant in your family?”

“No,” he answered.  “The gene appears to be recessive, requiring two Y chromosomes to manifest itself.”  He smiled, “I guess that makes me a carrier.”

So if you marry a normal woman, and have girls, they will theoretically have the “bondage” gene.

“Yes,” he answered.  “All of Mom’s brothers had daughters, and each of the girls began to crave bondage at puberty. 

Jason moved over beside Janice, and took her hand.  “Of course it helps if the women that we carrier men marry are…..inclined….to participate.  The culture of the family almost demands it.”

“So you intend to keep the woman you marry in bondage?” 

“I am afraid so,” he said with a shrug of the shoulders.  ‘She would feel a little awkward at family gathers otherwise, don’t you think?”

“You mean, awkward like I feel at this very moment?” answered Janice with a nervous laugh.

 “Another thing…..bondage is at the center of all these women’s sex drive.  Being helplessly controlled keeps them all sexually aroused.”  He smiled.  “Kind of a weird thought, isn’t it?  Picturing your Mom and aunts and sisters all bound, and all with wet panties at Thanksgiving dinner?”

“You mean…they walk around having orgasms?”

“Normally they stay aroused, but pre-orgasmic, but if they are wearing a crotch rope, or dildo, or vibrator….yes, they will orgasm repeatedly.”  Jason laughed.  “As a boy, before I know what was going on, their behavior did seem a little odd to me, plus when a number of females were gathered together, there was an odor, or tang in the air…..”

“So these women need bondage to enjoy sex.”

“Absolutely,” he answered.  “Without bondage there is no interest, no arousal, no orgasms, nothing.

“Well,” she said with a nervous laugh, “this is all very interesting, but I think that I had better leave.”

Jason stood, and pulled gently at Janice’s hand.  “Please, at least meet Shannon, and then you can go home if you wish.”  Again, she felt drawn in by the expressive brown eyes.

She allowed him to lead her by the hand into the foyer.

“As I told you earlier, all women in our family have an intense need to be controlled and kept in stringent bondage, but each also has a particular “hot button.”

 “Like?” she asked.

“Well, remember how I said my great grandmother loved corsets and restrictive clothing while bound?  And how my Aunt likes cuffs, chains and shackles?”

“Uh huh.”

My Mom liked sensory deprivation.  Her sister loved the feel of tight, biting cords.”

“And your sister?” Janice asked softly.

“See for yourself.” he answered.

Shannon stood in alcove, just as Janice had seen her 15 minutes earlier.  She was a tall girl, made even taller by stiletto pumps with 5 inch heels.  She wore a short, flirty miniskirt, and her shapely legs were tightly bound by black leather straps at the ankles, knees and thighs.  The girl had a great figure, with large breasts, a slim waist, flaring hips and a firm, round butt.  Her arms were bound behind her back with leather straps until her shoulders were pulled back and her elbows touched, which made her wonderful breasts all the more prominent.  She wore a tight, pink spandex top, and Janice guessed that her rigorously stiff posture and impossibly small waist was caused by a severe corset of some sort.  The girls black hair was gathered into a high ponytail to keep it out of the way, and tied with a pink ribbon.  There was a leather collar locked around her neck, and a short chain tethered her to a ring imbedded in the wall.  It was so short that she couldn’t walk away, bend, kneel or sit…all she could do was stand there until released.  Janice wondered how long she had been standing.  High heels began to hurt her legs and feet in only a few minutes, and this girl had probably been standing for hours!

All Janice could see of Shannon’s face were her eyes.  They were the same limpid brown as her brothers, but rather than sparkling with good humor as his did, hers were pained, and had a disquieting dull, vacant stare.  The rest of the girl’s face was covered in tightly applied silver duct tape.  It was wound around her lower face from just under her nose, down to her jaw.  More tape was wound vertically under her jaw, up past her ears, and over the top of her head. 

Something did not look right to Janice, and then it came to her…the proportions were all off.  The distance from Shannon’s nose to her chin was way too far…impossibly so.  Her jaw must be distended to the limits of human capacity, and maybe beyond, thought Janice.

“Her mouth is gagged, and that is what is keeping her jaws open so wide?” asked Janice.

“Yes,” said the girl’s brother.  “Shannon insists on the severest of gags.  Even the other women in the family….and believe me, they are all used to being gagged…..marvel at how Shannon is able to handle being gagged like this for hours at an end.”

“She is able to breath through her nose?” asked Janice.

“Well”, answered Jason, “the gag itself is completely airtight, so what air she gets must go through her nose.”  He motioned Janice to come closer, and held her ear near to Shannon’s nostrils.  “Listen.”

Air was barely moving in and out of the girl’s nose, and Janice could hear a faint, wet, labored bubbling gasp.

“Shannon’s gag is so big, and applied so tightly that it presses on the back of her throat and almost obstructs her airway.  She must constantly struggle to clear mucus from her throat to keep from choking.”

“She likes this?” asked Janice with wide eyes.

“Yes,” he answered.  “She was engaged two years ago, but her fiancé wouldn’t gag her tightly enough, so she broke off the relationship, and moved back in with me.  I will have to keep her occupied and happy until she finds “Mr. Right”.

“Incredible.” said Janice.

“Would you like to un-gag her?” Jason asked.


“Sure.  She has been gagged since 7 this morning,” he said looking at his watch, “and it is now midnight, so that is about 17 hours.”

“Is that a long time for her?” she asked.

“Oh, about average.”

“So she will not be gagged again for a while?”

“No,” he answered.  “She will probably want to chat with you a bit, then, be gagged again for the night.”

“She sleeps gagged?”

“Uh huh,” he responded.  “Every night…unless she is being punished, in which case I don’t let her go to bed gagged.”  He smiled at Janice.  “She hates that.”

“Jason,” said Janice with a confused sigh.  “I feel like Alice after she fell down the well.”

“I’ll bet,” he laughed.  “Just remember, these are lovely women, and terrific people…with only one little quirk, which is inherited, and which they have no control over.”

He turned his attention to his sister.  “Shannon?” said Jason.

The bound girl blinked away the vacant stare as her eyes focused on her brother.  The strained, teary expression remained.

“Shannon, this is my friend Janice,” he explained.  “She is looking forward to meeting you.”

Shannon’s eyes flicked over to Janice, and back to her brother.  She nodded slightly and a slight murmur escaped through the tape covering her face.

Jason handed Janice a pair of medical scissors.  “You better cut the tape off,” he advised.  “It would take forever to unwrap it.”

Janice nodded and gingerly slipped the rounded tip of the scissors under the tape in front of Shannon’s ear.  She carefully snipped the wrappings around the girl’s mouth, then snipped the tape under her chin.  Shannon made a soft moan as the pressure forcing her jaws closed against the gag was released and her jaw opened even wider. 

“What is so difficult about being gagged like this is simple physics,” Jason explained.  “Opposing pressures all competing for the same space. The gag is forcing her mouth opened, while the tape winding across her face is pushing it deeper into her mouth, and the tape winding under her jaw is trying to force her mouth closed…and her mouth is only so big.”

Janice began peeling the tape off of the girl’s face.  She discovered that the first layer was less a less sticky medical tape, covered by layer upon layer of the super sticky and tightly applied duct tape.

“If we put duct tape against her skin and left it there for hours, it would adhere so tightly it would actually tear her skin when it was removed…plus we would never get it out of her hair,” Jason explained.

Janice was able to peel the tape away from Shannon’s mouth, exposing the gag underneath.  She let out an involuntary gasp.

Shannon’s lips were stretched around a huge, red ball.  It was fastened so tightly that the straps dug into the corner of her mouth, pulling her lips away from her teeth in a stressful grimace.  Her cheeks were creased from the pressure of the tape, and her lips were dry and blue in color from the pressure. 


“Relax,” he said softly.  “She is fine…keep going.”

Janice unbuckled the gag, and tugged gently.  Shannon’s head followed the pull until she snubbed against the chain tethering her to the wall.  Janice pulled harder, but the ball was wedged too tightly in the girl’s mouth, and she was not able to pull it free from behind Shannon’s teeth.  Shannon grimaced and grunted softly.

“Her mouth is larger that the distance between her teeth,” explained Jason, “so the ball has expanded to its full size.  It need to be compressed a bit to come free.”

“How do I do that?” asked Janice.

“Pull down sharply to compress it and then try to roll the ball over her lower teeth.” Jason advised. 

Janice took the gag straps firmly in each hand and took a deep breath.  She bend her knees, using her weight to help pull.  Shannon winced and whimpered as Janice simultaneously pulled down while rolling the ball over the girl’s lower teeth.  With a wet pop the huge ball came free of her upper teeth, and out of her mouth.

Shannon was unable to close her jaw after so many hours of strain on the muscles and ligaments, and her lips and tongue were numb.  Saliva had pooled in her mouth, and now it drooled down her chin.  The corners of her mouth had angry red grooves from the tight gag straps.

“When will she be able to talk?” Janice asked.

“Well, certainly not while she is still gagged,” he answered.  “You are not quite finished.

Janice’s eyes widened with astonishment as she looking onto Shannon’s gaping mouth.  Way in the back she saw a flash of white cloth.

“Yes,” Jason confirmed.  “There is packing behind the ballgag.”

Gingerly Janice stuck her index finger and thumb deep into Shannon’s mouth.  She grasped the wadding firmly and gave a gentle tug.


The packing had stuck to Shannon’s soft pallet, and the gentle tug had triggered a tickle in her throat that made Shannon try to retch out the gag.  The girl’s eyes started to water, and a stream of snot dripped out of her nose.

“Sorry,” said Janice to the girl, while giving the cloth a firmer pull.

“Unnnnkkk…..hhhhnnnnn.” exclaimed Shannon as Janice pulled the soggy wadding from the back of her throat.  The tightly compressed wad glistened wetly with Shannon’s saliva, and had molded itself to the girl’s mouth and throat….it even showed the bite marks of her rear molars.

Janice dropped the yucky cloth onto the floor, and wiped her wet fingers on the skirt of her dress.  She watched in fascination as Shannon coped with the lingering rigors of the gag.  The girl continued to sputter and gag for several minutes as the tickle continued to bedevil her.  Finally her tongue was able to transfer some drool that had accumulated from the ballgag back to the dry roof of her mouth where the wadding had been stuck.

She coughed a few times, and began to exercise her jaw.  A pink tongue gingerly licked lips that were cracked and dry from being stretched around the ball and compressed by the tape.  The girl blinked several times, moved her jaw up and down and side to side, and cleared her throat.

“Nice to meet you,” she croaked in a dry voice.  The strain in her eyes had been replaced by sincere warmth, and she smiled at Janice.


Chapter 2

“Janice,” suggested Jason, “why don’t you help Shannon out of her bonds.  It will give you a chance to get acquainted.”

Janice nodded her understanding, and Jason left for the bar to prepare drinks for the three of them.

As Janice began to unclip the chain tethering Shannon to the wall, the girl’s eyes met.

“You actually enjoyed standing here bound and gagged since this morning?” asked Janice.

Shannon just smiled and turned to allow Janice to un-strap her arms.  “Yes.” she answered simply.

Janice knelt to un-strap the girl’s legs.  With her head at crotch level, she sniffed a very familiar smell.  “Damn,” she said.  “You are aroused by this.”

Shannon giggled girlishly, and in one quick motion she pulled down her panties, and raised her little skirt.  “You don’t know the half of it!”

Janice was suddenly eye to eye with a shaved, pink, swollen and very slippery pussy!

“I am so horny, I can hardly stand it!” she groaned in frustration.  “If only Jason were not my brother……” the aroused girl sighed. 

She looked down at Janice.  “You’re not a lesbian by chance, are you?”  She giggled at Janice’s surprised expression, and pulled up her panties.  “Just kidding,” she laughed as they walked toward the living room. “I don’t know about you, but I could use a potty and a drink…in that order!”

Janice was fascinated by Shannon’s nonchalance over 17 hours in stringent bondage.  After they were seated and served drinks there were questions she was busting to ask.

“So,” began Janice, “other than the sexual arousal, what’s the attraction to bondage?  What do you feel?  Did your feet hurt?  How about your arms?  Aren’t you afraid of choking? What do you think about to pass the time?”

“My!” answered Shannon, “So many questions!”  She looked across at Jason. “She seems interested, big Brother.” He raised an eyebrow, glanced at Janice, and smiled.

“Well,” she began, “the P.C. police hate this answer, but I believe that women are hardwired wanting to be mastered.  My genetic predisposition makes that desire even stronger. I love being controlled and made totally helpless….” 

“But doesn’t it hurt?” Janice responded.  “Do you like being hurt?

“Not exactly hurt,” she answered.   “I am not a masochist, and pain without restraint does nothing for me.  “Today was not painful, it was….bothersome….uncomfortable…..and became more so as time passed.”  She smiled at Janice, “But I couldn’t do anything about it….even when I wanted it to stop, and believe me, after a while I did… .I was helpless.  I had to endure until Jason chose to release me.  I had no say in the matter at all.”

“And you like that?” probed Janice.

“I loved it!” responded Shannon.   “Of course I would have loved it even more if it were a lover who had bound me, rather than my big Brother!”  Shannon’s eyes took on a dreamy look.  “There is nothing better that being bound and gagged by a lover’s hand, and having to submit to his control for as long as he chooses.  Shannon closed her eyes, and shivered at the very thought!

“How about that awful gag?”

“That’s the best part, at least for me,” answered Shannon.  “It is the ultimate helpless feeling….unable to speak, the pressure, struggling just to breathe…..”  She fell silent, and dropped her eyes, then looked up at Janice.  “You must think I am a weirdo,” she said softly.

Janice chuckled softly.  “The thought did cross my mind,” she said, “but I agree that women have an innate inclination to be submissive to men…..you have just taken it to….shall we say…..to another level.”  A pensive look crossed Janice’s face.  “I wonder how the inherited gene created the urge to be controlled so strongly in the women of your family, or do all women actually have the urge, and it just needs to be triggered somehow?

“Perhaps we will have the chance to explore that idea further,” Jason said, then joked “but now it is time to put Shannon to bed…..after all, she has been on her feet all day.” 

He turned to Janice.  “Do you want to help me with her, and then I will take you home?”  Janice’s chest fluttered with her excitement.  She looked over at Shannon, who nodded her approval of the idea.  “I’d love to…..”

“OK then,” Jason asked, “I need your opinion.”

“On what?”

“Well, Shannon has two beds.” He explained.  “One is a large, soft comfortable bed in her bedroom upstairs, while the other is a hard uncomfortable cot in the basement.  I have turned a storage room into kind of a cell for her.”  He took her hand, helping her to stand.  “Where do you think we should put Shannon to bed for the night?”

Janice’s eyes opened wide, and she took a deep breath.  “Um,” She hesitated, looking at Shannon.  “The cot?”

Shannon smiled, enjoying Janice’s reaction.  It was all so new to her!

Jason took Janice’s hand while leaded her down to the basement, with Shannon following close behind.

More than half the basement was finished….a lavish media room, an exercise room and a spacious guest suite.  Jason went through a door into the unfinished portion.  There was the furnace room, several storage rooms, and a locked door with a small window.  Jason unlocked the door, flipped the light switch and stood back, allowing the two women to enter.

Janice looked around.  The room was, indeed, a cell.  The bed was a rusty old army cot with a thin, hard mattress.  It was bare…no pillow, sheets, or blanket.  The walls were cinderblock, and the floor was concrete.  Besides the bed there was a chemical toilet…the kind used on small boats, and two metal lockers.

“Your clothes, Shannon.” Said Jason quietly.

Shannon stepped out of the high heels, and quickly unbuttoned the little skirt, and pulled down her panties.  She peeled off the pink lycra top, standing before them in only her bra and the tight corset that she wore.  The girl reached behind her back, and unfastened the bra, allowing it to slide down her arms, and join the other garments on the floor.  Janice gazed in admiration at the girl’s breasts….large, soft, and high on her chest.  The nipples were pink and erect.

“Janice,” Jason asked, “have you even unfastened a real corset?”

“No,” she stammered, “No, I haven’t.

“Well, time to learn.” He replied.  “Why don’t you help Shannon?”

The laces had been pulled tight, with the ends circling Shannon’s waist and tied in a bow.  Janice hesitantly pulled the bow open, and unwrapped the laces from around her waist.  The release of tension allowed the corset to open slightly at the back.  Shannon turned around, and Janice quickly got the hand of loosening the laces from the middle up and down until the corset was loose enough to unfasten the busk in the front.  When it fell free Shannon took a deep, satisfying breath and scratched her ribs contentedly.  “Mmmmmmm….” she purred softly.

“Do you know what a discipline hood is, Janice?” he asked, opening one of the lockers.


“Here, have a look.”  He took a black object out of the locker and handed it to the girl.  Janice saw the hint of a frown flicker across Shannon’s face.  It was made of supple, shiny black leather cut and sewn to conform to a human face.  There were no eye openings at all, two small grommeted openings under the bulge of the nose, and an oval hole for the mouth.  The hood had heavy laces from the top of the skull down to the neck.  There was an iron ring sewn at the top of the head…an obvious point of attachment.  The inside of the hood was a second layer of even softer leather, with padding between the inner and outer layer.  There were larger pads sewn on the inside which obviously covered the wearer’s ears, and additional pads for the eyes.

“Shannon, turn around.” he ordered.  “Janice,” he said more softly, “Why don’t you try lacing it on her?”

“Her ponytail?” asked Janice.

“Very observant,” he said.  “Some hoods have openings for hair, but this one doesn’t.  “Shannon, let your hair down.”

Shannon reached up and quickly unfastened the ponytail, then shook her head until her hair fell freely around her shoulders.  Janice looked at Jason, and he nodded for her to begin.  Janice opened the laces as far as they would go, then spread the hood and gently tugged it over Shannon’s head.  She was careful to get the nose holes and mouth opening in the right places, as well as the ear and eye pads.  She pulled the hood snug, and then began with the laces, starting at the top, taking up slack as she went.  Finally she reached the last pair of eyelets at neck, pulled, and tied off a bow.  She turned to Jason, seeking his approval.

“Tighter,” he encouraged.  “There is an inch of gap between the sides, and they should be completely closed.

“Really?” she said, looking at how the supple hood conformed itself the Shannon’s features.

Jason nodded, and Janice untied the bow, and moved back to the top of the hood.  Using all the strength in her fingers she moved down the hood, tightening the laces, smoothing the leather all the way to the bottom.  There was still a quarter inch of gap.  She turned to Jason.  “These really will come together?” she asked.  Jason nodded.

Again the girl worked the laces from top to bottom, until all the slack was removed, and the sides of the hood butted tightly together.  “Good job!” he praised, “Now the gag.”

Again he went to the locker, and removed three gags.  “Which one?” he inquired of her.

Janice didn’t know that such things existed.  One gag was a huge leather covered plug, with a foam padded leather pad that covered the mouth area, and heavy straps for bucking at the nape of the neck. 

The second was a replica of a huge penis, complete with bulging veins and an engorged glans.  It also had a pad to cover the mouth, and straps.

 The third gag had a the same sort of leather pad and straps, but there was a small black rubber balloon where the gag was supposed to be, and a rubber bulb was attached at the front by six inches of rubber tubing with a metal fitting.  She looked at Jason, inquiringly.

‘Squeeze the bulb a couple of times,” he encourage.  Janice did as instructed.  “Golly,” she exclaimed, as she continued to squeeze.  “How big does this thing get?

“As big as it needs to, I can assure you,” he answered with a laugh.  “It fills every nook and cranny of the wearer’s mouth, and then the pressure starts to build,” he explained.  Once the entire oral cavity full, and it is nice and tight, if you continue to squeeze the gag wants to continue expanding down the throat,” he said.  “That would be a good place to stop.”

“I would imagine!” answered Janice.  “Let’s use this one.”

Shannon groaned softly.

Janice carefully fed the limp rubber bladder though the mouth hole of the hood, and into Shannon’s mouth.  She threaded the buckle, pushed the pad firmly against Shannon’s leather covered mouth, and tugged the strap.  Once tight, she fastened the buckle. 

“OK?” she asked.

Jason stuck his finger through the strap on Shannon’s cheek, judging the tightness.  “Perhaps one hole tighter,” he advised.

Janice unbuckled the strap, and tugged the end until the next hole was within reach.  Shannon whimpered as Janice found the hole, and fastened the buckle.

“Now I pump?” she asked, turning towards Jason.  He nodded.

Janice had no idea how many squeezes it might take, so she decided to squeeze until she got some reaction from the wearer.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Now she could feel the pressure.

Squeeze, squeeze.




“Let just a little bit out,” advised Jason.

Janice opened the valve slightly, and listened to the “psssssss” as air escaped.

“Now one squeeze…slowly….”

Janice gave the pump as slow half squeeze, and stopped at the first sign of discomfort inside the hood.


“Perfect!” encouraged Jason.  “Now unscrew the hose from the gag.”

Shannon’s head was an ebony statue of stretched leather.  The gag had forced her mouth open and her jaw to distend, making the tightly stretched leather of the hood even tighter.

“Now for the posture collar," said Jason, handing her more black leather.

“Posture collar,” thought Jessica to herself.  “Whoever dreamed all this stuff up?”

Unlike the supple hood, the collar was stiff with layers of hard leather, with modest padding on the inside.  There was a little shelf in front jutting out at an upward angle, and two heavy straps.

Janice unbuckled the straps, pried the collar open, and clasped it around Shannon’s neck, overlapping the hood.  The little shelf served to lift Shannon’s chin, keeping her neck stiff and head erect.  Of course the gag pushing down on her jaw, and the collar trying to lift her chin became opposing forces competing for available space….resulting in additional pressure on the wearer.

“Lie down Shannon,” said Jason, raising his voice so that his sister could hear him through the padding over her ears.  The hooded, naked girl complied.

Jason reached back into the locker, and pulled out four leather cuffs.  He handed the two smaller ones to Janice.  “Cuff her wrists,” he asked, “buckled to the second to last hole.  Janice hurried to her task, and he quickly buckled the larger cuffs to her ankles.  He handed her two short lengths of chain and two locks.  “There are rings welded at the corners of the cot,” he explained.  Make a loop through the ring on each cuff and the rings on the cot, and lock them off.

Janice knelt on the bed and guided Shannon’s arm into position, threaded the chain, and snapped the lock shut.  Quickly she did the other arm as well.

“Ok,” said Jason.  “Now to stretch the old girl out.”  He lifted his sister’s feet off the mattress, and tugged until her arms drew taut and her torso had shifted six inches down toward the foot of the cot.  He then took a longer piece of chain and two locks, locking one on her left ankle cuff.  He threaded the free end of the chain through the ring on the left corner of the bed, and pulled until the captive foot could move no closer.  He locked the chain to the ring, and repeated the operation with the other leg.

Shannon lie in a taut X on the bed, her breasts stretched across her rib cage and her belly pulled tight until her hipbones made hills in her flesh.

“Ok,” said Jason to Janice, handing her another length of chain and a lock.  “Now do her head.”  Janice fed the chain through the ring sewn into the hood, and around a ring welded to the bed frame.  Once the lock was fastened, Shannon’s head was held immobile.

“That’s all, isn’t it?” asked Janice.

“Well, maybe one more thing,” responded Jason.

“Shannon was a good girl today, so let’s let her have a little fun.”  Jason handed her a shiny metal cylinder.  Janice was surprised at how heavy it was.  “Solid steel,” he explained.  “It weighs seven pounds, and I assure you she will know it is there every minute it is inside her”

Janice blushed as she looked at the object.  She was not used to discussing inserting large metal objects inside other women with a man…especially one who interested her as much as this one did.

“You want me to…….”

“Yes,” he answered before she finished her sentence.  “She is already well lubricated, I would guess, so just slip it inside her.”

Another new experience….Janice had never put a dildo inside another woman’s pussy.  Gently she rubbed the blunt end over the pink lips, and slowly pushed with a gentle, twisting motion.

“Mmmmmmmm…..”  A soft moan escaped the hooded captive as nine inches and seven pounds slipped into her tender sheath.  The devise had two rubber tipped spring clips at the back end, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were supposed to be attached to.  Janice opened one clip, gingerly took a swollen labium between thumb and forefinger, and released the clip gently.  The captive twitched in her bonds, and a soft whimper escaped the hood.  Janice fixed the other clip, and stood back.

Shannon lay on the hard cot, stretched taut, writhing from the excitement caused by the bondage and the heavy plug inside her.  Her nipples were deep red, and erect.

“She looks great, doesn’t she?” asked Jason.

“Yes, she does,” nodded Janice, almost envious of the helpless girl.  “Some man is really going to be lucky some day.”

“Yeah,” he answered, “Very lucky.”

He took Janice’s hand and led her to the door. He turned out the lights, and closed and locked the heavy door.

“Who knows?” he said, looking at Janice with his liquid brown eyes.  “Perhaps I will be just as lucky?”

Janice blushed, and dropped her eyes demurely.

The two of them went back up stairs, hand in hand.

Chapter 3

Jason yawned.  “Its 2:45 in the morning,” he said to Janice, “I’ll be happy to take you home, or alternatively, you are welcome to spend the night.  We have plenty of space, I can get you one of Shannon’s nightgowns, or a sleep shirt if you wish, and we even have a new toothbrush.”  He smiled, and the expressive eyes drew her inward.

“Jason…I……” she hesitated.

“Don’t worry,” he said soothingly, “Nothing is going to happen, and I am not rushing you,” he continued.  “I had a great time tonight, and I really like you a lot….I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t”

“I know, but….”

“Let me finish,” he interrupted.  “Sleep, then we can have breakfast, and I will take you home…..that’s it……..”

He took her hand.

“……but…..I will call you again…..”  Jason smiled.  “…and if you say no, well, we had a great time for one evening…..and if you say yes…..certain issues are unavoidable.”

“Yes they are,” she replied, “and I’m too tired to think about them now.”  She smiled, “I think staying the night is a great idea!”

Janice woke with sunlight steaming through the window.  She stretched, and looked at the alarm clock…..11:30.  The bedroom was a vision out of a girl’s dream.  There was a huge fluffy bed which she had enjoyed immensely, beautiful furnishings, a marble bathroom with a walk in shower, and a closet full of soft towels and every grooming product on the market.  After the shower, she dried her hair and brushed it into an easy ponytail, and applied her makeup.  Before bed, Jason had brought her one of Shannon’s designer jogging outfits.  She looked at yesterday’s dirty underwear, and decided to stuff them into her purse, and pulled the jogging suit on over her naked body.  She slipped on her sandals, and opened the door.

The house was quiet.  Jason was still asleep.  She went to the kitchen, exploring the fridge for something to eat.  She settled on an apple, and munched as she opened the back door, and went onto the deck.  There was a large pool, and the landscaping in the back yard was every bit as nice as the front.  Going back inside, she explored the rooms on the main level that she had not visited the night before.  She sat down in the great room for awhile, and leafed through a couple of magazines.  Thirty minutes passed, and Jason was still not up.  Janice resumed her explorations of the house, and found herself in the basement standing in front of the heavy door to Shannon’s cell.  “Maybe just a peak,” she said to herself.

Gingerly she slid open the bolt, and turned the handle.  Quietly, she entered the room.  Shannon lay as they had left her, motionless other than the gentle rise and fall of her chest.  Her breath passed softly through the nose holes of the hood as the girl breathed in and out.  Her nipples were soft, and the secretions that had seeped out of her pussy around the dildo had dried into a white crust between her legs.  She was asleep.

Janice stood quietly, looking at the helpless girl.  “What must it feel like to be bound and gagged for hours and hours?” she wondered to herself.

As she stood there, Shannon’s breathing changed, and the girl stretched against her bonds and murmured softly.  She had awakened.  Janice continued to stand quietly, Shannon having no idea that she was there.

Shannon’s fingers and toes fluttered, she wiggled, and rolled her hips.  A soft moan escaped from her gagged lips under the hood. Slowly she began to writhe.  Her breathing became noisier, and her chest rose and fell more rapidly.  The nipples on her tightly stretched breasts began to stiffen.  “

“My God,” thought Janice to herself, “the girl is getting turned on again!”  She continued to watch in amazement.   Over the next ten minutes Shannon’s clitoris turned from pink to red, the swollen lips surrounding the dildo began to ooze.

Time stood still as Janice watched the spectacle before her.  The bound girl’s strained to the limits of her bonds, stomach muscles tense, nipples erect, toes curled, breath whistling in and out of the nose holes in the hood.

“Mmmm…..mmmm……mmmmm…..hnnnhh…..hhhhhnnn…..Mmmmrrrrrggghhhhh!” the captive girl moaned as she came.

A telltale red flushed her chest, and she arched against the confining chains.

“Rrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh,” she sighed deeply, panting from the exertion.

Janice stood transfixed.  This captive girl was helplessly bound and tightly gagged inside a locked room, but she at this moment she might be freer than any woman she had ever met.

“There you are!”  Jason interrupted Janice’s thoughts as he entered the cell.  Shannon murmured and turned her leather enclosed head in the direction of his voice.  “I saw that you were up,” he explained, “and since you weren’t upstairs, I figured you were down here.  He patted his helpless sister on the leg, “Did you girl’s have a nice chat?” he said with a chuckle. 

“As a matter of fact,” Janice answered, “I learned a lot from Shannon while I was down here.”  Her “cat swallowing the canary” smile surprised him.

She started for the door.  “Come on, you don’t want your houseguest to starve, do you?

Closing the door on Shannon, the two of them returned to the kitchen.  Jason whipped up a couple of sandwiches, and they ate on the deck by the pool.  They had an enjoyable conversation, but one subject was carefully avoided by each of them.

After lunch and cleanup Jason asked, “Ready to head for home?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Huh?” he answered quizzically.

“I want you,” she said, their eyes meeting.  “I know what that means.  Last night I saw how happy Shannon was, and just before you found me I watched a woman have a better orgasm than I have ever had.”  She fell silent for a moment gathering her thoughts.  “I don’t know whether bondage will be as wonderful for me as it is for Shannon, or whether I will hate it, and being helplessly bound is something that I just have to tolerate to have you, but I need to find out, and quickly.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Are you crazy?” she retorted.  “You are handsome, and witty, and well spoken, and treated me like a real person.” She looked around the gorgeous room, “What woman wouldn’t want this?”  

She knelt down in front of him.  “Jason, I wanted you before I found out you were rich,” she said in an urgent voice.  “…and I wanted you before I knew about the bondage.”  She laid her head in his lap.  “So now I know that you are rich, and that all the women in your family spend quality time tightly bound and heavily gagged.” 

“And now that you do know?”

“I couldn’t stand being home having to wait to have this conversation, hoping that you would call.”

“Oh,” he sighed, “you needn’t have worried about me calling.”

“Really?” she smiled happily.

He drew her to his chest, and gave her a tight hug.  She turned her face upward, and they kissed for the first time.  Sweet kisses at first, then deeper, more urgent.

“So?” she questioned.

“Sex,” he answered, “plus a little bondage….”

Jason led her upstairs to his immense bedroom.

“Your clothes, please.”  It was polite, but unmistakably an order.  Their roles had shifted.

Janice was proud of her body.  She exercised regularly, and watched her weight.  Still, she was 31, and baring herself for the man she wanted for the first time.  Nervous.

She unzipped the top, and teasingly held it partially closed, so only her cleavage was revealed.  Slowly she opened it wider, and her full, womanly breasts were revealed.  The nipples were hard as rocks.  She tugged the bottoms down over her hips, and stepped out, completely naked.  She dropped her hands to her sides, sucked in her tummy, stuck out her breasts, and stood under his gaze.  She searched his face.

“Janice,” he smiled, “You are beautiful.”

She smiled happily.

“Go to the chest at the foot of the bed, and take out the cuffs,” he commanded.

Quickly she obeyed.  Her eyes grew wide when she opened the chest.  Never had she dreamed of so many implements to control, silence and punish a woman!  There was leather, rubber, rope, steel….    She quickly picked the two sets of leather cuffs off the top shelf, and turned to Jason.

“Just the same as Shannon last night,” he said.  “Wrists and ankles.”

Janice fumbled slightly with the buckles, but in a few minutes the cuffs were securely fastened. 

“There are some red nylon straps.”  Quickly she dug them out of the chest.

“Now, turn down the bedspread,” he instructed.

It was beautiful, heavy brocade.  Very expensive, very classy.  Carefully she pulled it down to the foot of the bed, and folded it over, out of the way.

“Onto the bed, quickly now,” he ordered.  Janice scampered onto the bed, and he smiled when, without being asked she raised her arms towards the corners, and spread her legs.

“Good girl,” he complemented.  With practiced familiarity he quickly affixed the straps to each of the cuffs, and pulled them taut to the bedposts.  Janice lay stretched, much as Shannon was the prior night.  The difference, Janice noticed, was that she was not wearing a discipline hood (yet!) and this bed was much, much more comfortable.

Jason sat on the bed beside her, and for the first time she felt his hand on her naked flesh.  He slowly stroked her leg, and then his hand wandered up her body.  He caressed her cheek, looking deeply into her eyes.  He hand moved down her body, squeezing her left breast, and pinching the stiff nipple.  Janice closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

“Keep your eyes closed,” he ordered.  She heard him rummaging in the chest, and then felt something soft covering her eyes.  “Lift your head,” he asked.  She did so, and felt a stretchy strap behind her head.  It was not uncomfortable, but more than tight enough to hold the blindfold securely in place.  The pressure pushed the soft sheepskin lining firmly against her eyes, blocking out all light. 

Jason stood and left the room.

Janice lay in the center of the soft bed.  She felt her nipples pucker, whether from excitement, or from the cool air coursing over her naked body, she didn’t know.

She tugged on her wrist and ankle restraints exploratory.  The cuffs were comfortable.  Despite the taut X position of her arms and legs, she found that she was able to wiggle.
She smiled, and snuggled deeper into the soft bed.

Time passed.

“Jason?” she called out timidly.  Her shoulders were beginning to kink up, and she was getting bored.  “Hello?” she called.  “Jason?”

After a while she heard footsteps in the room.  “Jason, honey?” she asked.  “Is that you?”

She felt a hand caress her left breast, and gently pinch the hard nipple.  Lips found hers, and she lifted her blind head to meet the kiss.  She felt a tongue, probing.  With an excited whimper she opened her mouth….


Instead of Jason’s hot, wet tongue, she felt a dry, resilient mass being pushed past her lips.  Before she could close her mouth, or repel the spongy invader with her tongue, it was deeply seated behind her teeth, and held firm.  She felt her head being turned to the side, and straps being pulled behind her head.  A buckle was fastened, pulled tight, and fastened.

She felt another pinch to her nipple, then footsteps, and she was again alone.


Someone had strapped a rubber ball in her mouth, and there was nothing she could do about it.  She would have to lie there, helpless and impotent until that someone chose to remove it.

She had no say in the matter.


She lay, not knowing how much time had passed.  Imagine, not being able to look at a clock!  She stretched, and wiggled her toes.  She was acutely aware of the cool air on her exposed nakedness.

She bit down on the slick rubber ball, fighting the springy resilience that had already caused her jaw to ache.  The ball seemed to be getting larger, more intrusive.  Saliva bubbled at the back of her throat, and she coughed.  “Hmmmmm   urrrrllllgghh.”  That cleared her throat.  Better.

Footsteps!  She turned her blind eyes toward the door, and whimpered softly.

She flinched when he touched her belly.  His hand roamed randomly over her body.  He took his time……here…..then there…..then….”Yes!” he palmed her sex.

Janice groaned when his hand didn’t stay there. 

She felt his warm breath on her face, and then he kissed her gagged lips.  Wet kisses, his tongue probing.  She gasped, when he sucked her lower lip away from the ballgag, and began nibbling it.  He kissed her nose, her neck, then sucked the nipple of her right breast between her lips, and gave the bud a gentle nip.  “Mmmmmmph!”

His hand probed between her thighs as his lips found the other nipple.  Her pussy began to swell, and a slippery seepage made her inner thighs glisten wetly.  He pressed her clit with the knuckle of his thumb, while his index finger gently slipped between the pink lips.  She moaned happily, and then whimpered in disappointment when his lips left her nipple and the finger was withdrawn.

The fingers returned to the nipple, pinching it hard, and tugging until it was fully erect.  “Mrrrrrrrmmmffff!” she yelled as a fiery pain enveloped her nipple.  In moments the second nipple received the same treatment.  “Nrrrrrrrgh!  Hmmmmnnph!” she exclaimed.

And then it was quiet.

Janice whimpered, and thrashed, trying to shake the biting clips off of her nipples.  All she accomplished was to become breathless, sweat, and make her nipples hurt even more.

She lay panting, listening to her heart pound.  She felt the cool air drying the moisture between legs.  To her surprise, the sharp pain in her nipples began to subside to a dull, insistent throbbing.

He was back, licking the sweat out of her belly button.  “Oh, God.”

She heard a buzzing sound, and felt it between her legs.  Not inside her, but right on her clit.  It was hard, it vibrated.  It stayed….and stayed…and stayed.

Fingers flicked and twisted the clips on her nipples, making them burn.  Her clit buzzed urgently, insistently.

“Mmmmmmph……mmmm…..mmmm…….urrrrrrrrrrmmmm……arrrrrrrrghhh!”  He quickly removed the clips from her nipples, and she felt the new pain of blood rushing back into the abused flesh.  She chewed her gag, and arched against her bonds as the orgasm overwhelmed her.  It felt like it lasted for hours.

Janice couldn’t see Jason’s smile as he pulled the vibrator away from her angry red clit.  She lay limp, soaked with sweat, her breath rasping noisy through her nose.

He kissed her gagged lips gently, and whispered, “Rest now.”



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