Jane Times Five 2: Plus One

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

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Part 2: Plus One

"Is it ready yet?"

"No, not yet, but Jane says it's getting close. Just be patient."

"This waiting is killing me."

Except for the color and style of their hair, the three women standing by the door were identical to each other. They were, in fact, clones, three of four created by gifted scientist Jane Morris to help with her work. Physically, mentally, they were exact copies. There were, however some differences, other than the obvious hair color.

For one, they'd recently chosen names for themselves. Jane 2, with her raven hair, was now Sophie Jane. Blonde-headed 3 was now Jane Marie. And auburn haired 4 was now Tawny Jane. The fourth redheaded, clone, still in punishment for her attempted coup three months previously, was simply called Red on good days, slave otherwise.

Personality traits were showing differences, as well. Sophie had emerged as the logical one, Marie as the observant one, while Tawny was given to leaps of intuition that often baffled the others. Together with Jane, their creator and leader, the four made a nearly unstoppable team. Now, the three clones waited impatiently for the outcome of their latest collaboration.

"I just hope we got the sequencing right," Marie said.

"Relax," Tawny assured her. "It was perfect, spot on."

"We'll know," Sophie said, glancing at her watch, "in seven minutes and forty two seconds."

Those minutes and seconds seemed to crawl by, but, finally, the door opened. "Come on in," Jane told the other three, "and see what we made this time."

Eagerly, the three crowded into the small lab. On a steel table in the center, looking back at them with curious eyes, was a fifth clone. At the sight, the three broke into grins.



"He's perfect."

"He" had started out as yet another exact duplicate of Jane. Working together, the team had discovered a way to alter the genetic markers controlling gender, allowing them to create a male version of themselves. Now, looking at the results, they were all astounded.

"Goodbye, vibrator," Tawny whispered, staring at the juncture of the man's thighs. "Goodbye, everything. Jane, I never realized you would have been so well hung as a man."

"Well," Marie remarked, grinning, "I may have tweaked some of the parameters a bit."

"What's his name?"

"He hasn't decided," Jane said in response to Sophie's question. "The body's ready, but the mind still needs to be brought up to speed. He's got our intelligence, but some of the changes we made affected how much of our shared memory he retained. He's going to need some training to start with."

"Well," Tawny grinned, "we know who can do that." She turned toward the open door. "Red!"

Seconds later, the redheaded clone entered. "Yes, Mistress Tawny?"

"We have a new addition," Tawny informed her. "You're to teach him anything he needs to know to perform his duties here."

"Yes, Mistress Tawny. And what are his duties to be?"

"To serve us," Marie replied smiling. "In any way we like."

"And," Jane added, "if you do a good job, I think we can consider your punishment over. You'll be allowed to select a name and rejoin the team."

Red glanced at her silently for a moment. In the months since her aborted coup, the redhead had changed even more then the others. The fiery rebel had long since vanished. Now, slowly, she shook her head.

"Thank you, Mistress Jane," she replied slowly, "but, with your permission, I prefer to remain as I am."

Jane's eyes widened. "You want to remain our slave?"

"Yes, Mistress Jane, if you will allow me." Red paused. "What I did," she finally went on, "was wrong. I know that now. But I did it because I was unhappy. Now, serving the four of you... I can't explain it, Mistress, but I couldn't be happier than I am right now. If you wish to reward me for my service, you will, of course choose the reward you see fit. But if I may be allowed a request, it would be that you reward me by letting me continue to serve you."

"It would seem," Sophie observed thoughtfully, "that we have submissive tendencies in our makeup. Obviously more pronounced in Red, but if she has them, we all do, to some extent."

Jane smiled in response to Red's request. "If that's what you want, dear, but we are going to give you a name. Something that actually sounds like a name, instead of a nickname."

"I know," Marie chimed in. "Instead of Red, let's call her Scarlett."

"Scarlett Jane Morris," Jane said slowly. Listening, Red shook her head again.

"I'm sorry, but I don't deserve the 'Jane' part, but I'd be happy to be Scarlett for you."

Jane smiled. "Ok Scarlett it is. But for now, serving us is second priority. Your first job is to train him. Teach him everything he needs to know about submission and serving."

Red, now Scarlett, nodded. "Yes, Mistress Jane."

"Don't worry, hon," Jane told her. "I'll be leaving in two days for that conference, but that gives us plenty of time to set up a training schedule. And if he's anything like the four of you, his training will be finished well within the week I'll be gone."

During all of this, their newest creation lay silently on the table, his eyes and ears missing nothing. Within his head, a mind every bit as brilliant as theirs began assembling information from their words and actions. Slowly, but with amazing clarity, an idea began to form.

"Where's Scarlett?"

The new, male clone, glanced up from the lab table. "I believe there was something that needed done. I'm sure she'll be back shortly. In the meantime, is there any way I can be of assistance?"

Jane smiled. "I was just checking in to see how your training's going, but I can already tell you're advancing quickly. I'll see her before I go." Jane glanced at the table, loaded with beakers and vials. "What are you working on?"

"This? Oh, just an idea I had. If it works, it will help everyone here live the lives they wish for. Please don't ask me more until I've had a chance to test my theory."

Jane nodded. "It's always better to give facts than theories." She glanced at her watch. "Make sure Scarlett is in the dining room in one hour, please. I want to say goodbye to all before I leave." She smiled. "Which means you, too. By the way, did you choose a name yet?"

"I have. I wish to be known as Janus." The male clone smiled. "In your honor, of course."

With a smile, Jane turned and left the room. Janus watched the door for a moment, then turned and opened one of the many cabinets lining the walls. Inside lay Scarlett. Rope secured her ankles to her thighs, her knees to her upper arms. Her lower arms were behind her, secured forearm to forearm. More rope encircled her body, passing above and below her breasts, further securing her arms to her. Wide eyes stared at Janus over the panel of a gag. Smiling, Janus easily lifted her from the cabinet, setting her atop the table and removing the gag.

"Please release me," Scarlett said after working some moisture into her mouth. "I'm supposed to be training you in submission."

"And you will," Janus replied, lifting a syringe from the table. "You'll help by testing my new serum for me."

Alarmed, Scarlett tried to twist away, but Janus easily held her bound form still as he plunged the needle into her arm. His thumb pushed the plunger home, emptying the syringe into her veins. Withdrawing the needle, he set it aside, then began to untie her.

"That smarted," Scarlett complained. Her bonds removed, she dropped to the floor. "I'm going to tell Mistress Jane what you did to me." Turning, she started toward the door.

"Halt." To Scarlett's surprise, her body immediately froze. "Turn." Slowly, Scarlett turned to face him. "You will tell nobody of what has just happened here. If you speak of me at all, it will only be to compliment my progress." Janus nodded toward the door. "You may go."

Turning, Scarlett dashed from the lab. After several moments of frantic search, she found Jane in her bedroom, closing a suitcase. Smiling, Jane set the bag with the rest of her luggage.

"Scarlett, there you are. I was almost afraid I'd miss saying goodbye."

"Never, Mistress," Scarlett replied, hugging Jane tightly. "But that's not why I'm here," she went on, stepping back. "I wanted to tell you about Janus."

"So he told you his name." Jane nodded. "What is it you wanted to say?"

"He....he...." No matter how hard she tried, Scarlett found herself unable to force the words out. Instead, what she heard herself say was, "He is doing very well in his training, Mistress. Even better than could be hoped for."

Jane beamed. "Excellent." She hugged Scarlett warmly. "I knew you could train him. Now, be sure to be in the dining room before I go, so I can say a proper goodbye."

"Yes, Mistress." Slowly, Scarlett left the room. She couldn't understand what had just happened. Her mind racing, she returned to the lab, only to find Janus waiting for her.

"What have you done? Why couldn't I tell her?"

Janus smiled. "Because," he replied, "I commanded you not to. Now, as you pointed out, there is still much I need to learn about submission. And you will teach me, by submitting to me." Janus kicked off his shoes. "You will start by kissing each of my toes."

"I...." Even as she began to speak, Scarlett felt herself drop to her knees. "But...."

"No talking." Suddenly, Scarlett found herself unable to force words from her mouth as she leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on one toe. How was this happening? As her body continued to obey Janus' command, Scarlett wondered if she really wanted to know.

Tawny practically leaped from the bed, flushed with excitement. Yesterday, just before Jane left, a decision had been made. Based on Scarlett's glowing reports, they'd agreed to consider Janus' training complete, which meant he was ready to begin real service. Lots were drawn to see who got to experience him first, and Tawny had been the lucky winner. Now, after a restless night full of erotic dreams, she was more than ready to claim her prize.

What should I wear? Even as the thought entered her mind, Tawny grinned. Considering the nature of the service she had in mind, her current outfit was the most fitting, namely nothing. Less to take off when the time comes, she thought. Now, when does this service begin?

As if in answer to her latest thought, there was a knock at the door. "Enter," she said, smiling in anticipation at the sight of Janus entering, tray in hand. Between the food on the tray, which looked delicious, and what stood proudly at the juncture of his thighs, which looked even more so, Tawny wasn't sure where to start.

"I thought you might enjoy some breakfast to start your day," Janus said, smiling. Tawny had never been shy about her body, but even she was amazed at how comfortable Janus had been with his own nudity from day one. Returning his smile as he set the tray down, Tawny grabbed a piece of toast, biting into it and trying not to stare. Well, not too much, anyway.

"This is delicious," she said, realizing only then how hungry she was. Eagerly, she seated herself and began to eat.

"I hope you enjoy it," Janus replied. "I prepared it myself."

At this, Tawny's eyes widened. Himself? When had he learned that? Whenever, he'd learned well. The toast was just right, the bacon properly crisp, the eggs perfect. Even the juice seemed to have a special taste. To her own surprise, her plate, and her glass, were very quickly empty.

"I see you enjoyed that," Janus said, smiling. "And now that you're done eating, are you ready for service to begin?" Seeing Tawny's eager nod, his smile widened. "So am I. Kneel before me."

"What?" Even as she spoke, Tawny was surprised to find herself slipping from her chair, landing on her knees in front of Janus. "How did that happen?"

"From now on," Janus informed her, "you will speak only when spoken to, and only on the subject about which you were spoken to."

"I....", Tawny replied, only to realize that the word had never left her mouth. Indeed, no word would, no matter how hard she tried to push them out. Mute, she could only stare up at Janus.

"As you desired," he said, "service has begun. Your service to me, that is. To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to it." He stepped forward, stopping only when his erection brushed Tawny's lips. "Now," he said, "service me. Slowly and gently. And do not stop until I tell you."

"No," Tawny struggled to say, relieved to feel her lips parting. Instead of the word slipping out, however, she felt him slip in as her head bobbed forward. Helpless to resist, she could feel him sliding ever deeper within her mouth, until she felt about to choke from the length of him. By the time her nose brushed against his hair, she'd gained a whole new understanding of the words 'deep throat'.

Desperately, Tawny commanded her body to remain still. Instead, she felt her head begin to bob up and down, her tongue swirling around him. She tried to bite, anything to end this, but her jaws refused to close, only allowing her teeth to now and then scrape against his skin. Hearing another command, she felt her hands grasp his hips, pulling him to her each time her head lowered, driving him even deeper within her mouth.

Finally, after several long, humiliating moments, she felt him step back. "Enough," he said. "Stand and present yourself to me, arms at your sides, shoulders back, feet at shoulder width."

Again, Tawny's body obeyed, refusing her own increasingly desperate orders to the contrary. As she stood, watching Janus examine her body, she became acutely conscious of how this position caused her already large breasts to push up and out.

"Not bad," Janus finally said, "but not as good as it could be. Of course, you have the same basic body as Scarlett, a body I've already examined quite thoroughly." He grinned. "Still, her body is a bit more toned than yours, perhaps because she gets more exercise from serving. No matter. Your body will quickly become just as toned as hers. Oh, and don't worry about the others. They'll be joining you in service very soon."

Scarlett moved slowly down the hall. This was not something she wanted to do, but she had no choice. Master Janus had commanded, and she already knew it was impossible to disobey. Still, she fought, moving as slowly as she could until, finally, she had no choice but to enter the dining room, where she found Sophie and Marie at breakfast. As she entered, the two looked up glumly.

"Good morning," she said, feeling a smile on lips that would rather be crying. "How's breakfast?"

"Not as good as Tawny's, I'll bet," Marie said, frowning. "I wonder what she's stuffing her mouth with." Her frown deepened. "Or who."

"Your turn will come," Scarlett assured her, setting down the tray she carried and holding up two glasses. "In the meantime, how about some orange juice?"

Jane closed the door with a sigh, leaning against it briefly. She hated conferences with a passion. Long, boring, and they kept her away from her favorite people. People she couldn't wait to see again, people she could even now hear moving around as they did the day's work. Smiling, she went in search of them, eager for the warm greeting she knew was in store for her.

She found Janus in the lounge, reclining in one of the chairs with Sophie in his lap. Not surprisingly, considering the nature of his intended service, both were naked, and neither made any move to rise as Jane entered.

"Mistress Jane," Janus said, smiling, "welcome home. How was your trip?"

"Long and tiring," Jane replied. Why, she wondered, hadn't Sophie said anything yet? Usually, any time she left, Sophie was the first to greet her on her return. Now she simply watched Jane quietly as she reclined in Janus' lap.

"I'm sure, after your trip, you must be tired. And thirsty. Sophie, why don't you go get Jane something to drink." Without a word, Sophie rose and slipped from the room. "Why don't you sit down while she gets your drink?"

For some reason she couldn't quite define, sitting seemed like a bad idea at that moment. "I'd love to," she said, "but, as you say, it has been a long trip. I need to visit the little girl's room first. I'll be right back."

"Of course."

Jane quickly slipped out of the room, turning toward the bathroom. At the next corner, however, she turned again, soon finding herself in the kitchen even as Sophie turned from the counter, a glass of orange juice in her hand.

"Sophie, stop." To her surprise, Jane watched as Sophie lurched to a halt. "Now, tell me what's going on, and why you didn't greet me like you usually do."

"I wasn't allowed to, Mistress."

At this, Jane's eyes widened. "Wasn't allowed? And since when do you call me Mistress? Start talking, and don't you dare stop until you've told me everything."

"After you left," Sophie replied, her face immobile but her eyes shining, "Master Janus spiked our orange juice with a formula he'd developed. Once we drank it, we found ourselves unable to disobey any command Master Janus gives. We are only allowed to speak when spoken to, and we may only do what we are commanded to do."

Jane frowned. "Then why did you just do what I told you to?"

"Because, Mistress, we are unable to disobey any command given to us." Her gaze sharpened. "By anyone, Mistress."

"And anyone who commands you must be addressed as Master or Mistress," Jane said, nodding. "So, what's been happening since that first day?" Jane sighed into Sophie's silent, pleading face. "You will speak to me as you always have," she said softly.

"Thank you, Jane." Sophie stopped to collect her thoughts. "Since then," she said, "we've been under orders to keep the labs going like they're supposed to. Well, most of us. One of us, chosen at random, is always commanded to stay close to Master Janus, in case he wants something." She frowned. "And that happens a lot. Not only did we make him well endowed, we gave him an appetite for sex you wouldn't believe. He beds one or another of us several times a day. I'm glad we made it impossible for him to get any of us pregnant. And he makes us do other things, like kiss his toes or give him tongue baths." Sophie shook her head. "Somehow," she added, "he wound up with a definite dominant streak, and he loves to show it."

"And all you can do is obey commands?" Sophie nodded. "Fine, then, here are some new commands for you." Leaning forward, she whispered in Sophie's ear for several seconds. When she leaned back, a wide smile had appeared on Sophie's face.

"Yes, Mistress," Sophie said, "right away, Mistress." Turning, she strode across the room, hips swaying. As she reached the door, she paused. "Thank you, Jane," she whispered, glancing back over her shoulder. Without another word, she slipped from the room.

"Now for the others," Jane said softly, following Sophie into the hall, then turning away in search of her other clones. As she found each one, she quickly issued a series of commands before sending each on her way. Finally, hiding a smile, she returned to the living room.

"Feeling better?"

"Oh, much," Jane replied, settling onto the couch. With a smile, she accepted the glass Sophie offered to her, sipping it slowly. "Very good."

"So, how was the conference?"

Still smiling, Jane told Janus all about the conference. By the time she was done, her glass was empty. As she set it on the table, Janus rose from his chair.

"I'm glad you're back," he said. "I've been waiting for this. Remove your clothing."

Jane stood, hands rising toward the buttons of her blouse, then paused. "No," she said, letting her hands drop, "I don't think so."

Janus' eyes widened. "But," he protested, "you have to obey me. You have no choice."

"Why? Because of the juice?" Jane glanced toward the empty glass. "Oh, that wasn't the glass you meant for me to drink. Sophie poured that one down the sink. This glass of juice is just that, juice, without your secret ingredient."

"But how....?"

Jane smiled. "Your little potion works very well, Janus. Sophie was very obedient when I told her to explain her actions to me. She told me about your potion, and how you tricked the girls into drinking it."

Janus stared, then turned toward Sophie. "Grab her," he said sternly, "and do not let her go until I say so. Scarlett! Bring me a needle! Someone needs a dose of obedience!" He glanced toward Sophie, who hadn't moved. "Well, do as you're told!"

"I am," Sophie replied with a smile. "Jane commanded me to not accept any command from you. She also commanded me to stop obeying any command you might have given me over the past week."

"No matter," Janus said, watching as Tawny and Marie appeared behind Jane. "Grab them both and hold them. Once Jane has a shot of serum in her, she'll be more than happy to return control to me. Scarlett, where is that needle?"

"Right here," the redhead replied, plunging the needle into Janus' arm and depressing the plunger. Avoiding his clutching hands, Scarlett moved quickly to join the others.

"How dare you," Janus snarled, stepping toward the group. "You'll all be punished for this. I'll...."

"Stop!" Jane smiled as Janus lurched to a halt. "On your knees." Quickly, Janus dropped. "Now, tell my why you did this?"

"You created me," Janus replied slowly, as if fighting the words, "to please you. All of you. And yet each of you has a part that you deny, a submissive part." His eyes turned toward Scarlett. "She's proof of that. So I decided to bring that submissiveness out in all of you."

"With the serum," Jane observed. "What, exactly, does the serum do?" Seeing Janus struggle to remain silent, she frowned. "You will answer my questions honestly and fully. Now, what does the serum do?"

"It alters the mind's decision centers. Once the serum is administered, any outside directive takes top priority, overriding any contrary commands from the brain."

"Making it impossible to disobey." Jane nodded. "How long do the effects last?"

"Just over a day, at first. But the effects are cumulative. With each new dose, the effects last longer."

"Jane," Tawny whispered, "he's been making us drink a dose every day this week."

"How long," Jane asked, "until their obedience becomes permanent?"

"Two more days." At this, all four clones shuddered.

"And without it?"

"Without new doses, the serum will wear off slowly. Within a month, they'll feel only a slight urge to obey. By the next week, all traces of the serum will be gone from their systems."

"Good thing I wasn't delayed," Jane said softly. Around her, the others nodded emphatically. "As for you," she went on, glaring at Janus, "we may all have a bit of submissiveness in us, but we are not slaves." Reaching back, she slipped an arm around Scarlett's waist, drawing the redhead to her. "Well," she amended, "one of us might be." Softly, she kissed the top of Scarlett's head. "But that's her own choice, freely made. She made the decision to serve us, and I love her no less because of it."

"Love?" Glancing into Scarlett's wide eyes, Jane smiled.

"Of course I love you," she said softly. "I love every one of you, and not just because you used to be copies of me. You're your own woman now, Scarlett, and so are the others. Each of you has become someone special in your own way." Jane's arm tightened around Scarlett's waist. "And each of you has become someone I love with all my heart."

"All of this is great, and I do love you too, but what are we going to do about him?" Ever the logical one, Sophie drew their attention back to Janus.

"Does anyone else know the formula for this serum?"

"Nobody. I never even wrote it down."

"Good." Jane smiled. "Beginning tomorrow, you will, every morning, produce and inject yourself with a dose of obedience serum. You will do this every single morning for the next two weeks."

"Jane," Marie pointed out as Janus' eyes widened, "after two straight weeks, his obedience will be permanent."

"I suppose it will," Jane replied with a smile.

"Which means," Tawny added, "that he'll be exactly what he meant for all of us to be. A totally obedient slave."

"Which reminds me," Jane said, turning to face the other four, "all of you are still obedient, at least for the next month or so. You will not command each other in any way." She grinned. "No telling what kind of mischief you'd get into otherwise."

"So he can't command us," Marie said, "and we can't command each other. But I notice you didn't say anything about you commanding us. "Why is that?"

Jane grinned, pulling the naked blonde to her. "I've been away from all of you for a whole week," she said, one hand squeezing Marie's ass. "So, for the next month, we'll get to see how much of what happens is because I commanded you to, and how much is because you want to."

"You're teasing," Tawny said as the others stared. "You already know we all love you just as much as you love us, and you also know there's nothing we wouldn't do for you if you asked us. Or to you," she added with a grin which Jane quickly returned.

"You know me too well, my intuitive one," Jane said, her eyes shining. "From now on, you girls will all behave as if the serum never existed. There will be no absolute commands given." She glanced toward Janus. "Except to him. You," she said to the kneeling clone, "stay exactly where you are until I say otherwise. You four, let's go somewhere else and talk. We need to figure out a proper set of conditioning commands for our new slave. And yes," she added, seeing the sudden look of concern on Scarlett's face, "that includes you. You can continue to serve us if you want, but he will also serve you." Smiling, Scarlett nodded.

"So we talk," said Sophie. "And what then?"

Jane smiled. "Then," she replied, wrapping her arms around the others, "we find out if my bed will hold all five of us. After that, we can begin training our new slave. Orgasm denial, I think, would be a good place to start. Something," she added with a grin, "that none of us is ever going to have to experience." Laughing, the five women, so alike and yet so different from each other, swept from the room.

Left alone, Janus knelt silently, Jane's command to stay binding him in place more securely than any rope or chain. As he knelt, two questions raced through his mind.

How had he failed? Silently, Janus vowed to discover his mistakes and ensure he never made them again. In time, he knew he would be able to reverse this loss, regain the upper hand. Until then, there was the second question.

What would happen to him now? Remembering Jane's words about orgasm denial, he shivered slightly, knowing such a fate would be pure torture for someone with his sexual appetite. Still, he told himself, it was only a temporary setback. One day, he would regain the upper hand.

One day.

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