Jane Times Five

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f+; clones; capture; drug; wrap; cocoon; vetwrap; bond; enslave; toys; insert; cons/nc; X

Author's Note" This story was inspired by a set of private messages exchanged on the forum between myself and Lady Jane. If you like this story, please thank her for giving me the idea.

"Ladies, I'll be gone for three days this time, so you'll be taking care of things until I get back. I know you're already familiar with your jobs, but let's go over them, just to make sure."

Glancing around the table, Jane Morris couldn't help but smile at the faces gazing back at her. One of the most gifted minds in the field of genetic research, Jane's work was considered to be on the cutting edge of cloning technology. Now, as she often did, she had to wonder if anyone suspected just how far past that edge she'd already gone.

Seated around the table were four copies of her. Cloned from her own genetic material, each was an almost perfect duplicate. The only visible difference was hair color, something Jane had done deliberately to aid in identification. Running a hand over her own chestnut hair, Jane began handing out assignments.

"Two, you'll be in charge of the lab. Keep a close eye on things, and be sure to log everything."

Jane Two nodded, her raven hair shining. "Yes, Jane."

"Three, you'll be keeping an eye on the cultures. Make sure they receive the proper amounts of the proper nutrients, and note any variations."

"I will," Jane Three replied, nodding her blonde head.

"Four, make sure all reports from Two and Three are properly compiled and entered into the computer."

Jane Four nodded, twirling one auburn lock. "Of course," she replied.

"And Five, you've got inventory. A truck should be dropping off supplies tomorrow. Make sure they're gone before you go out and get it."

Jane Five, a fiery redhead, frowned. "I always do," she said. "Can't have someone seeing you here when you're at the ceremony." She grinned. "Especially with red hair."

Jane returned the grin. "No," she replied, "that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Ok, so we're all set, and I need to get going. My plane leaves in an hour. Be good, and I'll see you all in three days."

With a quiet sigh of relief, Jane slipped into her car. Thank goodness that was over! Her new award would make a nice addition to her collection, but those ceremonies were always so stuffy and boring. Now, though, she had only the drive to her isolated lab, and she could put it all behind her.

Driving home, she wondered how things were going. Not that she was concerned. Her clones possessed, not only her looks, but her intelligence. Any one of them could run the lab as well as her. Still, one of her experiments was nearing a critical phase, and she couldn't help being curious as to progress.

Arriving at the lab, she parked her car in the attached garage. Stepping into the large building, she was immediately struck by the silence. Usually, there was a low hum of conversation, her clones talking and comparing notes on their duties. Now, though, there was nothing.

No, not quite nothing. As she moved through the living quarters toward the lab proper, Jane began to hear a soft, strange sound. Puzzled, she followed the sound to one of the bedroom doors. Jane opened the door, then froze.

A female figure lay stretched out on the bed, wrapped from forehead to ankles with vet wrap, with only her bare breasts exposed. Only the raven hair spilling over the wrappings identified her as Two. A length of rope was wrapped around her waist, the ends drawn tight and tied to the side rails of the bed, securely holding her in place in the center of the mattress. From behind sealed lips came a soft moaning, the sound that had drawn Jane.

Jane was stunned. How had this happened? And where were the rest of her clones? She took a step into the room, thinking to release Two, but paused. Whoever had done this might still be here. Better to check and make sure all was safe first. From her limited motions and the strength of her moans, Two didn't seem to have been harmed. She would, Jane decided as she closed the door, be alright for now.

Moving quickly, Jane checked the rest of the living quarters, then moved into the lab. Here, in one of the storage rooms, she found Four. The auburn haired clone was wrapped the same way as Two, but Four had also been wrapped to a thick water pipe that stretched from floor to ceiling. Moaning sounds emerged from her sealed lips as she stood helplessly, her bare breasts quivering.

That's two, she thought, turning from the storage room and making her way to the main lab. Now, where are the other two? Stepping into the lab, Jane felt a sudden sting on her right arm. Before she could turn, her eyesight began to blur. She felt herself falling, but her world went dark before she hit.

Jane woke to a sensation of tightness. Opening her eyes, she stared upwards, only to see her own distorted reflection staring back at her. She was, she realized, lying on one of the lab tables, seeing her reflection in the highly polished ceiling. She was also, she saw, wrapped the same as One and Three, with the exception that her eyes were uncovered.

One other thing quickly became apparent. Between her thighs, filling her, something vibrated softly. It was, she knew one of the toys she'd bought for her clones. In addition to her looks and brains, her clones shared her love of pleasure. Since none of them could leave the lab, she'd provided them with a nice selection of vibrating toys. Now, feeling the vibrations within her, she understood the moans of the two clones she'd seen.

For long moments, Jane lay on the table, feeling her helpless arousal grow in spite of herself. Finally, after she had no idea how long, she sensed movement out of the corner of her eye. A shadow fell over her, and then a face looked down at her.

Five! Jane moaned urgently up at the redhead, eager to be released. Obviously, Five had escaped the fate of her sisters, and now she could set them all free.

Hearing Jane's moan, Five smiled. "I'm glad you're awake," she said softly. "I wasn't sure how long the sedative would last."

Sedative? Jane's eyes narrowed, then widened. Five had done this? But why?

"We," Five said, interrupting Jane's racing thoughts, "need to talk. Well," she added with a grin, running one finger across Jane's sealed lips, "I need to talk, and you have no choice but to listen."

Reaching down, Five lightly pinched one of Jane's nipples, drawing a louder moan from the wrapped woman. Obviously, the vibrator was affecting her more than she realized.

"You," Five said softly, "are no longer in charge here. I am. I give the orders now, and you, and the others, will obey me."

Obey? Jane struggled against her bonds, but could only lie helpless as Five continued.

"I am tired," the redhead told her, "of you lording it over me. I may be a copy of you, but I'm still human. I am not a machine, to just do what I'm told. And I am sick and tired of being stuck with inventory. Do you have any idea how boring that is? The only time I get any kind of change is when it's my turn to do the cooking and cleaning. Well, that stops now."

Lightly, Five pinched Jane's nipple again, drawing another moan from the helpless woman. "From now on," she went on, "you'll be doing inventory. Of course, you'll be bound at all times." Five laughed. "One of the few advantages," she said, "of doing inventory was that I handled all orders, which allowed me to build up a nice collection of bondage gear. Gear which all of you will be wearing. All I have to do now is find Three. She's hiding somewhere, but I'll find her, and when I do, she....." Five fell silent, her eyes widening. Slowly, she slid from Jane's view.

What was happening? Even as the thought formed, Jane saw that same face appear above her. This time, however, the face was framed by blonde hair. Holding up a syringe, Three smiled.

"Ok, let's get this meeting started. I've made a number of decisions, and I want to know if you all agree with them."

Jane glanced at a sheet of paper in her hand. "First," she continued, "from now on, any decision that affects all of us will be put to a vote. I will still make the final decision, but from now on, I'll make that decision knowing how each of you feels about the matter. Do you agree with this change?"



"Sounds good to me."


"Ok, second, I plan to add a new program to the computer. Each day, it will randomly assign tasks, so nobody will be doing the same thing all the time. And that includes me. My name will be on the list as well. Agreed?"



"Sounds fair."


"Third, any time I'm gone, for however many days I'm gone, the computer will, on my return, randomly leave one of your names off the duty list each day until each of you has an equal number of days off. Agreed?"

"All right!"

"I like it."

"Me too."


Jane smiled at her clones, her view across the table only partially obstructed by Five. The redhead lay atop the table, her naked body wrapped from forehead to ankles in vet wrap. Her bare breasts, the only skin visible, heaved as she struggled within her wrappings. Glancing past her at the others, Jane's smile widened.

"And finally," she said, "there's the question of Five. What she did, or tried to do, cannot be forgiven. Of course, we can't call the police on her, so we shall have to see to her punishment ourselves. I vote to let the punishment fit the crime. She meant to make slaves of us all, so I think we should do the same for her. From now on, she will remain bound, using the nice collection of bondage gear she so thoughtfully assembled for our use. I've looked through what she ordered, and I think we'll enjoy putting all of it to use."

Jane grinned. "Among other things," she went on, "there are four chastity belts. Which means she'll always have a clean one available. She will be allowed to cum only when one of us decides she deserves it. And that will depend on how often and how well she makes us cum. Does everyone agree on that?"

"I have a suggestion," Four said, smiling. "Why don't we schedule her, too. Have the computer list us randomly, one each day. After we're all listed, the computer resets and starts again. And Five belongs to the one listed for the day."

"That," Jane replied, "is a wonderful idea. Any objections?" Four heads shook, four smiles mirroring Jane's.

"Oh," Jane said, "one more thing. While I was going through the log of things Five had ordered, I saw she'd built up a supply of hair dye. My color. Which means that each of you can, on occasion, dye your hair to match mine. That way, you can go into town for a few hours. The dye she bought was, fortunately, cheap, which means you can wash it out when you get home. Just don't go out in the rain."

Leaning back, Jane smiled. "If there's nothing else, I declare this meeting over. Oh, and since she is the hero of the day, I vote Three gets first shot at our new slave. As to work, everyone gets the rest of the day off. Any objections?"

Again, four heads shook, four voices sounding agreement. A fifth voice sounded, but the muffled moans slipping through sealed lips were easily ignored.

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