Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

Continues from

Chapter Eleven: Janet Ascending

Spring was giving way to summer, and the heat had begun to increase as the days got longer. Winter coats were shed for lighter spring ones, then finally for jackets and even going without. The heavy clothing of winter was gradually being replaced as the seasons changed, and Janet watched as the trendy women of Greenwich wore the newest fashions that season.

But not Janet, who would wear either a full blouse or dress, in order to conceal the scars on her back. Unlike the scarlet letter of colonial times, Janet wore hers on her back, and it was marked into her skin. Janet could only wonder about the reaction that she would cause if she were to wear a tank top or something else that exposed her back into a public place.

Going to the broker that day in Greenwich had been good. The market was up, and all of her new picks had increased in value. She looked over the latest copies of the printed report in his office, and marked some for sale that weren't doing well, and new ones to buy. There was a calendar hung on his wall, from some resort in the Caribbean. Janet stared at the picture of a couple in bathing suits on a sailboat.

"Why don't you go on a trip there," suggested the broker, "you look like you could use a vacation."

"No thanks," Janet answered, "too busy."

If the prospect of wearing a top that exposed her back in Greenwich was an impossibility, she could only imagine what the reaction might be if she wore a bikini to a beach. Or a regular suit. Even though the marks on her thighs and bottom had faded, Janet was clearly marked, both internally and externally.

"All work and no play," said the broker, "makes one pretty stale."

"Have to work at this," confided Janet, "I have a reason."

"Whatever it is, it must be important," he said as Janet passed him her latest decisions.

"You don't know how important," said Janet, "or the stakes involved."

"Well, good luck. Whatever the hell you're involved in," he said.

"Thanks," said Janet as she rose from her chair, folded the reports into her briefcase, and pulled on her jacket.

"Why are you still wearing something so heavy?" he asked.

"Thin blood," said Janet on the way out.

It was a hot day, and Janet could feel that her blouse was already plastered on her back by sweat. How she longed to rid herself of the jacket, and wear something light and sexy. Instead, she felt like a Victorian walking around, her body fully clothed and invisible.

After she had stowed away the reports in her safe deposit box, Janet decided that it would be nice to walk around. She looked in the rich stores on the main street in Greenwich, and the outside temperature increased as the day wore on. It was going to be a hot early summer, and the fashions this year were going to show a lot of skin.


Janet turned around when she heard the unfamiliar voice at her back. There was a girl standing there, a pretty brunette. Janet looked her over, and undressed her with her eyes, wondering if she was someone's slave.

"Do I know you?" asked Janet.

"You took Lauren's continued punishment in my place in her house months ago," she said softly so that nobody else could hear, "my name is Myra."

"Oh," answered Janet, recognition dawning in her mind.

"I'm Rene's slave, but Lauren is free to use me whenever she desires. Which is quite often," stated Myra.

"Let's walk," suggested Janet.

"Okay," answered Myra.

Janet continued her journey through Greenwich, with Myra at her side, about half a pace behind her.

"How are you doing?" asked Janet.

"Rene and Lauren are harsh with their slaves. You already know that. I get beaten horribly on a regular basis."

"I'm sorry, but there's nothing that I can do," said Janet, "I've already felt Lauren's whip."

"I asked if I could be your slave. Do you remember?" asked Myra.

"Yes. I was lucky to make it home, and I was feverish and delirious for days. I nearly died," grimly stated Janet.

"You infuriated Lauren by taking her punishment and surviving. She hates you, and your former owner, Erica."

"I know," answered Janet.

"Please buy me and make me your slave, before she goes too far with me also," plead Myra, tears in her eyes.

Janet thought carefully before she answered.

"I can't, not yet. I'm sorry, Myra. I'm involved in something that Erica has devised. Right now, I'm as much of a slave as you are," said Janet.

"Is that why Tiffany is always reading the financial papers, calling a broker and buying stocks like mad?" asked Myra.

"Yes," cautiously answered Janet.

"She was boasting to Lauren yesterday that her total was over a million. Does that mean anything to you?" asked Myra.

"Yes," answered Janet, "yes it does. Thank you."

"Mistress Janet, please! Buy me," begged Myra.

"It's not yet time, Myra. Please!" responded Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet. Whatever happens, good luck," said Myra, disappointment clearly evident in her voice.

It took all of Janet's control to avoid breaking down as she walked back to her car and away from Myra. The slave had taken an awful chance in talking to her, and if her information was correct, then Janet was in real trouble. They had both started out with a million dollars in stock. In the months since, with the market up and down, Janet had finally reached back to her starting figure.

But if Tiffany were ahead, the tyranny of the calendar would be ticking away the days until the end of her freedom. Her threat to place Janet in the Dungeon was not an idle one.

Janet shed tears in her car, worrying about the future and what it might bring.

"Lunch, Mistress?" asked Tina when she returned home.

"Something light, Tina. I really don't feel like eating."

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"Is Tiffany home, has she eaten?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress, to both questions," answered Tina.

"Thank you, Tina."

Tina set a tray before her containing a salad, a cold soda, and a piece of cake. Janet doubted that she could get any of it down, but she resolved to try. Janet had never suffered from any of the problems of eating that beset other women, but her stomach was now tied in knots at the information that she had obtained.

Janet ate alone in the library, reading a book from the vast collection that Erica had created. How had her owner managed to get such a library when she had been so busy in the Dungeon?

"Hi there," said Tiffany, as she seated herself on the leather couch.

"Greetings," politely answered Janet.

"I'm having a good day. Want to go out?" offered Tiffany.

"No thanks," refused Janet, "we've already done that."

"Are you afraid that I'd take you to Lauren's again?" asked Tiffany.

"The thought had crossed my mind," politely answered Janet.

"Just out for a drive, that's all," answered Tiffany.

"I'd like to rest for a while. My slave Jessica is coming over tonight, so I'd like to use the Dungeon this evening. Okay?" asked Janet.

"Sure, I'm going out tonight anyway, after I go shopping. I'm picking up a diamond necklace today in town, costing plenty," boasted Tiffany.

"Really, how lucky of you," said Janet.

"Let's just say that I made some money lately, and now I want to spend it on myself. Want to see a picture?" offered Tiffany.


Tiffany unfolded a picture that she had been carrying around in her shirt pocket from the Times. It was a diamond necklace, all right, with a price in five figures.

"Just make sure you keep it safe," said Janet, "you wouldn't want someone to steal it from you."

"Yeah," said Tiffany when she departed the library.

Tiffany could not have hurt Janet more than if she had stabbed Janet with a knife. First, the news from Myra and now Tiffany was spending a lot of money on a necklace. What had seemed like such a good day in the morning was becoming a disaster in the afternoon.

Leaving the tray in the library, she walked up to her bedroom, shed her shoes, and looked forward to a few hours of blissful sleep. Before her session with Jessica, who was her devoted slave and submissive.

Janet lay down on the bed and loosened her blouse and skirt. At least the bedroom was a pleasant temperature. Not too hot or too cold, she thought.

When the alarm clock finally went off at 5 PM, it was a relief to awaken. Janet swung her legs off the bed, and realized that she was covered in sweat. Her clothes were soaked, as if she had been outside on an August day.

"Damn!" cried Janet, "shower time."

Janet stripped off her clothes, after having told Tina to keep her dinner waiting for a while. She turned the shower up to hot, and jumped under the steaming water, letting the stinging water wash away her sweat and the sour odor of her perspiration. Soaping herself, she allowed herself the luxury of stimulating herself orgasm in the shower. Which was something that she had ordered Jessica not to do.

Her fingers massaged her sex, and her pussy hair, which had regrown since Andrea was no longer shaving it. Tiffany had removed Erica's medallion, but not the labia ring that it had been attached to.

She considered if she should order that Jessica should be shaved also as a measure of her submission to Janet. When suddenly something clicked, and Janet froze, dropping the soap bar onto the bathtub's floor.

"Idiot!" cried Janet, "Idiot!"

Just because the rules said that they couldn't seek advice from the brokers that they had to deal with, didn't mean that they couldn't get it elsewhere. Lauren was probably advising Tiffany, since Myra had told her what she had seen in Lauren's house.

Janet had been working by herself, alone and terrified while investing in the market. When someone else could have helped her. Like another broker, or Jessica.

Jessica! Here she had one of the wealthiest women in the country as one of her slaves, and she hadn't made the proper use of her. Sure, Jessica had shown that she would lick her boots and pussy, and perform housework and endure the whip. But would she serve as her advisor?

Janet had learned at Erica's feet that the purpose of a slave was to serve her Mistress, no matter what the demand or circumstance. Erica and later Stephanie had used her in many ways, but never intellectually. Perhaps it was time to start.

Stephanie had once taken Janet to a party where the guests were all Dominatrices and their slaves. She had met a wealthy woman who owned her own business, who had told her that her slave was also her girl Friday. Blanca may not have wanted to use a slave in her law office, but that didn't mean others would have the same prohibition.

Quickly Janet got out of the shower, glad for the hot water that had reinvigorated her. She toweled herself off, her skin still sweating from the sauna like conditions of the shower that she had just taken. After drying herself, Janet dressed in a blouse, jeans, and a pair of high heels.

'Not an elegant way to dress for dinner,' Janet thought, 'but I'll dress in something more fitting before Jessica arrives.'

While she had barely been able to choke down lunch, she attacked the broiled scallops like she had not eaten for a week. She drank sparingly of the white wine, since she had to keep a clear head with Jessica. Tiffany had consumed too much bourbon, and had fallen asleep with Tina locked in the cell. Janet would do no such thing, and only drank the wine to enhance the meal, not to get drunk.

Tina watched her Mistress eat, and smiled when she saw how Janet ate with pleasure. Janet observed her, but kept silent about her idea for using Jessica.

Sitting at the table, Janet pondered what she was going to do with Jessica. In the several weeks that she had been training her as a slave, Jessica had been steadily brought along one step at a time. She had been divested of her clothes, and forced to work alongside a Maid. She had been punished with ever increasing severity with the whip and crop. Jessica had also been ordered to contain herself, only being allowed to release herself upon Janet's orders.

The result was that Jessica was slowly being turned into a slave. With Janet holding her strings as her puppeteer. Question was, had she been brought far enough along to serve in this new capacity?

Janet would find out tonight and order Tina out of the Dungeon at the crucial time. She didn't want Tina to find out about this, not yet. Not even Stephanie should know.

"Thank you, Tina, that was an excellent dinner," complimented Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," Tina replied.

"Is Tiffany gone?"

"She left when you were in the shower, Mistress."

"Excellent. Jessica will be here at 9 PM, so I'll dress myself before then. The usual setup," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina as she collected the dishes.

Just like the first evening when Jessica had arrived for her introduction to bondage, Janet was nervous as hell. She had left Tina alone to dress in her latex uniform, so that she could be shown of to Jessica. Meanwhile, Janet had to dress herself in her leather outfit, and she was shaking like a leaf.

"Goddamn, Janet," she said aloud in front of her mirror, "a Mistress is supposed to be supremely confidant and a goddess. Instead, you're shaking like a leaf. So calm down!"

Janet had decided on something simple, given the sudden heat of spring. She wore a black leather bodysuit over a pair of pantyhose, plus simple pair of knee high boots. Admiring herself in the mirror, she loved the way the bodysuit hugged all her curves.

She had tried wearing her leather catsuit around the house recently, and discovered that it was already too warm to do so. When she finally took it off, it was time for it to be cleaned. Janet had not even bothered to wear her rubber catsuit, remembering the wrestling suit she had inherited from her brother.

She would get by the summer by wearing things that would let her skin breath, at least partially. Janet heard a car crunch on the gravel outside, and looked at the clock. It was already 9 PM, and her charge was arriving now!

Janet walked carefully from her bedroom and downstairs to the library. Janet passed Tina in the hall, as she was going outside to collect Jessica from the limo. It was a good thing that there was no carpeting anywhere in the mansion. Walking in stiletto heels was dangerous enough already, and the sharp heels would eventually destroy the carpet anyway.

She took one last look at herself in the library mirror, admiring her long legs. Then she seated herself in the large leather chair and waited for the night's activities to begin.

Tina brought in Jessica, and through the open window Janet could hear the gravel crunch as the car pulled away. Jessica was wearing a simple white blouse, skirt, and heels as Janet had ordered when she departed last Sunday. If she had followed Janet's orders to the letter, then she would be wearing nothing underneath.

"Remove her sunglasses, Tina," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

When the glasses were removed, Jessica blinked her eyes in the sudden light. She remained silent until her Mistress deigned to speak to her.

"Good evening, Jessica. I trust that you are eager to see your Mistress this weekend," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet," answered Jessica.

"Then remove your clothes and let me see if you have obeyed your instructions that I gave you on Sunday," ordered Janet.

Jessica began by unbuttoning the sleeves on her blouse, then unzipping her skirt. Janet nodded in approval when she saw that Jessica had indeed followed her orders, and wore no underwear. Instead, her female figure was well striped by the accumulation of several weeks of Janet's discipline.

"Very nice, Jessica. In future, I may order you to wear something of mine on yourself permanently. To remind you that I am your Mistress," described Janet.

"May I ask Mistress a question?"

"Go ahead," answered Janet.

"What would you have me wear?" asked Jessica.

"A locked chain around your waist, to start. Something that you couldn't remove yourself. Then perhaps your labia might be pierced to contain a medallion proving your slavery to me. You could even be tattooed or branded as a final mark of ownership. Would you like to do something like that?" asked Janet.

"I don't know, Mistress. I'm still pretty scared," truthfully answered Jessica.

"Thank you for your honest answer, Jessica. Slaves aren't allowed to lie to their Mistress. Tina, outfit her in collar, bracelets, blindfold, and ballgag," ordered Janet.

Jessica stood silently as Tina placed the instruments of bondage upon her, standing stiffly and offering her limbs as the leather and steel enclosed them. Janet watched quietly as her Maid took control of the situation, expertly confining Jessica into slavery. Janet decided that next week Jessica would not even see her Mistress upon entering the house. Much as Erica had done with Janet by handing her over to Andrea upon entering her house.

When Tina was done, she locked Jessica's wrists behind her back. Then she made her kneel onto the small carpet, and a leash was attached to her collar. Tina then got a blindfold and ballgag from the desk, and in a few seconds Jessica was rendered without sight or speech.

Janet noted that Jessica had eagerly opened her mouth when the gag was presented to her. She had opened her mouth without hesitation and her lips enclosed the red rubber ball. Jessica had gone from being reluctant about the gag to eager in just a few weeks. She wondered just how much more eager she would become in the future.

Tina had been ordered to take Jessica immediately to the Dungeon, then to be locked by her collar chain to the wall. Then she was supposed to wait for Janet to arrive after a period of time, so that Jessica would be mad with anticipation to see her Mistress.

Once Jessica had been led away, Janet relaxed. Tiffany was away, and Janet hoped that she wouldn't be interfering any time soon. The only problem was that if she knew the identity of Janet's newest slave, which might cause problems later.

The sudden electronic ring of the phone interrupted her thoughts.

"Hello?" asked Janet.

"Janet, hi, its Tiffany."

"What's up?"

"I'm calling to say that I'll be back on Monday. I'm going away with Lauren for a trip," stated Tiffany.

"Thanks for calling," said Janet.

"Bye," said Tiffany, and the connection were severed.

Janet clutched the phone, convinced that finally the fates were on her side. Her new slave, the market up and now Tiffany absent from the house.

"My luck has to turn sometime," said Janet to herself.

Janet let a full half-hour elapse, sure that this would be enough time to drive Jessica mad with desire for her Mistress. She loved hearing the sounds that her heels made as they clicked on the wooden floor as she made her way to the Dungeon. The sounds echoed through the huge house, like the sounds of a metronome.

Jessica was kneeling on a piece of carpet, her collar chained to the wall. She remained bound in the same way as she had been in the library. Janet walked to a chair that looked like a throne, and sat down. She motioned for Tina to unlock Jessica and bring her over to Janet.

Tina complied, all without saying a word. Soon, Jessica was naked, bound, and kneeling before her Mistress. Since she was blindfolded, she didn't know who was in front of her.

Janet stood up, and placed her thumb and forefinger under Jessica's chin. She made Jessica gradually raise her head, since it had been downcast towards the floor. Then Janet began to play with Jessica's erect nipples, sometimes pinching them between her fingers.

This had the effect of making Jessica moan from behind her gag. Just to make her slave feel more helpless, Janet continued to pull and fondle her slave's breasts. In time, Jessica became fully aroused.

Since she had already been a slave for several weeks, she knew to keep her legs opened and her sex available. Once, she had forgotten, and Janet had quickly and severely punished her with several stokes of the riding crop on her thighs. This had left several red welts that had lasted a long time, and proved a good reminder in her training.

Janet reached between Jessica's legs to her wet pussy, and began to fondle her sex. Jessica moaned even more, and Janet pinched her clit just once. This provoked a reaction whereby her entire body shook with desire.

Janet knew that her training of this slave had been entirely successful. Jessica Danvers may have been a wealthy society woman, but inside she was a slave to her desires, one of which was to be subject to a Mistress.

Janet removed her blindfold, but not her ballgag. Jessica blinked in the sudden light, as Janet's Dungeon was kept well lit. Dark Dungeons were for gothic novels in her opinion.

"Good evening, slave. I take it that you have been eagerly awaiting the pleasure of your Mistress," said Janet.

Jessica nodded her head yes in reply, the rubber ball silencing her replies.

"Perfect. I can see by your body's reaction that you are ready to serve me."

Jessica nodded again.


"Thank you, Mistress," gasped Jessica when her ballgag was removed.

"You're welcome, Jessica. Now we can begin. Something with the paddle, first. Just to soften you up and get you in the proper frame of mind," suggested Janet.

Jessica was then locked over a leather-padded sawhorse. Her ankles were secured by the D rings on her bracelets and locked to the legs on one side. Then her torso was bent over the apex of the horse, and her wrist cuffs were similarly locked on the other side.

The girl was quite vulnerable and exposed to what her Mistress would desire for her use and discipline. Her hair had been gathered into a ponytail at Janet's direction so that it would not interfere in any way. Janet did not want Jessica's view to be blocked, nor did she want Jessica to inhale her loose hair. So she has told Tina to bind it up before Jessica had been placed on the horse.

"Ready, slave?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," meekly replied Jessica.

Janet had a leather paddle in her hand, onto which she had sprinkled a few drops of water. This had softened the leather, and would produce a nice sound when it impacted on Jessica's bottom.

"Have you forgotten?" angrily demanded Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress, for what I am about to receive," quickly answered Jessica.

Jessica's reward was the first stroke with the paddle. Janet had delivered a strong stinging blow that landed with a satisfying thwack on Jessica's behind. Janet noted with approval how her buttocks shook with the impact, making them bounce up and down.

"One," cried Jessica.

Janet delivered another stroke, this time to another part of Jessica's behind. It landed with less force than the first, but still reddened the slave's skin.


The third was placed right on the area between her ass cheeks leading up to her anus. Janet knew that every time that Jessica would be sitting down for the next few days, she would be forced to think of her Mistress.



Janet only wanted to deliver enough strokes to make Jessica's behind red and sore, so that Jessica would have a reminder of the punishment that she had undergone. Since this was the first time that Jessica had been bound over the horse, Janet had finally satisfied Jessica's curiosity about what the horse was used for.

"Ten!" cried Jessica, the beginning of tears in her eyes.

Janet felt Jessica's reddened behind. The skin was warmed to the touch, and Janet knew that she had accomplished her goal without punishing Jessica too much. Ten strokes with the paddle and a red behind were enough to introduce Jessica to the horse for today.

"Thank you, Mistress," sobbed Jessica when no further strokes with the paddle were forthcoming.

Next time, Janet would use her hand instead of the paddle. This little change, from using an instrument to her own flesh, would show Jessica a certain intimacy with her Mistress that the impersonal leather did not possess.

Janet did not have to explore Jessica's sex to know that she was already wet and excited. She knew that even before they had started for the night. No, Janet now had to make Jessica become ever more stimulated before she would be allowed to cum.

"Tina, release her please," ordered Janet.

When Jessica had been released from the horse, she stood in silence directly in front of Janet. Janet had not ordered her to be placed into another form of bondage, but merely was waiting to direct her slave with a new and confusing order.

"Jessica!" said Janet sharply.

"Yes, Mistress," she quickly answered.

"Since you have already been my slave for a fairly long period of time, in my opinion you are now ready to select your own punishment," said Janet.

"Mistress?" asked a puzzled Jessica.

"You may go to the cabinet and select the instrument that I will use on you next. Just don't take all evening."

Confused and baffled from Janet's latest order, Jessica walked uncertainly over to the open cabinet where the instruments of the Dungeon were located. Inside were all of the things that were meant to be used on a slave girl, at the choice of her Mistress.

It was therefore quite strange that Janet would give her slave the choice of what would be used on her next. It was quite a painful decision for a slave girl to have to make.

Jessica would pick up and handle the whip, riding crop, flogger, and other instruments. All of which Janet had used on her in the preceding weeks, as Jessica descended deeper and deeper into slavery.

She finally chose a long sinuous black leather whip, one that had been used on her many times before. Janet had told Tina earlier to make certain that all of the instruments were to be cleaned and oiled for tonight, else Tina would have to endure a special ordeal. Tina had obeyed, and all of the leather things within had been polished and shined under the lights.

Jessica then removed the whip, walked slowly over to Janet, and knelt before her, presenting Janet with the thing that she had chosen.

"Thank you, Jessica. I'm that that I can make your choice of the whip worthwhile," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica as Janet removed the coiled whip from her hands.

"Tina, chain Jessica up from the ceiling by her wrists and lock her ankles with a spreader bar," ordered Janet, "I want her completely vulnerable to me."

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet sat down in her chair, and waited for Tina to complete her directed task. She felt the whips surface on her fingers, enjoying the sensual experience of the oiled leather. Tina had done an excellent job with the whip, and it was truly in excellent condition. Perhaps Tina would be its next target soon!

Janet was in no hurry. In comparison to Tiffany, who rushed through her discipline with her slaves, Janet knew that the longer the expectation, the greater the climax that the slave would experience upon release. Which would please both slave and Mistress, and keep the slave coming back for more!

Jessica was restrained from the ceiling with her wrist bracelets locked together, and her legs kept apart by the spreader bar. She was totally exposed to whatever cruelties that her Mistress would desire to inflict upon her.

Mistress Janet rose slowly from her chair, her long beautiful legs encased in black hose. The skin from her waist to her feet was covered by the sheer weave, and showed every muscle of her lovely legs. Seeing herself in the mirror, Janet resolved that she wouldn't wear boots again so often. Janet decided that she would display her legs from now on!

The Mistress coiled the whip with her two hands and presented the handle of woven leather to Jessica's red lips. Jessica kissed the handle without having been ordered to, since she already knew what Janet expected of her.

"Thank you, Mistress, for the punishment that I am about to receive," said Jessica, as she restrained a sob.

"You're welcome, slave."

Janet uncoiled the whip, and delivered a mild stroke that curled around Jessica's exposed body. The tip landed with a moderate impact, and when it struck Jessica's breast, she shook her head from side to side, trying to deny the emotions and feelings that the whip generated within her.

"Thank you, Mistress!" cried Jessica.

When Janet had been whipped for the first time, she had protested that nice girls didn't get whipped. True, Erica had pointed out. Slave girls got whipped, and that was what Jessica had become by now. Horrified and attracted by the discipline that she was now receiving from her Mistress.

The whip struck again, with the tip landing between Jessica's breasts. Jessica's reaction was to moan and cry.

"Don't you want to count the strokes?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress," cried Jessica.

"Would you rather be gagged?"

"Yes, Mistress," Jessica begged.

Deciding that it would be more personal if she gagged Jessica herself, Janet got the gag from Tina. She walked over to Jessica, and presented the object to her slave.

"Is this what you want?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then you shall have it, slave," said Janet.

Jessica opened her mouth, and Janet pushed the red rubber ball inside, drawing the straps around to the back of the neck. Jessica bowed her head to assist Janet as the buckle was drawn tight and closed, with her bound hair nicely out of the way. The rubber ball was deep inside her mouth, and Jessica would never be able to displace it.

Janet had told Jessica the previous week that the pain and the pleasure of being whipped would be intensified if she wore the ballgag. Jessica had remembered what her Mistress had told her, and desired the experience.

Her discipline continued with a slow, steady series of strokes. Janet wanted to insure that Jessica's entire skin would slowly heat up under the repeated impacts of the whip. She was striking her charge with impacts barely hard enough to mark, but she knew that Jessica was experiencing both agony and ecstasy at the same time.

Janet kept the pace of her strokes, pausing after every series of ten had been properly delivered. She watched as Jessica's skin was slowly marked with a thin tracery of fine lines from the whip.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked Janet.

"Mmmmph!" answered Jessica.

Janet decided to stop, and check on what she had accomplished. Jessica's skin was warm to the touch, with an almost electric excitement pulsating through her body. Jessica's nipples were fully erect and her sex was completely wet from her discipline. The gag was having the effect of preventing her from begging for her punishment to stop.

"Jessica, since you can't plead for mercy with the gag in your mouth, I'm going to give you a coin. I want you to hold this in your fingers. If the pain gets too intense, or I hurt you too much, I want you to release the coin. Understand?"

Jessica nodded her understanding, and Janet placed a dollar-sized casino token between the thumb and fingers of Jessica's left hand. Jessica held the coin tightly, not wanting to release it by accident.

With the gag still between Jessica's teeth, Janet then proceeded with her discipline. As before, she began slowly. Jessica's skin had not really cooled down, and she was charged like an erotic battery that her Mistress was in control of. Janet would decide when she would discharge this particular battery!

Janet delivered the next series of strokes with a little more force than the previous ones. The marks on Jessica's body were more pronounced, and would last longer. Surely Jessica knew that if her body were to be whipped longer, her marks would remain for quite some time.

"Jessica," said Janet, "look at yourself in the mirror! Are you sure that you want me to continue marking you with the whip!" demanded Janet.

Jessica nodded her head yes in response to her Mistresses demand.

"I hope that you're not planning on going on a cruise or swimming then, because your whip marks will be a little hard to explain," stated Janet.

Jessica repeated nodding her head yes.

"Then we shall continue, slave," said Janet coldly.

Janet wondered just how Jessica must have been coping with her tribulation. Jessica was still fairly new, yet she was now proving to Janet that she was capable of great endurance in accepting the whip from her Mistress.

'Damn it,' thought Janet, 'drop the coin!'

Janet suddenly placed herself back in Lauren's house, helpless as she was whipped into unconsciousness. The room swayed and distorted, even though it was brightly lit. She saw Lauren's leering sadistic face, then Sabrina and Myra.

'Myra,' thought Janet, 'where are you now?'

'Buy me please?' begged Myra, 'please?'

Janet's nightmare was suddenly ended when she heard the sound of the coin dropping to the floor and giving off a sharp ring when it struck the stone floor.

"Very good," said Janet as she struggled to regain her composure.

Janet stopped her use of the whip, and realized that during the entire flashback to her ordeal with Lauren she had continued to whip Jessica like a robot. It had only been the sound of the coin falling that had stopped her from continuing to whip Jessica past her endurance.

Before the evening had started, Janet had decided that she would torment her slave three times tonight before letting her finally cum in a rush of orgasms. But since Jessica had already undergone so much discipline already, and she was quite clearly ready, now was the time to let her release.

"Tina, take her down and place our guest in the special chair. Don't remove her gag just yet," Janet ordered.

Jessica was placed on a special wooden chair, with a hole in the center. It was on a special platform that was elevated over a foot off the floor. Her wrists were locked behind her back, and her ankles were locked to the chair's legs. Under the hot lights, Janet saw that her slave had taken a large amount of strokes. Her skin was covered with the whip marks that she would carry for some time.

It was now time to release the battery that Janet had been charging all night!

Janet walked over to the cabinet and chose a modest sized white vibrator. While the sex shops were full of monster dildos, they were only for show. Using this on Jessica would make her slave eager to have one, once she had been wracked by orgasm after orgasm!

"Ever use one of these?" asked Janet as she displayed the vibrator to her bound captive.

Jessica shook her head from side to side, saying no.

"Good. Then I'm sure that you'll enjoy it, slave."

Janet flicked the switch on, and felt the gentle buzzing of the vibrator. She knew that since Jessica was now fully excited by her punishments, Jessica would experience a massive series of orgasms.

Reaching under the chair, she pushed the white vibrator up through the hole inside Jessica's sex. Janet had to bend down to get under the seat so that she would have the leverage to insert the vibrator deeper inside Jessica.

Once Janet had pushed it inside, Jessica instantly began to buck and moan. Janet did not even have to thrust the shaft in and out, as Jessica would raise and lower herself onto the vibrator. With Jessica already primed, the slave was quite ready and eager for release.

Janet had found the chair in a storeroom, and had guessed instantly what it could be used for. She had been disappointed that Erica had not used it on her!

"Now!" ordered Janet as Jessica impaled herself on the plastic shaft.

Jessica's body was wracked with pleasure as the waves of orgasms flooded over her, making her moan and cry from behind her gag. She bit onto the rubber, and it's presence in her mouth helped to make the climaxes even more intense, since the power of speech had been removed from her!

Janet thrust the vibrator again and again, each time making sure that her slave experienced one orgasm after another, until they began to come fewer and fewer. Janet wanted her to be exhausted and to spend herself completely before she was released from the chair.

Janet and the vibrator were unwinding all of the pent-up energy that Jessica had been keeping. Finally, Jessica slumped in fatigue after she had climaxed again and again. It was finally time, since Jessica had experienced the release that she had come to a Mistress for.

"Tina, release her. Jessica, I want you on the carpet, knees apart," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," said Tina.

Still gagged, Jessica kneeled on the carpet in front of the throne like chair. Not certain about her hands, she placed them on her knees, awaiting further instructions from Janet.

"Tina, could you leave us, please?" asked Janet.

"Mistress?" asked Tina, surprise on her face.

Every time that Tina had assisted Janet, she had been there the entire time, from beginning to end. Now she was being asked to leave, and she couldn't understand why.

"Tina! Don't make me have to repeat an order again!" angrily said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina, who turned on her heels and left the Dungeon.

'Tina I'm sorry I had to do that,' thought Janet, 'but I'll explain after this is all over.'

Janet stood up from her chair and walked over to Jessica, who knelt awaiting the next move of her Mistress. Janet unbuckled the ballgag, and held it in her hands, wrapping the leather strap around her fingers. The ball was wet with Jessica's drool, and glistened in the Dungeon's bright lights.

"Thank you, Mistress," panted Jessica.

"You're welcome, slave. Did you enjoy your discipline tonight?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You know, you won't be able to go swimming in a public place with your skin like that," stated Janet.

"I own a small island in the Caribbean where I vacation privately, usually without clothing anyway. Perhaps you would care to join me?" asked Jessica.

"Thank you. Your offer is most kind," Janet replied.

"I could even have a small Dungeon built to satisfy your needs," offered Jessica.

"I can dominate you without a Dungeon, just as I did with a girl recently in Manhattan. One doesn't always need a Dungeon in the basement, you know. Just a skilled Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress Janet," answered Jessica.

"In two of your last responses, you failed to address me with my proper title of Mistress. Was that a deliberate omission, or just an accident?" asked Janet.

"An accident, Mistress Janet, please! Don't punish me again," plead Jessica.

Janet knew that Jessica's skin and loins were on fire, and she was now ready for the request that she would make of her.

"Slave Jessica," Janet began, "I know that you are one of the most prominent people in Greenwich. You are in the society columns, and are from one of the oldest families in the nation."

"You forgot to say that I am also one of the richest people in the area, Mistress. Do you want something financial from me?" asked Jessica.

"Beyond the gift that you agreed upon with Mistress Stephanie, no. I have a quite different problem that I require help with."

"I don't understand, Mistress?" answered Jessica, puzzlement in her voice.

"I posses a certain financial account containing stocks the value of which must increased by a certain date, otherwise consequences of which would be disastrous to me personally. Since you are an expert in the field of finance, I require the assistance of my slave to help me. Will you do so?" asked Janet.

Jessica was silent for a few moments before responding.

"Why can't you merely add money to the account, Mistress?" asked Jessica.

"For reasons that I cannot discuss, I can only withdraw, not add, money. I have withdrawn nothing so far," said Janet.

Suddenly the photograph of the diamond necklace that Tiffany had purchased came into her mind. Tiffany must have been quite certain of her victory to cash in some of her gains to buy something like that. She certainly could not afford it on the allowance that they were granted each month by Blanca and the will!

"I think I understand, Mistress."

"Will you help me?" asked Janet, who resisted the temptation to get down on her knees and prostrate herself in front of her slave.

"Yes, Mistress. I will serve as your advisor in whatever capacity you will need me," Jessica answered.

"Thank you. Can we meet at the Stone Bank in Greenwich at 10 AM Monday to begin? I have my records stored there," said Janet.

"Not at home, Mistress?" asked Jessica.

"For reasons I cannot discuss, I can't keep my records at home," stated Janet, "and you must not tell anyone about this! Not your family or friends, or even Tina. It must be a secret between us," implored Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica, "I shall serve you in any way that I can. You said that you owned me totally, and you do. Forever."

'I hope so,' thought Janet, 'I hope you're right.'

Janet led Jessica to her bedroom, since it was now time for the slave to satisfy her Mistress. Since Jessica had been a slave, Janet had edged her ever closer to the idea that one day she would have to service her Mistress.

Janet angrily remembered that she had served Stephanie and not Erica first, when she had been loaned to the other Mistress during her training period. She had longed to satisfy her Mistress, but that had been denied her, perhaps by design. In her own training of new slaves, Janet had decided that they would serve her first!

Leading Jessica up from the Dungeon by a leash, with Jessica's hands locked behind her, Janet was angry to find that Tina was not standing outside the door waiting for her. Could she have been that mad? Janet resisted the temptation to go and find her, since Tina was probably in her servant's room. She had to continue with Jessica, since this would further bond her slave to her.

Next week, when they would be in the house without Jessica present, Janet would punish Tina for her insolent behavior. Janet would make certain that Tina would not misbehave again. Even if she was not allowed to know what was really going on.

"Come along, Jessica," said Janet as she pulled the girl along by her leash.

When they arrived upstairs, Janet immediately unlocked the leash from Jessica's collar. She then unlocked Jessica's wrists from behind her back, freeing her hands.

"Use the bathroom and clean yourself," directed Janet to an empty bedroom, "make yourself ready for your Mistress."

While Jessica cleaned herself in the bedroom next to Janet's, Janet entered her own. She had expected that Tina would have cleaned Jessica up and prepared her. Instead, Jessica had to do so herself. This was no way for a slave to see another behave!

After Jessica had indicated that she was ready, Janet led her into her bedroom and indicated that she should kneel on the floor. Janet then locked her collar to a chain connected to the ringbolt set in the wall.

Janet then placed her foot on a chair and first removed one of her high-heeled shoes, then the other. The she unzipped the leather bodysuit, and gently pulled the leather off, since it had conformed to the contours of her body. Now standing only in her sheer pantyhose, she stripped them off slowly.

Janet went into the bathroom, and freshened herself. She still had a faint aroma of the leather that she had worn for so long, and it clung to her like a perfume.

Emerging naked, she removed a riding crop from the dresser drawer, and sat down on the side where she had chained Jessica. Janet opened her legs, and held the crop in her two hands.

"Service me, Jessica," ordered Janet, "or the crop awaits."

Jessica promptly buried her face between Janet's legs, and Janet responded by opening her legs even more to accommodate the slave's ministrations. Janet was surprised how eagerly Jessica meant to please her, as her labia and clit were sucked and tongued by Jessica.

Janet tried to contain herself, but she was happy about everything, except for Tina's sulk, that had happened tonight. She had enlisted her slave as an ally, and had whipped her into a sexual frenzy. Now she was enjoying the fruits of her labors as her devoted slave was satisfying her in return!

Janet moaned with pleasure as she first orgasm hit her, wondering just how Jessica had learned to satisfy another woman like that. She had not asked her about her sexual experiences, which was something that she was supposed to do before it got this far with a slave.

It was evident that Jessica was already experienced in this matter, and needed no additional training in how to satisfy her Mistress! Janet cried with pleasure as she dragged her slave into her bed, and attacked her all night. The next day, the sheets were a mess!

The weather was warm outside the Stone Bank as Janet drove up in her Toyota. She had worn a blouse with long sleeves and a denim skirt, plus a pair of normal high heels. She looked at her watch and fretted. Would Jessica really show up? Janet wished she had a cigarette, but she had quit years ago.

Jessica Danvers shortly drove up in a new blue Lincoln. She was dressed in a smart business suit, and carried a purse and a briefcase.

"Good morning," greeted Janet.

"Good morning, Mistress," greeted Jessica.

"Thank you for coming," said Janet.

"I'm your devoted slave," said Jessica, "now can we begin?"

"Yes, of course."

They entered the bank and the safe deposit area. Janet withdrew her box, and they repaired to the little locked alcove to examine its contents.

"Here's the current holdings," said Janet as she passed the list to Jessica.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Jessica softly.

Jessica looked at the list, reading over the individual stocks and the amounts that Janet possessed and their monetary value at the date of the latest statement.

"This must be increased by a certain date. Is that correct?" asked Jessica, "Mistress?"

"Yes. But I can't tell you why."

"How long do you have left, Mistress?"

"Less than three months," said Janet.

"Then we'll just have to find better stocks for you to buy, that's all, Mistress," said Jessica, "I noticed an investment counter outside. Mind if I get us some help?"

"Go ahead," ordered Janet.

Jessica opened the folding door, and motioned for the clerk. She asked for the person at the counter to join them immediately. The clerk made a call, and the person from the investment counter virtually ran to see them.

"I need a complete price history on this portfolio of every stock for the last ten years, plus P/E ratios and any corporate news, good or bad, in the last year," ordered Jessica.

"When would you like this?" asked the woman.

"Yesterday," stated Jessica.

The woman almost ran away from them to get back to her counter, the list firmly clutched in her hand.

"You didn't tell her your name," said Janet.

"I don't have to. In Greenwich, everyone already knows me, Mistress."

Janet realized that she may have held the power of the whip in her House, but here Jessica held the power of the purse.

In minutes, the woman returned with a stack of laser printouts that were still warm to the touch. Jessica grabbed them, and opened a cellular phone from her purse.

"Time to get to work, Mistress," said Jessica as she punched in some numbers.

In all, they spent almost an hour in the bank together. Nobody bothered them in the cubicle, and twice Jessica asked to use the bank's phone. Janet was amazed that they let her make two long distance calls without protest.

When they finally left, Janet had a list of stocks to buy and sell, and a great feeling of confidence for the first time since this nightmare had begun.

"I'm impressed at the way they treated you there. Nobody asked your name, and you had the run of the bank's services. Your name must really carry a lot of weight in Greenwich," said Janet.

"More than that, Mistress," began Jessica, "did I mention that I was the largest stockholder in Stone bank?"

Janet had to calm herself down before she drove to her broker with the new list. Jessica was a type A driven personality, a ruthless businesswoman who controlled vast wealth. Yet she found sexual fulfillment by submitting herself to a Mistress that kept her naked and in chains, doing the work of a domestic!

Tiffany and Janet sat together in the library, with Tiffany poring over Erica's book of slaves. She leafed through the pages, seeing each girl's file and other information.

"It's just a pity that we didn't find it sooner," said Tiffany.

"Erica was rather clever about the way she hid it. You would think that she deliberately wanted us to wait nearly a year before we discovered it," ventured Janet.

"There you go again. Anyway, now that we've finally got the book, I'm going to see if I can find if any of these will serve me," said Tiffany.

"You mean us, don't you," added Janet.

"Not for long."

"Whatever happened to that girl you were using, Denise?" asked Janet.

"She couldn't stand up the rigors of being a slave," answered Tiffany.

"Perhaps you were treating her too harshly at first," criticized Janet.


"Thanks, Tiffany. That's the nicest thing that anyone's said to me lately. I'm going for a walk outside. Please tell me if Lauren is coming over so I can hide the silverware. Bye."

Janet walked outside the library, closing the outside door before Tiffany, already angry, could throw something. There was something different about her now, and the earlier confidence and arrogance had vanished. Instead, she acted impatiently and often impulsively. Just to annoy her, Janet had taken to watching the nightly financial news after the market closed.

The garden was about the only restful place on the estate. With an angry Tiffany and a jealous Tina, Janet felt pressured from all sides. At least there was no pressure from Jessica and Stephanie. Jessica had proven to be both a joy as a slave and an efficient financial advisor. Her portfolio had grown, and everything was doing well.

But at the same time, Tina had steadily grown jealous of the attention that Janet had been showing towards Jessica. From that day when she had been asked to leave the Dungeon so that Janet could discuss her needs in private with Jessica, Tina had become progressively harder to handle.

Walking in the garden made her realize that she had been neglecting Tina, when the girl actually wanted was both the attention and the lash of her Mistress. She had seen the look of envy on Tina's face towards Jessica when they were forced to work together in the house.

Janet did not have anything planned for tonight. An earlier engagement had collapsed, leaving her with an opening for this evening.

"Well, Tina, you wanted the attention of your Mistress," she said aloud to herself, "you've got it."

Janet remembered an old saying that her parents had taught her: be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

Dinner that night was a cold affair, at least in the beginning. Tiffany and Janet had dined together, and much to Janet's surprise, suddenly took an active interest in the running of the House. It was actually nice to talk to Tiffany, just like old times before Erica's legacy had actually divided them.

Janet wondered what reason if any to use when she would drag Tina down to the Dungeon. What Tina required was something more that just a few strokes with the riding crop. No, this demanded something a little more intense that would serve to remind Tina that she belonged to Janet and would have to obey her orders.

When Tina rolled in a trolley containing coffee and cake into the library Janet knew that it was now time to start the action with her maid.

Tiffany was seated in a chair, idly using the remote control to flip through the channels on the television.

"Come here, Tina," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Tina.

Tina stood in silence in front of Janet, awaiting her next command.

"Raise your uniform," coldly ordered Janet.

Tina pulled the hem of her uniform upwards, to expose her bare behind. Janet noticed that she did not have any recent marks on her. Had she really been neglecting Tina that much? No wonder Tina was feeling jealous!

"Over my knee," ordered Janet.

Tiffany had lost interest in the television, preferring to watch as Janet prepared to discipline Tina. She clicked the remote off, and decided to stay. Since Tina was off limits to her, that was all she could do.

Tina lay on Janet's knees, her upraised naked pink bottom ready for punishment. Janet loved the feeling of power and control that she had over Tina, and she was sorry that she had been neglecting her. Janet resolved that once this was all over, she would devote more time to Tina. Providing that she was the victor, of course.

"Would you like a paddle or crop?" asked Tiffany.

"No thank you, Tiffany. The flat of my hand will be quite sufficient," answered Janet.

Janet began to spank Tina with a steady series of blows that made her bottom bounce with every impact. She wanted this spanking to merely be a prelude for later events in the evening.

Tina's behind soon became red, and this immensely aroused Janet. Janet felt the heat of Tina's punished skin as she continued the spanking. Janet knew that the spanking had immensely aroused Tina, but she only wanted to take it so far.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Tina when Janet ceased suddenly.

"You may get up now, and serve us coffee," ordered Janet.

Tina stood up from Janet's knees, and pulled down the hem of her rubber outfit. The she proceeded to serve both Janet and Tiffany as if nothing had happened.

Janet noted that Tina seemed a little more attentive, a little more eager to please than she had been in several weeks. She resolved to keep a crop nearby to give Tina the occasional stroke to remind her of her place in the House.

"Had some fun?" asked Tiffany.

"I believe that I've been neglecting her lately. That will change," said Janet.

"Good," agreed Tiffany.

When Tina had finished doing the dishes, she was startled to find Janet waiting silently behind her.

"Mistress!" cried Tina, "I didn't know you were there."

"Perhaps you should be more attentive next time," answered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"I want to see you downstairs in the Dungeon tonight at 9 PM, naked and waiting for me on the carpet. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," replied Tina.

"You've been a bad girl lately, and don't think I haven't noticed. It's time that I started to correct your behavior," stated Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," Tina answered.

"Good," said Janet as she departed.

Janet decided to wear the rubber dress that she had bought on her city trip, months ago. Janet pulled it on, and zipped herself up in the mirror. True, it would be hot and sweaty inside. But that would only make her more driven to put Tina in her place.

"You look very nice," offered Tiffany.

"Thank you," replied Janet, "are you going out tonight?"

"No, I was planning on staying in. I see that you're already dressed for the evening."


"I won't join you in the Dungeon. After all, two's company, and three's a crowd," said Tiffany.

"Thank you," answered Janet.

"Have a nice time," said Tiffany, "I'm going to have a bath."

"Enjoy yourself," replied Tiffany as she walked towards her own bedroom.

Janet could not contain her desire by the time that she entered the Dungeon. On the small circular carpet was Tina, naked and kneeling. Her hands rested on her opened knees, and Janet could see that Tina had been expecting her.

"Good evening, Tina," greeted Janet.

"Good evening, Mistress," said Tina in return.

"I've been very disappointed in you lately, Tina. Ever since Jessica has come into this house, you've been jealous of her. Though to your credit, you haven't abused your privilege with her by unnecessarily using the crop. That has to stop, and stop now!"

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

Because of that, I'm going to have to give you a little punishment that you'll never forget, so that you'll remember that you are one of my slaves also."

"Yes, Mistress, please?"

"Please what?" asked Janet.

"Punish me, Mistress."

"I want you to collar and bracelet yourself, since by the time we leave here, your skin is going to be covered in stripes."

Tina rose and opened the cabinet where she had stored the things that Janet had mentioned. In a few moments, she had locked then upon herself, as Janet had ordered, and was again kneeling on the carpet.

"Hold out your hands," Janet ordered.

Tina did so, and Janet locked the wrist cuffs together. Then she pulled Tina to her feet, over to the waiting horse. This was a different one than the padded one that she usually used. This one was quite sturdy, made of solid wood in the shape of an A. In the center, sticking up from the polished dark wood, was a rubber dildo.

"I want you to climb up onto the horse, and you know where to place the dildo," ordered Janet.

Tina did as she was instructed, throwing her leg over the wooden surface while she climbed up onto the horse. Her entire weight would be resting on her sex, which would be impaled by the dildo. Tina raised herself up, then slowly lowered herself upon the erect shaft. She moaned when it entered her sex, while she seated herself on the horse.

"That's good, Tina," said Janet.

Janet locked Tina's wrists together behind her back, then locked her ankles to chains on either side of the horse. Then she unlocked Tina's wrists in front, then locked them again behind her back to a ceiling chain that hung nearby. The chain was connected to a motor in the ceiling, so that when Janet activated it, Tina was slowly pitched forward. This increased the weight on her sex, pushing the dildo deeper within her.

"Ooooh!" Tina cried.

Janet then removed a crop from the cabinet, flexing it with her two hands.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tina

"Thank me afterwards, when your skin is red and pained," cautioned Janet.

Janet began to strike Tina with the crop, the small tip at its end leaving a small red mark wherever it landed. Tina, held fast on the horse, could only moan whenever the crop struck her.

She next struck at the outside of Tina's legs at first. Then she gradually moved upwards, striking Tina's breasts. Each stoke left a red mark, and made her breasts bounce a little, and Janet found that very attractive.

Bound as she was, Janet did not want to strike Tina so hard that she might lose her balance. Rather Janet wanted Tina to remain on the horse, with her sex invaded by the dildo.

Janet did not have to check if Tina was wet. That was obvious by the way she moaned when the crop struck her flesh. Tina was now being properly punished for the first time in months, and Janet realized the mistakes that she had made!

"Enough," stated Janet, once she was satisfied that Tina was now ready for her next ordeal.

Janet placed the crop under her arm as she unlocked Tina from the horse. Perhaps she should have used the horse last, rather than as the first item of punishment. Regardless, when Tina dismounted the horse, her flesh was already marked nicely.

The dildo was wet, and reflected the Dungeon lights. Janet had prepared for this, and had brought a small basin of water and a wash cloth with her.

"Tina, clean yourself, but you are not allowed to cum!" ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress, ohhhh!" cried Tina when she placed her hand into the water.

As a further vexation, Janet had filled the basin with ice cubes and water, so that it was quite cold. Janet knew that this would put out the fires in Tina's loins quite fast!

Tina cleaned herself without protest, and Janet roughly inspected her to make certain that she had done a good job. Her cunt was clean of her juices, and the skin was cold to the touch. Tina moaned when the warm fingers of her Mistress probed her sex.

"Very good, slave," said Janet approvingly.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"And now the whip," stated Janet.

Tina stood unemotionally as Janet secured her wrists and ankles to spreader bars that would make her vulnerable to discipline. Her bare feet were standing on the stone floor, as Janet had not ordered her to wear shoes this evening.

"I do love you," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina.

Then Janet struck with the whip, stroke after stroke landing on Tina's already punished skin. Janet did not even try to direct the whip, letting it fall wherever it would. Instead, she wanted it to leave stripe after stripe on Tina's figure.

The whip wrapped itself around Tina's curves, and Janet remembered that she had not whipped Tina so hard for quite some time. Just for effect, she cracked the whip against empty air, like some western movie. But she would always return to using the whip on Tina, making her moan and cry within her bonds.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Tina when Janet temporarily stopped.

"You're welcome," said Janet.

Janet removed a small metal box from the cabinet. She walked over to Tina, and opened the box for her slave to see inside. Tina moaned when she saw the contents.

"Clamps," said Janet.

Janet first applied one to Tina's right nipple, making her moan. When the other was fixed onto her, Tina moaned again. Janet then applied two more, onto the outer lips of her sex. Tina reacted violently, shaking her chains in protest.

To further test her, Janet then inserted two of her fingers inside Tina's slit. The girl was wet again, just like she had been on the horse!

"You're a real bondage slut," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," agreed Tina, "I'm a bondage slut."

"What do sluts like you deserve?" asked Janet.

"To be whipped, Mistress," cried Tina in response.

"Very well," said Janet as she again picked up the whip.

The experience of being whipped while the clips upon her breasts and sex drove Tina to even greater heights of agony. Every time that the whip struck her flesh, Tina moaned with both agony and ecstasy at the same time.

Janet continued, carefully counting the strokes, never hitting hard enough to break the skin. Pausing to touch Tina's skin, she found that the whip warmed her slave's skin. Janet carefully counted each series of strokes, wondering when Tina would use up her capacity to absorb discipline.

Tina would long carry reminders of this night on her skin and hopefully in her soul, thought Janet.

Just before Janet was going to stop anyway, Tina suddenly cried out.

"Mercy, Mistress, please, mercy!" sobbed Tina.

Tears ran down Tina's cheeks, streaking her makeup. Her body was thoroughly covered by a fine tracery of welts that the whip had left behind.

"Very good, Tina. Now you may kiss the whip," ordered Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tina as she carried out Janet's orders. Her lips embraced the whip handle as even as tears continued to flow from the corners of her eyes.

"I don't want to have any further trouble with you, nor do I want you to be jealous of Jessica. Do you understand? Or I shall be forced to use more extreme measures," threatened Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," cried Tina.

Janet then took Tina upstairs, and let her clean herself properly. Then she took her into her bedroom, and used her violently for the rest of the night. There was a riding crop on the night table, and Janet did not hesitate to use it whenever she felt that Tina was not being wholly attentive to her.

Finally, she fell into a satisfied sleep, with her slave girl on the bed next to her, her collar chained to the wall as usual.

"The most recent choices have done well, Mistress," said Jessica.

From the small safe deposit cubicle, Janet and Jessica had moved to the banks meeting room. On the table was a pot of hot coffee and croissants, and the papers were organized into neat rows.

Janet rubbed her eyes, hoping that she was ahead of Tiffany. There wasn't much time left, just two weeks till the anniversary of Erica's death.

"Thank you, Jessica. This just has to run its course," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica.

"Could I be left alone here for a while before we, before I," Janet corrected herself, "deliver the final orders to the broker."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica as she left her seat and closed the door behind her.

Janet fled into the bathroom, and closed the door behind her, just in time for a torrent of tears.

"Why, Erica, why?" cried Janet to herself.

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