Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

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Chapter Ten: The Recovery

It had been months since Janet had traveled to New York. For someone who had grown up in NY and spent their entire life in the shadows of Manhattan's skyscrapers, Janet missed the city greatly. But now, on board the Metro-North train, she wondered if coming into the city had been a good idea after all.

In her purse were the things that she had collected. That Erica owned stock in her former employer's company. The empty envelope that Janet had found from her employer to Erica. The letter that she had found in Erica's computer directing them to fire Janet upon her return to work. Most important of all was the document outlining the contest for Erica's legacy between Janet and Tiffany.

Janet had planned to confront Blanca with all of this, and question whether or not Mistress Erica and Andrea were indeed dead from the plane crash. But Janet realized that it didn't matter after all. Accusing Blanca wouldn't produce Erica, nor change anything.

Dramatic confrontations like that happened in the movies, not in reality. When the train pulled to a stop, she walked outside in the spring weather and hailed a cab. Once inside, she gave the directions to Blanca's office. Janet sat back against the seat, and thought how wonderful it was that the skin on her back no longer hurt.

It had been a nightmarish last three months, as she recovered from the severe beating that she had received at the hands of Mistress Lauren. Janet only remembered fragments of what had occurred, and they had been horrifying. Punishing a girl beyond her endurance. Then taking her place and being whipped until Janet's back was covered in blood. The ride home, and collapsing into fever and delirium. Finally, her long recovery assisted by Stephanie, Camille, and Tina.

Janet's back bore the scars from the terrible punishment that it had received. Stephanie had taken her to a plastic surgeon that said that they could be easily fixed, and did not question their origin.

"No, Stephanie. I'm not going to have my back operated on," Janet said in the car as they drove away from the doctor's office.

"But why?" asked Stephanie. "It's a terrible reminder of what happened."

"That's exactly why I want to keep those scars. To remind me of Lauren, and the monster that Tiffany has become by associating with her," answered Janet.

"You're crazy."

"Perhaps. Those scars are the stigmata of Lauren's evil and will always remind me of the responsibility that we have in our position as Dominants. That's why I want to keep them," said Janet.

When the cab pulled in front of Blanca's office, Janet realized that she was even more scared than the day Erica had died. She paid the driver, and went inside. God, it had been so long! Squeezing inside an elevator, she realized just how long it had been since she had last been inside one.

The receptionist was the same, and Janet was soon ushered into Blanca's office. She sat down, and waited a few minutes for her attorney to join her.

"Good morning," greeted Blanca, "sorry I'm a little late."

"That's fine," said Janet. "I'm a little dazed at being back in the city again."



After removing her coat, Blanca sat down and punched a button on her intercom.

"Georgie, please get us two black coffees," said Blanca.

Georgie appeared, and Janet noticed that she was an attractive secretary in her late twenties. She wore a conservative business suit, and placed the tray down on Blanca's desk.

"Thanks, Georgie. Please see that we're not disturbed," ordered Blanca.

Once Georgie had closed the doors, Janet had a burning question to ask.

"Is she one of yours?" asked Janet.

"No. It's a little too messy to have a slave at work. She's getting married, I think. But you didn't come all the way from Greenwich to ask me about that, now did you?" questioned Blanca.

"No. Ever since Erica's death, I've had the feeling that this entire scene has been arranged. And you're in on it."

"Really," said Blanca as she sat back in her leather chair.

"Here," said Janet, as she handed over the paper detailing the contest, the envelope, and the printed letter.

"Nice collection," said Blanca.

"Erica was a little careless with her computer. Just because you think you've deleted something doesn't mean it's really gone until it's written over. Why would Erica want me fired from my job unless she wanted me to concentrate on something else? Like her little contest?"

"Circumstantial evidence that wouldn't hold up in a court of law. Erica wanted you to enjoy your new life. Shouldn't you be down on Wall Street instead of here? That's where your future is going to be decided, not here with me. Besides, you've lost a lot of time, didn't you?"

"How did you hear about that?" demanded Janet.

"I have my sources. It isn't every day that a novice Mistress makes a fool of Lauren and takes whatever punishment she can mete out," answered Blanca.

"You forget that I could have passed out going home and killed myself. If it hadn't been for Stephanie."

"Yes, Stephanie. So you're here for the fourth quarter, like football. Like I said, you better get to Wall Street. That is, if you don't want to end up in Tiffany's Dungeon with Lauren holding the whip. Did you hear the news this morning?" asked Blanca.

"No, why?" asked Janet.

"Because the market sank over four hundred points at the opening, or don't you follow the financial news?" asked Blanca.

"Oh, god," answered Janet.

Janet left Blanca's office in a daze, after stuffing her evidence back into her purse. Inside the lobby of her building was an electronic board, courtesy of a financial firm. Janet stood in front, watching the financial bad news scroll across the computer screen. Some of the stocks mentioned were the exact ones that she had holdings in.

It had taken her three precious months of recovery to get the strength to come into NY and see Blanca. Blanca had taken only seconds to destroy her. Janet walked, stunned, out of the building into the spring weather. Since it had rained heavily the night before, the city smelled clean.

Janet had originally decided that she would use the day for some fun. After seeing Blanca, she had planned to go into the fetish shops downtown. Now she felt like going home. But why? To sulk and get more depressed? Janet hailed a cab, and directed the driver to the Village.

Walking around the Village was always a treat, and Janet wished that she could have lived here. Instead, she had always played tourist. She walked the steps down to a fetish shop, and pressed the buzzer. The door opened, and she went inside.

The wonderful smell of the new leather and rubber excited her, and reminded Janet of her closet. Erica's closet. She looked at all the new garments, and decided to try on a new black rubber dress. She went into the changing room and soon wore the new dress, which clung to her every curve. Even though Erica had a similar dress in the closet, Janet resolved to buy it anyway. She stepped outside to see herself in the full-length mirror.

When the clerk went to compliment her on her choice, the girl gasped when she saw the scars on her back. Janet saw her reflection in the mirror.

"It's all right," said Janet, as she faced the girl.

"They're horrible. They must have hurt terribly," she said.

"They did. My back was opened up by a vicious Mistress who doesn't believe in safewords," said Janet.

"Do you belong to her?"

"No. I'm a Mistress in my own house."

"But why?"

"To prevent her from further punishing a girl that had called for mercy, that's why."

The girl looked shocked and surprised. Janet wondered if she would always have to explain and relive her horrible experience. She bought the dress, and was preparing to leave when the clerk buzzed another customer inside.


Janet turned around, looking at the source of the voice.


Janet dropped her bag, and embraced her friend. They kissed, and hugged. It had been months since they had seen one another.

"How are you doing?" asked Sally.


"How would you like to go to lunch? I'm meeting a friend for sushi, and I'm sure you'd like her."

"Okay," said Janet.

They walked outside, enjoying the sounds of Manhattan. Even though it was a workday, the city was still full of attractive women, all nicely dressed.

"How do you like replacing Erica?" suddenly asked Sally.

"Fine. I'm still learning my way around. How come you haven't called me?"

"I thought that you'd be too busy," answered Sally.

"You're the one who introduced me to this lifestyle, remember? I never thought that I'd be first slave, then Mistress, so soon," confided Janet.

"That's true. And I'm just a lowly slave," said Sally, softly.

The restaurant was entered through a long passageway, and Sally found that her friend Melissa was already there. She was seated in the bar waiting, having sake. She embraced Sally, and they all sat down together.

"I'd like to introduce my friend Janet," said Sally.

"Janet, the one that I've heard so much about?" asked Melissa.

"Yes, unless Sally has another friend with my name," answered Janet.

"Pleased to meet you," she said, holding her hand out. Janet took it, and shook her hand in return.

"Did Sally introduce me?" asked Melissa.

"No, not before now," answered Janet, before she took another sip of sake.

"I'm her Mistress," said Melissa.

"Oh," politely answered Janet, the truth dawning on her.

They had lunch of sake, sushi, and fried tempura. The restaurant was mostly empty, so they had the place mostly to themselves. Seated in a corner, they were able to have some privacy, which allowed them to discuss some rather personal matters.

"I understand that you've inherited Erica Riken's estate?" asked Melissa.


"She was one of the best Doms, ever."

"I know, I trained under her," answered Janet.

"Really, Dom or Sub?"

"Sub. I was her slave for a year. But I'm Mistress now."

"Great. And you just met Sally here, shopping?"

"Yes. Thought I'd come into the city for a little shopping, and I found this rubber dress," said Janet.

"Nice. I had told Sally here to meet me for lunch, and then we'd go shopping for a few toys also. But perhaps you'd be interested in something else," offered Sally.

"Go ahead," said Janet, eating the last of her tempura.

"My friend Tyler has a loft not far from here, with her complete collection of toys. We could do a little scene together, and we've already got Sally here. Isn't that right?" asked Melissa of Sally.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Sally.

"When was the last time we did a scene?" asked Melissa.

"Last week, Mistress."

"Then I'd say that we're overdue, hmm?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Interested, Janet?"

While doing a scene was the last thing that Janet had wanted to do. The visit to the fetish shops and lunch had brightened her spirits. Erica's mansion may have been a Dungeon for her girls, but it was also a prison for her Mistress as well.

"Why not?" said Janet.

The three of them piled into a cab after lunch, for the short ride to Melissa's friend's place. After paying for the cab, they walked outside an old factory building until they found the door. Melissa hit the buzzer, and they were admitted. The elevator was new, indeed the whole building was no longer a factory but an attractive place to live.

Tyler opened the door, an attractive girl with black hair, and a slim figure. She had been working out on exercise equipment, and was wearing a sports bra, and exercise shorts, plus sneakers.

"Pleased to meet you," greeted Tyler, extending her hand.

"Mutual," said Janet.

Janet followed her host to the living room. The place had been laid out like a regular apartment, not like the open spaces in lofts when artists fist got them in the 60s. Space was at a premium in Manhattan.

"Can I offer you a soda, or iced tea?"

"Tea," said Melissa, as she sat down at the couch.

"Be right back," said Tyler.

Janet walked around the living room, looking at the paintings and artwork. She had never once asked what the things in Erica's place were worth. It had simply never occurred to her to ask Blanca. After having been destroyed by Blanca in just a few minutes, she wasn't eager to see her again. Except that in three months would be the anniversary of Erica's death and the conclusion of her contest that would decide who was Mistress.

Tyler reappeared with a tray, which she placed on the table. There was a pitcher full of iced tea, and four glasses filled with ice. She poured and filled each one.

Janet seated herself amongst her three female companions, and sipped her drink. She looked at all three, and realized that they weren't part of her world in Connecticut. No, this was Manhattan, and a different scene than the one she had inherited.

"Melissa says that you're a Dom," said Tyler.

"Yes. I've been lucky, I inherited Erica Riken's estate."

"She came into the city a few times. Quite impressive," commented Melissa.

"I introduced her," said Sally.

"Pity you didn't introduce her to me," said Melissa.

"I didn't know you then."

"Then what?"

"Then, Mistress," answered Sally.

"Better, Sally. Perhaps a few more strokes with the whip, and you'll finally get it right. Correct, Janet?"

"Yes," answered Janet.

"Now then, what shall we do?" asked Melissa.

"Whatever Mistress desires," answered Tyler.

"Since Janet is our guest here, perhaps you should show her your marks," ordered Melissa.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tyler.

Tyler stood up from her seat, and unlaced her sneakers. Then she removed her socks, and peeled off her sports bra, and shorts. They lay in a pile on the floor. She stood naked, her eyes bowed before her Mistress.

Her body was tight and muscular. Janet saw the hard muscles ripple beneath her skin, and knew that she was one tough girl. However, her skin also bore the marks of a slave, and Janet could see the marks of the whip and crop. Also, both of her nipples were pierced with small golden rings.

"May I?" asked Janet.

"Of course," answered Melissa.

Janet felt Tyler's shoulders, breasts, and belly. She ordered the girl to raise her arms, and felt below her armpits. Then she ordered her to bend over a table, and spread her ass to look at her anus. Finally, she fondled and penetrated her sex, making her moan with excitement.

"Silence, slave," ordered Janet.

Tyler remained silent for the rest of her examination. Janet felt energized by the sudden turn of events. Just a couple of hours before, she had been down in the dumps. Now here she was, in control of someone else's slave. It felt good again, and her heart beat strongly.

"Would you like to use her?" asked Melissa.

"Yes, thank you?" answered Janet.

"I'm sure that you can manage without a Dungeon, can't you?" questioned Melissa.

"I think I can manage."

"Good. There are two bedrooms here. You can be alone with Tyler, and I'll use Sally here. She's such an insolent little slut lately."

"Thank you," said Janet.

"Ask Tyler where I keep my little collection. I'm sure that the two of you have a lot to discuss," said Melissa as she led Sally to one of the bedrooms, and closed the door.

Janet was suddenly alone with Tyler, who was still bent over a table. Tyler remained silent, as her temporary Mistress had not asked her a question.

"Tyler, where are Mistress Melissa's toys?" asked Janet.

"In the bottom of the china cabinet, Mistress," answered Tyler.

Janet walked over to the trendy looking china cabinet, and when she opened the bottom drawer, she found a nice little collection. There were handcuffs, bracelets, two riding crops, some gags, and a small whip and flogger. Not a bad little collection!

Janet grabbed a few objects, and led Tyler to the other bedroom. She could hear slaps and cries from behind the other door, and guessed that her friend Sally was being spanked.

The second bedroom was sparsely furnished. A four post bed, chest of drawers, some chairs, and some plants.

Janet sat on the bed, and motioned for Tyler to kneel on the floor.

"Legs apart," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tyler.

"Since we're not in my Dungeon, we have to be a little creative. So I want you to lay yourself on the dresser, face down."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tyler.

Tyler did as she was instructed, pushing the things on the dresser's top into a drawer. Back in the same position that she had been before, Janet had an excellent view of her behind.

Janet undid her skirt and blouse, folding them on a chair. She was wearing a pair of black silk bra and panties, and she liked they way she looked in the mirror.

"Ready, slave?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tyler.

Janet rewarded Tyler's reply with a swift stroke of the thin riding crop across her ass cheeks. Tyler jerked, and moaned when the thin instrument left a thin red line on her behind.

"Enjoy that?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet struck again, with the same force that she had used before. Since she did not know when the girl had been last used, or how much discipline that she was used to, Janet punished her quite mildly. Plus, she belonged to another Mistress, and did not want to damage her property.

When Tyler had cried out, Janet moderated her strokes, making sure that she was heating up her bottom with a steady series of blows. Tyler was making sounds indicating that she was ready to cum, not those of a girl in pain. Janet guessed that she was quite familiar with the riding crop.

"Enough for now," said Janet, pleased that her first efforts with Tyler had gone quite well.

Janet looked at herself in the bedroom mirror, holding the riding crop. Then she turned slightly, and saw her back in profile. Time suddenly reversed itself, and she was back in Lauren's Dungeon, a ballgag in her mouth, the whip constantly striking her back like a thunderclap.

"Mistress Janet, is there anything wrong?" asked Tyler.

"Why?" questioned Janet.

"You froze for a minute, oh!"

When she had turned, Tyler had seen the marks on her back. The uneven skin where it had not healed properly.

"How horrible," said Tyler.

"Yes, Tyler, kneel on the floor, legs apart," ordered Janet.

In the months since her recovery, the only girl that Janet had used was Tina. Janet hadn't used anyone else, since she didn't want to expose herself to another woman. Tina had never said anything, but had remained silent about her marks.

Janet wondered if there had ever been a situation before where a slave had felt sympathy for a Mistress.

"For speaking out of turn, I'm going to crop those lovely breasts of yours. Then a few strokes to your back."

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet did as she had said, first delivered a series of delicate strokes that left tiny marks on Tyler's breasts, making them shake with each impact. Then she concluded by leaving a few marks on Tyler's back.

"There now," said Janet, "had a good time?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tyler.

Janet stripped off her remaining clothing and sat down on the bed, bare. Still holding the riding crop, she opened her legs.

"Satisfy me, slave. Or I'll use the crop again," ordered Janet.

Tyler complied immediately, her eager tongue and lips soon making Janet respond with pleasure. Janet forgot all her troubles as the expert slave at her feet brought her waves and waves of sensation, making her cum time after time.

Janet became red and flushed with excitement as she felt the waves of orgasm flood through her body. She watched herself in the mirror as she bucked with every climax and orgasm.

Just to continue the pleasure, she began to lightly tap Tyler on the back. This made the girl try ever harder to bring her to orgasm again. Tyler was certainly an expert mouth girl!

"In bed, slave!"

Janet drew Tyler up into her arms, and they got between the covers. Even though the sun was streaming through the windows and Janet could hear the sounds of traffic below, all she cared about was using this how little slave girl!

She grabbed and lusted after her hungrily, taking possession of her body again and again. Janet forgot then pain that she continued to endure, and used Tyler completely.

Tyler responded, matching her lustful thrusts. They ground their hips together, and Janet moaned when she felt her nipples sucked and teased. Janet did the same to Tyler, and her tongue darted through Tyler's golden nipple rings.

After what seemed like hours, Janet lay satisfied on her back. All the cares in the world were gone. At least for a little while.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tyler, "for using me so well."

"You're welcome Tyler. And thank you, too."

"May I ask Mistress a question?"

"Go ahead," said Janet.

"Your back, how did you get those marks?"

Twice in one day now, another woman had seen her marks, and was reacting to it. It seemed as if the scars Janet bore were both internal and external.

"Has a Mistress ever punished you past your safeword?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress, never," answered Tyler.

"Make certain that you are never a slave to one who does," cautioned Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Tyler.

Janet rubbed her eyes and wished that she had a drink in front of her. The public library was a great place to work, but lacked the freedom to open a can of soda.

The damage to her portfolio was serious, but not catastrophic. Fortunately, the market had stopped its slide and stabilized after a few anxious days. Janet looked at the value of her portfolio and hoped that Tiffany had suffered a loss also.

It had been a few days since she had returned from New York City. What had seemed like a disaster had instead turned into something memorable. Running into Sally like that, meeting Melissa and her slave Tyler. She had exchanged numbers with Melissa and had promised to see her again soon.

After making a few decisions to buy some new stocks now that the market was down, she hoped that her new purchases would go up in value. She wondered just what her former stockbroker boyfriend was up to now. Probably married with two kids in the suburbs.

Janet tore up her notes, and was left only with her new purchases. That she would give to the broker. It was so warm that she didn't need a coat. Since Tiffany had taken the BMW, Janet was left with the Toyota. She drove to the broker, had her ten minutes with him, went to the bank, and realized that she was free for the day.

In all her time in Greenwich, Janet had never gone to the beach. After inheriting Erica's house last summer, she had planned to go to the beach. But instead, life had been far too busy with her assuming the life of a Mistress.

But now it was spring, and Janet suddenly wanted to walk and hear the ocean. She looked at her map, and found that she was in for some complicated driving. Still, she had her beach pass (which was something that Blanca had gotten for her), and was determined to see the ocean.

Todd's Point was a tiny beach compared to what she had been used to. Restricted to Greenwich residents, Janet had to show her pass. Even though the season still hadn't started, the place was still hard to get into.

Walking in her sneakers, Janet enjoyed the sound of the surf and the smell of the ocean. Getting a drink from the one small concession shack, she sat down on a wooden bench, and played with the sand.

"It's nice not to have any cares for once," she said aloud.

She watched a few hardy souls swimming in what must have been freezing water. After her city trip, Janet knew that swimming, even with a full suit, was clearly out. People would see and talk about the whip marks, even if they did not know their origin. It was not yet time to have her back fixed, thought Janet.

"A penny for your thoughts," said a familiar voice behind her.

"Stephanie!" cried Janet.

Janet jumped up, and hugged her friend. She was glad when Stephanie hugged back, and they sat down together.

"But how? You're not a Greenwich resident?" asked Janet.

"Oh, let's just say that one of the local female politicians happens to be my slave, so I have some pull. Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're here. That house has become a prison for you," stated Stephanie.

"You're right. I really should get out more," said Janet.

"But I've got something of interest to put you back in the Dungeon. Tell me, how many slaves have you had in the last year?"

"Tina, and the one in New York. Plus a couple of others that I got out of Erica's books," Janet answered.

"Not too many, then," stated Stephanie.

"This year has been a disaster for me. I've spent the last three months healing after my encounter with Lauren. Tina still tells me that I have trouble sleeping, and I believe her," said Janet.

"Then let me give you a good gift. How would you like the chance to develop a new slave girl, entirely from scratch?" offered Stephanie.

"You must be joking," said Janet.

"No, I'm too busy right now to develop someone new."


"Perhaps. But it's time that you started with someone new. Eventually, you'll have your own little stable of willing slaves, like every Mistress. Nobody can blame you for anything after what you've been through. Interested?"

Could she really turn down an opportunity like that? Somehow, Janet wasn't able to call Erica's slaves like Tiffany. She wondered if she really was a Mistress at heart.

"Yes. I'll take her off your hands," said Janet.

"Good! Here's her name, address, phone, and photo," said Stephanie as she dug a photo out of her purse.

Janet looked over the picture. It showed a well-dressed woman in her early thirties, pretty and well built. Janet wondered why such a good-looking girl would want to serve a Mistress, rather than have a normal relationship?

"Jessica Danvers," read Janet from the pictures back, "That name sounds familiar."

"It's old money. Very old money. Satisfy her desires, and you'll be quite well rewarded," advised Stephanie.

"Why me?" asked Janet.

"Her ancestors were putting people into stocks and whipped them during the witch trials in colonial times. Now one of their descendants wants to serve a Dominant Mistress. I can't think of one better than you, after your recent experience."


"Look. You won't go too far with her, and she'll appreciate that. Just like the way you started slowly with Tina has paid off, Jessica will react the same way. If she were to start with Lauren, she'd never want to see a Mistress again. Now I probably couldn't pry Tina from you with a crowbar, because she loves you."

"All right, you've convinced me. I'll call her," said Janet.

"You've got to follow the ritual. Have a limo pick her up, be mysterious. Show off Tina in a latex outfit, and her marks. Everything that you can do to intrigue her. That way, she'll get fascinated and want to serve a Mistress."

"Just like Erica did?" asked Janet.

"Yes, just like Erica. It's time you started doing what you've learned from Erica and myself," ordered Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress," said Janet.

"What!" demanded Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress Stephanie."

"That's better," answered Stephanie, "now get to work."

Janet stared at the ocean with new confidence, and suddenly looked forward to the future. It didn't look all that bad, for now!

Janet was terrified before she made the call. Stephanie had phoned earlier, saying that she had phoned Jessica and told her that she was unavailable and it would be Mistress Janet who would supervise her training. It had been one thing to call one of Erica's former slaves. It was quite something else to cold call a stranger, and sound like a confident Mistress. Janet wished that she had Erica's voice and ability.

"Hello, is this Jessica Danvers?" asked Janet.

"Speaking," said a female voice.

Janet looked at the picture she was holding, and tried to connect the voice to that photo.

"This is Mistress Janet Davis. Mistress Stephanie referred you to me. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Janet."

"Mistress Janet, to you. I understand that you have a special need that has to be fulfilled. Is that correct?" demanded Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"Good. Then we understand each other. I have an opening this Friday night. You will be available to me. Is that understood?"

"I had something planned, Mistress Janet," answered Jessica.

"Cancel it. Immediately. That is, if you're not really serious."

"No, Mistress Janet."

"Good. I'll send a limo to your house, or anywhere you wish to be picked up. Give me the location. Now!"

When Janet hung up the receiver, she was shaking like a leaf. She remembered the chill she felt whenever Erica would call her to make her weekly appointments. Now it was Janet who was the Mistress, and someone else the slave!

Janet walked over to the bar and poured herself a small cream sherry. She twirled the glass around a few times, watching the heavy liquid in the glass. Janet took a few sips of the sherry, enjoying the warm glow it produced as it went down to her stomach.

Friday was two days away!

Jessica Danvers did not wish to be picked up at her estate. Even though her walled estate was in reality not far from Janet's, she had instead chosen a site several miles away to be collected.

While Janet had been able to see where she had been going, Janet now decided that she was going to do something different in her role as a Mistress. She had bought a pair of modern high tech sunglasses that curved and touched a person's face. Then she had blacked out the interior, so that the wearer couldn't see anything.

Janet had instructed the driver to tell his passenger that she had to wear the glasses and secure them with an elastic strap to maintain the Mistresses identity. If she refused, Jessica would not be brought to Janet's house. Stephanie had referred the driver to her, and Janet thought that he had driven her to Erica's house last year, but didn't question him.

When the limo began to pull into the driveway after the gate had opened, Janet had gone from frightened to calm.

'All right, Mistress Janet,' she thought to herself, 'Time to start acting like one.'

She had instructed Tina to dress in her rubber Maid's outfit, with no underwear. She wanted Tina to be available for use quickly, should the need arise. Janet smoothed her own leather dress down, and looked at herself in the mirror one more time. Then she sat down in Erica's chair, and heard the house door open and muted voices.

Tina had been ordered to go outside and help the sightless visitor into the house, where her glasses would be removed in the library. Janet waited, nervous as hell for the most important moment in her new life.

Finally, there was a knock on the door, and the whole universe shrank to just one room.

"Enter," commanded Janet.

Tina, who opened the door for her and remained inside the library after she had closed the door, led in Janet Danvers. The woman was wearing her glasses as instructed, and couldn't see a thing. There was an awkward moment of silence before she spoke softly.

"Mistress Janet, this is Jessica Danvers," said Tina.

"Please remove her glasses," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Tina reached over and grasped Jessica's glasses, pulling them off over her head. Jessica blinked in the sudden light, her eyes focusing on the Mistress seated in front of her.

"Good evening. My name is Mistress Janet," she said, introducing herself, you may either address me as Mistress Janet, or just Mistress. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica, hesitation in her voice, "I am Jessica Danvers."

"Good. Jessica, you may have a seat."

"Thank you...Mistress Janet," answered Jessica, her voice wavering with uncertainty as she seated herself in one of the leather chairs.

"What were you expecting?" asked Janet.

"I'm not sure," answered Jessica.

"Not sure about what, and you really must call me Mistress," said Janet.

"It's not what I expected, Mistress."

"Do you think that I'd drag you to the Dungeon and tear your clothes off? You must be able to prove your submission to me."

"I don't understand, Mistress Janet."

"Perhaps you would like to see my Maid. Come here, Tina."

Tina quickly walked over and stood in front of her Mistress. The black rubber had clung tightly to her naked body underneath, and her every curve could be seen. Her erect nipples were clearly visible on her breasts. Janet knew that Tina was also excited to be displayed in this manner in front of a complete stranger.

"Tina, state your position in this House."

"I belong to Mistress Janet both as Maid and Slave."

"Thank you Tina. Would you like proof of that, Jessica?"

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

Janet arose from her chair, and walked over to Tina. Using her two hands, she held onto Tina's collar with one and unzipped the latex outfit with the other. It fell to the floor, and Tina was naked and on display.

"Step out of your, outfit, slave," ordered Janet.

Tina lifted her feet, and picked up her uniform, which she folded and placed on a chair. Jessica gasped at the sight of the naked girl in front of her.

"As you can see, my slave is entirely truthful. Turn around, Tina."

Tina did as she was ordered, displaying her body and marks for their guest. The surprise on her face was clearly evident.

"Tell Jessica how you got those marks, Tina."

"Mistress Janet disciplined me in the Dungeon, using a whip and riding crop."

"Tell her why," ordered Janet.

"I had disobeyed Mistress Janet's orders."

"Why else can you be punished?" asked Janet.

"Because my Mistress desires it," answered Tina.

"You see, here is one of my slaves. Do you think that you can be one?"

Jessica was speechless, and Janet could see the conflicting emotions and indecision that was evident on her face. She was both horrified and attracted at the same time by the sight of a Mistress and her slave girl.

"Answer me, Jessica," ordered Janet.

"I would like to try," answered Jessica slowly.

"Before you fully agree, I think that you should closely examine Tina. Look at the many marks on her flesh, and consider whether you could endure such a thing."

"Yes, Mistress Janet," answered Jessica entranced by the entire scene.

Jessica slowly rose, and walked the few steps towards Tina. She slowly circled her, her eyes tracing the many red welts that adorned Tina's figure. Jessica was clearly fascinated by what she was seeing.

"You can touch her, if you'd like," offered Janet, "she won't melt."

"Thank you, Mistress Janet," quickly answered Jessica.

Jessica reached out her hand, almost like she was about to touch a live wire. Her fingers explored Tina's marks, tracing their paths. Tina stood rock still, not moving a muscle.

"Tina is standing at attention right now. Do you think that you could learn to stand so correctly when your body is being examined?" demanded Janet.

"No, Mistress Janet."

"Then that is one of the many skills that you shall have to learn in order to be my slave," stated Janet.

"Would you like to see a demonstration?" asked Janet.

"Of what?" nervously answered Jessica.

"Just how submissive one of my slaves can be," said Janet.

"Yes...Yes," stuttered Jessica.

"Then sit down and don't interfere. If you say or do anything, there will be a punishment for you."

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"And one other thing. Take your clothes off," casually ordered Janet.

"My clothes?"

"You forgot to address me as Mistress. This isn't a garden party, you're not among polite society now. If you want to be a slave, the first lesson that you learn is that slaves don't wear clothing. Just be glad that you won't be bound, as I was my first time. So strip!" ordered Janet.

For Janet, this was indeed the moment of truth. Whether or not she could order a women new to submission to obey her orders would establish if she was indeed a Dominant or not.

Reluctantly, Jessica unzipped her skirt and folded it on a chair. Then she unbuttoned her blouse, and removed her modest heels. Her bra came next, followed by her pantyhose, and panties. Soon, she was standing naked in front of Janet, her face blushing with shame.

"Let me see what you look like," directed Janet, "turn around slowly."

Jessica did as she was ordered, and displayed her nakedness to Janet. She was blushing and ashamed, and clearly embarrassed.

"Is this the first time that you have shown yourself to another woman?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet," Jessica answered in a halting voice.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. In this house, my slaves have no need of clothes, except those that I order. You're quite beautiful, you know."

"Yes, Mistress."

"In time, you shall have no problem showing yourself to other women, once you've been trained," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," repeated Jessica.

"Now I want you to kneel on the carpet over there," pointed Janet to a small circular rug that she had brought in just for tonight, "with your legs open so that your sex is open and available, your hands on your knees, and your mouth shut."

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

Her body shaking, Jessica gingerly walked over to the rug, lowered herself to the floor, and did as she was instructed. Once kneeling, she looked directly at Janet.

"You must never look directly at you Mistress, or close your legs. I shall tell you this only once," cautioned Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet," Jessica answered.

"Good. Now be quiet and watch," ordered Janet, "Tina, get four ropes, and the riding crop, plus the ballgag."

"Yes, Mistress Janet," responded Tina.

Tina walked, naked, over to a cabinet and got the items that Janet had asked for. Since she had already used Tina quite harshly recently, she only wanted to provide a mild demonstration for Jessica.

Tina presented them to Janet by lying the items at Janet's feet, then kneeling nearby herself. She was in the same position as Jessica, naked and silent.

"Very good, Tina. Now I want you to lay down on the black leather footstool, and remain silent," ordered Janet.

Rather than provide a demonstration immediately in the Dungeon, Janet instead merely wanted to whet Jessica's curiosity by showing a mild punishment here in the library first. Time enough for the Dungeon later!

Tina picked herself up and was soon in the position that Janet had ordered. Janet realized that in the entire time that she had been a Mistress, she had not yet used the footstool that Erica had gotten as a gift from Stephanie. So Tina would be the first!

Her breasts were compressed by the weight of her body onto the soft black leather, and her sex was in shadow. Her shapely behind stuck out nicely, just perfect for using the riding crop on.

Janet uncoiled the ropes that Tina had procured, and proceeded to tie Tina to the footstool. She first would tie a small knot onto the wood of each leg, pulling it tight. Then she would wind the cord first around Tina's arms, then legs. Finally, she tied a couple of loops at 90 degrees to the rest of the loops, cinching the rope and Tina's limbs tightly to the stool's legs.

Try as she might, there was no way that Tina could loosen herself from the footstool. Her naked body was bound to the leather-clad cushion, and she could only wait for what would happen next!

Janet walked the few steps to her desk, and removed a broad leather paddle. She displayed the paddle to Jessica, whose eyes widened at the sight of the instrument. Then she showed it to Tina, who displayed no reaction.

"Kiss the paddle," ordered Janet.

Tina did so, willingly, and Jessica watched her every move with great interest and fascination.

Janet than walked around to Tina's upraised behind, and began by delivering firm but gentle strokes to her bottom. Every time the paddle impacted on her buttocks, the flesh bounced with the impact. In addition, Tina ground her bound naked body against the black leather, which excited her even more. Tina moaned with each impact of the paddle, her cries being the only sound in the library.

Janet then stole a look at Jessica. The woman was fascinated and embarrassed at the same time. She continued to blush, and her facial cheeks were a bright red. But she kept her hands on her knees as ordered.

"Jessica?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Would you like to feel Tina's skin after it has been punished?" questioned Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then you may come over here and feel Tina's behind, which I have warmed with the paddle."

"Yes, Mistress."

Jessica rose slowly to her feet, and stretched an uncertain hand out towards Tina's upraised bottom. The flesh was bright red from the impacts of the paddle, and Jessica gingerly placed her hand on Tina's right ass cheek.

"It's warm, Mistress," observed Jessica.

"Yes. And would you like to have your behind warmed with the paddle?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Jessica, excitement present in her voice.

"You may assume the position on the rug again, Jessica, and remain silent as before. Except this time, place your hands behind your head."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica as she followed Janet's orders fully.

Janet reached under Tina, and pinched her nipples, making her moan with excitement. Then she began to play with her sex, inserting her fingers in and out, simulating intercourse. She reached inside and played with Tina's clit, making her moan with desire.

"Jessica, I want you to understand that when you're my slave, I own you totally. I decide what clothes you wear, if any. I will use the whip or the crop, and keep you soundly disciplined. I shall decide what pain or pleasure you may endure, but I shall never push you past your limits. Do you understand?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress. But I would like to learn to please you."

"Very good, for starters. But the first time you feel that you feel the lash may be quite different," lectured Janet.

"I think that I can learn, Mistress," said Jessica.

"I'm sure that you will," said Janet.

Janet now removed a large dildo from the desk, which she had kept hidden from view until now. She displayed it to Jessica, whose eyes widened at the sight of the shaft. Janet began to thrust it in and out of Tina's pussy, making her rub against the leather footstool, arousing her even more. Tina moaned and bucked against the rope strands that bound her to the footstool, her cries of pleasure filling the library.

"Please Mistress," cried Tina, "let me cum!"

"Not yet, Tina. I want you to control yourself, especially since we have an audience today," said Janet.

"Oh, oh!" cried Tina.

"Let me take her place," begged Jessica, "please!"

"For interrupting me, slave, you shall wear the ballgag," angrily yelled Janet.

Leaving the shaft inside Tina, Janet picked up the ballgag and approached Jessica. She held the straps with her hands, with the red rubber ball between them.

"Open your mouth, fool," directed Janet, "and place your hands on your knees again."

When Jessica opened her mouth, she suddenly had the rubber ball forced inside. Janet pulled the leather straps around her head, and buckled the gag at the nape of her neck. Jessica was totally silenced.

"Keep your hands behind your head, and you shall pay seriously if you remove that gag, or interrupt me again," said Janet with fury in her voice.

Jessica nodded her acceptance, and averted her eyes from Mistress Janet, who now resumed her activities with Tina. Taking up where she had left off, she resumed thrusting with the shaft, making Tina moan with greater and greater excitement.

Janet decided that Tina was finally ready, and at the peak of erotic excitement. She reached forward, and reached to pinch at Tina's nipple again.

"Now, slave, cum!"

Tina exploded in a cascade of orgasms, her body releasing all of the erotic excitement of her bondage, paddling, and now the thrusting of the phallus. She bucked and moaned, thrusting her naked skin against the leather of the stool, exciting her even more.

Once she had spent herself, Tina lay exhausted on the leather, panting. Janet looked at her with pride, happy that she had performed in front of another person.

"Thank you, Mistress," gasped Tina.

"You're welcome, Tina."

Janet stole a glance at Jessica, who was transfixed at what she had seen. Jessica knelt on the carpet, her hands behind her head and the rubber ball fixed within her mouth. Janet finally felt satisfaction in her own House!

Janet untied Tina, and ordered her to stand up. Tina rose, and awaited the next instruction of her Mistress.

"Tina, get dressed and take this new slave to the bedroom we selected earlier. Let her do her toilet, and then lock her into only a collar and chain, and attach that to the ringbolt on the wall. You may remove her gag after I have left the library, and only then," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Jessica, tonight you shall spend the night in a bedroom, though you shall be locked to the wall. Tomorrow, you shall see the Dungeon and feel my lash, and spend the night in a cell. Nod if you accept the start of your slavery," said Janet.

Jessica nodded yes, her eyes hypnotized by Janet's words.

"I shall see you tomorrow, Jessica. And you had better be prepared to clean house naked with my Maid. Understand? Tomorrow will be your first day as a new slave."

Janet walked quickly out of the library, and shut the door behind her. She wanted to make sure that the Dungeon was clean and ready for use tomorrow, while Tina was attending to their new slave. Jessica was hooked and excited!

The next day, Janet could barely contain herself as she gave Tina her orders for the day. Tiffany had vanished, leaving Janet the sole Mistress of the house.

While she usually gave Tina her orders just once a week, and they had already gone over Saturday's schedule earlier, she had decided that Jessica should see how she was Mistress of her House. Tina and Jessica both stood in attendance, with Jessica naked, as Janet described their chores for the day. Janet reflected when she had been in Jessica's place, and now she was the Mistress.

After Stephanie had given Janet the information about her prospect, Janet had driven to the public library and quietly researched everything that she could about Jessica Danvers. Jessica was a wealthy woman who had inherited a large fortune, then made it grow through a series of brilliant investments into an even bigger fortune. Janet looked at the society columns and saw Jessica at charity events, concerts, and the other haunts of the wealthy.

It was therefore quite disconcerting to see the same person naked, dusting the furniture with Tina directing her every activity. Janet ordered Tina only to scold her charge if she made a mistake, and next week she could use the crop to discipline Jessica. That would be after Janet had disciplined her first!

Tina and Jessica had both been ordered to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Janet. Sometimes, Janet would drop ceremony, and eat lunch with Tina alone in the kitchen. But now it was necessary for Jessica to learn the proper respect for her Mistress.

Janet sat at Erica's desk, waiting. In front of the desk was a small table and chair. Upon the table was a white lined legal pad and ballpoint pen. Jessica sat in the chair, directly facing Janet.

"I don't understand, Mistress?" asked Jessica.

"Before you can be my slave, I have to know why. I do this for your own protection, so that you do not make a terrible mistake."

"Why, Mistress?"

"If you do not write down the reasons why you want to be my slave, and the paper remains blank, then you have failed your first test. Any slave can take the lash, but I have to know why," stressed Janet.

Jessica remained silent, and did not answer.

"I shall leave now, and you shall have the library to yourself. If you have not written a lengthy piece on why you want to be my slave, then you will be unsuitable," said Janet as she rose from the desk.

As Janet walked out of the library, she wondered if she had the same puzzled expression on her face when Erica had made the same demand on her, so long ago.

Finally, it was evening, and the spring sky had darkened to night. It was time for Jessica to experience her first time in the Dungeon!

Tina had been ordered to collar and bracelet Jessica in one of the bedrooms, then blindfold and gag her before taking her to the Dungeon. Janet wanted her new slave to be dripping with anticipation before her first discipline.

When Jessica had been led into the Dungeon, it was late at night. But Janet had turned the lights up, making them almost blinding when Tina removed Jessica's blindfold. Jessica shook her head, as the lights dazzled her when her blindfold was removed.

She was made to kneel, her bracelets locked behind her back. Then Tina removed her ballgag, and Janet entered the Dungeon.

"Did you have a good day, slave?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica.

"Are you prepared to accept my discipline?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. But there are things that you must swear to me first. Do you, Jessica Danvers, accept my discipline of your own free will?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Without coercion or duress?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That you will faithfully obey the orders of your Mistress?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And that you will no longer have the freedom of your own body, which shall belong to me, totally."

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"Choose your safeword," ordered Janet.

"Mercy, Mistress," answered Jessica.

"Then you are ready to be whipped. I found your explanation suitable, but brief. From now on, you shall be required to write more in the future. Tina, you know what to do," said Janet.

Jessica Danvers, socialite, was soon hanging from the ceiling chain naked, her wrists and ankles held apart by spreader bars. Her body was held in the shape of an X, and every part of her figure was available for Janet to use.

Janet had decided to wear a stunning black leather catsuit that she had not worn in a while. It hugged every part of her body, and she loved the smell and feel of the leather as it totally enclosed her.

She selected a thin leather whip that would sting but not mark. Janet wanted Jessica to return next week for more of the discipline that she secretly craved. She did not want to hurt her the first time, as that would discourage her from returning in the future.

"I say again, do you accept my discipline?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet," answered Jessica.

"Then kiss the whip and thank your Mistress for the discipline that you are about to receive," ordered Janet.

Jessica did as she was ordered to, and kissed the whip. Her body tensed against the bonds that held her, and she thanked Janet for her punishment.

Janet stood back, and swung the whip. It encircled Jessica's body, and she jerked when the tip impacted on her behind. She squealed in pain, from the shock of the first stroke.

Janet did not believe in hurrying Jessica's first punishment. Instead of beating her brutally, she paced the intervals of each stroke so that the anticipation of each stroke had the same effect as the whip itself.

Jessica moaned and cried within her bonds, her nails digging into her palms every time the whip landed on her flesh. She cried, but did not ask for Janet to cease her whipping.

Janet stopped, and looked at her sweat stained captive.

"Are you all right, slave?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress," answered Jessica.

Janet reached out and pinched Jessica's erect nipple. This made her further moan in agony. Then she reached down, and invaded Jessica's sex. Her canal was wet with excitement, her juices making her slick inside. While she was clearly ready for a dildo, Janet decided that would be for another weekend. She wanted Jessica to come back for more.

"Kiss the whip," ordered Janet, "I'm finished with you tonight."

"No, mistress, no!" cried Jessica.

"There will be plenty of other times, slave. Are you disobeying your Mistress already, on your first night in the Dungeon?"

"I'm sorry, Mistress. I'll do whatever you say," sobbed Jessica.

"Since you have been whipped for the first time, there is something that I must now tell you. If you are ever punished to your limit, then you must plead for mercy, and any good Mistress will stop. However, you must never place yourself at the mercy of a Mistress who will not heed your plea, ever," cautioned Janet.

"I understand, Mistress," said Jessica.

"No you don't," said Janet softly, tears in her eyes as she turned on her heels and left the Dungeon.

Janet ordered that Jessica be chained in the downstairs cell, with her hands locked to her collar so that she couldn't stimulate herself to relieve the sexual tension that the discipline had generated in her. Tina reported that she had moaned all night, frustrated by her bondage.

The next day, Jessica was bathed and clothed by Tina. On her way out, she bowed before Janet, and swore that she would return. Her glasses were placed on her again, so that she would not know the location of Janet's House, and she was driven off the Estate.

'I think that I've got an eager slave,' thought Janet to herself.

The next Wednesday, Janet and Stephanie went out together for a night out. Tiffany had returned, and announced that she was going to entertain her slave Denise, who Janet thought had been used too harshly.

Janet and Stephanie first went shopping in a local mall, trying on clothes together in the expensive department stores like a couple of teenage girls. Janet managed to avoid trying on something that would show the marks on her back, so she felt safe.

Then they went out for dinner to an expensive restaurant, and she let Stephanie do the ordering for what was a memorable meal. Afterwards, they went to the movies, and enjoyed a foreign film that was all the rage.

"What a night," said Janet, as she pointed the car home.

"Sure you don't want to go out for another drink?" asked Stephanie.

"We've already been to every watering hole in the area," replied Janet.


"Drunken Dominant," mocked Janet.

After Janet had parked the car in front of her house, they went inside.

"Tina," called Janet, "Tina?"

"Where is she?" asked Stephanie, as she stowed their jackets in the hall closet.

"She would never have gone to bed if we went out," said Janet.

"Yes, that's very unusual for someone so devoted," said Stephanie.

Walking upstairs, they found Tiffany, asleep on her own bed, a bottle of bourbon open on her night table.

"Tiffany," Janet said gently, waking her up, "Tiffany."

"Huh?" dumbly answered Tiffany, "what time is it?"

"Two. Where's Tina? She isn't in her room."

"Oh, shit. Denise didn't come, so I used Tina. I left her in the cell, in a straitjacket and ballgag."

"What!" thundered Janet, "when did you leave her?"

"Maybe nine, ten."

"Oh, god," cried Janet.

Janet raced out of Tiffany's bedroom, almost knocking into Stephanie. She pointed downstairs, and they both ran down the stairs and through the open door down below to the Dungeon.

In the cell where Janet had spent her first night in captivity, Tina was laced into a leather straitjacket. Her mouth was filled by a ballgag, and her ankles were chained together.

Janet pulled the key from the wall, tears in her eyes as she opened the cell lock. Once inside, Janet released the straps from her ballgag, and Tina took short rasping breaths.

"I knew you'd come, Mistress," weakly said Tina before she passed out in Janet's arms.

Janet paced the corridor outside the door to one of the downstairs bedrooms. After Janet and Stephanie had released Tina from her bondage, they had gotten Tina upstairs and placed her in bed. Stephanie had gotten her medical bag from her car, and had ordered Janet out of the room.

She felt like banging her head against the wall, her eyes looking at the staircase and the upper floor. Tiffany was asleep up there, and Janet wished she could throttle her.

The clock read 3 AM, and Janet had estimated that Tina had been left alone from about 10 PM until they returned at 2 AM. Tina had been left alone, in the cell, in a straightjacket and ballgag for about four hours. Alone and terrified, helpless in her bondage.

'If Erica was here,' Janet thought to herself, 'she'd beat the crap out of me. And I would deserve it, too. I'm responsible for her, and anyone else who submits to me.'

But Janet blamed herself, for not being there when Tina needed her. Tina was her responsibility and hers alone. Janet rushed over when the door opened and Stephanie entered the corridor.

"Tina?" Janet asked.

"She'll be all right, she's fallen asleep," said Stephanie.

"Thank god," cried Janet, "I should never have left her with Tiffany. Will she be all right?"

"Yes. But I'd like her to have a full exam tomorrow, including a chest X-ray. But her lungs sound clear," said Stephanie.

"Thank you, Stephanie," said Janet, relief in her voice.

"You know, according to the rules, she could leave you," cautioned Stephanie.


"But before she slept, she told me she wouldn't. She's attached to you, Janet."

"I'll spend the night next to her in the chair, to make sure that she'll be all right," said Janet.

"Tina stayed by your side for days until the fever broke," stated Stephanie.

"That's why I have to stay with her," said Janet.

"Guess I'll call Camille and tell her not to wait up. Got a spare bedroom?" asked Stephanie.

The next day, Janet cooked breakfast for Tina, and delivered it to her bedroom on a tray. Tina was quite surprised to be served by her Mistress.

"Tina, you have the day off, and any additional time if you want it," began Janet, "and Stephanie has arranged a doctor appointment for you later today. I want you to have a complete examination in an office with the right equipment. Camille will be by to pick you up soon. Just to make sure that you are all right before you resume your duties."

"But, Mistress Janet. I feel perfectly all right, really," answered Tina.

"Are you disobeying your Mistress? A great wrong was done to you last night. Tiffany placed you in a straitjacket with a ballgag then left you alone for hours. I want to make sure that you will be all right. I owe you that much."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"You stayed at my side when I was recovering from the beating I took at the hands of Mistress Lauren, and I saw tears in your eyes when I regained consciousness after the fever broke. Thank you, and thank you for staying with me. And I'll make sure that Tiffany will never touch you again, ever. I'd kill her first, myself," angrily lectured Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress Janet."

Janet watched from her bedroom window as Camille helped Tina into Stephanie's car, and drove her away. Good. That left only Stephanie and Tiffany in the house, and Stephanie had said that she would "take care" of Tiffany, prior to being brought into the library to speak to Janet.

Janet swallowed, glad that Stephanie had spent the night. If she had not been there, Janet might have hurt or harmed Tiffany in anger. No, this was a decision that had to be reached coldly and calmly, not through anger and emotion.

'Erica, what would you do now?' Janet asked silently to herself.

She couldn't banish Tiffany from the house without forfeiting her own rights to Erica's estate. That had been made clear in Erica's papers. No, Tiffany would still have the right to live here for the next three months, and do the household accounts. Not that she had shown any real interest in running the estate.

In less than 90 days, they would both be called to Blanca's office in New York City and learn who would be the Mistress and who would be the slave. Janet dug her nails into her palms, wondering just how the fates would treat them both.

She looked at her watch, and went down to the library. Janet sat behind Erica's desk, not yet feeling that it was hers. Janet waited for Tiffany and Stephanie, hoping that she had made the correct decision.

The door opened, and Stephanie brought Tiffany in. She was naked, and wearing a collar, and bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Her wrists were joined at her back, and a ballgag filled her mouth. Stephanie had her on a leash, and Tiffany followed obediently behind her. Tiffany was led to the rug, and Stephanie made her kneel before removing her gag.

"Thank you, Mistress Stephanie," said Tiffany when her gag was removed.

Janet noted that there were several fresh stripes on Tiffany's behind and thighs, so her friend had made sure that there was a physical reminder of her mistake.

"Tiffany, why?" demanded Janet.

"I was just careless last night. Denise didn't come, so I used Tina."

"And nearly killed her," bluntly stated Janet.

Tiffany didn't reply to Janet's statement.

"Ever since we inherited the estate, you've acted strangely. On our first night, you wanted to force me into bondage, and I fought you off. Then you did nothing when Mistress Lauren nearly killed me. Now, you nearly harmed Tina," catalogued Janet.

Tiffany remained silent throughout Janet's speech, biting her lip.

"In accordance with Erica's request, you have the right to continue living here until the codicil is read. We shall live together, but you shall take no actions against either Tina or myself. You can do the accounts with me, not that you have shown any interest in that subject lately. You can train and discipline your own slaves, but you are not allowed to touch any of mine," lectured Janet.

"Is there anything else?" asked Tiffany.

"Yes. If you ever lay a hand on Tina again, I swear I'll kill you."

"Thank you, Mistress Janet," mocked Tiffany.

"It's more than you deserve," said Stephanie, "if you were a slave, you'd have been packed off by now."

"I may be locked in leather and steel right now, but I'm still Mistress in this house," said Tiffany, "which will soon be mine."

"Stephanie, take her away and lock her in the cell for the rest of the day. I don't want to see her free and about just now," directed Janet.

When the library door was closed and Janet was alone in the library, it was Tiffany's final words that endlessly repeated themselves in her mind. Even though her friend Stephanie was with her, Janet had never felt so alone in her entire life. Was she really equal to the challenge that Erica had given her?

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