Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

Continues from

Chapter Eight: The Competition

Part One: A New Life

Janet Davis sat her desk at her job in Manhattan. It had been a two weeks since Erica's death and a week since she had returned to work. Chewing on a pencil, her mind kept returning to the events of the past two weeks. She had returned to work to partially continue her familiar life. Tiffany, however, had quit her job immediately.

So Janet arose each morning and took a different train into the city, resuming her job as a secretary. While there was some gossip about her weeklong absence, it really didn't matter. In the year that she had become Erica's slave, she had ceased socializing with her co-workers.

Management hadn't said anything, since Blanca had sent them a hell of a letter explaining why she needed the time off. So Janet resumed her job of typing voice mail, answering the phone, and going on errands.

After the quiet of Greenwich, Janet enjoyed the noise again of Manhattan. Janet even planned to go downtown to the fetish shops after work and look around. Even though what she now owned could probably stock a store all by itself.

"Janet, could I see you please?" asked her boss, Dave.

"Sure," Janet answered.

She followed Dave into the Vice-President's office, Richard. He was seated behind his desk, a file of papers in front of him. Janet seated herself in one chair, Dave the other.

"Janet, I'm very sorry to have to do this," began Richard, "but I have to lay you off."

"What?" said Janet, shocked.

"It's not related to your job performance, or your unscheduled absence last week. It's just that every department has to cut back, and I'm afraid that you have to be the one in ours," said Richard.

While he talked about her severance package, and the fact that she would have no trouble finding a job, Janet thought what if they only knew what had happened to her last week.

While Tiffany thought it was madness to return to work, Janet wanted to hold on to something of her former life. Instead, barely one-week back, she was being shown the door. Meaning she would be spending all of her time in Greenwich.

"Janet?" asked Dave, "are you all right?"

"Sorry, I was just drifting," answered Janet.

"You can clean out your desk, and we'll send you all the papers at home. I understand that you moved to Connecticut," said Dave.

"Yes, last week."

"But weren't you busy with that legal thing?" asked Dave.

"This was arranged long before," Janet lied.

Cleaning out her desk, Janet realized that there was very little she either wanted to keep or save. Still, she cleaned out her personal things, and put them in a box. Since she did not want to carry that on the train, she asked that it be sent to her new address in Greenwich. She said a few tearful good-byes just for effect, then left. In her purse was her cardkey, which she resolved to keep as a souvenir.

She walked around the city, looking at all the office buildings. Janet realized that an important part of her life was now over, and that she would never be working here again. Unless she used Erica's money to buy a company, and then be a boss herself. What a thought!

It wasn't until she was riding home on the train, sipping a soda, when she remembered that she hadn't told anyone that she was now living in Connecticut. Nobody knew that she had taken Metro-North, not the subway to work.

So how did Dave know that she was living in Connecticut? Her blood suddenly ran cold; just what was going on? The same questions that she had asked when she had moved into Erica's house returned.

Driving back to the estate, Janet resolved that now that she had the time, she was going to tear everything apart in the house. She was going to search everything, no matter how long it took.

"Mistress, is there something wrong?" asked Tina when she walked in the foyer.

"It's all right Tina," said Janet.

Tina took her light jacket and hung it in the hall closet, waiting for Janet's next command.

"I got laid off," said Janet.

"I would imagine that Mistress is very angry," answered Tina.

"Yes, but not about that. About...Something else. I'll be in the library, thinking."

"Yes, Mistress. If I may continue with the housework?" asked Tina.

"Of course," said Janet.

When she entered the library, Janet poured a small glass of sherry, and twirled it around before taking a swallow. Then she seated herself behind Erica's desk to think, instead of one of the leather stuffed chairs.

Janet looked at the black leather clad footstool, that Stephanie had given Erica as a gift. She remembered when she had been bound to the footstool and used, and the pain and pleasure that it had brought her.

All right, Janet, she thought, what next? After they had moved in, both Tiffany and Janet had searched the house. Blanca had sent them each a pile of paperwork to read, and Janet had placed hers on Erica's desk.

Tiffany was still angry with her after her attempt to Dominate Janet failed. So she had taken some money, packed a suitcase, and said that she was going on vacation for an indefinite time. So Janet had the house to herself, alone except for Tina.

In all her life, Janet had never expected that she would have been served by a live in Maid who provided extra services since she was also a slave. After Stephanie had dropped her off, Tiffany immediately wanted to place her in the Dungeon and show her that she was a Mistress. Janet had refused, arguing that they had to learn more about her. This had further enraged Tiffany, giving her a second excuse to leave.

So Janet had been with her Maid for over a week, and had read the file that Stephanie had left with her. Tina North was 27, a trained Maid and Cook, who had been trained in larger households. She was now going to progress onto running this house, and had been destined to serve under Andrea before serving a Mistress by herself.

Erica's death had changed that, and Stephanie had arranged for her to start serving by herself. So this was a double test for both the new Mistresses and Tina as well.

Janet was surprised to find that Tina was an excellent cook, and it was a good thing that the mansion had a small room filled with exercise equipment. If she kept on eating like this, she wouldn't be able to fit into anything!

In addition, with Tiffany absent, she was able to explore Tina as a slave. She didn't want to start with a harsh Dungeon episode leaving Tina with red welts all over her body, since Stephanie had told her to go slowly.

Instead, she had first asked Tina to strip in front of her, and inspected her firm naked body. Another day, when Tina had made a minor mistake, Janet had merely given her five light strokes with the riding crop.

Every couple of days, she would impose a mild form of discipline upon her. Nothing too severe or harsh, nothing that would draw blood or would otherwise cause injury.

In just two weeks, she had noted that Tina had become attracted to her. She had not used her sexually, though she longed to do so. She first wanted to establish herself as a Mistress, not as her lover.

Janet was startled when there was a knock on the library door.

"Enter," said Janet.

"Would Mistress Janet like some lunch?" asked Tina after she had entered.

Janet realized that she had eaten nothing since breakfast. A soda on the way back and a drink on an empty stomach left her feeling hungry.

"Yes," said Janet, "something light."

Janet looked at her watch and found that it was just 2 PM. Had so much already happened today?

"Yes, Mistress," said Tina before exiting.

Ten minutes later, Tina had prepared a small salad, a turkey sandwich, a piece of cake from last night's dinner, and a pot of coffee. She placed the tray down on the desk before Janet, and opened a napkin to place on Janet's lap.

"Thank you, Tina," said Janet, "this is very nice."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina before she bowed and closed the door behind her.

Janet ate alone and in silence, determined not to turn the TV on. Erica had stocked the library with too many diversions, and Janet wanted to be alone. The lunch was quite enough, and Janet lingered over the cake and coffee.

"Okay, Mistress," Janet said to herself, "what now?"

She eyed the package that Blanca had given to both Janet and Tiffany. They had both gotten one with their names on it, and Tiffany had taken hers with her. It was a package wrapped in heavy paper, and sealed with heavy tape.

Janet picked up hers and found a pair of scissors in the desk drawer. She cut the tape and paper, and found even more layers. Whoever had sealed it meant to ensure that it would only be opened by someone determined, and that nobody could ever reseal it again either.

So Janet soon had filled a nearby wastebasket with the wrappings. Inside was what looked like over 500 sheets of paper, unbound. There was no table of contents, and a quick scan revealed all sorts of subjects: slaves, money, other Mistresses, instructions.

"Why would Erica do that?" asked Janet aloud.

Erica had been a neatness freak, and Janet had learned from Andrea just how to clean a house properly. So why should she provide a book of instructions in an unorganized fashion?

Janet heard a knock on the door, and it was Tina again.

"Mistress, I'd like to remove the tray," said Tina.

"Yes, thank you," answered Janet.

"Is there anything else I can do?" asked Tina.

"Yes, another pot of coffee would be nice," said Janet.

"To drink while reading?" asked Tina.

"No. Homework," said Janet.

Janet found a three-hole puncher, some empty loose-leaf binders, and paper in the library. She started reading, punching holes, placing dividers between documents, and writing down their subject on a piece of paper and a tab for the binder.

The sun's rays lengthened along with the day. Janet would occasionally pause to watch the dust dance in the sun's light.

Some were short, only a few pages. Others were pages long, dealing with her life and proper conduct as a Mistress. There was no organization or direction. One dealt with the purchase and history of the cars in the garage. The next dealt with a totally unrelated subject.

Janet was fascinated by the procedures by which a girl was introduced to slavery. First was an extensive interview process, to make sure that the subject was suitable. Then a set training schedule to see that the girl could handle the rigors of slavery. Finally, a code of conduct between Mistress and slave, that the Mistress would respect the slave's limits.

Tears came from Janet's eyes as she remembered how Erica had gradually trained her, and Stephanie had respected Erica's instructions. Janet decided that she would abide by the instructions from Erica and from her own personal experience in being a slave.

Janet rubbed her eyes. Surely, in this disorganized mess, there was something important that Erica had wanted her to know.

Getting up from the desk, her mind numbed by the sheer amount of detail and documents, Janet had grown bored. It was homework all right, but with a vengeance. Surely she didn't have to plough through all of the documents, did she?

But Janet seated herself again at the desk. The warning from Erica that she would be tested, and Tiffany's absence, made this an ideal time to go over the whole thing. With Tiffany around, there would be no way she could work in peace.

Near the end, just when her patience was about to run out, Janet found it. There were two pieces of paper deliberately stuck together with a drop of glue, so that it looked they were one.

The first was a paper detailing a list of good restaurants that Erica liked in London, and some places to stay.

But when Janet gently separated the second page, and read it, her blood ran cold.

The estate was not really theirs, at least yet. Blanca would have them under supervision for a year, and they would have to demonstrate that they were capable of running the estate.

But the most horrifying part of it was a contest of some kind. Both had been awarded a substantial amount of stock, to do with as they pleased. Janet looked over the names of the portfolio and the amounts and gasped. It was more money than she had ever had imagined in her life!

They both had to manage their portfolio accounts, and could buy or sell stocks. They could withdraw money, but not add it. Once withdrawn, the money was gone.

After a year, whoever had the most in her account would own the entire estate. The loser would be left with nothing, and be the property and slave of the victor!

Janet felt like crying when Tina knocked to announce Dinner. Putting the paper down, she remembered that Blanca had made certain that they couldn't tamper with each other's package without the other knowing about it.

She had discovered the test that Erica had warned her about. They would each live like Queens for a year, and then whoever had managed their account better would own the loser. With a shock, she realized that Blanca had been rather evasive about the source of their living expenses. It was quite possible that the money Tiffany had just withdrawn had come not from her allowance but from her brokerage account!

Tiffany was in effect spending away her chance to be Mistress and Owner. Janet would have to lie and be deceitful towards her partner, so that she would never know the truth about the source and consequences about their inheritance.

Dinner that evening was a grim affair. Janet should have enjoyed the rich beef stew that Tina had prepared, but she barely ate anything. She nibbled and picked at her food, feeling it taste like sawdust. After Tina had served cake and coffee, she stood waiting by the table for Janet's next command.

"Will the Mistress be needing me after I clean up?" asked Tina.

For over a week since Tiffany had left, Janet had answered no. She had left Tina in peace for the night, and she knew that the girl had spent her nights reading or watching TV. Though she was really on call 24 hours a day, Janet wanted her to have some time for herself.

"Yes," Janet answered.

Janet instructed Tina that she would not be needed until 9 PM. She wanted Tina to clean the kitchen and rest up before the night's activities. Since it was summer, Janet opened the library doors and stepped outside. It was still warm and the sun was up, so Janet let the sun warm her flesh. Had she really walked here naked last year with Tiffany?

Janet then proceeded to take a long walk around the estate. It seemed incredible that someone could own so much property and place a wall around it! She had been told by Tina when the gardeners had come last week to cut the lawn and do the other yard work. The next time, Janet herself would watch them.

The grounds were simply beautiful, and the flower garden was just as she remembered. Having spent all day with the documents, she was glad to be outside. This day, the sky was truly clear. There wasn't a cloud in sight, and Janet hoped that there would be another thunderstorm to remind her of Erica's death.

Having completed a circuit of the house, Janet looked at her watch and decided that it was too late to go for a walk outside the grounds. She had walked around the area once, and had seen large estates, some with horses in stables and yards ringed by split rails.

She wondered if any of her neighbors knew about Erica, and her passing. Since she had moved in, they had not had a single visitor. Blanca had told them to be private, and she had instructed them that if someone got too nosy, she would "handle it." Whatever that meant.

Whatever Erica had devised, thought Janet, Blanca was definitely in on it. The only question was whose side was she on?

Janet remembered Blanca standing over her as she was bound to the footstool, being cropped again and again. Then having a dildo inserted into her sex, being thrust back and forth.

Janet's breath grew short, and her heart beat faster. She realized that tonight she would be the one holding the crop, instead of someone else.

Ever since she had punished Tiffany, Janet had been reluctant in using the whip. Tiffany's attack had left her gun-shy, and a little scared of her new position. Which was why she had taken it easy with Tina.

By following Stephanie's advice, she had formed a bond with Tina. Her companion had wanted to be cruel and vicious with her. Instead, Janet realized that she had to let Tina get used to them and the household. So she had stopped Tiffany, and had only occasionally cropped Tina.

Abuse was not the way to go with a slave, new or otherwise!

Janet walked inside, astonished to see that it was past 8. Twilight was falling, and night would soon be here.

She locked the library doors, and went into her bedroom. Since there were only the two of them, Janet would have to dress herself for her session with Tina. Normally, it would be part of the ritual for Tina to help her Mistress dress. But since they were alone, Janet had to do that herself.

Finally stripped of her office clothes, which she would never have to wear again, Janet realized that a quick shower was in order. She stepped under a stinging hot shower that washed away the city's dirt and the fatigue she felt after going over all that paperwork.

She dried and toweled herself off, drying her hair with a dryer she had brought from home. Finally ready, she opened Erica's closet and stepped inside naked. Not wanting to wear something confining like a Catsuit all night, she chose a simple leather bra and skirt. She had found an ingenious pair of hosiery in Erica's drawers that had it's own garter belt for her waist. This way, her sex would be easily available for action.

Janet first pulled on the stockings, then wrapped the skirt around her waist. Then she put on her bra, inhaling the wonderful scent of the leather. She last selected a pair of calf high matching boots with the usual five-inch heels. Janet admired herself in the full-length mirror.

"I do a pretty good job myself," said Janet to herself.

Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was past 9 already, and Tina would be waiting in the library. Since she was the slave, Janet expected her to be naked and kneeling on the floor.

Janet walked outside her bedroom and made her way to the library, her heart thundering with each step. She loved the sound that her heels made as they clicked on the wooden floor!

Finally, she entered the library. In the center of the room, on a small circular carpet knelt Tina. She was naked, wearing nothing at all. Her head was bowed, and her hands rested on her knees, which were spread apart. Her long hair was bound behind her head in a ponytail, giving Janet an easier time with gags and other implements.

Janet walked around her Maid, inspecting her and saying nothing. Her eyes followed the curves of her white skin, and noted the swell of her breasts. Tina's back was decorated with the stripes of the crop, both past and present. Her behind rested on the heels of her feet, and Janet saw her pubic bush and mound between her legs.

"Have you been waiting long, my dear?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress. I await your pleasure," replied Tina.

Janet stood in front of her, her heart beating quickly. She wanted this moment to last forever, and all thoughts of Tiffany and Blanca were erased from her mind.

"Do you accept my discipline, slave Tina?"

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"Then reach over and kiss my boot," commanded Janet.

Tina bent over, and with her hands still on her knees, began to kiss the toe of Janet's shining black leather boot. Her lips caressed the leather, leaving small bits of red lipstick behind on the black surface. She kissed it like it was a lover or companion.


Tina quickly assumed her former pose, with her head up and her hands still on her knees.

"Hands behind your head," directed Janet.

With her hands now in the ordered position, Tina's breasts slightly stuck out. Janet could see the beautiful curves or her beasts, the red of her aureole and her erect nipples.

"In the future, I want your aureole redder, so use some rouge on them."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina.

Since this was their first real scene, Tina was shivering with nervous excitement. Janet observed her, and wished that she could read her thoughts right now.

Opening a familiar desk drawer, Janet removed a black leather collar. She then produced bracelets for Tina's wrists and ankles. Walking back to Tina, she displayed the things in her hands.

"Are you familiar with these?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina.

"I shall place the collar around your neck and the bracelets around your wrists, but you must do your ankles. Understand?" ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Tina knelt silently as the collar was firmly locked around her neck, the lock making a small click when it closed. Tina then held out her hands, and Janet locked similar bracelets around her wrists. Janet dropped the remaining two leather objects on the carpet, and Tina waited for her command.

"You may proceed," ordered Janet. "Then resume the same position, with your hands behind your head."

"Yes, Mistress."

Tina did as she was ordered, locking the bracelets on her ankles. In the silence of the library, Janet could hear the tiny clicks of the lock. Tina quickly got on her knees, and placed her hands behind her head again. She knelt in silence.

"That's excellent," said Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," replied Tina.

Janet inspected her again, wishing that this moment could last forever. Just the two of them, Mistress and slave girl together.

"Rise," ordered Janet.

Tina did so, remaining silent.

In one section of the library, there were two white pillars. Janet had discovered ringbolts embedded in them, and had attached chains. She led Tina over to them, and locked her wrists to their ends.

Producing a riding crop from the desk, she circled her bound and helpless Maid. Janet flexed the riding crop in her hands, feeling the stiffness of the bamboo underneath the leather.

"Again, do you accept my discipline?" demanded Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then you must choose a safeword, Tina."

"Mercy, Mistress Janet."

Janet placed the crop's small looped tip between Tina's breasts, the tip brushing against her white silky globes.

"Ready yourself," advised Janet.

Janet than walked to her back, and slashed at Tina's exposed behind. This was the first time that she had used the full force of her arm on Tina, and the crop slashed through the air and left a stripe on Tina's bottom.

Tina did not cry out, nor flinch when the next stroke or even the next several were delivered to her. Janet watched, as the fresh marks appeared on Tina's stretched form, her work evident upon the canvas of her slave's naked flesh.

After Janet had delivered a series of exactly ten strokes on Tina's behind and back, she ceased her efforts. She walked around to Tina's front, and the girl hung from her chains.

"Thank you, Mistress," panted Tina.

"You're welcome. Kiss the crop," ordered Janet.

Just as she had kissed Janet's boot before, now Tina willingly kissed the riding crop that had been the instrument of her torment. Her lips circled around the leather, her tongue darting over the woven stands of the handle.

Janet reached out with her hand, and placed her hand against Tina's cropped behind. The skin was warm from the beating, and she ran her hand down Tina's back and played with Tina's behind.

Tina had chosen to wear a brand of alluring perfume that Janet liked very much. Even though Tina was now sweating from the discipline that she had just received, Janet could still detect the fragrance.

Janet stood back and again flexed the crop, signaling that it was time to begin again. Inside her leather bra, she felt her own nipples brush against the leather that contained them. Which only served to excite her more.

The next few strokes were delivered again Tina's breasts. Janet held the true force of her arm back, so the impact of the rod was muted. Still, Tina held her voice back and endured what must have been agony with only muted sounds.

Janet saw that tears had formed at the edges of Tina's eyes. She stopped after ten modest strokes, carefully executing each one. Tina's breasts bobbed with each impact, and she tried to withdraw instinctively as each stroke landed. But Janet saw that her efforts were to no avail when each stoke landed on her breasts again and again.

When Janet again ceased, Tina hung from her chains. Her feet were standing firmly on the floor, and Janet had decided not to chain them to the pillars also. That would be for next time.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Tina.

Reaching forward, Janet's left hand entered Tina's sex. Passing though her pubic hair, she felt Tina's labia, and how wet her sheath had become. Janet gently pushed her two fingers inside, making Tina moan with desire.


"Very good, Tina. You took my crop nicely," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," said Tina.

Enjoying the nature of the moment, Janet did not want to ruin it by lashing out again with the crop. Ever since Tina had arrived, she had approached the question of her submission carefully. She had never struck Tina in anger, nor to harm. Instead, she wanted to imitate the same manner that Erica had used with her, never pushing her beyond her limits.

Pushing upwards against her sex made Tina stand on her toes as Janet's fingers reached deep within her sex. Tina grasped the gleaming steel chains that held her to the posts in an effort to rise.

"Mistress!" cried Tina.

"Did I say you could cum yet? Hold yourself back, or there will be a terrible punishment," cautioned Janet.

Even though her sex was being stimulated, Tina managed to hold herself back from orgasm. Finally properly serving her Mistress, she yearned for release, but did not dare do so.

When she was finally satisfied that Tina was truly ready, Janet dug her nails against Tina's love canal.

"Now," said Janet.

Tina began to twist and moan against her bonds. She was impaled on Janet's fingers, which brushed again the walls of her sex and felt her clit again and again. Tina climaxed again and again, her sex wrapped around Janet's fingers.

When it was finally over, she took several deep breaths and slumped against her bonds. Realizing her omission, she quickly turned her face down to Janet's leather clad body.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tina.

"You're welcome," answered Janet.

Janet had withdrawn her fingers from Tina's sex, and she rubbed her thumb, index, and forefingers together.

"You're quite wet," observed Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," replied Tina.

"What shall we do next?" questioned Janet.

While Janet had thought that very little time had elapsed, the erotic nature of the moment had stretched to hours. The clock was past midnight, and the sky was black.

"Whatever my Mistress desires," answered Tina.

Janet released Tina's wrists from the chains, and indicated that it was all right for her lower them to her waist. Janet loved the way Tina's breasts stuck out, and her skin strained again her ribcage. She had run her fingers through the shaved skin of Tina's underarms, determined that they would one day be cropped also.

"Come here," ordered Janet.

Tina followed her to a large wooden chair that Janet had found in another room. Janet seated herself on the chair, the leather rustling as it rearranged itself to her new position.

"Over my knee," directed Janet.

Tina lay on Janet's knees, her behind up in the air. The one thing that Erica had never done to Janet was to spank her with her bare hand. Janet had acutely missed this bond, for all Erica had used were the implements of the Dungeon.

But Janet was determined to change that with her slave. She spanked Tina, carefully avoiding those spots where her crop had already left red marks. Since she had been careful about administering only a certain number of strokes, that left a considerable area where her hand could now impact.

Janet spanked Tina again and again, enjoying the feeling of her naked body resting on her knees. A few times she had to order Tina to keep her bottom up, in order that the spanking could continue properly.

Once Janet was satisfied that Tina's bottom was properly red, she ceased her actions.

"Thank your Mistress, slave," said Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Tina.

"Stand up, then kneel again," ordered Janet.

Tina did as she was ordered. She favored her behind when it rested on the soles of her feet. Janet observed her silently, considering what should she do next. Take her to the Dungeon and whip her soundly? Take her to bed and make her service her Mistress? The possibilities seemed endless at the moment.

"Would you like to make love to your Mistress?" asked Janet.

Janet had waited for months to make love to Erica, and had instead been used by Stephanie first. But then, she was a new girl in training. In contrast, Tina was already experienced when she had arrived. And they had been under the same roof already for two weeks, with Tina receiving discipline occasionally. So the circumstances were not the same.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet led her not to her bedroom, but to another. She let Tina undress her, then lay naked upon the covers. Tina was still adorned with her leather bracelets.

"Please me," said Janet.

Tina started by kissing Janet's erect nipples, made sweaty and erect by her leather bra. She licked the furrow between Janet's breasts, tasting the salty sweat that had dried on her skin. Her roving tongue gradually made it's way down to Janet's own sex and she buried her tongue between Janet's sex. Janet moaned with pleasure as she was aroused and then quickly brought to climax by Tina. Who was well trained and experienced, far more than Janet had ever been.

Janet bucked and moaned, then finally exploded in orgasm after orgasm as her own sexual energy was released by the Tina's efforts.

Finally, after they were both exhausted, Janet locked Tina's collar to a chain that was hanging from a ringbolt. They both slept at the same time.

Janet breathed a sigh of relief when the last document was classified, holed, and placed in the loose-leaf binder. She had stopped when Tina had announced Dinner the night before, when she had found the dread document telling of the test that she must undergo.

But the night's activities had brightened her spirits. In the morning, she had released Tina, and they had bathed together. Janet dressed herself, and went downstairs to the kitchen while Tina was still getting ready. She sipped juice while Tina prepared the rest of her breakfast, a western omelet that tasted wonderful.

Afterwards, she had adjourned back to the library with a cup and a pitcher of black coffee. She sipped at her coffee while reading the final papers, remembering the events of the previous night.

Pleased with herself, Janet finally felt like she was a real Mistress, not just an amateur. She had felt like a fake ever since she had found that she had inherited Erica's estate, and last night had finally proved what she might be capable of.

It wasn't necessary to be mean or cruel to a slave, merely to test their limits. While she was sure that she had gone nowhere near what Tina was capable of, it was a good first night that she would long savor and remember.

There was nothing in the rest of the package of consequence. Janet got up from the desk and decided to walk around. Outside, the rest of the world had gone to work. Inside, Janet was now in her own world, one that she was determined to keep for herself.

Instead of wearing a blouse and skirt, she was wearing an old shirt, torn jeans, and a pair of open toed sandals. She opened the library doors, and inhaled the country air. Walking outside briefly, she watched a plane off in the distance.

"What next?" Janet asked herself.

Seating herself at the desk again, she remembered that she had wanted to go through it. Unlike every other drawer that she had opened in the house, these finally contained some disorganized contents. There were the financial records of the house, all bills, paid and unpaid, organized neatly. Janet doubted that all of Erica's correspondence was here, but she went through all of it.

When she went to replace one of the hanging folders that fit into the desk drawer, Janet saw an envelope bearing a familiar logo at the bottom of the desk drawer. Janet bent down and grabbed the envelope.

It was from her company and addressed to Erica! The postmark said it had been mailed three months ago, but it was empty. Nothing inside!

"Damn!" Janet cursed.

Draining her coffee cup and finding the pitcher empty, she had a sudden inspiration. If Erica owned stock in some companies, why not others?

She picked up the phone, and this time she was calling Blanca.

After speaking to her secretary, Janet got lucky since Blanca was just back from court.

"Janet, nice to talk to you. How can I help?"

"I just finished going over that package you gave me," Janet told Blanca.

"Good. Do you understand its contents?"


"Then you know what you have to do, then. Is there anything else?"

"Yes. I'd like you to fax me a complete listing of Erica's stock holdings?" asked Janet.


"I'm looking for something, so please do it."

"No, you're not to have access to that for another year," refused Blanca, "Besides, you can't do anything with it."

"I don't want to sell any of it, I just want to look for something."

"What?" asked Blanca.

"To see if she held stock in my old company, where I just got laid off from yesterday," explained Janet.


"Curiosity, that's all."

"Again, no. I refuse."

Janet had once dated a stockbroker, and she had listened to him talk endlessly about the market. After a while, though, she picked up some of the language.

"Blanca, if she's a shareholder of record, that will be public knowledge. I may have to call shareholder services myself and I'll do it. It will only take me a little time to find out, so don't make it more difficult for me. I know how to find this information, damn it!"

She heard Blanca breathe a sigh at the other end of the phone, as she considered just what to do next.

"All right. Yes, Erica was a stockholder in your old company. What does that have to do with anything?" asked Blanca.

"Now it's my turn to refuse to answer," said Janet.

"You're learning," said Blanca, before Janet heard the connection severed.

Janet wished she could have some more coffee now, hot and black. She felt a small measure of satisfaction that she had gotten something out of Blanca. Janet fingered the envelope.

It wasn't too much of a leap of imagination to believe that Erica had arranged to have Janet fired from her company shortly after her death. Janet resolved to continue searching until she found the letter itself. Or something from Erica asking that she is to be fired on a certain date.

"A small victory," said Janet, "is better than none at all."

Whenever Janet had been out of work in the past, she had managed to fill her time with reading and soap operas. Now, as Mistress of an estate, she found all she could do was to explore the mansion and watch Tina at her chores.

After rising, she had freed Tina of her bracelets. They had bathed and dressed, and Janet had ordered Tina to wear a red rubber Maid's outfit for the day. Janet loved the way it clung to her figure, and the wet sound it made whenever Tina moved.

Janet looked over the list of her stock portfolio, and decided that now was the time to start learning. Her portfolio was to be exclusively controlled by a broker here in Greenwich, so she called him for an appointment. Dressing again in a smart looking business suit, she went to his office.

The terms were quite strict. He was not allowed to give any recommendations or advice, only to execute buy or sell orders. He was to report to Blanca with all of her trades, and to keep her informed.

Janet thought it would be quite a revelation to him if her knew the true purpose of his strict orders. The winner would become a Mistress and the loser her slave. She left his office with his card in her purse, and bought a Journal at the first newsstand.

"Demon of Wall Street," she said to herself.

For the day at least, life was good.

Some days later, while Janet was dozing in the library, she heard a knock on the door.

"Yes," said Janet.

"Mistress Tiffany has come home," said Tina after she opened the door.

Janet got to her feet, just in time to see an airport limo arrive at the front door. The driver opened the door for Tiffany, and got her bags out of the trunk. Tiffany paid the driver, and faced Janet.

"Hello," greeted Tiffany.

"Have a good trip?" asked Janet.

Tiffany ran over and wrapped her arms around Janet, and they kissed awkwardly.

"I'm sorry I was such a fool," said Tiffany. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Sure," Janet answered.

Tina had already taken Tiffany's bags inside, and the two Dominants entered the house together.

"Hey!" said Tiffany, "it's a workday. What are you doing here?"

"I got fired," said Janet, glumly.

"That's too bad," answered Tiffany.

"Let's go in the library, and then you can tell me all about your trip," suggested Janet.

After telling Tina that they would like some sodas, they went into the library. Tiffany flopped down into one of the big leather chairs, and sank down into the cushion.

"Where did you go?" asked Janet.

"Hawaii, Malibu, Baja. Every beach I ever wanted to," answered Tiffany.

"You certainly have a nice tan," said Janet.

"All over, too. Let's just say that I wasn't wearing any clothing."

"What about your medallion?" Janet asked.

"I had the medallion removed, but not the ring. After all, I'm no longer Erica's slave," replied Tiffany.

"Andrea's no longer here to shave my pussy, so I guess that I'll let it grow back," Janet offered.

"It looks better that way anyway. What have you been doing?" asked Tiffany.

"Keeping the home fires burning, learning what it takes to run a place like this."

"You always were the level headed one, Janet. Did you read all that stuff Erica left for us?"

"Yes, very boring," answered Janet.

"Quite. I lost interest going through that stuff," answered Tiffany.

The next day, Janet chanced upon Tina emptying the wastebasket from Tiffany's bedroom. Inside was a week's worth of the Journal.

Damn! Thought Janet.

Part Two: Encounter with Evil

After her second trip into Greenwich to meet the broker, Janet decided that now was a good time to walk around. Janet looked over the list and merely nodded, holding the computer printout like it was about to bite her. She put the list into her purse, and decided to stroll around for a while.

Walking outside in the summer air, she passed by an electronics shop and ventured inside. Janet picked up a cell phone and played with it.

"Would you like to purchase it?" asked the salesgirl.

"Yes," smiled Janet in response.

It was her first purchase as Mistress of the House. She bought a mid-priced model, and a calling plan. It was so light, Janet wondered if she knew that it would really be in her purse. It was also just an impulse purchase, something to justify her trip to go into Greenwich.

"It's great," said the girl, "perfect for an emergency."

"I don't plan on having one," answered Janet.

"Nobody does. Until you need it to save your life."

Janet slipped her purchase into her purse, and was reminded to charge it up fully on its base every night. She decided that placing it on the nightstand next to her bed would be a good spot for it.

When she arrived home, Janet programmed in Stephanie's number first, then left it to charge for an entire day.

"Would you like to go somewhere tomorrow?" asked Tiffany over dinner.


"I've met a new Mistress named Lauren Singer. She's invited us to a party at one of her friend's houses," offered Tiffany.

"Can't say that I ever heard Erica talk about a Mistress Lauren," commented Janet.

"That's because her horizons were a little limited. Want to come?"

"Sure. When?"

"Tomorrow at 10. Don't worry, I'll drive," said Tiffany.

"Okay," smiled Janet.

The next evening, Tiffany and Janet set out together. Janet had worn a PVC outfit that had been Erica's, and Tiffany had decided on a leather dress. Since it was cool, they each wore a jacket.

Tiffany drove, and Janet wondered just how and when she had met this new Mistress. Erica had been one of the most highly regarded Dominants, and surely knew everyone. Except that Janet had not found any mention of Lauren in Erica's records, and was puzzled by the omission.

They arrived at the house of a modest estate over the border in New York. Tiffany parked the car, and they entered together.

Inside, some women that Janet had never met before warmly welcomed Tiffany. She waited in silence as they embraced and kissed.

"I'd like to introduce Janet," said Tiffany.

"Pleased to meet you," said Janet.

"I'm Tanya," said one, "would you like a drink?"


"Let's go the bar," suggested Tanya.

Tanya was an attractive woman, thin tanned and muscular. Janet could see the muscles that rippled beneath her skin.

"Have you ever been to one of Lauren's parties?" asked Tanya.

"No," Janet answered.

"Then you're in for a treat. Lauren just doesn't invite just anyone. You have to be one of the special people. Drink?"

They had finally arrived at the bar. Behind the bar was a naked slave, wearing a collar that attached her to the wooden bar. Janet noted that she wouldn't be leaving her post until released, and there was a riding crop hanging from the front of the bar.

"In case you're not satisfied, you can give the bartender a few strokes. Or even if you are satisfied, and want to have some fun," smiled Tanya.

"Whiskey sour," ordered Janet.

The slave quickly mixed the drink, and placed it on a coaster before Janet. Janet picked it up and took a sip.

"A little too sweet for me," observed Janet.

Before Janet could say that she would drink it anyway, Tanya grabbed the riding crop and administered a few quick slashing strokes to the naked girl. Janet noted how she cowered, and that her skin already bore the marks of several such punishments.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," cried the girl.

The girl mixed another drink, and offered that to Janet. The second one was tart and not that sweet, the way that Janet preferred.

"Thank you," said Janet.

"You're welcome, Mistress," thanked the girl.

"Did you have to do that?" Janet asked as they walked away.

"Why not? She's there for our use," commented Tanya.

"But not for something so petty as a bad drink. It certainly didn't merit several harsh strokes like that," pointed out Janet.

"What kind of Mistress are you? The slaves are here for our enjoyment and use," answered Tanya.

Janet chose not to respond, only to thank her companion and politely walk away. Janet stayed out of everyone's way, only engaging in small talk with a few of the other Mistresses when asked.

Instead, she hung back to observe. She seated herself in a large leather chair, and watched as the other Mistresses displayed how they treated their slaves. It was nothing unusual to see a girl led in by a leash, totally naked. But Janet was offended by the almost casual and capricious way that the slaves were treated and showed signs of abuse. Often, they were made to cower in fear with the threat of a severe punishment if they did not obey quickly.

Janet was glad when she heard her cell phone buzz and she had to excuse herself to find somewhere private to talk.

"Stephanie?" Janet asked when she was outside, "can you hear me?"

"Janet, where are you? I'm sorry, I was out all day and I didn't know you called till I got home just now."

"I'm with Tiffany at a party."

"Really. Who's the host?" asked Stephanie.

"A Mistress Lauren, I haven't met her yet."

"Don't. Just leave," advised Stephanie.

"That would be rude," said Janet.

"You don't want to have anything to do with her," cautioned Stephanie, "trust me, please?"

"Janet, so that's where you are!" said Tiffany.

"Have to go," Janet said into the phone.

"Janet, please! Listen to me," plead Stephanie, as Janet cut the connection.

"Who was that?" asked Tiffany.

"Just calling a friend," said Janet, "what's next?"

"The entertainment. I've been looking for you. I want to introduce you to our host, Lauren," offered Tiffany.

"I'm looking forward to it."

Janet was soon shaking hands with her hostess, who Tiffany had introduced.

"I've been wanting to meet you for a long time," said Lauren, "ever since Tiffany told me about you."

"She's never told me about you," replied Janet.

"Let's just say that I travel in different circles than the ones that you're used to. Shall we go down to the Dungeon, since everyone else went there while you were outside."


Janet followed Tiffany and Lauren down to the Dungeon. Smaller than the one under Erica's house it still had enough space for all the usual things that a Mistress would want.

It was obvious that the entertainment had gotten started without Janet. The other guests had begun by punishing two naked girls already, and numerous stripes and welts already covered their bodies.

Tanya pressed a crop into Janet's hand, which she took and did not use. Instead, Janet played with the crop, bending it with her hands.

"Why don't you use one of the girls?" asked Tiffany.

"Thank you," said Janet.

Suddenly, all eyes were on Janet as she walked over towards the spot where one of the slaves was hanging from a ceiling chain. Janet noted that the girl was attired in a collar and bracelets, and a spreader bar opened her ankles.

Janet looked the girl in the eye.

"What's your name?" asked Janet.

"Audrey, Mistress."

"Do you accept my discipline?" demanded Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Since she did not know either how much the girl had been used before, or what she had been trained to endure, Janet only administered several light strokes with the crop. Then she felt the girl's breasts and sex, making her moan.

When she was finished, she was surprised to find Lauren standing behind her.

"Surely you can do better than that?" asked Lauren.

"What do you mean?" asked Janet.

"I'm sure that you've been punished harsher than that, haven't you?" questioned Lauren.

"Yes. But I don't know how she's been trained," pointed out Janet.

"That doesn't matter here," said Lauren.

"It always matters," corrected Janet.

"Who was your trainer?" demanded Lauren.

"Mistress Erica," said Janet.

"Erica was a sentimental fool," said Lauren.

"I disagree."

"Then let me demonstrate," said Lauren.

Janet handed the crop to Lauren, who soon replaced it with a whip instead. Janet then seated herself on a chair that was near a small bar, with the same girl chained to it.

"Do you submit?" asked Lauren.

"Yes, Mistress," cried Audrey.

"Now you shall know what it feels like to have a truly severe Mistress!"

Lauren began her punishment with a series of hard strokes that left the girl panting from the pain. It didn't take long for a series of ugly red welts to appear on her body.

"Why doesn't she call for mercy?" Janet asked the bartender, softly.

"Because she knows that it will not be heeded," said the girl, "were you really trained by Mistress Erica?"

"Yes, I was her slave," Janet answered.

"Then you served a better Mistress than any here," she quietly replied.

When the whip curled itself around her body, Audrey hung limply from her chains. Lauren continued to strike her without pause or mercy, and ignored the moans from the girl.

"Stop it," said Janet to Tanya, since Tiffany had disappeared.


"Because Audrey's been used enough," Janet protested.

"Lauren's not finished yet," replied Tanya.

"Lauren may not be done, but I am," said Janet.

Janet rose to her feet and walked out of the Dungeon. She had asked the address before they went to the house, and called a cab from her cell phone. She felt sick and disgusted by what she had seen. But it was the look of pure venom on Lauren's face when Janet had taken her exit that Janet remembered most as she left the party.

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