Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

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Chapter Seven: A Terrible Phone Call

Janet Davis turned uneasily in her bed, as she had not been able to get any sleep at all that night. It was not the traffic or anything in particular that was keeping her awake. Rather, it was just a feeling that something was wrong. She had tried everything to get to sleep, even taking a pill. But nothing had worked, and the digital clock by her bed mocked her as it recorded the passing of time.

It had already been one weekend since she had last seen Mistress Erica and Andrea. Janet had suddenly realized just how much she missed being a slave by the absence of her normal weekend routine. Instead of the limo to Greenwich and the sexual thrill of submission, she had merely spent the time alone in her apartment. Her friends had long since abandoned the idea of asking her for a Saturday night out. None of them had any idea just what she had been doing for the last year. They had either assumed (As any girl might) that she already had a lover, or that she was just not interested in socializing with them. Janet wondered how they might react if they knew that she spent her time in naked submission to another woman.

The usual phone call had not come earlier in the week, leaving her disappointed and frustrated. In desperation, she had gone to a local video store and rented two fetish films. The boxes had pictures of bound naked girls, and Janet glanced at the description. When she handed her choices to the salesclerk, the girl showed a little surprise. Janet walked out of the store, her selections wrapped in a plastic bag.

All that watching them that night had done was to increase her desire to see Mistress Erica. She stripped off her clothing and instead watched the tapes naked wearing only her collar and bracelets. Her nipples became erect and her heart beat faster. She could not keep her fingers away from her shaven sex, her fingers following the fine tracery of lines across her skin. The marks that bonded her to Mistress Erica!

While she was glad that the next day was Saturday, she hoped that she would find something to pass the time. It was going to be a lonely weekend without going to Erica's, and she missed Erica and her lash. Janet wondered why Erica had not simply sent her to Stephanie's for the weekend, as she had done before. Instead, Janet was left alone for the weekend.

The sudden electronic buzz of the phone startled Janet. The clock said 5 AM, and who could be calling her at this hour?

"Hello?" she asked as she picked up the receiver.

"Janet?" asked the caller.

"Tiffany?" asked Janet.

The voice sounded like Tiffany, but how could that be? They were forbidden to trade numbers, let alone last names. No, they were just property in the Dungeon. So how could Tiffany have located her?

"Janet, I have some bad news for you. I just got a call from Erica's lawyer. There's been a terrible accident! Erica and Andrea were both killed in a plane accident in Mexico."

"Tiffany, you must be joking," said Janet.

"Look, I'm serious. The lawyer will be calling you too. She gave me your number so that I could call you first to break the news."

When the realization that the news of Mistress Erica's death might just be true, Janet went cold inside. From the time that she had been a slave girl, she had been prevented from getting to know Tiffany in any way. It was hard to trade phone number when your mouth was filled by a ballgag, or when being chained in a Dungeon. It was only because of a tragedy that Tiffany might get Janet's number at all.

"Janet, are you still there?" asked Tiffany.

"Yes, I'm just choked up, that's all. I just can't believe it."

"I know, I had the same feeling. Let me get off the line, so the lawyer can call you. Here is my number so you can call me tomorrow. So that we can get together, OK?"

Grabbing a pen, Janet wrote down her full name and number. In turn, she gave Tiffany hers. The two of them, who had shared so much before, could now finally share their names together!

Her head spun with the news that Erica might be gone, that she would no longer be a slave girl to the Mistress that had introduced her to slavery. What would her life be composed of now? Would she be free? She fingered the ring on her index finger, with the incised links of chain on its surface.

In a few moments, the phone rang.

"Hello?" asked Janet.

"Is this Janet Davis?" asked a female voice that sounded vaguely familiar.

"Yes," trembled Janet.

"My name is Blanca Sanchez, Erica Riken's lawyer. I'm calling to notify you of a tragedy, since Erica requested that if anything were ever to happen to her, you and Tiffany Gray are to be contacted."

"Thank you," stuttered Janet.

"I'll call with the funeral arrangements. You and Tiffany will be inheriting Erica's estate, by the way. So you have to come to my office in Manhattan."

"What about her family?" asked Janet.

"She had no family or relatives. That is why you and Tiffany have inherited the estate, but there are some conditions that will be explained to you, else you forfeit your rights. But that can be explained later."

Janet took down the lawyer's name and number, and was assured that she could be contacted day and night if needed.

"Thank you," said Janet. "Do I know you? Your voice sounds very familiar, Blanca."

"It should. Last time we met, you called me Mistress Blanca and we met at Mistress Stephanie's House. You took my stripes very well."

Janet was speechless, the next words caught in her throat.

"Are you still on the line, Miss Davis?" questioned Blanca.

"Yes," answered Janet.

"Don't be fearful, I'm not going to discipline you for improper address! I'm calling to fulfill my legal duties to the estate of Erica, my friend and client. So don't be afraid!"

"Yes, Blanca," answered Janet.

"Good. I shall call you soon with the funeral details, and when we must meet to talk about the estate."

"Thank you," said Janet.

"Good bye, Janet," said Blanca.

"Bye," said Janet as she put the phone down.

Shock after shock! Tiffany calling her with the news, then Blanca calls also! Then finding out that Blanca was both a Mistress and Erica's lawyer, and that she and Tiffany were going to inherit the estate!

Even though it was summer and the apartment was over eighty, Janet felt cold and lonely that night. She fingered her collar and bracelets, and curled up in a ball under the cold sweaty sheets. Was she really free?

The next day, Janet slept late. It wasn't until a truck backfired that she finally woke up, and found that it was Ten AM. She unlocked her bracelets and collar, dressed and made coffee. She read the paper dejectedly, not caring about its contents. All she saw was the ring on her index finger.

Next to the phone were the numbers that she had written down before dawn. She had somehow wanted to believe that it was all a dream, and that none of it had happened. But instead, the numbers mocked her.


When she heard the phone, she somehow hoped that it might be the lawyer calling her to say that it had all been a horrible mistake.

"Hello?" asked Janet.

"Janet, its Tiffany. How are you feeling?"


"Look, I was calling to say let's get together. Tonight for dinner," Tiffany suggested.

"I don't really feel like eating out," Janet answered.

"No, I'll cook. We'll eat, talk, and split a bottle of wine. Besides, misery loves company. So don't be alone," said Tiffany.

"Really, I don't think so," said Janet.

"Please, Janet! What else do you have to do tonight besides cry? I don't want to be alone either, so join me. I promise I won't poison you, my cooking isn't that bad."

"All right," Janet answered, "where do you live?"

Janet found that Tiffany lived not far from her in a rented house just over the border in Nassau. For a long time she had considered selling her car, since she had previously only used it on weekends. Now she backed it out of her parking space, leaving her neighbors to wonder why she didn't go away by limo the previous evening.

Tiffany lived a suburb like Janet's except that she rented the lower floor of a two family house. She parked in the large driveway behind Tiffany's blue car, and Tiffany was waiting for her at the door.

"Did you find my directions easy?" asked Tiffany.

"Sure," said Janet as she entered the apartment.

The house was small, and Tiffany had a small foyer, closet, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The rooms were OK, but small.

"I also have the use of the backyard. My landlord has a BBQ, so I cook outside."

"Nice. I can't do that at my apartment," said Janet.

"How about a drink?"

"Wine OK?"


Tiffany had prepared for her guest, and she opened a bottle of white wine and poured two glasses. They sat down in the living room, an awkward silence between them.

"Well," said Tiffany after taking a sip of her drink, "what now?"

"About what? Erica's gone."

"We're free!" said Tiffany.

"No," answered Janet sipping from her glass, "we'll never be free."

"What do you mean by that?" questioned Tiffany.

"The things we've done and seen, the marks on our bodies. Your ring and my shaved sex are reminders of the life we led as slaves. The Dominants and Slaves we've met. No, we're not free."

"You have a sense of the dramatic," said Tiffany.

"No. Erica would not let us off from being slaves so easily, and I have a feeling that she had something planned for after her death."

"We'll go to the funeral, see what the lawyer has to say. And then go on from there," said Tiffany.

At that moment a bell went off in the kitchen, cutting off further conversation. Tiffany jumped up, and walked into the kitchen.

"Chicken's ready," called Tiffany, holding an oven mitt.

Much to her surprise, going to Tiffany's did improve her spirit. Instead of eating alone at her apartment, Janet enjoyed going out and being with someone else. It was strange to be eating during the weekend wearing clothes, as she was usually naked.

Tiffany had prepared a nice dinner of baked chicken, potatoes, a vegetable, and cake. She was a good host, and Janet enjoyed the company. After eating, they took their coffee and cake outside.

"That was very nice," complimented Janet.

"Thank you. I hate eating alone."

"Ever live with a guy?" asked Janet.

"Sure. They all treated me like a dumb blonde, and they all ended up cheating on me."

"How did you...?"

"Become a slave? I met some girl at a party who showed me her whip marks, I got introduced around, and I met someone. She wasn't a very good Dominant, but I eventually found Erica. Made my life more exciting. You?"

"I got bored, and a friend introduced me."

"At least you didn't take up something dangerous. Like skydiving," laughed Tiffany.

Janet chuckled. It was the first she felt good in days, since she had not seen Erica in two weeks. Tiffany had lifted her morose spirits.

"Do you want to see a movie? Go dancing?" asked Tiffany.

"I haven't done any of those things for a long time," answered Janet.

"Neither have I. For at least three years, now. God, I wouldn't know where to go," said Tiffany.

When Janet had arrived, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Now the sky boiled, and the wind was picking up.

"Was there any rain forecast?" asked Janet.

"Probably a summer thunderstorm. Did you close your car window?"

"No," said Janet, rising from her chair.

They both ran to the driveway and Janet rolled up her window just in time to hear the first peal of thunder. Then the sky broke, and it was like a solid wall of water coming down.

"Wow!" yelled Tiffany.

They both made a dash for the back door. Even though the rain had only lasted for seconds, they were both soaking wet by the time they got inside. Both took deep breaths and looked at each other, and saw that their clothes were plastered to each other.

"Better get out of these clothes," said Tiffany.

"I didn't bring anything," answered Janet.

"You didn't need anything at Erica's, did you? I think I can find something for you to wear," replied Tiffany.

The two girls went to the bedroom, and Tiffany took all her clothes off. She was soaked all the way down to the skin, and her underwear stuck to her. Tiffany removed her bra and panties, and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. She toweled herself dry, then went into the bathroom to dry her hair.

"What are you waiting for, a cold?" asked Tiffany.

Janet stripped, and dried herself off also. She joined Tiffany, who passed her dryer and brush to her. She looked in the mirror, and saw a familiar sight: the two of them naked. Except that they were not wearing collars, or any of the usual implements.

Going into the bathroom, Tiffany hung their wet clothes on hangers to dry. Their clothes were soaked, and would need the whole night to dry.

Crash! Janet had knocked into a box, and had sent plastic pieces flying all over Tiffany's closet as she searched for something to wear.

"Are you all right?" asked Tiffany.

"Just knocked something over," answered Janet.

"Damn, I told my nephews not to put Conquest in the closet," stated Tiffany, "I keep the game so that they have something to play when my sister visits."

The two naked girls bent down on the floor and sort the cards and plastic pieces of the war game.

"You really made a mess," observed Tiffany.

"If this was Erica's house, I would have been punished," laughed Janet.

"Do you play?" asked Tiffany.

"My brother taught me, and I learned on my own. Don't play me though, I'm a killer. When I finished college, nobody would play me in the dorm or the student center," proudly boasted Janet.

"Really," answered Tiffany, a smile on her face.

When Janet was buttoning a shirt, Tiffany reached over and kissed her. Suddenly all of Janet's desires for the last two weeks boiled over. She grabbed Tiffany, and they fell on the bed.

"A little early, isn't it?" asked Tiffany.

"Who cares?"

"Then use me, Janet," said Tiffany, "hard."

When they got under the covers, Janet obliged her companion. Since there was no clock facing the bed, she never knew just how long they went at it before they fell asleep. But the sky was long dark and the traffic ceased long before they did.

Erica's and Andrea's funeral was held two days later. There were no coffins, and Janet did not recognize anyone except for Blanca, Stephanie, and Camille. After the service, which was thankfully short, Blanca walked over to them.

"Good morning," said Blanca.

"Hello, Blanca," replied Janet.

"I see that you both are here to honor Erica."

"Yes," they answered in unison.

"I want you to meet me in my office tomorrow at 9," said Blanca, as she handed Janet and Tiffany her business card.

"Why?" asked Tiffany.

"There's the will to take care of."

"Can't you tell us about it now?" asked Janet.

"Nine AM tomorrow. Sharp!" she commanded.

Janet almost answered "Yes, Mistress," but caught herself in time. Blanca had turned on her heels and was walking out of the church before Janet could formulate a reply. Tiffany had gone off to talk with Stephanie, leaving her alone.

The next morning, they took the train to Manhattan. The subway was crowded with all the commuters going to work.

"Are you going to work after this?" asked Tiffany.

"Depends on how I feel," answered Janet.

"Me, too."

Blanca Sanchez was a junior partner at a prestigious law firm. The lobby was covered in marble that made every step of their heels click and echo, reminding Janet of Erica's Dungeon. They were ushered into Blanca's office, which was richly furnished. The furniture was oak, and the carpet deep. They both sat down in leather stuffed chairs.

She closed the door, and pressed her intercom, "Georgie, no calls please."

"Yes, Blanca."

"There now," said Blanca, "a little peace."

"You wanted to see us," said Janet.

"Yes," answered Blanca, who opened a manila folder.

Janet and Tiffany waited for Blanca to begin. They had quite a lot of patience, since they had learned by waiting chained in the Dungeon.

"I have been Erica's lawyer and friend for years, and so it is up to me to execute her will. You two are the beneficiaries of the estate, the care of which has been entrusted to me. You will receive the estate in stages over the next year, when you prove that you are capable of handling it."

Janet stole a glance at Tiffany, who looked bored and stared out the window at Manhattan below. Didn't she care, thought Janet?

"You will inherit her house, cars, clothes and books. Including her Dungeon, of course, and you are expected to create your own House."

"That's what I've been waiting for," said Tiffany, before she resumed staring out the window.

"I will help you pay all of the taxes and bills, and show you how to run a mansion like Erica's, which is not like anything that you have done before. I'm going to be giving you a large file to each of you containing multiple documents that Erica wanted you to have. I want you to read everything," said Blanca.

Suddenly Janet recalled one of her last visits, and remembered Erica's strange remarks. That she would be tested in some way. She looked at Tiffany, since she knew that Erica must have given her the same warning. Instead, Tiffany's attention had wandered. She was staring out the window.

"Can I have a list of how much money we'll get?" asked Tiffany.

"Yes. But before you join the ranks of the idle rich, you'll be on an allowance to prove that you're financially responsible," said Blanca.

"Sounds like we've traded one Mistress for another," said Tiffany.

"If you want to see it that way," answered Blanca.

"Is there anything else?" asked Tiffany.

Blanca then handed out pens and a series of legal papers.

"Start signing at the X marks," said Tiffany. "We have quite a bit of legal ground to cover."

"What about my job?" asked Janet.

"Call your employer and tell them you have to take the week off. We're going to very busy for the next week."

"Yes, Blanca," said Janet.

The morning was spent signing papers and forms. In the afternoon, after lunch, a car was called to take them to Erica's house. They rode in a black limo, just like the one that would take Janet each weekend. The ride was very different during the day, and she only recognized the road signs on the way up.

"At least you weren't blindfolded in transit," said Blanca, "so you already know the way."


When they pulled up at the gate, Blanca produced a key, which opened it. Then they drove up the familiar driveway up to the door. Dead leaves scattered out of the way.

They left the limo, and Blanca told the driver to return in a few hours. Then they walked up the steps, and Janet expected that Andrea would be waiting for them. Instead, yellow tape sealed the door, which Blanca removed and balled up. She opened the door, and quickly went to the alarm panel to shut it off.

"There now," she said, "that's better."

"I expect to see Erica any minute," said Janet.

"Not too likely. Come, we have a lot of ground to cover. Everything from the alarm to the water cut off valves. Running an estate is a job all by itself, and you've got it!"

The next few hours, with some breaks, dealt with the physical aspects of the house and grounds. Janet set off the alarm twice and Tiffany once.

"Just don't make a habit out of that," cautioned Blanca.

When they were finished, they descended to the Dungeon. Everything was cleaned and polished, just waiting for the Mistress of the House to return. Their heels clicked on the stone floor.

"This is yours too. Just use it wisely. Not too many houses around here have Dungeons in their basements, but I have heard some stories over the years. This area is all old Yankee money, so don't be surprised if they ignore you completely. This isn't like living in an apartment complex," Blanca cautioned.

They both nodded.

"I don't want you causing any legal trouble, so you have got to be very careful in training new slaves. You have to learn your new position first, so you can contact some of the other Dominants you have may have served. I know that Stephanie is willing to help, so I'll give you her number. Got that?" said Blanca as she walked among the Dungeon and picked up a riding crop, flexing it in her hand.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tiffany, and Janet merely nodded.

"You two have to learn your new positions, and that means more than just being at the other end of the riding crop," Blanca flicked the crop, striking a leather padded bench that Janet remembered being tied to.

"Yes," answered.

"I wish I could have used this last week on my opponent in court. That little bitch dug up something on my client that made him and me look completely foolish. But I told that bastard to tell me everything and he lied to me also about the case. He deserved a touch of the crop also. Oh well. I'll still collect my fee anyway. And I'll keep an eye out for that cunt in the future," lectured Blanca.

"What next?" asked Janet.

"Back to the city. You move in tomorrow," said Blanca quite coldly.

"Tomorrow?" questioned Tiffany.

"Well I did say to take the week off, now didn't I?" said Blanca.

Back in Janet's small apartment, they were washing up after dinner. The meal had been a restrained affair as they were both in shock. They had picked up something on the way home, after having been driven to Queens in the same limo that had taken them to Erica's house.

"Well," said Tiffany, "pinch me."

Feeling suddenly playful, Janet reached inside Tiffany's blouse and under her bra. She pinched and twisted her nipple, which was hard and erect.

"Owww," cried Tiffany.

"Well you did want me to pinch you," said Janet.

"I just can't believe it."

"My boss isn't going to be too thrilled about me taking the week off," said Janet.

"Screw him," said Tiffany.

"Can't. He's gay," Janet answered.

They both laughed together and embraced. Janet tried to feel Tiffany's medallion inside her sex, but couldn't beneath the fabric of her dress.

"Shall we?" asked Tiffany.

"Why not," answered Janet.

Afterwards, Janet reflected that she didn't have a Maid handy to change the bed.

The next day, they each helped each other pack the first things they would need. Blanca arrived to help, and they were just about ready when the truck and limo arrived. The drive through afternoon traffic was a horror, and when they arrived it was past 6 PM. Their stuff was unloaded, and they were left alone with Blanca.

"My car, I left it in Queens!" gasped Janet.

"There's a Toyota and a BMW in the garage that are in the estate's name, and yours to use. Just don't wreck them, please," cautioned Blanca.

"I still can't believe it," said Janet.

"Learn fast," said Blanca, before she left by limo.

"God damn," said Tiffany. "What do we do now?"

Blanca had made sure that the kitchen had been stocked in advance in with the basics. They had a simple dinner of salad, hot dogs, and baked beans.

"Andrea was quite a cook," said Janet.

"I remember once she told me she went to school for that."

Tiffany picked up a hot dog with a fork and they both looked at it.

"Had a guy once with a dong about that length," said Tiffany.

"What happened?"

"He was about as hard too," laughed Tiffany as she took a bite.

"Hardly the elegant meal that I expected my first night here," observed Tiffany.

"Perhaps we could light candles," said Janet.

"And drip the wax on each other!"

"Now that's a thought!" said Janet.

They walked the grounds and used each other till dawn, when they finally fell asleep in each other's arms, drunk with their new position in life!

The next day, Stephanie arrived for a lunchtime visit. Janet cleaned the downstairs (which had already been immaculate anyway) and Tiffany cooked.

She was dressed in a conservative blue business suit, with modest heels. It was strange to see her without Camille in attendance.

They talked, and she reminisced about Erica.

"Erica was a good friend, and a good Mistress. You two should be honored that you knew her."

"Yes, I'm sure that I will be carrying her marks for some time," said Tiffany.

"Well, the first place to start is a Maid. Here," she said, passing a photo from her purse.

The photo showed a girl in the late twenties dressed in a rubber Maid's outfit.

"Her name's Tina North. She's been a slave for quite a while, and now is ready to serve in a household. I think that she'll be a valuable asset to your House."

"How should we treat her?" asked Janet.

"With kindness and discipline, never exceeding her limits," cautioned Stephanie.

"Yes," Janet answered.

"Good, I'll have her report here tomorrow. I'll bring her myself. You are expected to make a list of chores for her to do, a schedule for work, days off, and so on. I'll help you with that," offered Stephanie.

"Thank you," said Janet.

"I think that I can do without the advice," said Tiffany.

Janet looked at her lover in surprise. If there was one thing that she had learned in life, was never to refuse advice when offered! Especially when they were navigating in a minefield like this one!

"Why did you insult Stephanie?" asked Janet after their guest had left.

"Because she hurt me last time, and I never liked her anyway," pouted Tiffany.

"Just don't do it again," advised Janet.

Tiffany left in a huff for the Dungeons to sulk.

Dinner that night was a restrained affair with neither of them talking much. Janet had broiled some steaks, and it may as well have been cardboard for the lack of enjoyment that dinner brought.

They cleaned up in silence, and Janet decided that they wouldn't sleep together. She had picked out another bedroom, and had turned the covers. She had even selected an adult novel to read before bed.

When she was undressing for bed, the door suddenly burst open. Naked, she was startled when Tiffany broke in. In her hands she was carrying a pair of gleaming steel handcuffs, a collar, and a ballgag.

Tiffany struck Janet, and they fell to the bed, wrestling! Suddenly, Janet was back in her high school years, her brother in wrestling with the damn rubber suit (was that why she was attracted to rubber now?) pouncing on her. Over time, she picked up the moves and learned to fight him off. One day, when she was nearly mugged in NY, she had fought someone off, scaring her to death.

"Tiffany, stop!" yelled Janet.

Because Tiffany had been carrying too many things in her hands, she had not been able to get a proper grip on Janet. The things she brought scattered, and Janet was able to force Tiffany onto her chest with her arms wrenched behind her back. Janet saw the handcuffs on the bed, picked them up and locked Tiffany's hands behind her back. They were both panting from the fight.

"What do you think you were doing?" gasped Janet.

Tiffany didn't reply, but instead remained silent.


Janet turned her companion over, and saw that Tiffany was dressed in just her bra and panties, plus a pair of shoes. She picked up the collar and ballgag, and displayed them to Tiffany.

"So these were for me. Had you asked, I just might have worn them. Even gone down the Dungeon for a little fun. But not like this," said Janet.

"I'm Mistress here," said Tiffany.

"Really. You had better start acting like it, not like some insolent slave who doesn't know her place. In fact, I think that we shall go to the Dungeon tonight. But you're going to be the one that feels the lash," said Janet.

"No!" cried Tiffany.

In short order, Tiffany wore the collar and ballgag. With her arms behind her back, Tiffany was helpless.

Janet then found a chain in the nightstand (very convenient) and locked Tiffany to the ringbolt set in the wall, making her kneel on the wooden floor.

"Got to get dressed," said Janet.

Grabbing her discarded pair of panties, she slipped then on and padded barefoot to Erica's bedroom. Strangely enough, they had not spent the night there, but had instead used another room.

Going inside, she rushed to the closet. Weeks before, when she had been Mistress for a night, she had looked through Erica's extensive wardrobe. Janet had been pleased to discover that she and Erica were the same size, so she could wear her clothes.

But now, rushing to find something to wear in the Dungeon, she suddenly stopped her mad dash. There were things missing!

"What the?" questioned Janet.

There were empty places were she had looked at an admired what must have been specially made clothes. Both normal and fetish wear. Still only wearing panties, she went into Erica's drawers.

Any woman's wardrobe would contain her underwear, makeup supplies, and plenty of it. But either Erica didn't have very much, or a good part of it was missing. It was as if what was left was meant to cover what was missing. And why was all her underwear new? Surely she didn't just wear something once and throw it away? Erica's house, for all her wealth, was quite plain and she had displayed disdain for the trappings of wealth. So where were her used things?

She was going to question Blanca about it at the first chance she got! But as she dressed in a leather bra, skirt, and boots she still got that nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right. A woman dead by accident doesn't just remove her favorite clothes beforehand, nor have only new underwear in her drawer.

Janet was going to have to search the whole house, and fire up that computer. Her skin crawled with the suspicion that something was going on. And she was going to get to the bottom of it.

But first she had to attend to Tiffany's bottom, and her anger at her friend's action resurfaced.

"Bitch," said Janet aloud, "Bitch!"

When she returned to her bedroom, Tiffany was still there, bound naked on the floor. Janet pulled her collar chain, making her rise to her feet. It had been a long time since she and Andrea had reversed roles, and now she was the Mistress of the house. Provided she fulfilled Erica's conditions, of course.

Janet wasted no time and pinched Tiffany's nipple, making her squeal behind her gag. Then she pinched Tiffany's clit making her jump in response.

"Now that we've established who is in charge here," said Janet "It's time to go down to the Dungeon."

Janet didn't make Tiffany wear the usual high heels. Instead, she removed the ones that she had on. After releasing her collar chain, she attached a leash. She had found a blindfold, which she quickly used to cut off Tiffany's vision.

Even though they both knew the way to the Dungeon by heart, Janet wanted to preserve the ritual of blindfolding the slave during the trip to the Dungeon. Tiffany obediently followed Janet as they walked to the hidden elevator downstairs.

In a few minutes, they were in the Dungeon. Evidently, Tiffany had been here before, as the lights and heat were already on. Tiffany had planned well, except that it was she that would be feeling the whip!

"Thanks for getting everything ready, Tiffany," said Janet, "Since I don't have a Maid yet."

Janet didn't waste any time, nor did she want to do anything fancy. She placed cuffs on Tiffany's wrists and ankles, replacing the articles of slavery that Janet had grown used to in serving Erica.

Then she pulled Tiffany to the center of the room, where a chain was hanging from the ceiling. She unlocked her handcuffs, and then locked the leather cuffs above Tiffany's head. Locating a spreader bar, she opened Tiffany's legs and locked it to the D rings.

Tiffany stood, totally helpless and exposed. Janet found the control and took up the slack on the ceiling chain, forcing Tiffany to stand straight and erect.

"That's better," said Janet.

Even though they had made love ever since Erica's death, Janet couldn't pass up the chance to pinch and roughly fondle Tiffany's bound form. It was one thing to make passionate love together in bed. It was quite something else to roughly examine Tiffany's naked body prior to discipline.

Even though she planned to use the whip, Janet got a riding crop. She used the tip as a probe to trace Tiffany's curves, and to insert between her breasts and legs. She pushed the tip between her sex, making Tiffany moan.

Janet then removed her blindfold and gag, and Tiffany panted from the rough examination that she had just undergone.

"Thank you, Mistress," panted Tiffany.

"You're welcome, slave."

"You have a choice Tiffany. Either the whip, or the crop."

"The whip, Mistress," said Tiffany.

"For once, we agree on something."

Janet replaced the crop with a long coiled sinuous whip. She felt the fresh oil on her fingertips, since she had chosen not to wear gloves this evening.

"Please," plead Tiffany, "don't whip me?"

"Perhaps you should have thought of that before you tried to restrain me. Were you so certain that you could overpower me? I'm full of surprises," said Janet.

"No, Janet, no!"

"Mistress Janet to you," said Janet.

"Mistress Janet, please, no!"

"What's so different about being whipped by me instead of Erica. After all, you love the whip. Regardless of who's yielding it."

"Yes, Mistress."

"So kiss the handle like a good girl before I put that gag back," said Janet.

Tiffany reached her lips forward and kissed the handle. At first, she hesitated. But then, Janet was pleased to see that she was showing the same enthusiasm as she had displayed for Mistress Erica.

"That's good," said Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tiffany.

"Good. Then we can begin."

Janet stood back, cracking the whip to get its proper feel. She loved the way it moved, and the sound it made. Then she struck!

"Owwww!" cried Tiffany.

Janet struck again, not caring to have the strokes counted. She could do without theatre tonight, only wanting to have Tiffany display her submission to her.



Janet delivered each stroke with only a moderate degree of force. She wanted the whip to coil itself around Tiffany's curves, then the tip would smack into her naked flesh.

Janet did not really want to hurt Tiffany, or break her skin. What she did want was to make Tiffany understand that she had gotten off to a bad start, and the Janet was now in charge!


"Janet, please stop," cried Tiffany.

"What's wrong, Tiffany? Lost your desire to please your Mistress?"

"It hurts!"

"So did Mistress Erica, but you loved her whip. Just as you will come to love mine," said Janet.


Janet began to concentrate on her upper body. She wanted the whip to strike Tiffany's breasts, which it did. Once her breasts were covered by multiple red marks, she paused.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tiffany.

"I'm not done yet," answered Janet.

Giving Tiffany a chance to rest, Janet looked around the Dungeon. Again, things were missing that she painfully remembered. Whips, crops, and other things. Not that there wasn't enough left here to restrain a whole group of girls.

"What the hell?" asked Janet to herself.

"Mistress?" asked Tiffany.

"Sorry to neglect you, Tiffany. I was just surveying the Dungeon. Every home should have one downstairs, don't you think?"

"Mistress please!"

Janet then uncoiled the whip, and displayed it to Tiffany.

"Shall we start again?" Janet asked.

This time, she concentrated on Tiffany's sex and behind. The tip would bury itself between Tiffany's opened legs, making her shake and rattle her chains. Tears flowed onto her cheeks, and her makeup ran leaving lines of color.

But it was her behind that was turning colors! With each stroke, she would leave another red mark on her bottom. Since Tiffany had not been whipped for some time, the new ones stood out.

"Owwww!" cried Tiffany.

"Stop, please stop, Mistress Janet!" cried Tiffany.

Taking no notice of her pleas, Janet continued to punish her. Without remorse or anger, even though she had boiling earlier, Janet restrained her strokes. She did not want Tiffany to plead mercy, for then she would have to stop. Instead, she wanted to make Tiffany feel quite uncomfortable for what she had done.

When Janet was satisfied that the whip had done its job, she ceased.

"Thank your Mistress," said Janet.

Tiffany appeared to hesitate, and Janet pretended to utilize the whip again.

"Thank you, Mistress for the punishment that I have received. I was a very bad girl before, and it will never happen again," said Tiffany.

"Good. Now a little something else, and then I can lock you away for the night."

Janet selected a lightweight flogger. It wouldn't mark, but it would aggravate the earlier ones that Janet had already inflicted. The broad strands impacted on Tiffany's skin, making her moan and thrash. Janet enjoyed seeing her reacting in this way and make sure that she used it on all the right places.

"Now then," said Janet, standing before a tearful Tiffany, "all done now."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Janet locked Tiffany in one of the upstairs bedrooms, next to Erica's master bedroom. She had moved there after dominating Tiffany. Once Tiffany had been cleaned up, Janet locked her to the ringbolt in the wall.

"Now don't give me any trouble," said Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

After getting out of her leather gear, Janet discovered that she could use a quick shower. The enjoyed the hot streams, soaping her breasts and sex. She dried herself off, then blow dried her hair. Once she was done, she retrieved the novel that she had wanted to read earlier.

Janet checked once more on Tiffany, then got under the covers naked. She fingered the ring on her index finger, wondering if she should continue to wear it. Janet dropped off to sleep, feeling satisfied.

The next day, Mistress Stephanie Richards drove up. In the passenger seat was the girl that Stephanie recommended. Janet opened the door for the two of them. Since it was quite warm, they didn't have coats on. Stephanie wore a dress, and so did Tina.

"Please come in," greeted Janet.

"Thank you," said Stephanie, "Tina this is Janet Davis, the Mistress I told you about."

"Pleased to meet you, Mistress Janet."

"But where is Mistress Tiffany?" asked Stephanie.

"In the library," answered Janet.

After closing the door, the three made their way to the Library. When they entered, Stephanie saw Tiffany seated in a chair. Around her neck was a slave collar, but otherwise she was dressed normally in a blouse and skirt.

"Tina, this is Mistress Tiffany, who also is Mistress in this house," said Stephanie as she introduced Janet's companion.

"Mistress Tiffany, pleased to meet you," said Tina.

"Please sit down," directed Janet.

Having made the introductions, Janet asked Tina some personal questions. Who she had trained under, who she had served, and so on. Tina even displayed her recent whip marks on her breasts and behind.

"Good, good," said Janet.

Tina also told of her skills in the upkeep of the house. This was all part of the contract between Mistress and Submissive that had to be established first, before Tina would formally serve in the House.

Once that was done, Stephanie declared herself a witness. Tiffany rose and walked out the door, and closed the library door behind her.

"What happened?" asked Stephanie.

"Tina, could you please open the library door and leave us for a few minutes," directed Janet.

"Certainly, Mistress Janet," answered Tina.

After Tina had left, Stephanie faced Janet.


"We had a difference of opinion yesterday. Tiffany burst into my bedroom last night, with cuffs, a collar, and a gag. She wanted to restrain me, but I won the fight and punished her instead."

"Shocking," said Stephanie.

"Her punishment is to wear the collar for two days, and she gets locked up every night."

"Adequate," said Stephanie, "and fair."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Take care of Tina, she will make a good maid and slave. Her things are in the car, just a couple of suitcases."

"Thank you, Mistress Stephanie."

Once Tina had brought her things into the Maid's room, she let the girl unpack in peace. She was sure that the pretty brunette would fit into Andrea's things, so there would be no need to buy a new wardrobe for her.

Suddenly Janet realized the immense responsibilities that came with being a Mistress of her own House! It was much simpler to be a slave in the Dungeon!

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