Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

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Chapter Two: Introduction to Discipline

The next day's beginning could not have been more surprising for Janet. She had slept deeply in her jail cell, and so had Tiffany. Janet had rolled over bed, finally coming awake.

Abruptly she realized where she was and what she had seen the previous night. Janet felt the collar around her neck, and the chain leading to the wall. Just for emphasis she pulled on the chain which had no effect. There was nothing that a naked girl could do against the implacable nature of steel.

"Good morning," greeted Tiffany as she stretched her arms and rubbed her eyes.

"Are we allowed to talk?" asked Janet.

"Sure, the lights are on. From the way we've slept, I'd say it was ten, maybe eleven in the morning. It's hard to tell when you're locked in a dungeon."

"What happens now?"

"Andrea will come by and release us so we can bathe and eat. I'm starved," answered Tiffany.

Janet had to take some time to assimilate all this.

"You've been reading too many cheap novels. We're not going to kept in the dungeon all day long," said Tiffany.

As if on cue, Andrea arrived at that moment. She again wore her rubber Maid's uniform, except that today's was red instead of black. Her ankle chains from the previous night were gone, and Janet noticed that she was wearing a pair of spike heels with a leather strap that was locked around her ankles. She held a set of keys, and in no time both Janet and Tiffany were freed from their chains.

The three women then went upstairs in an elevator, one clothed in rubber, two naked. Once upstairs, Andrea showed them to the bathroom where both took baths and cleaned themselves. For the first time in her life, Janet did not feel self-conscious as she attended to herself in the presence of another girl who was as naked as her. Janet and Tiffany each took turns soaping the other, and Janet had a close look at the marks on Tiffany's skin. Not only were there fresh marks, but older ones as well.

When asked, Tiffany shrugged off her marks. She had worn them for too long, and the novelty had ceased.

"When you're marked, you really can't wear any revealing clothes, so buy something that will cover up well! Whip marks are a little hard to explain these days!" exclaimed Tiffany.

Once both women were clean and dry, Tiffany knelt on the floor. She motioned for Janet to do the same. Tiffany placed her hands behind her head, and spread her knees far apart. Janet copied her every move.

After a few minutes, Andrea appeared. She saw that both girls were ready, and she unlocked a cabinet. From there, she produced a series of leather objects. Tiffany's turn came first, and Janet watched as she was collared. Then her wrists and ankles were encased in leather bracelets. Next, Andrea produced a pair of leather spike heels that must have been five inches tall that she locked on Tiffany's feet. Finally, while Tiffany was standing, she locked a leather belt around her waist, then pulled a leather strap between her legs and locked it in front with a small padlock.

Janet did not understand the purpose of the last device until she was locked into the same outfit as Tiffany. Once she was wearing a collar and bracelets, and the strap pulled between her legs did she realize that it was a chastity belt!

"It's always the new girls that are the most sex starved," said Andrea, "That's why you will wear a chastity belt. Can't have you girls getting off during training."

Both girls stood in silence.

"I don't want to find you touching or kissing. If you do, you'll be wearing a dildo inside that belt, and maybe one up your behind also. So behave, sluts," cautioned Andrea.

Andrea fed them both in the kitchen, and Erica seemed to have vanished. After breakfast, both girls helped Andrea do the housework. They made the beds, washed and vacuumed the floors, and did the laundry. It was the very picture of domesticity, except that Janet was naked and she had to be careful with every step while perched on the heels!

Once lunch was over, Andrea announced a break. Tiffany asked if they could go outside, and Andrea granted her request.

Feeling very naked, she trailed behind Tiffany as they walked outside in the garden.

"How can you go outside?" questioned Janet.

"Would you rather be chained in the dungeon?" answered Tiffany.

"But suppose someone sees us!"

"Not too likely. The walls are very high, there are no trees nearby that someone might climb, and Erica is a very private and wealthy person. Anyone taking her on might be risking their life," replied Tiffany.

Following Tiffany's lead, Janet stayed on the cobbled walk. She didn't want her heels to sink into the soft ground.

"Tiffany, why are you a slave? You're drop dead gorgeous and could get any man you wanted. I'd kill for good looks like yours?"

"Beauty," answered Tiffany, "can be a blessing or a curse. The only men I meet in life are selfish pricks that think only of themselves. I even met one guy that wanted me to be a prostitute! I feel relieved of responsibility when I'm a slave. And that's just fine with me. Here, you'll find you have a clear role to play. And you'll enjoy doing it!"

"Can we go inside?" asked Janet.

"Why, we just go out here."

"I've got to find Andrea to let me out of this belt. I've got to go to the bathroom!"

"Sure," answered Tiffany.

Once inside the house, both girls were allowed to attend to their toilet. Then they cleaned the Mansion some more.

"I guess this place stays pretty clean," Janet observed.

"It does when you clean it every day and you have slave girls eager to do your bidding. I wonder just how many other Mansions in Connecticut have naked slaves to clean house," answered Tiffany.

During the afternoon, Janet had been working with Andrea. She helped the maid with the housework without complaint, and she noted that Andrea always had a riding crop nearby. Janet thought that it was to be used on her, except that Mistress Erica had not yet whipped her first. Working naked next the Maid was a humbling experience, and Janet wondered just what would happen next.

"Mistress Erica wants to see you in the library," said Andrea, after glancing at the clock.

"Thank you," answered Janet.

In the high heels, Janet had to walk carefully to the library. Even though she had been summoned to see Mistress Erica, it was still new to Janet.

Janet knocked on the door, not certain of what to expect. Why would Erica want to see her now?

"Come in, Janet," said Erica.

Janet entered the library. Erica was seated behind her desk and a small table and chair had been set up in the library since she had been there in the morning.

"You wanted me, Mistress Erica?" asked Janet.

"Yes. Be seated," ordered Erica, "in the chair."

Not certain of what was happening, Janet seated herself before the small table. On it was a white legal pad, and a black ballpoint pen.

"Do you know why you are here?" Erica questioned.

"No, Mistress."

"Good. It is not enough that you just want to be my slave. I have to find out why, and so do you," said Erica.

Janet remained silent; not understanding what Erica was talking about.

"Just saying that you want to be my slave, or even submitting to my whip, is not enough. I have to discover why you want to be a slave. Therefore, I want you to begin to write all of your most intimate details. I have to know your family history, your sexual relations, your thoughts about being naked and seeing Tiffany whipped. Everything."

"Mistress, I don't understand?" Janet asked.

"I have to know why you want to be a slave. There are important reasons why I have to find out psychologically why you want to submit to a Mistress."

"I can't, Mistress," Janet answered.

"If you cannot bare your soul to me on paper, then you will be unable to do so under my lash. You will be automatically rejected as being unsuitable. Is that what you want?"

"No, Mistress."

"Then I shall leave you alone in the library for the rest of the afternoon. When Andrea returns, I expect to see several pages about you and your life, about why you are here. If you cannot do this, then you will make an unsuitable slave," said Erica as she rose from the desk.

"Mistress, is this for your protection?" asked Janet.

"No, Janet. It's for your protection so that you don't make a serious mistake," Erica answered as she closed the library door.

With the sun's rays warming her skin, Janet picked up the pen. Janet hesitantly began to bare her soul on paper as Erica had ordered, and it was the hardest thing that she had ever done.

After dinner, both girls were left chained in a room together. Their collars were locked to ringbolts in the walls, keeping them apart. The chastity belts had been removed, and Janet had felt horny all the time that she had been wearing hers.

"Well at least we're not gagged," observed Tiffany, "at least I've got somebody to talk to."

The door suddenly opened, and Tiffany fell silent. Andrea walked though the door, still wearing her red rubber Maid outfit. Janet idly wondered if she would ever get to it.

"Well, ladies. Erica is waiting. Now stand!" she ordered.

Both girls quickly got to their feet, but Janet stumbled due to her unfamiliarity with the high heels that were locked onto her feet.

Standing silently, Janet watched as Tiffany's hands were first locked behind her back. The collar and bracelets that they both wore had numerous rings in the shape of a "D", which Janet assumed were used to attach them to whatever their Mistress desired.

Andrea then produced a gag, but of a different type. This was a more elaborate affair than the simple one that Janet had seen the day before. She watched as the gag was first buckled at the back of Tiffany's neck, and then a chinstrap came next. Finally, with her nose surrounded by two straps that joined at her forehead, a single strap was pulled backwards that was joined to a buckle from the main straps.

"It's called a ball gag trainer," said Andrea.

She next produced the same kind of blindfold that Janet had worn the previous night.

"Your turn, sweetie," said Andrea.

Janet shivered with anticipation as she opened her mouth and the ball was inserted, forcing her jaws apart. She tried to fight the invader, but her wrists had already been joined behind her back. The gag was soon in place, and she squirmed when Andrea buckled it at the nape of her neck.

Next, she was blindfolded, as was her companion. Then she felt herself being unlocked, and pulled towards Tiffany. She felt Andrea attached a chain to her collar, then the additional sounds of chain being attached. Probably to Tiffany's collar.

Then she felt a tug on her collar chain, and she followed. She guessed that Andrea had chained them both together, and was walking them both with Tiffany leading.

Her steps were slow and deliberate, given the heels that she wore. Taking baby steps was essential to avoid falling.

Janet shivered with anticipation as she wondered what would happen to her. Erica said that she herself would ask to be whipped. In fact, she had already done so in asking to be punished instead of Tiffany.

Once in the dungeon, their blindfolds and gags were removed and Janet saw Erica again. Her eyes widened when she saw that the woman was dressed entirely in a red rubber outfit with a matching pair of high heels. Around her waist was a belt that cinched her middle tightly.

"Well now, girls, ready for another night of fun?" Erica demanded.

Janet did not know what to do. This was her second trip to the dungeon, and she was not sure what she was supposed to say. She looked over at Tiffany, who stood in silence. Unlike Janet, she was not even shivering in her chains. She was evidently quite used to being in the power of another woman.

"Yes, Mistress," Tiffany answered, "please punish me harshly."

Following the lead of her companion in steel, Janet decided to venture an answer of some kind.

"Yes, Mistress, please discipline me for the first time so that I may know your whip," said Janet.

"Good. I trust that you both will be good little slave girls. Now Janet, come over here," ordered Erica.

Andrea had unlocked her collar from Tiffany's, so that Janet was free to walk. Even if it meant stepping carefully in the five-inch heels. She stood in front of Mistress Erica with her head bowed, seeing how the red rubber Catsuit clung to every curve of her beautiful body.

"Bend down, in fact, get on your knees," Erica ordered.

Janet did as she was instructed. She knelt in silence at the feet of her Mistress.

"Do you, Janet, agree to accept your training as my personal slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," Janet replied.

"That you agree to accept whatever form of confinement that I may order for you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And that you accept whatever form of punishment that I may decide for you, no matter how painful or tormenting?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And that you will accept whoever I may decide to yield the whip in my place, should I desire someone else to punish you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And finally that you agree to keep your mouth shut about any and all activities that you may engage in here, upon penalty of expulsion or worse?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"First you may kiss one of my shoes lovingly, for you now belong to me," stated Erica.

Janet did so, kissing the red shoe. All she saw of her Mistress at that point were her two red shoes with high heels.

"Rise then, Janet," commanded Erica.

Janet rose from her knees, and wondered what would happen next.

"There is now one more that you are going to learn as my slave. Should you ever be punished beyond your capacity for pain, you must plead for mercy. Any responsible Mistress will heed your plea. Do you understand?" asked Erica.

Janet nodded yes in silence.

"Good, now for your first discipline with me," said Erica.

Janet was led by Erica who pulled on one of the D rings on her collar to another dungeon. This was through one of the walls of the first room, which was really just a false wall. This one was similar to the other, except that it had a steel cage in one corner. Was Janet to be locked in the cage?

Janet suddenly noticed a metal chain hanging from the ceiling. Erica pulled Janet over to the chain, and unlocked the bracelets from behind her back, then to the ceiling chain. Janet realized her position. Here she was, naked and chained in the middle of a dungeon with her arms over her head. Every part of her body was exposed! Last night she had seen Tiffany marked. Now it would be her turn.

"I said yesterday that you would be the one to ask me to whip you. After a while of hanging here, you will ask me to whip you when I return."

Janet was in no discomfort. Surely the Mistress must be joking!"

"However, it does get more interesting," said Erica.

Erica than walked over to a panel hidden in the wall. She steadily darkened the lights in the room until there was nothing left but a bearable gloom. Then Janet felt the chain holding her wrists go taut, and Janet began to rise from the floor to the point where by straining her heels could just reach the floor. Her leather wrist cuffs creaked with the strain, and Janet's body was pulled tight.

"Mistress," cried Janet.

"Surely you don't hurt that much already now do you?" Erica asked.

Janet twisted while suspended from the floor, her wrists and shoulders bearing all of her weight for the first time.

"Now why don't you hang there for a little while since I can't neglect Tiffany. You can yell, scream, howl as much as you want. I won't gag you just yet, not till you've been trained like Tiffany. After you've hung like this for a while you can ask me to whip you. And I'm sure that you'll be grateful for it."

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet as Erica walked away.

Janet heard the door close, and she was left alone in the darkened dungeon. She twisted slowly around, and her feet strained to reach the stone floor. She watched the room go by, seeing all of the devices in the gloom. She knew that they were all designed for one purpose: in inflict pain and suffering.

There was little for Janet to do. She tried to pull herself up so that she could grab the ceiling chain, but she lacked the strength to do so. She could make herself turn slowly by trying to reach the floor, and that was all. Janet heard her leather cuffs creak from the strain. Somehow Janet didn't think that they would somehow break and set her free.

Her wrists and shoulders soon began to hurt, and all she could do was try and reach the floor. All that did was to stretch her nakedness even further.

She heard the click of heels. Was Erica coming back to check on the condition of her charge? If so, then Janet would gladly ask to be whipped. Surely no girl could bear to hung like this for a long period of time!

"Mistress Erica asked me to check on you. Do you like being suspended?" questioned Andrea.

"Andrea. Please let me down?" meekly asked Janet.

"You know I can't do that. Mistress would cut us both to ribbons if I did that. Besides, you took your oath. You have to learn your new place as a slave girl."

"I guess you're right," Janet answered.

It still didn't make her plight any easier to take.

"Still, I did come here for a purpose. And I have no desire to be whipped on your account."

Janet wondered just what Andrea had been sent in here to do. There was certainly nothing that Janet could do to escape!

Andrea opened a hidden panel and withdrew a full size mirror mounted on wheels. She pushed it directly in front of Janet so she could see just what she looked like in her present state. Janet was startled to see herself naked and stretched in the mirror. Every part of her was visible, including her breasts and sex. She realized how open and vulnerable she was to anything that might be done to her.

As if to demonstrate her plight, Andrea stood in front on Janet. She then began at Janet's underarms to caress and pinch her skin. Janet's breasts next received the same treatment. Janet's nipples were soon erect from all the attention they were receiving.

Then Andrea's fingers traced her waist around, and felt the ribs through her strained skin. Finally her fingers reached Janet's sex. Earlier, she had been wearing a chastity belt, which had prevented Tiffany from doing anything to her sex. But now she was chained in the dungeon, and Erica and Andrea would have full use of her!

Andrea massaged Janet's sex, causing Janet to respond. There was little else that she could do. Even though she was pained by her suspension, she still felt her heart beat faster as she reacted to Andrea's ministrations. Janet moaned in response as waves of pleasure washed over her naked form.

Janet wondered what must have been happening to Tiffany. Surely her companion must be enduring a whipping or worse. Concerned with her own plight, she gasped at the assault of her sex.

Just before she climaxed, Andrea stood back. Janet hung frustrated in her chains.

"There would be a great penalty for me if I gave you an orgasm right now. I was told to get you to the brink of one, then withdraw."

Andrea then laughed and walked away. All that Janet could do was too look in the mirror and hang there, frustrated.

She did not know how long she had been here. One hour, two perhaps. Then Andrea walking in and fondling her sex like that. She had never felt so bad in her entire life.

"Having a good time?" asked Erica.

Janet did not hear or see her Mistress enter. Erica was clearly sweating, one of the effects of wearing the rubber Catsuit. She had evidently been doing some sort of physical activity. Janet could only guess that Tiffany had been receiving her punishment for the night.

"Please Mistress, whip me, and let me down, please!" cried Janet.

"I don't think that you're ready yet, darling. Just a little more, and you'll be in the right state."

Erica vanished as quickly as she had appeared. Janet pulled at her wrist cuffs to no avail. There was nothing she could do except stare at herself in the mirror.

Suddenly the dungeon itself seemed cold and forbidding. How terrible it was for a bound girl to be here, alone for hour after hour. In one corner sat a steel cage, with its door left open. Janet could easily see herself locked inside, naked and lonely.

Janet had no way of measuring how much time had elapsed. All she knew was that her wrists and shoulders hurt terribly. She wondered how much agony she was supposed to endure before her real agony was to begin.

Hanging, she slowly began to cry. All her life, she had been taught that the way to influence a man had been to cry. Except that here, she faced not a man but a woman who could easily see through her feminine ways.

Just when it seemed that Janet was at her loneliest, she heard the click of heels approaching. She wondered what was going on. Was she finally going to introduced to the whip?

The lights in the dungeon suddenly went on full. What had been dungeon gloom a few seconds earlier was now under full illumination. Janet blinked her eyes to restore her vision.

"Well now," said Erica, "Are you ready to be whipped?"

"Yes, Mistress, please whip me," Janet answered.

Janet noted that Erica led Tiffany by a leash attached to her collar. Tiffany's hands were bound behind her back, and a ball gag again filled her mouth.

"Since I whipped Tiffany yesterday for you, I think it only proper that she should be the audience for your punishment," stated Erica.

Janet looked over Tiffany's chained form. The blonde stood in her condition fitfully, sometimes moving slightly. Tiffany had again been whipped quite thoroughly, and new whip marks were clearly evident on her shapely body.

Erica then pulled her captive over to the waiting cage. She removed the leash and ball gag, then unlocked her arms only to lock them in front again. Tiffany, her chest heaving, was then pushed through the door into the cage. Erica then closed the cage, which locked by itself immediately. Tiffany's fingers grasped the bars of the cage.

Tiffany was now a bound girl locked in a steel cage from which there was no escape. Janet had watched her punishment yesterday, and now their roles were reversed.

Having finished with Tiffany, Janet realized that the moment of truth for her would soon arrive. Erica would shift her attentions to Janet.

Erica took a whip that had been hanging from the nearest wall, and walked in front of Janet. The mirror had been pushed aside to give Erica more freedom to work on Janet.

"Well now, are we ready?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you want to be whipped so that I will let you down to the floor, or because it will give your Mistress pleasure?"

Janet puzzled over the question. If she gave a wrong answer, perhaps she would suffer some worse punishment. If she answered with a lie, then she would again receive some discipline for her reply. Either way, she was going to feel the sting of the lash!

"Mistress, please whip me for your own pleasure," answered Janet.

"Good. I hope that you didn't think that you would get off easy because you're getting punished.

"After I whip you, I might let you hang there for another hour or two. Or I might let you down right away."

Janet had been right. Feminine wiles were of no value here. Tears, pouting, and attitude mattered little when you faced a woman holding a whip.

"I want you to kiss the handle for me," instructed Erica.

Janet did so, willingly. Her lips left a small red outline of lipstick on the leather handle. Before, she had only kissed people. Now she was embracing the instruments of her torment.


"Yes, Janet."

"Thank you for the punishment I am about to receive, and..."

Janet screamed when Erica swung the whip for the first time, and it wrapped itself around Janet's suspended figure.

"Surely you don't think that by being submissive you might escape? You've only just started your training, slave."

Erica then struck again, the whip curling itself around Janet's wracked form. The tip hit her behind, making Janet tense against her bonds. Her shoulders pulled her up a bit, then she relaxed again.

Janet screamed again and again as the whip struck, hurting more each time. In spite of being in pain, Janet soon realized that she was becoming sexually excited by her torment. She had been terribly embarrassed the day before when she had realized that she had climaxed when she had been Tiffany whipped.

Now she was the one being punished, and it was having the same effect on her. Erica circled her slave deliberately, showing the whip for good effect.

Janet realized that to ask for mercy would be useless. Tiffany was a trained slave, and the limits of her endurance were probably well known to Erica. Janet was virgin flesh, meaning she now had to learn what it meant to be a slave girl.

That did not help her as the whip struck her bare flesh and hurt terribly.

Janet confined her responses to cries for help, which echoed in the dungeon.

"Having a good time?" demanded Erica.

Janet was grateful for the momentary pause in her torment.

"Yes, Mistress."

Erica struck Janet several times more, leaving her panting from the exertions. Sweat was clearly visible on her features, from her exertions with the whip.


"Yes, Mistress."

"How much am I hurting you?"

"More than I have ever been before, Mistress," Janet answered.

"If you had a chance to escape your punishment, would you take it?"

Janet considered the question. She had borne more punishment than she had ever believed possible. Hung by her wrists, sexually aroused, and now whipped, it seemed as if the last two days were a nightmare come true.

Yesterday, she had increased Tiffany's punishment with her outburst. If she took the offer of her Mistress now, perhaps she or someone else would have to pay a price for it.

"Mistress, please continue and whip me very hard," answered Janet.

Erica was glad that Janet did not take her offer. Had she done so, it would have been Tiffany who would have taken Janet's place. Tiffany had been whipped enough in the past few days, and Erica knew that she had been worked enough.

"Since you asked so nicely, Janet, I'll oblige your request."

Erica swung the whip again, beginning another series of strokes. Janet tensed against her bonds again, screaming when the whip cut her flesh. Tears streaked down her cheeks as cried from the pain.

Stealing a glance at the cage, she noted that Tiffany was right up against the bars. Each hand grasped a bar, and she could see the link that held them close together.

Tiffany knew to keep quiet. She did not want her body whipped again, yet she knew how it must hurt Janet for the first time. Still it was better for Janet to receive her punishment than to have it deferred. If Janet wanted to be a slave girl, then she would have to pay the price for it.

Erica then delivered a series of accurate stokes that landed between Janet's legs and made her squeal. Tears were streaming down Janet's cheeks. In spite of the pain, Janet had not called out for mercy. Erica knew that Janet would make a fantastic slave.


"Yes, Mistress."

"You've been a very good girl today. Now I want you to kiss the whip again, and thank me for the punishment that you have received."

Erica offered the whip handle to Janet, who kissed it eagerly several times.

"Mistress, thank you for the punishment I have received as your slave girl," said Janet.

Erica was pleased with Janet. However, any girl at that point would respond that way to escape any further correction.

"Would you like it if I stopped whipping you now?"

"Whatever my Mistress desires," Janet answered.

"Good, then I'll just whip you for a little while longer."

Janet was crestfallen. She thought that by kissing the whip, her torment would be at an end. Instead she had again done something to merit further discipline.

Erica then directed the whip against Janet's breasts and sex, making her scream extra hard. For Janet, it seemed as if she had always hung there and always would.

After the additional strokes, Erica again offered the whip handle to Janet. The hanging girl kissed it again and again.

"Thank you Mistress for the punishment that I have received," repeated Janet.

"Andrea!" called Erica as she coiled the whip and hung it on her belt.

"Yes Mistress," greeted Andrea as she rushed to Erica's side.

"You know what to do."

Producing a key, Andrea unlocked Tiffany's cage, and led the naked girl away.

Erica let Janet down from her suspension. Janet sighed when her heels touched the floor, and she suddenly struggled to maintain her balance.

"Thank you, Mistress," she cried.

Tears flooded Janet's eyes as she realized that her punishment for the moment was over.

"You are probably thinking that you are finished for today," surmised Erica, "and you are right. I was satisfied by what you wrote for me in the library earlier, so I have decided to accept your submission to me."

"Thank you, Mistress," tearfully answered Janet.

"However you have just begun your training as a slave girl," continued Erica, "you will learn the riding crop and the cane, the dildo and the horse. Do you think that you can take all that?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I must now repeat the lesson that you must learn as a slave girl. That you can only accept punishment up to you're capacity, and no more. When you cry for mercy, your Mistress should stop and not exceed your limits. You must never place yourself at the command of a Mistress who will abuse her position. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"You merely think that you understand because you have been whipped for the first time. But there may come a time when your very life will depend on the choice you make. Remember that!" stated Erica.

"Yes, Mistress Erica," answered Janet.

Erica unlocked Janet's cuffs from the ceiling chain, and she lowered her arms slowly, her shoulders in agony. She then led the girl back to the cell where Janet had spent the night before. The wall was down, so that Janet would not appear to have any company tonight.

"Have a good rest tonight," advised Erica.

Erica then locked her collar to a chain that ended to the ringbolt in the wall. Janet was again imprisoned in the cell.

Sitting on the double bed, she realized that it was not the single she had slept in the night before. Janet noticed a long lump under the quilt. Quickly she lifted the covers and was shocked to discover Tiffany bound and gagged. The other slave girl had a collar chained to the same ring as Janet herself. A ball gag prevented her from uttering a sound. Leather straps held Tiffany's legs closed, along with one at her elbows.

Janet quickly undid the straps that bound Tiffany's arms and legs together. She freed her wrists and ankles from the small snap link that joined the D rings together. Lastly she removed the ball gag, and found a small key there, attached to the buckle.

"What's this for? Asked Janet.

"Try it," suggested Tiffany.

The key didn't release the lock that held her to the wall, but it did undo the locks that held her feet in the high heels. Janet moaned with relief when the heels were finally off, and then she proceeded to release Tiffany's from the same shoes.

"Am I going to be punished for releasing you?" asked Janet.

"No. I'm your company for the night," answered Tiffany.

"Oh Tiffany," cried Janet, "It hurt so much!"

"It's all right. You took the whip very well."

"But I screamed so much!"

"We all do. Even behind a ball gag, if we are whipped while wearing one. But you will get used to it. Now let me treat your wounds."

Tiffany filled a small basin and got a cloth from the hidden bathroom. Janet lay on the bed as Tiffany sponged her wounds, soothing the crying girl as she did so.

Janet had been whipped. She could not believe that it had happened to her. She stole a glance at her companion, aware that she had been a slave for quite some time.

"My back must be torn apart," said Janet.

"Not really, silly," replied Tiffany, "you may have felt like your skin was being torn apart. But Erica is a skilled Mistress. You're barely marked. And as much I endured, she never drew blood. Look, I'll show you."

The basin was made of metal. After draining it, Tiffany held it so that Janet could see her back, which she felt had been torn to ribbons. Instead she saw only a few marks.

That night Janet found solace and comfort in the arms of Tiffany. She had never even considered that she might ever be attracted to another woman, and might have been repulsed at the thought. However, having been punished and spending the night in a cell with someone who had endured the same things made it seem normal.

Tiffany was well used to comforting other girls. She embraced Janet, wiping her tears away and assuring the frightened girl that she had done very well.

The two girls sat on the bed, each naked and wearing identical collars and bracelets. Janet examined the one around her companion's neck, fingering the leather. She noticed that embossed into the leather was Tiffany's name.

"Yours has your name," observed Janet.

"I've been here so long that it only seemed right to have my own collar and bracelet set," replied Tiffany.

Janet tried to pull hers off, but the leather was locked around her throat firmly.

"There's nothing one can do," Janet stated.

"Not while we wear these," added Tiffany.

"I can't believe I'm here. I must be mad!"

Tiffany shook her head. Every slave girl always said the same thing at the beginning. She had also.

"That's just normal. But along with the pain there will also be pleasure."

"What sort of pleasure?" asked Janet.

"Can't you think of something? Here we are two naked girls, chained together by our Mistress in a cell. I'm sure that we can think of something."

Tiffany slowly began to caress Janet. She drew the other girl towards her, clasping her arms around Janet naked form. Janet reached out eagerly to Tiffany, and the rolled on the bed, kissing each other.

Tiffany tongued her way down to Janet's pussy, and she buried herself in her sex. Janet moaned with pleasure as her companion explored her body, sending waves of sensation through her entire body.

Janet was glad for Tiffany. The girl was a tower of strength, able to withstand punishment without protest. She hoped that she would be able to learn from her.

The two women made love together, far into the night. Even after the lights had dimmed, Janet seemed insatiable to explore Tiffany's lush naked body. She had never made love to another girl before, and Tiffany was a willing teacher.

She finally closed her eyes late into the evening, hearing soft moans from her companion.

The next morning, they were both released by Andrea. Janet was bathed and dressed by Andrea, and she was conducted alone into the kitchen. Andrea had breakfast waiting: orange juice, eggs, toast and coffee. Janet ate alone by herself, and remained silent.

When she was finished, Andrea re-entered the kitchen, alone.

"Finished?" asked Andrea.

"Yes, thank you," Janet answered.

"Mistress Erica is waiting for you in the library, please follow me."

Meekly, Janet rose from her chair and followed Andrea to the library. Andrea knocked on the door, and Janet heard Erica's voice biding them to enter. Erica was seated at her desk, an open file folder in front of her along with a cup of coffee.

"Thank you Andrea. Janet, please take a seat."

Janet seated herself in a leather chair directly in front of Mistress Erica.

"Andrea, we can be alone now."

"Yes, Mistress," said Andrea as she closed the door behind her.

"There now," said Mistress Erica, "are you all right, Janet?"

"Yes, Mistress," Janet quickly answered.

"Did you have a bath, breakfast?" questioned Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good," said Erica as she sat back in the chair and took a sip of coffee from the mug.

Janet remained silent, as she had learned not to speak unless spoken to.

"Tell me Janet, what happened to you here this weekend?" asked Erica.

"I was outfitted and used as a slave."

"And how do you feel about that?" demanded Erica.

"I enjoyed it, Mistress."

"Good. Do you think that you can ever become a slave like Andrea or Tiffany?"

"I don't know, Mistress."

"I'm glad you answered that honestly, Janet. Do you want to return to be further trained as a slave?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress, please," Janet answered.

"Excellent. Janet, there is one thing that I will have to caution you about. You are just at the beginning of a strange journey in your life, one that will change completely how you think about sex. Do you think that you can make that adjustment?" asked Erica.

"I'll try, Mistress."

"Also, I want to say that there is nothing holding you here. If you should ever want to leave, to stop serving me, all you have to do is tell me. There is no shame in admitting that this life may not be for you," stated Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"But there is one further caution I must give you, Janet. If you are successfully trained, then in a year's time, I shall use you until you call your safeword."

"Mistress?" Janet asked, shocked.

"You must learn the difference between discipline and a beating. A beating is what happens when a Dom acts irresponsibly towards their submissive. You shall experience that from me only once, as a lesson in the event you shall ever become a Dom yourself," said Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress Erica."

"I shall see you next weekend, Janet. And prepare to have your flesh striped again, only stronger next time."

When Janet was in the limo going back home to Queens, Janet realized just how Erica's eyes and voice had held her captivated as much as the leather collar and bracelets had.

'What have I got myself into?' Janet asked herself.

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