Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

Chapter One: Bondage Introductions

Janet Davis had returned from work early from her job, as her girlfriend Sally Belmar was going to pay a visit. Janet had known Sally for a long time, and at their last meeting, her friend had said that she was going to make a special proposal to her.

That previous evening, the two women had gotten drunk together, and Janet had admitted that she had been rather dissatisfied with her sex life. Sally had listened to her friend's complaint intently, nodding with each point that her friend had made.

Afterwards, Sally said that she would be able to offer a suggestion to Janet's sex problem. However, she would first have to talk to a friend of hers.

Janet waited eagerly in her apartment, finally glad when she heard the doorbell ring. She hit the buzzer, and let her friend into the apartment when she heard the knock on the door.

The two women greeted each other warmly. Janet looked over her guest, and admired how she was dressed. Sally wore a fur coat, and beneath the coat was a silk blouse, a leather skirt, white stockings, and finally a pair of black patent leather high heels.

"Would you like a drink?" asked Janet.

"Sure, why not," agreed Sally.

Janet already had planned for this, and a bottle of wine had been waiting for Sally's arrival. Janet opened the bottle, and poured two glasses. She handed one glass to Sally and they seated themselves on the couch.

After taking a rather long sip, Sally looked her friend over. She wondered to herself, how would Janet take to the suggestion that she was about to make? Just how strong was her disappointment with normal sex that she had mentioned before?

"Janet, do you remember what you said at our last meeting about sex?" questioned Sally.


"Well, I have a possible solution for you. It's a little unusual, so I would like to ask you to hear me out."

"Go ahead," she answered.

"Well, I know that this is going to sound strange, but have you ever heard of bondage?"

"Bondage? Just what do you mean by that?"

"Janet, surely you must know something about it? You must have heard something."

Janet took a long drink and sat back in the sofa. She was not sure just what her friend was getting at, but she wanted to hear more.

"Well, I know that it involved people getting tied up and dominated by others," Janet answered.

"You are partially right," Sally observed, "but it's really about trust between the dom and the sub, and not to exceed another's limits. You wanted to explore something new. Do you think that you might like to engage in this?"

"Dominated by who?" Janet asked.

"By a dominatrix or mistress, of course. A woman who knows something about bondage and about what some people need," Sally replied.

Janet poured herself another glass, then drained it in one swallow. She was intrigued by what her friend was saying. She had heard of bondage before, but she had never known anyone that engaged in it.

"You mean that some people need to get tied up?" Janet asked.

"Yes. And not just some strange people getting their jollies either. Punishment has always been linked to both pleasure and sex. Perhaps that is why you have always felt guilty about sex.."

"I have never felt guilty about sex," Janet stated firmly.

"Really, is that why some of the men you've dated have left angrily," Sally probed, "because you wouldn't experiment with sex?"

"This is the craziest idea that I've ever heard. Just what are you suggesting anyway?" Janet demanded.

"Perhaps you should search for another kind of sexual fulfillment," Sally answered.

"Like bondage?" questioned Janet.

"Yes. And don't act so surprised. A lot of people have found it perfectly enjoyable. You might too. To be properly introduced to bondage you would need the right person. You would need a Dom who could train you into becoming her slave," Sally answered.

"A sex slave. You must be kidding. Such things don't exist in real life," Janet stated.

"Don't you watch the TV talk shows? Try it, you have nothing to lose. Your love life hasn't worked out very well. Maybe it's time that you tried something different for a change."

"All right, I'm interested," Janet answered, "But where would I find a Mistress?

"I know a Mistress who trains slaves. She'll train you," Sally answered.

"Really?" asked Janet.

"Yes. But be warned, the stripes on your naked body will cost you more than you might ever imagine."

"Okay, call this Mistress. Tell her that I would like to meet with her. I'm not agreeing to anything. But I would like to know more," said Janet.

"Sure," answered Sally.

"Tell me one thing. Have you ever been in bondage yourself?" Janet asked.

"Yes, that's how I know so much about it. You might find that you like it too," Sally answered.

"All right," Janet said, "I'll give it a try."

For the next few weeks Janet had not given a thought to bondage. Work had been too hectic and there had been no time to think of sex at all, though she longed to meet someone!

One night, while staying alone in her apartment, the phone rang. In the stillness it shook Janet awake, who had been dozing on the couch.

"Hello," asked Janet.

"Is this Janet Davis," asked the caller.


"You don't know me, but we have a mutual friend, Sally Belmar. She told me that you were interested in my services."

"What's your name?" Janet asked.

"Surely she must have told you. My name is Erica Riken. Are you still interested in seeing me?"

"Yes," Janet answered, "Sally told me a little of what you do. I'd like to know more about it."

"Good. I'll handle everything. I can arrange that after work on Friday, you can be picked up and driven to my place in Connecticut. Will that be all right?" Erica asked.

"Sure," Janet answered.

"Erica, do you want me to bring anything?" asked Janet.

"No. Slaves don't bring anything. Except a desire to please their Mistress."

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Just come up on Friday," said Erica before she hung up.

Janet hung up the phone, her heart pounding. She was excited that she was finally going to meet a Mistress!

For a change, Friday had been a good workday. Janet had been able to get out of work early. Once home, she took a quick shower and found that her pussy was wet with excitement. She dressed in a white blouse, a plaid skirt, pantyhose, and modest high heels.

At eight the buzzer went off, and a large white limo was waiting for her. The liveried driver held the door open for her as Janet seated herself on the leather seat.

The drive to Greenwich, which Janet knew, was one of the wealthiest in the NY area did not take too long. Finally, they pulled up to a large walled estate where the gates had to be opened first. The car followed a long driveway up to the wooden doors. Once parked, the driver got out and opened the door for Janet.

"What do I do now?" she asked the driver.

"Just ring the bell, you're expected," he answered.

When Janet did so, the Maid greeted her. However, unlike other Maid's uniforms that she was seen, this one was made of black rubber, not satin, and the girl was walking on very high heels.

She took Janet's coat and ushered her into a large room off the entrance to the house. Seated on the couch was a woman wearing a sweater and black jeans, not what she had been expecting!

"You must be Janet Davis," her host as she rose from the leather couch, "I'm Erica Riken."

"Pleased to meet you," said Janet.

There was a moment of silence between the two women. From what she had read, Janet knew that she had to act submissive.

"Have a seat," ordered Erica.

Janet sat down in silence, and waited for Erica to make the next move.

"I'm pleased that you wanted to come see me," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet had decided to try using Erica's title.

"You're not my slave yet, but it's nice to see that you understand what might be your position here," Erica answered.

"Thank you, Mistress," Janet replied.

"Did you think that I was going to rip your clothes off?" asked Erica.

"I didn't know what to expect," Janet answered.

"You're here to see if you can be trained as a slave girl, just like your friend Sally. I'm going to see if you can be a submissive."

"A slave girl?" asked Janet.

"Yes," Erica answered.

There was a moment of silence between them.

"I have to get to know you. I just don't take anybody. I want to know why you want to be a slave, and if you're capable of being one," Erica stated.

"I have unsatisfying relationships, and I want to try something different. Sally suggested that I become a slave to a Mistress."

"Good enough. Would like to see how a slave performs?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered.

Erica pressed a button on her desk, and the doors opened and the Maid entered the room. She walked over to the couch where the two women were seated.

"May I be of service?" she asked.

"Yes, turn around please," ordered Erica.

The Maid stood silently as Erica unzipped her outfit. Janet gasped when she saw that the Maid's naked body was covered by red stripes.

"You've been whipped," observed Janet.

"Speak, Andrea," ordered Erica.

"I've been bad recently, and Erica has punished me," Andrea replied.

"Are you her slave?" Janet asked.

"I have belonged to Mistress Erica for some time," said Andrea.

Janet had to have a few moments to assimilate all this. A Mistress and her slave girl in real life! The chance to perhaps be one!

"I would like to be a slave girl too!" declared Janet.

"Slaves don't want anything," Erica answered, "except to please their owners."

"Yes, Mistress," replied Janet.

"Andrea, put your uniform on and go into the kitchen. I shall see you later," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Andrea as she picked up her rubber uniform from the floor.

"Before you become my slave girl in training, I have to set down some conditions. First you must obey me totally. Next you must not tell anyone, anyone at all what you are doing. You will belong to me totally, body and soul. And I mean it," commanded Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered.

"You will continue to work. Too many girls would gladly give up working for a living to be kept here in bondage. I don't need those types of girls. Unless, of course, I were to ask you to do so."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Before you enter training, I want you to see a demonstration," suggested Erica.

"On me, Mistress?" asked Janet.

Erica sat back in amusement.

"You're really anxious to wear my chains, aren't you? No, I have a girl downstairs in the dungeon already. One of my most dedicated little slave girls who needs punishment," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered.

"I see you've already learned a little about being a slave. Go to the kitchen and tell Andrea that I want you prepared before you enter the dungeon. She'll know what do. Now go!" commanded Erica.

Janet stood up quickly and opened the door that Andrea had exited from. She walked in the large house, wondering just where the kitchen was. She guessed that it was in the rear, and entered a kitchen that belonged on a magazine cover. Plus, the place was spotless!

"Erica told me that I had to prepared for something," she said to Andrea who was washing some silverware.

"Please come with me," Andrea answered as she wiped her hands on a spotless towel.

Janet followed Andrea through the house, if house was the word. Mansion was a better term for the place, given that it had a stone wall around the estate. In just two rooms, there was expensive artwork and antiques. But the rest of the Mansion was rather plainly furnished.

Finally they came to a small room that looked like it was servants quarters. There was a bed, and Janet noticed that there was a ringbolt set into the wall next to the bed. There was a small sink and toilet within a few feet of the bed, so if anyone were chained there, they would be able to wash and go to the bathroom.

"Please remove your clothes," said Andrea.

"I thought that I was going to see a demonstration."

"Yes. But first you must be prepared. Slave girls don't wear clothes, especially slaves in training. Remove all your clothes, please."

Janet had never undressed in the presence of another woman since the locker room at gym in college. She had even been embarrassed while trying on clothes in a store.

Janet proceeded to first unzip her skirt, then remove her blouse and place it on the bed. Then she removed her bra, shoes and pantyhose. Finally, she pulled her panties off, and stood naked before Andrea.

"I'm all yours," said Janet.

"Good. It will go easier on you if you realize that you are nothing to me now. That you must be trained first before you can become one of Erica's slaves. Now turn around. I don't want you running away."

Janet turned her back on the Maid, unsure of what was going to happen next. Her curiosity was soon rewarded when she felt the bite of steel first on one wrist, then the other. It was quite a shock to realize that she was wearing handcuffs! Janet twisted her arms to experiment in her first time in some form of bondage.

"Go ahead. Try all you want. You'll never get out of those cuffs," Andrea stated.

Andrea pushed Janet to her knees, producing another kind of chain. This one had cuffs at each end, but had about two feet of chain between them. These she placed on Janet's ankles, again clicking the ratchets shut until they bit upon her flesh. Janet was captive!

"Now, just one last thing," said Andrea as she went into a bedside cabinet and removed a black leather object.

Janet soon discovered that it was a blindfold that fit snugly over her eyes. It cut off all of her vision totally. Naked, bound, and blindfolded, Janet wondered what would happen next.

She felt Andrea's fingers grab her arm and pulled until she was again standing. Then she began to walk leading Janet along slowly so that she could take hobbled steps.

Finally they reached their destination. Janet heard machinery and guessed that they were in front of an elevator. She heard the door open and they stepped inside. Then she felt the elevator descend.

After they came to a stop, Andrea again pulled her along. Then she felt that they were in another room. Janet heard nothing except for the wet sounds that Andrea's rubber uniform made whenever it moved. Then she felt Andrea unlocking her handcuffs, and raising her arms. Backing Janet to a wall, Janet felt some kind of projections there. Andrea was taking special care to maneuver Janet into someplace special. When she felt Andrea release her, Janet held still, not certain of what was going to happen next. She then felt a bar close, which confined her neck and wrists. Janet was bound to the wall by stocks! But still she couldn't see anything! She decided to keep silent, as she did not know what would get her punished. At this stage probably anything would be sufficient.

Janet twisted within her wooden prison, and found that the stocks were made of wood. The holes for her head and wrists were lined with fur, so that she would not hurt herself while confined. She pulled her ankle chain without effect, and waited for something to happen.

Finally after some time, Janet heard a woman's heels click as she walked across the floor. After being in darkness for some time, Janet felt her blindfold being removed. Suddenly there was light! She had been expecting a gloomy dungeon. Instead she was in a brightly-lit dungeon with a stone floor and walls, with chains hanging from the ceiling and various devices on the walls and ceiling.

What shocked Janet was what she saw in front of her. Before her was a truly beautiful Blonde woman. The woman was naked and stretched into the shape of an X by her bonds. Her ankles and wrists were encased in leather bracelets, and each was linked to a bar about three feet apart. A chain from the ceiling was attached to the wrist bar, which stretched her so that her toes strained to reach the floor. Janet wondered why the woman did not cry out.

The reason was a red rubber ballgag in her mouth, and a strap that went around her cheeks and buckled in the back. The woman shifted without result in her chains, and a small moan escaped her gag.

"Well now, are you impressed?" Erica asked.

Janet turned her head to look at her Mistress, and received another shock. Erica was now dressed in a leather outfit that included high-heeled boots, leather skirt, plus a matching bra. It all accentuated the fact that Erica was a beautiful woman.

"Is this what you expected?" asked Erica.

"Yes Mistress," Janet quickly answered.

"I would like to introduce you to Tiffany," said Erica, "Tiffany has been once of my slave girls for quite some time. Haven't you, dear?"

All that Tiffany could do was nod her answer.

"You must realize that to be a slave girl your body will belong to me," Erica said as they walked over to the suspended Tiffany.

Erica began to caress Tiffany's naked body. First she began by touching the bound woman's shoulders, then moving to pinch her underarms, making Tiffany flinch. Then she cupped her breasts, kneading her erect nipples. Finally, one hand moved down to her pussy, massaging her sex. This caused Tiffany to flinch again, rustling her chains.

Just for emphasis, Erica circled Tiffany several times.

"You see, as Mistress I have total control over my slaves. Their bodies belong to me. And women are harsher towards one another."

"Yes Mistress," Janet answered.

Tiffany remained silent. Janet did not know what would happen next, but her attention was riveted to Tiffany's plight.

"Of course, slave girls are not merely bound and gagged. They are punished also," calmly stated Erica.

Erica went to the stone wall and took down a coiled leather whip that been hanging there. It was long and sinuous, with a thick braided handle.

"Now Tiffany just loves to be whipped, don't you?" questioned Erica.

Tiffany nodded her head, her eyes wide at the sight of Erica handling the whip.

"Just you watch carefully," said Erica, "and if you make a sound there's a ballgag for you also. Plus more punishment for Tiffany."

Erica circled Tiffany several times, handling the whip and cracking it in the air. Her heels clicked on the floor each time she took a step. Finally she came to a stop in front of Tiffany.

"Tiffany, you've been a bad girl lately. You haven't come to see me lately, and you know how that makes me feel. I wonder why that is? Are you seeing a man perhaps, or another Mistress!" shouted Erica as she swung the whip.

The whip whistled through the air a it contacted Tiffany's body, wrapping itself around the bound woman's figure, finally coming to rest with a distinct crack as the tip impacted her body. Tiffany jumped uselessly again her bonds, straining against them. However, it had no effect. She squealed through her gag.

"Surely that didn't hurt that much," said Erica as she swung the whip again.

Just as before, it swung with deadly effect. This time the tip came to rest on Tiffany's right breast. She strained against her bonds.

Erica swung the whip again and again, each time coming to rest on another part of Tiffany's naked figure. Squeals of pain came from the bound girl's gag, and her body was soon beaded in sweat. Janet watched in awe as long red welts gradually marked the girl's body. Tears ran from Tiffany's eyes as the whip impacted time and again on her flesh. She continued to pull with futility at her bonds, her wrists pulling at the bracelets that confined them.

It seemed a fantastic tableau for Janet to witness. Tiffany was a truly beautiful girl, perfectly formed. She had a lovely shape, high breasts, and great legs and hips. Janet wondered what such a lovely girl was doing here, chained and being whipped by a Mistress.

Tiffany appeared to be in real pain as the whip landed repeatedly on her flesh. Erica seemed to be aiming for Tiffany's pussy. Each time that happened, the bound girl squealed again and again. Tears ran down her cheeks, staining her white flesh.

"Stop it," Janet cried out, "can't you see she's in real pain? Stop it. Whip me instead."

Erica turned towards Janet, fury clearly in her eyes and body language.

"I told you to keep silent. This first thing a slave learns is to keep her mouth shut! A lesson which you have failed to learn."

Erica replaced the whip on the wall. Then she walked over to Janet, who could not move against her bonds.

"I promised a gag for you too!" she said as she removed the gag from her skirt.

It was a leather strap with a roller buckle, with a large red rubber ball for the mouth.

"Now open wide," ordered Erica.

Erica then pushed the rubber ball into Janet's mouth. Janet opened her mouth, and she bit down on the ball as Erica buckled the strap at the back of her neck.

Janet tried to say something, but the ball prevented her from saying anything at all. About all she could manage was "mmmph." The gag had conquered her.

Erica glared at the disobedient girl. She shook her finger at Janet.

"And now, just to show you that something you may do may cause somebody else pain, I'm going to again punish Tiffany for your outburst!"

Erica then walked over to Tiffany and removed her ball gag. Tiffany's chest heaved as she took several deep breaths.

"Mistress," she asked, "permission to speak?"

"Permission granted."

"Thank you for punishing me tonight. I really love it when you punish me. I love your whip. Please punish me again."

Erica turned to Janet. She looked over the bound girl with contempt.

"So you see, Tiffany loves her punishment. She comes here whenever she feels the need. Or when I want her. And now for her discipline."

Erica then selected something else from the wall. This was a rigid leather wrapped black object, with a circular strap, which Erica placed around her wrist and a thin handle. Erica presented the handle to Tiffany, who did not need to be told to kiss it, which she did several times.

"This is called a riding crop," Erica stated, "it's used on horses, but a better use is on naked girls. Tiffany, I want you to count each stroke as I deliver the blow. You will count each stroke for the benefit of Janet here, as I use this crop on you. Perhaps Janet will learn from your pain."

Erica began to flex the riding crop to show just how rigid it was.

"It's a piece of bamboo encased in leather. Just perfect for naked girls."

Then she struck. The crop made a sharp sound as it struck Tiffany's flesh.

"One," she cried.

"That wasn't so bad. I'll just bet that you really want to count quite a lot today," observed Erica.

Two, Three, Four, Five, the numbers came from the lips of the bound girl each preceded by the strike of the riding crop on the bound girl's flesh. Janet watched in silence at the performance of the Mistress and her slave girl. Tiffany was obviously very trained to accept her discipline with such stoic courage.

"Ten," cried Tiffany, stiffening her body for yet another stroke.


"Twenty," screamed Tiffany.

Erica continued her punishment of Tiffany, unmoved by her slave's cry for mercy. She continued to inflict the crop on Tiffany's body.

"Twenty-five. Mercy, Mistress, please Mercy!"

Erica stopped her thrashing of Tiffany, when the number of 25 had been reached. Her punishment was over.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it? Surely you can take both the whip and the crop in one night?"

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you for punishing me."

Erica again offered the crop's handle to Tiffany, who kissed it again and again. The girl was thankful for her bondage and punishment.

"Andrea," called Erica.

Andrea appeared, and she was still wearing her maid's uniform, except now she had a hobble chain on her ankles.

"Yes, Mistress."

Erica then whispered something into Andrea's ear. Erica watched with approval as Andrea slowly walked over to Tiffany's wooden prison. Then she produced a key from her uniform, but not before Erica walked to the wall and activated a switch that lowered Tiffany the inch or so to the floor.

In short order Andrea unlocked Tiffany's ankles from the bar, and she stood upright. She did not close her legs, even though she must have been in pain from being suspended. Then her wrists were unlocked, and Tiffany began to massage them.

"Thank you Mistress," Tiffany said to Erica.

"You are welcome, Tiffany. Now go with Andrea and she will get you ready for the night," directed Erica.

Janet watched as Andrea produced a pair of handcuffs. Tiffany was evidently used to the procedure, and she turned her back while the cuffs were locked upon her. All that could be heard was the closing of the ratchets as they clicked upon the wrists of the naked girl. Then Andrea pulled from the wall a collar and leash. She proceeded to lock the collar around Tiffany's neck. Pulling on the leash, she led Tiffany away into a concealed corridor.

The two were out of sight when Erica turned to face Janet. Erica was still holding the riding crop, which she used to punish Tiffany. In addition, the Erica's exposed body gleamed with sweat, evidence of the recent exertion involved in punishing the slave girl.

"Well?" asked Erica.

Janet remained in her wooden prison, the rubber ball gag keeping her from making any response to Erica's question. Janet could not answer her. Much as she had tried to dislodge the gag by any means, her efforts in nothing. The gag was as firmly placed in her mouth as when Erica had buckled it in there earlier in the evening.

"Had a good time? Have you enjoyed yourself? Saw what you came to see?"

Erica carefully looked Janet over.

"Now let's see what you thought of the performance."

Erica then casually placed her free hand over Janet's sex. She forced two fingers within her vagina, feeling around. Janet had always been shy and even ashamed of her body. She had never been naked around other women, even hiding in the locker rooms at school. Now here she was, naked and helpless before another woman who treated girls as slaves!

Erica then withdrew her fingers, and Janet moaned through her gag. The leather-clad woman rubbed her fingers with Janet's cum.

"Your mind may say no, but your body says yes. I'll bet that you climaxed several times," Erica observed.

All that Janet could do was whimper. She had never been felt like that before by anyone. Was that what it meant to be a slave? Having your body available at any time for someone to use?

Erica then reached over to Janet, and unbuckled her ball gag.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet when the ball was removed from between her lips.

"That's better. I hope that you can now appreciate your position here. You are nothing to me at present, and deserve my punishment."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you have any questions?" Erica asked.

"Mistress, did my outburst hurt Tiffany badly?" Janet asked.

"If Tiffany had her way, she would be punished like that every week. She loves being a slave, and as much as I punished her, she wants to be punished more."

"Will I be whipped, Mistress Erica?" asked Janet

"Of course. That will be tomorrow. You will, furthermore, ask and beg me to whip you. Don't ask what kind of torment you will endure. Now let me prepare you here for the night."

In quick succession, the bar that imprisoned her neck and wrists was opened, and Janet was free of the wall. She was turned around and her arms were cuffed behind her back again. Erica did not bother to remove the hobble chain from Janet's ankles, so she had to lead her slowly. Janet meanwhile had a new experience in being led to an unknown fate.

Though she was not blindfolded this time, she was too scared to note the route where she was going. She saw prison bars.

It was a jail cell in the basement! Since she had already seen both a dungeon and a girl being whipped, nothing would surprise her anymore.

Erica then opened the cell and pulled her over towards the bed. Hanging from the wall was a collar and chain, which was attached to a ringbolt. She locked the collar around Janet's neck. Erica then released Janet's wrists from the handcuffs.

"The chain allows you a little freedom, and there's a hidden toilet. I don't believe in leaving a new girl alone for the night," said Erica as she walked outside the cell and locked the door.

Erica then touched a hidden switch, and one of the cell walls began to rise. Looking through another sets of bars she saw Tiffany sitting on a bed, massaging her wounds. She was collared as Janet was, and Janet traced the chain to the wall where it was locked.

Tiffany was secured as was Janet herself.

"Bye now girls. Don't make too much noise, or else there are ball gags for both of you," laughed Erica as she clicked her heels down the corridor

"Hi, I'm Tiffany," said the girl as she turned around.

"I'm Janet."

"Are you new here?" Tiffany asked, "I've never seen you before."

Janet tried to walk over to the bars separating the two naked chained women, but was frustrated by the shortness of the chain. She did discover a sink and toilet set in an alcove.

"I'm here for the first time. Was it really that bad being whipped by Erica? Did the riding crop hurt you that much?"

"It's not so bad. I hated it at first, but I don't mind it now. You will too," Tiffany answered.

"Do you resent me for having caused you pain? I'm very sorry about that, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut."

"No. I've been punished many times before and harsher too. Counting is just a game that Erica likes to play with her slaves. When she doesn't, then watch out! That's when she is really out to punish you."

Janet sighed. Just a few hours ago, she had been totally free. Now here she was in a prison cell after having witnessed another woman's punishment. Still, she had asked to be here. Tomorrow she knew that no matter how she felt, she would ask to be whipped. Having gone so far, Janet did not want to chicken out now. Besides if this gorgeous blonde could take it, so could she!

"Does it really hurt a lot to be whipped? I'm to be whipped tomorrow," stated Janet.

Tiffany massaged the red marks that decorated her body. The red welts were numerous, and traced around all of her feminine curves.

"It does at first. It violates everything that you have ever been trained to think as a girl."

The thought that she had been naked before not just one woman but three gave Janet shivers. That she was now chained and to be punished was almost in the realm of the fantastic.

Abruptly, the lights began to dim.

"Well, bedtime," said Tiffany, "That's Erica's way of saying to wash up and get some sleep. If we don't..."

There was no need for Tiffany to explain to Janet the penalties if they failed to take the hint from their Mistress. Never had Janet felt either so naked or so helpless. She pulled the sheet over herself as the climbed into bed. All she heard was Tiffany's breathing plus the occasional sob. Janet settled down to her first night as a slave girl.

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