In Bondage and Love Part 2

by Steff

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© Copyright 2013 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; latex; corset; armbinder; collar; toys; insert; tease; torment; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 2

As Tina lead me out I was trying to sort out the mixture of emotions and feelings I felt. I was physically tired. My sides hurt from the number of orgasms I endured and my nipples were still throbbing from being clipped for so long. My chest was covered from the waist up in layers of cum and drool. Surprisingly my shoulders didn’t ache even thought my arms were pulled so tightly behind my back that my elbows touched. The part that really confused me was the being led around by my clit. My clit hurt from the pressure of the clip and as I walked my own legs would increase the pressure as they bumped the clip.

There was also the thin little chain that Tina held. The chain actually just a gold rope type jewelry chain like I wear regular around my neck and I knew that that little thing controlled as well, if not more than the leather straps keeping my arms tied behind my back. By the time Tina and I got to the car all I knew for sure was that I was truly in love with Tina and wanted to be hers.

Tina led me to her car and helped me to sit down. Because my arms were tied behind my back by two leather straps I had to sit forward in the seat and she had to buckle my seatbelt. Once she got into the car we drove to a gated home, inside past the gate and up to the house. The property was gorgeous. There were lots of thick trees, a stream running through the property, a pond with an island and lots of opened well-trimmed grass. The house itself was a massive 2 story building that looked like it came out of one of the houses of the rich and famous TV shows.

As the drove up Tina asked, “What do you think?”

I just sat there for a couple seconds then replied, “All this is yours?”

“Yes. When Mom died she gave this to me in her will when I graduated collage,” she said. “Dad made me get my Masters before he gave it to me. When I started my own company I was able to redo the back and the island.” She drove into the garage, walked around and helped me out of the car. Again she led me behind her with that evil chain connected to a clip on my clit. I was led inside the house and up the stairs. She had me kneel down in front of a chair and tied my clit chain a support of the chair making sure I was not going anywhere. She then walked into a different room. I could hear her talking to someone but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. She returned a few minutes later completely naked. She stepped over the chair and sat in front of me with her legs spread out. “Once I have a couple orgasms then I will clean you up and put you to bed.”

Since the idea of a bath and bed sounded so good I drove my face into her crotch and began to eat her out as best as I could. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and worked it good. I would alternate between tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit. After about 10 minutes Tina lets out a scream and cums all over my face. She backs away so I cannot reach her and rests for a couple minutes. When she recovers she untied the chain from the chair, stands me up, turns me around and has me sit on her lap. She then reached between my legs and removes the clip from my clit. I scream in pain but she holds me in place so I don’t fall or hurt myself.

When I stop struggling she moved out from under me and sets me on the chair. She spread my legs and gently started to suck on and massage my clit with her mouth. After several minutes the pains gone and my poor abused clit is sending a different sensation, a pleasurable sensation. Tina then slides 2 fingers into my pussy and slowly brings me to orgasm. The pleasure from the orgasm is long and feels great. The intensity does not destroy what is left of my body and mind but I am exhausted when the pleasure stops. Tina then stands up and releases my arms from the leather straps holding them behind my back. She spent the next 15 minutes messaging and stretching my arms and shoulder. When I have felling and mobility back she helps me up and led me by my hands into another room.

I am led into a work of art that looks like a bathroom. The bathroom was massive and beautiful but what got my attention was the bath tub. It looked to be the size of a hot tub but there was a layer of bubbles so I could not see how deep the water was. Tina stepped into the tub and the water went up to her knees. She helped me into the hot water. The water felt awesome. We sat down and then had me sit in the middle as she washed my whole body. When she was done she turned my back to her and pulled me so I was lying against her. We spent about 40 minutes together just relaxing. I groaned when she got up but I got up and after she dried me I was taken into a bedroom. She laid me on bed and attached a cuff to my ankle. Once the cuff was locked to my ankle I noticed the cuff was chained to the footboard of the bed.

She then opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a metal collar. The collar was about 2 inches wide hinged opened. Engraved in the collar was the word “Owned.” In addition to the word there was a D ring attached to the collar also. “This collar has a time lock that I have set for 36 hours. If you let me put it on it cannot come off until the time expires.”

I leaned forward, grabbed her face, pulled it to me and kissed her. At first she was shocked but recovered quickly and returned my kiss with just as much passion. Once we broke the kiss I looked her in the eyes and said, “I would love for you to lock that around my neck.”

A tear rolled down her cheek as she closed the collar around my neck. “Steff, you have made me the happiest I can ever remember being since my mom died,” she said. When the collar closed I heard a click and I knew it was stuck. The collar fit snug around my neck but was comfortable. She laid me down on the bed and lay down next to me. We proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes kissing and having some of the best sex imaginable. After we lay together for a little bit after she told she that she would see me in the morning. She got up and walked out. I tried to sit up and grab her because I didn’t want her to leave but the collar was locked to a chain that I had not noticed before. Sometime during the sex she locked the chain to the collar and I didn’t even notice.

Since I knew I was not going anywhere I just laid down and relaxed. The next thing I knew someone was relocking me to the bed after taking to pee. Again I fell back to sleep. I was woken up to Tina snuggling up behind me. She draped a leg and arm over me and gently pulled me tightly against her. She then gave me a big hug and kissed the nape of my neck. She held me like that for about 20 minutes then I rolled over and kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss and before long we were making love like we had done the night before. After each of us came twice she laid on her back and I snuggled onto her shoulder and said, “I could get used to waking up this way.”

“You are right,” Tina replied. I tightened up as she ran a finger nail down my side not only tickling me but sending tingles right between my legs. “Sorry” was all she said.

I just laid there are replied, “Don’t lie to me. You are not sorry.”

“You are right I’m not. It is 1 in the afternoon and time for you to get out of bed. Take a quick shower and join me downstairs for food,” she said. Tina then got up, unlocked my ankle cuff and the chain from my collar. After about 5 minutes of kissing she left. I took a really hot shower, the kind that have you get out your skin in bright red but you feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. After a quick glance around the room and not finding clothes I walked downstairs wearing only my collar.

When I got downstairs I met Tina in the dining room. We just sat and talked for a couple minutes. I turned bright red when a woman came in carrying breakfast. She didn’t comment about my nudity but winked at me when she set the food down in front of me.

“Nancy, this is Steff. Steff this is Nancy,” Tina said. Nancy gave a polite bow and then left. Tina and I ate and talked. When we were done I was led upstairs into a room that was filled with latex and bondage clothes. Tina grabbed a steel cable that was hanging down and locked the D ring on my collar to it. She turned the hoist and pulled the cable up until I was standing straight. “Now it is time to get you dressed.”

She started by slowly and sensually rubbing an oil onto each leg stopping at my upper thigh just short of my pussy. I was so worked up that when she turned around to get something my hand went straight to my pussy. Tina slapped my hands, “Since you cannot behave, you little slut, I will have to make sure you do.” She walked to a table and picked up a latex monoglove armbinder. She lubed up my hand and arms, again taking her time making sure I stayed really worked up. She then slides the armbinder up my arms. She works the straps around my shoulders, bulked them and then zipper the armbinder. The armbinder was REALLY tight. Not only did it force my elbows together but it also squeezed them and my forearm. It was not uncomfortable but it was tight. Tina then rubbed a fresh coat of lube on my legs then slid crotch high latex stockings up each leg. She was taking her time and being so sensual I had a small orgasm from just that. She giggled, said nothing and just finished.

Tina stood up, grabbed my face and started kissing me. The kiss was forceful and full of passion. After a couple minutes she stopped and walked around behind me. I was made to spread my legs wide and then a dildo was forcefully shoved into my pussy. I yelped in surprise and Tina slapped me HARD on my ass. “Shut up slut,” she said. “With all the juices flowing out of your cunt I know you like it.” She then released my collar from the chain on the hoist. She leaned against my back, grabbed my ear lobe with her lips and my breasts with her hands. She sucked on my ear and massaged my breasts until I had a real orgasm. The orgasm was intense and surprised me. I yelled out in pleasure and surprise. She finally stopped, turned my head, kissed me again and then took off the armbinder.

Once the armbinder was removed she walked away and started to do something behind me. I tried to get off the dildo but it was too far inside me so was stuck on this spot literally by my pussy. Let me tell you I have never felt hornier then when I figured that out. “You have got to be kidding me Tina,” I said.

She turned and walked over to me. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Steff, I have no idea what you are talking about.” Just as I opened my mouth to talk she shoved a ball gag into my mouth. “That is because you talk too much. Don’t worry you kiss too well for me to leave that in too long, and that tongue of yours is talented also.” Tina walked to the table, picked up some things and returned. Then she put my arms into shoulder length tight latex gloves. The gloves forced my hands into fists making sure I could not use my hands. The wrists were really thick and had attached “D” rings. My arms were lifted over my head and the “D” rings were attached to the hoist. Once my arms were locked in place my ankles were pushed together and cuffed to the pole holding the dildo deep inside me.

Tina spent the next 10 minutes teasing me. She sucked on my ears, played with my tits, pussy and clit. She made sure I didn’t orgasm but she kept me really close. She then walked around in front of me, “you look like you are about ready to explode,” she said. She kissed my gag and then disappeared behind me. A corset was the next item I was made to wear. The corset, like everything else, was latex. It was wrapped around me and closed in the front. “Here we go,” Tina said as she started to tighten the corset. As the corset tightened my waist was squeezed and my breasts were pushed up by the push-up top of it. Whenever Tina stopped lacing me up she would again play with my breasts and pussy but not letting me cum. After 3 tightening sessions Tina had taken over 6 inches from my waist and then tied off the laces.

She circled me a few times before she took out my gag and kissed me. After a few minutes of kissing she released my ankles from the pole and locked them spread out to floor. She knelt down in front of me and started to gently lick and suck on my clit. Whenever I got close to cumming she would stop. She continued to keep me unbelievably horny for several minutes before looked up, grinned evilly and then went back to my clit. This time the dildo started to vibrate and move. As horny and worked up as I was I came in no time. The orgasm was really intense and long. The wave of ecstasy had me twitching uncontrollably. Since my arms were locked over my head and my ankles locked to the floor all I could do stand there and cum. Tina continued to suck on my clit for at least 3 more orgasms before she stood up. She grabbed my face and kissed my mouth as I continued to cum.

I finally came down and was still breathing as hard as the corset allowed when she said, “I am going to leave you here as I go get dressed.” Tina knelt down, messed with something and then walked towards the door. The vibrator’s intensity increased and the fucking motion increased. I moaned and gave her a begging look because I knew better than to talk and get into trouble. She laughed at me then walked out. I wiggled and tried lift off the vibrator but with my ankles locked to the floor I could not get off the thing. After a few minutes I was rocked by another orgasm. This one was not as intense as the ones I had with Tina sucking my clit but it still did a number on me. The orgasm rolled over me in waves of increasing intensities. Since I could not get away from the evil that was between my legs I just relaxed and rode the experience. When I gave up the orgasm that followed was awesome and it kept going and going.

After I don’t know how long the dildo stopped all of its activities and a couple of minutes later the orgasm stopped. When reality returned to me I was hanging by arms and Tina was looking at me with a mischievous grin on her face. She was dress wearing a leather dominatrix outfit. She had on a black leather corset and matching leather mini-skirt. Under the skirt were garter straps holding up fishnet stockings just visible above the thigh high boots that matched the rest of the leather she wore. She knelt down released my ankles from the floor and helped me stand up. After a really passionate kiss she asked, “was that as fun as it looks?”

After a few breaths I replied, “You are evil but I had a good time.”

Grinning she kissed me again then she walked behind me. The dildo lowered out of my pussy with a juicy slushing sound. Once the dildo was out of me the hoist holding my arms over my head was lowered. Tina unhooked my arms, helped me to a chair and lowered me gently into it. She held a glass and helped me drink. After I finished the drink she pushed me out of the chair, spread her legs and pushed my face into her crotch. I eagerly started to lick her pussy and clit. I gave her 2 orgasms before she pulled me away from her crotch. I was stood up, turned around and my arms were locked to “D” rings on the side of the corset and a leash was attached to my collar before I was led out of the room.

Tina led me throughout the house showing me around. The place was impressive. It had an entertainment room that had a TV that was larger than some movie screens. There was a game room, an indoor/outdoor pool, 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms, the play room I was in and a full dungeon. The area outside was surrounded by a high stone wall. There were lots of trees throughout the property and a lake in the back. In the middle of the lake was an island that had a gazebo on it. That island is where Tina led me.

Once we crossed the bridge I got a good look. The lake was stocked with fish because I saw some of them swimming and occasionally jumping. The island was about 100 feet across with a few trees on it. The gazebo was near the bridge and had a futon chair and a table under it. There were a few hanging plants around the edge and one hanging from the middle. I noticed that the hooks that supported the plants were larger and stronger than they needed to be. In addition to the trees there were some large rocks, boulders actually, around and a granite table on the edge of the island.

Tina sat down on the futon and spread her legs. I rolled my eyes and knelt down. “What?” she asked. “This is your fault. You are the one that looks so good dressed like that. Plus you are so good at getting me off. Now get those nice lips and the awesome tongue working.”

I dove in and attacked her pussy. I made her cum really quickly and didn’t give her a chance to recover. After her third orgasm she grabbed me hair and pulled me away. She pulled my face down by my hair and stepped on it keeping me do with my face on the ground. A few minutes later, after I realized I was not going to be able to get up without pulling my hair out, she recovered. She leaned forward and spanked my ass 10 times.

“You know what that was for.”

She moved her foot helped me sit up and kissed me. After that wonderful kiss she laid me on the futon next to her so I was leaning against her. She wrapped her arms around me and asked, “What do you think?”

to be continued...

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