In Bondage and Love

by Steff

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© Copyright 2013 - Steff - Used by permission

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Part 1

When I was in high school I got an internship job that turned into a very high paying job right out of school. I was so good at my job I quickly got transferred to a higher paying position where I got to work normal hours and very few working weekends. After an about a year I had saved enough money and moved out of my parents house. I got a really good deal on a house on 30 acres of wooded land. In addition to the main house there was a large workshop building separate from the main house. Since I had moved out of my parents’ house and away from my brothers I now could date whoever I wanted and play my bondage games. I also created a couple accounts on a bondage and fetish social web sites

I figured before I got started too much into my games I had to redo the workshop and convert it into my “Play House.” When I was at the hardware store pricing the materials I was approached by a guy from one of the DIY channels. He want to know what I was doing and when I told him he replied by telling me that I had been chosen to have my project done by him as part of his TV show. Naturally I said yes and made arraignments for him to do it. After less than a month the guy was done, the building was finished and ready. Let me tell you those guys are amazing. I go to the gym 5 times a week and I was exhausted helping them the 5 days they were there but they just kept going and moved right on to another job.

With my “Play House” finished I was ready to start my self-bondage adventures. I decided that before I really got started I would meet a woman I had been chatting with on one of the fetish chat sites. It was a Thursday and we met at restaurant in the upper classed mall. She was waiting for me and looked surprised when I showed up.

After dinner was almost over she said, “I am honestly surprised that you showed up.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

Tina replied, “Because you are a beautiful woman and I am overweight and not very attractive.”

“After hitting it off so well online and so far at dinner I am glad I am not stuck up.”

We spent the next couple months going out and getting to know each other. One night during a dinner date we talked as we walked around the mall. Before we went our separate ways we made arraignments to meet on Saturday. She was going to pick me up at me house and we were going to the beach. The weekend came and went and we spent most of it together. We got along great and I think I actually fell for her hook line and sinker. Since I had most of the week off work I made plans to meet Tina on Wednesday at 12 for lunch.

Wednesday rolled around and I decided for a quick self-bondage section before I met Tina. I went into my play house and started with locking cuffs to my wrists and ankles. I set the time lock I had designed to release my cuffs from the table I was going lay on after 60 minutes. I then stuffed both my crotch holes with vibrators. I used a vibrating butt plug in my ass and a medium sided studded vibrator in my pussy. I tied a tight crotch rope to hold everything inside me. I walked up to a padded table, sat on top of it and the attached my ankle cuffs to the automatic locks I had built into the legs. That forced me to spread my legs to reach the locks. I then laid back, spread my arms over my head and attached the cuffs to the other legs of the table. After I heard the click of the locks I gave all my cuffs tugs to make sure I was good and stuck it was time to make things interesting.

Once I knew I wasn’t getting loose until the timer expired I used the remotes in my hands and turned both the vibrators and then dropped the controls. I immediately wish I had waited before I dropped the remotes because both of the vibrators were set on high. I struggled and stretched but I could not reach the controls. I since I knew I was stuck I just relaxed so I could enjoy it. Because of the activity inside my crotch I was quickly getting worked up and I knew my orgasm was going to be a big one. After a short time the dam broke and I was rocked by my first orgasm. The orgasm was intense but thankfully short. By the time I recovered I was well on my way to a second one.

My second orgasm was a long one. Since the vibrators continued throughout the whole time, so did the orgasm. Before long all I could see was white from the ecstasy I felt. I struggled with all the strength I had but I was held firmly in place. This was one time I wished I was not so good at my job and wished something would go wrong and I could get loose. The orgasm finally stopped but my third one hit me before I recovered from the second. The third was longer and even more intense. All I could was lay there tied to the table and scream in pure pleasure. The orgasm rolled on for what felt like forever then the vibrators were turned off and I just laid there for several minutes recovering until I heard.

“You put on an awesome show dear.”

I opened my eyes and saw Tina standing over me holding the remotes. I gave her my best innocent look and said, “You’re early.”

“No. Actually I am late. It is 11:15 and lunch was at 11,” she replied. “However it looks like I am right on time.” She bent down and started to kiss me. The kiss was long deep and passionate. When I returned the kiss it got even better. I was disappointed when she broke the kiss because it was the best kiss I and ever had. “That was nice. I truly love the way you look laying there all tied up.” She turned the vibrator onto full again and then said, “That should keep you entertained while I look around.” She set the remotes on the table next to me and started to look through my toys and restraints.

I had another massive orgasm and just as I was starting to come down Tina leaned over and started to suck on one of my nipples and play with the other. That brought me to another orgasm. Again this orgasm didn’t stop for a long time. When it finally stopped I begged Tina to stop the vibrators. She removed her panties, climbed on the table, spread her skirt out over my head and lowered her pussy onto my face.

“I will turn them off only after I get my orgasm.” I sucked her for all I was worth however with the vibrators still pounding away at me it was hard to concentrate. Finally after I had 2 more orgasms Tina exploded with an orgasm of her own. When she came she squirted her juices all over my mouth and face. She slumped down on top of me and laid there until I was rocked by yet another orgasm. She got off of me and finally turned the vibrators off. Even after she released me I just laid on the table exhausted. “It doesn’t look like you are in any shape for lunch.”

I laughed and said, “Give me a few minutes to recover and the shower and I will be good for a few hours.” She helped me up and then I went and got cleaned up. After I was ready we went to a sit down restaurant and just talked about life and things like that. Once we were finished eating Tina took me back to my place.

Once we got there I invited her inside then she asked, “Did you enjoy what I did to you in there?”

“Yes I did. I liked it a lot.”

“How would you feel about going with me to a fetish get together as my sex slave?” She asked.

“What would I have to do?”

She just looked at me and said, “Whatever I want you to do.” When I said yes she kissed me and said, “Go take a nap. I will come get you at 5. When I get here I want you naked, kneeling in your living room completely shaven from your neck down.”

With that said she got into her car and left. It took me a couple of minutes before I got over the shock about what happened and went inside. I set the alarm and went to sleep. I must have fallen asleep right away because the next think I knew the alarm was going off. I had 45 minutes to get myself ready so I climbed out of bed and got started. It took me most of the time to get ready and I was glad that I didn’t have to get dressed. Since I knew Tina liked to be early I got myself kneeling is a position where I would be the first thing she saw when she walked in.

As normal Tina showed up 10 minutes early and grinned when she saw me kneeling there. She circled me a couple of times before she said, “I am glad you can follow directions. So the place we are going is a member’s only fetish club. All the people are checked out monthly and are healthy. This is important because sexual contact will happen. Once I get started there will be no turning back. If you don’t want to do this we will just hang out here, talk and veg in front of the TV.”

“I trust you so lets do it,” I replied.

She grinned and then set down the bag she was carrying. She opened it and pulled out a bundle of latex and a bottle. She had me stand up and told me not to move. She then rubbed the lube from the bottle over my arms and upper body. Once I was good and lubed up she picked up the latex and began to put me inside it. It turned out that it was a latex straight jacket. When the jacket was wrapped around me and zipped up it was really tight and the sleeves that my arm went into were also tight plus there was a reinforced area around the wrists that made getting my hands into them hard.

One of the things that really made me nervous was that my breasts were sticking out through holes in the front of the jacket. My arms were pulled behind my back and through a loop. The buckles attached to the closed ends of the sleeve were wrapped around to my front pulling my arms tightly behind me. Tina then buckled the 2 ends together locking my arms behind my back.

Tina bent me over my sofa and then she lubed up my ass really good. She used 2 fingers and made sure I was good and worked up then she shoved a butt plug into my lubed hole. She took her time and teased me with the plug before she pushed the wide part home. Once the plug was in place she pulled the crotch straps that were hanging from the front of the straight jacket through my legs and bucked then to the back. They straps crossed right in the middle of my crotch forming a tight seal making sure the plug would not come out without help. She then stood me up reached around from behind me and squeezed both of my breasts. After a couple minutes of that she turned me around and kissed me really passionately.

After what seemed like forever she broke the kiss looked me in the eyes and said , “I am so glad you showed that first day.” Her eyes began to water and a tear rolled down her cheek. “I love you Steffine.” All I could was stand there and stare at her and just as I opened my mouth to reply but a ball was shoved into it. The gag was the buckled behind my head to make sure the ball was not coming out. Once the gag was buckled Tina backed up a step and then attached clips to both my nipples. I was not expecting them so the sudden pain caused me to scream into my gag and pull away. Pulling away turned out to be a mistake because she had the chain connecting the clip in her hand and pulled away caused me to pull my own nipples.

“Where do you think you are going O lovely slut of mine?” she asked. “I like your neck too much to cover it with a collar. I like the way you melt under my lips and teeth when I play with it. That is why I will use your nipples to lead you around and not a collar.” She then pulled the chain and started to walk towards the door, so naturally I followed. Once outside she locked my house led me to her car. When I sat down the plug in my ass was shoved deeper inside me and I moaned into my gag. Tina just laughed, buckled my seat belt and then started the car. As we drove she turned on the vibrator built inside the plug. The vibrator got my really excited but didn’t bring me to orgasm.

On the drive to the party several people got good looks at my tits because we caught a lot of red lights. One guy I even knew from work. Tina pulled over for him and gave him a good look and let him play with my tits. She told him that he could play with me whenever I was home alone as long as I was tied up. He agreed and then we continued to the club.

The club was inside a warehouse. The parking lot was fenced off so people outside it would have a hard time looking in. There was nothing special about the warehouse from the outside and I thought this was just a stop on the way until I saw another couple walking to the building. The woman’s arms were tied behind her back and she was naked. Tina helped me out of the car and led me by my nipples into the building. The inside did not match the outside at all. The place was beautiful and scary at the same time. It looked like a dungeon and night club rolled into one.

Once inside Tina led me around showing me everything that was there. There were tables, booth and bar stools. All of them had options to hold a restrained person, and some of them where sexual in nature. They have built in dildo for the person to sit on. She then led me around to show the bondage furniture and the public fuck wall where a sub are locked into the wall and they are free game for the rest of the people there. I was then led to a few high tech machines that were designed to restrain subs and make them cum. They looked fun and I want to try them all but Tina just led me by then and then she made her rounds talking with people.

All the people knew Tina and had heard about me. They were glad I came and that I liked Tina. After several minutes Tina led me to a bench and sat me down. She removed the nipple clips and my gag. After ordering drinks she asked, “What do you think?”

“It looks really fun,” I replied after I took a drink… through a straw of course. “How is it everyone here has heard about me?”

She blushed and said, “For a couple years I have been kind of a project. Most of us grew up together and I have not met someone I wanted to bring here before you. Most guys and women see that I am fat and run away… ’you are a nice woman but…’ You I feel comfortable around and I meant what I said before I gagged you.” I was going to say something but she said, “Don’t tell me how you feel.”

I sat there for a minute then said, “You deserve something. I REALLY enjoy being with you. When you tie me up I feel safe. I know you would never hurt me. I have never felt this way before. The only thing I do know is that I don’t want what we have to end.”

She looked at me like and the look in her eyes told me she really meant what she had said. Tina reached over, grabbed my head, pulled me to her and kissed me. It was the best kiss I'd ever received. There was so much passion and love in it I was lost. I did not want it to end but since I could not get loose from the straight jacket, and believe me I tried, Tina pulled away and said, “You might regret you said that my love.”

She got up from the table and had me follow her to a different table. Once there she removed my straight jacket. My freedom was short lived as she turned me around, put my hands behind my back and then zipped my arms into a leather mono-gloved armbinder. The armbinder was so tight that my arms from my elbows down were touching. In addition to taking the use of my arms from me the armbinder forced my D sized breast to stick out even more than they normally do. She then helped me sit down facing a short pole.

I needed help because as I sat down a large dildo slid into my pussy. Once I was fully seated with the dildo inside me my legs were folded “Indian style” and a wide cuff was wrapped around where they crossed making sure I could not uncross them. I was pushed forward until my chest was against the pole and then my breasts were squeezed together. A leather strap was wrapped tightly around the base of them holding them together wrapped around the pole. Lastly what looked like a chair was attached to the pole. The top was cut so my head stuck up and the perfect height for me to orally pleasure whoever sat in the chair.

A guy that Tina was talking to came up to me and knelt behind me. “Tina was correct you are a beautiful woman. She is very lucking. As I am sure you can tell this club is a very exclusive fetish club. Tina has agreed to cover your membership as a sub. That means after your probation period you can come and play whenever you want, but you are listed as her sub so she will know when you are here and might have instructions for your treatment,” the guy said. “Before you get a chance to officially sign-up Tina wants you to go through and initiation. You will be stuck to the stool for 2 hours during which time you will please whoever sits in front of you. If you do a good job you will be rewarded. Do you understand?”

I looked at Tina who nodded and then I replied, “Yes Sir.” The guy then unzipped the crotch of his latex suit and sat in the chair in front of me. As he sat down he shoved his cock into my mouth. I then started to suck him. Because of my breast bondage I could not move my head much but I moved and sucked good enough that he shot his load into my mouth fairly quickly. He thanked me and then the vibrator I was sitting on came to life. The vibrations were really intense plus there was something that was also vibrating my clit. After a minute or two I was rocked by a massive orgasm. The orgasm continued until the vibrator was turned off. I heard Tina talking to the guy about how sexy I look tied up and the way I wiggle and twitch when I cum. All I could was sit there and blush. Of course that got Tina talking about how cute I looked

After just a few minutes people started to come over to me. I was surprised that most of then wanted to talk more then they wanted me to suck them off. Everyone was curious about me. During the course of the 2 hours I did have to suck off 3 guys and 2 women. Tina finally came over to me talking with a guy that was dressed all in leather and dragging a woman dressed in red latex but hobbled by a really tight dress that only let her take small steps behind him. Tina sat in front of me so I immediately started to lick her pussy. Right away I could tell she had been having sex but I continued to do my job. I could tell she was just about ready to cum so I leaned forward as much as my bondage would permit, sucked her clit into my mouth and gentle bit down. That shot her over the edge and she came. In addition to her squirting all over my face she screamed in ecstasy. I decided to try to get even a little so I continued to suck and nibble on her clit even after she told me to stop and she had to stand up to make me stop.

“My aren’t you a little misbehaved slut,” the guy said.

I looked up at him with my best innocent look and said, “Yes Sir.”

The guy opened his pants, removed his large cock, sat down and shoved his cock into my mouth then Tina said, “This is the John, the guy I told you all about. When you are finished with him we will be heading home.” Because of the not only the length but the girth of John’s cock I had a hard time getting him off. When he finally came he came a lot. I tried but was not able to swallow all of his cum and lots of it ran out and down my chest. His cock remained in my mouth as the vibrators inside me were turned on to full. I had 2 orgasms before John was hard again and he told he wanted one for the road. Since the vibrators were still on it took me even longer to get him off. After I had 2 more orgasms he finally came. This time however just as he started to shoot his load he pulled out and shot it all over my face.

He closed his pants, knelt down next to me and said, “Thanks for that. Also thanks for making Tina so happy. I don’t think I have seen her as happy as when she talks about you.” He looked up behind me and said, “It looks like Tina is busy so give her a few minutes.” He then walked away he left the vibrators still going.

After another orgasm Tina turned the vibrators off. “You are a mess girl,” she commented as she started to release me from all of my restraints. After I screamed when she removed the nipple clips she took me over to a table that had some papers on it. The papers turned out to be the rules and the conditions for membership. Once I got over the cost of membership that Tina told me she was covering I signed the agreement. Tina then pushed my arms behind my back and wrapped a leather strap around then just above my elbows. She tightened the strap until my elbows touched the wrapped another one around my wrist. Tina then turned me around grabbed my face and began to kiss me. I remember thinking how much a great kisser she was then one of her hands slid down my belly and into my pussy. Between the passion of the kiss and her finger working their magic inside me I was rocked by the largest orgasm of the night. The carnal pleasure took all of my strength and I just collapsed onto the bench next to the table.

Just as I started come down and relax I screamed because a really firm and tight clip was put onto my clit. I twisted and struggled but when the leather straps held my arms behind my back tried to remove the clip using just my legs. That turned out to be a big mistake because not only didn’t the clip come off it tightened and pulled my clit. I immediately opened my legs and looked down at Tina who was kneeling in front of me with an evil grin that told me I was in trouble.

“The rules say that all subs have to enter and leave in bondage and under control of their doms. Since you were a bad slut and didn’t stop when I told you too I have to punish you. I decided that I would use one the clips I put on your nipples and control you by your clit. Since you know the clip will not fall off and the more it is pulled the tighter it get I think you will behave,” Tina said. “Now come on. We are going to my house for the weekend.” She helped me up and guided me out by the thin little golden chain attached to the clip.

As Tina lead me out I was trying to sort out the mixture of emotions and feelings I felt. I was physically tired. My sides hurt from the number of orgasms I endured and my nipples were still throbbing from being clipped for so long. My chest was covered from the waist up in layers of cum and drool. Surprisingly my shoulders didn’t ache even thought my arms were pulled so tightly behind my back that my elbows touched. The part that really confused me was the being led around by my clit. My clit hurt from the pressure of the clip and as I walked my own legs would increase the pressure as they bumped the clip. There was also the thin little chain that Tina held. The chain actually just a gold rope type jewelry chain like I wear regularly around my neck and I knew that that little thing controlled me as well, if not more than the leather straps keeping my arms tied behind my back. By the time Tina and I got to the car all I knew for sure was that I was truly in love with Tina and wanted to be hers.


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