In the Grass

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2022 - Zephyr - Used by permission

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Author’s note: This post contains the epilogue to this story that will make more sense if one has read of this story recently but it’s not required.

Part 7c

They got back home and went back to the garage. It was about 2 pm on Saturday. Gina stripped off, painfully pulling out of the sports bra, then put the suspension cuffs back on her wrists and ankles and let Carlos put her back where she had been, strapped spread-eagled to the plywood. She wasn’t happy when he put the nipple nooses back on but stretched out by wrists and ankles she couldn’t stop him.

He loomed over his naked and helpless victim on the ground, leaned close into her face. “You could always end this, you know. It’s only going to get worse.” 

She smiled. “Time. All I need is time. Harry is one of Daddy’s chief investigators and he’s sharper than hell. Even if you got the code you’d not enjoy it long. I love him and he loves me and he’s relentless.” She gave Carlos a quick Cheshire cat grin. “Especially in bed. All I have to do is keep breathing and eventually I win and you lose. Lose everything. Maybe we’ll do shit like this to you!”

He smiled at her in-character. OK, she was game on. So on they’d go. He unfastened her wrists. Her feet were still spread and attached and she watched him warily. 

“I am going to connect your cuffs behind your back,” he announced to her. “You can either sit up voluntarily and let me do that, or I can grab your breasts and pull, and I think you’ve had quite enough of that recently. Up to you.” She thought about it for a second, decided he would and she didn’t need to fight that hard. She sat up and he quickly locked the two cuffs together behind her back.

He forced her to stand, her legs still spread widely. Her breasts bouncing hurt a little but not too bad, and she had no idea what he was planning. Part of it became clear when he tied a rope to the clip joining her wrist cuffs and ran it through a hook in the ceiling. Ok, strappado, she thought. A classic stress position, a torture position. Yeah, it was right, he wasn’t getting easier. After a while of being bent over with her wrists high behind her she’d be hurting real bad. She had tried it once or twice for short periods of time with Scott, mostly for him to bend her over that way and then do her. Fortunately neither time had taken long. Then again, it could be worse. At least he seemed to be giving her breasts a break.

The rope ran across the ceiling to another hook by the sink, then down. He tied the bucket way up high to the rope, then attached a hose to the sink and ran it up into the bucket. It looked pretty clear, and pretty grim now. Run water into the bucket, making it heavier and heavier and pulling her wrists up higher and higher.

“How long?” She asked. Just the weight of the empty bucket bent her forward a bit. No, this wasn’t going to be fun at all.

“Until you give me the code, or I get tired of it. Trust me, this isn’t anything compared to what’s coming up later. If you were smart you’d give up now.” She suspected she’d be tired of this long before he was.

“Oh yeah. You gone, me long dead here on the floor since you didn’t need me anymore. I think not.”

He shrugged. “Up to you. How long you put up with this and how far this goes is still up in the air.” He smiled and she rolled her eyes. “Like your wrists are going to be.” 

“Cute. Real cute.” He turned the water on and she could hear the water slowly but steadily splashing into the bottom of the bucket. 

“Oh, I almost forgot.” He walked over to a file cabinet and reached for something on top of it – oh damn – a five-pound weight at the end of a chain – one that could attach to the nipple noose chain. She was screaming inside; it was obvious where this was going and it did. She was waiting for him to drop the weight; figured she’d scream at that but he let it down gently. It still hurt incredibly, she was far from recovered from his last feint and her breasts started hurting again immediately. Worse, it caused her to lean over more and the suspended weight swung even with her breathing, not giving her breasts any rest. 

He came to her with her ball gag; forced it in without too much difficulty. “Snap your fingers if you want to give me the real code. Anytime.” She just grunted. It did sound a little like “uck yew”.

Through it all she could feel her wrists going slowly higher and higher as she stretched as the weight of the bucket pulled them higher. She wondered if she could bend over far enough to rest the weight on the concrete and decided the chain wasn’t long enough for that. Damn, damn, damn, damn. Off to the side the water continued to slowly run into the bucket.

Her breasts were back to screaming and it didn’t take too long for her shoulders to join the chorus. Human bodies were not supposed to be stretched this way in either place. Even as young and supple as she was, she wasn’t supposed to be stretched like that either. He won’t do this to me forever, she realized, so all she had to do was outlast him. One breath at a time. One painful breath at a time.

She had lost track of Carlos fighting her own pain and felt him behind her. She was already bent over horizontal, and with a bit of anger felt him kick her feet a bit wider apart then he started playing with her, slapping his quite-hard cock against her. Her shoulders and breasts had been screaming the whole time, she couldn’t have cared less about his cock right now. “Timing, Carlos!” She thought to herself. “Your timing is just crappy.”

He didn’t seem to care and she was gagged. He eventually grabbed her hips and pushed in. They both grunted from different sensations as the lunge moved her wrists around and started the weight on her breasts swinging back and forth. He was doing the slow get-him-off-but-not-her rhythm he sometimes used but it didn’t matter. In this much pain there was no way in the world she was going to get anywhere near popping over. He seemed to be trying to find out just how far he could get the weight to swing. It would hit her bent legs long before it had enough momentum to hit her in the face going the other way.

And with a grunt he slammed hard into her and held. She felt him spasming in her, emptying himself in her. He pulled out and was gone from there. Still no snapping of her fingers.

He came around to her front. “Either you tell me the correct code, or I will go check my email and see how your Daddy's search is going. I haven’t seen it all weekend, no telling how long that will take.”

She made a sound through the ball gag. It was clear enough: Fuck you. He stood up and left the room and Gina to her decision.

She didn’t know how long he had been gone, she had just been concentrating on taking one breath after another and staying still so the places that had gone mostly numb stayed that way. Carlos disconnected the bucket and then the weight from the nipple chain. He had to help her, almost bend her back into an upright position; she was so sore she couldn’t do it herself.

He settled her down on the padding near a cold water bottle and actually let her rest and recover for about fifteen minutes. She was loosely chained both hands and feet so she couldn’t run and would not have been a match for him at all if she had challenged him, but she was incredibly grateful to just lay there and not hurt any more. 

After that time he came back to her. She wanted to fight but just didn’t feel up to it. Her wrists were fastened back wide to the spreader bar attached to the winch. Another spreader bar was used to separate her ankles an equal distance. From what he was doing it was clear that more fun was coming and she was going to be hanging from her wrists, hopefully not off the ground. She didn’t know if her shoulders could take any more of that. She had been too tired and just hadn’t cared enough to pull out the ball gag and now it was too late.

The winch ran with its loud chugging as it pulled her up off the mat and unfortunately off her feet. Her shoulders hurt but she was pretty much already numb from what had just happened. Still gagged, she just watched Carlos as he worked, wondering what he was up to next.

He brought in a floor fan on a stand. It was turned facing horizontally and the top half of the screen was off. There was some sort of large box mounted where the fan blades would be, apparently to take advantage of the fan motor. There was a spindle coming out of the top of the box. Carlos came back with a long rod which one end of the rod mounted on the spindle. Then he attached a long, thin leather strap to the far end of the rod and she knew what she was facing. A whipping machine!

She had seen something like this in videos a few times. Watching Carlos test it, fortunately clear of her (at the moment) confirmed it for her. The rod would spin to a point and stop while the mechanism, still powered by the spinning fan motor, accumulated tension. Then it would suddenly fly through about a third of a revolution in less than a heartbeat, and anything in the path of that leather strap would get a nasty welt from it. Like parts of her body. She struggled a little, knowing even beforehand she was already suspended and it was useless. Carlos continued to work with it, perhaps testing it, perhaps demonstrating to Gina what was coming if she didn’t quit. If the fan motor was run slow it triggered every thirty seconds or so. On medium, about every ten to fifteen. On high the strap really just paused, going around about once every five seconds. Oh, this one was going to hurt.

Carlos moved the fan over and ran the fan body up high – the first usage of this looked to be on her breasts. Damn, damn, damn, hadn’t he done enough to them already? He stretched out the leather strap and held the end across her breasts, across her nipples, stretching it against her far side to show it would have no problems punishing both breasts. He looked at her. “Code please? Or do I turn this on?”

He glared back at him over ball-gagged lips. She actually didn’t like this one much at all, felt tempted to pull a safeword but that would only delay things and she had come way too far to stop now. She wondered at herself about it. It wasn’t the whipping itself; he had whipped her with something just like this earlier in the weekend and while nobody liked pain (well, she had heard of people who actually did but she wasn’t one of them) it was part of the game they were playing this weekend and she was all right with it. She knew Carlos really wasn’t into it, he much preferred kissing her with his lips than a whip but was willing to play the game too and he did most things seriously, including this. So why did she have a problem now?

She understood. It was the non-personal nature of this particular scene. Carlos whipping her was Carlos, the man she loved, whipping her. This was a thoughtless and uncaring machine. Carlos didn’t like it and his arm eventually would get tired. The machine could run the rest of the weekend and of course be oblivious to the cries and shaking of the helpless naked female in the path of the fast-moving strap.

Carlos reached out and grasped, fondled her breasts. They hurt a little from everything that had been done to them but still it felt good. 

“You can see what is coming up,” he began. “I would genuinely hate to let that machine run on your body and whip these magnificent breasts for hours. I doubt they’d do any long-term damage, but you could be so sore that you could not wear clothing over them for quite a while. And it wouldn’t be just your lovely breasts.” He reached around her to cup her buns, then reached up and removed the ball gag.

“But you are right,” he continued, “your Harry is a very persistent and talented man and my time with you is drawing shorter. I would genuinely hate to meet him, because only one of us could walk away from that meeting and it would be me. Extortion I am at peace with; I would not be a murderer given a choice. But needs must.”

Gina scowled and despite her position tried to surge against him. He was impressed with her reactions and acting skills. “You wouldn’t! And even if you did, I expect it would be you dead on the ground. Which would be a shame.”

Carlos looked surprised at that as she continued. “It’d be far quicker than you deserve. But needs must.”

He gave her that tight smile again. “I have plans, I am quite ready for your Harry, and am not worried. At this point it becomes a different choice: Your money or the man you love. If you give me the code I am gone forever, you are safe, and your Harry and I never meet. If not…”

She almost spit her words through eyes flashing with fire. Carlos thought she was enjoying herself. “He’s better than you know. But thank you for telling me he’s getting closer.” She gave him a nasty smile. “I’ll just hang around here until he arrives. Fuck you.”

He walked over to the cabinet, withdrew a roll of duct tape and put a long piece securely across her mouth, which surprisingly she did not fight him on. “We shall see, shall we not? We shall see. I’ll be back in two hours and we will see how you feel then.”

He walked over to the fan, clicked the switch to start the motor running, it looked like on medium speed. Gina braced herself as the rod, whip cord hanging down, rotated slowly to the stop point. and then the whip mechanism made a ticking sound she hadn’t noticed before. Three, four, five…

The whip swung and Gina jumped. She didn’t see it but felt it hit hard across both breasts. She screamed into the duct tape and shook, which did nothing as the whip slowly rotated for another strike. Then the five ticks and it struck again, this time on her chest just below her breasts. She yelled and shook a bit, stopping just in time for it to happen again.

Carlos watched the first few times from behind her, then she heard the sound of the house door opening and closing. He was gone and Gina, if she was really alone, was in serious trouble,

It was as bad as she expected. The machine was relentless and it hurt each time. Not enough to tear skin, but it left a red mark each time and it felt like a paper cut for a second every time it landed. It became almost a Chinese Water Torture sort of thing, listening for the fifth click and then the pain in her breasts. She tried twisting for a while but she couldn’t get that far away. All twisting did was change where on her the whip hit, and after a while her strength gave out and she settled back into the position Carlos had left her in where the whip zeroed in on her tender and sensitive breasts.

She couldn’t fight it, couldn’t stop it, couldn’t do anything about it but wait for the ticking sound and then the deadly silence barely followed by the flash of pain. The red lines on her breasts merged into one solid patch. It was especially painful when the whip hit one of her nipples, she just thrashed and thrashed all the way through the next stripe when that happened. Once she got the whip across both of them and she thought she would lose her mind. Where was her quiet place?

But right after that happened the infernal machine stopped. Apparently Carlos was not as far away as he wanted her to think. He walked in front of her and pulled the duct tape off. Compared to how her breasts felt she didn’t notice. “My time grows short; I must do more severe things or risk being caught. I must continue on with stronger measures. I next put this same whipping device on your back and backside. Haven’t you had enough? Give me the code, this can stop, I can escape, and you will be on your way to freedom. Give me the code or this continues.”

Gina’s breasts hurt even more, but she was winning. She really, really did not want that whipping machine anywhere on her, but a look at the clock showed that Carlos had let it run on her breasts for less than fifteen minutes. She wouldn’t like it but apparently neither did he. It gave her the strength to just shrug. The tape was put back across her mouth.

It wasn’t the whipping machine running up and down her back that got to her. Carlos did, just as he promised. He used the turn-back-and-forth mechanism on the fan to run the whip randomly up and down her back. Her back and buttocks were tougher skin than her breasts and while it hurt it wasn’t quite as bad. Ten minutes after that started she heard the machine click off and Carlos start working with it, but because he was behind her she couldn’t see what he was doing. He did seem to be moving the mechanism directly behind her and a bit closer.

She found out, in a bad way, the first time the repositioned whip slapped into her. Dead between her legs from behind, curling up her crotch and past her clit with the tip leaving what felt sure to be a hole in her landing strip. She howled into the gag and shook for quite a while, but the fan was on slow and those strikes were only coming once every thirty seconds. The ticks were wider spaced, but the attack after the fifth tick was the same duration. She at first twisted. The whip didn’t feel any better on her buns or the side of her legs but at least it wasn’t painting fire across the crack of her butt and across her pussy. But like before, eventually her strength failed and she settled back into the original position. She was too tired to twist any more. The strikes for the rest of however long this took were going to go straight up her butt crack and pussy. Not, not good.

The next strike went right up between her butt cheeks and again laid fire across her slid and into her public hair, fortunately somehow missing her clit. It didn’t feel good at all and she had barely recovered by the time the fifth click happened.

This one was brutal, same placement, this time on her clit as well. She shook hard as if having a seizure, howling the whole time. And she started snapping her fingers, three times in a row. What if Carlos had stepped out of the room and there was no one to see her safeword signal…

The hum behind her stopped. There was a chug above her as the winch lowered her until her feet were firmly on the ground. Then Carlos came around to her front and pulled the tape off. “Had enough?”

“No more of that.” She declared, closing her legs as much as she could. “It hurts way too much.”

“Okay…” Carlos agreed carefully. “So I win?”

Gina looked at him with almost a glare. It was one of the rules of the weekend. For Gina to stop or modify anything Carlos did to her was to concede to him. “No, I didn’t say that. Go on to whatever you planned next. But you can’t do that to me anymore.”

 Carlos looked at her. “Look, it’s the basic problem with this whole weekend. I’m trying to get you to surrender, and to do that I’m having to hurt you. I understand playing a game and am ok with that as long as you are willing, but can we agree that for the next four or five times we see each other we are just going to play backgammon, cuddle, and bang each other’s brains out to exhaustion? 

“You see, it’s late Saturday afternoon and I’m supposed to win. I’ve finally found something you genuinely dislike, and maybe this is it. Nothing else seems to be working. I’m ok with quitting, I’ll rub anything that’s sore that you’ll let me touch until it isn’t and we can play… more peaceful games the rest of the weekend. I’m enjoying the role play and the banter back and forth. I have never liked hurting you and I don’t like it now either, but it’s the game and you can stop it any time. You are far stronger than I expected, but just give me your code and let’s go to a nice long dinner. Or I’ll put you back and turn this thing back on and let it run the rest of the twenty minutes I had planned and see if you crack before then.”

“You’d really turn that thing back on me?”

“You told me, challenged me to win. Laughed, said there was nothing I could do to break you. So, code please, or let’s find out.”

She’d probably been through about five minutes so far. Fifteen minutes at two strikes a minute: thirty. She’d be wearing loose skirts with no panties for a week. If he could do that, he sure as hell wouldn’t be getting anything anywhere near her crotch for the rest of the weekend. And it would not be because of how sore she would be down there.

It must be a bluff. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. Yes, she had ragged on him, built up the challenge, perhaps in retrospect too much. He wouldn’t. She’d call his bluff.

But what if it wasn’t a bluff? She sure didn’t want any more of what she had been getting. Ever.

It was a bluff. It had to be. “Fuck you, mister. It hurts, but boy what we’re going to do to you when the tables are turned!”

Carlos stared at her in disbelief. Yet her answer was quite clear. She didn’t fight him as he put a fresh piece of tape across her mouth then ran the winch up. Surely she was just testing him, would stop and surrender before this madness started again...

She didn’t. “I’ll let it run!” he threatened. She flinched but did nothing more. 

Last desperate chance. “If I turn it on, I let it run the whole time, no matter what you do.” Gina cringed. He could, it was within the rules. Yet she just hung there, wondering if she was making a massive mistake.

After a second he shrugged and walked behind her and Gina panicked a little. Surely he understood and would not… But after a second she heard the fan motor start up again behind her and realized he would, as he said, let it run on her until she cracked. She closed her eyes. He was going to win; there was no way she could withstand fifteen more minutes of this. She was determined to fight as long as she could but knew in her heart that after the second or third strike on her clit it was over. She closed her eyes and waited.

Tick… tick… tick… tick... tick. Here it comes, Gina thought, brace yourself, fight, be strong. It won’t be forever, the stripes or the recovery. The faint whir of the rod moving lightning-fast through the air and… nothing. She could hear the rod rotating around for the next strike.

She opened her eyes. Carlos was standing in front of her, the whip cord in his hand. He pulled off the tape and stuck it in his pocket. “I can’t. No, I won’t. I can see what the other strikes have done to you and I can’t do that to you. If I have to hurt you that badly to win, then I lose the real game.” He shook his head. “No.”

Gina let loose the breath she had been holding as Carlos ran the winch back down so her feet were on the ground. “Break time. It’s dinner time anyway. Let’s get out of here for a while.”

It was a quiet but rather interesting dinner; she was sore in all sorts of unusual places and ways. It was quiet and restful and so different from the continued painful stress games they had been playing all weekend. The games were challenging and interesting, but this was where happiness was. It was a relaxing break and she had gone a long way to resetting her mind by the time they got back to Carlos’ house.

Back in the garage he led her to the plywood and told her to stand still. He locked the door they had just come through then moved over to the table and picked up her suspension cuffs for all four limbs. He dropped them at her feet, the open locks still attached, as he began to work with the handcuffs holding her. 

Rubbing her wrists, a bit and suppressing a smile, she sat down and began a task she had done many times before, but normally with locks she had the keys for. She had them on in less than a minute, open locks in her hand. At a nod she lay down on the wood, stretched her legs wide to attach them to the bottom cables, locks clicking the ankle cuffs rightly around her and to the cables forcing and holding her feet wide apart. Looking up at him, she got a look that promised problems if she delayed any longer. She lay on her back and locked the wrist cuffs on her to the cables for her wrists. He came over and cranked the come-along and she was again stretched very tightly. She tested it; she could barely move anything an inch.

He looked down at her spread exposed and helpless naked body, and the look in his eyes was not the angry cruel blackmailer torturing her but the Carlos she loved. She could see the question: Are you all right?

Silly man. She smiled and nodded, then made a show of struggling, promising to get loose and call her Daddy’s people, just wait. Harry had to be near by now. Hell was coming for him for what he had done to her and when it did, she’d be right there, laughing.

He went back to a corner and came back with a device, it looked like a half-cut oval and it looked about the size of her waist. She was right, he put it over her waist, where it fit tightly and held her down at that point as well. There was some sort of lever mechanism at the top of it. He came back with her Hitachi wand, and she saw the wand would mount into the swivel and the dangerous part of the wand... confirmed as he put it in the mechanism and tightened it in where the ball of the wand would push right on top of her clitoris. She had played with the wand, of course, but always stopped when her orgasms started because she became too sensitive. It was a no-brainer he could bring her off with it.

What happened then caught her by surprise. The clover clamps came back out and were attached to her nipples going straight upward. One end of a length of small rope was tied to the middle of the chain joining them and she concluded her breasts were not going to come off well with whatever he was planning. And since she was helpless, whatever he was going to do to her.

The rope went up through a loop she noticed was attached to the rafter above her. Switching on the Hitachi it made a dangerous buzz as he passed the free end of the rope through another loop on the frame holding the non-buzzing end. The rope went up through another rafter loop above her crotch and when he started unlocking her feet her fears were confirmed. He took the spreader bar and locked her feet at the ends, about four feet apart, and then tied the end of the rope to the center of the bar. Holding her feet really high he tied the free end of the rope to it. His plan was clear now: predicament bondage. As long as she held her feet up high she was ok, but as her feet fell the ropes would pull up on the back end of the Hitachi, driving it down into her most sensitive spot, and the remaining tension would be spent stretching her breasts. She was in pretty good shape and could hold her feet up for a while, but doubtless not long enough. The spreader bar weighed about five pounds; it wouldn't help things at all.

"How long?" she asked desperately.

"The plan is for all night. Eventually the Hitachi’s batteries will run out but I put fresh ones in just now.” Oh yeah, Gina thought, after three or four hours. “And no, I’m not going to stop the Hitachi if you come. And the clover clamps don’t need batteries. So there you are. That is, unless you give me the proper code. But I’m going to bed, so do it now or stay here all night." Gina shivered. He had warned her that she might be in some situations for a long time and with no hope of release. She guessed this was what had prompted the warning.

He looked at her and waited a second, while she lay there resolutely and mute. He let go of her feet and before she could raise them back up, they fell far enough to whack her clit with the buzzing Hitachi and give an agonizing jolt to her still-unrecovered nipples. She closed her eyes and shivered. All night? This was going to be tough. She wondered if she would do multiple orgasms in the same session and it looked like she was about to find out.

With her feet up in the air he smiled and removed his own clothes. She found that he was perfectly able to enter her and begin pleasing himself. He bumped her with the Hitachi every now and then but generally tried to stay off it, for which she was grateful. It was hard to concentrate with his cock going in and out of her and if the Hitachi were added in she expected it to be impossible. Her feet started to droop a little but she was in good shape and could keep them up there. But she could feel the very beginnings of them tiring.

He got faster, rammed into her and she felt him coming inside of her. Then the fun began. He sat in the easy chair, still naked and with a soft cock and watched the show.

It took about ten minutes for her to let the Hitachi get down far enough. It touched her clit, still engorged from his efforts, and she gave a squeal as she jerked her feet back up. It was only doing just a little to her breasts, with slack in her line they were unbothered.

She fought, started to sweat a little as she felt and saw her feet getting lower and lower. The wand buzzed closer and closer to her vulnerable crotch but there was nothing she could do about it. Fifteen minutes into it her strength failed. Her feet dropped, the wand rammed into her clit and her nipples stretched for altitude. She moaned, lifted her feet up but it only lasted a few seconds and then the wand was back on her, hard, and the vibrations were jumbling her concentration. She was a goner. She abandoned hope and herself to the feelings, her breasts cruelly stretched once again, a heartless device driving her toward an orgasm and she couldn't prevent either. And no way to get away from the wand once she came. She shook even harder.

And then her orgasm came. She screamed and thrashed around, in the beautiful part of it for the first few seconds. And then the sensitivity kicked in and with a howl she tried to lift her feet up but her muscles were beyond her control and the wand stayed buried in her clit, merciless, uncaring.

It did hurt for a minute or two, which seemed like an hour to her. And then she broke through to a plateau and found herself building to yet another orgasm. Her mind swam, so this is what it would be like. Getting through the hard part was... hard, but yeah, she could enjoy what was coming.

After four more orgasms Carlos had mercy on her and stopped it. This was a good thing in Gina's mind, she was, and she never thought she’d say this about herself, orgasmed out. He took the Hitachi and the clamp over her waist away, undid all the suspension cuffs and just let her lie there, trembling from the experience. After a few minutes he lay down beside her and they held hands as she floated down to reality. She never noticed she was falling asleep.

It was Sunday morning, after breakfast, around 11 AM, a little late for play, but Carlos wanted to do one more scene out in the garage, stretch her out again and play, gently, with the whips. He doubted it would ever happen again and just wanted to get the last dregs of it out of his system. If it was love play, Gina was fine with that, even if he hurt her and reddened her a bit. It was just play. After that the game would be over. They'd have one last lovemaking together and she'd go. She'd be gone by 1 PM. Maria never got home before around 4 and no call from Mama Garza so things looked fine. 

Carlos led her, naked and hands cuffed behind her out to the garage. He set up the winch as she locked the suspension cuffs on her wrists and ankles, then he fastened her wrists to the spreader bar and her feet to the bolts on the floor and again cranked up the winch, lifting her off the ground and stretching her out helplessly tight. He strapped her ball gag into her mouth and her helplessness was complete. It was tight and a bit painful and she felt herself at the edge of slipping away but fought to stay in the garage with Carlos. She hadn’t given him the code. She was going to win. After everything else he had put her through this would be easy. Game over. She’d won.

Then again, she knew she had only won because of his mercy. If he had ran the whipping machine between her legs as he had threatened it would have been over last night. She decided to savor her victory today and admit the truth to Carlos later.

He at first just caressed her body, first with his hands, then with the flogger. She looked so incredibly hot, firm figure stretched out, large breasts hanging high above her landing strip, smooth skin. And she willingly let him put her here. Damn, life was good. He smiled, told her how much he loved her, then swung hard, striking her breasts. He walked around, letting the suspense build, Gina was pleased that he was comfortable taking charge and dominating her. He took a few more strikes at her, reddening her bottom and landing a few blows on her stomach. And then disaster struck. They both froze as they heard from the main part of the house the front door chime sounding.

"Ummph!" Gina cried, knowing what that meant. Maria had come home early. Carlos looked terrified for a second then told her to just stay still, Maria almost never came into the garage, especially if he was somewhere else. He'd be back for her when he could. He was gone in a second. Gina wished he had done something to let her loose, she could have gotten free and then hid everything, including herself, until he was able to get her out. But apparently there wasn't even the thirty seconds for that, and she was still stuck, stretched out naked and painfully tightly. She struggled but it was no good. She just had to hope upon hope that Carlos could work the situation and get her out safely. For the first time in the relationship Gina was scared. Scared of what would happen if Maria found her. Of what Maria would do to her, stretched out tightly, naked, gagged, and all those whips on the bench close by. Scared of what it would do, what she would do to Carlos. Scared of losing him, because there'd be no way for them to continue after that.

She looked over at the bench. Those things were used in love play. Yes, they inflicted pain but it was only a little and not done in anger. If Maria found her, they would likely get used and it wouldn't be love and it wouldn't be just a little.

She faintly heard heeled footsteps in the laundry room on the other side of the house door and Gina froze solid. Maria was right on the other side of the door, apparently doing laundry. If she decided she needed something from the garage Gina’s naked and stretched out body would be the first thing she saw. But she heard the washing machine kick on and after a few minutes of terror decided it was too loud to hear Maria’s steps walk away.

She just hung there. The garage was absolutely still, not even a clock she could see to measure the passage of time from where she was. The pain was getting worse from hanging there so tightly; she hoped Carlos would be back soon.

She felt herself slipping away again, shaking her head to fight it. This was no time for that. She had to do that to herself two or three times when the house door opened and her nightmare became true.

"I thought so!" Maria said as she stepped inside. "Why what do we have here?" Maria walked up to the helpless Gina. She was as Gina had expected, shorter, had the higher-pitched voice that Gina had heard the one time before, and she could tell, crystal clear to another woman, furious but feeling deliciously in control. Gina was glad she didn't have a full bladder because she would have lost it all over the concrete floor. Carlos was right behind her, frightened out of his mind. 

Maria walked around her, inspecting Gina. "So you think you can steal my man, do you?" Maria taunted. "How nice of you to present yourself all stretched out for me. Normally I'd just beat the shit out of you but since you and Carlos are into this fifty-shades-of-something crap I may have even better options."

She turned and moved on Carlos. "You stand right over there and don't move an inch if you want to see your son ever again. Got it?" Carlos complied, apologizing with his eyes to Gina, who just looked away.

Gina was terrified. If Carlos interfered, he'd lose Samuel. But Maria was really, really mad and looked like she was going to take it out on Gina. Gina wondered how far Maria would go before Carlos stopped her. Gina didn't think her life was in danger but had already written off the next few days of school so she could recover from the beating she was helpless to prevent and about to receive.

"Nice big breasts." Maria analyzed, grabbing her left one, digging her fingernails in deep and leaving marks. Gina squealed in pain and tried to shake Maria's hand off but she could move much too little for that. 

"Nice and heavy. I bet you like that, Carlos. Does she wear low-cut tops for you?" With that Maria delivered a vicious slap to the other breast. Gina howled through the gag but could do little else.

"Hmmm." Maria noticed. "Blonde hair on top, brown hair between your legs." she ran a finger leisurely through Gina's pubic hair.

Maria ran her hand through Gina’s hair, brushing it out of her face. "Maybe I should take a knife and cut it all off as a souvenir." Maria taunted. Gina's blood ran from cold to ice. If Maria decided to do that there was nothing Gina could do to stop her. Maria ran her finger down into Gina's slit, finding the moisture there from before. She pulled back her finger and inspected it. "My, Carlos, you found a good one. She lets you do this to her and she likes it!"

She turned on him, walked up to him, started unbuttoning his shirt, caressing his chest hair. "Maybe someday you'd like to tie me up like that, hmmm?" She offered in a tone that indicated it would never happen. "Would you like that? You seem to like it with her."

She turned to the bench. "And oh my, all the interesting things you two have here. I wonder what we could do with them." She picked up and examined the crop but then put it back down in favor of the long whip. She gave it a couple of test swings, whistling through the air, and appeared to like it.

Suddenly Maria turned around with the whip in her hand and glared with malevolence at Gina. Then she laughed, put the whip down, and stripped completely naked. With a smirk she picked up the whip again and closed on Gina's helpless form.

With her free hand grabbed Gina by the throat, choking her. "You know what I'm going to do, girlfriend?" She had an evil smile on her lips. "To teach you to stay away from my man I am going to beat the living shit out of you with this. And then I'm going to have Carlos make love to me right here in front of you, and if he doesn't do it perfectly, I am going to come back and beat you again TWICE AS LONG! GOT IT?"

Scared to death, Gina nodded. 

Maria started in with the whip, first punishing Gina's large breasts. She beat them mercilessly from all angles. She ignored Gina's cries of pain except for every once in a while to smile at them before continuing. They were just two red glowing lumps of pain by the time she was done. Then Maria walked behind the helpless woman and let the fear and the tension grow as she swung the whip making a lot of noise but no contact. Tiring of this Maria began applying the whip with a vengeance all down Gina's back and bottom. The whipping Carlos had given her Friday night was nothing compared to this. Even what Scott had done to her paled.

In one of the pauses between blows, when her vision had cleared, Gina looked over at Carlos who was frozen in place but looked like he was about to interfere. No, Gina thought. She shook her head to him even as she jerked from each new stinging blow to her back. We're over, don't lose your son too. Just live through it. I will. My body doesn't hurt half as bad as my heart right now. But it was hard and Gina was crying openly from the pain. A little part of her mind wondered why she hadn't slipped off into her quiet place long before now. It would be really useful.

Maria stopped but then landed two vicious blows up between her legs from behind. Gina howled and shook but could do nothing as they and more horrifyingly painful blows landed again and again. Finally, after losing count, the blows stopped. Gina was a crying, limp mess, totally defeated, just waiting for the pain to continue. 

Maria tossed the whip back on the bench. "Come here, lover!" She taunted, laying down sideways right in front of Gina. "Come fuck me good and you may get to see Samuel again, but you better be good. And girlfriend, if you aren't watching the whole time I will stop and beat you some more, got it?"

Carlos moved over, removed his clothes. The erection that had pleased Gina so many times was there and he knelt down to do her bidding. Gina watched as he entered her, roughly at first but then getting down to business and perhaps starting to enjoy it some. It tore her heart up to see him pleasuring the woman who was taking him away from her but she knew he must and he would. Maria gathered quickly, flexing around, moaning as her orgasm approached. That would be the finale, watching her come. Gina would be numb for years after that. Maria on the ground in front of her was clutching at Carlos and moaning loudly. She really did need a ball gag for sex. Maria moaned and shook, getting ready to orgasm and end Gina's dreams...

And the house door into the garage opened and it all evaporated. She was still suspended tightly but she hadn't been beaten, wasn't sore in her breasts and back, Maria wasn't in the room, just Carlos coming quickly, letting her down, removing the ball gag. He helped her to get into the clothes that he had pulled out of the bag for her, apologizing the whole time for the situation. At first Gina was speechless but cooperated, dressing quickly. The nightmare with Maria was only that but it had left its own marks in her psyche. Carlos explained Maria was in the shower, so they had about ten minutes. She was dressed, he helped her out the side door of the garage, and he promised they'd talk soon, and he couldn't tell her how sorry he was about all of this. Gina was mute, more reeling from where her quiet place had taken her, and Carlos misinterpreted that as cooperation. With a too-brief kiss she was outside and the door closed. She went out the side gate to the street, to her car a few houses down, and off for a long drive with many difficult thoughts.


One day it happened. Carlos and Gina were asleep at her house around 2 AM on a Saturday night. Carlos got a call from Maria’s mother. Maria had been in a bad single-car accident and Carlos was needed at the hospital, now. Samuel had been with Mrs. Garza, was fine, and was going to Maria’s aunt but Carlos needed to get to the hospital, now; it looked like there wasn't much time. Carlos was gone like a shot. Gina expected nothing less.

Maria lived for two more days, badly injured in I.C.U. She only woke up twice; Carlos and Mrs. Garza were there the whole time. Maria was weak but she apologized for driving drunk, and told him how bad it hurt. She asked him to forgive her for never agreeing to marry him. He did. When she made it out of this bed, she promised, she'd fix that immediately and be the wife he deserved. But if she didn't she said she had no worries about him taking care of Samuel; if he grew up to be half as good a man as his father it would be everything she could have asked for. She slipped back into unconsciousness shortly after that and never woke up again.

Gina kept a low profile. She brought food over to Carlos and Samuel from time to time. They talked a little, hugged as she left, but Carlos was grieving and Gina had little place there. She understood.

Gina wondered what would come of the two of them. Would Carlos still want her? Would Carlos come back to her? If he did, would he still be the man she had grown to love, or had this changed him? She didn’t know and had no way of knowing. All she could do was wait.

Maria’s funeral was a beautiful graveside service. Gina caught Carlos’ eyes for a second as she arrived and saw gratitude for her presence and her support and she smiled in return. She sat in the back. The few people that spoke to her she just told she was one of Carlos’ customers from work, here to support him and mourn Maria’s passing. It satisfied them. Barry came by with his wife or girlfriend, thanked her for coming but didn’t acknowledge anything more. Samuel was impeccably dressed and there up front with Carlos and Maria’s mother. Samuel never saw Gina, which might have been awkward, and sat quietly playing, the import of the day totally lost on him. It must be nice, Gina thought, as her heart continued breaking for Carlos.

The service over, Gina waited her turn at the end of the line to express her condolences to Carlos and Maria’s mother. It would be a little strange finally formally meeting Laura Garza, knowing how much Gina had been in Carlos’ life where Laura’s own daughter had not, even if Mrs. Garza never knew. She would run that gauntlet for the chance to hug Carlos and smile at him one more, perhaps one last time. 

Carlos was the first person she came to in line. She got her hug as he thanked her for coming, thanked her for being there for him, and promised he’d call her later. It would be a while but he hoped she would wait for him. She assured him she would.

She figured it would be a quick expression of condolences for Mrs. Garza but then the older woman took both of her hands and looked into Gina’s eyes. Carlos was thankfully out of earshot.

“You must be Gina. Thank you for being here today, Gina, and for taking care of Carlos. But tell me, are you going to take my grandson away from me?”

The world froze for Gina, started spinning very slowly counterclockwise in a blur. How? Carlos surely hadn't told her. Maybe it was a bluff. Gina had to steel herself, maybe it was. “Mrs. Garza. Why do you say these things?” Mrs. Garza took her to two chairs thankfully a bit further away from Carlos, sat beside Gina in them. Mrs. Garza retrieved her cell phone from her purse, worked with it for a minute, then handed it to Gina. On the screen was a picture, from a little distance but still quite close, of Gina and Samuel and Carlos from their day at the zoo, it looked like near the tiger pen. They were walking, she was holding Samuel, Carlos holding her, everyone was smiling. Gina looked at it and felt sick and handed the phone back to the older woman. There was nothing Gina could say.

Mrs. Garza smiled. “I’ve known for about six months but my poor Maria never found out. I had hoped she would have come to her senses and marry Carlos but she never did. I know Carlos spent time with you to help get over the hurt for which I thank you. You never tried to take him away from Maria, for which I also thank you. He’s like a son to me, the son I never had. I've changed his diapers; I've known him so long. And I know him and I can tell you that given enough time he will come back to you. But will you take Samuel away from me? He’s all I have left of my Maria.”

It took Gina a few seconds to recover. “I don’t know that I have that power, Mrs. Garza. Right now, I don’t even know if Carlos and I still have anything together.” Mrs. Garza just smiled as if she knew things Gina did not. “If it did come down to that, then no, of course not, heavens no. You are his grandmother and always will be.”

Mrs. Garza smiled one more time. “Thank you. I wish you well and thank you for being here. Until we meet again, thank you.”

The End


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