Ian's Discovery 3

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; enema; anal; urine; cons; X

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Author’s Note: This is a piece of fiction. Neither the Author or the webmaster can take any responsibility for anyone who tries to copy or act out the ideas contained in it. Caution should be taken if experimenting with “Golden Showers”, “Brown Showers” or even Enemas. If such topics offend you please do not read this story.

Part Three

Having worked out how to tie up Kiersty, his wife, so that she could not escape, Ian had thought his problems were over. He was wrong. Kiersty was now pestering him to tie her up all the time. She had made it clear from the start that sex was not the main motivation. Bondage excited her, just the feeling of being tied up was enough. Having confirmed that she could not escape she now wanted to test her endurance. No matter what he did she was determined that she would not have to give in.

One advantage of being a postman is that you have time to ponder while doing the round. He could conjure up ideas and play them out in his mind. It seemed that bondage was the only thing on his mind as well as hers. One interesting discovery had been the old adage that “less is more”. If he gave her a bit of movement she got more frustrated than if he made her completely immobile. He once tied her thumbs together and not her wrists. She was furious. No matter what she did she cold not release herself but it was tantalising her to try. She had claimed it to be the most frustrated she had ever been and that he wasn’t to do it again! On another occasion her tied her upper body and arms but left her free to walk around tethered by the neck to a eyebolt he had screwed into the bedroom doorway. He had placed her love balls in her pussy and the butt plug up her ass and left her to stew. When eventually he released the tether she was both weary and a little angry. He then gave her a quick pat on the bum before banishing her to the bedroom, still tied up to wait for him. He found her writhing on the bed unable to get comfortable but unwilling to stand up either. It had been a minor success for him and it was several says before she pestered him again

The thing she feared / liked the most was the enema. It had been her idea in the first place but it had not turned out as she expected. Instead of feeling pressure on her backside it was much further up. The first time the water had been too cold and she had cramped almost immediately, in her stomach. The pain had been excruciating. Research on the subject showed that such things were normal, and harmless. The result was that Kiersty now knew that cramps were both possible and permissible, and the anticipation or dread kept her from struggling or even moving. Yet she found the whole thing an enjoyable challenge, or so she said. Normally the butt plug was used to prevent early release. She could not expel the plug and it protected the bed or floor from leakage. Sometimes Ian would tell her how long she would wait, and sometimes she just had to endure it. Once he had insisted that she sucked him off before he would release her, but normally this was not a sexual activity. Her satisfaction came from being able to expel the enema down the toilet.

Then one day she suggested he did not plug her. She was convinced that she could hold the enema at will. Ian was not so sure. It took him a while to decide how to test her theory safely and without getting mess every where

The first thing was to buy an inflatable paddling pool to keep things off the floor. It was only 4 feet across meaning that Kiersty could not stretch fully inside it or get away from whatever came. She watched him inflate it with a curious look on her face.

“Strip off then.”

She looked at him quizzically.

“This is the test you wanted.”

He tied her hands behind her and wrapped several turns around her chest, cinching them under each arm, but this was not an erotic tie. Her breasts hung free. He made her lie down in the paddling pool and tied her ankles and legs together.

“This is different,” she commented.

“If you try to get out of the pool I will hog-tie you. Now I want to watch the football. It takes two hours including match reviews and so on. We will see how you are after that.”

He then busied himself preparing the enema. As he administered it to her quivering body he wondered whether the significance of the pool had reached her. If she failed then she was going to have to lie in it.

“Enjoy yourself,” he said. There was no reply. He resisted a pat on the bottom.

She was behind him as he sat watching. He was not really aware of whether she was moving or not. He was more interested in the football. It was a good match.

Suddenly there was a gasp from behind him followed by the sound of escaping water.

The smell soon followed.

“It’s mostly soapy water,” he called over his shoulder. “Whiffs a bit. They’re showing highlights of the other match in a minute.”


“No buts, I said two hours and there is still 20 minutes to go.”


“Do you want me to gag you?”

She did not say anything more. The smell got decidedly worse. It was putting him off the game. Still at least he was not bathing in the stuff. There was surprisingly little sound of movement coming from the pool. Every now and then would come a strain and the sound of water dribbling. Finally there was a sigh and the sound of an absolute torrent. He heard her try and sit up but the pool was now slippy with liquid in it. She slipped and there was a curse as she splashed down.

“Watch the carpet dear,” he called back. “They’re on the round up. Shouldn’t be more than ten minutes or so, then you can have a shower.”

There was over an inch of soapy, brown liquid in the bottom of the pool when he returned to her. She was wet all over, even her hair had soaked some of it up. She did not look very happy. She was panting, but there was little sign of straining. She had obviously resigned herself to her fate and discharged everything.

“What a mess.” He chided, “you could have waited a bit longer. Now I’m going to get it all over me as well. May be I will have to get you some nappies? And plastic incontinence pants?”

She gave him a look that would probably have been meant to kill. Despite himself he was actually enjoying this moment. Kiersty was looking very sorry for herself.

He stripped. There was no point in ruining his clothes. He than made a trail of newspaper from the pool to the bathroom. He drew some warm soapy water and returned to her. She was obviously a little frustrated that he was taking so long.

“Do not get out of the pool until I say so,” he warned her.

He untied her.

“I think you are going to have to buy some new rope. This lot will have to go in the bin.” He helped her to stand and then gave her a quick sponge down to remove the worst of it.

“Now go and clean yourself up. Keep to the newspapers. I don’t want to have to get the carpet cleaned. Then come back here I can’t lift the pool on my own without spilling it”

She was a little deflated when she returned.

“Are you now satisfied?” he asked, “or did we go too far this time?”

“That was not my worse nightmare.” She answered carefully. “I had wondered what it would be like to lose control of my body. I never bargained on you making me lie in it though. You thought the smell was bad. You should have been where I was! And then to have it all over me. Oh yeuk! I tried to kneel up but I slipped.”

“I heard you. I was trying to shock you.”

“You succeeded.”

“I was also hoping to cure you.”

“Sorry. I am hooked. You will have to come up with something else.”

“Perhaps I should tie you into a plastic sack?”

“I’d suffocate.

“Maybe if I used a cloth sack you could still breathe.”

“I don’t think so. I am not keen on enclosed spaces. Let’s just say you won this round. I will use the plug in future.”

“But I have not cured you of bondage?”

“Your kidding! Despite the grossness I still enjoyed it!”

“You are one sick puppy. I hope you cleaned yourself up properly otherwise you are sleeping on the sofa!”

The episode got Ian thinking. He was not too sure he liked what he was thinking but he thought Kiersty might accept it, she might even enjoy it.

He made her a curry. She always drank a lot when she ate a curry and this one was hot. She drank a whole 2 litre bottle of water and then some. He had also visited the local herbal store and found a herbal diuretic for treating water retention. This piece of information was kept to himself. When he produced the pool again Kiersty looked a little concerned.

“Your not going to give me an enema after a curry?”

“No, no enema. No need to strip either.”

Kiersty now looked very confused. Their bondage activities were nearly always with her naked, apart from when her had cut her clothes off her. That had been one of the more erotic scenarios. This was definitely not erotic, at least it wasn’t supposed to be.

He placed the pool in the doorway under the eyebolt. It was a bit of a squash but it did not really matter. Kiersty’s hand were bound as usual behind her with her arms held tight as well It was the only guaranteed way of holding her. He had tried to tie her hands over her head before but with nothing to hold her arms she had been able to squirm free. So this time he ran a supporting rope from her back to the eyebolt, just enough to stop her falling over. He then tied her ankles slightly apart, again it would be easier for her to stand. The leg ties were also designed to hold her legs slightly apart.

“How much do you know about Diuretics?” He asked a slightly bewildered Kiersty.

“What’s a Die-yer-rettic?

“It’s a water tablet to give it’s common name. Encourages you to wee.”

It took less than a moment for the information to be digested. She squirmed a little uncomfortably but there was to be no premature escape.

“Have you ever wet yourself? I have.” It was a strange admission. “I was just a kid,” he explained. “We had gone on a coach holiday and I was caught short. The road in to Weston-Super-Mare seemed like a hundred miles. Eventually it hurt too much so I pissed myself. It was very warm at first and the relief was amazing, but the discomfort and embarrassment was not so good. It took half the day to dry out.” He was not sure how much Kiersty was listening, she seemed a little preoccupied. She was actually trying to escape.

She was wearing trousers much like he had been so many years ago. Kiersty did not like dresses. Her feet were bare. He had not wanted to ruin a decent pair of slippers or shoes. She wanted humiliation? This was it.

“The rules are this,” he told her, “you can of course call a halt at any time. But if you do then there will be no bondage for a month. You have the whole evening to enjoy this one. I am going to watch telly.” He stopped. “Perhaps you would like a distraction?”

Without waiting for an answer he produced a couple of clothes pegs. Kiersty’s nipples were always prominent when she was in bondage. He could see them even though she was still wearing a bra. He carefully unbuttoned the top of her blouse and pulled the bra down. As much as the ropes around her would allow. He gave them an encouraging tweak and clamped each one. There was a shudder from her each time. Her eyes watching him. She dare not complain.

“Enjoy!” He said cheerfully as he went into the next room.

After an hour he decided to make himself a drink. Kiersty was now dripping. She also looked very aroused. He had heard that this sort of thing could be considered erotic. He had not believed it until now. Perhaps it was the clothes pegs? He decided to remove them.

With his threat hanging over her Kiersty could only watch. A moan escaped her lips as the pegs were removed. He kissed them better and there was definite signs of shuddering. As he was about to turn he realised she was actually urinating. There was an increase in the dripping between her legs. She also seemed to be almost spasming.

“Tell you what,” he said, “Next time I come back I’ll bring a vibrator to stuff down your pants. I was not quite expecting this reaction. Oh well, takes all sorts to make the world go round. I don’t think you will be wanting to join me in a drink?”

He found that he could no longer concentrate on what he was watching. Kiersty had really surprised him this time. He was actually getting horny at the thought of how she looked.. He remembered a joke he once heard about three people arguing over how had designed human beings. He could not remember everything but the punch line decided that it must have been an Architect - because only they would run a toxic waste disposal through a pleasure zone. He knew from experience that it was virtually impossible to urinate just prior to or immediately after orgasm, perhaps it worked the same for women? He also remembered that once he had wanked when bursting for a wee and the result had been almost painful but very powerful. And the relief afterward when he had gone to the loo had been almost like another orgasm.

He changed his mind. He was going to vibrate her himself.

He pulled down her soaked trousers and panties. Kiersty tensed. He prodded the vibrator into her.

“I can’t hold it, “ she complained. Ian’s hand was drenched. Despite this he persevered. The flow ceased. Within a minute Kiersty had started her familiar pre-orgasm shaking. Ian turned the vibrator to full. Kiersty could not resist.. She tried to bend over and pulled the metal eye out of the door frame. With her support gone her natural reaction was to try and bend her legs. She over balanced and crashed into the pool ending up on her back. Ian got showered as well.

He started to untie her, but she was writhing in the pool from the aftermath. It took longer than he might have expected. She pissed all over him. He could not tell if it was deliberate or not.

“Serves you bloody well right,” she giggled. “I’m going to be on that loo all night now.”

“I’ve a good mind to leave your hands behind you all night an’ all” he responded, but he could see the funny side of it.

“Now let me get out of these clothes.”

The whole thing backfired. Kiersty now wanted a full bladder to enhance her orgasms. This severely limited how he could tie her. If her legs were held apart to allow access she had a tendency to wee everywhere. Even if her legs were held together, once she climaxed her self control left her. He now had to find some way to discourage this new fad.

He searched the incontinence sites but most of it was concerned with medication or absorption. Incontinence pads are both unsightly and un-sexy. Adult nappies and pants were worse, and they all blocked access to the area he wanted to reach. He stumbled across a travel urine collector and it gave him an idea.

The collector slipped inside her vagina and a tube carried it to a container. The idea was to rig the collector so that as the urine increased it tortured her in some way. The obvious choice was to hang it on her nipple chain but she had shown great resilience to pressure on her nipples or breasts. What if he could make it a sort of switch, that would turn on something unpleasant? A cold shower perhaps?

It took several weeks to iron out the details and get the urine collector. Kiersty was of course completely unaware of what he was planning. In the mean time he had experimented with anal sex, being the only alternative to oral sex left to him. It was very tight and he had to use a condom with plenty of lubricant. Kiersty seemed to like it but Ian wanted to be able to fuck her normally. He had to stop this full bladder business.

“I’ve got a real challenge for you tonight,” he told her just before he left for work.

Kiersty was still half asleep. “I look forward to it.” She decided.

“So do I,” he replied.

He spent most of the day going over what order he would do things.

Dinner safely over Kiersty stripped for her challenge. She had not used the loo since she had come home Ian mentally noted with satisfaction.

First he produced a sleeping mask. He had not used this very often. Kiersty’s breathing notably increased. She put her hands behind her but Ian told her to put them in front. He then carefully tied them together making sure there was no slack at all.

“Over your head,” he told her. He pulled them back behind her neck. He had worked out the way to hold them in place rigging a harness over her shoulders and under her arms.

“Different.” She said her voice slightly shaky.

“No more comments,” he told her. They had experimented with a practice golf ball to make a breather gag, which he now fitted. He then tensioned it against her wrists which produced a muffled complaint.

“Can’t make it too easy,” he said, “Might make you more reluctant to struggle. Now walk this way.”

He guided her into the bathroom. They had used most of the flat for bondage by now and their recent toilet games had made the bathroom a more popular venue. He helped her into the bath with her feet at the taps end. He encouraged her feet up level with the taps which made her settle down almost on her back. Her arms were now wedged into the bath preventing further struggling.


Kiersty just grunted.

He wedged the spreader bar behind the taps and tied her to it, spreading her legs wide. She was now firmly stuck. There was an encouraging mew when her inserted the tube in her vagina, but this was not a sexual stimulant. It just sat on the edge of her vagina. There was disappointed groan. He quickly rigged up the collector. Then removed the blindfold. Kiersty blinked as her eyes adjusted. Ian knew that the first thing she would see was the shower head.

Ian did not give her a chance to complain. He switched on the cold tap so that there was a steady flow. She would get a little wet but the plug was not in so the water would mostly drain away.

“You have been a little selfish with your bladder games.” He told her, “I can’t have conventional sex with you weeing all over the place so this time I’m going to make you suffer. If you wee you will fill the bag attached to it and the weight will switch the flow to the shower. You are going to have to let it go some time, and you know what they say about running water. You are going to get a cold shower whether you like it or not, it’s just a matter of when.”

One of the advantages of the way he had tied her was that she could not shake her head properly. She was wedged in tight and the gag was pulling very tightly holding her head still. Ian had a feeling that Kiersty would not like this one.

As the minutes passed he could not help but wonder what was going through her mind. She would be able to see the urine level flow along the tube as her control weakened but she could not know how much was needed to pull the switch. The shower head would be in full view waiting. The water flow would play on her mind, the expectation, the dread, the wait. How long would it be? What would it be like?

Time passed and the sound of water did not change. Perhaps she would surprise him?

There was a muted shriek. The water sound had changed. She Sounded very agitated, even hysterical.

“It’s only water!” He called out. “Get used to it!”

In the end he did not make her suffer long. Two reasons: first he wanted this to be a permanent threat, and if she got used to it, then it would loose it’s potency; and second he wanted her to love him not fear him.

With the water stopped Kiersty calmed down a bit. She was obviously upset by this latest stunt. Ian fetched a chair and a towel. He started drying her off paying extra attention to her breasts and her groin.

“We have to talk, “ he told her. She grunted ineffectually. “Well actually I’m going to talk and you are going to listen,” he corrected. “When I first came across your little hobby I was a little surprised, a little upset and a little curious. As things have progressed it seems like we no longer have a normal sex life, in fact the whole relationship has changed. I now have to tie you up and force you to have sex with me. I am getting tired of controlling everything. coming up with ideas, ways of tying you, ways of testing or torturing you. Yes it does seem like I am torturing you. Even if we have conventional sex you are so worked up it is over in a flash. There is no tenderness, no thought of what I might like, no love.” He paused to put the towel down.

“So we will now have a change,” he continued. “If you want me to tie you up you have to make love to me first: slowly, tenderly, romantically, like we used to. Then we decide what we are going to do next time. We plan it together, what you might like, what you might not, whether it is sexual or testing. The bondage sessions are for your satisfaction, I might get an orgasm but the main pleasure is giving you what you want. So I think it only fair that you should give me what I want.”

He could not tell what Kiersty was thinking and the gag prevented any verbal response. For now he was going to have to leave it at that.

“Now,” he concluded, “I am going to leave you for a while to consider what I have said. Then I will see if we can make things a little bit more enjoyable for you. You realise that I am not keen on being pissed all over so if you haven’t finished emptying you bladder please do so before I return. I will empty the bag down the loo. There will be no more cold showers for now.”

When he returned he did not remove the gag or look for any sort of response to his rantings. He came brandishing a vibrator which he put to very good use. By the time he finished she was screaming again but this time it was due to too much pleasure not fear or discomfort.

The evening marked a turning point in their relationship. Bondage became just one of the activities they indulged in, instead of the only one. Kiersty apologised for her obsessiveness and made sure that he never felt neglected again, but she did like being tied up and helpless....