Ian's Discovery 2

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

Part Two

Ian’s latest discovery was an affront to his manhood, and his ego. This bondage business was not as easy as it appeared. So far Kiersty had taken less than 15 minutes to squirm out of his attempts at tying her up. He had not counted on her trying to, let alone being able to escape. He thought she wanted to be tied up.

“I do,” she told him, “but it has to be real. I have had many years of doing it myself and being able to get out at anytime. I now want to be completely helpless.”

So Ian was now surfing the net. There was plenty to see. It was clear that the most secure methods involved handcuffs or leather, but that would involve expense that they could not afford. Rope was cheap and Kiersty had enough already to tie up an army, well may be not, but she had plenty.

He wondered vaguely how people coped before the Internet was invented? Books, probably, but whether you would find the right book for this subject? ‘Basic Bondage for Beginners’ perhaps? Or ’50 ways to tie your lover’, maybe? ‘Ties & Titillations’? Somehow it seemed unlikely. However the Internet did provide the right information, complete with pictures.

It was clear that he was doing it all wrong. He had to double the rope and then cinch any loose turns. There were several other ideas that he might try if this became a regular activity. There was also the point about safety. He had never thought about such things but it was clear that they needed to sort this out as well. First he had to get Kiersty’s confidence, and respect. He would have to tie her properly. Then they could have a good chat. An idea started to form in his mind.

She had said that once she had tried using a vibrator while tied up, that implied that she actually had a vibrator. At the time he had let the information pass unquestioned, now he wanted to know if there were any other toys he was not aware of. Now where would she hide them? Where would he not be expected to look? Either in her knickers drawer, or her make up and lotions cupboard, at least that’s where he would start. She was not due home for several hours. Plenty of time for a good rummage.

How long had he known her? They had been married for nearly a year but he had been going out with her for almost 5 years. Nearly six years and all this time he knew nothing of her bondage interests. He had always thought himself a man of the world but he had never come across anything like this. At first the idea had taken him by surprise. Watching her tie herself he had felt left out. This was something she had not shared with him and he wondered why. She had said she thought it might scare him off. What if her interests went beyond just bondage? Was she in to pain and torture? Why would someone want to be hurt or tormented? He admitted, he did not understand, but he wanted to. The images and short videos had done little to excite him. He could not imagine himself in those situations and the subjects did not seem to be enjoying it either. It might be different if he knew that it was what she wanted.

His guess was correct. Under her knickers were several hard objects. The first he recognised as a vibrator. He had never actually handled one. He twisted the end and it burst into life. Quite a powerful vibration. If this was supposed to be a variable speed it was the equivalent of fast and very fast. For what he wanted he needed slow. Perhaps he could reduce it’s power by removing one of the batteries? He put it down and investigated the next object. It was made of rubber and looked a bit like the end of a spear with a flat base so it could stand up. He had seen something like that on the net, now what was it? It was smooth and flexible yet firm, a ‘Butt Plug’.

“That must be dreadfully uncomfortable,” he said out loud. There was no one to hear of course. “I wonder what else she has?” He found himself feeling slightly nervous. This was almost frightening.

In a box were two balls joined by a short chord. “Love Balls” it said on the outside. There was even instructions with them. You inset them into the vagina and they move about. Then there was a long stiff wand that looked like a load of beads joined together. It would bend slightly but it was obviously meant to be pushed in. The beads got bigger the further down the shaft. He would have to ask about this one. Last he found a metal chain with a loop at each end. The loop was like a small noose that would tighten on itself. It was less than a foot long, and surprisingly heavy. As he lifted it up in both hands he knew what it must be. The width was about right to stretch between his nipples. He lifted his shirt.

Sure enough, with a bit of effort he could attach one end to his nipple. He did not like how it felt and was not tempted to try it on both. His nipples were small, Kiersty’s were quite large. This would stay quite firm he decided.

“That must hurt more than those clamps she had,” he said again to no one.

It was clear that Kiersty was interested in pain and discomfort. Why were these hidden somewhere else? Perhaps they were new? He doubted it. They had little money for extravagances and were saving up for a deposit on a house. Perhaps she had tried them and did not like them? Or maybe could not use them? He found a carrier bag and put all these new finds into it. Now to decide how to proceed. Once again Kiersty must not suspect what he had found. He did not like deception but this was serious. She had been keeping things from him. Marriage should be based on trust, or so he thought. He loved his wife dearly, but he had to admit this stuff was making him a little agitated. It was all so strange. He wondered whether he could actually torture his wife? Even if she wanted it? What if he started to enjoy it? What would that make him?

He went to the wardrobe and idly picked up a piece of rope, unwound it, doubled it. He took a turn round his own wrist and doubled it back through itself. Yes that was it. He rewound it carefully and put it back. It did not take long to halve the battery power in the vibrator, a piece of wire to replace one. Now it could be quite gentle. Now where to put the carrier bag? He needed to be able to get at it. Their flat was on one level so it would not be difficult to retrieve where ever, but she must not see it until she was secure. He settled for the cleaning cupboard. She would never look there!

“Fancy another try?” He said casually after they had let their dinner go down.

“Can you stand another humiliation?” She said brazenly.

“I’ll take my chances,” he answered evenly, “I think I’ve got it sussed.”

Kiersty raised an eyebrow. “Taking lessons?”

“A little research,” he responded.

He followed her into the bedroom. Her demeanour was one of sufferance. It was clear that she did not expect anything, except perhaps disappointment.

“Do your worse,” she told him, placing her hands behind her and standing petulantly in front of him.

Ian had already doubled the rope. As he pulled it back against itself there was a questioning gasp from Kiersty. When he split the rope and cinched it neatly she pulled her wrists and found little movement.

“You have been busy,” she complimented.

Ian said nothing. He found one of the longest lengths, doubled it again and pulled the loop under her breasts but over her arms. He thought he heard a slight snigger, as if she thought she this was going to be easy. May be it was his imagination? Having made several turns over and under her breasts he split the rope, cinched between her breasts, then crossing over her chest took each round the back of her neck and looped under the opposite arm cinching there as well before tying off at her back.

“Oh,” she said, as he finished, “You do seem to have go the idea.” Her demeanour was changing. Was that the short pants of breath he had witnessed as she tied herself?

“Now something to distract you” he said mischievously.

He fashioned the crotch rope like she had, and tied it off to her wrist rope, then tensioned it up to the two strands behind her neck. Now , if she pulled down to relieve her crotch it tugged at her breasts, and if she raised her arms it pulled even harder at her crotch.

“Hey that’s not fair!” She complained her face showing tension as she tried to move her hands.

“I thought that was the idea,” he answered looking her straight in the eye.

“I don’t think I can get on the bed,” she wheedled.

“Then go into the kitchen,” he suggested.

“The kitchen?!”

“Why not? We are on the third floor, no one will see you.”


“No buts, “ he said slapping her bottom, “into the kitchen. Off you go.”

He was pleased to note that she did not object to this contact and obeyed immediately. Her gait was a little awkward due to the crotch rope but her hands were rock steady just a slight flex in her fingers. He was winning.

He pulled out a stool from under the breakfast bar and patted it.

“Take a seat, “ he suggested.

It was not difficult for her to just perch, but he was not going to leave her like that. He had brought in several coils of rope and proceeded to tie her ankles to the stool, then her legs forcing them wide open. He stood back to admire his handiwork.

Kiersty was not moving. Admittedly she had little movement available to her but she was not squirming or trying to escape. She sat, her eyes following his every move. She was motionless except for a feint shivering. Ian had made sure that the temperature was if anything on the warm side so that could mean only one thing. He pulled himself up the other stool and she seemed to try and shy away from him. He left a safe distance between them and sat astride the stool, almost mimicking the way she was being forced to sit, except of course he was free to move.

“I assume I have passed the test this time? Third time lucky!” He mused out loud. Kiersty did not reply. She had a look he did not recognise. He waited, watching her, watching him.

“This is not what you imagined is it?” He said carefully.

“No.” She answered her voice very feint.

“Do you want me to untie you?”

“No.” this time a little more firm.

“So tell me,” he began picking his words carefully, “you must have some sort of story or idea when you tie yourself up. Are you kidnapped? Are you tortured in some way? Do you escape? Help me. What do you want to happen? If we are going to do this I have to know. I seem to have scared you and I do not want that.” He paused. She still seemed a little uncertain.

“I assume you are not going to wriggle out of this one?”

“No,” she said again, “I don’t know what you have been doing but I am not going to wriggle out of this, but it is not what I expected. I feel very,” she paused trying to find the right words,” vulnerable,” she decided, “exposed. I have never had my legs held apart before. I feel so vacant.”

“But does it excite you?”

“Yes,” she confessed.

“I have a confession to make as well” he told her. She looked puzzled. “I have been rummaging through your knickers drawer.” Her face went white as a sheet in an instance. Despite her assertion that she would not escape she suddenly seemed keen to try. Ian’s ropework held, but he did fear she might make the stool topple over. Eventually she gave up.

“How dare you?” She almost screamed.

“I thought we were married,” he said quietly, “you know, what’s mine is yours and so on.”

“But....” Her voice trailed off.

“You were going to have to tell me sometime, or did you think I would never be able to tie you up so you could not escape?”

She squirmed uncomfortably. He had obviously hit the nail on the head.

“I admit, I thought you couldn’t do it,” she confessed again, “but why did you look?”

“I wanted to know what you were thinking. I must admit that what I found surprised me, even scares me a bit.” He retrieved the bag from the cupboard. Kiersty’s eyes followed him as best she could.

“This is what I was looking for,” he told her, brandishing the vibrator. “You mentioned vibrating yourself so I assumed you had one somewhere. I thought I might see for myself.”

Kiersty swallowed visibly.

“But maybe later.” He thought he saw a sign of disappointment.

“These look interesting”, he said pulling out the balls. “No good now.” He dismissed them perfunctorily. For another time if there was one he decided.

“Then there is this,” he said pulling out the chain. “You do seem to like torturing your nipples.”

Kiersty squirmed again. This time Ian put the bag down still holding the chain.

“Now let me see.” He was waiting for some sort of complaint or refusal. Kiersty’s eyes opened wide, her mouth opened as well but no words came out. She tried to back away but the movement caused the stool to wobble.

“I’ve only tried it once,” she said her voice slightly higher than normal. “And I took it off again.”

“Seems a waste, “ Ian mused out loud. “I assume you can just loop and tighten.” He said his actions mirroring his words. Kiersty gasped. “Then the other one.” A moan escaped her lips. “Now that’s not so bad is it?”

“You're not wearing it,” she moaned, but still no demands for release.

“I’m sure it will get easier after a while,” Ian encouraged remembering her comments before.

“Which reminds me: we need to establish how I know when I have gone too far? I think it’s called a ‘safe word’. I haven’t gone too far have I?”

There was a feint sign of strain on her face.

“I don’t think so,” she managed. “I don’t know. This is all new to me.”

“It’s new to me I can assure you,” Ian replied, “but about the safe word?”

“I saw a program somewhere where they used amber for wait and red for stop everything. I am close to amber.” She confirmed.

“I can wait a few minutes if you like. “ Ian said, “See if you can cope.”

“No go on, it might distract me from my nipples.”

“As I was saying, “ Ian continued, as if nothing had changed, “I was not surprised to find these things, what did surprise me was this.” He produced the butt plug. “I assume it goes up your bum.” His choice of name was deliberately light. “You should now be glad that I made the crotch rope so tight, I don’t think I could get it in.” He went behind her, out of her sight. “I quite like your bum,” he went on, “but I am not sure about anal sex. It seems a little dirty.” He placed a finger into her quivering behind. Her bottom was actually hanging over the stool slightly allowing him free access. Her fingers clenched and he felt her tense up. He debated trying to insert the plug, despite his doubts. Then he remembered the other thing. His finger came out clean, much to his relief. He came back in front her eyes were closed.

“Perhaps I should try this instead,” he suggested brandishing the beaded wand. “I have never seen anything like it.”

“Your supposed to use KY jelly to help it in,” she said her voice more than a little strained, but the information was enough to confirms it’s use.

“You mean this,” he said mischievously. He had noted the use of lubrication when surfing the net and had seen the tube and picked it up as well. He started to spread some liberally onto the beads. Kiersty was looking agitated again.

“I’ll make this simple for you,” he said, “I want to test your capacity and sincerity for this business so here is the deal: you say amber, I pause but eventually I can continue, you say red everything stops here and now, bondage, everything.”

Kiersty looked a little aghast.

“So what’s it to be?”

He knew that look. She was going to see it through.

He wasted no time. The crotch rope was very tight and by pulling it he affected both her wrists and her breasts.

“I think you should try and relax,” he said unhelpfully. It was clear she was unready for what was coming. He pushed slowly. Her bottom tensed. He risked a smack. She jumped but no complaint. He filed the information for later use.

“Relax! Take it!”

He pushed again. It went in, surpassingly easily. One, two three beads.

“Oh fuck.”

He had ever heard her swear before. He decided not to push it any further, but neither did he withdraw it. She looked a little comical with a beaded tail.

“Oh God.”

“He won’t help you.” Ian said. “That’s as far as we will go for now.”

“It’s unbelievable. I have never felt anything like it.” She said the tension still in her voice. “But I think,” she paused, “I think I not only can take it.” She paused again, her resolve increasing, “I think I like it.”

Ian's' respect increased. His own resolve was crumbling. How could he treat his wife this way?

“So now what? Do you want me to leave you now? Do I sit and watch? Do I play with you? Do you want the vibrator?”

“I will admit that the vibrator sounds nice. I also am curious to see how I can cope with what you have done already” she seemed to have regained her composure. “I can’t do anything. You decide.”

“You were telling me about your fantasies?”

“I was?”

“A while ago, yes. You were going to tell me what you thought about while tied up.”

“I sometimes assumed I would free myself before my attacker returned, but that seems out of the question now.” This was a backhanded compliment if ever Ian had heard one. He smiled inwardly. “Otherwise,” she continued, “I had to endure what ever was being done to me.”

“What sort of things?”

“Nipple torture, obviously. I had thought about putting something in my ass, I even bought those things, but I never went through with it.”

“Not even once?” Ian was regretting his insistence.

“No, but it is delicious.”

Delicious? That was not a word Ian would have chosen or expected.

“I had even considered giving myself an enema.”

Not difficult, Ian thought, but could get mucky. Then again if he was going to play with her ass hole it would be nice to know it was clean. He found himself trying to work out how to do it, then snapped out of it.

“Ever used a blindfold?” He asked quickly.

“No, but I can imagine it might make things more interesting. Not now though, please” she added quickly, “I feel vulnerable enough as it is.”

“How about the sex part. Sex is involved isn’t it.”

“I get aroused when tied up. That is the main thing. When I did vibrated myself I came too quickly. Once it happened I lost interest. I decided it was better to wait. So the idea became to tease me without actually reaching orgasm. Hence the nipples. Rubbing or pulling my nipples gets me really hot. This thing up my ass is doing much the same thing. Having my legs held open, everything, I am horny as hell and I can’t do a damn thing about it.”

More swearing, this was new. It showed something he had never seen before.

“Maybe I can? Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I will just watch.” He picked up the vibrator. “I am not surprised you orgasmed too quickly this thing is very powerful.” He approached her.

“At least it was until I fiddled with it. Now it can be quite gentle.”

As he got closer he could feel her anticipation. It was electric. This stuff really did turn her on. He rubbed against the inside of her legs and she moaned. He pulled her crotch rope and she stiffened. He felt inside and she was soaking wet. He left the vibrator tantalisingly close and backed off. Her eyes followed him as he retrieved a roll of gaffer tape. He then taped the vibrator down, with it touching the rope. A little tweak and there was a feint vibration, he increased it slightly to a feint hum then stepped back to watch.

Kiersty was shaking again, but this was not fear. There was a different sort of concentration. Her hands were pulling at the crotch rope. Here expression changed to frustration.

“It won’t come. You bastard it won’t come!”

“Language dear,” he chided, “I’m not used to all this blasphemy. I might have to find that gag of yours.”

It was an empty threat. He did not dare gag her now in case she really did have enough. She had been bound for quite a while and this torturing must be taking it’s toll. He now had to decide whether to stop everything, untie her and hope for wild sex, or let her orgasm and finish it. Did he want sex? He could take it or leave it. Watching his wife squirms was doing funny things to his libido but he was not actually turned on by this. Kiersty on the other hand seemed to be ready to explode. She seemed to be in another world, her eyes were screwed up tight, not looking at him at all. She did not seem to notice him approach. He decided the nipple chain could come off. Her nipples seemed very red and swollen. She jumped at his touch. He kissed them better and she almost screamed.

“For God’s sake finish me off!” She yelled.

He tweaked the vibrator to full, although it was still no where near the speeds it used to go. Her agitation increased but still she was frustrated.

“I can’t” she moaned desperately.

He lifted the tape and pushed the vibrator passed the rope as best he could.


Her body tensed and then she bucked like he had never seen before

“Turn it off! RED! For God’s sake turn it off!”

He had to hold onto her to stop the stool falling over. He had never seen anything like it. He had no idea where to start and went behind her.

“No my legs! Please I want to close my legs!”

His ropework was not designed to come off easily. He realised that he might have to consider this in future. For now he was desperately trying to free his squirming wife. With one leg free she slammed her thighs together blocking his attempts to free the other one. He realised that the crotch rope must be very painful and set about releasing that next. He had barely loosened her hands when she ripped them apart. To his amazement her right hand shot straight between her legs and started rubbing furiously. Her breathing increased again and she obviously orgasmed several more times. Her actions became less frenetic and a smile crept across her face. She reached behind her and her face screwed up as she pulled out the beads that were still in her ass. She looked at them curiously.


She allowed him to finish untying her, then perched still on the stool her bum almost completely off the back, rubbing her wrists.

“I won’t be able to sit properly for a week.” She stated, her voice tinged with something, was it wonder?

“That was incredible.” She enthused. “Having those things up my ass made it so much more intense. It was” she was Lost for words, “unbelievable. Thank you.”

Thank me? That was not what Ian expected at all. He had just tied and tormented his wife for over an hour and she thanked him. She was some kooky girl. What on earth had he married?

“Can I do anything for you?” She asked “Quick blow job? I’m not sure I could take you inside me at present.” She apologised.

Ian declined.

“Not now, I need to get my head around what just happened.”

“It was wonderful. Fantastic. Delicious. Everything I have ever wanted. You were marvellous. I love you to bits.”

She ran to him and hugged him.

“Thank you.” She said again.

“You would do that again?”

“Any time! Well maybe not immediately,” she corrected. “but I loved it. Where did you learn to tie like that?”

“Off the net. There were some other ideas I might try now I know what you want.”

“But did you enjoy it?”

“I can’t say it did that much for me,” Ian confessed. Kiersty looked a little disappointed., “but I am pleased you enjoyed it. I don’t understand why you enjoyed it. It looked like torture to me.”

“But I really did enjoy it. Even the bits when I was scared silly, I still enjoyed it.”

“You enjoyed being scared?”

“It was intoxicating. I knew you would not harm me but it was so unknown and I really could not free myself. I had to accept what you did. You were so masterful.”

“What about when I spanked you?”

“I liked it. I have no problem with anything you did.”

“You swore.”

“I could not help it. I am sorry if it upset you. Perhaps you ought to punish me?”

“You are insatiable.”

“Just give my bum a little time to recover.” She said sheepishly. “Its very sore. I assume I will get used to it.”

“That’s assuming we do this again.”

“Oh we must. We must.”

Her enthusiasm was intoxicating. Ian found himself working out what he would do next time. It would have to be completely different. Or maybe not? Perhaps if she knew what was coming it would make it more exciting? Especially if it was uncomfortable? Wait a minute! He was getting as bad as she was! Perhaps he could enjoy this after all? It was clear that Kiersty enjoyed it and wanted more. Who was he to argue?




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