Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; edge; flogger; cons; XX

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

Continues from

Part 30: Farewells

After the party,

Cin asks to play with Stony

as a submissive.

Stony made sure that the effects of play had dissipated from Lynda before he escorted her to her car and made her promise to drive carefully. They kissed and he waved to her as she drove off. Having spotted Cin watching them at the door to the dungeon, Stony waited a while before turning to the house and walked slowly back to the limo. He picked up another duffle bag from the trunk, checked it and then carried it back with him to the old factory. 

Waiting about halfway between the dungeon and his limo, Cin stood along the drive in an awkward stance, fidgeting back and forth, trying to find a confidant pose. As Stony approached, she stepped into his way.


“It’s Stony to most people. Only my mother and her sisters still call me Stonewall. What’s on your mind?”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, why would I be mad at you?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she whimpered and seemed about to cry.

“What did you want to talk to me about, privately Cin?”

“Are you too tired to play with someone else?”

“You, Cin?”

“How did you know that that’s what I was going to ask of you?”

“Because from the first time I met you, I knew you were a submissive, with a slave’s heart and mindset. You know in your heart you’d make the right man a devoted submissive, and that if he wanted the next level of commitment from you, and could pull that commitment out of you, you’d be happy being his slave, like May is Duke’s slave.”

“But I’m a dominatrix here!”

“Here. And you’re not a very good one either. You’re a dominatrix because you’re a beautiful and attractive woman, and men will do anything to get close to you, for attention from you. They just never knew how to just take you for their own. Instead, they buy your affection, like that car salesman, or are needy enough that you play with them out of some ideal of compassion, like Delilah and Joey. Now don’t get self-righteous or indignant, if you’re going to be truthful to yourself you know I’m right.”

Cin hung her head and just nodded, as she unconsciously took a couple of small steps closer to Stony.

“So, even though both of us know what you want to happen, it is necessary for you to actually ask for what you want from me. It will get you over an important hurdle in your life.”

In a tiny voice that was surprisingly clear, just soft, Cin asked, “Stony, if I submit my body and mind to you, would you play with me?”

“Yes, but before we do, it’s also important for you to openly admit why you want to submit to me. So Cin, why do you want to play with me?”

With tears streaming down her face she stood up straight, looked him in the eye and said, “Because you affect me like no man has in years. You excite me, and make me feel all girlie and hot, and I can’t think of anything else when I’m around you, now please, just...”

Faster than she could have ever imagined, he closed the gap between them, put one of his hands behind her head to support the other hand that was now cupping her mouth in a hand-gag, again using that steel-like grip.

“Submissives don’t tell dominants to just do something. They submit, and through built up levels of trust they accept what is going to happen to them without trying to direct the action. Now, when I release you, I’m going to pull some rope out and tie your wrists behind your back and then tie your ankles together. I’m going to gag you, right out here, with a ball-gag and then I’m going to carry you back into the dungeon. You have the right to refuse any or all of these actions by calling “red” at any time. If, while you are gagged, you feel something is so wrong that you need the play to stop, hum the sound of a European siren. You know, HI/low, HI/low, like that and I will remove your gag and check on you. Your safety is important to me as the dominant, but I will not tolerate topping from the bottom. You do not know how to do anything better than I do. If you break my trust by trying that I will release you and we will not play any more. Is that clearly understood?”

“Yes Stony,” she mumbled under his hand.

“Do you have any questions before we get started,” and he released his grip on her, freeing her mouth.

“Will we be having sex?”

“It’s a possibility, but not a definite. It really depends on how much you please me with your submission.”

“Oh, I do so want to please you. Stony, I submit myself completely to you. Do with me as you will.”

Taking out a piece of rope, Stony turned her around and crossed her wrists. He tied her snuggly but not tightly.

“Cross your ankles and stand like that while I tie you.”

She did and while he tied her ankles, he made sure that he could catch her if she lost her balance and fell. He took this time to feel up her legs and he felt her shivers as he stroked her calves and thighs. Taking a bright red two-inch ball-gag out of the duffle he fit it into her mouth and then stroked her long blonde hair several times before he lifted it up and buckled the strap at the back of her neck. Cin was a little weak in the knees after he’d done this to her and as Stony began to grope her, from ankle to neck, she got even less sure of her balance and her ability to stand there for him. She wanted to fall into his arms and let him scoop her off the face of the Earth. When Stony did pick her up with one of his arms under her bound arms and the other one under her legs, she moaned and tried to snuggle into his chest.

Ashley, Angela, Stanley, Margie, Duke, May and Jimmy all stood around the entrance to the club and clapped as Stony carried her in and back into the playroom. Normally, Cin would have been horrified at that level of attention, but being helplessly bound, gagged and carried in by this tall handsome man was truly what she wanted out of life at this moment, and if these others supported this action, then it just felt all the more right and proper.

Stony set her down and immediately unzipped her vinyl cat-suit all the way down. With deliberate sensuality he smoothed the opening over her shoulders and then moved it down over her bound wrists. Kissing and nibbling around her neck and shoulders, Stony ran his tongue over nerve meridians that he knew would rev her up, and then blew his hot breath over these dampened spots to further excite her. Cupping her breast, he began to quick-pinch her nipples, pinching and immediately releasing them over and over again until Cin was moaning through her gag, encouraging him to do more. Reaching behind her and unfastening her bra with one snap of his fingers, he pulled her bra up and over her head so that it was bunched around the cuffs of her sleeves. Stony went to work on gently mauling and sucking on her tits making her squirm and writhe in his grasp. Getting her calmed down enough so that she could stand on her own, he took another rope and tied her arms together, wrapping ropes just above her elbows and cinching them. Satisfied that they were secure enough, Stony untied her wrist rope and removed the sleeves of her cat-suit and her bra from her arms, and then re-tied her wrists.

“Comfy?” he asked, and she nodded, surprised that he never released her to remove her clothes. Once they were off and she was naked to the waist, he moved her arms closer together with his hands. Discovering that she was limber enough, he re-tied her upper arms so that her forearms were parallel to each other and her elbows were touching behind her back. This made Cin moan and wriggle until she got used to the strain and then she seemed to just shiver, writhing slowly for his attention. 

“Still comfy?” he asked again as he pulled the rest of the cat-suit over her hips and down to her knees. He also lowered her panties and pantyhose at the same time. Folding her over-the-knee boot-tops down as far as they would go he bared as much leg as he could. Stony took another long rope and began making wide wraps around her waist and tied it off tightly but not uncomfortably. With the long depending ends he twisted them several times, then lubed them from a tube and pulled them down and through her vaginal lips, snugging them up before taking them back between her cheeks and over the waist wraps behind her. He pulled them back through again so that she had two strands of twisted rope bisecting her pussy. He tied these off carefully to her waist ropes and gave them a tug. Cin nearly fainted from the sensations. With a hand on each leg he flexed one while locking the other straight and then reversing this like she was walking in place just to get her labial lips moving against the rope through her pussy. Cin moaned and shook as the unexpected sensations flooded over her, jacking her excitement up by an order of magnitude. Stony stopped before she could come and with another rope, he tied her legs together around her upper thighs, just under her crotch, cinching these very snuggly together. He tied a similar set of wide wraps above her knees, cinching them tightly so that they wouldn’t easily slip down her legs. He then untied her ankles and got her to lean over his shoulder so he could pick her up. With Cin off the ground, he removed her boots one at a time and pulled the rest of her clothes completely off of her, before he put her down.

With his left hand, Stony held her pubic mound and supported her weight as she leaned against his arm. Jimmy handed him a wide rectangular leather paddle with a piece of spring-steel running down the center between the two sewn together sides of the paddle. Starting off with light taps to warm her up, Stony set to work spanking every square inch of her ass, thigh-backs and hips. As she got into it he gradually increased the intensity of the blows until he was pounding her ass hard and steadily. It was burning red and blotching up with bruises when he quit and began to tickle her after he stood her up. Her ankles were not tied so she had some limited movement from the knees down and she tried to escape the sensual torture of his fingertips. It wasn’t just her ribs that were attacked, her skin, all of it was over sensitized and ripe for tickling, and Stony knew it. She’d move just inches away and he’d catch her with his strong hands and drag her back so that he could tickle some part of her that she didn’t expect to be ticklish. He never got her going so badly that she couldn’t catch her breath, but she had to admit that it was one of the most sensual things, as odd as that sounded to her, that anyone had ever done. Her skin was so sensitive to his touch that every square inch reacted like little electric shocks when he touched her. 

When he switched to a thin bladed knife and a glove full of tiny spikes, she almost lost her mind. Stony held her tit in the glove with the spikes, forcing her to freeze in position and then he would scratch his name in various parts of her skin, almost like he was branding her with his name and signing his property. He would switch the gloved hand to her other tit and sign other parts of her hide. When he grabbed her pubic mound with that gloved hand, she couldn’t stop the orgasm that shook her. As he held her up with one arm, he scraped those spikes across her bruised ass-cheeks and hip, lengthening the shaking caused by her orgasm. With each aftershock, he would scratch up another part of her body, sending her mind out somewhere that she’d never been, making her feel possessed by this world-class dominant.

She thought that this would be the end of his play, but as he untied her wrists and arms, she was surprised when he re-tied her wrists together in front of her. He kissed her slowly and with considerable affection before he looped a long rope through the wide wraps around her wrists and strung her up to the ceiling, making her stand on her tiptoes. With a second rope attached to the ceiling he tied it off to the crotch-rope and adjusted it so that if she collapsed the entirety of her weight would not depend on her wrist bonds.

Taking out a pack of 120 white plastic clothespins he began to place them on her skin, pinching up her loose flesh and getting a good bite in some places and just attaching them loosely in other places. He did this over all of the front of her body and on the sides, leaving the back untouched. Then, taking out a four-foot, supple snake-whip he pulled the trigger a few times getting it to loudly crack, just to get Cin’s attention, and then snapped the first clothespin off of her skin. She almost fainted, realizing what this part of the scene would do to her.

For the next 45-minutes or so, Stony would range her with light popping snaps in the air and then take off another clothespin, causing that momentary sting and then the exciting anticipation each time. Would he slip and cut her with the single-tail, or would the clothespin take the impact? After a few perfect hits, she knew that Stony was a master of this whip, but the anxiety of his aim was with her after every clothespin went flying. He did stop long enough for her to shake through either an orgasm or the aftershocks of the last one. Cin had heard of this type of scene but had never even seen it done much less felt what it did to a woman’s flesh as she was bound, gagged and whipped like this. A few times Stony would pull the trigger on the whip so expertly that the kiss of air produced when the sound barrier was broken would touch her skin so softly that she’d shiver from the chill. All in all, Stony never touched her with the tip of that whip.

Instead of taking her down after groping her with those wonderful hands of his, he undid the rope attached to her crotch-rope behind her and moved it to the front, attaching it with the same tension. Loosening up a heavy flogger, Stony began rubbing it all over her skin and then started thudding her shoulder blades to warm up that part of her skin. Cin was already warmed up and wanted him to just start beating her with that multi-bladed beast, but he continued to tease her with maddening slowness. He would fan her with that flogger, lightly hit her a few times and then go back to some touch that was more sensual. When Cin let out a long low moan of frustration, Stony started hitting her with a rhythm and intensity that she could never have imagined. She’d seen all kinds of floggings before, done many of them herself, but this was unbelievably intense. Some blows were the stinging tips of the tails, while the next few were hard and thuddy flat that almost took the breath out of her. Also, Stony flogged her entire back, from just above her knees to her shoulders, with the exception of her spine and kidney areas. He never wrapped the tails, and each impact had the precise feel of doing exactly what he wanted it to do to her. With one shuddering orgasm after another, Cin passed out and hung limply in the ropes.

When Cin woke up she was wrapped up in a long terry cloth robe and free of all bonds. Stony was seated in one of the oversized easy chairs and had her curled up on his lap holding and petting her electrically over-sensitized body. When he kissed her, she kissed back and tried to shed her robe so she could have her skin touching him. Stony had finally taken off his jacket, but he was still wearing his shirt and tie. He hadn’t even loosened his tie! She struggled until she had the robe off her arms, and it was wadded up under her. She looked down at her skin and it was marked and blotched up all over. She touched the ridges that the ropes left in her skin and felt the feel of their restricting touch all over again. The dents all over her front from the clothespins reminded her of the excitement of seeing him wield that whip with such expertise. As he petted her, sensations flooded over her making her head soar. She mewled and whimpered as he touched her with gentle caresses, and she wanted to crawl into his shirt pocket and stay with him forever.

When he put a hunter’s chemically heated hand-warming pad inside a fur mitten she just stared at him. With one hand controlling her by her long blonde hair, he started touching her with that fur mitten. Feeling the added warmth on her skin, that had chilled slightly when she shed the robe, Cin melted into the sensual feelings that made her acutely conscious of her heightened femininity, and vulnerability to this magnificent dominant.

Just then May leaned over the back of the chair and said, “My Duke does that to me all the time. Being the slave of someone that knows what they’re doing has unbelievable benefits. Our Stony is something special, isn’t he? I told you he was a world-class dominant, and you’ve experienced just one short session with him. Having him train you to please him would be the experience of a lifetime for you. With real men like these, you just submit to them, serve their needs and reap the unimaginable rewards. Serving them is no chore and is actually a very rich and fulfilling life.”

Cin just stared up at Stony, her world spinning with thoughts that had never entered her mind before that night. After a while, Stony bundled her back up into the robe and carried her out to the limo. Jimmy drove them to Cin’s place in the limo and waited while Stony carried her into her apartment. He made sure that she was comfortable and then gave her some tea that instantly began to relax her and made her drowsy. As Cin drifted off to sleep, Stony washed out the cup of tea so that no one could trace the sedative he’d used on her. She needed rest and unfortunately, he didn’t have the time, or the inclination to hang around until she had recovered.

Pulling out a digital recorder, Stony made sure that the memory was wiped clean and then began to dictate his message to her.

“Dulcinea Westenhauf, known to me as Cin, this is the easiest way to say good-bye, for now. I enjoyed our encounter enough to start the vetting process you would need to join me on the Estates for training. Our investigators will be compiling a dossier on you that will tell me if you are worthy to become a member of these Estates as a slave. If you are, I will show up one day and ask you one question. 

“That question will be, ‘Do you, Dulcinea Westenhauf, voluntarily choose to give up your entire life to go into training, in hopes of becoming my slave, yes or no?’

“The choice will be all yours. I will not just kidnap you and take you away. You must choose this lifestyle of your own free will. There will be no bargaining or negotiations. This is a go/no-go situation. You cannot have both lives. When you are making your decision, remember May, and how happy and fulfilled she is living as my friend’s slave. She is the poster-child for Estate slaves. You are beautiful enough, and you are a natural submissive, so think this through thoroughly Cin. You will only get one chance and you must be 100% sure of your decision.

“Good-bye for now Cin. I will see you again. You will not see me, but I will be keeping an eye on you occasionally. I hope you pass the background check and make the right choice when it is offered.”

He stopped the recording, checked it for clarity and then put it where she would easily find it. Then Stony left and rode back to the yacht with Jimmy.

Waking up lazily after a deep sleep with wonderful dreams of a tall, strong, talented, handsome man, Cin spent time touching her naked body and remembering the most mind-blowing session she could have ever imagined. She wondered where he was and if he’d come back to see her? She wondered if she’d ever be good enough for a man like him? Putting her light robe on she got up to get something to drink and as she turned to the kitchen table, she saw the recorder. Listening to his message got her crying at first and then spun up into a flurry of motion and purpose. Dressing in some underwear and a light sundress, she slipped into some flats and ran out to her car. She didn’t remember driving it home, and yet here it was. She raced out to Ashley’s Farm, and called him as she was getting close. She let him listen to the message and then begged him to take her out to the yacht.

Taking her car, she drove over the speed limit the entire way into Charleston and after screeching around corners finally pulled into one of the public parking spots by the harbor. Ashley had told her which berth the yacht was in and as she raced down the dock with the recorder in her hand, she prayed that she wasn’t too late.

Cin stood on the end of the dock looking at the empty berth and sobbed, wondering about her fate. As Ashley walked up behind her, he heard her listening to the message again and saw her look out into the bay and say, “Yes, Stony, yes.”

Done with TTI,

and finished with club ESCAPE,

Duke and May just smile.


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