Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; training; rope; club; flogger; cons; XX

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 29: Those Who Play at Parties

May’s the poster child

for slavery with a smile

and devoted love.

While Ashley and Angela collected the door fees, Duke shook the hands of all the new arrivals like he was a greeter at an AA meeting. May was behind him, handing out slips of paper to those that came in, individually getting some light information from them like their first name and last initial or their scene name, whether they were single or coupled, how they played, and how long they’d been playing. She waited patiently until they’d filled these out and then passed off the completed papers to Jimmy, who put them all in a box after making a surreptitious mark of his own on each page. Some of the members she called by name after meeting them either at the demo or the barbeque and the ones that were new to her, she committed their names to memory. May greeted all of them warmly like it was her club and the members were paying their dues to her. For the most part the members loved May, with the exception of some jealous girlfriends/wives, that caught their men gazing a little too long at May. There were exceptions, but these were the ones that looked at May with a little fear and trepidation, either out of intimidation or just some lack of compassion for the finer things in life. Stony stood in the background cataloging everyone’s demeanor, ready to step in if something happened. He stood so still some people almost tripped over him, excusing themselves quickly and shocked at how he had appeared out of nowhere.

That night, Stony had changed into a charcoal gray three-piece suit, black shirt and a red satin tie. Jimmy still wore his BDU’s but Stony was waiting for someone, and he didn’t have to wait long. 

Striding in from the parking lot came Cin. A young man was following along behind her with an expression of unrequited love on his face. Another older man in a suit was jogging across the parking lot calling out for ‘Mistress Cin’. She paid no attention to either of them, although she was busy scanning the area for something or someone. When she got to the door, she gave Ashley and Angela a Hollywood air kiss to each side of their faces, did the same for Duke and then looked at May.

“This slave should be on her knees to me. Tell her who I am Ashley.”

“I think she knows who you are Cin, and I am a little more than sure she only kneels to one man. You might ask her owner, our guest, if he thinks she should kneel to you.”

“You, Duke, with no last name, your slave should kneel to her betters, and she’s not even paying any attention to me. You should punish her.”

“Why? She’s done nothing wrong,” said Duke staring a hole through Cin. “Once May is assured either by her own observations or I inform her of an accurate conclusion, she always kneels automatically to her betters. You’ve done nothing but talk and tell us of your self-importance, but we have seen nothing from you and have no reason to give you peerage, much less homage. Actions speak louder than words Cin, and you’ve shown us nothing. No, at this point she should not kneel to you. I’ve already played my hand at the demo and I have hold cards to strengthen my position, but I have nothing but your proclamation that you are anyone of significance. Show me something and we’ll talk afterwards, but until then, I’ll make it official. May, you will not kneel to this woman until I say it’s appropriate. How’s that, Dulcinea?”

“Of all the ways to disrespect someone, --- I should slap some manners into you but I’ll not waste my time. I have devoted slaves to session. Joey, Howard, follow me.”

Both were filling out the papers for May and only looked up when Cin snapped, “Now, boys.”

They both dropped what they were doing and followed Cin past the reception area and the kitchen area out into the playroom. Not a minute later, the young man, Joey ran back outside and came back several minutes later with what were apparently Cin’s play bags. There were two of them and both seemed to be imitations of designer bags with a BDSM bent, using studs and spikes to decorate rather than sequins and elaborate stitched patterns. Several crystals were sewn on and it did seem rather more sophisticated than the ballistic nylon bags many others carried. Joey again ran past the group at the door with his head down and not saying anything to anyone. Stony caught a very subtle signal from Duke and slipped quietly back to observe.

For the first hour and a half, from eight to nine-thirty, Duke, May, Jimmy, Ashley and Angela manned the door. A large percentage of the players had come in by then and now it was time to go watch them. Ashley had warned them that most of the members socialized for the first hour or two, and then got down to playing about ten o’clock. While the stragglers came in and filled out the papers Jimmy was now handling, Duke took off her jacket and started tying up May. 

Using two different widths of rope, Duke tied her wrists behind her back with the backs of each hand touching. He used thinner rope to tie her palms together and then to tie each pair of fingers together. With the wider rope, like he used to bind her wrists, Duke made several wraps around her waist and over her bound arms so that he could further limit her movements after cinching the wraps between her arms and her back. He continued to wrap ropes around her chest above and below her tits, wrapping the rope so that it emphasized her breasts without actually constricting them. These wraps did help hold her arms in place too. Considering he was using white nylon ropes, the effect against her clothing was dynamic. After buckling a bright red two-inch ball-gag around her neck as a necklace, Duke checked her bonds and gave her one simple command.


Staying one step to Duke’s left and one step behind him, they entered the social area and chatted with some of the members until the majority started to wander off into the playroom.

The playroom was a long ‘L’-shaped room, easily 7,000sq ft or more with plenty of room around each play station for the players to safely play and for people to stand around watching. In that playroom, there were standing stocks, kneeling stocks attached to a padded bed, a simple showpiece rack, a standing cage, a cage/bed with a long low cage supporting a padded bed above it, three St. Andrew's crosses, one Christian cross, a thick whipping post made to look like an unfinished tree with heavy hardware attached, an angled bondage web made from light welded-link chain in the shape of a spider’s web, two padded prayer benches, and two bondage posts, one of which could double as a stripper’s pole. There were also hitching rings spaced along the walls at both kneeling and standing heights. In the separate room off to the side and actually the bottom of the L, there was another whipping post and a full sized, canopied bed made from schedule-40 piping, so that all sorts of positions could be utilized for play on the bed. Also, throughout the playroom, three separate winches were secured to the ceiling, one of which was motorized.

Duke took May around and let her watch as various members played at these different stations. May had never seen men getting worked over and played with and this fascinated her more than some of the scenes with women getting flogged or paddled. They stopped and watched Cin for a while and as Duke got silent messages from Stony, telling him about her play style, May watched as she waxed the hair off Howard’s back. She was leaving thin strips of hair because she seemed to be in a hurry to just get most of the hair off. May looked up at Duke and he lowered his ear so she could whisper to him. 

“Duke, shouldn’t there be a little compassion and care taken when she’s waxing him like that? If it’s different for a male submissive, tell me. I don’t see much technique here and even less actual play. It’s almost like it’s a chore for her. Doesn’t she at least like who she’s playing with?”

Whispered back in her ear, Duke said, “Stony tells me that she’s in a hurry and preoccupied, therefore she’s not doing a good job topping these men. The first man got birthday spankings from her with no aftercare except for the song and a dismissal. You see what she’s doing to this guy.”

“Duke, can we go watch someone else?”

“Sure. Stony can give us a full report a little later.”

They watched a woman heat up little glass jars with a fire wand and put them on the back of her male bottom. They stuck to the skin because of the difference in air pressure from the heated air inside the jar and the colder air outside.

“This is called cupping May. It used to be a Medieval method for curing people of what ailed them.”

“Why haven’t you ever done this to me?”

“Because it doesn’t excite me to do that to you. I only do things to you that excite me, even if I know how to do other things. It may be a bit limited, but I don’t hear you complaining.”

“Oh, by no means Master. You keep me very happy with what you do to me, ” and May giggled.

At one of the prayer benches, a woman was kneeling on the bench with her ankles bound and her hands tied in front, leaning on the pew-like partition in front of her. She was stripped to the waist and her male top was saying, “Repent sinner,” over and over again as he flogged her. She had the most beatific expression on her face as she obviously soared through sub-space. 

Over in the corner, a topless woman in a pencil skirt and chunky heels was tied up with her arms behind her and ropes holding her legs together and folded up underneath her. She was gagged with a knotted bandana between her teeth and blindfolded with another bandana. Men were teasing her with crops, and feathers, squeezing her conical and obviously silicon tits. Ashley took that moment to come up behind Duke and May to talk.

“This is Delilah. She gets off on this type of humiliation, so I wouldn’t worry too much about her. Cin ties her up and leaves her like this for hours. I consider this healthy for some of our members, because this is one way for them to accept Delilah and get over some of their more homophobic issues. You see, Delilah is a pre-op trans-gender, and for the longest time, no one would play with her at all. Now she’s beginning to get some attention.”

“Ashley, this is a forest for the trees situation. I have no problems with introducing whatever form of play that gets Delilah some attention, but what I do mind is doing it in a dangerous way. If you look at her hands, they’re almost blue from the circulation being cut off. Those ropes are too tight. I think we ought to do something to fix this. You know Delilah, so if you’ll tell her what we’re doing, I’ll untie her and then re-tie her in a much better way that will keep her helpless, but also allow her circulation to flow.”

Ashley inspected her hands and immediately went down on one knee and started whispering into Delilah’s ear. Duke did as he had said he would and as soon as he was done, Delilah’s skin started pinking up again. Delilah started pulling on her hands checking to see if she was still helpless and when she was satisfied that she was, she said “thank you” through the gag. Just then Cin came running over, pushed both of the men aside and checked to make sure that Delilah was still bound and gagged.

Her tone was just short of screeching when she turned to Ashley and Duke and demanded, “How dare you interfere with someone else’s scene?”

Duke looked at her calmly and asked, “How dare you endanger one of your submissives with careless bondage techniques and then go off and leave them without any supervision? You’ve shown me nothing but the fact that you’re an egocentric domineering woman with poor topping skills. I wonder how you’d feel if someone did that to you?”

Cin pulled her arm back and went to slap Duke, but to her horror, a hand came from behind her and caught her wrist in an iron grip. The grip did not crush her wrist and forearm, but neither did it allow her to move in any direction. Her arm was caught in a vise-like grip that held it up and out just frozen in the motion of her slap. When Cin turned her head around to see who did this to her and saw Stony holding her arm, she almost fainted.

Ashley stepped up then and said, “Cin, you know we don’t allow any violence in ESCAPE, so if you are sure that you’re not about to hit anybody, I’m sure this gentleman will release your arm. Our guest had a good point and brought it to my attention before he did anything to your submissive. After all, all he did was correct your mistake. That was sloppy work Cin. You know better than that. Were you in a hurry or something? I can’t imagine Delilah fighting you, so making it too tight was merely an oversight on your part, wasn’t it? Now say you’re sorry to our guest and to Delilah here, and go back to being the dominatrix that you think you are.”

“Ashley,” cried Cin, “this man was distracting me. I haven’t been able to concentrate all night with him staring at me, and that’s all he does.”

“Has he interfered in any way with any of your scenes?”

“No, but he just stares at me with those blue eyes of his and I can’t concentrate. Make him stop Ashley. We know he’s your guest, but he can’t keep staring at me like that. Can he?”

Her voice had taken on the quality of a little girl’s, pleading with her father for some special privilege.

Stony just caught her eye and smiled, almost ruefully. 

“Cin,” said Ashley, “you know as well as I do that this is a play party, and people watch other’s scenes at play parties. If he has not physically interfered with you, then there’s nothing I can legally do. He can watch all he wants to.”

“Duke, he’s your man, can’t you tell him not to watch me?”

“No Cin, for two reasons. The first is that he’s his own man and although as his boss I may suggest things for him to do, I never demand anything from my men. And second, I was the one that suggested that he watch you to see just what kind of a dominant you were. I think from this time on we’re done with you, having ascertained just how poorly you apply your craft to the more foolish members of this club. Stony, let’s go get something from the kitchen. I can tell that May’s thirsty. Ashley, would you care to join us?”

As the four of them walked off, Cin just stood there in shock, that anyone would talk to her like that. She started to tighten up Delilah’s bonds but just stomped her foot and went back to shaving Harold’s back before she flogged him, like he wanted her to do. 

For the rest of the night, both Duke and Stony went around to various members that they felt would be receptive to their advice and gave them pointers on how to optimize their play. Duke gave a little seminar to about twenty people on some bondage techniques, using May as his beautiful mannequin. Afterwards, he let a couple of them practice a few short quick ties on May so they would absorb what he had just taught them. 

Around midnight, Ashley, with Jimmy’s help started passing out the beginner bags and individual toys to the lucky winners of the raffle. Ashley explained that he didn’t want to interrupt play by making a scene of the raffle, so he just picked the raffle tickets, checked the names and handed the prizes out quietly to the winners. Duke made sure that one of the bags went to Delilah. When Delilah accepted the bag from his hands, her eyes were glassy. Duke assured her that if they were ever back this way that he personally would play with her and show her how positive a real scene could be. Hearing this, a tear slipped out and she thanked him again.

With the distribution of new toys, the party livened up instead of starting to fade, and by four o’clock it was still going strong. Ashley was quite happy and went from couple to couple socializing after they had scened. Stony had been approached by one of the submissive women in the club named Lynda, and he was scening with her, going out of his way to make her scream in joy and moan in happy satisfaction. He had started off with a half of an hour of sensuous foreplay with some abrasion play. He spanked her, flogged her and was now caning her with a pair of Delrin canes. She was in heaven, and so lost to space that she never saw Cin hawking the scene, just short of getting in Stony’s way. When Stony decided that she’d had enough, he took Lynda down and applied aftercare with a blanket and cuddling affection.

Cin couldn’t help but watch, very jealous of the attention that she wanted but wasn’t getting. During the entire scene, she had stopped spanking Joey and stood around watching Stony work this woman over. She wondered what feeling his hands on her body like that would do to her. The two times he had touched her, this man’s hands were like steel, yet watching him gently play with this woman, whipping and touching her, making her writhe under his caress, well, this made Cin shiver with lust and desire. Those iron fists could indeed make a woman’s flesh melt and Cin was unrepentantly jealous of Lynda. After all, Lynda was a cow of a woman at 5’9” tall with enormous breasts and a wide ass. Cinched into a corset, you could still see her muffin-top belly roll. Her almost 40ish face was worn and haggard but hidden nicely under the make-up she had smeared on. How could a man like Stony pick a woman like that to play with when she would have gladly stripped off all of her clothes for him, if only he’d asked her to play with him, instead of that cow. 

Just then May walked up to her and said simply, “Jealous?”

Before she could think about her answer, Cin squeaked out a “Yes.”

“You do know that with the right master, submitting is really very easy and a hell of a lot of fun. The grooms on the Estates are some of the best dominants in the country, and Stony could rank as one of the best in the world if there was such a competition. I never regretted one moment of submitting to Duke, and being his slave is a very rewarding position. I’ve never come so much in my life! I know Stony likes you. Why don’t you ask him to play with you? You’ll never find anyone better.”

“I couldn’t. They know me as a dominatrix here, and I can’t just switch roles like that when the first handsome stranger comes walking through the door. You do think he’s handsome, don’t you?”

“Your loss. We won’t be here that much longer and missing out on the chance to play with a world-class dominant is something I wouldn’t forgive myself for missing. If I were you, I’d claw my way to the front of the line to submit to him, while we’re still here.”

“How do you know he likes me?”

“He didn’t crush your arm when you went to slap Duke, and he never wears a suit and tie. He did that just for you, whether you realize it or not. You know, he is rather handsome like that. It’s a shame that some other submissive got her chance to play with him before you did. After all, it was just a matter of asking him.”

“Oh god, looking at him like this makes my knees weak and my sex just throb for him.”

“It’s plain to see that your nipples are all excited. Are you wet?”

“More than I have been for any man in years. That man is just so dreamy.”

“Then ask him for some special attention. Your fear is the only thing stopping you. Maybe when Ashley closes this party down you can get him to hang back with you and you two can get some nice time in together.”

“Oh god do you think he would? Won’t he be too tired to play with me after beating that cow into submission?” 

“Ask him Cin,” and while she stared at Stony, May slipped off and winked at Duke when she snuggled up under his protective arm, signaling that his idea was in play.

Cin wants to submit

completely to Stony, but

he’s about to leave.


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