Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; slave; club; bond; cuffs; susp; flogger; crotch-rope; paddle; cons; XX

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 27: The Demo

A demo is given

The audience is aroused

And anxious for more

Turning off the rural road west of Charleston, South Carolina, Jimmy, one of the journeymen grooms in the crew of May’s Revenge, drove the rented limo onto the private road that led to Ashley’s farm. The first thing they saw was a large L-shaped building that looked suspiciously like a chicken preparation factory that stood about 80 or 90 yards away from the large multi-bedroom, whitewashed brick house at the end of the road. Of course, the remodeled factory had a fresh coat of paint on it and had obviously been gutted of all the old machinery and plumbing, but if you looked past the veneer, it had all the earmarks. Jimmy parked by the house and then opened the door for Duke, May and Stony.

Stretching up as he got out of the limo to his full six-foot five-inch height, Stony looked like a mercenary in his starched and creased black BDU’s. If someone knew what they were looking at, they could have observed a slight bulge under his left arm. He looked like a scarecrow at only 180-pounds, but the BDU’s helped add a little bulk to his thin frame. His azure-blue eyes scanned the area with a professional’s assessment of their surroundings. Stony then held a hand out to May and helped her out of the limo. 

May was dressed in a red gown of iridescent material that fit her body like it was painted on, without looking trashy tight. The asymmetrical dress was shorter in the front, up to the middle of her thighs, than it was in the back. There it went down to the lower part of her calves. Above the waist, which was cinched in with a wide elastic belt, a deep V showed off some impressive cleavage. May wore her jeweled chevron collar over a red leather posture collar. Red leather opera length gloves covered her arms and her jeweled slave bracelet graced her right hand. Chromed steel manacles were locked around each wrist and a six-inch chromed chain permanently connected these manacles. May also wore a pair of red leather boots that laced up the front and zipped down the sides. They sported a five-inch stiletto heel with no platform. Around each ankle was a matching set of chromed ankle shackles with a 24-inch hobble chain between them. May looked the part of a millionaire’s beloved slave.

As Duke exited the limo, his expensive charcoal gray sharkskin suit drew stares from those starting to gather around them as they migrated from the barbeque pit. Duke immediately started to meet and greet those that came over to the car. He introduced himself as Duke and tried hard to memorize the names they gave back to him. As soon as they gave their names to him, he would introduce May, telling them that she was his personal slave and wife. May found something positive to say to each of them and just beamed with the joy in her heart. Stony stayed close to May even when Duke was pulled a little away to meet someone new. Stony made sure that no one tried to get too grabby or touchy/feely with May and that her personal space was only violated when she made the first move. All told, he was quite intimidating and at this point, everyone’s manners were at their finest. As Duke and May were shown around the barbeque pit, so they knew what all the delightful smells were, a number of the members got on their cell phones reminding their reluctant friends what a day this was turning out to be.

Ashley had told Jimmy where to set up Duke’s toys and as he did, Ashley just marveled at the efficiency of these people. With the tools and toys lined up for easy recognition and access, Jimmy even arranged the bag full of excess equipment so that any one piece would be easy to find. Duke and Ashley waited and glad-handed for another hour before they started to herd everybody inside so Duke could start the demo. The crowd had swollen since the first part of the morning, and Ashley whispered to Duke that this was now an SRO crowd and that this was the fullest he’d ever seen one of his demos.

May heeled Duke up to the stage area and as he was removing her cuffs he started his spiel. 

“Good afternoon members and guests of ESCAPE. For those few that haven’t already met me, my name is Duke, and this is my beautiful slave/wife May. May and I have only been together for just under a year, but when you know something’s right, everything just falls into place. Isn’t she gorgeous? Spin around for them darlin’.”

Duke continued on to very sensually remove all of May’s clothes, touching and fondling while he continued to talk. He carefully removed all of her jewelry and handed it off to Stony for safekeeping. Duke not only talked to the crowd, he talked to May, assuring her of his desire for her and how gorgeous she was up there on display.

“You’ll notice I’m including May in this patter. She is by no means a piece of meat up here. Slaves are valued possessions, especially my slave, May. I dote on her because of the level and devotion of service she gives to me. She makes me a very happy man.”

Duke told her how he could see her just glowing from all this positive attention and how they would add to everyone’s knowledge and experience today. Then, as he started to put her suspension cuffs on, he told the audience about them.

“These are in my opinion the best suspension cuffs out there. They support the hand and wrist in an ergo-dynamically efficient way with this solid hard plastic brace running from the wrist, over the palms to the tips of her fingers, curved to support her wrist and not making her wrist conform to its dimensions.”

Duke continued to talk while he ratcheted up the hand-cranked winch that lifted May’s naked body about four-inches off the floor. 

“Normally, I’d just be doing what I wanted to May, but this is a demo so I feel I should explain a bit before I get really involved in the action. I am a member of a very exclusive club that we call the Estates. On these Estates, men and women gather from many walks of life to appreciate what the service of willing female slaves can offer them. I am not here to demean or put down any other form or type of play. It all works if the parties involved consent to that method of play, but at the Estates, we just accept and train female slaves. We have our reasons and I am not at liberty to discuss them.

“Most of the slaves that inhabit the Estates came to us as recruited volunteers. Some were brought in by particular masters or mistresses to be their personal slaves. May here was brought in by a particular man and when he died rather unexpectedly, I inherited May,” and May eagerly nodded her assent. “There is an extensive vetting process involved with the applicants coming onto the Estates, and an even more extensive vetting process involved with those that want to be members of the Estates. It’s also very pricey, but as that credit card advertisement says, membership has certain privileges.

“What I’m going to do to May today is something I call the Partial Harlequin. Our demo time is just too short to show y’all the Full Harlequin, but you will get the idea once we start playing. To simplify things, think of May’s body as being a checkerboard. On the white squares, I impact May’s skin with a special tool or touch. On the black squares I do not touch her at all. This creates areas of her skin that are over-sensitized and areas that are touch-hungry, eager for any sensation. Now these impacts or touches can be painful or pleasurable, but the key to this is that the other side that gets no attention must become hungry for your touch, so the side that is played with must be over-sensitized. Let’s start off slow and get May gently into the mood.”

Duke picked up a beautifully carved wooden handled hairbrush and started brushing the right side of May’s head of luxurious long platinum hair. They all watched May melt and heard her moan as her master brushed out only one side of her hair.

“Now how many of you women out there would ever go out in public after only brushing one side of your hair? Well, the psychological affect is the same with May here. She wants me to brush both sides of her hair, but for this, I won’t. Mean, aren’t I?” and he laughed as May pouted and tried not to grin.

Laying the brush off to the side, Duke used the fingers of his left hand to run through the hair on the right side of her head, shaking it and controlling the placement of her head through his touch and his pull on her hair. Then with his back turned to the audience, Duke slapped May.

“Yes, you just saw our play go from touch to impact. Now I realize that not every woman likes to be slapped, but May is one that does. We’ve played this way many times and with my control, I am in no way hurting May. Watch carefully as I slap her again.”

Duke stood a little off to the side and slapped the left side of May’s face again. They all saw May throw back her head and heard her say, “Oh god yes Master. More please?”

He then stepped to the other side so that section of the audience could see and after inverting his hand, he slapped her again, eliciting the same pleasured response from May. Moving around behind May he again used his hand to grab the hair on the right side of her head, but this time he bent her head as far to the side as he could exposing the right side of her long neck and held it there. Opening his mouth as wide as it would go, he bit her neck, doing his best vampire imitation, and growled for the audience. Gasps returned to him as the crowd saw May just collapse and go limp in his grip.

“Is there any doubt about the suggestive power of the iconic mark of the vampire?” and Duke bit her again.

You could hear a pin drop in the audience until he picked up a short-tailed flogger with only a few tails of soft deer hide. Duke tapped his open palm a few times and knowing what was coming next, May leaned her left tit into the swinging flogger. Duke stung her breast several times each time getting a moan or a whimper out of his subject. When he was finished flogging her breast, he attached a series of clothespins to the fleshy parts of her tit and finally placed the last one on her nipple. The crowd began to mutter softly amongst themselves. Deciding to liven things up again, Duke picked up a make-up brush and depressed the button to open his switchblade. May just squeaked and let out a long low moan of approval.

When Duke attacked the right side of her ribcage with the large, soft brush May began to giggle. Putting the knife between his teeth like a pirate he used his fingers to tickle her into a writhing, spasming and jerking laughter fit that got a majority of the audience exclaiming some form of outrage and/or encouragement. Kneeling down in front of her to hold her legs down, he began to trace silly little patterns over her ribs with the needlepoint tip of the knife, making her writhe all the harder.

“Now you have to be careful when you do this, but the juxtaposition of sensations always super-sensitizes this area.”

To prove this, Duke simply blew his breath against May’s side and she moaned for more. Choosing to move on, Duke picked up a medium sized Delrin cane of very flexible plastic and laid several parallel stripes up and down the front of her left thigh. Each time Duke struck her, someone in the audience moaned with her and more than one could be seen to be twisting and squirming in their chairs. To the surprise of many of them, May going into obvious sub-space while being caned made some of them sit on the edges of their chairs and pay particular attention to what May expressed.

To everyone’s surprise, Duke started to lower May to the stage floor. When he released her cuffs from the stationary bar, May walked around the stage, showing those in the front row that she did have bite marks on her neck, that one side of her face was all red, that her one breast had marks showing where he’d hit her with the flogger and that the welts left by his caning were real. Then she went back to the center of the stage, turned around and after he re-attached her to the bar, she looked over her shoulder and smiled as Duke raised her off the ground again.

“Now May has to have her other side done. What I’m going to do on this side is more of the same, it’s just that I can do a little bit more on this side. So, to give May something to enjoy, I’m just going to work her over, without much talking or explaining. I’m sure you can figure it out from here.”

The first thing Duke did for her was to tie a rope around her middle, wrapping it four times and then knotting it off. He then made a production out of twisting the rope, lubing it thoroughly and tying it between her legs in a tight classic crotch-rope.

Picking up a devil’s tongue quirt, Duke lashed the back of May’s right thigh leaving angry little V-shaped welts all over the soft flesh of her thigh. May writhed, whimpered and moaned, but gave no indication that she didn’t want what he was doing to her. The audience was on the tip of their seats and many were slack-jawed. 

When Duke picked up a heavy Lexan plastic ping-pong paddle that was at least a half-inch thick, May looked over her shoulder and said, “I like that one Master, please use it long and hard on me.”

As Duke steadily pounded the flesh of her left ass-cheek, making sure that every square inch of her butt was bruised and discolored, May just threw her head back and giggled. Several of the audience got out of their chairs to make sure they were hearing her giggle. They almost got close enough to interfere with Duke’s demo, and Stony was ready to step up, but what they saw and heard amazed them and all of them eventually went quietly back to their seats.

“Yes,” said Duke, “she’s giggling, because she knows what it’s going to be like to sit down on that beautiful ass of hers for the next couple of days.”

When he thought she’d had enough, Duke laid down the paddle and picked up a heavy kangaroo hide flogger and although he did start off slowly, he eventually worked it up until May was swinging back and forth under the winch because of the thuddy pounding he was giving her right shoulder blade. Duke stood off on both sides of her, using a forehand strike for a half-dozen impacts, and then stepping to the other side to deliver backhand strikes to the same area. May just zoned out and found her shuttle ride into subspace. Duke gauged the potential damage to her intercostal muscles and stopped well short of anything injurious.

“My lovely slave/wife is deep in sub-space, but this should bring out an interesting response.”

Duke started at the top and began to run his fingers over May’s body. He touched her lightly, front and back, and May’s moans told everyone what was going on in the woman’s head. When he pinched her left nipple, she moved with the same eagerness to be touched as when he swatted her left butt cheek. May whimpered for more attention when his lightest fingertip pressure played across any of the skin-hungry areas. Even though she was still in sub-space, she was very vocal with her mumblings, if not very articulate about her desires. Finally, after several minutes of manipulations, Stony handed Duke a large fluffy blanket/poncho with a hood and soft slippers. As Duke held her, Stony lowered her into his friend’s arms and Duke bundled her up. He then passed her off to Stony, who hydrated her with an electrolyte replenisher and started petting her for aftercare, talking softly to her and letting her cuddle up in his arms. Duke went back up to center stage, took off his red silk tie, his sweat soaked black silk shirt and dried himself off with a towel before putting a dry, black, V-necked T-shirt back on. Before he started talking again, he called Jimmy on his iPhone and waited until his groom came in with several large boxes stacked up on a rolling cart. Stashing them on the back of the stage, Jimmy waited patiently while Duke continued to talk to the audience.

“Okay folks, normally, I’d be the one giving May her aftercare, but I wanted to do something for everyone here as a form of thank you for attending Ashley’s ESCAPE. All right, who here has every toy they ever wanted?”

Not one hand raised, except Ashley’s.

“That’s what I thought. Now, let’s be honest here for a minute. Who’s got the poorest collection of toys in their bag?”

A few very tentative hands went up.

“I know how it is to get started and how it is to make my own toys because I didn’t have access to the finer made toys. You five that raised your hands, would you stand please?”

When they did, Duke asked each one of them what was missing from their bags that they’d like to have. For the one that said a paddle, Duke threw him the Lexan paddle that he had used on May. He threw the heavy flogger to another man, the light flogger to a woman, the Delrin cane to another woman, and finally the devil’s tongue quirt to another man. Duke let the room chatter quiet down before he started to talk again.

“Now, I’d like all the submissive women, and all the switch women to stand up, please. --- That’s good. Now, how many of you have your own play bags, separate from your dominant’s, where the toys are used just on you, and no one else, ever?”

Only two raised their hands.

“Now, I think that’s a crime. In my opinion, all women should have a play bag of their own, so I’m going to rectify that today. Jimmy, one of the bags please. --- Now ladies, each one of these bags contains a medium weight flogger, a leather paddle, a fur mitten, a quirt, a short crop, nipple clamps, 100-feet of soft nylon rope, a ball-gag, blindfold, EMT shears, and three soy-wax candles because they have a low heat-factor when they burn. This in my judgment is a good starter bag and I want each of you to have one. Jimmy, start handing them up.”

Duke personally handed one of the medium sized, black nylon duffle bags to each of the standing women. He got quick hugs and his cheek was kissed each time, but for the most part, the women were so overwhelmed that they were just dumbstruck. After looking in the bags, they all zippered them up again and held them like they were children. A few were leaking tears.

“Now, amongst the rest of you, who needs a flogger?”

Almost every one of them raised their hands, with the exception of the women that just got something. Duke passed out a beautiful handmade flogger to everyone that raised their hand. He did the same thing with a box of leather paddles and a box of crops and Delrin canes. When he was sure that everyone had at least one toy, he had Jimmy close up the remaining boxes and haul the stuff back to the limo.

“Folks, everything here was made by slave labor. None of them were under duress, and everything given out today was a labor of love. At the Estates, we have large rooms full of toys. When a member wants a specifically weighted flogger, he, or she doesn’t always want to wait until one is made for them. To us this is a cottage industry that just stays in house. After talking to Ashley yesterday, I called back and had them airlift a few excess boxes out to me this morning. I put all of this on my private account and now I feel better by brightening your lives today. What’s left will be given away as door prizes tonight at the party. I’m sure that not every one of the members of ESCAPE could make it to this demo and I want them to have some toys too. And for the record, Ashley knew nothing of this. This was actually Stony’s idea, and I just made it happen. Now, does anyone have any questions about the demo? This is the promised Q&A part of the demo and I’ll try to answer every question asked.

“Where,” asked the first man to be called upon, “did you ever come up with the idea to do something like that to your slave?”

“I was sitting around one day speculating on how I could intensify my normal play and for some reason, the checkered costume of a harlequin popped up into my mind. It was a natural transition to go from clothing to skin and then it didn’t take long to figure out how to do that to a slave’s skin. I just hope you’ve gotten some new ideas from this. It is all about sensation.”

Duke fielded questions for the next hour, obfuscating the pointed questions about the Estates, and trying to talk about the nature of play and how you could intensify it without going to extremes of brutality. He begged off any reference to playing with submissive males, claiming ignorance because that’s not how he played. He talked theory of play instead, explaining how the human body was a collection of parts that were all connected and reacted similarly to certain stimuli. He talked about the mechanics of toys and how perceived impact could be varied by the different applications of speed, weight and surface area of impact. He touched on materials used in the manufacture of toys. Duke told them how cheap it was to just make their own toys rather than buy them from bulk manufacturers that standardized their products rather than building them for specific purposes. And this wasn’t just a lecture, it was frequently interspersed with questions from the audience. All in all, with his rounded knowledge of the game, Duke made quite the impression on the players of ESCAPE.

As they all filed out to go to the barbeque, a very attractive woman stopped Stony and started to talk to him. With her hand on his arm, a soft voice said, “I noticed how you’ve served your master all day and considering that he doesn’t do submissive men, if you’d like, I’ll session you tonight at the party. I am one of the premier mistresses in ESCAPE and even though I have a stable of boys wanting my attentions, I’d love to play with you.”

Stony’s controlled facial expression showed no sign of emotion, but his gaze withered the woman like a flame-thrower would a houseplant. He trapped her hand on his arm and with gentle but firm pressure he would not let her pull away. She mewled a little when she couldn’t easily pull free. Changing his neutral but intense expression to one of charm and grace, Stony began to explain some things to her.

“Hello, my name is Stonewall. My friends call me Stony. What’s your name?”

Stammering, and in an even softer voice she replied, “Dulcinea. Dulcinea Westenhauf. My friends call me Cin.”

“Well Cin, as much as I understand your confusion and while I thank you for the consideration, I am not submissive. Duke is my boss. He is a close personal friend and if I help him out, it is not because I am submitting to him. In the parlance of the BDSM genre, I am a Top. I am a master of certain fields of play, but I am no woman’s master, yet. I’m sure that someday a woman will arouse my interest and I will make the time to train her and allow her to submit to my dominance, but not today. I’ve been training women a couple of years longer than Duke has and I have a full, rich and satisfying life training slaves, like May, how to serve someone that chooses to dominate them. I work with a large cadre of other grooms, like Jimmy, and we keep the Estates well protected and running smoothly. Again, I feel flattered to be approached by a lovely woman such as yourself, and if I played that way, I would be delighted to play with you. I hope you find someone that will appreciate your Topping talents and I trust that you will enjoy yourself at tonight’s play party. I will be accompanying Duke and May tonight, and acting as a bodyguard for May, so that she can socialize without any excess or undue attention. Now, if you’d honor me with a kiss, I must be off to attend to my friend, May.”

Stony leaned down and brushed his lips across hers, then with her intake of breath and flush of heat through her lips, Stony molded his lips against hers and let the tip of his tongue play with the outline of her mouth, capturing her tongue as she offered it to him. Before they got any more intimate, Stony broke it off and released her hand that had been resting on his arm. When he did, her expression was one of bewilderment, as if she didn’t know what to do with her hand now that it wasn’t trapped by him anymore. Seeing this, he re-grabbed it, brought the hand up to his mouth and kissed her knuckles before letting it go.

As Stony casually walked away to go find Duke and May, Dulcinea just stood there wondering what had just happened to her.

She offered herself,

thinking he was submissive,

but was left in awe.


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