Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 26: The Meeting of the Owners

While they’re exploring,

they dock for some city fun

at a local club.

Holding onto the rails and tottering up to the wheelhouse of the May’s Revenge, May found Duke slopping down micro-brewery root beer with Stony and swapping lies like a couple of kids, each trying to out-boast the other. Both were laughing and having a fine time. Stony was Captain that day and driving the boat North, up the East Coast. They were just about to pass Savannah, Georgia and head into South Carolinian waters. The seas were a bit choppy that morning and May hadn’t quite found her sea legs yet in those special wedges that had a five-inch arch. She was determined though. Her bikini was nothing but thin strings and about nine-square-inches of material, total. In fact, the latest tease was which covered more skin, the bikini or her new jewelry, which she wore anytime Duke would let her.

May gave Duke his kiss first, and then she kissed Stony. She then wrapped her arms around her new husband, purposefully rubbing her tits against his back. Duke had on a set of black-camo BDU’s while Stony was still in his blue ones from the other day when they gave the problem children back to the feds. Everyone else was wearing the blue BDU’s pants and black T-shirts with the red A-H Estates emblem over the front pocket.



“We got an invitation to a party.”

“What kind of party?”

“It’s a BDSM party at the local dungeon just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve been online, chatting with one of the owners of the club, and he said that he’d guest us in if we wanted to dock and come by. You’ll like the name of the club. It’s E.S.C.A.P.E. or Esoteric South Carolina Adult Power Exchange. They’re a sister dungeon to the Southern California chapter. Both are named ESCAPE, and Ashley L. Tarew owns and operates both. You’ve heard of him. He’s written all those fictional BDSM-erotica books that have been so popular lately. At any rate, I’ve been chatting with him and he’s invited us down to his dungeon if we’d like to stop off and play. In fact, he’d like to meet with us for breakfast on Friday to talk about giving a demo at his club on Saturday.”

“A demo? A demonstration of what?”

“That’s simple Duke,” said Stony, “He’s obviously seen a profile pic of May, and if he can’t tie her up and beat her, he wants to see someone put her through her paces.” And Stony just laughed. “Who wouldn’t?”

“Oh! I guess we can do that kind of demo. May, how’s your exhibitionism running these days? If we give a demo, then you realize there’ll be a lot of droolers all hot and bothered over you. You also have to realize we play at a level few of them can parallel. I’ll have to tone it down just to keep it real for them. I’ve been to dungeons like ESCAPE and you basically have players that can’t play at home because the walls are too thin, or the kids might wake up, or they have vanilla roommates. So, they go out whenever they can to these buildings dressed up to look like dungeons and make a night out of playing and socializing among other kinksters.”

“Well, it still sounds like fun to me. I’ve never been to one of these places and playing in front of others doesn’t scare me. As long as you are the one using this body, or any of your grooms of course, then let’s give them a show. Do I have the right kind of clothes on board, or should we go shopping for more?”

“May, I’ll phone in an order for some special clothes for you from one of the grooms. I’ll have them retrieve some things from our quarters on the Estates. I’ll choose some outfits I’d like to see you in and then have them overnight them to General Delivery in Charleston. Is there anything special you’d like to have?”

 “No, my Duke, you choose for me. I like pleasing your tastes.”

“Get back online and invite this Ashley Tarew here on Friday morning. Tell him we’ll be docking sometime on Thursday and that you’ll be looking forward to sitting down to breakfast with him on Friday morning before you and I head into Charleston to do some last-minute shopping and run some errands. We can talk about the demo and ESCAPE in more comfortable surroundings over breakfast. It’s hard to talk in euphemisms when you’re in public settings, especially about BDSM and what happens at clubs like that.”

“Yes, Duke, I’ll get him here” she said smiling and wriggling for her master’s attention.

Walking down the dock to the May’s Revenge, Ashley Tarew strolled along thinking of this interview. He wasn’t sure whether he was interviewing them, or they were interviewing him. Dressed in a casual suit, minus the tie, Ashley’s 5’10”, 225-pound frame sauntered toward the yacht and he observed every little detail of the boat ahead of him. He saw two black clad men watching him approach. As he got to the ramp a tall man in a surprisingly similar get-up stood on the boat waiting to greet him. Ashley looked around for May but didn’t see her. As he walked up the ramp he was greeted with a warm smile.

“Mr. Tarew, your pictures don’t do you justice. You’re much younger looking in person. Please come aboard and enjoy the hospitality of my boat. May is waiting for us below and my friends here have cooked us a sumptuous meal. I may even give May some.”

Pleasantries were exchanged and Duke, with Stony in attendance, gave Ashley a tour of the yacht, leaving the main cabin for last. When they arrived in the cabin, Ashley was surprised to find May on her knees, tied up by the specially set up dining table. She was bound with white cotton ropes into a kneeling position with wide wraps of ropes around each of her thighs and ankles. Her arms were tied behind her back at elbows and wrists. Except for the long black leather gloves, the black knee boots with six-inch stiletto heels and a three-inch black leather collar, May was quite naked. She smiled up at Ashley, shoved her tits out a little more and said, “Hello.”

“This is generally how May takes her meals. She’s always tied up and hand fed. The only difference today is the outfit and the fact that she might share some of our food, instead of the normal gruel I feed her. There are few more intimate and erotic things than having your slave take her daily sustenance directly from your hand.”

“You two are serious about this. I feel like I’ve just walked through a door to a whole new world.”

“It’s not just the two of us. Every one of the crew on this boat is an experienced BDSM practitioner, with the exception of May. She’s only been playing for just under a year. My grooms have a minimum of at least fifteen years of almost daily experience each. They maintain a rather large stable of slaves for the residents of the Estates. My grooms train the new applicants that come in, retrain any slaves that need it and help with the general functioning of the Estates.”

Ashley sat down and was torn between staring at May and listening to Duke. All of a sudden, his appetite was the least of his worries. Duke started to feed May something that looked like oatmeal, and occasionally took a bite of the steak and eggs from his own plate. Ashley had been given a fruit bowl as an appetizer and one of the grooms had already checked on how he liked his eggs and how he wanted his steak cooked. Just minutes later Ashley had his own breakfast plate and was busy chatting with Duke. 

“Well, ESCAPE was an idea I got when I lived in SoCal and attended parties at the dungeons out there. I was looking for a unique name and after searching the entire section of the dictionary for the right ‘E’ word the rest came to me easily. I opened the Esoteric Southern California Adult Power Exchange in a small warehouse, and it became surprisingly popular even with all the competition it had from the others. About that time, I met a woman online and she was from here in South Carolina. After some cross-country travel on both our parts, I decided to leave the management of the club in southern California to my partners and I moved here. After a while, the next logical step was to recreate the club out here on the East coast. With that done just a couple of years ago, we’ve been happily playing and growing since the club opened. Every Saturday we have some kind of an educational program going, if it’s nothing more than how to go through the local Home Depot and Wal-Mart to find things that will be decent substitutes for toys you can easily find in the bigger cities. Your demo would show them how a real Master/slave couple plays and if you’d play Q&A afterwards, they could learn a lot from you. What do you say?”

“I can’t tell them about the Estates directly, but I can allude to something bigger out there.”

“Hell, that’s all you’ve done with me. You know, I’ve always suspected that there were places like the Estates out there, but I couldn’t find out anything about them in particular.”

“Just what all did May tell you about the Estates?”

“Well Duke, this lovely creature didn’t tell me about the Estates. I learned of them when one of your recruiters wanted to come by and check out my club for potential candidates. His name is Zebadiah and he was through these parts about a year and a half ago.”

Stony broke into the conversation confirming the account.

“Boss, Zeb filed a report on this chapter of ESCAPE and it’s in our files. I just skimmed through it. He didn’t recruit anybody, but the club was still relatively new and he put in his report that it would be worth a return visit after another year or two. I guess we can save him a trip and just see for ourselves.”

“I guess so Stony. OK, just what all do you personally know about the Estates?

“Well, first off let me say that while we chatted, your slave admitted that the two of you were from the Estates but said no more about them to me.”

“Good girl May,” said Duke, and gave her a piece of steak off his plate.

“Now, I know the Estates is a refuge for the rich and famous that want to live the lifestyle without the outside world knowing what they do to each other behind the fences and the guards. I really don’t even know the full name of the Estates, or even where they’re located. I’d like to hear as much about them as you’re willing to tell me, but I won’t press the privacy issue. I can imagine how closely guarded your membership can be, considering the staggering price of admission, which Zeb told me was over $50million. I don’t know people that can afford a membership card that costs that kind of money. I live in the poor and middle-class sections of the world.”

“Now, now Ashley, your background check says that you are a millionaire in solvent standing and even though you don’t yet have enough to afford a membership card, you are doing very well for yourself. I see no problem in giving you the highlights of the A-H Estates. The Estates are exactly what you described them as being. You can buy your way in with either cash money or by having connections that we need. Many of our military and law enforcement members bought their way in with the influence they commanded in their fields of endeavor. Some live on the Estates, and others just come in to play on their vacations. I cannot tell you anything about the membership except to say that all of the men and women that involve themselves with us want to own and operate a female slave. We allow no male slaves on the property no matter who wants to bring one in. There are other organizations that cater to that mix, and we happily recommend them to our more liberal minded friends, but the A-H Estates, are solely devoted to dominants and their female slaves. Many mistake our grooms as appearing to be submissive males, but every one of them is trained to be the best dominant that they can be and chooses not to cross the tracks and play the switch card.”

“Glad you cleared that up Sir.”

“In fact, two of the men on this boat are better trained and have more experience than I do when it comes to being dominant. Stony is one of them, and the Captain for today, up in the wheelhouse, Dennis, is the other one. I was a groom just like them for almost 20-years, and when I inherited some money, I decided to buy my way into the Estates. Our grooms make a good salary, have all the benefits of a good job and choose to do this because it’s so rewarding. Being a groom for the Estates is a dream job for a young man.”

“I wish I would have known about it when I was younger.”

“Now Ashley, think of all those you would have deprived if you hadn’t been there to open your ESCAPEs. You help a lot of people realize their dreams by offering them a place to come and play. You wouldn’t deny them a place to express their individual sexuality, would you? That’s what dungeons like yours do. The Estates are just a higher-class version of your club is all.”

“Thank you. That’s a kind and generous perspective. So, what do you do on the Estates, other than play with your slaves?”

“We encourage our slaves to expand their education in fields that can be shared. May is currently brushing up on her dancing skills, learning how to cut and style hair along with becoming a make-up artist, and finally, she’s learning photography. All these skills are being taught to her by other slaves, and in turn the slaves will guide others to be more pleasing to the men and women that own them. This gives everyone a chance to appreciate their efforts. We have concerts from slave musicians, art shows, craft fairs, and a cottage industry of toys, tools and apparel that is all made by hand by slaves manufacturing these things as crafts. The boots May is wearing have a six-inch stiletto heel, but they are sized exactly to May’s foot from molds we took of her foot, in a six-inch arch, and they are sewn by a master craftsman and the slaves that eagerly work under him. It’s not like the cliché of slave labor. Slaves work with their masters by choice, not through intimidation or coercion. Some of our slaves are actual secretaries and business assistants to executive members. They leave the Estates and go on business trips with their masters or mistresses and serve them in ways no mere wage earner ever could. We even have a group of slaves that work in a secret bordello. They could leave anytime by just walking out the door, but they stay because they are loyal to their masters and to the Estates. You see, most of our female slaves volunteer to serve a Lord or Lady. We train them and fulfill their deepest desires of being owned by someone that appreciates them and doesn’t abuse them. Sure, a few rare ones are kidnapped, like May here, but you can ask her about her slavery. She likes serving and this is actually something that she wanted to find for herself all of her life, and now she has.”

“May, with you tied on your knees like that, it seems that anything you say is coerced from you to sound the way they want it to be said,” said Ashley.

“Oh no sir, I’m here, now, of my own free choice, and I love my Duke. You could take me when my Duke unties me out where I could easily run for freedom and I’d tell you the same thing. Then I’d run back here. You could drag me to a police station or to FBI offices and tell them I’d been kidnapped, and I’d stand there tall and proud and deny everything you were telling them, then call my Duke to come and rescue me from them. I’ve come to love my Duke, and I want to serve him for the rest of my life. He and I just went through a wedding ceremony, but that was nothing compared to the commitment we made to one another as master and slave. Weddings are nice, and I got lots of pretty jewelry with the ‘I do’, but the fact that Duke wants me as his slave and is giving me every chance in the world to serve him with all the love in my heart is a commitment a thousand times stronger than any civil ceremony. I love him and he loves me. I know it in my heart and we sure don’t need some tired old vows and a piece of paper to tell us that we love one another. You see, ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to be a rich man’s bimbo, his to play with at his will, and someone he could lavish affection on. With Duke, I get all the pretty new shoes and clothes I want, I’m continuing my education in areas that interest me, I’m getting the best sex of my entire life from a wonderful handsome man that I adore, and more love than I knew one man could lavish on a woman. I know he’s not monogamous. Neither am I! That doesn’t matter though because at the end of my Duke’s day, he comes home to me and makes me feel like the only woman in the world.”

“Wow! I must say May that the sincerity I heard from you is very warming. Can you two, or should I say, will you two come and share this with my little group of kinky hedonists? My club needs an injection from outside our circles, and you are just the thing.”

The three of them spent the rest of the morning talking about the ESCAPE dungeon, some of the key players, how the group played in general, what they hadn’t seen, what was too much for them, and all the particulars of the educational demo and the play-party later on that night. Ashley told them that they would make a complete day of it at the dungeon with the demo, Q&A time and then while his guests stayed for a barbeque, Duke and May could use his home, which was just a few miles away from the dungeon property, to freshen up for the night’s activities. Duke suggested that it would be just as easy for them to shower and clean up on property, using the dungeon showers and then to socialize with the partiers at the barbeque, which like any good southern event, was the place to meet and greet. Ashley was overjoyed at this and found a whole new respect for Duke, the simple man and master of one of the most desirable women he had ever met.

May had stayed bound the entire morning, gaily chatting with the men and being surprisingly charming for a woman in her situation. She gave no indication of duress and it seemed she was used to this level of discipline. Ashley had no idea that May could have stayed bound like that all day and into the night without feeling the effects. Duke’s efforts toward duration bondage had given her a certain fortitude for long simple sessions like that, and the fact that she was interested in hearing about ESCAPE and the people that attended the club kept her mind off her situation. 

When Ashley left around 2:pm, Duke didn’t untie May’s arms until after he’d taken her to the main cabin and had his way with her.

With info exchanged

Ashley is anxious for their

demo at ESCAPE.


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