Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; training; outdoors; cons; X

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 9: Before He Gets Busy

Duke takes the day off

and brings May out to the woods

just for something new.

On their way back to Duke’s place, he made a phone call. Standing a little away from May, covering up the phone so she couldn’t hear, he made some plans. Actually, the more he talked the more elaborate his plans got, but May didn’t pay any attention to what he was doing. She was looking up at the thousands of stars and the ¾ waxing gibbous moon that was shining brightly. The cool night air felt good for a change of pace. As Duke got off the phone, she heard him repeat, “An hour and a half, two hours max? Good. Keep the fire tended until we arrive.”

May cocked an eyebrow but let herself be distracted as he led her back down into their underground quarters. True to his word, Duke undid the strap going through her crotch and took off his pants. After seating himself on the bed, he invited her to crawl on top of him and lower herself onto his hard-on. He helped her position her weight just right, slipped into her and she rode him while screaming into her new gag, just to see how much noise it would let her make, which wasn’t much.

Afterwards, to May’s surprise, he didn’t let her just settle down so they could cuddle. He got the two of them up and headed for her closet. May was stripped out of her straitjacket and heels, and then he took her gag off.

“We have an adventure ahead of us. We’re going camping tonight. Now let’s get you ready.”

“Camping? At this hour of the night? I’m game for anything with you, of course. I can’t wait to see how you pull this one off.”

Duke had May dress in a double layer of support-pantyhose and over those she put on a pair of short, tight hiking shorts. From one of the closets in his personal living quarters he brought out a pair of hiking boots for her with a four-inch wedge that came up to her knee and laced up the front. Like most of her boots they also had a zipper on the side. Next May put on a red, low-cut, front closure bra and to her further surprise Duke produced a heavy flannel, plaid, lumberjack shirt. It was way too bulky to tuck into her shorts, so she belted a bondage belt around her waist. Duke had her remove it long enough to add two canteen pouches and then put it back on. In the kitchen he poured a full bottle of 15-year old scotch into a one-quart metal flask and carefully poured a quart bottle of soda water into the other canteen.

“You’re the official keeper of the spirits, to keep us warm out there.”

“Does this mean I get treated to another shot of scotch tonight, Duke?”

In his best Bogey imitation he said, “Play your cards right sweetheart and I’ll get ya drunk and take advantage of ya.”

“Oh no kind sir. Please don’t tie me up and take advantage of me,” she said in her best Hollywood heroine voice.

“Why, a damsel like you needs to be tied up and taken advantage of. You’re way too pretty to leave in the woods all by yourself. I’ll have to take you to my camp so no one else molests you.”

“Oh no you dastardly villain, don’t tie my hands behind my back and make me walk through the dark and scary woods on a leash.”

“It’s for your own good there, sweet-cheeks.”

“And once at your secret camp, please don’t tie me to a tree.”

“I’ve got to keep you from running away from me, so tied to a tree it will be.”

Both of them busted up laughing then, unable to keep up the cheesy role-play any longer.

Duke went in and changed into a pair of camouflage pants and a jacket, picked up a 3-day pack and his web belt. He went to his gun-safe and pulled out a pistol and put it in his holster. He also grabbed some extra clips and his suppressor and put them in his pack. Thinking about it, he grabbed his old daypack and went back to May’s closet. While he picked out some outfits for her, they chatted.


“Yes May.”

“Why are you taking a pistol?”

“In case of snakes.”

“OH NO! There's snakes out there?”

“It’s nature May, and you can never be sure. I’d rather feel safe and pack the extra weight than sorry because I thought I was superior to Mother Nature and didn’t need to take precautions. Actually, considering the cooler weather the chances of a snake being at the official campgrounds are infinitesimal, but it never hurts to be prepared.”

“Official campgrounds?”

“You’ll see.”

Duke helped May put on the pack, adjusted and fastened all the retaining straps, just because he liked to fasten straps around her delightful body, and then he tied her hands behind her back. Taking an extra-long rope he fastened a non-slip rope collar around her neck as a lead and used it to pull her outside. Heading away from the condos and main hall, Duke pulled out his phone and notified the groom guards that he and May were on the move and heading to the campgrounds. He told them that he had blinkers on both of them, so that they’d know it was him. As they walked, May’s curiosity got the better of her.

“Duke, what are blinkers?”

“Blinkers are small flashing lights that are shining on a wavelength well below the sight range of normal vision. They’re special LEDs flashing a signal at about 300nm. My grooms out there with night vision can see them, but we can’t. It just helps them keep track of us.”

“Then there are guards all over the Estates?”

“Of course, there are. We would hate what we do to other people to happen to us. We’re pretty safe out here, but you never can tell when someone will get a hair up their butts to do something nasty to one of our residents. In business, you make as many enemies sometimes as you do friends, and underestimating the competition is just stupid. That’s what TTI’s security is doing to us and soon they’ll pay a heavy price for being lax.”


“Tangram-Tessera International. We’re planning to kidnap a dozen of their wives, adult daughters, and mistresses right out from under their noses. That’s what I’ve been planning for so long with my groom corps. This is a little vacation for you and me because I’ll be very busy coordinating this project for the next few weeks.”

“Please Master, you’re not leaving me for weeks at a time, are you?”

“Oh no. Once we have these new slaves, I’ll be working from the Estates and coming home at night, but I will be integral in the new training procedures, simply because so many want one of the ‘Duke trained’ slaves, like Jackson and Lucretia do. My grooms will be doing the actual hands-on training, but I will be overseeing their methods. If I’m away at all, it won’t be more than a couple nights at a time.”

“Oh, that is so good to hear. Will I be getting any new sisters?”

“Well, Jackson is getting two of the new slaves, and Brigit will be thrust into the role of primary slave, so I would imagine that one or both of them will become part of the extended family.”

“Do you know who it will be yet?”

“I do, but no one else has a clue as to which girls go where and how they will be trained. I haven’t even told Jackson yet. Both of them will be young, actually much younger than Brigit. One of them is a stunning beauty, constructed by the best plastic surgeons to be the trophy-wife of a powerful man. The other is the daughter of one of the heads of TTI.”

“Daughter? Oh Duke, she’s not...”

“No, she’s of age. We wouldn’t do that to someone if they weren’t of legal age. And these are just my best guesses as to how they’ll take to the training. I could be wrong and then we’d have to choose new ones for Jackson. You know, I’m beginning to wonder how Brigit will take to being the den-mother to a small harem of slaves?”

“Don’t you mean how I’m going to be the den-mother? I’m already Brigit’s big sis, and if these two are younger, then I may be adopting them too! You’re a bad influence on me Master. The command you’re taking is naturally rubbing off on me, and I don’t want to command anything. I’m very happy being told what to do. It suits my ideas on how life is supposed to be structured. I’ve always felt like I was on the outside looking in because I didn’t want to remake the men I was with. If they wanted to be one way, then I just accepted it and did my best to please them. I never wanted to change anyone.”

“And that’s why you’re here now. Some of us find that mindset to be very precious. We’ll cultivate that in our new acquisitions, and you may have to become a den-mother to a whole new bevy of slaves. The old ways of high and low protocols work, but they’re relatively inflexible and that can be damaging to a woman that truly wants to serve, like you. Now some women thrive under micro-management, but I’ve always believed that some service-oriented women do better having clear but rigid guidelines that they can live within and then thrive on the individuality that they can find within those guidelines. You are the perfect example of that. That is the essence of my new experimental protocol. Freedom within the bounds of slavery, to be the best slave you can be to please the master that you love.”

“On a primal level I understand what you’re saying my Duke, but on an intellectual level a lot of it doesn’t make sense.”

“That’s because you’ve never really been exposed to high protocol slavery before. Imagine what it would be like if I was the totally self-absorbed type. We’ll continue this in a few moments. It looks like we’re here. Can you see our campfire through the trees?”

“Oh yes, how... Oh, you got a groom to set things up for us and get a fire started. How wonderful! Is that him standing off by the tree?”

“Good eye, May. Yes, that’s Kevin, one of my apprentice grooms. When I called dispatch and told them what I wanted them to do, they sent Kevin here to supply. He got the tent and equipment that we’d need and then he set this all up for us while we dallied around, got ready and hiked out here.”

May looked around while Duke talked to and thanked Kevin. He’d set up a large four-man tent for them, camp stools, an inflatable porta-potty with a privacy screen, a large rock ringed blazing campfire, jerry-cans of water, boxes of MREs or meals ready to eat, a camp shower bag up in a tree’s low hanging limb, bedrolls and inflated mattress pads. May saw that no detail for a pleasant camping experience was left out of Kevin’s preparations. There was even a stack of wood off to the side for their campfire. She began to giggle thinking that if Duke really wanted it, all he’d have to do is make a phone call to one of his grooms and he could get room service to his campsite.

As Kevin melted back into the forest surrounding this campsite, Duke untied May’s hands and helped her off with her pack, throwing it inside the tent along with his. He grabbed a couple of the extra blankets and as May settled into one of the camp stools, he covered her legs with one and draped the other across the back of her canvas backrest. She loved the attention he was showing her. She didn’t lean back until he removed her belt so he could get to the scotch and soda. Producing two small camp glasses, he poured both of them a shot and then he handed one to her. They clinked plastic and sipped their libations. They then passed the other canteen back and forth as they stared into the fire. After a while, Duke got up, rummaged around in the tent, and came out with the fixings for S’mores. May squealed with delight. As they melted the marshmallows, they listened to the sounds of the night as they came back after being disturbed by the new forest creatures in residence.

“Okay, back to the differences. Like I said, imagine if I was the self-absorbed type. I wouldn’t care what you wore, so you’d spend most of your time naked. I couldn’t take the time out to tie you, so you’d live with cuffs locked on your wrists and ankles. You wouldn’t have a name other than ‘slave’ and you wouldn’t have a life other than to watch my every move and anticipate what I might need so that you could be there to service me. Imagine what it would be like if I was not interested in any mutual satisfaction, just worried about my own needs and your part in servicing them. Imagine standing around being unseen and unheard but being expected to serve whatever whim I had at a moment’s notice. Imagine being effectively mute unless directly spoken to. That’s the life of a high protocol slave. They are not a member of the household; they are little more than a pet that has opposing thumbs and a brain capable of higher functions. As an apprentice groom I had to learn how to train women to be this type of automaton and it rankled me. It rankled Roy too, and that’s why he developed the low-protocol training method.”

“Oh Duke, that sounds horrible.”

“Well the chattel are worse off. They get no affection at all. They are basically scullery maids. If the women still have an attitude of rebellion after being trained for high protocol, then they are reduced to chattel until their spirit is totally broken.”

Duke poured her another shot and May knocked that one back in one gulp. Duke went ahead and poured her another one.

“Upsetting isn’t it, but some people have wild ideas about what they want out of a slave girl. These men and women pay for the privilege of having human slaves and there’s no accounting for the good or bad of their own souls. I wanted even more than Roy wanted out of my slaves, so I designed my training so that they want to serve, not just that they have to serve. Now some women thrive under the harsh discipline and micro-management, but others, like you, would love to serve, but would never survive the rigors of higher protocols. Some men like Jackson and myself like a more relaxed atmosphere around our women. We want servants rather than automatons. I call it the next evolution in slavery. You choose the right woman for what you want, and then convince her that she can have fun serving rather than looking at it like it’s a chore.”

“Well, you’ve certainly convinced me that I’m happy serving you. Especially when you tie me up, screw my brains out and then get me drunk. I’m a happy camper right now.”

“Oh, bad pun, but I like hearing you say that.”

“By the way, I loved that fitted straitjacket Duke. You said you had other colors made for me. What are they?”

“Well, you have one in a charcoal-gray color, sun-yellow, lime-green and sky-blue. I’ve got orders in to get you matching cage-sandals, T-strap pumps, Oxfords and knee boots, not to mention Gwendoline hoods. I’m also thinking of getting you skirts to fit over your straightjackets to make the outfits more complete.”

“You do know the way to a woman’s heart. How about matching corsets for the outfits too? Is that too much to ask for?”

“I think we can have them made too. Any other colors you’d like?”

“Red Master. I’ve always thought I looked good in red.”

“You do, but I didn’t want to overdo it. So, I’ll put in the order for more red vinyl. You’re going to have an outrageous wardrobe eventually.”

“Yes, my Duke. Thank you. Is it too much?”

“Not for you. I like dressing you up. You have a body designed to adorn. And with your corset training, it’s getting sexier every day.”

“You think so Master? By the way my Duke, I so love calling you Master. It never had any real meaning before, but you are perfect in the role.”

“From you it’s a term of endearment. So are you about ready for bed?”

Duke led her to the tent, untied her lead, using it to tie her hands behind her back, and then wrap and cinch the long rope up her arms and around her torso until she was a snug little package from waist to shoulders. He unzipped and removed her boots and one of her pairs of crotchless pantyhose. He then pulled his pants down and off so that he could push his dick into her more than ready pussy and piston into her as the booze blurred his thoughts.

After sex, Duke tied her ankles together and mauled her hose covered legs because they felt so good at the moment. He zipped them into their double sleeping bag and Duke was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. May lay awake though, snuggled next to him, thinking about how wonderful her life was with this man who was snoring by her side.

The smell of nylon and synthetic fibers were the first conscious thought that registered with May. She opened her eyes and looked around the inside of the tent, struggled against her bonds for a moment just to get a feel for how secure they were, thinking that Duke could even tie secure ropes even when he was tipsy. She then looked over at her master, still snoring softly. Her situation was such that she couldn’t easily wriggle around and start giving him head. She could get down there, but not before waking him up and that was not the purpose of these morning romps with fellatio. He was supposed to wake up from getting his dick sucked, not wake up and then get sucked off. There were rules to her game. So, she just adjusted to a more comfortable position and lay there snuggling as close as she could get to the man she loved.

An hour or so later she was pulled out of her fantasies by a low moan and some dragon breath. His stomach was roiling with acid and his breath told the tale. Duke got up and she heard him gargling with something. By the smell of his breath when he came back in, he’d been gargling with hair of the dog that bit him.

“Time for breakfast May. Ever had MREs before? We’re out camping and I conveniently forgot to pack packets of your gruel, so you’re going to have to eat scrambled eggs and sausage with me. I’m going to make a few packets and put them in one big bowl and the both of us will feast on a hearty breakfast. How does that sound, slave girl?”

“You are so marvelous, spoiling me like this. S’mores and scotch last night, and eggs and sausage this morning. I’m the luckiest girl.”

“You can bet that cute ass of yours, you are. You’re also getting coffee this morning with real sugar in it because I make it strong.”

After breakfast, which thrilled May beyond compare, she put her shorts and boots back on and then they went for a walk. Just a mile or so beyond the campsite, closer to the Estates proper, was the botanical gardens.

“It’s not quite as beautiful as it is at the peak of summer, but just as the leaves start to change is actually my favorite time to visit here. We’ll have plenty of time next year to visit here. I’ve always wanted to bring a slave, especially my slave here, dressed in a sexy gown and heels to walk around with her wrists tied behind her and watch her bend over and smell the flowers.”

They spent the better part of the morning looking at the flowers that were left and sniffing the ones in bloom. May was just ecstatic at their adventure in the outdoors. She wanted to pick a bouquet of flowers, but Duke told her that for the benefit of those that came to the gardens, no one could pick flowers. May pouted a little until she found some different flowers to touch and sniff.

By the time they got back to the campsite, the Indian summer day had gotten into the low to mid 70’s so Duke stripped her down to skin and her boots and tied her to a tree.

“I’ve been wanting to tie you to a tree for a while now. You look good like that. We should have brought your new camera. Oh well, we’ll just have to do this again.”

While she was still tied to the tree, Duke heated up and fed her some spaghetti, with little meatballs. He chose something sloppy like this to have an excuse to lick the marinara sauce off her tits and face. May giggled, moaned and writhed the whole time he did. He took her down in the late afternoon and they made boisterous love in the tent again.

As the sun started to go down Duke untied her and had her get into the same clothes she’d worn last night and most of today.

“Unfortunately, we’re going to have to cut this excursion short because the next few days are going to be very strenuous for me and I need a good night’s sleep tonight. I’ll be up at about O-dark-thirty tomorrow and gone for two nights and three days. I trust that you’ll be Okay this time, because you know that this is what we’ve all been working for. I’ve assigned Karl to be your personal groom and for Vince to be Brigit’s groom. If you want, and I’ve already cleared this with Jackson, you and Brigit can stay at my place, but if you do you only get one groom. Either one, but the other one has to go back to the detention center and help get it ready for the new slaves. All the full grooms, all but a couple of the journeymen grooms, and many of the apprentices will be off property on this assignment with me. The few apprentices left will be doubled up on guard duty pulling 12-on/12-off shifts and the beginner grooms have all been assigned to the detention center or to emergency movement duties. All the slaves will be on lockdown, including you two, so let me know my little den-mother whether you want your little sister with you or not.”

“I do.”

“Good that frees up another groom. Which one do you want?”

“I think Karl will be the best one for the job. He’s much less likely to cave to the pressure two lonely women can put on an impressionable young man. Speaking of that, can I have sex with Brigit?”

“Wow, there’s no beating around the bush with you, is there? Okay, you two can have sex, but Karl will do all the tying and gagging. You haven’t been taught yet and bondage is something that does need instruction to do right. The reports on this ought to prove interesting when I get a chance to breathe after this major undertaking.”

“I do love you Duke and I am yours, completely. Come back safely.”

They went into their quarters and after supper, Duke went to bed almost immediately. May curled up next to him but didn’t get to sleep for hours.


With her Duke leaving

May must hold it together

in hopes he’ll be safe.


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