Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 8: The Calm Before the Storm

May gets her Duke back

at least for the time being

before his mission.

May woke up the next morning sassy and cheerful. Smiling she went through her morning ritual and then after her soak, sweat and shower picked out a yellow version of her uniform because it was a beautiful day.

The evening before Timothy had tied her hands in front of her, actually fairly loosely, and then had her hang onto a bar depending from one of the winches in the ceiling. After choosing a heavy flogger he warmed her up nicely before he started to flog her. She could tell a difference in style but not in intent. Timothy meant to jack up her endorphins with a thuddy style flogging, pounding her back and making her rock back and forth as she hung in partial suspension from the short bar above her head. She wasn’t tied to the bar, and she knew that if she wriggled enough, she probably could have freed her wrists, but it was the symbolic gesture of being tied that kept her wrists together over her head. She wanted the flogging, no, actually needed this flogging and wouldn’t deny herself the endorphin rush that would come from it.

After thoroughly reddening her shoulders and upper back, giving her some deep bruises that wouldn’t even show for a few days, Timothy helped lower her to the ground. He carried her over to the bed and started playing with her body as he slowly stripped her down to skin. Not stinting on foreplay, Timothy used her, missionary style, like she was his own, continually whispering in her ear that Duke would be home in a couple of days. Making sure she had a couple of small but necessary orgasms, Timothy lay with her during a long session of aftercare, holding her and teasing her until she was calmer.

For the most part May was out of it during this whole session, but she responded well to the surrogate standing in for her Duke. She had talked to Duke, and he did tell her to accept what this Timothy would do for her, so she just zoned out on the positive feelings. His attentions with the flogger were kind and honest. Sure, he bruised her up, but he only did what was necessary to get her endorphins flowing. He wasn’t brutal in any way. As far as his sexual energies went, he wasn’t trying to seduce her into anything special, but they were just enjoying each other during their hook-up. He was talented at coupling, giving as good as he took and making sure that it was not one sided. May felt good when they lay there as he held and petted her.

“Thank you, Timothy, I’m feeling better, really I am.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, the haunting crazies have dissolved back into the ether and I feel like I can function again. I’ll make sure Duke hears about what a good job you did, and how much I needed it. Thanks again Timothy.”

“Anytime hottie. Duke is a lucky man,” and with that he got up, got dressed and left their underground apartment. Karl and Vince just stood there wide-eyed at the change in May.

“That’s all it took? A flogging and a good romp in the sack? This has been one for the memory logs.”

“Yea, we thought we were losing you to some ‘9½ weeks’ style of meltdown and you’re back after a good beating and some sex? Who knew?”

“M’Lord Grooms? What’s the movie or movies tonight? If it’s not breaking the rules, I could go for a double feature tonight. And it’s your turn to pick, so why don’t each of you choose one?”

Karl looked over at Vince and said conspiratorially, “I think we just got maneuvered into watching two movies tonight. I’m thinking of one with sex, drugs and rock and roll. So, what do you think?”

“I’m thinking ultra-violence with lots of guns and Hollywood blood, and maybe some vampires, --- yea, vampires.”

Hours later when they tied May for sleep, they tied her arms behind her, like Timothy had suggested, and let her sleep in the bed in the playroom. She slept like a kitten.

By nine o’clock the next morning May had already been up long enough to finish her entire morning routine and was waiting for Gina to show up. While she waited, she was going through her outfits, so she’d have something pretty ready to be wearing for her Duke when he got home tomorrow. Today she had selected a wine-colored ensemble of bra, corset, gloves, panties and pumps. Over all this she was wearing one of Duke’s wine-colored button-down shirts. Tomorrow she had decided to wear all red for her master, with his pink polo shirt to go over it all.

Vince was sitting with her while Karl went to run an errand. When he came back with Brigit instead of Gina, May was overjoyed.

“Honey, I’m so glad to see you. Did you get in much trouble? You left in such a hurry I figured Jackson was really pissed at you.”

Giving her a quick kiss on the lips, Brigit said, “Oh he was mad, but it was all my fault. I thought I’d left him a note telling him where I’d be, but it was in my bag the whole time. He was expecting me to be home when he got back, but he came home to an empty condo and had no idea where I was. Luckily, he was able to find out from the groom’s log who had transported me and to where, so when he called, I was escorted home immediately. I stood on sharp gravel for an hour and then all was well again.”

“Oh Honey, sharp gravel? What’s that?”

“It’s exactly what it sounds like. My master has this clear box that’s just big enough for my feet, and it’s filled up about six inches with sharp rocks. Standing in that box is pure unproductive pain, but it’s non-injurious. I’m sure Duke has one around here somewhere. You just haven’t angered him enough yet to force him to pull it out. The pain is the type that you can’t get your head around. I call it unproductive pain. It just hurts. Luckily, my master is the type that punishes and then forgets all about the infraction. I’ve heard of some High Lords around here that will punish a girl over and over again for the same offense. I’m so blessed that I don’t belong to one of those.”

“You don’t think that...”

“Now big sis, don’t get all weird on me now. Duke is so progressive and kind that I’m sure he’s the punish and forget type. When I was training under him, I made him mad several times, but he sat me down and talked to me, reasoning with me so that I knew what boundaries I’d transgressed, and why I should never do that again. I didn’t want to make him mad. I liked the rewards better than what a devious mind like his could come up with for punishments. Besides, you’re not the rebellious type like I am. I’m my own worst enemy, because I’m impulse-driven and act before I think things through.”

“Whew, that sharp gravel thing sounds rough. I remember asking Duke about punishments before, but I really hadn’t thought about it again until now. Does Jackson do anything else to punish you?”

“I really haven’t given him many excuses to punish me and for the most part it’s just been the sharp gravel, but I remember vividly the time he made me kneel on rice.”

“Oh, that sounds bad too. I really don’t want to make my Duke angry with me now.”

“At any rate, I’ve got a treat for you today,” bubbled Brigit. “You’re going to be a photographer. I stopped by the commissary on my way over here and got you an outfit just like mine, a Nikon 3200D, complete with specialty lens, camera bag and all the accessories you’ll need to start your classes today. I even got you extra 64 gig memory cards. I talked to Renee this morning and she’ll be by after lunch to start your official lessons, but she told me to help you unpack your new camera and get familiar with it. I also brought the discs you’ll need to download into a laptop so you can edit your pics and videos. I checked at the commissary and they’re out of the laptops you’ll need but they backordered you one and they’re having it shipped out, overnight delivery, and you should have it tomorrow, or the next day at the latest. You’re going to be a busy girl learning all of this stuff but think of how much fun the two of us will have sticking lenses in the faces of our masters.”

Karl and Vince just stared at them as the two girls squealed and hugged each other as they bounced up and down in their heels.

The two slaves spent the next couple of hours examining May’s new camera and comparing it to Brigit’s work that she showed May on her laptop. They went through most of Brigit’s early experimentation before the grooms called for a lunch break. Just as lunch was over, the doorbell rang and a groom delivered Renee.

Renee was a tall woman, easily six-foot tall with an exaggerated hourglass figure, obviously from corset training. She was in her late 40’s but looked younger because of the life and twinkle in her eyes. May guessed that she weighed in at over 150 because of her hips and thighs, but on her it looked good with her 21” waist. To add to this hourglass, Renee sported a pair of double-D sized breasts. Her blue/black hair was cut short in a style with bangs and was swept in at the collar to frame her face like a pair of parentheses. All in all, Renee looked like a caricature of the French artists of the 50’s. She even came in wearing a beret cocked off to one side. Her smile was infectious and from her first statements about photography May got the idea that she could learn a lot from this woman and that they’d eventually be friends.

Renee quizzed May on what Brigit had taught her to see how far they’d gotten and started to explain the why’s of the technical aspects of photography. They did some experimental shots and Renee began to explain angles and shadows to her. Before she realized it, Renee began packing her equipment up and telling May that they had hit their first lesson’s goals and that she’d see her and Brigit again in three days. Renee gave Brigit the assignment to work with May, and May was told what to work on for next class. Kisses were exchanged and Renee was escorted out by Karl.

“Oh god Honey, this is so exciting. Up until now I’ve taken pics on my cell phone, and with silly little cameras designed for any amateur to think they’re a photographer, but this is a professional outfit and I’m going to learn to use it as a tool, not just a toy!”

“And the best part of it is that we’ll be doing this together. I’ve always wanted a partner and I can’t think of a better one than you big sis.”

“That sweet of you Honey, and the same thing goes for you. This is going to be fun. So, do you have to get back to Jackson or can you stay for a while?”

“No, he made it a point to say that as soon as Renee left, I should pack my things up and say good-bye for the day. We’ll go over some of the things again when I come over early again three days from now.”

“OK, if I have any questions, I’ll have one of the grooms call you for me,” and with that they kissed and hugged each other and then Vince escorted Brigit back to her condo.

Karl made some gourmet cheeseburgers for him and Vince and fed May her porridge full of everything she needed to thrive, except for taste. Over dinner they were discussing which movie they wanted to watch when the outer door opened, and Duke came in carrying his luggage and escorting a chattel. May flew off the couch, ran down the hallway and into her lover’s arms, smothering his face and neck with kisses. Duke gave some specific orders to the chattel concerning his clothes and luggage, and then threw May over his shoulder and took her back into the refresher to talk to the grooms.

“Okay guys, how bad was it?”

“Melt-down bad Duke. We couldn’t get her to stop crying. Although I could barely get over how fast she turned back into the May we all know and love with a good beating and some sex. I guess the way to a woman’s heart is through her libido.”

But,” said Duke, “the way to a woman’s mind is through stability and self-worth. And you need the mind to fuel the libido. Then the libido refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and the cycle rolls on into a healthy and happy woman. Right slave?” and Duke swatted May’s upturned butt.

“Yes Master,” and she squealed and giggled.

“Are you happy I’m home?”

“Oh yes Master, my Duke, my lover, very much so.”

“Okay guys, thanks for looking out after her, but now I have some catching up to do to re-acquaint myself with my slave. So, when the chattel finishes collecting my clothes for the laundry, escort her and yourselves out of here. Here’s a thought. Take this one back to your place, draw another one on my account and have a party. You two need the practice for having sessions and really working over a slave, so use the chattel as your own for the night.”

“Thanks Duke. That sounds like fun.”

 Alone once again, Duke took great delight in May’s responses as he slowly stripped her out of her wine-colored uniform, paying close attention to petting her as he did. He paid particular attention to her oversized breasts and her sensitive nipples. Once she was naked, she had her turn removing his clothes, slowly, sniffing them as she went to totally immerse herself in his scent and the fact that he was home. She too enjoyed petting and making tactile love to the skin of the man she adored. She kissed him everywhere, thrilling to the tickling of his body hair as her nose caught his direct scent. They kissed frequently, both long and passionately, and quick and promising. They kissed on the mouth and kissed each other’s bodies. Groping each other was the rigor of their desire and flesh shivered on both sides from the excitement.

Eventually, Duke went over to the cabinet and got out something that May had suspected was there all along. Coming back to her with the evening’s outfit, Duke helped her slip her arms into the sleeves of a tailored, turquoise-blue vinyl straitjacket.

“For my crazy lady,” he said as he started to close the buckles behind her back. May wriggled so the fit would be tight and perfect as he snugged up the buckles and then folded her arms through the retaining pouch over her belly. As he buckled the arm straps together behind her back and then snapped them into their locking hasps, he began to grope her. The last buckle he fixed on her was the retaining strap that came from the back, up and over her crotch and buckled to the jacket over her lower belly. As May struggled to find the limitations of this new form of restraint, she discovered just how confining a fitted straitjacket could be. She could barely move, and when she did, she squeaked, which caused her to giggle.

“You’ve had this here since we talked about it before, haven’t you?”

“Actually, the ones Roy had for you I donated to the rummage sale and had new ones made in your size out of vinyl. I like shiny and utilitarian. This is both. I also have another gift for you. I know that you’ve been wearing pumps and sandals with your uniform so that you can stay color coordinated, but the shoemaker is back and has four new pairs of boots made just for you, in white, sun yellow, forest green and royal blue. He also assures me that more are on the way. I’ll have them picked up in the morning and delivered to you.”

“Oh Duke, as much as any woman loves more expensive shoes, after the meltdown, I know all I need is you. The rest is just window dressing. I know you love to dress me and make me look pretty, and I love doing that for you, but all I want now is your arms around me, and you inside me. I missed you so much.”

“There’s one other thing that I want to try on you tonight before we go any further,” and Duke went back to the cabinet and got out a wide buckled strap that matched the turquoise-blue vinyl of the straitjacket. As she looked closely at it, she saw a tube running out of the front of it with a bulb on the end like the old blood-pressure cuffs had. Looking closer she saw a little orange release valve on the bulb. On the other side of the strap was a small piece of rubber.

“What’s that?”

“It’s an inflatable gag May. I had one made for every color of straitjacket I acquired for you. I also have others for regular play and in several different bag configurations. This one was sized and designed just for your oral cavity. Let’s try it on.”

“Okay Duke. I love you; you know.”

Duke put the little rubber bag in May’s mouth and buckled the gag-strap around her head. He then gave the bulb two quick squeezes and May moaned as she felt it inflate in her mouth. Duke then released the valve and the air-sack instantly deflated. This time Duke pumped it once and then waited a few seconds before pumping the bulb a second time. May was grateful for the time to get adjusted to this mouth-filling experience as Duke gave it a third slower squeeze to fill her entire oral cavity. May did her own experimentation with this new form of bondage and decided that like the larger balls, she liked this type of gag. Duke made sure that her jaw was distended, but not to the painful point and other than the taste of rubber, she liked how it blocked her ability to speak. May began to hum a happy little tune to herself and worked on trying to compress the sack pushing against her tongue and palate. Duke was pushing her again and she felt appreciated.

Going to her closet to find her turquoise pumps with the ankle straps, Duke also helped her slip into a sarong that had a lot of turquoise in the flower pattern. Then to May’s surprise Duke got dressed again. He escorted her out their door, up the ramp to the above ground cottage and out into the starlight. She was secretly delighted now for the straitjacket because the season had changed, and the nights were cool now. Her legs could take the chill, but she would have been shivering without this vinyl covering. Duke walked quietly with her to the main hall where they went into the auditorium. Finding a comfortable recliner and having May kneel down in front of him facing the stage area, she waited for the show to start. Looking around she didn’t see very many people, but she did spot Brigit and Jackson and squeaked when she involuntarily moved to try and wave to them. If Duke would have looked down, he would have seen how embarrassed May was for trying this. Duke did eventually bend down and whisper in her ear.

“This is movie night, but these are special movies. Tonight is Jay Edward’s Night at the Estate’s Cinema. He was a video producer from Southern California that produced some of my favorite bondage videos. He’s retired now. There’s no sex due to the censorship laws but you might like to see what one of the mainstream bondage-doms did for the bondage lovers out there. I’ve been told that this is a compilation of some of his better scenes with some of the fetish models that seemed to appreciate his efforts. I expect that one day he may even be invited to buy his way into the Estates if he wants. I know I would like to welcome him here. At any rate, we’re here to watch some of the women he’s put into bondage and then I’ll take you home and screw your brains out. How does that sound?”

May nodded vigorously and then leaned back to rub her gagged cheek against her master’s leg. As she settled in, they raised the curtain, lowered the big screen from the ceiling and started the show.


With her Duke back now

she needs to be pushed by him

to be her finest.


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