Hard Dreams 2

by ST99

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Part 2

Thirty minutes later, the succubus was dozing on a very comfy couch. She was pretty happy with how things were going. The feeling she was getting from the man were absolutely intoxicating.

His ass and legs were stripped with red marks, some bright and some dark, reaching all the way from the top of his ass to the bottom of his thighs. She had taken her time, ensuring that every part of his backside had been given attention, all at a punishing nonstop pace. There had been no breaks, only pauses between each blow. It took quite a bit of time, but she had eventually felt satisfied with the caning. At that point the heat radiating off his ass had been strong enough for her to actually warm her hands with it.

So, just because she could, she had taken out a strap and gave him a little after-session attention. She had been extremely soft with it, an unspoken acknowledgement to how sensitive his freshly beaten ass was. She knew how to handle men when they were raw and overworked, which was fortunate for him. The succubus had felt like giving him the strap, which meant it would have happened regardless.

She had stopped her impromptu beating three minutes later, and only because she had been feeling so much pleasure from his pain that it had become almost impossible to concentrate. Also, he couldn’t handle any more punishment. She had her fingers in his mind, she knew what his limits were. Even the ones he didn’t know about.

He had been through a pretty intense experience. She had left the toys going on the entire time, and the tease and denial settings hadn’t been turned off. He had been given a blowjob throughout the whole thing. She hadn’t believed that there would many aborted climaxes with how much pain she was dealing out, but he managed to surprise her with four denials. It was enough to convince her that he was more of a pain slut that she had thought.

The pump had been working as hard as it could to keep him from going flaccid, pushing its power and technique to the limit, only stopping when his orgasm was close at hand. Every successful tease and denial would give the toys more leeway into the strength and range of sensations used for the next attempt. Firmer grips, subtler touches when he was close, so on and so forth. To match that, the methods used to deny him had scaled in intensity. The first orgasm had been stopped by the sensation of light electrical shocks applied to his balls and shaft. The second had relentlessly attacked him with more rubber bands. The third had dripped hot wax across his crotch. The fourth and final denial had both electrical shocks and rubber bands.

And after every one of these interruptions, the spheres that were lightly clamping down on his balls would get a little heavier. He had barely noticed it at first, but he was definitely aware of the second increase in weight. She actually had to step in and stop it the fourth time. She hadn’t expected him to almost cum as many times as he had, and the weights had become heavier than she had intended them to be. She gave him a few extra hard shots to his ass for a minute to make up for it.

The anal dildo was almost finished by that point. It had reached its maximum width during the caning, enough to stretch him out, but it had another inch to go depth-wise. She wanted him to have time to cool down and appreciate the welts she had so lovingly given him. He also needed a break to psychologically prepare himself for more torture. She had removed the toys from his cock and balls and sat down for some impromptu, very vocal masturbation.

And here she was.

The first thing she noticed, once she was done dozing, was that he had finished drinking the piss. All that was left in the pan was a minuscule layer of scum settled across the bottom. The lip of the tube was too thick to reach it. The scent of the stagnating piss was still strong, though. The man was still occasionally twitching his nose. Her eyes were drawn to the movement because it was the only part of him that was doing anything. His legs were still so that he wouldn’t aggravate the welts.

She hummed out a small sigh and lightly stretched. She felt another flicker of heat in her core over the thought of how stuffed the man was. Belly full of piss, ass full of rubber. Really, there was only one other way she could fill him up, and that was what she had planned next. After that? Well, she only had so much time, and she wanted to end all of this with a bang, a big finale that would blow everything out of the water. She loved that sort of thing.

The succubus yawned, then groaned as she moved and shifted around the coach. She pushed herself up into a sitting position. The anal plug had just finished. It was time to get going.

She stood up, and she noisily clacked her high heels across the floor as she strode towards him. She wasn’t actually wearing high heels, so she just had him hear the noise it would make. The effort it would take to put them on wasn’t worth it. His ass tensed as she approached.

“How are you doing, my fine little boy toy? Are you ready for more?” She didn’t bother waiting for a response. Instead, she created an IV stand. An empty enema bag hung from the top prong, already attached to the base of the buttplug by a plastic tube. She frowned and thought for a second, ignoring his quivering body.

“Well, I’m thinking that we’ll start off with a two quart soapsuds enema. I know this is the first time you’ve had this sort of thing. Just so you know, you usually start off with a small retention and work your way up. You don’t always just start at the size you want and fill yourself up at once. That being said, that’s exactly what we’re doing today. I know that you can handle it. You’re a big boy.” The bag filled itself with the enema solution, hot water mixed with just the right amount of soap. She had all kinds of that stuff on file, waiting for her to call it out. It was similar to the piss from earlier, where she had a very specific kind of flavor that she wanted to take out without any preparation.

The succubus flicked the nozzle open. The solution poured through the tube and into his ass, pushing into him at a rate faster than any normal kind of enema. Not that the man would know how fast they were supposed to work. She pulled out a tube of lotion and opened it up, covering her hands with the cream.

She spread the lotion across his ass. He jumped at the sudden touch. She smirked at the stab of fear she felt in his mind, but she kept rubbing the cream into him with slow, soft motions. After a minute, he stopped expecting her to suddenly try to attack him. She took her time, taking a small amount of pleasure from kneading the cool lotion across his inflamed skin. Not because she enjoyed it, but because she knew it would prepare him for greater pain later. It took some time, but she eventually had all of his welts covered. He was much more relaxed as well, but not completely.

He had been retaining the enema for around five minutes by that point. The cramps were beginning to set in, so when she stopped she immediately segued into the next part of her plan. She focused and created a cock cage.

It was one of the most complicated models she had on hand. The belt had two separate dick-shaped cages overlapping one another, expertly threaded around each other. The cages were narrow and long, jutting up at the angle of an erect cock. The length of the inner cage could be extended or shortened, specifically so that the dick tip could be pressed against the metal sheathe at the end. The outer cage was larger, but it was built to be tightened and pushed past the bars of the inner cage. It would slide down and lock into place like a pair of handcuffs. The outer cage also had a copious amount of tiny dulled-down spikes, studs, and thin ridges lined throughout the inside.

She gave his dick a few quick preparatory strokes. It hardened to its full length almost instantly. The tease and denials from earlier hadn’t been forgotten, judging by the amount of precum leaking from him. Even more spilled out when she rubbed his head with her thumb for a few seconds. She stopped before she could rev him up any farther. She lined the open edge of the cage with his dick and pushed it in with one careful, smooth motion.

It fit wonderfully. The bars of the cage were smugly pressing against his cock from all sides. The only thing that needed adjusting was the length of the cage, and even that was by less than half an inch. She shortened the cage without even thinking about it, pressing even more uncomfortable metal against his dick. She tied it to his body with a strap that she wrapped around his waist and underneath his pelvis, similar to how she handled the penis pump.

She also fiddled with it a little more. Two tiny wingnuts in the inner cage were tightened, one at the very base and one at the edge of his crown. The first tightened a thin loop of metal across the root of his dick. The cock ring would ensure that he would stay hard, no matter what she did. The second ring pushed two curved metal plates against his crown, one from above and one from below. It was another measure to keep him locked down and in place, though this one was more for psychological reasons than anything else.

The succubus went over everything one more time, making sure that he wasn’t going to get his skin pinched and that nothing would break or be cut. She then grasped the outer cage with both hands, grinned with anticipation, and then squeezed it in her palms, compressing it inwards.

It was like watching a ribcage close in on itself. The outer cage slid through the gaps in the inner, pushing itself inside and locking in place once it was caught by numerous bits of metal scattered inside. The spikes and studs clenched down against his dick like a closed fist.

The man jerked in surprise and pain. He once again began impotently twerking his ass, but the sore stripes across his ass quickly reminded him why moving was a bad idea. The succubus practically cooed. “You’re looking very beautiful right now. This little piece of jewelry just works perfectly, doesn’t it? It fits you so wonderfully…”

She lightly grabbed the cage with her hand. She applied just a tiny amount of pressure, barely squeezing down to the point where she almost couldn’t tell if she was doing anything. He could feel it, though. She could feel the dull ache in his dick flare at her gentle touch. She let go with a smile, and the cage didn’t retract back. It had gotten caught further inside some of the slots and grooves. The throbbing began to settle back down, but not by much.

“Yes, this is beautiful. I think you’ll be wearing this until we’re done for the night.”

She left his balls alone. They were already sore enough, and she didn’t have special set up for them anyways.  The cock cage was hugging against the skin near the base of his sack, and was enough for her.

She looked him over and pursed her lips. There was still time before the enema needed to be taken out. He was cramping now, and he was starting to really feel the need to expel, but he wasn’t quite there yet. She was finished with his ass, so that was out of the way. Everything else was covered up. There wasn’t much else that she could work with.

But then again, she didn’t have to be limited to what she could see. She could do anything she wanted. The answer was actually quite simple when she thought about it like that. She reached into the air, visualized the image of his nipples in her mind, and twisted. His legs twitched, and she laughed at his shock. She let go, waited a beat, and then twisted again, this time counterclockwise.

She spent the next few minutes pinching and pulling the various nooks and crannies of his body. She could touch him anywhere, and she made a game out of surprising him with attacks on areas that he wasn’t expecting. She also kept switching back to his nipples, partly to keep him on his toes but also because it was fun to pinch them there. He was practically dancing by the time she was done. Relatively speaking, of course. He was still trapped inside the box.

At that point, the cramping was now coming in waves. She could feel how badly he wanted it out of his body. The succubus laughed. “Oh,” she said gleefully, “do you have something to say? What is it, boy?” She paused for a second. “That’s right, I completely forget. You’re still retaining the enema. It does look like you’re ready to let it out, doesn’t it? That’s fine, because was have to keep this moving.”

She concentrated, and the tip of the dildo inside his ass began to pull the enema towards itself. The liquid inside of him was emptied out into oblivion once it reached the buttplug, and the enema was entirely gone in next to no time. She could feel the man’s relief. She felt the urge to undermine that positive emotion, so she did.

“So, that was a two quart enema. Not much when you consider what the pros can handle, but most people consider that a good place to start. I could give you another one, if you want. Maybe a three or four quarter, with some special ingredients. Something to give it a kick, like a little tabasco sauce, or horseradish. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?” She saw the sudden burst of panic flare in his mind, and she giggled in response.

“Ah, I can see you’re not as excited about the idea as I am. That’s fine, we don’t have time for that anyways. You’re waking up soon, and I want us to go out with a finale. A grand sendoff.” She grinned wickedly, and gave his ass a hard slap.

“I think,” she said, relishing the words, “that it’s finally time for me to fuck you, like I promised. Do you remember? I do, and I don’t plan on breaking my word. I know that you probably had an idea about how this was going to go, but I’m sorry to say you are going to be disappointed. We’re doing this my way.”

The succubus created a strapon. It was nearly as thick as and definitely longer than the buttplug already inside the man’s ass. The head of the dildo was a little wider than the shaft, and it was shaped like a miniature fist. There were also rubber bumps and ridges scattered across the shaft.

The succubus pressed it against the man’s leg, angling it so that he could feel it from the base to the tip. “That,” she whispered into the microphone, “is what I’m going to use to fuck you in the ass.” She rubbed it against his skin so he could feel the hard lumps molded into the rubber.

The man’s blend of shock and apprehension was intoxicating. The succubus attached the strapon to herself. It jutted out from her pelvis at a very visually appealing angle. She stepped forward so that she was standing just behind the man, the fake cock rubbing against his asscheeks, then slowly moved so that it was lying right on top of his asshole.

The succubus focused, and then the buttplug inside him vanished. She felt his surprise, then the sudden swerve in emotions when he realized what was about to happen.

Then, after a minute of her staying still, his feeling slowly turned to confusion and apprehension. The dread began to creep away. The succubus could practically see the question in his mind. What was she doing?

“I was waiting,” she told the man, “for your asshole to settle back down. It’s not stretched open anymore. See?” She poked it with the tip of the strapon. It was back to normal, as if there hadn’t been anything in his ass in the first place. She lined the sex toy up, tapped the little fist against him a few times, and then pushed forward.

In real life, there would have been problems. The man’s ass was clenched shut, the succubus hadn’t put any lube on her strapon, and she hadn’t bothered to tease herself into him. She had just forced herself in.

But they were in a dream, and she didn’t have to let logic work like that. The tip of the dildo went into him smoothly. His ass clenched, but it didn’t do anything to stop her. She paused, stopping with the dildo a third of the way in, and then leaned down harder. His ass swallowed another inch.

She continued with that pattern, where she paused for effect before giving the man another notch of the dildo. She occasionally pulled it out by a small amount and pushed it back in, but only when one of the larger ridges was in place to rub against his asshole. The man definitely did not appreciate that, to her amusement.

The succubus let out a low, throaty moan into the microphone once the last of the strapon was inside him. Her pelvis was flat against his red ass.

The succubus huffed out a short laugh, then pulled herself halfway out before thrusting forward. She did this a few times at a slow pace as she tried to find a comfortable angle to fuck him with. It was harder than she had expected. His ass was tilted up and his legs were forced open, which helped, but she was still having trouble.

“This is kind of awkward,” she told the man. “Hold on a second.”

She concentrate, and handlebars formed out of the sides of the box. The woman grabbed them and threw her weight against it as hard as she could. The box rocked back and forth with just enough force for the man to be aware of the motion. “There we go,” she said. “This will work.”

She then adjusted her stance, ensured that the strapon was properly lined up with his ass, and then used the new leverage to fuck him at almost twice the speed as before. She was still fully penetrating him with each plunge, burying the dildo to the hilt before bringing it part of the way back out and then in again, rattling the box forward and backwards in time with the jackhammer thrusts. The succubus went through the motions with a natural ease, each breath soft and unhurried. A small, sharp smile hung off her face while she worked.

“Yeah,” she said into the microphone, “it’s hard, isn’t it? There’s a world of difference between having a dildo stuck up your ass and getting fucked with one. Especially when I’m having so much fun with it. I like my sex to be mean, you know?” She punctuated the last words with a twist of her hip, swirling the dildo around so that it rubbed against the sides of his asshole. She paused, then thrust it back into him with enough force for his ass to clap against her hips. She pulled out, stopped for just a second, and then did it again. She eased halfway out of him with a laugh.

“You know what I love about dreams?” The succubus asked. Her tone was light, as if she was talking about something inconsequential. “Things don’t necessarily have to follow conventional logic. I can skirt around that, have it based all on what you feel. I couldn’t do any of this in real life.”

The succubus bent over and cupped his balls in her hands. She tilted her strapon up so that it was stuck up his asshole far as it could go, all while gently tugging down against his crotch. “You have to worry about things staying clean, about going too far and accidentally hurting you. And in real life people just have no endurance, no way to keep up with the pace.”

She let go of his jewels with a few light parting slaps, then pulled herself completely out of him and took a few steps back. The man hung heavy off the frame. He was putting no effort into keeping his lower half up. His asshole was open and puckered, like a starfish. She watched as it pulled itself shut, going back to normal in less than five seconds. The man shuddered, then weakly twitched away when the succubus began to run a finger around the hole.
“Yeah, I think it’s about time that I finish this up,” she said. “That is what we’ve been building up to. Can’t finish a scene like this without it. You just have to suffer through one more thing, and then you’ll be done.”

The man’s fear peaked, but he did also perk up at the statement. His body didn’t show it, but the succubus still caught it. She grinned, and then the strapon disappeared.

The finger near his ass became two, and then three. The man realized what she was about to happen just as the fourth joined and pressed down into him. There was resistance, but it didn’t stop her. She pushed the four fingers into him to the first joint, and then the second. She stopped to angle her thumb towards her palm before continuing.

The man was actively clenching down against her. The succubus curled her fingers and swirled them around in response. She straightened them out and bore down harder, making it all the way to the knuckles in a single, excruciatingly smooth motion. She paused there, with the widest part of her hand in line with his anal ring, while she watched him squirm.

“I suppose,” she said with faux innocence, “that it wouldn’t be fair to not let you come. Not after all this, anyways. I think that you’ve been a good boy. That should mean you get some sort of reward, right?”

The succubus gestured with her other hand, and then the cock cage was gone, along with the belt that had kept it in place. His dick immediately flopped down from his stomach, where it bobbed around for a few moments going still. It remained pointed up in the air by his erection, an aftereffect of the cock ring and the stimulation to his prostate.

“Yeah, like that,” she said. She teased him by pulling her hand back almost imperceptibly, but then she gently shoved it back in a quick, sudden jerk of her arm. His asshole swallowed her whole with no resistance whatsoever, and then everything above her wrist was inside him.

She giggled appreciatively. “Here we go, that wasn’t very hard, now was it?” She underscored her words by running the fingernails on her other hand over the reddest part of his ass. The pain caused him to clamp down even harder. It should have been impossible to move around with that much force pinning her down, but the succubus rotated her hand around regardless. She stopped when her knuckles were facing his prostrate.

She let the moment build, just enough so that the man was aware that she was preparing for something, before she ever so slowly began to clench her fist. Her fingers curled back from their arrowhead shape, her thumb hooked out as it bent towards her palm, and her knuckles began to press out as her fingers tucked themselves into her hand.

The man’s response was more of the same. The muscles in his legs were all strained whipcord lean in his mindless attempt to push himself further way from her. His mind was entirely focused on what she was doing, overly aware of the size and the warmth of her hand. His cock his beginning to drip with precum. She was driving a response out of him, whether he liked it or not.

She aimed to build on that feeling. She jiggled her fingers around, not moving violently but still with enough force to have him twitching. She brushed her knuckles up against his prostrate with every other move. After a dozen of these maneuvers, it was clear that the pain of the forced penetration wasn’t enough to counteract the pleasure. He was building up to an orgasm, all despite the pain and the fear. The tease and denials had prepped him, and the pressure against him was the last push he needed to go over the inevitable edge. She kept at it until he was almost there, with only a little more to finish him off.

She pulled her hand (completely clean of any filth) out of his ass. The shock was enough to push him over the edge, and his gaping ass puckered as he came. The man threw his body around, partly because of the strength of his orgasm and partly because of the surprise. His seed sprayed out of his dick in waves, covering the edge of the box with each new spurt. The succubus could read his mind like it was an open book. She could see the blinding pleasure, the rage and frustration, and the small seed of shame that grew with every pulse.

He was done after a half dozen shots. The succubus sighed, regret in her voice, while her face beamed in lust and triumph. “Oh, I’m sorry. I ruined that, didn’t I? I didn’t mean to. Well, shoot. That sucks, huh?”

She knelt down and took hold of his dick with her hands. She quickly starting pumping his shaft, alternating hard clenches with lighter strokes, while her other hand rubbed the tip of his dick against her palm in aggressively wide circles. “Do you think that it’s too late to stop? This was supposed to be your reward. I feel kind of bad, I’m not going to lie.”

His cock was hypersensitive after his orgasm, and her touch had him throwing himself around in a mindless attempt to stop her. He was giving her, to her amusement, more of a physical reaction now than when she had fucked him. She gave herself half a minute before she finally stopped.

The man was a mess. His dick and balls were only a shade less red than his ass and thighs. His asshole was back to normal, but that was because she had reset it again. It would have been gaping otherwise. He was still dealing with the aftertaste of her piss, along with the dildo still in his mouth, and his encasement had undoubtedly made his sense of touch more sensitive than usual. That made what he had gone through even more extreme.

The succubus stepped away from him with a satisfied hum. She had timed herself perfectly. The man was beginning to slide back into regular sleep patterns. He would be waking up soon.

“This is it, my friend. It’s been fun,” she said. The dream was beginning to break apart now. Everything was falling out of focus. He wouldn’t be able to hold on to everything that had happened, but he would keep most of it. Enough to remember. She wanted to end on a good note, so she put the brightest, sunniest tone into her voice that she could.

“Have a good night, and sorry for ruining that last part. I’ll make it up to you when we do this again sometime.”

She ended the dream laughing. 

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