Hard Dreams

by ST99

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© Copyright 2017 - ST99 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; succubus; dream; naked; prepare; latex; gimpsuit; box; encase; stuck; gag; urine; force; bdsm; cbt; punish; sextoys; pump; cane; torment; denial; cons/nc; XX

The man knew he was dreaming. It wasn’t just because he was standing in the middle of nothing, an endlessly flat white landscape that seemed to fade away whenever he focused on the horizon. It wasn’t just because the sky was just as grey and unnaturally empty as the ground. He knew that it was a dream because he couldn’t make himself care about how strange everything was. Intellectually, he knew what he was seeing was nonsensical. He didn’t seem to matter. It was almost like an out of body experience, except he was still in control of himself.

He stood there, not thinking about anything in particular, for what felt like a minute. When he had begun to shift around on his feet, offhandedly wondering when something was going to happen, he happened to turn his head to the side and spot the woman. She had been just out of sight, right at the edge of his field of vision. He didn’t know if she had always been there or she had just appeared.

Her skin was dark red, she was taller than he was, and there weren’t any clothes on her. Her skin was smooth and completely clear of blemishes, and there were subtle whirls of lighter shades of color scattered across her body in pale, swirling patterns. She had sizable breasts, and her areolas were a dark crimson that bordered on pitch black. The same went for the skin across her mound. Her eyes were the same shade of dark red as her skin, and the teeth poking out of her smile were eye-catchingly white. She had a set of horns nestled inside her dark hair. They were almost comically small, and only visible because she had a ponytail pulling her hair back.

The woman held herself up with a remarkable kind of grace. The man couldn’t exactly place it, but there was an attitude in her posture. A kind of pride. It complemented her beauty. The woman walked over to him, her hips slightly swaying back and forth as she moved, and the man suddenly became fully aware to how sexually attractive she was. She gave him a larger, softer grin.

The man couldn’t help but feel incredibly average compared to her. He knew that he wasn’t unattractive, but the woman in front of him was far beyond that kind of description. He looked down at his body, and he was surprised to find that he was just as naked as she was. He hadn’t noticed it until then.

She stopped within arm’s reach in front of him. “You’re dreaming. Nothing that you’re seeing or hearing is real.”

The man had already known that, but he did feel some faint relief at the confirmation. The man thought that the odd disconnect between his thoughts and his emotions must be because of where he was. He tried to speak, but the noise out of his mouth was nothing but an unintelligible rusty croak. He cleared his throat and swallowed, and then tried again, this time with better results. “Who are you?”

“A succubus,” she told him. “Please stop talking.” The man blinked, and then raised his eyebrows. She said it as though it was an order, like she wasn’t expecting him to not follow her instructions. He thought about asking her why he shouldn’t be talking, if only because he knew he should be put-off by the dismissive attitude, but he decided to just be quiet. It was a dream, after all. It was better to just go along with whatever was happening. If she told him to not talk, he wouldn’t talk.

The succubus smirked at his compliance. “Good job,” she said. “Well, let’s get started.” She rubbed her palms, cupped them together, and suddenly there was a gag in her hands. It was a large, complicated-looking thing made out of rubber and metal, full of adjustable pieces slots and straps. He stared at her questioningly, and she beamed back.

“Well? Put it on! I made it for you.” She leaned closer with a conspiring twinkle in her eyes. “I’m going to have sex with you, but only when you have everything on.”

When she put it that way, the man was more than happy to help. She was a very beautiful person. His gaze flitted across her chest and her pussy, and for some reason it seemed like he was just remembering them. He hadn’t really realized how turned on he was until now. The fog in his mind was making it hard for him to connect his thoughts together. It was just more proof that he was in a dream. There was no way that he would have missed something so obvious otherwise.

A part of him felt that he should be feeling skeptical about what was happening, but it was only a small part.

He took it from her and ran his hands over the straps. It took a fair amount of effort to find what he had to do to open it and fit it over his head, and he had serious problems getting the rubber flaps to stay flush against the side of his face without feeling uncomfortable, but he was able to do it with the woman’s help.

In the end, the whole thing fit over his head like an odd helmet. The gag forced him to keep his mouth open in order for it to fit, which was a little awkward on the jaw, but it wasn’t painful. Rubber covered most of his lower face, which happened to make a seal around his lips. The hole in the middle meant it wasn’t impossible to talk if he wanted to, so he was fine with it. He pulled on a few loose straps to tighten it up all the way. The succubus watched it all with eyes that had stuck to him through the whole process.

“Good job. We’re going to keep going now, ok? Trust me, this will be a lot of fun.”

A gimp suit appeared out of thin air. She held it out for him, and he took it from her after a pause. It was a full body uniform with a mask and hood, all made up of some kind of thick, black latex. There was holes for the nose and crotch, as well as open zippers and unbuttoned flaps for the mouth and eyes. He turned it over, and he saw a zipper on the back. It ran from the nape of the neck to the bottom of the back.

He zipped it open with a detached sense of curiosity, and then he began the process of getting his arms and legs into the appropriate slots. It was almost like putting on a coat, if the coat was clingy and had such a strong latex smell. The entire thing was very involved and took a lot of effort, mostly because of how awkward it was trying to fit himself all the way into the suit. It was tight, so much so that halfway through he thought he was going to get stuck. He somehow managed to squeeze his way past all that, and then his head was in hooded mask.

The woman angled herself behind him, feet noiseless against the colorless floor, and she zipped him up with a series of hard jerks that had his breath fluttering at the sudden tightness across his chest. She had to stop and let him adjust for the last few pulls, but she was able to get it to the top and somehow lock it in place.

The latex was pressing down against nearly every inch of his body, and with enough force for him to really feel it. He moved his arms and legs around experimentally, and he found that he had some serious problems with his flexibility. It was like he was wearing a stiff second skin. He had never felt anything like it before.

Now that he thought about it, he shouldn’t have been able to squeeze into it at all. If it was this tight, how did he fit? The man was puzzled by this for a few seconds, but then the unreality of the situation hit him again. Nothing about this was real. Of course he would fit in the gimp suit, it was a dream.

The succubus’s grin widened to the point where it was just short of predatory. She gave him a quick once over, and her gaze settled on his crotch, the only part of him that was showing skin. Not including his face, at least. The gleam in her eyes had a pleasantly strong jolt run down his spine. It would have stiffened if his back wasn’t already as straight as it could get. “Good,” she said. “But that was the easy part. This next bit is going to be a bit more complicated.” The succubus stopped, and her expression blanked. She stood still for a few seconds.

A long, rectangular, padded bench-box thing appeared in front of him. It was odd enough for the man to struggle with identifying it. The closest thing he could compare it to would be some sort of bulky grey lounge chair that had cushioned walls built on the sides. Another second passed, and then a smaller bench materialized behind the larger box. This one was square shaped, and it attached itself to the other bench with a quick sliding motion. It would be more accurate to say that it melted into it, because the metal siding (or whatever it was made out of, it looked like metal) was left appearing untouched. If the man hadn’t seen it merge he would have assumed that the two things had come in attached.

He leaned down at the smaller box for a closer look, awkwardly bending at the waist because of the suit, and he saw that there was a small hole carved out of the bottom. He peered down into it. There was padding everywhere on the inside. He laughed disbelievingly.

“Man, this is pretty weird. I’ve never had a dream like this before.” He belatedly realized that she had told him not to talk. He looked at her, but she didn’t seem angry with him. In fact, she looked amused.

“I know, right? I can totally relate. This is all new for me too. Well, I mean that this is first time I’ve ever had a dream with you.” She lightly whapped the back of his head. He could barely feel it through the rubber. “Lay down on your stomach in the box and let your legs hang outside, please. Stick your arms through those two holes in there. You see them? It’s sort of hidden near the other end. Also, you should have your head resting against the small box. Line your face up with the hole.”

“Uh, ok. I got it.” He walked around to the front of the bench, and then thought about what he had to do. He couldn’t really crouch down in what he was wearing, so he had to be careful about his approach. He grabbed the top of the walls, and then slowly lowered himself down, angling himself so that his face would match up the smaller box and his waist was aligned with the edge of the larger one. He also stuck one of his arms into the holes she pointed out. He let himself down in a controlled fall, making sure that his other arm was slipped inside the second hole, and then he was in the box with a heavy thump of flesh hitting cushioning.

His arms had gone through the holes and were now outside the box. In fact, he was close enough to the floor for him to touch it. He shifted around, unsure if he was positioned correctly. The heavy latex against his skin made it difficult to feel the cushioning.

The suit was making it so that he was more aware of his body than he normally would be, and that made him more sensitive to the narrow padded walls that pressed down against his sides. It almost seemed like they were hugging him. The box had a surprisingly good amount of support for his chest and belly, which was somehow set up so it wasn’t making breathing any harder even though he was down on his stomach. The man decided that it was just part of the dream. The hole in the small box was the perfect size for his face to stick out of. In fact, it was so perfect that it was making an airtight seal across his face. It was an odd feeling, especially when he still had the gag inside his mouth and the latex mask covering his face. He felt snug in a way that was hard to articulate.

For the first time since he started dreaming, the man wondered why he was going through all this. He still didn’t feel nervous or uneasy, but he couldn’t imagine how he was going to have sex while laying down like this. His apathy was the only thing keeping him from standing back up. That, and he wasn’t sure he could actually push himself out. It was all but impossible to move.

The woman squatted down so that she was below the small box, right in front of the man’s face. She shuffled towards him, and it was only then that the man saw the small rubber plug her hand. She gave him a reassuring look. “Don’t worry, we’re almost done. All you need to do is let me put this in,” she said.

He didn’t say anything back, so she took it as consent and slipped it into his open mouth. The gag already made it impossible for him to close his mouth, and everything else was keeping him from opening it further, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to find that it slid in easily. The woman fiddled with it for a few seconds, and then the plug somehow expanded. It became thicker and sealed his mouth shut. He tried pushing it out, but he only ended up puffing his cheeks. It was airtight.

It was unpleasant, and he didn’t like it. For a second the man seriously thought about fighting back. Then he stopped caring, and the “It’s just a dream” mantra repeated in his head. He didn’t move, though he still disapproved of the whole situation.

The naked red woman stood up and walked out of his line of sight. She took his legs and lifted them up, one at a time, and slipped his feet into boots. He couldn’t really tell what they were made of, but they hugged his skin the same way that the suit did. He let her arrange his legs so that they were farther apart. In fact, they ended up being as stretched out as they could be while still keeping his heels to the ground without strain. She then somehow attached the boots to the floor. He gave them a tug, and his feet didn’t move an inch. His cock and balls were dangling in the air now that his legs were being spread open. He realized that she was probably getting a good view.

He felt like this should have been humiliating or frightening. He knew that there should have been some kind of strong emotion in general. He felt perfectly fine. He was actually starting to get turned on. There was still a disconnect in his head.

The only thing the man could see was the floor. It was dull white, utterly uninteresting in every way possible. He studied it, and he thought that they might be some sort of tiles. He hadn’t really looked at the floor until now, and he couldn’t get a very good handle at what he was seeing. It had the same kind of vague blur that the sky did.

The woman bent down and grabbed his right wrist. She pulled it towards the floor, and his hand sunk through it like it was water. Or like the floor just wasn’t there anymore. He could see what was happening, and feel it as well, but he couldn’t parse it. She nudged his arm back and forth, fiddling with the exact position of his body, until it was essentially hanging straight down. She pushed herself farther into the floor, the grey tiles parting for her with silent ripples, until her hands were wrapped around his hand. She pried his fingers open and out of the clenched fist that he had been unconsciously making, and then she arranged them so that there were pointing down while spread so that there was some space between each finger. She pulled his other arm down as well, and he took the hint and did the same thing with his other fingers. She checked to make sure they were in the correct position.

And then his hands were completely encased in leather. It felt like leather, at least. It was somehow inside the gimp suit, or maybe the suit over his arms had disappeared and had been replaced with the leather. It was wrapped around him just as tightly as the latex had been. In some ways it was worse, because the leather was also pinning each of his individual finger in place. His hands didn’t even twitch when he reflexively pulled them back.

The woman’s arms came out of the floor, and then she stood up and took a few steps back. The ground was back to normal, but his arms were stuck inside. He tried pulling his arm back, but it didn’t do anything. He couldn’t twitch a muscle. It was complete overkill, and it was strange enough to actually push past the part of his mind that wasn’t supposed to be feeling anything. The man was confused.

He could suddenly feel something pressing down against his back. The man jerked up in surprise, but his arms and the box kept him from doing anything. It took him a second to realize that the woman had closed the top of the box that held everything below his neck. He could feel the padding, which was apparently sculpted to fit against the natural contours of his spine. It had the same degree of unreal support that the other parts of the box had.

The man was beginning to panic. He was hyperaware of how his body was now out of his control, how everything was pushing against his skin and how the seals across his mouth made it impossible for him to move his mouth. He was completely immobile from the waist up. He tried making noise, but his gag was kept anything from coming out.

His panic spiked even higher when the woman bent down and zipped his eyes shut. He couldn’t see anything anymore, not even a small crack of light, and after a beat she pressed something against the zippers. He could feel a smooth, cool wave pulse across the mask, and then he couldn’t feel the seams of the zippers. There was only unbroken latex in its place.

The woman laughed, and for the first time the man was fully aware of what was going on.

“Like I said before, this is the part where we start having some fun. Well, I’m going to have some fun. You,” she purred, “are probably not going to enjoy much of this. That was why I decided to make you deaf, blind, and dumb for this little meet and greet. I hate it when the men I fuck around with bitch and complain about how hard I handle them. Well, actually, scratch that earlier thing I said. You won’t be deaf. I don’t have a problem with you hearing my voice.”

The woman pressed her palms against the top of his enclosed head, and earbuds appeared in his ears out of nowhere. They were wireless, and they were connected to a microphone receiver that she created and set on top of the edge of the large box. The woman closed the lid of the box his head was inside, pressing the curved cushioning down against the back of his skull. Everything was locked into place with a quick dissolution of the top panel’s hinges, and all the cracks were smoothed over. By the time she was finished, it looked as if they had never been open in the first place.

* * * * *

The succubus let her expression fall into a more naturally malicious smirk. She didn’t have to act polite and endearing now that the man was properly tied up. She could be her real self again.

That was an oxymoronic statement, though. She was dreaming, and the body that she was using wasn’t the same body she had in real life. Everything that the two of them was seeing and hearing was completely fake. The only thing that mattered was what appeared to be real.

She let herself feel what the man was feeling, just for a moment. He was blind, his mouth was forced open by the spider gag, and his body was utterly trapped. The only thing he could do was flex his ass around and jiggle his balls back and forth. He could also crinkle his nose. She let out a shout, and was happy to confirm that the box blocked the sound. She knew that it would, but still. Things could go wrong if she didn’t pay attention to the details. She let his physical senses fall into the back of her mind, but she kept an eye on his emotions.

She flicked the microphone on with a laugh, and quickly grabbed the man’s wild surge of panic and brought it down to a more manageable level. He wanted him to be fully aware of what was happening, but she didn’t want to ruin the mood she was trying to set up. He would be waking back up to real life in an hour or two, and she couldn’t waste too much time if she wanted to stick to the script.

She fell down into a squat and critically eyed the man’s face. His mouth was covered by the gag, but she could work past that. She conjured up another plug, this one in the shape of a cock. It was just as wide as the one already in, but it was longer. It was as big as she could have it while not interfering with his gag reflex. She thought about what she wanted for a few moments, and then she set down a baking pan, one that was long and wide but not very deep. She placed it between her legs, and then set the gag inside. She let herself relax, breathed out a loud, contented sigh up towards the microphone, and then she began to piss in the pan.

Little things were relative in a dream. She could decide when she had to go to the bathroom any time she wanted, along with how much she actually had to release. With that fact in mind, she filled the pan up to the rim. She ended letting out much more urine than there was space in the pan to hold it in, but nothing spilled. She was allowed to ignore details like that when she wanted to. She made sure the sound of liquid hitting metal was picked up by the mic, and the same went for the piss splashing into more piss once there was enough in the pan. She eventually tapered off and was finished.

She gingerly fished the gag out of the pan, letting most of the urine drip back down. She shook off some of loose beads, but not all of them. The man seemed to understand what was about to happen, and he tried to struggle. He didn’t budge, unsurprisingly. She twisted and turned the plug in in gag until it popped out, and she slid the tip of the newer plug into his mouth in one lightning fast motion. She did it so quickly that he hadn’t had time to talk or fight back. The piss-covered sex toy was now in his mouth.

The succubus pushed the plug farther into him with a low moan. It was the kind of moan a particularly fake porn star would make when presented with a large cock. “Ohhh, yeah. That’s it,” she groaned. She slid the sex toy partially out and back in a few times.

She basked in the overwhelming disgust that flooded his mind. There had barely been any piss on the makeshift dildo, but that was apparently still too much for him. She absentmindedly created some small air drafts in response to that, shaping them so that the scent of the pan would be wafted towards his nose.

She huffed in pretend pleasure some more, and began to piston the cock shaped plug in and out of his mouth. She grunted in time to her rhythm, slowly building speed and force. She never pulled out enough for him to close his mouth, but she did begin to shove it in deeper and deeper. The man’s mouth twitched as he fought against the invader, but the gag kept him from doing anything substantial. She took her time, enjoying his helplessness.

When she decided she was done, her thrusting transitioned to more and more of a pounding, and she finished by slammed the fake dick down to the hilt. She let out a louder and even faker groan, and then she giggled. “Oh boy, that was fun. Was it as good for you as it was for me? It looked like it was.”

She strapped the plug into the gag and locked it in place with a small metal latch, and then she took stock of the situation. His tongue was trapped against the bottom of the shaft, and the shaft’s girth wasn’t giving him any room to move it out of the way. His mouth was a bit raw from the mouth fucking, but not enough to really matter. It wasn’t long enough to bother his gag reflex, but the tip was close enough to his throat that it gave the impression that it could be. It wouldn’t, but appearances mattered. He was still trying to push it back, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

The succubus decided to move along with the next part of the plan. She concentrated, and the plug suddenly had a hollow plastic tube threaded through it, opening out of the tip and continuing down to the end of the base. The tube grew out from the hilt, lengthening itself until it was long enough to touch the floor and reach inside the piss filled pan near her. She also made sure the tip of the tube was heavy enough to stay at the bottom of the pan without floating up. She gave the whole thing a quick look over, found everything ready and in place, and then she created some soft suction in the hose.

The tube began to suck up the urine, pulling the dark gold piss upward at a slow but respectable rate. She waited and watched as it snaked up towards the man’s mouth. She had the power to make it go faster, but she didn’t. The succubus had to find a balance between how much the man could handle drinking at once and the bare minimum amount of piss she wanted in his mouth at any given time. She also had to think about how long she wanted him to keep drinking. She had decided on a speed and strength of flow that was a compromise between all these points.

The stream continued climbing to the base of the gag. She saw it flow into the plug, and then she felt the shock of emotions run through the man when it poured into his mouth. He scrunched his nose and shook his legs back and forth as hard as he could. That was it. He couldn’t move the rest of his body. The succubus enjoyed the lack of reaction. Having one of her victims unable to fight back was a huge turn on for her.

She peered deeper into his mind to get a better understanding as to what was going on. The piss was dribbling out the tip and down the shaft, pooling at the bottom of his sealed mouth near his lips and gums. There wasn’t going to be any leaking with the airtight gag in his mouth, which meant it was going to stay there until the man started drinking. She could tell when he figured it out himself, because an even stronger surge of revulsion then before raced through his thoughts. The man’s singular attempt at sucking it away was a nearly involuntary tic, but the dildo in his mouth made it difficult to apply the right suction. It didn’t help that he was laying straight down. He immediately stopped after he realized what he was doing.

The succubus laughed into the microphone. “Do you like the taste? It’s a pretty special blend that took me a long time to find. It came from an asparagus dish with a curry dip. It was very delicious, believe me. It wasn’t as pleasant coming out as it was coming in, though that was probably because of the spices. It had some small bits of chili pepper added for flavor, among other things. I have a feeling that the burning afterwords was half of the reason why the dish is not as popular as it could be.” She sighed into the microphone regretfully, then continued on with an audible smirk. “I don’t usually pull this out on just anyone, you know. From what I’ve heard, this particular mix is pretty hard to handle. But I wanted to try something special. This is basically the first date.”

She paused. “You don’t like it, do you? I can’t see why. None of the other men I force-feed my piss seem to complain. Well, I don’t let them complain, but that’s beside the point.” She hummed to herself, then stretched her arms behind her back. It caused her breasts to be thrust out, but nobody was around to see it. She finished with a sudden snap of her fingers.

“I’ve got it! You’re feeling a bit emasculated right now, aren’t you? You know that you have a big, thick dick shoved up your mouth, and you can’t stand it?” She smiled and nodded. “Yeah, that is it, right? It’s just too mean spirited. I’ve probably hurt your feelings.”

“But, believe me, I didn’t want to imply anything about your masculinity. I mean, you’re drinking girl piss, so it isn’t that bad, but still. It’s the principle of the thing, right?” She paused again, pretending to think. “I think I know how to fix this.”

A small glass bottle appeared nearby on the ground. The succubus picked it up. “I’m going to add some squirt. You know, what a girl ejaculates out when she has an orgasm? I’m assuming you know what that is.” She flipped the bottle upside down over the pan. A steady stream of nearly clear liquid came pouring out and splashed down into the pan. The dark yellow color immediately softened as the squirt mixed itself with the pool of urine. The succubus tipped the bottle back, and then it was gone. “That should make this feminine enough for you, right? It should balance out how you’re sucking piss out of a fake cock.”

The new mixture entered the tube with the same steady flow as before. “The regular piss still inside of the tube needs to go before you can taste the difference between the two. I’d recommend drinking it up as fast as you can, by the way. If you don’t, it’s just going to pool up in your mouth. So suck it up. It’ll otherwise get unmanageable.”

The man didn’t respond to the taunt, both mentally and physically. He was too concerned with what was happening. The succubus flicked his nose before standing up and walking away to the front of the box. She slapped his ass once she was there.

That got a response out of him. His legs squirmed, and the succubus grinned. She still had a plan to follow, so she left him to deal with things on his end while she dealt with things on hers.

* * * * *

First she created a well-lubed butt plug. It was a bit thinner than her pinky finger and was about as long as her index finger. She had no problem inserting it into the man’s ass, even though it was clenched shut. The woman didn’t need to check the man’s mind to tell that he could barely even feel what she was doing. He was aware of it, but all of his attention was focused on the gag. What she was doing wasn’t important to him. At least for now.

She laid her hands on it, and then she changed the dream logic attached to it. She made it so that it would grow in size, both depth and width. She ensured that the expansion rate was slow and steady. So slow, in fact, that it would take time before the man would even feel a significant difference. He was going to become pretty hypersensitive about his asshole after he caught on to what was going on, which was partly the reason why she was taking her time with this.

She also wanted him to savor the sensation of his little anal dildo getting larger and larger, stretching him out more and more, no matter how hard he tried to stop it. It would continue getting thicker and pushing deeper into him until she wanted it to stop. To make it even better, the growth would be slow enough for him to get used to it. He would feel the sodomizing without needing her to rely too much on dream logic, which seemed to make the experience more ‘real’ for her first-timers.

The succubus was excited. She was eager to see how he reacted when he realized just how much space there was in his ass to fill. She decided that six inches deep with a moderately thick base would be a good place to stop at. She set those dimensions as the maximum size.

For now, she wanted this to feel as natural as she could make it. She could bend the dream to do nearly anything she wanted, like making his asshole loose and pliable enough to handle her whole arm, but it was always better to start small and work up to things like that. This was a good start.

With that out of the way, she now focused on his cock and balls. His dick was decidedly average; it was about inch longer than what she would consider ordinary and a little thinner than usual for his size. She had gotten a good look at it when she was introducing herself to him. She couldn’t really see it now because he was completely flaccid. It wasn’t surprising, with all things considered.

He was still shaking his ass back and forth. The succubus pursed her lips contemplatively. He didn’t need to stay still for this part, but it would be nicer if he was. And she did like having a reason to punish people. The script she had outlined for the session called on her to wait for the plug to expand, so she had some time to kill before she needed to move up to the next phase.

She created a large rubber band in her right hand. It was the kind that was thick, nearly impossible to break, and wonderfully easy to snap. She knelt down so that she was about eye level with his genitals.

“Buddy, can you to stop moving for a second? This part is a bit tricky to pull off.” She waited a beat. He didn’t stop thrashing. “Would you do it for me? Just as a favor between friends? Pretty please?”

He paused, and then shook his ass back and forth even faster than before. She let out world-weary sigh full of disappointment, making sure that the microphone picked it up. She didn’t bother to smother the smile on her face when she pulled the rubber band back with her fingers and aimed it towards his testicles.

She gave out a fairly strong snap across the center of his left ball, causing his body to jerk back, and she landed another solid hit across his other ball before another second had passed. She continued along in that vein, peppering blows across his testicles, striking from different angles at different levels of strength. From the front, back, the left, the front again, on and on. She wasn’t hitting him very hard, but she wasn’t leaving him any time to recover from each strike, and she felt the thrumming pain in his mind build higher and higher as she relentlessly continued. She only started slowing down once the pain reached a certain threshold, a point where it was clear that the man was really suffering underneath her attack. The blows became softer and the pauses between each snap became longer, but she kept going.

His balls were a quivering mess by the time she was finished. “I guess we’re not going to be friends, huh? That would have made things easier on you in the long run. But hey, I’m perfectly fine with that. Let’s keep this professional.” She pulled the rubber band back and pressed the compressed edge against his sack. “Stop moving.”

He froze. The succubus smirked handsomely, and she got threw away her makeshift torture device. It was replaced with a penis pump. The sex toy was fancy, covered in silver chrome and grey highlights. She slotted the man’s soft, drooping dick inside.

It was immediately encased by a cool to the touch material that felt like some sort of smooth, plush rubber. The base was made of the same material, and the seal it created against the skin surrounding the root of his dick was airtight. The succubus wove a series of leather threads into slots across the shaft of the sex toy, and then wrapped them around his torso and pelvis. They were tied tightly, ensuring sure that the pump would remain in place, pointing up against his pubic mound. The tip of the toy was barely short enough to not butt up against the box’s ledge.

She took out two more toys. They were a pair of plastic half-spheres with the same visual design as the pump. The inside of each shell was layered twice, with a kind of inner clamp and an outer clamp keeping the two shells attached to one another. She carefully worked the shell around, pulling and pushing it back and forth, before she took his testicles and fed each one into the center of a sphere. They were a snug fit, but she got them in without any trouble.

Once they were in place, she clamped down on the outer layers of the spheres, closing it like a clam shell. She had it almost completely shut, only open enough for the loose skin of his ballsack to be threaded out. The inside layer was encased with the same pseudo-rubber material as the cock pump, and once the outer layers were in place she went through the same routine with the inner layers. She made sure that the sex toys squeezed down on his balls with a very small amount of pressure. They didn’t need much. They were holding the most sensitive part of his body.

She picked up the pair of trapped balls and held them up as high as she could, and then let them fall from her hands. They stopped with a jolt strong enough to send them jiggling. She smiled at the light clacking sound they made when they hit each other. It was similar to the noise a Newton’s Cradle made. They stopped moving after a few clicks, and she batted at them to start it up again.

“Well, I think we’ve hit a good point in this little game to take a break. I’m proud of you for being such a good trooper! We still have more to come, but I think we’re ready for a small breather. More importantly, I think you’ve earned a reward.”

She turned on the penis pump and the toys covering his balls. She could tell that he was expecting some sort of horrible torture, some terrible thing that would match or exceed what she had already done to him, something that would push the intensity even further. She wasn’t planning anything like that.

Instead, the toys gave the man a blowjob. The pump and balls could apply any kind of texture or sensation, and that included damp heat and suction. His limp dick was sucked and fondled by what felt like a mouth. His balls were being licked and gently sucked by their own individual tongues in a steady, offbeat rhythm.

She waited for about thirty seconds, enough for him to get hard and begin to squirm underneath the attention, before she adjusted the settings. The blowjob suddenly jumped ahead in force and speed. The mouth was now thrusting his dick in and out of an imaginary throat, sloppily but skillfully applying suction across the shaft and head with each pass. She had built quite a collection of these kinds of sensations, and this particular sample was close to one of her personal favorites. She let herself feel what he was feeling for a second.

The dick sucking was the best thing he had ever felt in his entire life. It was so good, in fact, that it was slowly pushing away the horrible taste of the piss in his mouth, enough for him to actually begin to feel legitimate pleasure. The man felt gentle fingers run themselves over the root of his cock while the rest of him was plunged into the tight throat. It was warm, pulsing in beat to an imaginary heart. He could feel the tongue and teeth lightly lick and scrape what they could reach, which fed into his incoming orgasm.

The slowly expanding pressure inside his ass was also helping him along, though he wasn’t fully aware of it. It was still very thin, but it had become just long enough to bump into his prostrate. She changed the settings on her toys with a mental nudge, chasing after the best response. She paid close attention to what specific pleasures the man was feeling from the techniques, as well as their effectiveness when compared to one another.

He was getting closer and closer, building up higher and higher to an orgasm. She waited until he was just approaching the edge.

And then the toys shut themselves off and everything stopped. The man twerked his ass up in sudden confusion, twisting in surprise and protest. The mouths returned to his balls after a few seconds, but now they were freezing. It still felt like he was being sucked, but now by a mouth full of ice cubes. She could feel the sensations through him, the way his balls tried to crawl up into his sack but were held firmly in place. She smirked at the frustration and lust echoing from his mind. She let herself bask in his anger. The succubus only let go of the connection between them once his dick was fully deflated.

“That was pretty good, huh? I would have gone all the way if you had been better behaved, so let that be a little lesson for you. You don’t have to like what I say, but I expect you to at least meet me halfway.” She lightly tapped his ass, then delivered the strongest slap she could. The man’s butt jumped up, and the sound echoed across the empty room. She rubbed her palms for a few seconds, and then she giggled.

“I’ve set the toys to edge and denial for now. I might consider changing the settings when I think you’ve learned your lesson, but for now?” She popped her lips. “You’ll have to deal with this.”

The icy touch on his balls was replaced by smooth hands with soft palms, the both of them cradling and rubbing him down, and his shaft was once again subjected to a phantom blowjob. A slower one this time, one that was gentler.

The succubus studied the scene, and noticed something about the pan filled with her piss. It was still slowly pushing its payload up through the tube into his mouth, but the mixture had cooled down to room temperature. He was around a third of the way through the entire pan. The succubus thought about how much time it had taken to get to this point, how much time she still left on her schedule. She made a decision.

“Well, I guess that’s it. You’ve got all the gear on, everything is set up. I imagine that you’re anxious for me to let you get on with your fun, but…”

A rattan cane appeared in her hand, and her voice was honey sweet as she spoke. “I have some frustrations to work out. I’ve been feeling stressed lately. I’m in that phase in life where there is just so much work to get done and not enough time to do it all. You know how it is. I haven’t found myself in situations like this lately, so I need to take advantage of these opportunities whenever I have the chance. So, I’m going to let off some steam, and I’m using your ass to do it.”

She swished the cane towards the microphone sitting on his boxed-up body. She walked around him to the side of the box, lining herself up so she was in the best position for swinging. “I’m going to warn you right now, I’m actually a huge sadist. Shocking, I know. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve unfortunately gotten pretty desensitized to some of these things. Nowadays, to really get satisfied…”

She raised her arm up and gave the back of his calves a hearty whap. “I have to get pretty extreme. I like to go all the way, so to speak. And I don’t stop until I’m satisfied and ready to stop.” She hit him again. She wasn’t striking him as hard as she could, but that was on purpose. She was pacing herself.

“So, let’s get started.”


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