Guest of the Ghosts 2

by Steff

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© Copyright 2003 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; Sbf; bond; latex; toys; cons; X

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Becky returned to the house and spent the whole of the next day getting the money she won from the lottery. She had won 50 million, after taxes. Like the ghost said, she was set for life. When she finally returned home she just laid around on the couch and watched TV. At about 8 o’clock the next night Becky saw the ghost walk through a wall in front of her.

“What am I going to do with you?” Becky asked.

Josh responded, “That’s what we were going to ask you.”

Amy said, “Let me explain something first. When we are playing our games we can actually feel what is happening. For some reason that is the only time we have the ability to feel anything.”

“You feel what I’m feeling?” Becky asked.

“Not exactly everything you are feeling but it’s more like your emotions. We can also, if we try hard, possibly feel exactly what you feel, of course only one of us at a time. You see through you we can enjoy bondage and sex again. The catch is that you have to be willing,” Josh said

Becky nodded, “I see. That’s why if I’m not interested you asked me to leave. I think I will stay for bit and give this relationship a try, but there are a couple of conditions.”

“What are they?” Josh asked.

“When I say I’m not interested don’t force me or bug me too much, a little nagging but not too much. Second no real pain or bodily injury. I know some minor pain is OK, but not to often and not too much,” Becky said.

Amy replied, “Of course. We want you to have a good time. After all the better time you have the better time we have.”

Becky laughed, “Let’s get one thing straight. Josh, you can feel exactly what I feel when we play our games. I bet that is an experience.”

“I haven’t really tried it for long but I’m really looking forward to giving it a try,” he said. “Now I think you need to go to sleep because Amy and I have a big day planned for you.” With that the ghost turned and walk through the wall. Becky finished watching her show then went to bed looking forward to the next day’s games.

In the morning she woke up, took a shower and as expected she found her outfit, if you can call it an outfit, laid out for her on the bed. She found leather cuffs, a ring gag and a few latex bands. “What am I going to do with all this?” she asked.

“Would you like some help?” Amy asked.

“If you want me to wear all this stuff then yes, I want help,” she replied.

First leather cuffs were placed on her wrists, just above her elbows, her ankles and thighs. A wide strap was placed tightly around her waist. The gag was the next thing Amy wanted her to put on.

Becky asked, “Why the gag so soon?”

“Since I had to dress you I decided to start things out quickly,” the ghost replied

Becky rolled her eyes and opened her mouth. The gag was strapped so the ring was firmly behind her teeth. Her elbows were pulled behind her back and clipped together so they almost touched each other. Her wrists were spread out and attached to the belt around her waist. A collar went around her neck and she was gently pushed against the closet door and the collar was clipped to it. Becky’s thighs were spread out and also clipped to the door. She had to stand on her tip toes or the collar would be pulled tight and it would be difficult for her to breathe. 

Amy began to play with Becky’s nipples. She began by rolling them in her fingers and then she began to nibble on them. Without warning she reached up and put a metal cone over one nipple. Amy then pushed the tip of the cone and a small strong rubber band was released and it wrapped tightly on Becky’s nipple. She screamed in surprise out though the ring. Amy ignored her complaints as she did the same thing to the other nipple.

Becky shook and jerked but couldn’t get the bands off. The bands didn’t hurt very much but they were uncomfortable. Amy just laughed and said, “You will soon like the way the band will make your nipples extremely sensitive.” 

Amy walked, actually floated back to Becky. After watching her struggling for a few minutes she carried the two rubber bands that were on the bed. She stretched one out, and stuck it around the base of one of Becky’s breasts. When the rubber band was released it squeezed the breast, making it form into a nice round globe. Becky began to shake as Amy tried to put the second one on her other breast. Amy just grabbed hold of Becky’s nipple, pulled on it and said, “I like your spirit but if you aren’t still I will have to use one hand to hold you and the other to put the band one. After that I will have smooth the band out, and sometimes that will hurt and the rubber pulls the skin.”

Becky thought about it for a minute and decided she had best behave because Amy was right about rubber pulling on skin, and besides her nipples were already really sensitive because of the rubber bands around them. Amy put the band around Becky’s other breast and again the band squeezed the breast into a nice globe.

“Mmmm. You look absolutely delicious,” Amy said as she knelt down and began to lick Becky’s clit. She started slowly with really light pressure. As Becky started to moan and wiggle Amy increased the pressure and reached up and started to play with Becky’s breasts. Becky moaned loader and started to lower herself as much as she could without chocking. Amy laughed and really began licking and sucking her. She soon brought Becky to the edge and kept her there. After what seemed like forever, Becky screamed for release and Amy gave it to her. Amy enlarged her tongue to three times its normal size and stuck the whole thing into Becky’s pussy. Amy also, at the same time spread Becky’s pussy lips and used the cone and put a small rubber band around Becky’s clit. Between the tongue and the surprise on her clit Becky came. Amy continued to lick Becky and gently massage her clit. 

Becky came so long and hard that when she recovered Amy was holding her up and the collar was disconnected from the door. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Are you ready to continue?” Amy asked. Becky nodded as she regained her balance. Amy released Becky’s thighs from the door and backed way. As Becky closed her legs she yipped as she felt the rubber band around her clit. The band caused her clit to swell and it was extremely sensitive to the touch. Even walking caused a reaction. Becky tried to reach down but was stopped by the cuffs that were attached to her wrists.

Amy snickered and said, “Now, now, we can’t have you removing that little thing too early can we.” Becky’s wrists were disconnected from the belt and locked together behind her back. “Go inside the closet for me, please.”

Becky did as she was told. When she walked in she looked up and for the first time noticed that a pulley and cable were installed in the ceiling. “I guess it serves me right for not looking up every now and again,” Becky thought to herself. Amy pulled the cable down and hooked it behind Becky’s back to the clip holding her wrist cuffs together. Next her legs were spread out and attached to cables that Amy pulled out from either side. Her wrists began to be pulled up by the cable forcing her to bend over. The cables on her ankles were slowly pulled forcing Becky to spread her leg even more. They finally stopped just before she lost her balance. 

“What do we have going on here?” Josh asked as he floated in.

“She couldn’t figure out what to do with all the straps so I figured let’s start things off a little differently then we had planned. I’m just finishing up. Would you like to keep her amused while I work?” Amy replied.

“Sure. I think I’ll try something that I’ve been meaning to try since we first started,” Josh said. He floated in front of Becky and reached down and started to play with her nipples. She jumped at first because of their increased sensitivity but soon got used to it. After a couple of minutes Josh repositioned himself and stuck his cock into her mouth. 

Becky flinched as he did but couldn’t move enough to stop him. Becky and Josh both realized that his cock felt real. Josh immediately began to fuck her mouth. Becky sucked as best she could around the ring. After a few minutes Josh grabbed her head and forced his whole cock into he mouth. As he did he shot his load. As far as Becky could tell it tasted and felt real. She was forced to shallow most of it because Josh didn’t removed his cock for a minute or two. All that she couldn’t swallow ran out around the gag and down her chin.

When he finally removed it he said, “Thanks. That was something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Kelly, the first and last person to live here, was not interested in playing. I figured that since we can feel what we are doing to you maybe we can also feel what you do to use.”
Becky could not believe that she was willingly tied up by ghost and gave one a blowjob. She had just about caught her breath when she felt Amy tying something to back of her belt. She looked between her legs to see Amy pulling rope between her legs and tying it tightly to the front of the belt. As the rope was pulled tight Amy made sure that Becky’s rubber banded clit was between each rope and that there was a series of knots between her pussy lips. 

The rope was tied comfortably tight when Amy asked, “Are you done fixing her breakfast, and I don’t mean what she just swallowed?”
“Yes, everything is ready,” replied Josh.

Becky’s legs were released and then the cable was loosened and Becky stood up. As she straightened up the crotch rope began to tighten. A leash was attached to Becky’s collar and Amy led her out of the bedroom. After the first couple of steps Becky knew she was in trouble. The rope rubbed her clit and the knots rubbed her pussy. She was half way down the stairs when she had her first orgasm. It took her by surprise and she screamed out of the ring gag. She had another orgasm just as they entered the dining room. She stumbled the rest of the way into the dinning room.

Becky was lead to a chair that she hadn’t ever seen. The chair was all black and well padded. Most of it was covered in shiny leather. Josh untied the crotch rope and Becky was made to walk in front of the chair with her back to it. She was told to look straight ahead, so she didn’t look when she heard one of the ghosts doing something to the chair. Finally she was told to sit down. She could feel a hole in the pad she sat on but besides that the chair felt normal enough. Her arms were released only to have the cuffs locked onto the arms of the chair. She backed up all the way into the chair and heard a click. Becky tried to move forward but was stuck by the belt around her waist. Looking at her arm cuffs she noticed that the rings of each cuff was locked into the chair somehow. Each of her legs was spread out and the thigh cuffs were attached to the chairs arms too. Her knees were bent and her ankles attached to the outside of the chair. Becky decided to test her bonds but after a few minutes of fighting she wasn’t able to get even one limb loose. 

The ring was removed from Becky’s mouth and Amy asked, “If you are going to be a good girl then we will release your arms and you can feed yourself. If not we will feed you like a baby. When I say good girl I mean you can’t touch any of my handiwork. What do you say?”

“I think you’ll just have to release my arms and see what happens,” Becky replied with a mischievous grin on her face.

“You really have spirit. I think we’re going to get along great. However I think it would be best if we kept your arms tied,” Amy replied. She shouted something to Josh, in a language Becky didn’t understand. She then turned back to Becky and said lets finish your meal preparations. 

Amy faded from sight and Becky looked around but couldn’t see anyone. She began to get a little cold because her whole front side was wet, because of all the drool that ran out of her mouth from the ring gag. After a couple of minutes Becky felt something cold and slimy gently being slid into her ass. “What are you going?” she shouted. There was no response even as a dildo was pushed into her pussy. Becky yelped when her clit was pulled into some kinda tube and held there by a gentle suction. The dildos that filled both holes began to gentle vibrate and the suction that held Becky’s clit began to alternate intensities. Becky was brought close to orgasm but wasn’t allowed to cum. “I though ya’ll were good ghosts. This is really evil.”

Amy laughed, and said, “Did you really think this was going to be a normal meal? Especially since you’re going make me feed you.” Amy appeared and pushed Becky’s head back until the collar was also locked to the chair. “And just for good measure,” Amy said, as she blindfolded Becky

“This is going to be an interesting meal,” Becky nervously said. 

After Becky sat there for a few minutes Amy said, “Open up.” 

Becky did as she was told and was fed. She found it difficult to concentrate on the food with all the attention she was getting in her crotch. Amy fed her slowly letting the vibrators do their thing. By the time breakfast was done Becky was begging to be allowed to cum. Amy just laughed and cleaned up the dishes. When Becky started to beg loudly Amy shoved a ball gag into Becky’s mouth and strapped it tightly in place. Becky felt the vibrations increase and the suction on her clit increased. Her orgasm hit her quickly. She screamed into her gag and pulled against the chair. She was held tightly so she just rode through the orgasm. The vibrations intensity was decreased and she was allowed to rest. She wasn’t able to rest too much because the vibrations began to alternate in speeds. Becky was soon pushed to another orgasm. This time when she recovered all the activity in her crotch stopped and her clit was released from the suction tube that was holding it. 

After a few minutes Josh started to play with her breasts and said, “Enjoy your break. Amy is just cleaning up and after that we will continue. If you want to continue then nod, if not then shake your head. Amy wants you to stay gagged if you want to play.” Becky was kinda tired but nodded anyway. “Good! I really think you will enjoy your next adventure.” 

Becky was woken up as Amy removed her blindfold. “Good morning sleepy head. Did you enjoy your little nap?” Amy untied Becky’s legs and thighs. After Amy helped Becky stretch her legs she then disconnected the wrists but locked then to rings connected to the side of Becky’s collar. Finally Becky’s waist strap was released and Amy said, “Just stand straight up and the dildos will remain attached to the chair.”
Becky stood up the way she was told and both vibrators were pulled out with a pop. She was led, blindfolded, out of the dining room and down some stairs.

“Becky, John gave me an idea. I can get inside your body and ride along for the next game. I will feel everything you will. Can I PLEASE try it?” Amy asked. Becky nodded. “Good, here I come.”

Becky felt kinda dizzy for a second then felt a burst of energy. She was no longer tired and really horny. “Are you there Amy?” Becky thought.

“Yes, I’m here,” Becky heard in her mind.

“Since you jumped in I don’t feel tired and I’m really horny,” Becky replied

“I take it you can feel what I’m feeling,” Amy said.

Becky felt Josh gently push her forward. She was stopped then bent over onto a padded table. Josh helped her forward until her breasts fell into some kind of holes. Becky’s collar was locked down to the table. Her wrists were unlocked from the collar and locked behind her back. Her elbows too were locked behind her back. Next her legs were spread out and her knees were pulled out, almost causing her to do the splits. Both her knees and ankles were locked into place. Josh then locked Becky’s waist belt to the table too. The holes that Becky’s breasts were in shrunk till her breasts were squeezed even tighter then the rubber band already did.

Josh removed Becky’s gag then Amy said, “I’ll be back. He said he was going to keep you gagged…Hey I can’t leave. I’m stuck as long as you are.”

“Are you two having fun? Josh asked.

“I’m having a blast,” Becky replied. “Amy just found out that as long as I’m tied up she’s stuck inside me.”

“I was hoping that would be the case. Now since I did promise to keep you gagged open your mouth,” Josh insisted. 

Becky opened her mouth and a ring gag was put in and tightly strapped behind her head. “He always did like the way ring gags make women looked,” Amy said.

Becky felt some kind of cool liquid put on each nipple and her clit. After a few seconds the small rubber bands holding them dissolved. When the band popped off Becky screamed as pain shot thru her. After a few seconds the pain subsided. Josh gently sucked on one of her nipples and it really felt good. The bands made her nipples really sensitive. Josh switched back and forth between nipples for several minutes before he attached suction tubes to each breast. Becky’s breasts where pulled into the tubes until the tubes filled themselves with her breast. Becky yelped in surprise when Josh stuck the cock into her wet pussy. He slowly slid it in and out for some time. He pulled out and then he slid some kind of plug inside. Once the plug was in place he pumped it up till he was sure that it wasn’t coming out. Josh the slowly slid his cock into Becky’s mouth and began to fuck her face. It didn’t take long before he came in her mouth. This time he pulled out and didn’t force Becky to swallow.  

After Josh rested he walked behind her and began to attach something over her clit. It was round and smooth. Josh opened her pussy lips and put the object directly onto her clit. Elastic cords from the object, were wrapped around Becky’s waist holding it in place.

“Are you ready for a long intense ride?” Josh laughed. He turned everything on and said “I’ll leave you two alone for an hour or so. Enjoy.”  

Becky felt the object on her clit begin to vibrate. The plug in her pussy also started to vibrate but it started to move on its own too. Her breasts were gently pulled on by the suction tubes. Becky tried to shake off anything that was playing with her but wasn’t able to move at all, much less remove anything. The vibrations alternated in intensity, but steadily caused her to build up towards an orgasm. Her first orgasm hit, it was short but intense. The vibrations and movements increased in intensity. Becky again wiggled and pulled but wasn’t able to get loose. Her next orgasm was a more intense and longer. The activity stopped this time for about 10 minutes.

“I think we’re in trouble,” Becky though to Amy.

Amy replied, “I think you’re right. If Josh is letting us take this long a break he has something big planned.”

As if on cue all the activity started again. The activity started small and gradually increased. This time the activity increased faster. It didn’t take long before Becky found herself having another orgasm. This time the activity continued and she only got short breaks in between each orgasm. After what seemed like a long time of almost uninterrupted pleasure Becky’s clit was hit with an electric shock. The shock didn’t cause pain but it forced her into the most intense orgasm she has ever felt. She screamed and pulled at her bonds in a vain attempt to get out. The orgasm continued for a long time. It finally stopped sometime after the all the activity did. When she recovered she saw Josh floating in front of her. 
He removed the ring from her mouth and asked, “What did you think?”

“It was a wild time. Those electric shock made things really intense,” Becky replied in between breaths.

Josh gave her a kiss then disconnected Becky from the table. As soon as she was released Amy left her. Becky felt really tired and worn out. She walked over and sat down on a bench.

“You really don’t look like you’re up to another go around, but if you want to try out the bench I’m more than ready,” Josh said.

Amy looked up and just rolled her eyes. Josh helped her up the stairs to the living room. Becky laid down on the couch. Before she knew it she woke up and it was about 6 pm. 

“That was really fun. I think I’m going to like my house mates,” Becky said


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